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KontoFX Review - is it scam or safe?

KontoFX review - Is scam or good forex broker?

KontoFX is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


KontoFX is a CFD broker, focused on the crypto market, offering a goоd variety of crypto coins on а web based trading platform, with a maximum leverage caped at 1:20. If you are considering opening an account with them be sure to read this review first.


Account type Min. deposit Max. leverage Spreads
Standard Account $250 n/a n/a


KontoFX Advantages:


Good variety of crypto CFDs


KontoFX is offering CFDs on over 20 pairs of crypto coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Tether, Neo, Cardano, Siacoin, Verge and IOTA, all traded against the USD Tether. Still here you may want to check our list of brokers also offering Bitcoin CFDs:


>>Bitcoin Forex Brokers<<


Acceptable minimum deposit requirement


You can start trading at KontoFX with just 250 EUR, which is basically in line with what traders usually expect with an opening account. Still, have in mind that with some big, well established brokers, like FBS and IG you can open an account with 5 USD or less.


KontoFX Disadvantages:


No license, misleading information about the ownership 


Form the presentation on the broker's web page we learn that KontoFX is owned by the Estonia based  “NTMT Transformatic Markets OU Harju maakond”, and operated by Northside Business Centres – a company based in Hungary. In the presentation, however, we came across a third company - ООО «САМДАР», based in Moscow, Russia, which to our knowledge is also associated with another unregulated broker - Cryptop Market.


Under the Estonian Law all companies, offering financial services in the country, should be registered with the local Financial Supervision Authority – the Finantsinspektsioon. So we diligently checked the registers of Finantsinspektsioon, but could not find neither KontoFX, nor “NTMT Transformatic Markets OU Harju maakond” there.


However, an intriguing detail is that  “NTMT Transformatic Markets OU Harju maakond” turned out to be in the retail business with wrist watches – they own a website called Gent Offers (, where you can order a wrist watch for up to 1600 USD, as well as Zippo lighters. We are amused to see such a diversity of trading initiatives, but probably the company should focus on their core business – selling watches, instead of running an unregulated forex broker.


So our main issue with KontoFX remains its regulatory status and shady ownership. Keep in mind that regulation is the single most important factor for the safety of any investment. Legit brokers with licenses form respected financial authorities, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) have to abide by strict financial and ethical rules. 


With the FCA brokers, traders can even get up to 50 000 GBP of their capital back in case the broker goes insolvent. Similar compensation scheme, backed by CySEC, insures up to 20 000 EUR of the trading capital. Here you may want to check our list of FCA regulated brokers: 


>>FCA Regulated Forex Brokers<<


Highly unusual withdraw conditions


“Funds, including profits gained on account of or derived of the same, are not subject to same terms as deposited funds and are not available for immediate withdrawal”, that is what we read form KontoFX Terms and Conditions, published on the brokers web page. So, KontoFX says in plain words that they will no allow you to withdraw your profit immediately upon request... Seriously? And here we are not talking about bonuses. Take a look for your self:



Uncompetitive spreads


The BTC/USD Tether spread as offered by KontoFX is nearly 170 USD, which is more than three times the maximum acceptable level of up to 50 USD. So here you may want to check our list of brokers, offering tighter spreads:


>> Lowest spread forex brokers<<


Misleading information about the trading conditions


In their presentation KontoFX says it is offering three account types with spreads starting as low as 0,6 pips and leverage of up to 1:200. On their trading platform, however, we found only crypto CFDs – no forex pairs or CFDs on other asset like commodities, indices, precious metals or stocks. 


No e-wallets accepted as payment method


You can fund your account with KontoFX using major credit or debit cards like VISA, MasterCard and Maestro. However, the broker does not accept popular e-wallets such as NetellerSkrill and PayPal. They do not accept Bitcoins as well. As far as the possibility of a bank wire transfer, the minimum accepted amount is 3000 EUR, which is excessively high. Here you may check our list of brokers, accepting Bitcoins as payment:


>>Forex Brokers Accepting Bitcoin<<


MetaTrader4 not supported


KontoFX offers its clients a web based trading platform, which looks rather familiar to us as we have seen a similar version of it, being used for binary options trading. 



So we miss the MetaTrader4 – the best known trading solution, preferred by beginner and professional traders alike. MT4 has more than 50 in-build market indicators, great charting tools and is designed to support automated trading sessions with the help of customizable trading bots – Expert Advisors. Here you may check our list of brokers, also offering the MetaTrader4:


>>MT4 Brokers<<




KontoFX is an unregulated broker with very limited credibility, which on top of that has some rather unusual withdraw conditions. As we discussed earlier, investing with unregulated web sites comes with a significant risk of loosing your money to scammers. 

Latest news about KontoFX
No news about KontoFX. Check back later.
Broker Country Regulation Platform Min Deposit Review
Cyprus, UK, Mauritius CySec, FCA, IFSC MT4, MT5, Web $10 Review Website
Cyprus, Australia CySec, ASIC MT4, Web,
Mobile app
$100 Review Website
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UK, Cyprus, Australia FCA, CySec, ASIC MT4, MT5 $5 Review Website
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Cyprus, UK, South Africa, UAE CySec, FCA, FSCA, DFSA MT4, MT5, Web $5 Review Website
Cyprus, UK CySEC, FCA MT4, MT5 $1 Review Website
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Stay away from them!!

They stole all of my invested money - 5.620,00 eur!!!

Marija 05/18/2019

Stay away from this company - update

UPDATE 17th May, 2019.
My account balance is now unavailable online and they (KONTOFX) seem to be trying to deny my accounts existence?
But, even for those people who have placed positive reviews - surely the fact that around €1250 was invested in February 2019 & has now totally gone, vanished, evaporated must surely prove that all i have said above is perfectly true ! (I also have lots of proof from various communications plus daily screen-shots of my account balance etc) ........ STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! ! ! ! !

ray farmer 05/18/2019

Konto fx scammed me!!!

I joined Kontofx in September 2018 with a minimum deposit of £250. After some pressure from their 'personal brokers', particularly the smooth-talking Shawn Leroy, I decided to take a chance and add £750 more. I monitored my account daily and I could see trades and a steady rise in my equity.

Shawn Leroy remained friendly and called me regularly to discuss my account and to remind me that I could make more if I invested more, even if it meant borrowing from my bank. Shawn eventually convinced me to borrow £3000 from a loan company, and he promised that I could withdraw £200 every month to service the loan, pending the time that my equity would have developed substantially.

The first withdrawal of £200 went without hitch, the second was slightly more difficult. By the third withdrawal, Shawn said he needed to make some investment in Tesla so I should skip the withdrawal for that month of March and get £400 in April instead.

In April, it became very hard to get hold of anyone. After several emails from me to customers service, I got a call one day from a certain Ben Kellner who told me that he was now my personal broker, that Shawn had been in an accident and was in a hospital. I did not believe any of it. Ben Kellner was very curt, abrasive and rude. It took several emails and pleading to get my withdrawal of £400.

I have asked to speak to someone else other than Ben Kellner. Someone who won't shout or put the phone down on me. I have asked to have my account closed and have my money refunded. Nothing.

As of the 13th of May, my account was showing an equity value of £25000, because of the investment that Shawn Leroy made in Bitcoins in February. But then I go to check my account today and I see -£385.78 equity as my account value. I find this very shocking indeed. This cannot possibly be the case because bitcoin is still on the rise and Tesla has shown very little movement in the last week. These are the only two trades on my account.

I have been taking screenshots of my account for future reference. There is no way I can go from £25000 to negative equity so magically.

They are definitely a scam. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!

Anthony Nwagwu 05/16/2019

I cant withdraw profit

Konto fx is a scamerr Mark Schuster is the biggest he only talk that he take money from people when he need to pay profit never answer again.
Br Tomaž Zupan

Tomaž 05/14/2019


I am trying to withdraw E7000 from KontoFX, I was told to wait 5 weeks 1st May'19. The date arrived for the withdrawal then I was told I had to wait until 18th June'19. That my previous Manager Shawn Leroy should not have told me that I could withdraw. Now the new manager Edison Greenberg tells me I should be grateful because my money has increased from what I invested. The email address for Shawn Leroy just bounces now. I am not withdrawing all of the money, but I want my money. They are scamming and fraud on anyone who puts their money with them, They are just coming up with excuses, and not even good ones. Greenberg starts to be belligerent and rude.

Sabrina Smith 05/13/2019

Stay away from this company ! ! ! ! !

KontoFX are NOT going to increase your bank balance in any way…… but they will lower it dramatically !
I placed a total of around €1200 with this `investment company` in January 2019.
Over the next few weeks things appeared` to be going OK and the on-screen balance was rising nicely (showing about €1600 +/-), right up until I mentioned withdrawing some money and was told it wasn’t possible to do so, but they would `allow´ me to withdraw a small amount but even that took a while to do and could not be done by me – as they had to allow it first (MY MONEY THAT IS ! ).
I eventually managed to withdraw three hundred in total, but they refused any more saying the money is in active use etc and was done with the understanding that I was about to INVEST a much larger amount !
I then decided to close the account entirely due to the inability to have any control over my own money and the reluctance of KONTOFX to actually allow me to withdraw my own monies. Since this time, they have refused to refund any more of my money and the on-screen balance has now dropped to €0.86 (in 2 weeks).
They have endless excuses for not returning your money – but once they know you won’t be investing any more money, the current balance of your account dwindles away to zero ! ! ! !
There was an `active` balance showing on the account (as of 1st May 2019 was around €1400) but they refused to send any of this money back.
& now on the 13th May it is showing up as €0.86 > even though I have previously demanded (many times) that they return my money – and as stated by many other reviews of this company – the balance is now gradually going down towards ZERO…… this happens as soon as they decide they cannot get you to `INVEST´ any more money and/or you ask them to return your money to your account.
They have also demanded that I remove this review, as their really not happy about me telling others the truth (so please copy & spread widely to anywhere you wish).
There are hundreds of other reviews from people who have lost large fortunes with KontoFX online. These guys certainly aren't the ones that will make you any money and they should be avoided at ALL COSTS.
Remember if something seems too good to be true, it probably Is;
My review will be constantly up-dated and as long as it remains – it just proves what I have said above is true. I would willingly remove a review if I found it was wrong in any way.
Regards, RAY.

Ray Farmer 05/13/2019

Definitely scam

I have put £250 to start something for my grandson. They have assigned a trader, who spent most of the time asking me to sell my house and put £250,000 for trading and in 6 months he will make them a million. Of course I didn't agree with him and over the period of 6 months he only managed to make a profit of £250, not as they claim in the site.
Suddenly I can't sign on my account, they don't send to me a link to reset my password and I strongly believe they just cancelled my account and took the money.
I've sent many messages with no reply and they keep me holding the phone for a while and then they hang up. Finally, I've tried to reach the trader who used to email me and call me on my phone all the time just to convince me to trade my house and this is the response to my email; rejected your message to the following email addresses: [email protected]

I've meant not to include the email address, just in case I am wrong about this person, but why every single way of communication has suddenly ended?!!!!!!!!!

Jazair Saghir 05/11/2019

KontoFX are NOT going to increase your bank balance in any way…… but they will lower it dramatically !

KontoFX are NOT going to increase your bank balance in any way…… but they will lower it dramatically !
I placed around €1200 with these `people` in January 2019.
Over the next few weeks things appeared` to be going OK, right up until I mentioned withdrawing some money and was told it wasn’t possible to do so, but they would `allow´ me to withdraw a small amount but even that took a while to do and could not be done by me – as they had to allow it first (MY MONEY THAT IS ! ).
I eventually managed to withdraw two hundred, but they refused any more saying the money is in active use etc and was done with the understanding that I was about to INVEST a much larger amount .....
I then decided to close the account entirely due to the inability to have any control over my own money and the reluctance of KONTOFX to actually allow me to withdraw my own monies.
They have endless stupid excuses do not return your money – but once they know you wont be investing any more money, the current balance of your account dwindles away to zero, with them adding it was a bad day and the monies have gone !
There was an `active` balance showing on the account (as of 1st May 2019 was around €1400) but they refused to send MY MONEY back to MY BANK ACCOUNT ! ! ! ! !
& now on the 10th May it is showing up as around €173 > even though I have previously demanded (many times) that they return my money – and as stated by many other reviews of this company – the fake balance is now gradually going down towards ZERO…… this happens as soon as they decide they cannot get you to `INVEST´ (& I use that term very loosely ! ) any more money and/or you tell them to return your money to your account.
They have also demanded that I remove this review, as their really not happy about me telling others the truth (so please copy & spread widely to anywhere you wish).
Also, there E-mail contact address´s DO NOT EXIST.
There is no other way of contacting them either.
They are not genuine in any way with always the same scheme where you `appear` to make profits as long as you keep adding more money, but soon as you want to withdraw they make you appear to lose the money with negative trades and commissions until nothing is left and then claim it was a bad day on the market or it is the investors fault because he withdrew money from the market and so on, but it always ends with an empty account.
They know about as much about trading as a new-born baby…. However, that doesn't matter much as once they have your money they're actually doing about as much trading as the average new-born baby…..
There are hundreds of reviews from people who have lost fortunes with KontoFX online. These guys certainly aren't the ones that will make you any money from the crypto boom and they should be avoided at ALL COSTS.
Remember if something seems too good to be true, it probably Is;

Ray Farmer 05/10/2019

Scammers..... Don't touch them.....

Scammed me out and f £250 ..... Constantly phoning to get you to put more money in..... Please don't,,,, scammers
Scum of the earth..... After reading all theses comments , why are they still aloud to do this and get away with it?

Jason meadows 05/07/2019



I placed around €1200 with these Scummy criminals.
Over a period of a few weeks, I managed to withdraw a few hundred, but they refused any more saying the money is in active use etc ..... endless stupid excuses for what is essentially a scam operation.
The phone numbers used seem to originate in the UK, but they are actually coming from either Hungary, Estonia or Russia - if you put money into this company > YOU WILL LOOSE IT ALL
The phone numbers used seem to be;
0044 2039616348
0044 2039616363
0031 687351823
Name used (to me) was BRIAN DAVIES.
Other names that seem to be associated with this SCAM OUTFIT are;
Peter nelson
David jam
Dan Mayer
Alex Voss
Caroline Lenz
Shawn Leroy
Aaron Johnson
Sean Foster
Nick Hanson
Edison Lewis
Andy Lewis
Martin Roth
Allan Yada
Johannes Meckler
Vivian Pears
Chris McGuire
Danik ?
Isahia ?
Dante ?
samantha ?
Plus, I imagine, a load of other FALSE names that may or may not be genuine > but all are USELESS anyhow.
There E-mail contact address´s DO NOT EXIST
There is no other way of contacting them either.
STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCUMMY FRAUDSTERS - they are not genuine in any way with always the same scheme where you make profits as long as you keep adding up more money but soon as you want to withdraw they make you lose the money with negative trades and commissions until nothing is left and claim it was a bad day on the market or it is the investors fault because he withdrew money from the market and so on, it always ends with an empty account. be aware that they don't have a license to trade so it is a demo account on a nice website topped up whit the right amount to keep you interested and investing and to hide that the money was stolen in the minute it got transferred to them
Some other names of the same company;
They're Hungarian owned, registered in Estonia and likely run from RUSSIA, so once your money is in their hands, you have virtually zero chance of getting it back.
They're unlicensed. They know about as much about trading as the average 5-year-old. That doesn't matter though as once they have your money they're doing about as much trading as the average 5-year-old too. Zero.
There are dozens of accounts from people who have lost a small fortune with KontoFX online. Some well-hidden, some out in the open.
These people have probably been swayed by positive reviews which as previously stated are fake, or at best really biased reviews from businesses that have a financial interest in getting you to deposit (affiliates).
Don't fall for the KontoFX scam because you've heard that crypto is the next gold rush - these guys certainly aren't the ones that will make you any money from the crypto boom and they should be avoided at ALL COSTS.
BEWARE also from these fake news ads about Dragons Den, Shark Tank, Höhle der Löwen, Elon Musk, and the bitcoin trader/revolution they are all scam and are only designed to lure you towards these fraudulent brokers
Remember if something seems too good to be true, it probably is …. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!
Try withdrawing one penny and see how nice they really are !!
My review will be constantly up-dated and as long as it remains – it just proves what I have said above is true. I would willingly remove a review if I found it was wrong in any way …… so, as your reading this, nothing has changed and they are still ripping people off left, right & centre.
Konto FX is owned by NTMT Transformatic Markets OU, located at: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Parda tn 4, 10151 Estonia.
They are operated by: Northside Business Centres, 2nd and 4th floor, BC91 Office building, Váci út 91, Budapest 1139, Hungary.
Contact phone number in United Kingdom is: +441217263858,
and customer support email is: [email protected] Official website is: (although you´ll get nowhere if you try and contact them).

Ray Farmer 04/30/2019

KontoFX are a total CON ..... They will steal all your money

I placed around €1200 with these Scummy criminals.
Over a period of a few weeks, I managed to withdraw a few hundred, but they refused any more saying the money is in active use etc ..... endless stupid excuses for what is essentially a scam operation.
The phone numbers used seem to originate in the UK, but they are actually coming from either Hungary, Estonia or Russia - if you put money into this company > YOU WILL LOOSE IT ALL
The phone numbers used seem to be;
0044 2039616348
0044 2039616363
0031 687351823
Name used (to me) was BRIAN DAVIES.
Other names that seem to be associated with this SCAM OUTFIT are;
Isahia ?
Dante ?
samantha ?
Plus, I imagine, a load of other FALSE names that may or may not be genuine > but all are USELESS anyhow.
There E-mail contact address´s DO NOT EXIST
There is no other way of contacting them either.
STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCUMMY FRAUDSTERS - they are not genuine in any way

Ray Farmer 04/28/2019


They stole all my invested money just after I did not invest any further my account manager pressing me to stop the chargeback but it is looking good they cant fight it and my bank told me they blocked the amount until it is sorted out so they cant hide it somewhere and the evidence is clear that they are a scam broker !!!

tom 04/21/2019


KontoFX is a scam, all they do id try and get more money from you. Stay away from them. I lost £750

Andrew Sandilands 04/18/2019

They are Crooks

I changed my mind about dealing with KontoFX within two hours of joining. I have not provided them with any of the identification requested as they would have everything necessary to steal my ID.
I also cancelled my credit card but too late to stop the transaction. They are now refusing to refund my money to my bank account. I am told that I need to go through the verification process and they will refund to my card.
They know that the card was cancelled and in fact I cut it up pending issue of a new card.
Last night I a call from London asking me to invest another $250 to total $500. This call was not from KontoFX. I live in Australia.
There is no doubt that this mob are thieves and scammers based in Slovakia or Hungary. All of the so called investment advisers are heavily accented and very pushy.
Don't worry - if I don't get my so called investment back I will at least inflict $250 worth of trouble for these pricks.

David H 04/18/2019

Closing account issues

I have an issue to close my account. I sent the deposit, but day afterward I decided to cancel my account there,after personal issues and lack of trust after reading the reviews. I dont know if Im eligible having my money back and hope my personel,bank details are not going to be misused.

Kristina 04/16/2019

Konto FX is now UPRO FX

Konto FX is a blacklisted scam broker they recently use the name UProFX even with the same posts on twitter and on many review pages, you find this information as well.
it is very important to report them to the police and that you talk with your bank to start a chargeback ( there have be many cases where the people successfully received their money back true the chargeback ) and also expose them as the scammers they are on many review pages as possible also on Trustpilot, facebook and twitter where they still try to look legit and find new victims !

Paul 04/12/2019

unauthorized transaction

Please could you refund me. I have had $861.60 off my account from the above company name.

This account has not bee authorized by me.

Please advise further.

Kind regards,
Sally kay

Sally Kay Featherstone 04/12/2019


Tengo cuenta konto fx yo he invertir 500euro y devuelve hacía mucho llamadas ninguno me responde

Translated by Google:

I have konto fx account I have invest 500euro and returns a lot of calls none responds

Abdoulaye sisse 04/11/2019

Kontofx scam

deposited £250 but then kontofx wanted lots of additional documents (for validation? before commencing trade). i.e. Driving Licence, Both sides of my debit card and utility bill giving address and further details.
I then inform them I would not continue with signing up and to return or cancel my money initial deposit. They refused said I had to validate first! Which meant sending all the documents.

I grew leery of giving all such personal details and called them. No reply for phone number given, in fact it doesn't exist. No reply to several messages sent to both of their email address and again no reply. Tried to get my money back but cannot. My bank cannot get it back because it is locked in a "pending" account in Russia. Be aware this is a SCAM! There are plenty of other FX companies far more reputable.

James Drake 04/09/2019

Scammers and Thieves

The day of a supposed Brexit I signed in to my account in the morning to find all my money with the exception of two euros was being used in a days trading, funny the most used in past was 11 euros. Now in the afternoon I can no longer sign in to my account, can't even bring website up now.

fred 03/29/2019

Kontofx offline

Vandaag is de site van kontofx uit de lucht.
Had steeds moeite met inloggen.
Heb er spijt van dat ik geïnvesteerd heb in hun denk ook wel dat geld weg is

Translated by Google:

Today the site of kontofx is off the air.
Always had trouble logging in.
I regret that I have invested in their thinking that money is gone

Michel perfors 03/29/2019

Unable to Withdraw my funds

Yesterday 26/03/2019 i checked my account i had £18790.00 no trading since 06/03/2019 i spoke with my agent about withdrawing all of my money as i need it urgently today all of a sudden my money is reduced to £8750.00 i tried calling my agent did not answer so i emailed him he called me and tells me there is been a change in market trends so i asked him explanation specific to my account he has no specific answer he showed me the open market where money was invested he asked me to visit another website coinmarketcap WEBSITE where market has changed to 2.33% so i asked him to explain more about loses because £10000 .00 difference is not 2.32% he has no answer keeps giving me nonsense answer. THIS IS SCAM.

Javid 03/27/2019

Don`t deposit too KontoFX and don`t leave your Id numbers

They are scammers and the same as UproFX , the new brand of their scam. Never leave your phone number. Harrasment is waiting!

austin 03/26/2019

Retiro Dinero

Tengo un retiro pendiente desde el 29 de enero , envío mensajes me dicen que se comunicaran conmigo y nada me siento engañado , para pedirte que inviertas no dejan de llamarte pero a la hora de retiro no se comunican mas.
necesito me devuelvan mi dinero.

Translated by Google:

Withdrawal Money

I have a pending withdrawal from January 29, sending messages tell me to communicate with me and nothing I feel cheated, to ask you to invest do not stop calling you but at the time of withdrawal do not communicate more.
I need to get my money back.

Luis Rocha 03/22/2019

Should I continue

They have taken the funds off my credit card but I have no info to log in and view my account. However I am requested to sent coloured copy of I.D., credit card with the last 4 digits and signature along with a proof of address. Is it safe to do so?
Appreciate a quick response.
Thank you.

Diane 03/21/2019

Deposit money

Stay away from konto fx they will steal your money they are nothing but thieves and scammers!!! At least Dick Turpin wore a mask when robbing people

Daren Carson 03/20/2019

contact the police

you will not get any money back from kontofx they are a scam and in my opinion trustpilot is part to blame because everytime anyone posts a genuine review about kontofx trustpilot removes it so they are either part of the scam or they are being paid a lot of money by kontofx to stay on there site I invested £1000 with kontofx and managed to trick the greedy scum of the earth rats to think I was going to invest more so managed to get £500 back I had to get the other £500 back from my debit card so I was lucky you need to contact the police fraud squad action fraud and anyone you can to get this company investigated it wont be long if we all contact the right people the credit card and debit card companies will soon get the police to get these scum of the earth rats shut down and sent to prison where they belong they are worse than rats good luck AND NEVER INVEST WITH THESE SCUM

david mobbs 03/17/2019

KontoFX - hoe kan ik nu mijn geld terug krijgen?

ik ben 2 maanden geleden begonnen met KontoFX heb 250 euro ingelegd en na 2 maand was het 506 euro.
maar het vreemde is dat het handelen is gestopt en geen contact krijg met die broker hoe kan ik nu mijn geld terug krijgen?

Transalated by Google:

I started 2 months ago with KontoFX I put in 250 euros and after 2 months it was 506 euros.
but the strange thing is that trading has stopped and is not getting in touch with that broker how can I get my money back?

Andre Kleinherenbrink 03/14/2019

contofx morelike

absolute con merchants.invested 500 pounds,when i asked for withdrawal on feb 13 was told eventually in march would have to wait until the end of the month.within 3 days most the money has been lost.these people are leeches and absolutely vile.

shaun 03/12/2019


Signed up 4 weeks ago with the minimum 250 euro. Assigned an account manager whogave me a quick training session and still no idea how it works. Each time he called he was more interested in getting further funds and when I stated last week I might in the future investa further 250 euros he announced it should be in the thousands as that is when the profits are made. I told him I was an ordinary working person wishing to make some money to eventually enhance my small pension. He said it was my decision. My share has increased to 275 euro. Not sure whether to increase (I have toid with increasing by 1000euro) Am reading so many negative comments especially by one utube site bitcoin James. Who am I to believe?

CAROLYN BEAT 03/10/2019

Avoid - Fraudsters

Do not invest your money in this. This is a scam. I invested £250 and when I wanted to withdraw within days they didn't let me. The good reviews are all fake. I have emails to prove that KontoFX are scammers and do not give your money back to you when you request this. I have invested in other brokers and when I wanted to withdraw my money, there was never an issue. At point of withdrawal I didn't loose a penny, now after a 6 weeks of requesting my money, they have lost all but 50 euros and even then they won't give that. They are all liars. Do not believe them. They say they're your friends to dupe you out of more money. When you tell them you don't want to invest they be rude and hang up. David Jam and Johannes Meckler are the 2 names I remember because they have emailed me. Johannes even stalked me and rang me like 10 times in 2 minutes. David is the biggest liar, promising my money and then losing my money. Fraudsters, what goes around comes around. Today they have stolen my money, tomorrow they will have a lot more stolen from them.

Mo 03/08/2019

Watchout for these people

I have invested E250. The service was very good as well as the results, BUT when I was unwilling to invest more money. they got very nasty. I have been trying to close my account a month ago, but they just ignore every request and no money is paid back

Rudolf Schulenburg 03/08/2019

KontoFX scammed me

Kontofx scammed me with 500 eur !!!
Watch out, because they are f*cking bad people !!!
In fact, all sh*t internet, is made from satan !!!

G:P: 02/28/2019

Scammed me £10000

Кonto scammed me £10000 my Pension money.

What can i do about it?

Parveen Chowdhary 02/25/2019


This is a new brand of the KayaFX scam, and it as well turned out to be a total fraudulent trading Company. Run away from it!

John 02/21/2019

KontoFX fraud scam company

I’m now one of many people who have been the victim of fraud following a fake Dragons Den scam. My story is exactly the same as what other people have said. I.e invest £250, what the account grow and grow until you try and withdraw money and they suddenly drain the account and say there’s no money left. And then freeze your account. I’m going to contact every media outlet I can to hope that other don’t fall victim !

D smith 02/21/2019

Scam broker

Make sure you don't invest your money at KONTO FX you will never see your money again there is a list on their review page on Facebook with all the names of there brokers, they try to talk you down intimidate so you don't write a review telling the truth about them.

they don't use a real trading platform it is just like a demo version nothing you see there is real soon as the money gets on there account it is gone! the FCA warns from these brokers, there is a whole lot of bad reviews on twitter about them if I would found them before it could have saved me a lot of money what im now trying to get back from them but now they don't even answer the emails.

tim 02/21/2019

do not use this broker

The brokers from KONTO FX seem to use many different names like Edison Lewis Allan Yada and A Marc Schuster pretending to be a lawyer Simon McCormick, Nick Hansen, Vivian Pears, Chris McGuireand so on, there are probably a few not named here but be sure they are all the same , soon as something goes public they just make up a new name and continue scamming the people, with always the same scheme where you make profits long as you keep adding up more money but soon as you want to withdraw they make you lose the money with negative trades and commissions until nothing is left and claim it was a bad day on the market or it is the investors fault because he withdrew money from the market and so on, it always ends with an empty account. be aware that they don't have a license to trade so it is a demo account on a nice website topped up whit the right amount to keep you interested and investing and to hide that the money was stolen in the minute it got transferred to them
beware also from these fake news ads about Dragons Den, Shark Tank, Höhle der Löwen, Elon Musk, and the bitcoin trader/revolution they are all scam and are only designed to lure you towards these fraudulent brokers

manu 02/21/2019

kontofx scam fraudulent company

kontofx are a scam if you are from the uk please contact watchdog takes 5 mins to fill in what this company is like if enough of us do so it will be put all over the tv for everyone to see what these scammers are doing its to late for any of us to get our money back but it might help some innocent person not to invest with these scum of the earth rats that have no place in our society DO NOT INVEST WITH THESE AND DO NOT LET THEM INTO YOUR COMPUTER

david mobbs 02/21/2019

KontoFX a new UFX Scam

This company is clearly a fraud, and the bit strange is that you get the impression at the beginning that they operate the same as UFX. They use the system with false reviews, and to remove all criticism and scam reports that come up with them!

Carsten 02/17/2019

Kontofx SCAM - can't get my money back

They offer the sky. Phone you every week. But every week someone else. Have been struggling for three months to get my money back. All of a sudden my account fall 50% in a week. Then they said by email that there is nothing left. Then they close my access and I cannot contact them. SCAM

Willem du Preez 02/16/2019

Don't trust kontofx or bitcoin revolution

Do not trust Kontofx or Bitcoin Revolution,
they are shysters. Unfortunately my husband and I fell for one of their advertisements, and paid the minimum $250. We smelled a rat and tried to cancel the account. According to them they could only close it if my husband provides them with copies of his ID documents, proof of address and a signature. Do not give this to them! They are scammers, refuse to give them any personal documents! They are liars! Our credit card statement showed that they not only took the $250, but emptied out the rest of the credit card, fortunately their was less than $10 left on the credit card. They will also ask you to instal anydesk on your computer to give you a tutorial. Do not instal this, on other reviews I have read that they use this to gain remote access to your computer and online banking details, to empty out your bank account. If you made a payment to them, block your credit card immediately, and report the fraud to your bank. Do not fall for intimidation tactics that they tried on my husband, trying to bully him to carry on. Do not trust them when they ask you to withdraw complaint at your bank. In fact, stop all communication with them and report them to the authorities.

Update, I am from another country, we work in another currency, my husband explained that our payment worked out to be 250 euros, excludingthe amount that they stole.

Liezl 02/15/2019

kontofx fraudulent company

Do not give these digusting people a single penny of your money they are scammers scam scam scam scam scam

down to my own stupidity I gave these scum £1000 thinking they was an legitimate company and they are not straight after I realised that they wasn't I then thought how am I going to get any or even a part of this back so I decided to play them at there own game knowing how greedy these people are I told them I have thousands to invest but I wanted to see how easy it is to do a withdrawal soon as they thought I was going to be stupid enough to want to invest thousands we had conversations on the phone messages to each other so I asked them to process a withdrawal and they asked how much now obv I knew I wouldn't get the full 1000 as they was telling me to only do £100 this went on for a while so I said really it needs to be at least £500 to show me they are a genuine company so they agreed and refunded the £500 which now leaves £500 still owing that I will not get back if there are people reading this that have already been scammed and have left messages on here you all need to put your reviews on Trustpilot asap and if these rats reply then go on again and call them liars for what they are scam rats that have no place in our society do not give these scum any of your money they should be locked up

david mobbs 02/15/2019

I want my money back

I made the initial deposit they requested and my money was paralyzed, after 2 month... I asked for it to be returned since the first day and I have been waiting since this time and they have not returned my money. They called me several time before. The only thing that they want is more information.they cale me several time they want me to invest more they sad that Im not incriase my acount because 250 its to litle. I want my money back.

Yeseli 02/12/2019

KontoFX estafa

hice el ingreso inicial que pedian y mi dinero quedo paralizado, al cabo de 3 semanas solicite que me lo devolvieran y llevo dos semanas esperando y aun no me han devuelto mi dinero asi que hoy ire a la policia para tramitar una denuncia

Translated by Google:

I made the initial deposit they requested and my money was paralyzed, after 3 weeks I asked for it to be returned and I have been waiting for two weeks and they have not returned my money so today I will go to the police to process a complaint

miriam 02/11/2019

Money monsters!!!

Last August I invested £250, after watching a "pop up" screening of Dragons Den when the guys from BitCoin were on there. I then read a report by a so called reporter who said that he had invested money to "try out" Bitcoin and made £7000 in a short space of time and withdrew it all with no problems.

To cut a long story short, I was contacted by a guy called Andy Lewis after my £250 investment, who said he was calling from Cyprus. He spoke to me like I was his best friend.

I invested another £2250 as he said that I "would not lose money", it may go up or down every now and then but I would not lose and I was to treat this as a bank account but with better interest rates.

When I asked why I was dealing with KONTO and not Bit Coin he said that they worked with Bit Coin.
Indeed my "money" was increasing, on my "account".

2 months on he tried to get me to take out a personal loan of £40.000
When that failed he left it a while, again, my money was increasing on my "account", I had also told Andy that I would want to withdraw money for Christmas and my up and coming rent. He said "no problem" just contact him when I needed it.
October 2018, I invested another £3000, this time, through an EWallet created by Andy as he said I could get my money easier In November my "account" had increased by £2500, making my "total" £7500. I emailed Andy and requested a withdrawal. No answer.
Another email. No answer. I made a withdrawal request, and this was denied with no explainable reason.
At the end of November, I received a phone called from Edison Greenberg as Andy had completely disappeared off the face of the earth!!! who casually told me that I couldn't have my money back as they were still trading with it.
The following day I checked my account, and the WHOLE LOT had gone, in fact it was in minus of £3500, on checking the trading sheets, it appeared that KONTO had lost my money within an hour of my phone call with Mr Greenberg.

After many frantic phone calls and messages left with Customer services, I finally received another phone call from Mr Greenberg at the beginning of December who said that he would "borrow" money from their finance department and try and get me my money back. But he wanted me to remove my review from TrustPilot as I had mentioned his name.

I am still in email discussions with Mr Greenberg, who has accused ME of blackmail and manipulation because I refuse to remove the review.
He says that it was MY FAULT that I lost my money and NOT the fault of KONTO.

I have received a payment of £200 although I have no idea why, and no one said. I am assuming it was "hush" money.
Two weeks ago, Mr Greenberg emailed me to say that £1000 has been put into my account and needless to say it has not appeared.
I will not this rest. I have contacted the Fraud department of my bank. My card was cancelled and renewed, and my Internet banking was cancelled and changed. I have contacted the FCA and Action Fraud. I have contacted Dragons Den to let them know how their programme has been misused.

I have also contacted "report a scam".... I will continue to report KONTO until they are stopped. They are MONEY MONSTERS.
The saddest thing of all is that Edison Greenberg and Andy Lewis believe in their own hype and do not think that they have done anything wrong, How they sleep at night is anyone's guess.

Fraudsters and Scammers all of them.

I can't believe I have been so stupid, and this is a bitter pill that I have to swallow, as it has completely turned my life upside down.

Be aware of these dreadful people.


cyndy foard 02/10/2019

KontoFX stopped replying

I register with KontoFX on DEC 24 - 2018 and since I trade online normally , when I ask for Withdrawal they keep wasting times and finally they stop reply to my emails or call , even my account manager blocked my email after he inform me that he is on vacation!!!!!

Ibrahim 02/09/2019

Very bad experience - avoid them!

VERY BAD EXPERIENCE AVOID THEM! I paid deposit but I checked reputation of konto fx (SCAM! ) so I didn`t invest anything just applied for withdraw straight away, firstly they want a lot of details - photos of ID , credit card, proof of address - because they can`t do withdraw without this 'authorization' , but even after that (2,5 week already) I didn`t see my money back . They calling me all the time even if I said to them in many emails I have 2 jobs in this moment and e-mail is only one way to contact with me. So firstly until I did 'authorization' they was replaying in hours , after that they ignore my e-mails more than 2 weeks already (they declare to do withdraw in 5-10 days! ) .

Mariusz 02/09/2019

They are scammers. Be aware!

After receiving a profit on my initial investment, I have been receiving phone calls almost every week to invest more. On four occasions I have requested withdrawals and my requests have been rejected. My funds start decreasing until they seized my account and was informed that someone would contact me. They are scammers. Be aware!

Naressa 02/07/2019

Abusive phone calls. Criminals, fraud, pyramid scheme

This company is blatantly committing fraud. Its a pyramid scheme, where it looks like your earning money but as soon as you try to withdraw your funds there block you from your account and you lose your investment.

Criminals simple as.

Big Mik 02/02/2019

KontoFx withdrawal - help!

I saw an add on facebook about trading,were traders were making huge money in minute.Since im not working ,I was interested.I never trade in my life ,there was space to fill form so that I can lean more about trading.I send the form on facebook

The following day, someone phone me from KIontofx by the name of patrick.The first thing about bank a/c. I was not aware that ,he want to take my money after gave him my details 250 euros gone.Im been requesting my money 2 months ago with no answer.A phone call came early last month to say I must make loan to the bank to top up,I refused.I asked to get my money back. If u open the trade platform my money still sit there nothing is happening. I feel form to withdraw my money they refused.

Is there any place where I can get help ??????

simphiwe Dlamini 02/02/2019

Narrow Escape

STAY WELL AWAY, my experience with KontoFX started with a link from FaceBook to a fancy marketing splash page, then another link to the payment form...My god how stupid do I feel, I was not paying attention... anyway long story short I paid them £250 and was contacted by phone by a guy calling himself Allan, yada yada yada. Luckily my payment hadn't shown up on my account (debit card payment) and after doing some research on KontoFX I was horrified and contacted my Banks fraud department, they canceled my card and all is well, so I will have to wait a few days for a new card...small price to pay but at least i didn't lose any money. I feel for all you guys that have lost money, hopefully, these crooks will get their comeuppance some day.

Bill 02/01/2019

They must be blacklisted

It's a shame to read all the complaints about how people were
Scammed.i am one of them unemployed and broke.but I am not going to
Keep quiet. I am going to report kontofx to our local media. So the world must know.they must be blacklisted with the bank so no transfers are done.

Louisa 01/30/2019

kontofx scammers

I suspected it was a scam when my original £180 "investment" having said to risen to nearly £400 and they urged me to add more.However a few weeks later having NOT ADDED MORE showed a loss is growing worse daily.A standard tool for scammers of this sort.Cannot find a way to withdraw my funds.

Paul McHugp 01/29/2019

KontoFX - dont pay out the negative balance

they are known for putting the account in minus on purpose, and then even threatens the investor with legal consequences to pay out the minus, they use a lawyer called himself Simon McCormick he is really rude and disrespectful but no real lawyer it is just another trick they play on you to make more money. this company is not licensed or regulated so they can't even place trades for investors and most certainly they are never able to take legal actions against anyone to be sure you don't get scared and persist on the money you invested they stole it with there false trade platform and this is a scam!

paul 01/28/2019

tried to milk more off me like £22.000 more!

i know .i wish i had looked at some reviews first. i ve now lost £500.00i am not paid by anyone to say this i am angry at myself for beimg an idiot to listen to what seems to be to good to be true this is a scam,can t withdraw unless i give my new card details its not going to happen. anybody wants to get ripped off this kontofx will do it.

robert green 01/24/2019

Criminal Konto Fx fact

I I have read lots of bad reviews about this company and know for a fact there all true,fake names,fake background chatter from pre recorded discs,document id theft ,creepy calls late at night,talk to you like they knew you all you life ,vial and creepy asking me about my children on one call ! I strung them along for weeks to collect information which I passed on to various agency’s ,took a lot of time but I have a passion for it and will never stop,they will change there name and me and my team will start all over again mark! Know that ! Everyone review and re review so theses awfull dirty people stop or go to prison.

Daniel 01/22/2019

kontofx is a scam

Hi I am Gary watts
Kontofx is a scam I have been with them since August, I lnvested £250 pounds to start and it seemed like they were making good profits so I lnvested another £750. I then added a further £1000.i asked to withdraw money from the account and £200 was credited to my bank account. I was contacted again by my account manager Chris asking me to take out a loan of £26000 because of a big event about to happen.
I decided to take out a loan of £10000 and added to my account, through coinbase as advised be my account manager. We agreed I would receive the loan repayments every mouth. I received 1 repayment and now I can't contact them
the profits were good to start with but then they stopped.
do not invest your money with this company thay are very convincing but full of s*** I have recently found out my account manager uses at least 2 different names and works for at least 2 different companies
This is a joke, they report me to trustpoilot within minutes of posting a review. They don't want others to realise they are a scam. All I can hope is that trustpoilet see my evidence ( of which I have a multitude of)
After posting my review i did receive a call stating my account manager no longer works there. What can they do to pacify me and stay with them, I told the guy in no uncertain terms I no long want to stay with them,all I want is the money I put in, not worried about the profit. I withdrew concent to use my account.
Now they are trading my account and losing all my money. funny that they have not tradeed my account for 7 weeks but now they choose to on a deliberate loosing streak.
Every trade they have ever made on my account has allways been under 3 minutes, today thay have opened 5 trades on the same currency and just left open that are draining my account so that they dont have to give my money back, they are currently losing 2000 pounds almost 800 pounds are swaps.

gary watts 01/22/2019

Scam do not invest

I invested €250 with these scam artists
as I was duped by an advertisement claiming
they were a different company and I wasn't
made aware of their name until I put the
€250 into the account.
I requested the money back that very same
day and that was 3 months ago and still no
money returned.
Scam do not invest.

Martin 01/21/2019

everything a farce

never put your money there, it's a specialized gang to take your money, which you can never lose.
all a falsehood. a bunch of bastards

jamais coloque seu dinheiro la, é uma quadrilha especializada pra tirar seu dinheiro, do qual vc nunca conseguirar resgastar.
tudo uma falsidade. um bando de canalhas.

oliveira 01/15/2019

Frozen Kontofx account

Reading all the sad stories of people who have been mislead
Kontofx does make me feel less stupid !
I know in my heart I’ve lost my £250 the account is now
Frozen I think because I put up a comment about the way
I’ve been treated!

So it’s time to take the learning from this experience and
Pray that one day this company will be stopped I thought I
Was investing in BitCoin more like bitcon !

Jane dunning 01/11/2019


All things are already said! - Don´t give them any money. It´s the same as if you throw it in the loo!

You never get any penny back!

Mike 01/10/2019

Kontofx has no MT4 data

Kontofx is a scam! This company is not registered or licenced. They used to be called kayafx. They don’t even have an MT4 account... all the trades you see are fake... with no data from MT4 feed in they are literally trading nothing. All the good reviews are fake! Paid off by Kontofx to get you to trust them. These professional scam artists will string you along until you attempt to withdraw your money. Then to add injury to insult they run another scam to “help” get your money back - and try to get more money out of you. Marc SCHUSTER pretends to be a lawyer. Changes voices when he calls. Don’t be a fool. Don’t give them your money ASIC warns against investing with this fake company supposedly registered in Estonia. Estonia securities board has no record of them. Their whole business is a sham and even if they were trading something it’s been set up illegally. The IOSCO warns against them. The FCA warns against them. They are registered on scamwatch. Don’t get fooled out of your money! Just say no and report them to the authorities. Help stop them from taking advantage of another vulnerable Australian citizen! Marc SCHUSTER

James John Paul Snr 01/04/2019

Kontofx scam con artist lies theft Mark Schuster stolen

This man Mark SCHUSTER strung me along for months and took my whole life savings. $400,000. He pretended he was my best mate. Called me his partner! After I asked for my capital back to buy a house he remotely logged in to my bank and cleaned the last $5,000 from my bank account. Now he won’t answer calls or emails. The whole thing was fake. All the trades he showed me were fake. This guy is a total con artist and I was 100% scammed. All the good reviews are fake. They are professionals and they have been doing this for years. The last one was called kayafx. The Australian police say there is nothing they can do. My whole life is ruined. Won’t someone please stop them!! I should have trusted my family.

The follow up people to try to help you get your money back - also a lie and another scam. Don’t trust them either

Go to the police, ACCC & ASIC. Also IDcare will help with the clean up.

Jimmy 12/30/2018

Wanting to close account, what are my chances?

I have been trading with them for a month or so but now would like to close my account. I have tried once before but was talked out of it. I have filled out another form yesterday so i will see

Jason 12/29/2018

SCAM - Beware !!!

Luckily I only lost my initial payment of £250 and not more. They do not keep any of the promises they tell you about. Basically, you are not in the driving seat and a so-called trader takes over your account for you. They simply will not allow you to trade on your own. In order to entice you, initially they let the account earn a tiny profit and then the phone calls start. They expect you to part between £5000 to £15000 of your hard-earned cash. If you refuse, then more phone calls and so on. They make it a nightmare to withdraw your money back and they only way to contact them is via an on-line form. Quit whilst you are ahead.

Uni 12/28/2018

Stay away very dissatisfied

Like so many others on here I’m in the same situation invest £250 and then asked for more
money which I refused to do. The account manager Alex Blance seemed so credible but now I want to close
my account they won’t do it. In the last few days after I’ve requested three times now my money back Kontofx
have started trading with my money and it is loosing value !!!

If by any chance this gets me a response I’d be very grateful however it look more likely I’ve lost my money.

Stay away from Kontofx !

Jane Dunning 12/24/2018

Still waiting for my withdrawal

KONTOFX I don't know what to make of this company.
I deposited 1250 euro,they kept asking for more that is when I wanted my money back. I have tried to withdraw my money they cancelling my withdrawal.

Please assist I need my money back.

Bonolo 12/24/2018

withdraw of funds won't happen

after opening the account I was bombarded with phone calls to increase my deposit. Trading was ok until I requested a withdraw, then no contact, still pending, no one returns telephone or email requests, its a sham!!

peter baylis 12/22/2018

withdraw of funds

requesting a withdraw of funds, no success yet, what steps can I take next

Elizabeth Jones 12/20/2018

Withholding Funds

No matter how hard I try they refuse to close my account and refund my money . Just keep asking to increase deposits . Steer clear of KontoFx !!

J B Gibbons 12/19/2018

Withdrawal - Forget It

What a bunch of Thieves. Excuse after excuse. They tell you something and after a few emails, they have forgotten what they told you and contradict everything.

Edison Greenberg is the person that's been lying to me, how he sleeps at night knowing that he's stolen from elderly people, I don't know.
If he's married, then his wife would leave him knowing the truth.
May he rest in HELL.

John Barritt 12/18/2018

Not for the novice investor

I am an 80 year old lady who read about BitCoin revision and thought to invest a small sum £500.00

As soon as the money was cleared I was asked to send copies of driving licence, utility bills etc via the internet. I did not know how to do this and was also worried about identity fraud SO idi nothing but ask for my money back.No Luck.

Since then I am having telephone calls several times every day.

my husband is very cross with me for doing this without consulting him but now just wants the whole matter cleared up.


Judi Robertson 12/14/2018

No log-in and password given from KontoFX

I have signed with KontoFX and they push another Senior Account manager when I mention to one Senior Account Manager that I will maintain the min amount now and wait and see. Its been one week and no log-in or password given to me where they only want me to go online and on phone at the same time. I told them I will play around the webpage after the log-in and password is giving to me which i don't think they would want to have it.

The question here is "I invest using my money, whether or not, a log-in and password are suppose to be given to me to let me handle myself which I don't think I need to be guild. And if I have question, I will call them to enquire."

Am I wrong to ask for this?

Joseph 12/06/2018


My story seems very similar to many bad reviews on line..l had sold my home and thought l would invest it for a few months, to find out l have lost it all, in the beginning l was gaining between 700 and 1600 euro a day so l was happy with that Adrian Matthias was my senior financial analysist due to the substantial amount in the account.. l am 63 years old and managed to not get scammed up until now but he was very professional at frauding people out of there money obviously, the minute l asked for a withdrawal to start building my new house, he was stalling saying he needed an email from the developers stating what l needed, over the next couple of days l found it hard to get onto him through the WhatsApp messenger site the phone calls aren't connected hey are meant to be coming from London then l found out they are based in Estonia, while l was talking to him he managed to lose 97000 euros in 90 seconds I continued asking him to stop gambling my money away and he said he would need to keep trading so he could make t then had a gut feeling that my money was long gone and the fake platform l was looking at every day was no more than a false page no different than games we can play on line.. l have notified the bank and they were able to recover $1600 that l initially started with that came out of my debit card but the Bpay amounts l am still trying to recover,,l have not heard from Adrian since then but because I have notified all the authorities nationally and internationally l did receive a call from a senior CEO Isahia an extremely rude threatening man with a raw African accent hreatening me to stop all the lawmen while he investigates how carelessly Adrian lost my money which l believed was a weird remark so my son spoke to him and this rude guy asked him would he be advocating for me if anything was to happen to me which later when I thought about it that was KONTOFX is nearly 200000 Euro better off for have known me.. and to top it off l have had so many more scammers contacting me offering to get my money back to put in there pocket.. all l can say is these scamming mongrels are all the same and it started very innocently when my home was sold and placed on the real estate website for these animals to find people like me my age my situation who are prey for these predators, so l would like to state good luck to the people who have had good experiences and l feel for the ones like me who cant find anything nice about them

diane 12/02/2018

Watch out for KontoFX - Scammers

I watched their video and thought it looked very legit. Just sorry that I didn't do my homework properly. When I transferred the 250 Euros, I got a very frantic call from a support agent saying that my husband must immediately send them ALL his money and in that minute I realised I was scammed. I did not open the account because I do not want scammers to have access to my private details but my money is lost. Stay away people! Bad unregulated company that should go to jail.

Susan 11/30/2018

Had Contact since my previous review and feeling a bit of relief

I had a call today from a nice lady higher up than my Manager today who has taken over my account. Feel a bit better about things now so next week is a new beginning. Happy to give it another chance.

Gary McPherson 11/30/2018

Dead set scam

Invested with KontoFX. Dead set scam.Dante is my contact and haven't heard from for a couple of days. Don't go anywhere near them!

Edward Tanton 11/29/2018

4 days without contact

I have been trying to contact kontofx for 4 days. I have called about 30 times and got through about 4 times. They say that they have sent my request to the appropriate person and they will call soon. 4 days later and still waiting. My Manager won't help me because I trade myself. 1 of my trades is frozen and I can't sell it in profit. It is faulty and says I am in minus and it doesn't change even though it is way in profit. Tried to withdraw my money and it says error. Very frustrated. Please call me back Kontofx

Gary McPherson 11/28/2018

Kontofx sucks

i just deposit the 250 as deposit and my password cannot work. and i have tried numerous emails but no reply from them on reset of password.
my account manager samantha is supposed to be calling me for that. However, she also disappeared.

it is a total disappointment. Scam! i should have done more due diligence before investing

susan 11/22/2018

Cannot withdraw money with konto FX

They are scammer

They rejected my withdrawal request without any reason.
My money 260 eur still hold by them

Support team also sucks.

SUKRI AWANG 11/15/2018


Terrible people to deal with and the chance of getting my money back seems to be nil. I was constantly hassled to invest more money and am very glad I refused to do so.

Diana Durrant 11/15/2018

Stared And Found Scam

Just started to pay euro250 and found scam so immediately requested to block from my credit card banker. The next day i received so many call from them, and i didn't answer and shutdown my handphone since i knew it was really scam.

David 11/09/2018

vrnitev depozita

Sem zahteval da zaprejo moj račun in mi vrnejo moj vloženi depozit od takrat se mi ne javi nihče kljub mojim urgencam.Ali je možno dobiti denar nazaj?

Translated by Google:

I asked them to close my account and return my deposited deposit since then no one has appeared despite my urgency. Is it possible to get money back?

vladimit zevnik 11/09/2018

Ojo, son unos mangantes

Se comieron mis 250€., y desde luego no esperen que devuelvan nada, mi consejo es que olvidéis a estos mangantes, en el mercado hay buenas empresas de in versión, esta es una empresa de estafadores,, ténganlo en cuenta, saludos.

Translated by Google:

They ate my € 250, and certainly do not expect them to return anything, my advice is to forget these people, in the market there are good investment companies, this is a company of scammers, keep this in mind, regards.

Maromo mar omo 11/08/2018

Just started

I signed up with Konto FX transferring Euro250. The agent gor all my details of the my debit card and insisting me to add another Euro750 to start trading. He asked me to send my documents which I did not send yet. I just went through the company's background and reading all the comments fromthose who was scammed, I realized that I'm one of them too. Now i will not continue with them and will ask for the refund.

Wrickrama Suriya Vincent 11/06/2018

Refund of Deposit

I paid the initial deposit of 250 Euro. It was taken from my banking account within 5 min. It is a struggle to get my money back which I requested immediately after it was taken from my account. I send emails with no replies coming back to me

George 11/02/2018

Send me your money. You got more chance I will return it.

So my experience is they bully you out of your money. You get to see some fantastic profits, then when the broker tells you to withdrawal the profits otherwise he doesn't get his 5%. So like a good shepherd you do that only to be phoned and hear him say that he needs a weeks notice as he's using your money and there's some good events coming up. So contradicts himself straight away. Now my question is ain't the bank that withdraws and holds your money just as liable for taking your money and whatever bank you use to send your money to a clearly marked scam artists. Don't worry, I was hussled out of some serious cash too.


John Fyvie 11/02/2018

Kontofx, igual a estafadores

Hola, que no s le ocurra a nadie invertir con estos ni un céntimo, te robaran el dinero y toda la información posible, si han ingresado algún dinero den de baja la tarjeta y denúncienlo al seguro de su tarjeta pues usted no va a recuperar nada, saludos y buena suerte.

Translated by Google:

Hello, that it does not happen to anyone to invest with these a penny, they will steal your money and all the possible information, if they have entered some money, give the card down and denounce it to your card insurance because you will not recover anything , greetings and good luck.

Maromo mar omo 10/31/2018

Kontofx - total scam - Do not give any money

I made a deposit of €250 to test it out. Immediately they tried to get more out of me, but I refused. After a few weeks it had only made 1 trade, with profit of €2.32, so I decided to withdraw my money. Over 5 weeks later I am still trying to get my money. Even after they phoned me and then assured me the withdrawal would be processed -nothing happened.

They are a Scam, their brokers are rude and aggressive and as far as I am concerned they have stolen my money and they are likely to steal yours if you are not careful.

Avoid at all costs.

Ray 10/31/2018

Dreadful company

I deposited £25o and suddenly my password would not work. I have called numerous times and no password reset. I'm now trying to get my money back. Avoid like the plague!

Wayne R Eagles 10/29/2018

Do not use KontoFX

I invested 500eur using CALLOWAY sofware. Want to close my account with no luck. Calloway SOFTWARE do not use KONTOFX as a broker

Pieter Kruger 10/26/2018

Avoid KontoFX

As many on here, i have made the mistake of a lifetime. I really cannot believe i did no due diligence before adding £250 into an account i set up. I feel such an idiot. If this review helps someone else from making my mistake then at least some good can come out of it. I have tried to get my money back for nearly a month now. They don't answer emails or their phone. They do however continue to keep calling me with their obviously Eastern European accents (but insist they are "English") trying to get me to add literally thousands more into my account. When i bring up my problems with them they just try to dismiss it tell you not to worry and go back to the adding more money scenario. They don't take no for an answer so you are forced to put the phone down. Its truly a nightmare. I am now trying to recover my money via the dispute services at my bank. This is costing more time and hassle that I really (like anyone) could do without. Its stressful, unpleasant I urge anyone reading this who is considering it to AVOID at all costs. Hope this helps and well done if you are checking it out first and not being a complete dumb ass like me. Need and greed got me. That how they get everyone on this i guess. I'm ashamed of my stupidity. If it looks too good to be true it usually is! Just got to remember that and stick to it. Jeeeeeeze.

joe 10/26/2018


KontoFX required GBP 250 instead of 250 Euro. Although my bank did check with me regarding. the payment, which should have alerted me, I agreed to pay GBP 250.00. I did nother fe reassured the following day when staff called asking for a copy of my driving licence and copies of both sides of my debit card. I was told that I could only get my money back by making my investment a "fully managed account", which required payment of another GBP 250.00. I also requested the immediate return of my full investment.Very stupidly I agreed.

Chris Gardner 10/26/2018

KontoFX - con men

They are not Brokers, but good con men
Pushy on the phone. Looking for too
Much bank details. They use a UK number all the time.
But cannot be contacted by it. When they do ring and you
It at all hours.

Tom Breen 10/24/2018

real account nu 9108531

We realise that you are scamming people on the internet. We demand that you reverse our payment done to you this morning. We are in the process of reporting you to the authorities and to our bank investigators. WE INSIST ON A REVERSAL OF OUR MONEY.

Pierre Herselman 10/22/2018

Scammers - KONTOFX is one big SCAM!!!

I invested 250 Euro, they traded on an automated trading system (sounds like a robot) account increased to 330 Euro. I applied to withdraw all funds available. They have lied to me every time I have contact with them about why they cannot refund me. My account dropped dramatically to 207 Euro since I've been asking for my money back which has been around 7 weeks now. I've been constantly nagging them via email for my withdrawal. Iam sending emails to someone by the name of Edison Greenberg (Who I think is a false name). It seems like there is just one or two of these wicked individuals working as scammers using false names but yet the same guy spoke (with the same accent) to me on the phone when he "used" to call me but using different names each time he calls - yet I can clearly hear that its the same guy???


I forgive them for stealing my money and I truly BLESS them (KONTOFX) - may they receive the harvest of fruit from the seeds they have sown!!!

Craig 10/21/2018


Hola, hice un ingreso en Kontofx de 250 €., todavía no e logrado identificarme correctamente con los documentos que me piden, pero me llamaron el primer día y ya no he recibido más comunicaciones, creen ustedes que devolveran el dinero, o hay que olvidarse, un saludo, gracias.

Transalated by Google:

Hi, I made a deposit in Kontofx of € 250., I still have not managed to identify myself correctly with the documents they ask me, but they called me the first day and I have not received any more communications, you believe that they will return the money, or you have to forget , greetings, thank you.

Manuel. 10/19/2018


I obviously did not do my homework thoroughly enough and have been caught. But what can I do to try and get my money back? Advise please.

Jacqui Botha 10/17/2018

Obviously they are scammers

I just took a phone call from one of their representatives on yet another telephone number that seems to alter slightly every time they try and call! When asked who they were regulated by they replied 'by UK law', I queried this and they immediately put the phone down on me. Obviously they are scammers so I have revoked any credit card payment to them with immediate effect!

Alastair Maclean 10/09/2018

Scam Broker

Do not deposit your money.
Continually asking you to add to your account.
I asked to close my account and a refund , still waiting 3 weeks on.

Azhar Bhyat 10/08/2018

KontoFX scam

Stay away, They are a scam.

Joanne Dean 10/07/2018


Im sorry I did not read these reviews before. I invested 250 Euros and have been plagued with phone calls after phone calls to invest more which I refused to do. I am seeing a small profit on my investment but nothing to talk about and I am about to put in a request for a withdrawal and closure of the account. I do not know what the outcome would be

Naressa 10/07/2018

scammers problem with deposit

I was trying to give that broker a chance, but
after reading that reviews I am not an exemption.
I tried to get my deposit back for over 9 days now and
and never got an reply, telephone number is not working
DON'T DEAL WITH THEM, you will never see your money back.

It's a shame I didn't read those reviews before dealing with them.

Agnieszka Muszynska 10/05/2018


TOTAL SCAMMERS! Please do not fall for this. I doubt I will ever get my cash back.

Lisa Rhee 10/03/2018


I have been asking for my money back now for a month now with no response. Telephone number does not work and nor does their 'support' email address. They are nothing but scammers STAY AWAY DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY>

Hazel UK

Hazel J Brown 10/02/2018


They demand a deposit. Keep phoning you. Fortunately my bank blocked them from taking any money because they have an active fraud system. They Will not give up. I saw these reviews before giving them any money. Lucky escape!

Ann 10/02/2018


Is there anywhere you can make a complain against them ? I am a pensioner and they took my money. This was my saving. I have lost £1000 and I don't know what to do. Please help me anyone

Khosrow Daneshvar 10/01/2018


I decided to take out a little investment with these people, the WORST thing I have ever done. I have repeatedly tried to get my initial investment refunded, NO CHANCE. The so called portfolio Managers just argue all the time trying to convince you to leave your money where it is so it can make money, TOSH, I have even shouted at one of them to damn well refund my money, Still waiting a month later. I cannot believe the requirements they ask for not only to open an account but to withdrawer funds. I understand the fraud side of the business however I do believe there is too much personal information especially regarding bank account details required. I had to change my bank card it scared me so much. I am now prepaired to walk away from my initial investment of £250 I cannot be dealing with these people anymore, terrible.

Alan Ward 09/30/2018

no contact possibility, money lost

I couldn't found any login possibility at the homepage to check what happened with my 250 US$ and got at my first requests always the answer "We will soon contact you again" and one week later I couldn't even contact KontoFS at all.

Georges Schuppisser 09/29/2018

Customer Support is bad or non existent

When you call you are asked for an extension that I obviously do not have and then wait for a representative to answer. After 5-10 minutes the call is cut and then the whole process start again.

I contacted them via the chat and get quick response but still waiting for someone to contact me

Gerhard Bezuidenhout 09/28/2018

Very Bad experience

KontoFX have taken the deposit from me to trade, when I purchased the trade it reduced from my account but when i sold the shares it did not revert the same back to my account.
I am not able to contact any person.

Swapnil Dhone 09/26/2018


Stay away from kontofx!!! They are a fake company
Who just wants to scam customers & Have your identification details!!
To steal ur identity

You have been warned

Manu 09/26/2018

Konto FX - They are fraudsters

I'd rather do this anonymously as I feel scammed already by Konto FX.
If anyone reads this please, please do not go anywhere near them. They are 100% scammers. You will never see your deposit back. I have been trying tirelessly to close my account and take back my funds for over a week. I get the occasional call promising to send me the money but then nothing. No phone numbers work, their emails do not get responded to.


MK 09/25/2018

Do not do business with KontoFX

MY advise for anyone never ever invest with Kontofx. They are not licenced and give misleading information. They make it really difficult to withdraw money from the account. Terrible service and legality of their business tricks is a big concern. Some of their representatives will try to force their opinion on you.

S Ahmad 09/24/2018

Fraudulent organization UK -info

I was lured to the as I think - 100% fraudulent KontoFX through a Newspaper-website-emulating i.e. look-alike page who is owned by and the registrar of is "TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd" that owns Domain Name: TLDREGISTRARSOLUTIONS.COM.

Official (ICANN) information of this fraudulent TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd, connected straight to KontoFX-fraud is:
Registrant Name: Not disclosed Not disclosed
Registrant Organization: CentralNic
Registrant Street: 35-39 Moorgate, Level 1
Registrant City: London
Registrant State/Province: London
Registrant Postal Code: EC2R 6AR
Registrant Country: GB
Registrant Phone: +1.5163872248

=> So I would say that KONTOFX has a sort of subsidiary (or head office=) in London - at least at paper.

Mikko Vuorinen 09/21/2018

Criminal action detected to lure in this! AVOID ! AVOID !

Avoid like plague!!!

I got scammed by a website looking very "normal", like the one of our most famous newpaper's websites.

This fraudulent forgery website lured me to this KONTOFX -place.


I don't expect anything else but a crime report about the scam that lured me in this place. Until I am getting back my 250e - AVOID!!!!

Mikko Vuorinen 09/20/2018

Avoid like the plague!!

Please please do not, I repeat do not have anything to do with this company who use third party to get your money and then you can almost forget about getting it back. You have been warned.

Sam Goldman 09/15/2018


A scam do not deal with this company especially jonathon anderson

Cliff 09/13/2018 - scam

The ff website is a scam
the people advertise fr bitcoin ..but insist they want you yo deposit usd 250 fr automated trading in forex n commodity n crypto ...
Scamsters..con very careful ..

It is advertised supposed to be fr bitcoin very polished advertising

Razia Khan 09/12/2018

Dodgy Outfit

I submitted a minimum amount to Kontofx and have heard nothing back from them, bar an e-mail from Nicole Francis

Richard 09/10/2018

Scam scam scam

This a hungry set of people you receive many calls but its same person changing voice the topup money you see is for you to be confused so you put more...I curse them from their roots I sacrified for so i can get cash for my baby but its a scam I curse them they will not see any good.

kate 09/06/2018

Kontofx scam

Dont open a account with Kontofx you will loose your hard earend money. Stay away from them!!!-!

Mr Pick 09/05/2018

KontoFX scammers

I opened an account with KontoFX for $250. I made $20. During this time I was called several times to invest more money with them. I refused to do so and the person who assisted me gave up on me and then hand me over to someone else who try to persuade me to invest more. They even went as for as to ask me to invest my pension money. Im currently trying to get my money back, but I know I am gonna loose the $250. I put in for a withdraw but dont have any hope of being succesefull


Erno Pick 09/03/2018

Scam - avoid!

They are scammers. You call them once and then after that they don't answer. Ive lost my 250 euro by the sounds of things. Avoid at all costs

michael richard lewis 09/03/2018


I decided to go ahead with an investment of £250 the minimum deposit amount wished I stayed well clear. I asked for the deposit amount to be returned and cancel the investment. The pressure and bullying from the so called investment Manager was intolerable, I started shouting at him in the end to refund the money and cancel the account. Its a scam.

Alan 09/01/2018

Dont use

Scammers and thieves. They say deposit £250 and then twist your words and take £500. When you ask for it back the phone goes dead and they disappear.

Paul Venables 08/30/2018

Konto FX scams

cantact numbers : 31381660/61/52/55... keep calling you with different many numbers was so ignored. since when you signed up KONTOFX ???... never even hear this before. asked your credit card for deposit min 250Euro for auto robot trading... get profit daily, must withdrawal once a month... what the hell man

Gigi 08/29/2018

Invested £250

scammers i invested £250 have not heard a word since

favid pearson 08/29/2018

KontoFX Betrug???

Hallo, habe die gewünschte Einzahlung von 250€ geleistet. nach kurzer Zeit hab ich immer mehr bedenken über die Glaubwürdigkeit bekommen, dass ich die Einzahlung widerrufen und um Rückzahlung gebeten habe.
Darauf kam erst nach 4 Tagen eine Antwort dass ich meine ganzen Bankdaten plus Ausweis und ein Formular zurück senden soll, und außerdem wäre mein Konto gesperrt. Sind jetzt meine 250€ weg???
versuch es mal über die Bank das Geld zurück zu holen, auf keinen Fall bekommen die von mir weitere Daten.
Auf jeden Fall Finger weg!!!!

Translated by Google:

Hello, have made the desired deposit of 250 €. After a short time I got more and more concern about the credibility that I have revoked the deposit and asked for repayment.
It came after 4 days an answer that I should send all my bank details plus ID and a form back, and also my account would be blocked. Are now my 250 € gone?
Try to get the money back from the bank, but in no case will they receive more data from me.
Definitely stay away !!!!

M.Schmitt 08/28/2018

I set up account

I set up an account from a webpage claiming Phil and Holly on "This morning" were shown how to earn money by a boy who bought his mum a house with profit.

I waited before depositing any money and low and behold I get a call from a guy in Glasgow, with an eastern European accent saying he was wanting to "activate my account". Asking for my card details, I told him I would not do that over the phone, well, he could talk me through using website to deposit £200 minimum, even though gateway says "minimum £100". To see best results I must deposit €250 was his response.

I told him I would do it in my own time, thank you. He then applied pressure by saying "only 7 out of 10 people applying get accounts and I shouldnt waste time".

Anyway, I have ignored several calls from glasgow. Done research. Now going to see if I can delete the account.

Thank you

K. Douglas 08/25/2018


does this broker have an office in uk?

Colin 08/24/2018

its a scam?

I deposited money to trade with them I still do not have a trading account and they asking me to deposit more money I am now suspicious its a scam?

Jjohn Gilbert Rapolai 08/20/2018

Doubt about a register

They want a regist with our credit card security number. No way this is fidigno of trust!

Carlos Ferreira 08/18/2018


They are scammers. They find your email and phone number from your company profile, create an account for you without your concent and then call you day and night to make a deposit because 'you have created an account with them and are interested in trading'. I can't really know how to deal with this crazy guys, they call always and disturb me from my job:(

Soso 08/17/2018

review for KontoFX - looks like a scam

Looks like a scam, I sent an email to them and was invited to deposit 125 pounds which just didn't work, they told me a minimum 250 euros which I arranged.

As an aside, I ended up in a hospital which took me out of action.

They phoned me advising they had the funds but with a long list of other requirements, very different to banking or sharebrokers accounts here in NZ>

After consideru=ing how I was and the work involved I advised them I did not wish to continue requesting a refund. Well no refund about 4 phone calls a day the latest hour ago but no one on the other end.

I have sent several emails asking no more phone calls and requesting a refund, seems very unbusinesslike, taking me from a guy who would have followed up with a health improvement to me wondering, is it a scam,

Ken Bendall 08/15/2018
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