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IC Markets IC Markets Review

IC Markets Review and Rating | IC Markets Metatrader forex broker

RATING: 3.8 / 64 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz IC Markets


Trading Accounts


Account type/Platform Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage  Typical Spread Swap-free
(MT4) Standard  $200 0.01  1:500 1.1 pips on EUR/USD Yes
(MT4) True ECN $200 0.01  1:500 0.1 pips on EUR/USD + $3.5 per standard lot per side Yes
cTrader ECN $1000 0.01  1:500 0.1 pips on EUR/USD + commission of $3.00 per standard lot per side No


IC Markets offers its clients a choice of three live account types, available on two different platforms. The Standard account is a commission-free one, and True ECN one provides tighter spreads, but a commission of $7 round turn applies.

Micro lots are available for trade on all account types and, of course, the broker provides free Demo accounts, which are always appreciated by inexperienced traders.

What is more, IC Markets provides swap-free service to investors of Islamic belief, who are able to open Sharia-compliant accounts.

The Company. Security of Funds

Incorporated in Sydney, Australia in 2007, IC MARKETS is a NDD broker providing trading in more than 80 instruments, including a number of currency pairs, various CFDs on indices, commodities and futures, as well as precious metals. It also offers trading in some of the most popular cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Dash and Bitcoin Cash.

The company behind the IC MARKETS brand is International Capital Markets Pty Ltd., which holds an Australian Financial Services License and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).

ASIC requires licensed companies to comply with various rules and to meet certain requirements. Clients’ money is to be kept in segregated trust accounts, separated from the companies’ operating funds. As for the minimum capital requirement, forex brokers must hold at least $ 1 million in order to prove their good financial standing and to operate legitimately.

Despite the regulation and the requirements set to Australian brokers, one should be aware of the risks of trading on margin. Returns and gains are not guaranteed. ASIC, the Australian Government nor any other person guarantees any funds in your account.

We would also like to point out that unlike many EU-based brokers, Australian ones are not covered by any compensation scheme. 


In 2008, IC Markets got a license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (‘CySEC’) and can now offer its services thoroughout the European Union and the EEA.

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit
Traders are required to deposit $200 in order to open an account with IC Markets, which is an average initial amount. In comparison, Plus500 requires $100 and XM (holding, among others, also an ASIC license) demands just $5 from its clients as a start.

Average Spreads & Commissions

IC Markets offers variable spreads, the typical ones on its commission-free account amounting to 1.1, which is average. Spreads on the ECN accounts, on the other hand, are as low as 0.1 pips on EUR/USD on average, involving a commission of $6/$7 per standard lot round turn on the cTrader and MT4 respectively. So, trading costs of such account holders amount to just 07 – 0.8 pips, commission included, which is really attractive, especially considering that one can open such ECN MT4 account for just 200 bucks.

In comparison, XM also offers variable spreads starting from 0.0 pips on EUR/USD and applies commission of $5 on its Zero account, while spreads on its commission-free accounts start from 1.0 pips.

For further information, you may look up real-time spreads of 15 leading brokers here.

Maximum Leverage

Clients of IC Markets use leverage ratios up to 1:500 and such maximum leverage rate is considered high. Some jurisdictions cap leverage to significantly lower levels (i.e. 1:25 in Japan), because higher leverage involves higher risk of losses in excess of initial investments.

Most brokers usually offer leverage of up to 1:200 or 1:400, for instance global broker FXCM, also holding an ASIC license, provides leverage up to 1:400, and Plus500 – up to 1:200. Nevertheless, many brokers provide leverage ratios equal to or exceeding 1:500.

Trading Platforms

While most brokers provide just the MT4 and/or their in-house platform, IC Markets offers its customers a choice of three popular platforms: MetaTrader 4 (MT4), MetaTrader 5 (MT5) and cTrader. 

MT4 is the most widely used forex platform, available to the broker’s clients as Mac, iPhone/iPad and Android versions, as well as a Web Trader version. MT4 provides all the tools and resources a trader needs: a number of technical indicators, advanced charting package, wide range of Expert Advisers (EAs) and extensive back-testing environment. EAs are especially popular among experienced users, as they allow full automatization of trades, so traders may sit back, while the software does all the work.

If you are running EAs, it is vital that your platform is connected to our servers 24 hours a day. The best solution in this case is VPS and IC Markets has partnered with Commercial Network Services, NYCServers and BeeksFX VPS, to provide a customized low latency solution for their clients. The VPS seamlessly connects traders to the Equinix NY4 grid using cutting edge technology and providing excellent execution.

What is more, this broker provides Multi Account Manager MAM/PAMM options on MT4.


IC markets launched the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform in May, 2017. The MT5 sees a growing level of use recently, as MetaQuotes company tries to strengthen its presence on the market and ouphase its still more popular predecessor, the MT4.


In addition, IC Markets offers access to cTrader platform, which is custom-made for use in ECN environment. The IC Markets cTrader suite includes a PC, web and mobile versions, as well as automated trading software cAlgo.

Traders who are fond of automated trading are offered three more options with this broker: ZuluTrade, Myfxbook’s AutoTrade and Signal Trader's unique mirroring technology.

Institutional and high-volume traders (with minimum volume of $500 million per month) are also offered FIX API option to access market leading liquidity at affordable prices. The FIX Inside API can integrate the proprietary electronic and algorithmic client server, browser based, and mobile trading systems.

Methods of Payment

IC MARKETS offers its clients a variety of deposit/withdrawal methods: via credit/debit card, bank wire, BPAY, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, China UnionPay, FasaPay, PayPal and Qiwi.

What is more, this broker offers 10 flexible funding options in 10 different base currencies: AUD, USD, SGD, CHF, GBP, CAD, HKD, JPY, EUR, and NZD.


IC MARKETS is a reliable NDD Australian broker, offering competitive conditions for trading in a wide range of products on two platforms. To sum things up, here are the advantages and drawbacks with regards to IC MARKETS:


Pros  Cons
Low ECN spreads  No bonuses & rebates
Wide range of trading platforms & auto trading solutions  
High leverage levels available  


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minimum deposit for cTrader account.

Another site showing minimum deposit for cTrader account is $1000 yet your official site says it's $200. Clarify to me. Which one is the correct minimum deposit for cTrader account. Thank you!

Godfrey Kamfwa 08/03/2019

Worse Than Scumbags

I am a professional trader who has been trading since the 1990s. Truth be told, I've written any reviews nor look up to any of the reviews online as I'm a dedicated winner. However, this took a plunge when I'd decided to sign up with IC Markets as it was introduced by a "close friend" of mine.

Everything went well in the beginning as the spreads - withdrawal and even slippage was operating beyond exceptional. The thing is, when I kept on pressing for more and more withdrawals, I noticed a slight delay in their process of withdrawing the profits to my bank account. One fine day as I was thinking thoroughly on the process they undertook to sent me the funds, I questioned the accounts department to "Provide" a "A clear and concise" stamp on the withdrawal they'd honor. Note to everyone that the withdrawal amounts to 120k $.

What happened next is even more astonishing as I managed to break their code of conduct! Under the client portal, I'd a withdrawal pending since 10th and the receipt they submitted upon requested shown that the withdrawal was passed from their account by 24th! LOOK AT THE MAJOR DISCREPANCIES!

So what would happened if I didn't ask nor press IC Markets about it? THEY WILL ACT AS IF THE REQUEST NEVER WENT THROUGH UNTIL YOU PRESSED THEM ABOUT IT! This in fact is an fraudulent activity and they've managed to go against the LAW of what they preach and sign up for as a broker! I am now discussing with an international finance lawyer on the filing of a lawsuit! They must be brought down immediately.

Shame on you IC Markets for going down so low as a service provider. Upon launching an investigation on IC Markets, my legal adviser also sent a remark that IC Markets is a legal entity of eToro in which eToro had an unnumbered of shady dealings behind the scenes. I guess I broke IC Markets via an act of justice here. Stay tuned for more.

Jack 07/26/2019

bad bad

limiting use of ea, no scalpers
what a bucketshop

johnybrawo 07/27/2018

Forex grand withdraw

I want to report a broker named forex grand,opened a live account with them of $500 then took it to $2000 but when i wanted to withdraw the fund i couldn’t and couldn’t get help from anyone

Malik Kalonji 12/12/2017

IC Markets. Slippery Dip

What a Joke this mob is. Their platform is so slippery they might as well just advertise them selves as a very expensive carnival ride. Fact is, they even worse than Carnies. More like Cat Burglars.

Their so called 'lowest in the industry spreads' are a joke. All you have to do is place a trade and you will see that price goes 2-5 pips in your favour and trade still negative. Go on, open a live account and put their MT4 next to Metaquotes demo MT4 on same screen and you'll see what I mean.

Also I placed straddle on GBP/NZD for Super Thursday GBP interest rate decision.
Buy Stop at 1.7885 and
Sell Stop at 1.7840 with both stops at 1.7860.
This is quite a well known and successful strategy for trading news and would be at worst a 40 pip loss in an honest trading environment.

So, what happened?

Both entry orders were triggered as the market plunged down so lets say the spread widened 20 pips in either direction but, the sell stop was triggered with 14 pip slippage at 1.782620 AND Managed to CLOSE ME OUT NEARLY 50 PIPS ABOVE THAT IN A FALLING MARKET.
And all this happened in about 1 millisecond, so they pretty much just closed me out and took my money managing to gouge an extra 28 pips over and above the set stop loss price out of me at the same time.

The only way you could be successful trading with them is without a stop loss which is what I was doing with them and being successful.

So, if you open an account with I SEE BUCKET SHOP and trade with a plan that has R/R set into it you might as well set the risk to 100% because they will eventually rob you blind, and don't believe one positive review or word about them. It's all paid for with the money that they steal from their clients.
Happy trading and stay safe.

TMEnterprises 08/06/2017

Losing Traders

I see a review above claiming that losing traders come here and vent against their broker, namely IC Markets.
NO! We come here with proof of their criminal activity and to warn others about their slippery dip MT4 because we care about other people and their money, unlike IC Bucket Shop who only care about getting your money into their account so they can steal it off you!

Tony 08/06/2017

Very bad network

The network is very bad . Sometimes it just cut off. You have to redownload the trading platform

Elias 06/25/2017

Review for IC Markets

Pretty good broker with ASIC license and tight spreads, but If you are a profitable trader or use EA, they start to cheat on you. Execution becomes slower, spreads are widened. That's why I advise you to choose only real STP brokers that won't work against you.

Andrew 02/27/2017


IC Markets is good broker, no scamm, i have been long time trading in broker and no problem, see complete review

brokerforexprodotcom 03/31/2016

good broker

I have never had problems with IC Markets, they are the best ECN broker in Australia. It seems to me that Loosing traders come here to make posts blaming their broker, I guess for them its a way of venting their frustrations.

5 stars

Carey 01/12/2016

good broker

I have never had problems with IC Markets, they are the best ECN broker in Australia. It seems to me that Loosing traders come here to make posts blaming their broker, I guess for them its a way of venting their frustrations.

Carey 01/12/2016

I have never had problems with IC Markets, they are the best ECN broker in Australia. It seems to me that Loosing traders come here to make posts blaming their broker, I guess for them its a way of venting their frustrations.

Carey 01/12/2016


I did leave them a bad review here ICMarkets because i found , icmarket is a bucket shop broker

1 They trade again you and wipe out your account using price that did not exist in their mt 4 graph.
2 they have 2 server that display different price at the same time ( one in hongkong dc another one in usa ).price lag for 1 s- 1 minute .
3 their mt4 server display different price at different time frame at the same time
4 customer support is very bad, they always againts you

Peter sunardi 02/01/2015

what a scam broker

i've been robbed by them. they call themselves ECN, but in fact just a market maker. read their Product Disclosure Statement.

low spreads...HA HA HA. As all the scam brokers, ICM is no different. they use that to lure new cusomters in then pull their hellish freezes (especially on news) so you cant close/open your positions and 20 pip wide spreads!! when you least expect it. they'll happily take your money and always look for some fresh meat to spice their "low spreads on".

look at the below 3 comments, two of them seem posted by the same person. (low spreads, fast execution) that's all they know. losers.

invest your money in bets, you stand a better chance of making a return than with these cons.

James 01/03/2015

One of the best

Frankly ,ICMarkets is one of the best brokers that i have been trading with, it offers a good pricing and spread comparing with many other brokers , beside that a fast execution and withdrawal processing , i guess many traders share the same view of mine . Recommended !

Mike 12/26/2014

IC Markets are a SCAM (worse than bucketshops)

In short: false advertising, not an ECN broker as they claim, lost lots of money after terrible slippage, they freeze their platform during news and at unexpected times, they do slippage and widen their spreads to 10-15 pips to hunt stop losses. Their customer service is very arrogant and plain STUPID; they are unable to answer technical details, or like to pretend so to avoid exposing the truth behind their SCAM. Not an ECN broker, merely a bucket shop thriving on customers' losses.
Here's a MUST read thread:

I'd give it -5 stars if possible. All the "Happy" reviews on this site are either Introducing Brokers making money on customer's backs, or IC Markets paid-for reviews from a company they hired that's a specialist in writing reviews.

Jake 12/08/2014

It seems like the 3 posters below are from the same person trading on a demo account, haha. I have a live account with ICM and they are the best broker in Australia, spreads are low, service is good and execution spped is fast. Best broker by far.

gary 11/16/2014

Platform disconnected! I couldn't do anything

I have demo traded with this broker for a couple of days. Platform disconnected very frequently. Sometimes, it disconnected right after a trade is entered, and I couldn't do anything but wait for my SL to hit in loss.

LIMAFX 08/28/2014

I have been scammed by them

I have been scammed by them. so i advice you to just keep your savings account with a bank that you can fully trust and do not 100% risk your money with this broker.

LIMAFX 06/10/2014

Bad broker

Been trading with 3 brokers with identical news trading strategy and IC Markets is the worst broker. Very disappointed.

Bradley 06/06/2014

IC Markets Rebates Direct Discounts

IC Markets Rebates are directly deducted from your commission or spreads. Benefit from lower transaction costs with direct discounts!

Available for both NEW and EXISTING accounts.

Highest IC Markets Rebates. Lowest spreads. Lowest commissions. We offer IC Markets Rebates with direct discounts for all trading account types.

MT4 STANDARD ACCOUNT: 0.3 pips directly deducted from the spread. Trade on discounted spreads from 0.7 pips.

MT4 TRUE ECN ACCOUNT: $1.50 per lot round turn directly deducted from the commission. You get charged with a discounted commission of $5.50 per lot round turn.

CTRADER ECN ACCOUNT: $0.25 per side, per 100,000 USD traded directly deducted from the commission. You get charged with a discounted commission of $2.75 per side, per 100,000 USD traded.

High volume traders also benefit from additional cash back!

Chris 04/28/2014

withdrawal problem

ICMarkets is ok for traders but there is problem with withdrawal. because of deposit/ and withdrawal given in this site I deposited fund via skrill but there is no withdrawal method of skrill so I had difficulty transferring the fund to the same a/c of skrill like other brokers. so I want to inform all the traders not to deposit fund in this ICmarkets via skrill if you want to withdraw to skrill. I am facing this strange problem. I think IC Markets should remove the deposit/withdrawal method of skril,l it gives trouble to traders like me

asha 04/19/2014

IC Markets + = Best Forex Conditions Ever!

I tried many brokers in the last years and was very unsatisfied. Especially because I apply short-term/scalp trading strategies and use MT4 robots.

So for me low spreads, low commissions and no dealing desk are very important. IC Markets True ECN account offers that and also very fast execution. What impresses me most is the fact that my robot gets positive results from trades with only 1-2 pips profit.

First I was very skeptical opening an account through an IB, because I thought there are some extra costs. However, I learned that there are NO costs and only benefits and only if you open an account through an IB you are eligible to pay a lower commission rate.

I highly recommend to open your ICM account through I pay only $5.50 per RTL instead of $7.00.

My spreads are constantly low in all trading sessions, on the EURUSD spreads are more 0.0 pips than 0.1 pips!

IC Markets is the best Forex broker that I have ever used.

Stephan M. 04/16/2014

IC Markets, Excellent service and support.

I've been trading with IC Markets for more than a year now and have been really satisfied with their service and support.

Their True Ecn account offers some of the lowest spreads compared to most other brokers out there. Also, their support staff are extremely helpful.

I would definitely suggest IC Markets to a fellow trader, easily one of the best Broker out there.


Narayan Joshi 03/28/2014

Biggest and best for EA trading.

I think IC Markets are very advanced broker. My EA trading works better with them than other broker. ASIC regulation is very good and they are big broker, I know and I feel safe. More profits for me here than with others so my recomendation is good for others.

Imran 12/08/2013

IC Markets Spreads

My spread monitor is installed on five broker platforms and has been for the part 6 months. The data that I have collected has allowed me conduct detailed analysis of spreads over different time frames and news announcements. Most people will never go into such detailed analysis but for me every 0.1 pips means big bucks. IC Markets constantly comes out in front of the pack in all the majors and is miles ahead on EUR/USD, I have not found any broker that can beat them on this pair.

MartyBurns 05/01/2013

ICMarkets MT4 Download

Many MT4 demo acounts are installed on my PC most look exactly the same except for the spread they show. What I like about ICMarkets MT4 download is that it is different because it has One click trading. I know MT4 has this but it does not have a spread monitor, IC Markets one click trading version is much better. I use the one click trading every day and because it is so fast I can scalp much better.

Christof 04/21/2013

IC Markets Review

For what it is worth IC Markets are the best for me and maybee for you too. I like low spreads and fast trade speeds this is why I select them, they are the best around right now.

Sonny 04/10/2013

cTrader Spreads

I like IC Markets cTrader account very much spreads are very low, I seen EUR/USD at -0.3 this is better than MT4 spreads. From my testing on all ECN broker IC Markets still has the best speed, reliability and spreads.

I also think that some rebate sites give commission discounts for their cTrader account so it can work out better than MT4 if you add lower spread and a discount.

Xavier 04/04/2013

NOT a best broker in the market,may be average..

Does anybody have a ctrader account with them?,they charge very high commission in the ctrader account i.e $13/lot,however they charge only $7/lot in mt4 account.If you think nicely about the difference in commissions then mt4 looks like MM.I dont know why ctrader is double in commission.Charging $1-2 more is understandable but $14/lot is huge.Can anyone please give your valuable opinion.

james basumatary 03/07/2013

IC Markets Rebates; $1.55 / RT Lot

I've managed to get my referrals a $1.55 / RTL rebate for their ECN accounts with IC Markets; this is presently the highest rebate rate thus far offered by any IB for ICM to the best of my knowledge. Rebates will be discounted from the cost of your commission in real time (reducing them to $5.45 / RTL down from $7.00 / RTL).

Open an account via this link if you're interested:

Surrealistik 02/08/2013

IC Markets has the Best Spreads

My whole account was shifted to IC Markets from Dukascopy last week. Moving to IC Markets was the best thing that I have ever done in my 3 years of trading forex. IC Markets spreads are over 0.4 pips better in EURO Dollar than Dukascopy, and my tick scalper is performing much much better. I highly advise any professional trader looking for a new broker to make the switch.

Kelly 01/26/2013

IC Markets discount

The HFT Group offers a discounted commission rate of $5.50 per lot r/t for the IC Markets True ECN account.

Jonathan Pearce 01/12/2013

Tulip FX and Kangaroo EA on IC Markets True ECN

Tulip FX recommended IC Markets to me and since I moved over from Pepperstone my results have been much more consistent, there are no price spike and the spreads are much better.

Kangaroo EA works much better with IC Markets, I am pleased that I made the move.

Ken Grantham 12/02/2012

IC Markets IB

I am an introducing broker to IC Markets and a few other brokers. I am very happy with IC Markets IB reporting system and how i can track everything in real time, this is the best system I have ever seen. Their payments also very fast.

Their rebate structure is also very generous and means I get paid more as I grow. Excellent IB program.

Lior 11/16/2012

cTrader platform is one of the best I have used

I opended an account with IC Markets after I heard about their cTrader accont which has negative spreads. I have only had the account for one week and I an impressed by the exection speeds on cTrader, I think it might even be fasted than their metatrader 4 True ECN account which they are famous for. I have seen the spreads on EUR/USD go down to -0.3 pips, this is unbelivable.

Pretty good trading platform, I will make another post if anything changes.

Jade 11/04/2012

IC Markets is Good for Large Accounts

I was recommended by a friend of mine. I have a large account and so far I am very impressed with IC Markets. They are a highly professional broker. Trading has been trouble free, extremely happy.

Gregory Chrisensen 10/28/2012

Forex Minute Trader is Making Money

Forex minute trader is the best EA that I have ever bought, I think it is even better than MDP now. In one week I am up 32%, I have installed on IC Markets True ECN account. My trade fills are good - no slippage and orders are fast. IC Markets are very good forex broker to use with forex minute trader they are also very safe because they are ASIC regulated. I think they are also the biggest forex broker in Australia. Very good choice for forex minute trader.

Brandon Cox 09/30/2012

IC Markets Whitelabel is best

I take for IC Markets whitelabel for Chinese client and all think it is good. IC Markets have spread that are tight and good for my EA client. Many client happy with my whitelabel IC Markets platform. I recommend IC Markets very good support for me.

Wei Lim 09/19/2012

PAMM account at IC Markets Is The Best

My IC Markets PAMM account allows one-click trading in addition to block orders. The PAMM tool that they use also allows three allocation methods, these are lot, percentage and proportional. I can also allocate lot sizes that are as small as 0.01 or one micro lot. The master accounts in the PAMM tool also allow me to operate different strategies and accepts market, stop and limit orders. There are a few other order types such as trailing stop, close by and close all can be used on the system also. One of the best features of IC Markets PAMM tool that you can easily manage monthly, quarterly and annual client reports from the manager terminal this is in addition to monitoring commissions and portfolio performance in real-time.

Their PAMM account setup is the best that I have used so far.

Fernando 09/15/2012

IC Markets are a great broker however I have seen some posts on the site from traders that clearly have very little knowleged or experience dealing with "A Grade" brokers in regulated juristicuions.

IC's server is extremely reliable, it is the 2nd of september today and and unlike the the previous posted I have not had problems logging in my platform has been logged in since the 22nd of september, infact I am logged in right now and have been logged in all weekend. It is quite sad that traders that clearly have little techinal ability post rubbish in forums when more often than not the problem is NOT the brokers problem but it is simply their lack of techinal know-how. My tip to these people is simply dont trade online if you dont understand how to use a broker platform.

My IC accounts have allways been funded by credit card and money posted fast, the first time took longer becuase they had to verify my identity. If others experience slowness it is probably becuase their identity needs to be checked (like mine had to), this is a security check that ALL reputable "A Grade" ECN broker have in place to prevent credit card fraud any comply with Anti-Money Laundering rules. Personally I am glad that my broker has good fruad management and money laundering processes in place, that was one of the main reasons I picked IC Markets as my broker in the first place.

I allways pay a fee when I have funded my account by credit card, this is normal and expected when using a credit card. I have accounts with 3 regulated ECN brokers all pass on the credit card fee. Anyone that does not understand this should not be trading.

My withdrawals from my trading are allways processed fast of course like all broker you have to submitt a withdrawal requiest, this is nothing new.

I am glad that I trader with an "A Grade" broker which done not act like a bucketshop and simply lures clients in with bouses and whithout verify the identity of their clients. For anyone who takes the risk of dealing with unregulated broker good luck. IC Markets are ASIC regulated and I am happy and feel very safe to have my money in an account with them.

Simon Macres 09/02/2012

Server down, bad service, bad website

The MT4 server was down since the end of Aug 31, still can't login now (Sep 2).

This broker has a crap website, the funding system works terribly

They have paypal logo on their website, but when I try to fund I can't find any place to use paypal, I asked and they said no longer available.

Like others said it took forever to fund. I had to email them "EVERYTIME" to ask when will my deposit show up in MT4, and last time they asked me to send pic of credit card and statement to confirm my deposit, what the ****? And yes, they charge A LOT when you fund your account if you use credit card.

Now still don't know how to withdraw from them. They don't have details on their website, and did not reply my email for several times when I asked this question.

I will try to get my money back and never use it again.

Kevin 09/02/2012

Very stable mt4 platform

Two of my other broker platforms went down last night, the only broker platform that continued to work was ICmarkets MT4. ICmarkets seem to have the most reliable mt4 platform out of all the big name fx brokers.

Barry Milford 09/02/2012

Excellent Customer Service

Fantastic customer service, very impressed. Fast Trade execution and no slippage. IC Markets are the best broker that I have ever dealt with.

Lawrence 08/25/2012

platform freezes

The 0 spread is useless if the platform keep freezing, and many missing quotes on the EURSUD... terrible, and there is no customer service at their website. The website is very unprofessional. IF you want to lose your money, go join this broker.

Samuel 08/25/2012

Not so good service

service is not so good. It takes forever to open account and fund it. They also charge a lot of funding account, and also to make withdrawals.

The 0 spreads are okay, but execution is terrible. This is not a true ECN broker as it is being advertised on their website.

Ian 08/25/2012

No service bucketshop

my trades don't close instantly, so they are a bucketshop, not a true ECN. Very unprofessional service, which I should of seen coming, just by looking at their website. The quotes lag, which makes their 0 spread useless. This bucketshop was made to be appealing to the small trader who is inexperienced, and then take all their money.

Kinzey A. 08/25/2012

Very Happy with 500:1 leverage at IC Markets

IC Markets gave me 500:1 leverage on my account. I am happy with this as my other broker could only give me 400:1 leverage. 500:1 leverage is essential for my expert advisor. IC Markets are a very good company indeed and I am glad that I moved all my forex accounts over to them.

Pham Vantongren 08/22/2012

IC Markets Let Me Open Multiple Forex Trading Accounts

I am very happy that IC Markets let me Open Multiple Forex Trading accounts without any problems. I have 7 accounts with them running different expert advisers, I am so pleased that they let me do this as most forex brokers don't let you open more than 2 or 3 accounts. Thank you.

Claus 08/18/2012

Best Broker for Scalping EA's

I have tested No1 and Super Scalper EA on all of the ECN brokers in the world and IC Markets has by far the best performance for scalping EA's. Slippage is very low and execution times are outstanding. IC Markets is the best for this type of trading.

Miguel 08/07/2012

IC Markets Commission is Low

IC Markets would have the best ECN forex commission rates that I have ever seen. Their cost is $3.50 per $100k, this is by far the best out of any True ECN forex broker in the world.

Markus 08/06/2012

Best Customer Service of Any Australian Broker

My account with IC Markets has been opened for 3 months now. I had some technical difficulties connecting to my VPS, IC Markets were very helpful and managed to sort out the problem for me. I have never had such good customer service from any broker before. IC Markets have the best customer service out of any broker in Australia for sure.

Nev 08/04/2012

IC Markets Is My Scalping Broker of Choice

Because I can see market depth on IC Markets True ECN platform my scalping has become much easier. I can now modify my order size to reflect what is on the bid or offer at any time avoiding any slippage that would otherwise occur with most other brokers.

This is a dream set-up of any scalper.

Zack 06/30/2012

IC Markets Helpdesk and Support

IC Markets have been very helpful to me, I am glad that they have a 24/5 helpdesk with round the clock platform support.

Thank you for fixing all of my problems IC Markets Support team. You have saved me much money.

Linda 06/18/2012

IC Markets Commission Rates are Only $3.50 per $100k traded

I am a quite gobsmacked as to how IC Markets Commission rates can be so low. I have been trading with them for over 3 months and their commission is only AUD $3.50 per $100k traded or AUD $7.00 round turn. It is calculated in AUD or currency equivalent. With such tight spreads and low commission rates it is a wonder how they make money, I guess that is not my problem it just makes me trade more :-)

Daniel Purslowe 06/17/2012

No Slippage on Big Scalping Trades

Usually I do not write reviews about brokers as I dont like to get into online slinging matched between those who agree with me an those who dont. In this instance however I felt like I needed to express my feelings as I am really excited about Scalping on IC Markets True ECN. The most exciting aspect of trading with an ECN broker like IC Markets is that I can see market depth, this is cool as I can assess whether I will experience slippage on trades.

When is Scalp these days I simply look at the market depth and know how much is on the bid or offer. In most cases by looking at the depth I can avoid slippage altogether.

I am very happy with IC Markets and now Im not trading blind and dont have to call my broker whenever I see slippage, I can work this out myself.

A 5 start broker

Jack 06/16/2012

IC Markets Demo and Real Account Spreads

IC Markets demo and real account spreads are exactly the same, this is a massive advantage for me because I allways back test my strategies on demo account first. The other really good thing is that they dont seem to take a haircut on swap rates, it is simply the diffence between between the LIBOR rates of the pairs traded, this means I can run my own swap rate calculations from another source for my carry trades. Good broker for me.

Yoren 06/10/2012

IC Markets Server Speed in NY4 Equininx Data Center

From the testing that I have done IC Markets server speeds from my VPS as CNS as sub 1 milli second. There speeds are really fast, my scalping strategy is working well.

Clementine 06/08/2012

Only Metatrader 4 broker with Market depth

Market depth on MT4 is something that I have wanted for a long time. I think that IC Markets is the only broker to offer this, it looks really cool and helps me with my scalping. Great add-on IC. 4 stars.

Gili 06/05/2012

MDP is working well with IC Markets

IC Markets True ECN is working well with MDP at the moment (after a few small adjustments). My account is up 114% since 3 weeks ago. Have zero stop loss limits helps my EA scalp for small pip movements. I have done 42 trades so far.

So far very good so 5 stars for now.

Christian 05/20/2012

Very Good Commission Rate for an ECN Broker

I have been looking for an ECN Metatrader broker for ages, so I was happy when I found IC Markets. Spreads are very very good I have seen them at zero. What really shocked me was how low their commission rate was for an ECN broker. They charge me $3.5 per lot which I think is really cheap compared to what Alpari charge me. The are a very good metatrader broker.

SniperPaul 04/06/2012

IC Markets Liquidity Providers

I hear that they use Integral and have 37 banks connected that's why the spreads they show are so good.

When I called them they told me their main liquidity providers were:

Morgan Stanley
Deutsche Bank
JP Morgan
BNP Paribas
Bank Of America
Goldman Sachs
Credit Suisse
Citi Group
Bank of Tokyo

They rattled off a few more names but I was not quick enough to write them down.

I am pretty impressed with the prices that I see though.

Lee 04/01/2012

Best Forex Spreads in Australia

I just finished comparing the 3 months worth of spread data from 4 Aussie MT4 brokers and IC Markets came out as the best of the lot across all of the Majors and Crosses. I have never seen spreads from any broker are as tight as what IC Markets are showing.

Very Impressive.

Cameron 03/18/2012

Best ECN Forex Broker in Australia, IC Markets

IC Markets are the best ECN forex broker in Australia. Their execution is fast and there is little or no slippage.

Im a big fan of ECN forex brokers and after trading with IC Markets for over 8 months now I am quite comfortable recommending them to anyone who is serious about their forex trading.

les 02/19/2012

My Quick IC Markets Review - You Really Can't Go Past This Broker

I don't often share my opinions online however after trading with over 12 forex brokers in the last 5 years I was so excited to discover an ECN broker in Australia that I really could not help myself. Not only does IC Markets provide me with a great Metatrader 4 ECN platform but they actually employ staff that are not sales staff but rather TRADERS, something that is unusual for most brokers these days.

In this day and age finding a broker like IC Markets is like finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately I have found the needle...

This is one broker that really knows forex, 5 stars for sure.

Des 01/22/2012

Thanks for the Great Time at the F1 in Singapore

Many thanks to Albert and the Chinese sales team for the great time at the IC Markets corporate box at the Singapore F1 Grand Prix last weekend. My wife and I really enjoyed your teams hospitality, and are looking forward to a prosperous relationship.

See you in Sydney next week.

Kim Chu 10/01/2011

IC Markets gets 5 stars for not being just another forex broker

I'm only new to the forex game, I don't really care too much about spreads or the Metatrader 4 platform but service is what I was looking for when I started shopping around for a forex broker last month.

I was told about IC Markets by a friend of mine who has been trading with them for some time now and has been tuning into their regular webinars. She invited me to join her to watch an IC Markets webinar so I did and was impressed enough on the night to open an account the next day.

The service and support that I have received since opening my account has far exceeded my expectations in all regards. Not only do I get personal webinars, last week my account manager sent me a ticket to their corporate box at the football here at Subiaco Oval in Perth.

IC Markets gets 5 stars from me for not being just another online broker but for treating all their customers like first class passengers or should I say traders.

Grant Sakelerio 09/21/2011

10 reasons why IC Markets rocks

IC Markets rocks, and here are 10 reasons why:

1. Their spreads are tight
2. They are an ECN broker
3. You can use EA's
4. They Allow Hedging
5. Withdrawals are processed fast
6. They are regulated
7. Their server time is GMT
8. Execution speeds are lightning fast
9. Their client service is exceptional
10. And lastly they give out free VPS's for EA traders.

These are just 10 of the reasons that I made IC Markets my forex broker of choice, but don't believe me try them out for yourself!!

Anton 09/19/2011

IC Markets is a reliable ECN Broker

My experience with IC Markets has been excellent. Their spreads are sharp, I have even seen EUR/USD with zero spread. Their customer service is top notch and they a fast at processing withdrawals.

For anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy ECN broker IC Markets would be a great choice.

Adam McGill 09/18/2011

IC Markets spreads are the tightest in Australia

I opened up a forex trading account with IC Markets after meeting one of their staff members at the Ultimate Forex course held by Knowledge to Action in Sydney. Their platform is really easy to use and spreads, well all I can say is WOW, they are by far the tightest that I have ever seen offered by any forex broker in Australia.

I have also found their regular weekly webinars really useful as they explain the basics of the platform including how to place orders and use the charts. The best thing of them all is that these guys are based in Australia and I have a direct line to my account manager, now that's service.

Keep up the good work IC Markets, my wife and I will be telling everyone in our trading group to open up an account.

Chris 09/13/2011

IC Markets are an Australian broker offering ECN Metatrader 4

I have been trading for over 5 years and recently discovered IC Markets after reading some good reviews. My experience so far has been fantastic, IC Markets service and support is outstanding and then there is their platform... IC Markets are and Australian company offering an ECN version of Metatrader 4, a dream solution for most high volume forex traders like myself, I have only been using their platform for 3 months and have found their pricing to be the best that I have experience in my 5 years of trading.

I would highly recommend IC Markets to any high frequency or volume trader.

This is certainly the best Metatrader ECN offering that I have ever used.

Ben 08/24/2011
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