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Livecoin Review - is it scam or safe?

Livecoin Review - is scam or good cryptocurrency exchange?

RATING: 2 / 4 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Livecoin
Livecoin is not regulated. We cannot guarantee your money is safe.


Trading accounts and conditions


Account type Leverage Fees
Standard 1:1 0.18%-0.02%*

*Fees decrease with the increase of the volume traded.


Livecoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers spot trading services for an extensive list of digital currencies for USD, EUR or RUB. On the alt-coin list are major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, as well as more obscure ones like Doge, Steem, various game coins as well as hundreds of others, like Putin Coin and Trump Coin. The selection of Livecoin is indeed rather impressive and makes it one of the few exchanges with such wide portfolio. There are a few others, like Bisq and Litebit, who have a larger selection, extending beyond the major cryptocurrencies.


Similarly to most cryptocurrency exchanges, Livecoin does not offer leveraged trading, but only spot trading. There are some major platforms like Kraken, CexIo, bitFlyer and Quoinex who do offer this type of trading. There are also a large number of forex brokers who have included CFDs on some of the major cryptocurrencies for speculative trading on margin, such as IG and HYCM. There are others, like Swissquote, who have teamed up with the exchange Bitstamp to offer bitcoin trading.


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It appears that Livecoin does not have a requirement for immediate customer verification, if any. According to some other reviews, the exchange has a requirement for verification of clients who want to deposit fiat currency via a bank transfer. But Livecoin has some other, more convenient deposit methods, which means the transaction could remain anonymous.


Livecoin offers two types of orders: limit order and market order, with the former being a little cheaper than the latter.


In addition to trading, Livecoin has a business section where it offers coin listing and hosting of an initial coin offering (ICO).


The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
 Livecoin N/A None


Livecoin is shrouded in mystery and does not provide any information about its location, the company behind it, or any contact details. The only way to get in touch with it is to send it a customer ticket. There could be a number of reasons for this secrecy, but we are generally suspicious of companies who do not provide even basic information about themselves.


It appears that Livecoin is mostly targeting Russian clients, as most payment options are usually popular in Russia. The payments section is also by default in Russian. Besides, the exchange has a profile page in the Vkontakte social network, which is mostly used in Russia.


Otherwise, the exchange says it provides its services globally, except in the USA.


Judging by the negative user comments, customer service is slow, bordering on annoying. It also seems that sometimes the payment processing is very slow and in some cases this has cost traders money in lost trading opportunities. Other clients claim that Livecoin’s platform is often down. Some even accuse it of being a scam, mostly because of the slow payment processing.


Generally, we get the impression that the main advantage of Livecoin is the availability of some more obscure coins for trading and is suitable for those who do not necessarily seek fast and very active trading, as the experience is often a hit-and-miss affair.


Trading platform


Livecoin’s trading platform, similarly to that of most spot cryptocurrency exchanges, does not offer the features a multi-asset trading platform usually does, particularly when it comes to analysis and charting tools, but it is not expected to.


Obviously Livecoin’s platform does what is supposed to do and is easy and intuitive to use. It is better than that of many other exchanges’ platforms and has price charts, an order book, trading history and neat instrument list.



Methods of payment


Like we already mentioned, Livecoin has several payment options, which is rather convenient for the clients. There is the option to pay by bank transfer and Perfect Money (for EUR and USD only) and the Capitalist, OKPay, Payeer and Advcash online payment platforms.


This suggests clients can also use their credit or debit cards, although not directly to Livecoin, but through the online payment systems. Same goes for withdrawals.


This makes Livecoin deposits fairly easy and convenient.


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The deposit fees vary depending on the platform, from 0.1% on OKPay, to 7% on Payeer for RUB payments. The bank transfers via SWIFT have a fixed price of 10 EUR and 50 USD, respectively.


Deposits in cryptocurrencies are free.


The fees for withdrawals in fiat currencies vary from 0.1% (OKPay) to 2% for Capitalist. Withdrawals via bank transfer in EUR and USD cost 15 EUR and 1.5% + 9 USD, respectively. The network fee for cryptocurrency withdrawals must be covered by the customer. They vary, depending on the coin.




The main advantages of Livecoin are the large number of cryptocurrencies that can be traded on its platform and the several payment methods, in addition to the bank transfer. The trading platform is also easy and intuitive and has some convenient additional features.


The fact that one can trade anonymously can also be attractive for some clients.


The main drawbacks of Livecoin are the alleged slow customer service and the slow payment processing, with the latter being of particular importance when trading requires speed. We also dislike the mystery surrounding Livecoin. It may not be of purposes, but it is always better to know who you’re giving your money to, especially in the soaring cryptocurrency industry.


Pros Cons
Multiple cryptocurrencies Slow service
Multiple payment options No info about the company




Latest news about Livecoin
No news about Livecoin. Check back later.
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Customer service







Cons is scam 100% dont invest here and dont perches from hare

dear sir,

I read all of your answer but this story made by you that a trick game for run a administration ok?

check my mail detail same day neither received a mail from any were neither send mail from any one how can possible without mail conformation transaction is complete ok dont make story

when someone or hacker withdrawal my assets first hack my mail and password without mail transfer is possible? that is the blockchain technology outsider cant interfere without mail and password

2Fa run by google third party can not trace it only user and Exchequer can change disable just like provide option for disable 2Fa ok dont make fake story.
google organisation is trusted organisation by the hole world no mail activity same day it is 100% scam by admin

your statement following

" We recommend that you read the user agreement that you accepted before registering. Violation will lead to blocking of the account, as well as all accounts that you will try to register after this."

this regarding i say do not try to bully one, after steal all of assets from my id, there is no need to work on a burglar exchange like exchange. no one has take oath from your exchange. administration think customer is fool that is wrong, customer also keeps the knowledge, I dont know anything active my id, all of my assets back otherwise, Twitter, Facebook will remain in social media until my assets will not be back by this exchange. How many people have been lost there assets at this exchange? see at social media, have you review your image in social media?

Do not need to give cleanliness Activate my id return my assets and do not act like this. do not try to threaten the customers. Customer is not your slave. ok?


anju 01/16/2019

Livecoin - Scam and fraud crypto exchange

I deposited Ethereum, traded no problems but then 5 days later, my account is blocked and can't withdraw my balance.
This all from end of August to date.

No answer via their ticket support.
Posted on their Facebook page, now they deleted my comments and disabled posting there altogether.

I've sent them emails querying why my account is blocked and all they say is to raise a ticket within their system that they are not answering!

From the above I have all proof/screenshots.

In conclusion, be very careful when using this exchange.

Alex 09/11/2018

Livecoin is a scam

Guys, please be carefull when you use Livecoin as an exchange.

They scammed me bigtime and they are awfully cheeky aswel. I made a deposit but never received it. You can only reach Livecoin by sending a ticket and it took 3 days before they finaly responded and they said I made a mistake bu doing multiple deposits in 1 transaction and my money is gone, just like that. Now I don’t even know that’s possible, let alone how. After asking them how this can be true and how to get my money back they ignoring me so I reached out on their Facebook. All they did was telling me I had to make a ticket (wich they ignore) and delete my messages.
Just now, they also banned me from their exchange. I don’t know how it’s possible to create a ticket with a banned account but one thing is sure, and that is that:
1. They steal my money and blame me for it.
2. They ignore me and refuse to help me.
3. They block me from their exchange.
4. They are very unkind.

Beware of this en don’t EVER trust Livecoin with your money because this is pretty clear to me, Livecoin is a big scam.

Menno 04/03/2018

livecoin stolen my money

they do stolen my money, i made mistake put wrong message on memo for BTS deposit and they do refuse to put it on my account balance, my money received by them but they refuse to give it back because they said i broke their rules... how come i, one that lost money, judge by them as broker rules while livecoin get my money, what a shame with this bastard changer

take a look at my chat with them, i must warn people to stay away from this bastard exchanger ( please read from bottom to top):

please give me help, that just the only money i have
23.02.2018 14:39 Support (assistant):
You violated the condition for automatic transaction processing.
Manual processing is not a planned job and is done for a fee.
Unfortunately the cost of manual processing exceeds the cost of lost funds.
We can not process your transaction, your funds are lost.
In next time try to fulfill the necessary conditions or refuse from risky transactions.
23.02.2018 14:37 bansostra:
Please i really need help

the money is not lost, it succesfully received by livecoin. i made BTS to BTS transfer not BTS to other crypto which need recovery effort (and i can understand the fee will be high for mistake on miss to other crypto deposit), but in my case i just put wrong message that's all and transaction is from BTS to BTS which should be easy to put in my account balance like other exchanger do

please give me help, that just the only money i have... i do not want ended with bad experience with livecoin, i made mistake before on other exchangers and they all easy to recover with the case like this... please do care with me as customer
23.02.2018 14:35 Support (assistant):
Fee for manual processing of incorrect transactions is 10%, but not less than 0.05 BTC
23.02.2018 13:48 bansostra:
but my deposit is 1346.235000 BTS which, it should can be process manually because the fee is only 5 BTS

please do help
23.02.2018 13:38 Support (assistant):
I am sorry, but the fee for manual processing of your transaction exceeds the total of your deposit amount. Please, go to this link for more details on the fees and charges
23.02.2018 13:29 bansostra:
the money is not lost, it succesfully received by livecoin. i just put wrong message, it should be easy to put in my account balance like other exchanger do

please give me help, that just the only money i have
23.02.2018 13:26 Support (assistant):
Deposits without MEMO, or with the wrong MEMO, will lead to a loss of funds.
About this there is a warning inscription:
Unfortunately, we can not process your transaction, your funds are lost.
In next time try to fulfill the necessary conditions or refuse from risky transactions.
23.02.2018 10:15 bansostra:
Please help support

I made mistake on BTS deposit, i put wrong message on my BTS, it should be fejieihudi64jtyn not b66cd4474eb313fc,
i transferred from my AEX account (aex-bts-withdrawal-wallet) , with transaction hash ID 008bb04e9122dc8270af93bb4c6feea17d0ebacc, please help me to credit that deposit to my account balance

thank you very much

agung 02/23/2018

Livecoin is SCAM

It is not just my opinion, it is FACT .I tested Livecoin and it is Rossian SCAM site.
I make few test transactions,and one was lost no any response from support and after 3th open ticket they delete account! So I opened another acc (use vpn) with same result Livecoin just take customer funds and erase account like newer exist! STAY OUT!!!

Walt 02/03/2018

LiveCoin Scam (FastCoin FST)

I just opened an account with Livecoin and got some crypto ($800 worth) sent over and bought 2 coins, one of them was LIVECOIN which I spent about $400 and got just over 16000 livecoins. As soon as the transaction went through I check my balance and noticed a red exit door icon on the fastcoin I just bought, I clicked on the icon and it said NO longer trading this coin in 5 DAYS sell coin , it wont allow me to withdraw coin but allows me to trade for bitcoin or usd which would cost me (0.18% fee) 0.02440395 btc 2 trade my 16k+ coins works out to be £256/$356 on a coin they allowed me to purchase and then I read their news bulletin and it shows an article dated 12/29/17 that on 1/15/18 they will no longer be trading livecoin today is 1/10/18. NO WARNINGS OR PROMPT MESSAGES SAYING THEY WILL NO LONGER TRADE LIVECOIN BEFORE I BOUGHT THE COIN. STAY AWAY!!!

C 01/10/2018
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