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Hybrid Reserve Review - is it scam or safe?

Hybrid Reserve review - is scam or safe forex broker?

RATING: 1.2 / 26 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Hybrid Reserve
Hybrid Reserve is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Hybrid Reserve is a CFD broker owned and operated by Singlebell LTD with offices on Ageltake road, Marshal Islands. The brokerage is not regulated and most probably a scam. Read the full review to find out why. 




Lack of regulation


We do not come across any explicitly stated regulation on the brokers website which inclines to conclude that it is simply lacking. Being regulated is highly valued in the trading world and would be one of the first things a brokerage highlights about itself (granted that it could). In such a case a broker’s legitimacy should be put into question, mostly because we have only the word of the broker to go on. Potential clients are exposed to many risks such uncertainty about the safety of their funds. If the brokerage is not regulated it does not have to comply with rules such as segregation of accounts i.e. handling the money of the clients separately from their own. Furthermore, traders are not provided with participation in a compensatory scheme, such as the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) of Cysec, which grants clients with assurance that their losses will be covered in case the broker goes bankrupt. We would suggest potential traders rid themselves of such unnecessary risks and deal only with legitimate and regulated by reputable authorities brokers. Here is a list of our recommended Cysec-regulated forex brokers: 


>>List of Cysec-regulated forex brokers<< 


No MT4/МТ5 


The broker does not provide the MT4/МТ5 trading platform and we see this as a negative. The platform in question is the preferred choice for more than 80 per cent of traders, mainly because of its unique features. One such is the MQL programming language which enables traders to design their own advisor-bots and back-test trading strategies. They can also alter market indicator to suit their needs. Hybrid Reserve offers clients a pretty straight-forward web-based platform lacking such analytic potential. Here is a screenshot: 

  Hybrid Reserve trading platform. Click to zoom.

For interested traders – here is a list of our recommended MT5 forex brokers. 


>>List of MT5 forex brokers<<


No information on account types


Besides regulation, another highly valued asset in the trading world is information and, following from it – transparency. The brokerage does not mention at all what sort of accounts it offers potential clients, nor how much the minimum deposit is for the most basic one. Such a lack of information is always a disadvantage, since information distills confidence in the traders mind. 


Low leverage


Hybrid reserve gives free accces to its trading platform and on it we could see that the leverage for EUR/USD is the meek 1:10. Having in mind the lack of regulation and info on minimum deposit, this strikes us a disadvantage. If clients were to aim at a high profit (as they should) such a low leverage forces them to put up more real money. Having in mind the lack of regulation and info on the minimum deposit, we would suggest clients do not gamble with this broker, especially with such unfavorable conditions for them. Another reason for seeing this leverage as a disadvantage is because it is even lower than the strictest regulations on leverage. For instance, in Japan and the USA brokers may offer a maximum leverage of 1:25 and 1:50 respectively. Hybrid reserves trully offers an unnecessarily low spread and there are far more favorable trading conditions for interest traders in Forex. 





Low spread


The spread for EUR/USD is only 0.4 pips which is well below the industry average of 1.5 and should be seen as an advantage. Spreads gain importance mostly in long-term trading, because over a time period covering hundreds of trades, a difference of 1-2 pips could carve out a substantial amount of the trader’s profit. Such low spreads are highly valued and this is a big plus for the brokerage. 


Plenty of financial instruments 


Hybrid Reserve mostly trades with CFDs. It offers potential clients to trade CFDs on currency pairs, stocks, commodities such as silver and gold, cryptocurrencies, indices and futures. CFDs on crypto is an exciting aspect of the trading world, especially if it comes with assurance of regulation on part of the brokerage. Interested traders should be sure to check out our list of recommended forex brokers that also offer such a financial instrument. 


>>List of Bitcoin forex brokers<<

Many payment methods 

The brokerage offers a diverse set of payment methods for potential clients. Traders may deposit through Paypal, Western Union, Webmoney, Cash, Skrill, bank wire and credit card. This is always a welcoming sign because it makes it easier for clients to deal with the broker, as well as attracts a wider range of possible traders. 



Hybrid Reserve is an unregulated forex broker, situated in the Marshall islands, who is most likely a scam. We have already mentioned the risks involved in trading with such a broker, but we must emphasize once again perhaps the most important aspect – the security of the clients funds. There is no assurance of the safety of the clients money, besides the good will of the brokerage, which hardly suffices. Hybrid reserve does offer suprisingly low spreads, although we may not be certain if they correspond with those on live-accounts, as well as an accessible trading platform, but the brokerage is lacking where it most counts. All this and more prompts us to advise interested traders search for more favorable trading conditions and we have given links throughout the review precisely to such brokerages. 


Latest news about Hybrid Reserve
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Hybrid Reserve total scam

Don't touch this man
I have been screwed over big time by him.
He also had me dealing with GEORGE ROONEY
Both blatant liars.
concrete gumboots need to be fitted to these guys then swimming lessons.

Alan Keith Coubray 12/18/2019

Hybrid Reserve is a total scam

This company is a total scam. I lost a HUGE amount (you can buy a house with it) of money because of them.
With smooth talk, they are gaining trust. They are not regulated, although they say they do by their motherfirm, Singlebell LTD and FXPro.

Afther you deposit a starting sum, they keep trying to have you deposit more.
They stop talking to you after: they lost all your money with a fake order. Your money is gone. Or when you say you won't deposit any more.

After that, you will not hear from them any more.
I had contact with a guy Don Stamos and George Rooney. This last one would be the godfather of the firm. Well, I have got news for you: he is the godfather of the world of SCAM.

Martijn 11/23/2019

Hybrid Reserve is total scam

This is a total scam. You pay into the account. Then this guy Aaron Stein contacts you and tries to get you to invest more. Buyer beware once your money is in their account it is gone forever. You try to have the money transferred back to your account never happens. Tried to send an email for someone to contact me, nothing. Do not go there. Karma will catch up with these arsholes one day.

Max Colefax 08/07/2019

Investment Refund

I invested R25000 South African Rands with them and all I want is to get my money back. When I log in to the account it show $1006 in my 'account'
I then tried a company that I found on the net who said they can get my money transferred and would send the account afterwards, and it seems as if they too are a scam?? How or where do I go to get my money back. Am really desperate as Jack Cruz from Hybrid is not coming back to me since i sent him something from the internet about the company being a scam.
Who can you recommend to assist me?

Margie Johnston 07/01/2019

invested and tried to get my investment back no results and no feedback from Hybrid Reserve

This is a scam when you invest the consultant make promises never heard from them going 3 weeks trying to get my investment back they have a rep in Cape Town by the name of Aron used a South African bank account Danfin Trading I will open a case of fraud with SAPS IF I dont get a response

Seelan Naicker 06/15/2019

Hybridreserve is criminal trading site

hybridreserve is a criminal scam share trading farce .your money is stolen as soon as they receive it .Their web site is a fake share trading scam they have complete control. it is not real you have lost your money.THEY NEED TO HAVE PEOPLE WITH FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS GOOGLE OR ANYTHING ELSE LET EVERYONE KNOW THEY ARE CRIMINALS

elizabeth roche 06/15/2019

Hybrid Reserve Scam

HybridReserve is a share trading criminal scam operation your money is stolen as soon as you transfer it to their accounts you will never be able to withdraw funds no matter what they say in their material . they set up fake trading accounts and make profis to start with then when you ask to take some funds back they lose the lot in fake trading .all a complete scam

Damien roche 06/04/2019

no reply since

Deposited over $400 and after feeling fishy about the whole thing, and that its too good to be true feeling... and rep from hybridreserve advising that it is my account, i have full control, i can buy a share of bitcoin for $2000 and see for myself- eg: take money out, put money in etc, I read reviews and thought na, no way. Or let me try to withdraw this $400 initial deposit to see if it is indeed possible to do so, and sent all my IDs (which i'm not even comfortable with) and have not heard from them to process a withdrawal request. I am still waiting, after 2 weeks!.

nancy 06/03/2019


Invested $10K, they lost the lot and will not answer my calls or emails.
Do not touch this mob of scamming arseholes.

Barry Ormsby 05/09/2019

hybrid reserve access denied

today, april 29th access to the platform is denied. Did they disappear from the planet?

patrick cools 04/29/2019

never got my money back

I fall in to this $ 250.- and put in on hybrid reserve! thats 5 months ago. I told them to put in on the DAX which was climbing nicely.
they never did this! they call me all the time, but I never gat a client-number and I never could enter in my account.
so I am asking my money back since months.
not chance!!!!

Christa Trachsler 04/22/2019

They won't contact me or return my money

PLEASE --- DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY .. DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU. They will take your money and never return it.

They will acknowledge people write negative reviews and use excuses like

- Other Brokers are out to get them
- It's their competitors
- Couple reviews are bad, no one writes good ones

and many more

Trust the people writing these reviews .. not the cons in Hybrid Reserve.

My bank blocked my payment to HBR because they were recognized as insecure and their excuse for my bank doing that was because the banks don't like them because the banks rip you off and Hybrid are the Good Guys.

After you have been conned for the $250 they do not leave you alone until you then hand over the "next level" amount. Once you have done that they introduce the next level con man who will explain the great opportunity available. Like all cons, they then try to make you feel guilty because you are not investing more.

I will be posting far more detail of their scam so "would be" victims can recognize the sales pitch and not hand over any money.


Been Ripped Off 04/15/2019

Hybrid reserve advertising from Facebook

Total scam I gave them 250 aud..fool I know
Then Ron rang more or less laughed at this amount of money and proceeded
To sell me 10k for 3 Bitcoin then I could make money
Haha sure I said ...since this day I have had to chase to get my money back
No reply ???? Funny that

Robyn Coker 04/09/2019


I joined Hybrid about 2 months ago. They lure you by calling and being nice. I have literally lost all my money. They have stopped calling now that I am asking or my money back. The worst is that even when I contacted their support they all defend each other all in the name of you not getting your money. It's so appalling that they should do this? but I guess one should just be more vigilant for the future. Scammers wear suits and seak professional these days. This is a horrible experience.

Njabulo 04/08/2019

Rude & scam

Hi got suck into handing over some money & then they called me & harrassed me & a fellow called Cruz left a message & art the end of it he caled me a f..... moron. I most propbably have lost my money. Silly me.

Jenny Kay 04/05/2019

Horrible horrible horrible

This company is bullshit they phone you non stop to follow up on money deposited but as soon as you want a simple 250$back. They are quiet have excuses what a bunch of scumbags. Id call them thieves because they are slowly stealing the money and hope you wont make an effort to get it back or follow up. Silent thieves.

Jeaun-Mari 04/02/2019


100% scam, cheating, fraud, never pay a single cent

RAKESH DHODY 03/29/2019


By mistake, HybridReserve has taken out USD 250 from my bank account.
I don't want to move forward and not interested in the Scam
I need my money back asap
I don't Agree with your
Terms & Conditions
and not sending any documents.
Please note that if you don't refund my USD 250 within next 5 working days, I will be forced to lodge a complaint to
I will get your all Directors arrested if I don't get USD 250 refunded by 4th April 2019
Rakesh Dhody
Dated 29th March 2019 @ 8 am Melbourne / Sydney time

RAKESH DHODY 03/29/2019

not happy

i have been trying to with draw funds for over a month with out luck.i do not get any replies to my emails,i would suggest to any investors to stay clear.

jim ryan 03/27/2019


Stay away. I traded the same xau/usd on 3 different laptops. One using hybrid platform, the other 2 on my 2 other regular platforms. While the other 2 made dsoome profit, hybrid reserve's trading went to a halt on this xau/usd when it was heading breakeven point. Can't close because the close trade button was greyed out. A few hours later it came back on at a lost when the other 2 pfofits has already been taken.This happened on a few other occasions too.
Hang Seng, Ftse, Dax and some forex trades.

Their trade option is quite limited too. Only selected pairs available.

Also their reading is somewhat suspect. Example, when my two other trades showed 1000, hybrids' was lagging behind at 986...almost like the system was rigged.

Oh...and the persistent phone calls...never mind that we live in a different time zone...

Penyiasat Malaya 03/25/2019

It is scam

Hi, i have an account with them and i have requested withdrawal of my fund 3 times in 2 weeks time but they do not responded to me at all , it seems that they are scammers.

Behrouz Raziei 03/01/2019

Hybrid Reserve - keine Antwort auf Auszahlungsbegehren, schlechte Konversation

Hallo, ich habe mich mit Hybridreserve "eingelassen", ohne mich vorher genau zu informieren. Ihre Plattform hätte ich vorher finden müssen.
Es fand ein ganz nettes Margin-Call (immer Laura Klein, sehr gut deutsch sprechend) statt, das mich (Rentner) nach und nach zur Einzahlung von 3000 Euro brachte. Eine letzte Überweisuung von 1300 € ging am 18.12.2018 an eine polnische Firma "Dinesium Sp.Z.O.O.", die bis heute 18.01.2019 meinem Trade-Konto nicht gutgeschrieben wurde.
Ich werde nun versuchen, diese Firma zu ermitteln und zur Rückgabe des Betrages auffordern, vielleicht bin ich da zu blauäugig.
Für Fragen und eine Unethaltung bin ich gerne offen und sende ggf. auch meine Handynummer.
Kurt Wannags
D-66636 Tholey

Translated by Google:

Hello, I have "hybridized" with hybrid reserve, without informing me in advance. I should have found your platform before.
There was a very nice margin call (always Laura Klein, very good German speaking), which brought me (pensioners) gradually to the deposit of 3000 euros. A final transfer of 1300 € went on 18.12.2018 to a Polish company "Dinesium Sp.Z.O.O.", which was not credited to my trade account until 18.01.2019.
I will now try to identify this company and ask for the return of the amount, maybe I'm too naive.
For questions and a disobedience I am happy to open and possibly also send my mobile number.
Kurt Wannags
D-66636 Tholey

Kurt Jürgen 01/18/2019

authentic scam

I lodged $250 usd with this company 2 weeks back. A later search revealed poor reviews. As well as that I received an email from the company stating that before my account would be activated and start trading I needed to supply several photo copies of drivers licence or passport, proof of my location and both sided of my credit card including my signature which I declined. I requested a refund and at 2 weeks since the refund is still not forthcoming. My account manager has an English name but when I (finally) got phone calls from hybrid reserve it was always from a person with a foreign accent who admitted that he was Russian. Not holding my breath whilst waiting for the refund

artur 01/17/2019

get refund

you can make a complaint to the estonian financial inspection
they have make a warning

send a complaint email to the estonian financial inspection
explain your case and you will get refund because europe has ban binary option

#money back estonian broker
#refund money estonian broker

MrDegryse 01/10/2019

autentica estafa

este servicio es una autentica estafa.
le pides la devolucion del dinero y te dan largas y no lo envian.
es una autentica estafa.
me consta por mas personas que les ha pasado lo mismo

Translated by Google:

This service is an authentic scam.
You ask for the return of the money and they give you long and they do not send it.
It is an authentic scam.
I know for more people that the same thing has happened to them

francisco 01/03/2019

Hybrid Reserve - dragons den

I did not wish to proceed and asked for a refund this did not happen i am out of pocket only a little but still out of pocket any legit company would have refunded i tried to cancel within minutes but they still took money from my card beware of them.

barry hilliard 01/02/2019

They are definitly scammers

There was a very well made but total fake article about a new _automated_ Bitcoin trading platform on At the end was a link to hybridreserve. Sounded really good so I signed up and deposited $250. Now I'm trying to get my money back. I hope I can do this via the credit card company since this is obviously nothing but a scam.

Nikolaus Langheinrich 12/31/2018

they don't give your money back

After the closing of the account, because they have cheated me. They don't give me my money back.... Instead, they pest me with phone calls to sell me their B. S.

Rudi Zimmerer 12/05/2018

withdrawal not refunded

decided to invest. Found this site later. Requested money back but they refuse unless we send coloured copy of credit card and utility bill etc. Decided not to take that risk. Presume i have lost my money. Is there any way of chasing them further?

Is it usual for companies to request such ID? (proof of passport/driving licence/utility bill, and also coloured photocopies of my bank debit card).

Marjorie Cameron 11/21/2018

Hybrid Reserve estafa

Lamentable mente tengo que decirles que son estafadores de primer nivel este corredor esta integrado por un grupo de ladrones que hacen invertir a la gente y nunca dan beneficios me han estafado con 1500 dolares, porque cuando quise retirar mi dinero al no ver rentabilidad ordenaron en mi cuenta una apuesta que lo hizo perder todo el capital así son estos desgraciados escribo esto con la finalidad de que nos ayuden para que no estafen a cuanta gente mas. Gracias joel

Translated by Google:

Regrettably I have to tell you that they are top-level scammers this runner is made up of a group of thieves who make people invest and never give benefits they have scammed me with 1500 dollars, because when I wanted to withdraw my money by not seeing profitability they ordered in my tells a bet that made him lose all the capital so are these unfortunate I write this in order to help us not to stampede as many people. Thanks joel

Jose Joel Guillen 11/21/2018

Withdrawal not paid

Do not trust Hybrid Reserve.
They have not processed my withdrawl of $250 from 29 September 2018 up until now. I hve sent several emails to remind. There has not been a positiove response since.

Ravin Baijnath 11/20/2018

Scam beware

HybridReserve ran a FAKE website duplicating ABC Shark Tank where two young man showed an automated software for trading.

Clicking on the screen I was taken to a registration page. After registration, I was contacted by an officer. She asked me to sign up and invest USD $250. I was assigned an account manager. He and an Analyst requested I invest USD $10,000 for trading.

Later they made another request for USD $5,000. When I did the transaction, they said it failed. They asked me to try again. I was shocked to see USD $10,000 debited from my account. They now have USD $20,000 of my money. Frequent emails to my account manager to return my money ignored. Now I cannot get my money out.

Can anyone help me?

Gary Tan 11/17/2018

CNCX Facebook Ad is a spam

On Facebook is an Ad to get a Singapore virtual Id-card when investing in the new Singapore Crypto CNCX... You fill out the form and then the window of Hybrid Reserve opens and to the same time a call from Hybrid Reserve. I opened the account and didn't know that Hybrid Reserve is a Bank from Estonia and located in London... In the end, you can't trade the CNCX on their Plattform. And now it is very difficult to get your deposit back and to close this account.

Rudi Zimmerer 11/12/2018


they won't let you withdraw money back out

thomas a m matthias 11/09/2018


I made a deposit then decided to withdraw after reading some reviews. It took ages before I heard from them. Then only to discover they Debited another $250us and then Credited me on the same day with a loss due to Exchange rates. In essence they still have my initial deposit.

How can I report this?

Michael Jonathan Prinsloo 10/31/2018

Not happy

Paid minimum $250 deposit
have not seen any activity on the account since August 2018
made on line support inquiry message return saying cannot send try again later
Very suspicious and unhappy now almost certain this is a scam

Michael Ryan 10/17/2018

I Agree with the post

I plead with everyone out there not to try and be persuaded by this scam company . I promise you that once you make your deposit it will never come back . they will act as if they lost the trade and ask you to put more money to redeem your previous balance. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!

Moses 10/05/2018

Hybrid Reserve Bitcoin Scam

An article in a legitimate on-line news sheet led me to open an account with a minimal US$300 deposit.

I recieved an immediate and suspicious phone call from a male with a USA accent saying he was my dealer and wanted to help me trade.
I told him to email me. I then got an email asking for usual proof of passport/driving licence/utility bill, but also coloured photocopies of my bank debit card.

I refused to send this, since when I can get no reply from them to repeated requests to close my account.

Malcolm Lewis-Jones 09/25/2018

lost paradise

Stupid enough I read comments afterwards after paying 250 US dollars.
My contact Mr Hoffman replied : "What refunds"!
I shoul have been warned by the next review:

Still no refund
My refund was approved on the 16 august but still not received I don't know what is going on

Anthony Duggan 09/06/2018

George Eleveld 09/20/2018

stop business

Mr Adam Hoffman replied my request for refunding my initial investment:



So the system is in fully control. People have no influence. Be aware.

George Eleveld 09/20/2018

Still no refund

Just an update to warn people not to deal with hybrid reserve take your deposit wont refund then accuse you of fraud so as to prolong giving back deposit and won't answer on chat line and support won't reply this company is bordering on the ridiculous looks very likely the whole set up is a scam no other explanation looks very likely I will never see my deposit again

Anthony Duggan 09/08/2018

Still no refund

My refund was approved on the 16 august but still not received I don't know what is going on

Anthony Duggan 09/06/2018

Total Shambles

First the platform does not work , after fifty emails still no sign of refund and told on chat line my account is flagged as fraud, this company is a complete mess who take deposits and refuse to refund rip off merchants

Anthony Duggan 09/06/2018

perhaps an apology is due

Although I stand by the comments I have made in previous reviews about the false information etc. I must advise that today I received my full deposit as a refund. I thank them for that but I remain somewhat sceptical due to the mis-information this company supplied in past communications. My suggestion to them should they read this review is to be more transparent in their operation and location.

Gordon Smith 09/05/2018

Probably a scam

An update of my previous opinions. When I log in to my "account" it sows at the right bottom a chat line. Tonight I used the chat line to ask where my refund was and again was told it can take up to 15 working days (usually 3-5) for a refund to go through. When I challenged this the online option disappeared and when I re logged in it was not available as an option.

My last message before the online chat was wiped was that...Bullshit...It looks like I have lost my money.

It is not the money but I am peeved that this add appeared on my home page website which is "" A trusted site. I am trying to contact this site to make them aware but as I am unsure of how to do this perhaps another viewer might be able to share this to same others

Gordon Smith 09/04/2018

Hybrid Reserve - Probably a scam

I lodged $250 usd with this company 2 weeks back. A later search revealed poor reviews. As well as that I received an email from the company stating that before my account would be activated and start trading I needed to supply several photo copies of drivers licence or passport, proof of my location and both sided of my credit card including my signature which I declined. I requested a refund and at 2 weeks since the refund is still not forthcoming. My account manager has an English name but when I (finally) got phone calls from hybrid reserve it was always from a person with a foreign accent who admitted that he was Russian. Not holding my breath whilst waiting for the refund

Gordon Smith 09/02/2018

It seems to be a scam

In a stupid moment I decided to invest the minimum of $250 which when I clicked discovered it was $250 USD $344 AUD. They then sent me a request for scans of personal and bank documents that would have left me vulnerable before my account would be activated. They told me they were in the Marshall Islands which was a UK protectorate (wrong) and when I got a promised phone call days after the promised time I asked for my money to be refunded. They told me it would be but today my bank informed me this is a scam. They told me they were based in the UK but if you check their details they are actually based in Estonia. OK I lost a days pay. but please notify everyone out there NOT to invest with this apparently shonky outfit

Gordon smith 08/29/2018

Thanks for the warning

Having an interest in BitCom I chose Hybrid Reserve at random to investigate. They were helpful but a little pushy. Following a grandson's advice I checked with Forex Brokerz and the suggestion was to look elsewhere. I will do that, and I suppose my 250 US$ for starting an account is lost and not recoverable, but better than maybe loosing much more. With thanks for the warning - Kind regards from Graham Sampson.

Graham Sampson 08/23/2018


Take your deposit and cant be contacted afterwards.

Anthony Duggan 08/15/2018


Ik heb 250 euro betaald. Sindsdien niets meer gehoord.

Translated by Google:

I have paid 250 euros. Nothing more heard since then.

Kees Mourits 08/14/2018

Hybrid review feedback

I have registered for the Hybrid Reserve, and because of a few questions before I would trade, I ask two of it on their customer chat block. No reply at all.

Andries Botha 08/08/2018

How to login to the acc

Thellow I get the msg that am successful registered but I don't know how to login in my account I paid yesterday and it the first time doing this I paid to 10 broker

Beatrice Ndlovu 08/03/2018
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