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InvestingPro Review - is it scam or safe?

InvestingPro Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 14 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz InvestingPro
InvestingPro is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts


Account type  Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Standard Unknown Unknown Fixed from 2 pips


InvestingPro is a forex broker, which is either very new or simply does a poor job at presenting its trading conditions. We will try to showcase their strong and weak sides, but generally there is a lack of information about this company.


InvestingPro Advantages


Two trading platforms – InvestingPro offers a choice of two trading platforms, although one would have to start opening an account in order to get to that point. The options are either the industry leading solution MetaTrader4 (MT4) or a web-based solution called Status. 


MT4 probably doesn’t need introduction. This is a top-rated platform, which provides very nice charting and a lot of custom technical indicators and automated trading systems. It also has very nice mobile and web versions.


>>Find a better MT4 broker here<<


Status is a more exotic option. While it looks visually amazing and may even be a better option for complete beginners, it lacks a lot of the aforementioned functionality. That being said a social trading and signal following modules are integrated. While being web-based Status feels very optimised for a touch screen device – most of the menus are oversized and there are two sliding columns on the outer portion, which can “slide in”. Here is a preview.




Multiple payment options – as far as the presentation goes, some payment options are listed on InvestingPro’s website. They include: Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Soford, Upay cards, EntroPay, EasyEFT and China UnionPay.


InvestingPro Disadvantages


Not regulated –  InvestingPro claims to be operating out of Sofia, Bulgaria. The company is not listed with the local watchdog, nor claims to be. The “Regulatory environment” section on their website only states the benefits of the EU’s MIFID. That being mentioned, leads us to believe they may be in the process of registering with the Bulgarian authorities, but we can’t confirm this.


Lack of information – as we stated in the beginning, this company basically doesn’t mention anything regarding the actual trading conditions on their website. Nothing concerning the costs of trading, the available leverage nor the minimum deposit requirement is known. This is unacceptable in  the current day and age. If you browse through IG’s website for instance, you will be able to find out a lot of details about their offer. Then again, this is one of the industry-leading FCA regulated brokers.


Wide fixed spreads –  after registering an account with InvestingPro we managed to see what the spread is – a 2 pips fixed spread on EUR/USD. This is a wider level than the ones offered by most brokers. You can always compare these offers with our system.


>>Real-time spread comparison<<


In case you are set on trading with a fixed spread, easyMarkets has a special offer, where you will get a 1 pip fixed level on EUR/USD, if you deposit more than $250.


No demo accounts – we only managed to see the costs of trading after opening a real account with InvestingPro. This is yet another thing which is very different with decent brokers, like FXCM, FxPro, XM and so on – everybody can open a “paper money” account to see how trading would feel.




InvestingPro is supposedly a Bulgaria based, unregulated forex broker. Their website fails to provide adequate information on the actual trading offer. That being said, this project may simply be very new and the final version of their presentation may be in development. While this can be forgiven, the lack of regulation can’t.


Experienced traders will already know this, but we feel the need to briefly explain for the newcomers. Trading with an unregulated broker is very risky. You only have their word as a guarantee of the security of your funds. To put it even more directly – you may be scammed out of your hard earned money. This is why regulatory agencies are in place in most countries. That being the case, their strictness varies widely by jurisdiction.


We like to recommend the United Kingom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  This is one of the most reputable watchdogs which monitors a lot of brokers. Check the link below for a (very long) list.


>>UK FCA forex brokers<<


The FCA applies two major rules, which guarantee the security of your investment. First and foremost, all client funds are kept in special bank accounts which can’t be accessed by the broker. These are called segregated accounts.


Additionally companies have to be members of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). The easiest way to explain it is to compare it to an insurance company. All brokers have to contribute money to a collective fund, which later guarantees client funds, in case their partner becomes bankrupt. Coverage is capped to £50,000 per account.


Here is a recap of InvestingPro:


Pros Cons
Two trading platforms Not regulated
Multiple payment options Lack of information
  Wide fixed spreads
  No demo accounts


Latest news about InvestingPro
No news about InvestingPro. Check back later.
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Bad Exprerience

I'm from South Africa and invested with InvestingPro in 2018. Sorry to say, but I've been struggling to get hold of them via telephone and email. They don't come back to you at all. I've also requested them via email more than once to pay out the money that I've made, but they have all sorts of excuses. One was that my bank needs to approve the payment, which the payment didn't happen. The other was that I need to pay an amount to release the money. This is concerning me.

If anyone can help me to get my money back, please contact me.


Investment amount not returned to me

I have spoken with Gerald Watson and numerous other so called brokers who have taken my money, shown me great growth then said that SOMEBODY withdrew my money from YOUR account and that I have therefore lost it. I would like to get ALL my money back plus accrued interest and growth...
Please email me with proof of deposit

THank you

Richard Chittenden

Richard Chittenden 12/11/2019

Do not open account with Investing PRO

Do not open account with this company/broker. Because I opened an account based on the telephone call, Invested and traded for 3 months with profit. One fine morning i tried to login my account become invalid account.

I registered my complaint on their website, 43 days passed away no response.

I contacted through whatsapp, they read my message. But no response.

Still my money is with them and unable to transfer.

Duraiarasan Thangavelu 06/19/2019


I deposit 200 USD and I never start trading. I asked a refund and thy just ignore my mails.

Louis Ferreira 04/30/2019

Inquiry on my account.

I'm hereby making inquiry into my account I opened and funded last year in may..its from that time up to date, I don't know what is taking place, even to hear or get any update concerning the performance of my account or the company itself.

Therefore I seek clarification on the subject matter.

Kindest regards
Benon Rwamahe

Benon Rwamahe 04/27/2019

InvestingPro - Bande von Betrügern

Ich habe seit Aug 2018 mit den Lügnern und Betrügern Mario Bergov und Gregor Hann zusammengearbeitet. Als ich merkte dass alles ein großer Betrug ist haben sie mein Konto geschlossen und wollten nach einer Steuerzahlung von 25% das Kapital freigeben. Nachdem ich bezahlt habe wollten sie nochmals 10 % Steuern.

Gesamt habe ich 127.500 Euro verloren und werde das Geld wohl nie wiedersehen.

Ich habe Strafanzeige erstattet und einen Rechtsanwalt eingeschaltet.
Hätte ich vorher das Forum gelesen wäre ich nicht so blauäugig in die Falle dieser Verbrecher getappt.

Transalted by Google:

Since August 2018, I've worked with the liars and cheaters Mario Bergov and Gregor Hann. When I realized that everything was a big scam, they closed my account and wanted to free up capital after paying a tax of 25%. After paying, they wanted another 10% tax.

Overall, I have lost 127,500 euros and will probably never see the money again.

I filed a criminal complaint and turned on a lawyer.
Had I read the forum before I would not be so blue-eyed trapped in the trap of these criminals.

Manfred Lemke 03/23/2019

total scam

investing pro is a total scam.. they scam me over 2000euros i have writing to their compliance department no reply my broker name is GERALD WATSON he is uk based and i am into investigating them. i will use all means to get them to pay my money back either legal or spiritual... they have just tried what they cant bite...

edebor 02/06/2019

Investingpro opinione

La mia opinione? Non ho parole truffatori mi chiamano a metà dicembre 2018 da ufficio transazioni che io ho un account di €2422.00,però se volevo avere questi soldi dovevo pagare una commissione €242.20 ho il bonifico ma fino ad oggi non ho ricevuto niente.Questa e truffa.

Se sapete qualcosa contattatemi

Translated by Google:

My opinion? I have no scammer words call me in mid-December 2018 from office transactions that I have an account of € 2422.00, but if I wanted to have this money I had to pay a commission € 242.20 I have the transfer but until now I have received nothing.This and scam.

If you know something, contact me

Lillo 01/18/2019

InvestingPro - It is all a scam

i share my experience with investing pro with you. I invested 6000 Euro and then i was in contact with the broker Mario Bergov for one year. After 6 month i withdraw 1000 Euro and that worked. After one year the amount was 30 000 Euro i wanted to withdraw 15000 Euro. Then as many wrote before they asked me to pay 20 % taxes of this amount. I payed 3000 Euro taxes and then they disappeared. No answer, no whats app, no email any more.

It is all a scam. I want to know everyone, never invest money with that criminals.

smile 12/24/2018

InvestingPro is a scam of thiefs

I worked with Victor Marquise and the guy will promise you the world and convince you to deposit more money, There is the MUSDCoin that went silently that they have been promoting, the time I started realizing that they are thieves they actually blown my account and when I asked them to pay back the balance they wanted me to pay them taxes before they can release my funds him and Gerald Watson, I told them to pay themselves from the funds they owe me and give me t balance, they refuse. Then I also told then that not how finance work. The guys are fraud and cant be trusted. they praying on other peoples sweat. He also told me they wont help my cousin because I refused to give them the money. that's how unprofessional they are.

MT 11/12/2018

Finger weg das sind kriminellen betruger

Ich wollte meine geld auszahlen lassen ,bis heute had ich kein geld gesehen und mein konto ist gesspert das sind bande kriminellen nicht anders .

Translated by Google:

Stay away these are criminal fraudsters

I wanted to withdraw my money, until today I had not seen any money and my account is said that gangsters are no different.

Mourad Labani 11/06/2018

Attention all who have been scammed by InvestingPro

Hi, I too got scammed by these crooks but there is hope, I got into contact with some people who also got scammed by Novus capital managment and they filed to sue them unless they gave back the money they took, it took a while but in the end it worked, but this was only possible because they were many so I am trying to find as many people as I can to sue them, so if you too had this experience contact me

Patrick Jens Scheving Thorsteinsson 10/31/2018

Investingpro - scammers indeed

I have been duped by the two individuals known as Victor Marquise and Gerald Watson.they are both shameless theives. Faceless and cowardly preying on innocent people. They criticised me for making my concerns public on this platform once before and then shamelessly stripped me of my lifetime earnings. I will go to the extreme to prevent anyone else from being victimised by these two spineless misfits of society and their cronies. DO NOT DEAL WITH INVESTINGPRO or MILTON GROUP

BG Riley 10/16/2018

Don't trust them

InvestingPro is professional scam don't even listen to anyone of them

Laaiki 10/10/2018


buenas tardes a mi me estafo investing con 200

Translated by Google:

good afternoon I'm cheated by with 200



Hello I have been scammed by this mob, we have stolen 40 thousand euros, call the CNMV to inform me of them after not being able to withdraw the money and they confirmed me the worst, it is a financial chiringuito, they are swindlers, we have filed a complaint and have created a group of affected, my email is ******* if more people join, they are using more names like Axecc trading, so be careful before investing in the stock market call the CNMV 900535015.

Jessica gonzalez 10/03/2018

InvestingPro withdraw

I invested money with them and I ask my account manager Gerald Watson if I can withdraw my money at anytime He said yes i cans ince 2017 they allow me to withdraw money since then i keep asking for the money I send numerous emails to them They said my agent will contact me Then my agent call and daid i must pay tax on withdrawal Ive send many emails and watsapp messages but still they say first pay then withdraw Today alady by the name of Olivia contact me saying in order for me to withdraw I must pay withdrawal tax then they can proceed with withdrawal I said I didn't see any of this in your terms and conditions But she said no it is there They ate all scammers cos why don't they give back my money its over a year now Plz advice


After speaking to Olivia she said will send me email and its a withdrawal form Have to fill in and pay the tax so that they can proceed But the email came from Gerald Watson my so called manager

lydia Kruger 09/21/2018


I said to them that i will not deposit and they send me an email saying shame on you we know your adress and we will come and find you .

kostia 09/12/2018

I want my money back

I just want my money back because if I don't get my money back I'm going to national TV

Lasiki Esther 09/07/2018

very bad

Investing pro asked me repeatedly to open an account and later after opening there is no response from them regarding the money I have spent. The broker who called me he repeatedly asked me for the credit card details along with the cvv and luckily I did not give my full details. But the payment I made was already gone and no one is responding and don't know how to approach them. My advice to you all is not to trust InvestingPro. If you invest more money you will be in danger.

Yogesh Bandi 09/04/2018

How can i delete my account?

How can i delete my account. They call me everyday last week. Very anoiying

Frank 07/07/2018

My agent ignore me now after l inform him that l want to withdraw

Hi can someone please help me my agent ignore
me now after l inform him that l want to
withdraw my funds, first he said l must give
him one month of which I did, after one month
now he says we must sign three months contact
witch l don't understand, l just need to withdraw
my funds thank you your help will be highly appreciated

Zakilele sofuma 06/13/2018


Money taken from my account with no permission from myself

Matthew Morgan 05/28/2018

No Updates on Investment

All was well when I invested money and my agent Victor Marquise promised to give me updates monthly on the investment. Since I deposited money in January I've never heard anything from him. Investingpro support is not helpful either. They keep on referring me to the agent who is nowhere to be found. Very frustrated

Tshepi 05/21/2018

No assistance after investing

I had daily contact with one of the agents from INVESTINGPRO until the day I invested a significant amount of funds with them and the agent decided that we should take the funds and invest in MUSDcoin which we did, but the day after doing the investment, the agent has just ghosted me. We use to talk everyday on Skype and although I can see him being active everyday from 12h00, I simply cannot get any kind of response at all from the agent. He just simply ignores my messages completely. I have contacted the support team who is also just ignoring my request for assistance.

Can somebody try and assist me here. I am in the dark and very frustrated that the agent has just decided to ignore me completely after putting $10,000.00USD into this MUSDcoin account. Surely there should be someway how we can get into contact with some support system so that if there is no way forward, that there is a way to withdraw my funds from this MUSDcoin website and just do a complete withdrawal.

Please, any assistance will be highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Kind regards.

Darryn Casey 05/14/2018

InvestingPro is a scam

My experience with a certain not verified Armando Moretti that wrote in a strange italian on behalf of InvestingPro is that is only a big bogus. How is possible write a lot of craps talking about everything since gold to oil show random dyagrams and this have to be sign of a serious approach to trading. Unfortunately for him I work in Finance since 28 years and I cooperate with EUROPOL about Financial Crimes.

Guglielmo Rinaldini

Guglielmo Rinaldini 04/05/2018 - отпетые мошенники

Ищут по номеру телефона, где берут не знаю, вешают очень сладкую лапшу на уши, и обрабатывают как агенты национальной безопасности, внеси свои деньги в большом объеме и получишь в 2 раза больше, всё это в телефонном режиме, никаких подтверждающих документов, только полное доверие. Я доверчивая женщина остро нуждающаяся в деньгах, не придумала ничего лучше как довериться и поплатилась за это. Теперь сижу с обвязанной головой и думаю как вернуть свой кредит взятый в банке и наказать мошенников.

Translated by Google:

They look for a phone number where they are not known, hang very sweet noodles on your ears, and treat you as agents of national security - deposit in large amounts and get twice as much, all in a telephone mode, no supporting documents, only full trust. I am a trusting woman in dire need of money, I did not think of anything better than to trust and paid for it. Now I'm sitting with my head tied and I'm thinking how to get my loan back in the bank and punish the scammers.

Татьяна 04/03/2018

InvestingPro - I believe this to be a scam

I have lost contact with all at InvestingPro.
I believe this to be a scam. I have committed my lifes savings to this scheme with the intent of providing for my retirement, but I believe All is lost.

BG Riley 03/03/2018


mi contacto con Investingpro es Erika S.Brown, al principio todo muy bien, pude sacar una parte, hasta que decidí retirar mas cantidad, la solicitud de retiro fue a principios de Enero, mi bróker me dijo que ahora en Enero tenían auditoría, totalmente creíble, pero me dijieron que no podría sacar ahora en Enero porque había algunos problemas con algunas cuentas, también me dijieron que para sacar todo el capital necesitaba 3 meses para los papeles y documentos.
El problema que te animan primero con poco dinero y cuando te ganan la confianza haces un segundo ingreso de más cantidad, la verdad es que solo veo comentarios malos en internet, pero nadie comenta que haya algun caso que pueda sacar el dinero sin problemas.

la verdad que estoy asustado... intento poder confiar que algún día podre sacar mi dinero, pero tengo mis dudas.

Translated by Google:

my contact with Investingpro is Erika S.Brown, at first all very well, I was able to get a part, until I decided to withdraw more, the withdrawal request was at the beginning of January, my broker told me that now in January they had audit, totally credible, but they told me I could not get out now in January because there were some problems with some accounts, they also told me that to get all the capital I needed 3 months for the papers and documents.
The problem that encourage you first with little money and when you win the trust you do a second income of more, the truth is that I only see bad comments on the Internet, but nobody says there is a case that can get the money without problems.

The truth is that I'm scared ... I try to trust that one day I can get my money, but I have my doubts.

en dudas 02/12/2018


Al pricipio todo normal, pero llevo 2 meses con mis fondos parados sin poder retirar ni hacer nada por que no puedo contactar con nadie de investingpro.

Translated by Google:

At first all normal, but I have been with my funds for 2 months without being able to withdraw or do anything because I can not contact anyone from investingpro.

Javier 01/17/2018
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