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MahiFX MahiFX Review

MahiFX review and rating

RATING: 3 / 5 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz MahiFX


Trading Accounts


Account type Minimum deposit  Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average Spread Trading platforms
Standard $1 0.01 1:100  Variable, 1.0 pips on EUR/USD MT4, MahiFX


The broker offers its clients a single trading account type, a standard one. This account is commission-free and has no requirement for a minimum deposit, however you must have at least $1 in order to place a trade.

Of course, a free Demo account is also available, which is always appreciated by newbies.

The Company. Security of Funds





MahiFX (UK) Limited



MahiFX Limited 



MahiFX Limited 

New Zealand



MahiFX offers online trading in over 100 currency pairs, as well as in precious metals (silver & gold) on two trading platforms. Unlike most forex brokers, MahiFX admits to be a market maker.


The broker  started operations in 2010 and now has a global reach, operating via its licensed companies in the UK, Australia and  New Zealand.

As we have already mentioned, MahiFX Ltd. is regulated by NZ's FMA and Australia's ASIC, but its most important license is the one acquired in 2017 from UK’s financial watchdog


NB:In 2019, the broker was acquired by LGT Solutions Ltd., and will be renamed to “HFTrading”.


FCA applies stringent requirements and standards to financial services providers in the UK. To acquire a license from the UK financial watchdog, brokerages must hold net tangible assets amounting to €730 000 and maintain this capital. Furthermore, clients` assets should be kept in segregated bank accounts, separated from the company operating funds.


Most importantly, financial regulation in the UK involves a compensation scheme. All FCA-licensed companies are under the umbrella of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and in the event of insolvency, there is a maximum compensation cover of £50,000 per person. 

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit

Unlike most FX brokers, MahiFX has no minimum deposit requirements for opening an account. This makes it attractive for risk averse or inexperienced traders who are not willing to invest a large amount of money.

In comparison, ASIC-regulated XM also demands just $1 from clients to open an account and NZ-based KTMarkets requires $100 from traders to start with.

Average Spreads & Commissions
This broker does not charge traders any commissions. The transaction cost, which is how the broker earns its income, is through the spread.

And as regards spreads, MahiFX provides low variable spreads, the average ones on EUR/USD amount to 1.0 pips.
In comparison, XM also offers variable spreads from 1.0 pips on EUR/USD on its commission-free accounts.


In case you are interested, you may look up real-time spreads of 15 leading brokers here.

Maximum Leverage
This broker offers leverage up to 1:100 for all major currencies, 1:50 for minors and 1:25 for metals. A maximum leverage ratio of 1:100 is at the lower end of the industry’s standard. If you need higher leverage levels, other ASIC-regulated brokers offer such: FXCM – 1:200 and XM – up to 1:888.

Traders, however, should be mindful of high leverage, for trading on margin may both multiply their profits on a small deposit and lead to heavy losses exceeding their initial investments.

Trading Platforms

MahiFX offers its clients a choice of two basic platforms: its proprietary MahiFX and the renown MetaTrader 4.

The MahiFX platform is an in-house developed web-based platform, which is equipped with the standard tools and features. It allows one-click trading, trading from the charts and is also Mac compatible. Currently this platform doesn't have automated trading strategies available and probably most experienced traders will find it too simple to be useful enough.


MahiFX web platform

Like most FX brokers, MahiFX also supports the most popular MetaTrader 4, available as desktop and mobile versions. MT4 provides all the tools and resources a trader needs: a number of technical indicators, extensive back-testing environment, advanced charting package and Expert Advisers (EAs), allowing full automatization of trades.

This broker does not offer PAMM/LAMM software supporting managed accounts, although it intends to provide social/copy trading in the future.

Payment Methods

MahiFX supports a small range of payment methods. Investors can choose between bank wire transactions and payments via credit cards (VISA and MasterCard).


New Zealand-based broker MahiFX, also holding an ASIC license, offers attractive conditions for trading in a wide range of currency pairs and some precious metals through both its in-house web-based platform and the famous MT4. Unlike most FX brokers, it doesn’t offer Contract for Difference (CFDs) and proudly presents itself as a Market Maker. Here are, in a nutshell, the Pros & Cons with regard to this broker:


Pros  Cons
Strong regulation Comparatively low maximum leverage
Variety of platforms offered, MT4 available No CFDs offered
Low Spreads Limited payment methods
No initial deposit required MM model


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Traders` reviews for MahiFX
















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Customer service










Very high slippage and platform freezing

Very high slippage and constant freezing make you lose even on winnin positions. Nothing to expect here, well maybe loss of money, but we aren’t trading to lose but to profit.

LIMAFX 12/10/2014

A New Trader's Trading Platform

I am fairly new to forex trading, but I have been trading stocks for years. I spent a lot of time researching and trying a number of different demo accounts and for me MahiFX stood out as the best provider for me. As a beginner, I found the platform quite obvious and could work out a lot of the functionality myself. I contacted the support team a couple of times and they respond almost
immediately, unlike most other companies, where response time was very slow.
They are really helpful and I have learnt a lot in the last few weeks.

Tom Cramer 10/24/2014

MahiFX Updated Review

MahiFX launched with a message of promoting a close relationship with it's traders. The market maker provides impressive spreads because they shoulder the risk for trades like a banking institution. Their proprietary trading platform started off as a bare bones experience that provided the minimal functionality needed to trade forex.

While it was a good start, it could not hold up to more established brokers that have already put years of development into their platforms. The recent update to the MahiFX platform goes a long way towards correcting this former disparity in functionality.

*Improving The Functionality Of The Platform
Notable changes to MahiFX's proprietary platform include zooming options, the ability to draw lines, while being able to trade directly off of the chart instead of the summaries. MahiFX is promoted with the idea that it is built to support scalpers just as much as day or carry traders. The lack of the ability to enact chart trades really hampered the potential for scalpers. Needing to click through a different screen was an opportunity for lost time, pips, and mistakes.

The new chart trading option allows the trader to easily select the size of their trade, see the available quotes, and execute with a single click. The new changes provide an ideal environment for forex scalpers.

*Interpreting Movements In The Forex Market
Forex traders use a wide degree of indicators to try and interpret the future movements of a currency pair. Very few indicators were available to the trader when MahiFX was launched. The recent update provided a slide out window on the chart view with a wide a variety of customizable indicators. Highly technical scalpers that use a variety of checks should be just as comfortable as longer-term traders with over 20 new additional indicators.

*Website Changes And Additions
The website itself has undergone some changes to help increase the usability of the space and be more welcoming to visitors. New videos have also been posted to help traders make the most out of the MahiFX platform. MahiFX seem to be proactive about providing an environment that encourages the trader to reach for higher success (see ). Time spent in the video archive can provide great insight into the thoughts of the owners for their long-term goals for MahiFX and the traders that utilize it.

The Flash based experience for me is troublesome. I am constantly being logged out and the inability to open multiple windows is frustrating.

*Looking Ahead...
The future of MahiFX and their platform functionality largely relies on listening to what retail forex traders want. They have created a platform that has institutional functionality, but retail traders are a different breed. We love MT4 and the ability to create our own trading experience. Attracting MT4 traders on to their web app is key. This will prove difficult as a lot of the MT4 brokers are releasing their own web apps that incorporate a lot of the MT4 features. MahiFX are doing the same, which is great as the platform has great potential.

Their spreads are competitive but are already being caught up with some offering 0.6 on EUR/USD.

If MahiFX lacked the functionality you needed to pursue your trading strategy, now is a great time to go back and revisit what they have to offer to traders.

Yossi 08/01/2012

MahiFX - A Trading Platform for the Future?

• Difference In Business And Spreads
Mahi-FX touts the ability to offer very tight spreads as low as 0.8 on some major pairs. The low spreads are the result of the way Mahi-FX approaches its service. Rather than acting as a traditional broker, they instead shoulder the risk on their own and serve as a market maker. A traditional broker is a liaison between trader and market maker thus adding an additional group of people that need to be paid.

*Verdict? - You will not find tighter spreads as consistently with a traditional broker until they start serving as their own market maker.
MahiFX certainly have atrractive spreads and come across as genuine and transparent. 6 months worth of currency data to boot as well.

•Usability Of Platform
The Mahi-FX platform is currently a work in progress. They are on record as saying they want to grow the platform to provide what their traders are asking for in functionality. It will simply require more time to see exactly how they approach doing that. From the interview conducted by FXSTREET
they are planning some big changes to their charting (Much needed if you ask me )

*Verdict? - The Mahi-FX platform is very responsive and offers many traditional amenities. You can tell it is a new platform, though it is stable and we have not encountered any bugs. It is missing some of the functionality we would expect to find in a platform aimed at scalpers, such as single-click trading off of charts with overlays.

*Innovation In The Platform
Much can be said on those that want to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes it goes very well, other times it falls flat. Mahi-FX seems to be reaching for a middle point. The platform includes many of the features you would expect to find. Organization methods are supplemented with Mahi-FX’s “Book” organization method. Books allow you to set up and execute specific criteria for a currency pair such as a purchase with hedging. Similarly, closing the Book lets the trader close out all transactions associated with it providing a simple, yet effective utility.

*Verdict? - The coding behind the platform is a streamlined experience. Commands are highly responsive and the platform does not include, or need, a latency slider. Solid coding and the removal of a stop in data transition provide a very smooth experience. Books are useful for the trader that wants faster, more efficient execution of complex trades. Much of what you will find in the Mahi-FX platform is similar to what is already on the market, but it seems to be even more simple to use and understand.

*Customer Service And Response
The internet created a free-for-all environment with businesses around the world competing with one another. Many brokers, or businesses, offer fairly similar services. They strive to stand out from their competitors through building a winning customer experience and service. Mahi-FX was created with the goal of embracing the needs of the traders that use it while providing superior spreads over competitors. Customer service is just as important as a platform since these are the people you will need to rely on if anything goes awry.

*Verdict? - We submitted a help ticket discussing a few constructive criticism points we had about the platform, many of which are included in this review. Within one day, the co-founder Susan Cooney (also cited to be heading the public/social interaction side of Mahi-FX) responded herself. She thanked us for the suggestions and revealed that at least one of these requests was already in development (single-click trading off of overlay charts). Susan then went on to discuss some of the various points and their thinking behind the suggestions as well. It was a very positive, informative experience. Most importantly, her demeanor conveyed she cared about our time and suggestions.

*In Closing…
Mahi-FX is a great start with very skilled, knowledgeable people driving the business. Making the change to Mahi-FX from a more established broker will probably come down to the trader’s personal preferences with functions, as I know MT4 is in the soul of most FX traders, including myself.

We highly recommend establishing a free demo account to put your strategy through the paces to ensure all functionality you require is present. It isn’t particularly fair to compare the Mahi-FX platform to more established platforms as they are just getting off the ground.

There is a lot of potential for Mahi-FX. So long as they stay the course of developing their platform to the overall needs of their users, they can easily go the distance and farther. We predict Mahi-FX will grow in popularity for scalpers, day traders, and swing traders as their platform is refined with greater functionality with their ultra-tight spreads. Definitely check them out.

AstraG 03/28/2012
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