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InvestMib Review - is it scam or safe?

InvestMib Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 13 REVIEWS InvestMib
InvestMib is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Min. deposit Min. trade size Max. leverage Spread
Micro $500 0.01 1:400 Fixed, 3 pips
Standard $1 000 0.01 1:400 Fixed, 3 pips
Silver $2 500 0.1 1:400 pip fixed / Variable from 0.5 pips
Gold $10 000 0.1 Customizable 0.7 pips fixed / Variable from 0.5 pips
VIP $25 000 0.1 Customizable 0.4 pips fixed / Variable from 0.3 pips


InvestMib is a MT5 broker, which offers trading in forex and Contracts-for-Difference (CFDs). Its clients can choose from the above account types, plus Managed ones. According to the information on the broker’s website, all accounts are commission-free and provide high leverage ratios.


Read the full review to to find out more about InvestMib. It it a reliable broker? Is it safe to invest your money with this company?


InvestMib Advantages


Meta Trader 5 offered

InvestMib offers its services on the latest trading software provided by fin-tech MetaQuotes – MetaTrader 5, simply known as MT5. The successor of the industry leading MetaTrader 4 features most of the well-familiar and loved tools and functionalities of the MT4, and most notably – its advanced charting, plus the option to trade in futures, options and shares, in addition to CFDs and forex.



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Multiple CFDs offered
Another possible benefit of trading with InvestMib is the fact that offer access to a solid number of assets, including many cyrrency pairs and various CFDs. The CFD list includes indices, commodities, stocks and cryptocurrencies, the latter featured prominiently on the homepage of the broker's website.

Maximum leverage of 1:400
While this may actually be a negative for newcomers to the world of trading, some experienced traders like having the ability to use high leverage ratios. These allow them to place orders that are significantly higher than their initial deposit. Keep in mind such high leverage lavals can also lead to serious losses, should the market move against you.


InvestMib Disadvantages

Registered offshore, CNMV warning
Our main concern with regards to InvestMib is it is not properly regulated. This is a trade brand of InvestMib Limited - a company incorporated offshore, in Vanuatu (as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions uploaded on the website). Offshore zones have very lax tax and legal requirements for business registered there, so clients of such brokers basically have no protection if something goes wrong.



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What is worse, we found out that Spain’s financial markets and services regulator, the CNMV, has issued a warning against InvestMib. Obviously, the broker targets residents of Spain without the authorization of the local financial watchdog. This is a huge red flag for us.


High spreads

The difference between the ask and bid price in forex is one of the most important crieterions when choosing a forex broker. In the case of InvestMib, the spreads offered are far too high, fixed at 3 pips on EUR/USD, while most fixed-spread brokers offer a 2 pips spread for this pair. In fact, some go as low as 1 pips – for example, easyMarkets.For further information, check out or spread comparison page:



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Not available in all countries (no demo accounts?)

When we opted for a demo account with InvestMib, we weren’t allowed access, as the broker’s services are not available in our country, or it actually does not provide free demo accounts.


We invite anyone who has experience with their platform and the company to leave a comment here.


Initial investment required too high
Clients of InvestMib have to invest at least $500, in order to open a real account with the broker. Such initial deposit is quite high when compared to what most brokers require as a start. The majority of forex companies have an initial investment requirement of $100 - $200, including reliable and regulated ones.




At the end of the day, the offering of InvestMib does not seem attractive enough to risk even $500 (the initial deposit required). The broker seems to offer wide range of trading instruments on the MT5 platform with high leverage levels, but its spreads are too high. What is worse, the broker does not seem reliable, as it is registered offshore, and there are official warnings against it.


As we keep reiterating in our reviews, the most important factor when choosing a forex broker is its legal status. Brokers who are licensed and overseen by reputable governmental agencies are reliable and worth investing in. One of the best examples of such regulation is this in the United Kingdom.



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The key points about InvestMib again:


Pros Cons
MT5 available Offshore broker, CNMV warning
1:400 in leverage Wide fixed spreads
Wide range of CFDs Not available in all countries (or no demo accounts?)
  High initial deposit


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Scammed by investMIB

Invested around £8000 over the course of 6 months, they made it very tempting to invest more and more money with their '200% bonus'. All seemed good I was making money a woman called Laura called me up daily advising me on what trades to put on and all the wonderful things she could do with my money if I invested more. Time went by and eventually u got my valence up to £82k! Let Laura know that I was going to start paying myself 20% of my weekly profits. This is when things started changing, I requested to make a withdrawal and this took weeks to process things weren't lloking good. I emailed their suppost with no reply. Not picking up my phone calls. The daily phone calls stopped and I haven't heard from them since! stay well clear!!

Max Halligan 02/03/2019

scam scam scam is another name for investmib

I was contacted and I deposited $200 in total into my account I made a lot of of almost $400 and I sent I withdrawal request but they never paid just $100 from may 2018 till now. please don't invest in them

joseph 10/09/2018

Scam !!!

I am an 85 year old pensioner who was coerced by Investmib into investing £250
My account is online showing the amount invested stands now at 1154.84 EUR.
This account rocketed to this said total in two weeks three months ago and has
not moved since. This total is obviously false since I have made repeated requests to withdraw £250 which is automatically acknowledged given a number and of course not paid back. This allegation of mine can be checked out by logging into this account. Account name neilburman account no. 619294 password
05petra02 The office manager is listed as William Winas.

Neil Burman 09/11/2018

InvestMIB is a scam! Beware

Don't invest your money with them. You have no chance of getting it back!

Alexander John Poley 08/26/2018

I Have Been Scammed By Investmib can anyone help me get back my money

One afternoon that was on the 1/3/2018 my phone rang up I picked and some one told me I should invest on online trading.I had never known about it but had heard from people I was not interested so I told the lady it was a female voice so she dropped the call.After one week a male now called again telling me how online trading was a good idea and I could make a lot of money so he convinced me and told me o should register with the company there was a bonus at the time going on with the company of 50% of the money I will be registering at that moment.He told me his name was Mr Nick .I said to him I don't know this online trading so I can't get involved he then got back to me and said he will assist me in everything not only that but was to be mu account manager okay.Then he then proposed to me to rrgregis a demo account since I was still new in it and it will be 250$ for the demo account .On the 10/3/2018 I sent the 250$ for the registration now I got an email 13/3/2018 from a lady by name Mr Rachel telling me my account was accepted and was active and i had to sign some TVF document and also send in my Utility Bill i i did and send.So now Nick came back now and called me i inform him I don't have time for trading and I don't know what to do he told me I had nothing to worry about that he will be doing the trading for me it was a good idea so now one month after I check the account it had 360$ ini was glad then Nick called me and told me we could make more money than that if I had to invest more money so I sent another 500$ after two weeks again I sent another 500$ so I check the account but no profit and I was curious I emailed Nick that what was the problem he told me he was busy but will get on trading now so after some weeks I check my account now it was 1860$ so he told me that I should send more money that the more money I put the more gain I make so I sent another 500$ so it was now June 7 so I contacted Nick telling him I want to withdraw some money then from there I never heard back from Nick after some weeks which i called but no response and no reply to my emails on June 22 had a call from the same number now itsi a different person He said he is Raymond that Nick was no longer in the company and he will be taking over my account as my account manager I told him frist I want to withdraw money I was beginning to sceptical about the company so he agreed I was going to get a withdrawal he made a withdrawal of 200$ in two separate transactions so I was impressed and he told me I should make in more deposit that we were going to trade now and make more profit than what I made with Nick so I decided now I don't want any more I just want to close the account and take my money since then he has gone off on me not picking up my calls not responding to my email I guess I have been scammed but I came across this site so please someone please tell me how I can get my money back

WAJI Ceyril 08/10/2018

Can't withdrawal money

I have made a withdrawal but is now almost a week ago and there is no money put on my bank account.

T Van Dalen 08/09/2018


investMib e una truffa non ti fanno prelevare e poi ti azzerano il conto e scompaiono.sono truffatori e truffa

Translated by Google:

investMib is a scam do not make you withdraw and then you clear the account and disappear. They are scammers and fraud

Natale Chiofalo 08/09/2018

is it true??

I also received a call from a company that stated that they told me that I would make profit from trading with them..fortunately im not yet pay for the deposit... thanks for this info.

wade 08/04/2018


InvestMIB is a scam. I have been trying for months now to do a fund withdrawal. Do NOT trade with InvestMIB - you will end up regretting it.

John Poley 07/12/2018

I upset these InvestMIB.Com Albanian scammers without even trying

It's been about two months and guess whos back? I do not mean me. It's Simon Hill (Fake Name), now called Daniel Parker (Also Fake Name) from InvestMIB.Com. They have a new fake number 003903071881

Nadim 07/06/2018

MY experience with Investmib

At 85 years old; I from experience with Invest Investmib was coerced into investing £200 although in my first contact they said £100 would be fine.
I login to my account each day and the total rocketed to £1,450 euros in
6 weeks approximately on my account.
I have requested a withdrawal of £150 as my UK bank account is overdrawn
£200.00 it's limit. I am totally without funds until the end of this month
which I have made Investmib aware of in awithdrawal request for £150 made a
week ago and despite automatic acknowledgement has not been actioned.
My emails to [email protected] are ignored as are my emailss to my account manager [email protected]
I have learned a lesson and strongly advise against any investor subscribing
to this concern.
N.B. (UK).

Neil Burman 07/05/2018

InvestMib: Can't withdraw money - no matter how high the balance - keeps asking for more investments

I have invested about 2000eu in InvestMib in total. At first it went very well, the profits seemed good, the balance kept rising. I asked for some withdrawals, but never got any response (not on personal mail, help desk or live help and through phone they just brush you off).

Gradually the amount of bad trades kept open grew more than my balance could support and my account was blown. No problem, they said, the insurance would pay for it and I just had the invest a little and could continue tradings before. I invested a few hundred again and all seemed to go well. The profits were good, the balance kept rising again. Again I asked for a withdrawal and again got no response. At this point there is a real possibly that eventually the bad trades will blew up my account again. Unless I keep investing more money.

On a side note, they keep calling you to invest no matter how high the balance. They also give trading advice (which seems good), but suddenly stop when you request a withdrawal. After a while they start calling again asking to invest and (if you don't) grudgingly give more trading advice.

Stephan L 06/22/2018

InvestMib: Can't withdraw money - broker has blown account

I was stupid enough to invest EUR 5,500. I only invested a small amount at first but things went well. I then invested more up to the amount EUR 5,500. The broker, while making good profits, caused open positions that went very bad, and so currently I'm relying on the bonuses to keep the account open. However, even when I had some funds available (EUR 2,000) they completely ignored my requests for withdrawal. I also requested the broker to assist with this but she just completely ignored my requests. I think my money has gone now. I believe they are completely bogus.

John R 06/20/2018
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