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HitBTC Review - is it scam or safe?

HitBTC Review - Is scam or good cryptocurrency exchange?

RATING: 3 / 13 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz HitBTC


Trading Accounts

Account type Minimum deposit Leverage Minimum trading Lot Maker Rebate Taker Fee
Standard   Covering the network fee None 0.01 BTC 0.01% (rebate) 0.10%

HitBTC is one of the most popular crypto currency exchanges, judging by the Bitcoin trading volume. Other than that they offer a wide variety of allcoins, much like Bittrex.


The company, security of funds

Company Country Regulation
HIT Solutions Inc. Unknown N/A

While being a well-established exchange, HitBTC does not officially provide information on the country in which they are based. Some reports link them to Europe, while others suggest Hong Kong. We aren’t certain at this point, but what we are sure is that they are no regulated.

The majority of the companies in the crypto-space are not regulated, which always brings a bit of worry, when dealing with them. Most regulatory agencies, like the UK’s FCA, do not recognize such entities as which they should monitor (yet). HitBTC is also not registered as a payment provider, as it only provides banking services to “institutional investors and major market makers”.

HitBTC was hacked in early 2016, but didn’t provide much information on the incident. While users haven’t complained at that particular event, a lot of negative feedback is available in the forums. The reported issues are of all types, from a slow verification procedure, to coins “lost”, to not allowing withdrawals, to … basically every problem one can imagine. On top of that, there are claims the BTC volume at this exchange is artificially increased.


Trading conditions

Trading instruments (cryptocurrencies)

 There are over 150 digital assets available at HitBTC. Most of them are traded against Bitcoin and Ethereum. When it comes to the (fiat) currencies, some coins are traded versus the UDST (USD Tether, a cryptocurrency, backed by real dollars) and even fewer against EUR.

Minimum initial deposit

The minimum deposit at HitBTC is everything above the given coin’s network fee. This is quite obvious to experienced traders, but may not be for newbies. Given the fact the company does not accept fiat currency deposits from most clients, mentioning a USD level will not make much sense.

Trading on leverage is not allowed at HitBTC. While some traders would enjoy such a service, this is not necessarily a “must”, as cryptocurrencies tend to be very volatile. In comparison, the “traditional” currencies fluctuate by very small amounts, and great leverage ratios are required in order to achieve meaningful day trading results. Some forex brokers even go a bit out of hand, providing 1:500 in leverage.

HitBTC charges 0.10% in trading fees from those who buy/sell from the first available bid/ask, the so called market “takers”. On the other hand traders who provide liquidity (by placing their own bids and asks) are paid a 0.01% rebate. These are very competitive commissions, given the fact some companies charge fees from market makers, instead of giving them rebates. Nowadays the taker fee goes as high as 0.25% for the traders operating with low volumes.

If you only want to speculate on the future value of Bitcoin and not bother with owning the actual coins, you can alternatively try one of the forex brokers, which provides bitcoin trading. The fees there are included in the spread, which makes them a bit harder to compare, to the ones provided by exchanges. You can read our full side-by-side comparison of the two services here.


Trading platform

HitBTC offers a web-based platform, something which is common among crypto-exchanges. While this has the obvious drawback of increasing your browser’s resource consumption (mostly RAM nowadays), it does still allow you to access your account from any device. This is not the case with leading forex trading platforms, like MetaTrader4 (MT4). That being said, the layout available at HitBTC is fairly nice. Here is a preview

Charting is provided by TradingView and a pop-up feature is provided for more detailed analysis. The instrument list is placed next to it and more importantly it is devided into four categories. The order book also looks neat, placed at in the bottom of the page. One of the most unique features of HitBTC is the “chatbox”, appropriately called the “Trollbox”. Despite the content not being very sophisticated, the functionality may come in handy, when a major news story breaks-out, as at least some traders will share what they have found.



Methods of payment

HitBTC only accepts bank transfers from institutional level clients. The regular traders/investors must transfer their crypto-assets directly. Wallets are provided for every major coin, available at HitBTC, which means basically every major coin.



HitBTC is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It provides trading in over 150 different coins, with new ones being added constantly. The company does not accept fiat currency transfers from average traders. Our main concern with HitBTC comes from the plethora of negative user reviews. While some of them may be fake, their number is so high, we can’t dismiss them. Here is a recap of this exchange:


Pros Cons
Very competitive commission structure Has been hacked in 2016
Nice trading platform Little info about the company
Supports a lot of altcoins Many negative user reviews
  Suspicions of fake trading volume
  Does not accept fiat currency transfers from most traders


Latest news about HitBTC
No news about HitBTC. Check back later.
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Price feed















Customer service










KYC is there for a reason.

There are many bad reviews here, I don't know. Just use 2FA (back it up), create whitelists, have a strong password and use a strong security software in your computer. Also, give your KYC details and you will be more than ok.

Ana Soliz 05/20/2019

Everyone will be happy to know...

The Hong Kong government is investigating them right now for the mass fraud and account suspensions for no reason.They have had a couple thousand people reporting fraud and theft from HITBTC, some amounts are upwards of $100000. They have $2000+ of my money and will take yours too. They're a defunct company that keeps stealing from people.

Michael Sadlak 11/29/2018

They keep stopping exchanging a coin without announcement

This is the 3rd time HITBTC suddenly stops with a coin.

The 1st was W3C, ​then ULTC and now BGG, i lost a lot of money because of this.

​Your money is not save there, they register new coins for a certain period and then put it offline when they have made enough money.​ The big problem is that there is no other exchange that offers the same coin, so you are stuck with literally useless coins whcih you can't move nor exchange.

And there is no proper support you need to wait for days for some feedback which usually says "sorry we can't help you".

They Fucked me over my money is stuck in there platform and it's useless.

Issam Adbib 11/16/2018

Total Scam

Only few instruments are active in Hitbtc, all others coins trades bellow 1 BTC and mostly 0$ a day, traders are no longer interested in using Hitbtc, this is because of their fraud and scam, their greed and theft had killed their own exchange; Hitbtc you’ve damaged the whole crypto concept, please leave and never come back.

The Accountant 09/09/2018

Farewell Hitbtc....

Golden days of Shitbtc has gone forever, everybody has become aware of their fraud and scam even those who doesn't trade, their markets are grave yard with zero trading volumes....only Shitbtc bots trades some BTC's and ETH's which have been stolen from traders to show some activities........soon Shitbtc will disappear, either they'll claim that they got hacked or the authorities will shut them down....Good bye Shitbtc we don't want to see you anymore....

Hadi Hamid 09/04/2018

Hitbtc is absolute scam

My name is Richard Godard, I`m a cryptocurrency trader and I've been trading on HitBTC since 2016, Lately I made a website to show some features and advantages of using Hitbtc; I tried to withdraw some of my funds and surprisingly Hitbtc locked my account and suspended withdrawals, it wasn't limited to that, someone hacked my website which I no longer control. do not trust Hitbtc.

Richard Godard 08/29/2018

Total Scam

Hitbtc is total scam, they are locking traders accounts and hold their money to keep liquidity in their scam exchange, Avoid

Dave Albert 08/28/2018

Avoid HitBTC

Read before you deposit funds to hitbtc - hitbtc kyc/aml fishy practices

Any unverified account with balance over $1000 may be frozen at any time !!!


I've recently been victim of HITBTC shady KYC/AML practices so I will describe precisely how this exchange arbitrarily freezes user accounts.


How does actually HITBTC attracts new victims?

* By declaring UNLIMITED deposits and withdrawals (
* No limits details for GENERAL or VERIFIED accounts found on []. Btw even their rebate system is dysfunctional.
* No details about the limits for verified or unverified accounts found on []
* "It might take from 3 to 5 business days to get your account verified" found on []

What happens when you try to withdraw?

* HITBTC completely freezes your account. You will not be able to withdraw nor trade.
* Support will ignore your tickets unless you will spam all over the internet about the issue.
* If you will be lucky enough and get response from the support you will be asked to provide KYC/AML documents.
* On any other exchange support would request ALL needed KYC/AML documents in 1 email. But HITBTC is really unique - they will request 1 or 2 documents per email per week.
* The KYC/AML document requests are often opaque and repetitive.
* If you will be even more lucky and you bite through "introductory KYC/AML procedure" you will be asked to prove source of funds - transaction by transaction. Very often it's impossible to get transaction details.
* Of course such practice is clear attempt for embezzlement.
* If you believe you have become victim of this HitBtc fraudulent practices report it:
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []

* Additionaly you can help cryptocommunity by sharing your experience so that no more traders fall into the HitBtc trap. Following links are top Google results where you can give feedback about HitBtc:

* []
* []
* [;u=194708;sa=showPosts]
* []
* []
* []
* [](search for hitbtc and paste your comment]
* []
* []
* []
* [;u=194708]
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []
* []


maple 08/27/2018

HitBTC is a SCAM

All the positive reviews about HitBTC are by their own employees or people they pay to monitor bad reviews. Immediately after you post a bad review on many review web sites they will come behind your review and tell how great their exchange is. They are targeting American investors, taking their IDs, selling their information on the dark web and locking out users from their accounts and keeping the money. HitBTC is a SCAM.

Chloe Smith 07/31/2018

Do not use HitBTC. It is a scsm

I had to get a new phone and lost access to 2fa authenticator. I gave HitBTC all necessary information, including ID with pic, recent trading hashes they have locked me out of my account. I am out over $3000.

Paulie 07/28/2018

Blocking accounts and holding traders funds continued.

If you are trading small amount of money at Hitbtc you won’t face issues, as soon as you make profit and your money grow and at the moment you try to withdraw your funds they will lock you out like many many others and take you in an endless ride called KYC/AML process which involve supplying lot of personal information in the form of selfies, passport copies, credit card and bank statements, utility bills, proof of funds…etc, and you may never reach to an end and your hard earned money will stay there perhaps forever; make you own research and don’t let positive reviews fool you out, they could be fake; always Keep your funds in an external wallet controlled by you and not by an exchange, specially Hitbtc.

Best of luck to all

Hazem Samman 07/24/2018

Absolute scam. Positive reviews are fake

Don't even think about using this scam exchange. They may allow small transactions, but anything above 0.5 ETH and they will steal it. This is NO BS. Do NOT use. You've been warned. I am still waiting since FEB 2018 for them to process my eth deposit. Use Binance, Bittrex or similar. The positive or neutral reviews here are all fake, and paid for by the scam exchange Hitbtc.

Kael 07/15/2018


I mostly use it when I trade FIAT/TKN as its one of those exchanges which makes this option possible. I’m satisfied with their service.

Jason 06/19/2018

What's wrong??

Dunno why some of you have problems with Hitbtc. Maybe you just refuse to follow instructions. Also, support won’t help in case you didn’t contact it.

I'd rate Hitbtc 7/10. It's just a common crypto exchange, i'd even call it a reliable one.

Logan 06/15/2018

One of many...

This exchange works good most of the time. Transfers never stuck in my case. I work with 3 reliable crypto exchanges at the same time, hitbtc is one of them.

Axl 06/14/2018

Hitbtc ripped me off! Refuses to re instate my 2fa autherization

I am on 5 crypto xchanges and I lost my phone which lost my 2fa authorization app. Bittrex, binance, cryptopia, kucoin all helped me get back into xchanges. Hitbtc asked for drivers license frobt & back, hash transactiobs, a picture of me with email and license in which i sent, multiple times and they still will not let me back in! Rotten lying offshore skum! Third world sh*t hole scammers!

Brace land 06/14/2018


When I’ve just started using HitBTC, I DID not WANT to mess up with providing all the recommended security to my account. Considered it as a useless waste of time. But a few situations on the other exchanges made me get used to 2FA and learn how to compose an extra-difficult password. Actually Hitbtc is a very secured exchange.

Dan 06/07/2018


I used to trade with different exchanges and have seen a lot of different interfaces. They mostly have the same functions, placed in different combinations. HitBTC interface is quite good but the blue color looks a bit pretentious.
I am a designer so i could do it better. Well, and when it comes to trading, everything seems OK.

Gabriel 06/05/2018

Good prices for some tokens

It seems to me that HitBTC has good prices for some tokens, but it’s just one of many ordinary cryptocurrency exchanges. Maybe a little better.

Carter 05/31/2018

Therefore, there may be a false impression!

This is one of the oldest stock exchanges. Everyone knows that it has an excellent reputation and never deceives anyone. Just for every disgruntled user there are 10K satisfied. But good reviews are not so often written as negative. Therefore, there may be a false impression!

NY 05/26/2018

Not exactly a "scam" but pretty damn close

HitBTC is the most obvious, crooked exchange of them all. Withdrawal and deposit fees are through the roof for one. Don't expect to take anything serious out of there. Most convert to Doge just to get it processed in a reasonable time. They don't seem to screw with Doge much and the fee is low even though its high for doge. Otherwise, expect any deposit/withdrawal to be hung up for an indeterminate amount of time while they use it to pump coins on their exchange. Sometimes they use it for a half hour, sometimes days, even WEEKS!. This is obvious because they do it with deposits as well as w/d. Transfer will be complete and fully confirmed but you can't touch your funds until they say so. Sometimes they will straight up steal your coins too. I've only had it happen on small amounts but they do and I have their own records to prove it. Of course support for anything is virtually non existent. If you do get a response it will be many months later. The only plus side is the interface(which is actually terrible on mobile, don't even try), relatively low trade fees, and high volume. I've since moved most of my trading to other exchanges and only use it out of necessity for cashing in alt coins I may mine that may not be on my other exchanges. Basically I would warn anyone using HitBTC to use it at their own risk and NEVER do single massive deposits/withdrawals. You've been warned!

SM177Y 05/02/2018

I think it's 3/5

My account has been blocked. I had 0.58954406 btc. I turned to support. A few days later they answered me and after a while the problem was solved. Not fast, but not so long.

Nick Shulberg 04/09/2018

why scam?

Why does everyone blame the site for scam?
I am personally very pleased this exchange and how the support service reacts there. I use about a year and nothing bad that they write is not observed.

Nigon 03/27/2018

SCAM! I cannot get them to email me back at all

Only reason they get one star is I cannot go lower.


is case you didn't catch that...SCAM!

2A login trouble out of the blue and cannot get a dang bit of help. Called there support line twice and was finally told they cannot help me that I am simply out of luck! They said I might have a chance with email support but I cannot get them to email me back at all.

Everyone, make sure we get this out all over the web...Please do not give them the satisfaction of gaining any new customers!

Brian 03/01/2018

Do not send your token to HitBTC

Do not send your token to HitBTC
They change police for deposit whenever they want.
“The deposit fees will be deducted from the amount of the incoming transaction. The fee amount for every token is shown below the deposit address. Please be advised that if your deposit is lower or equals the fee, the whole amount will be used for the commission and will not be refunded.”

Bernardo 02/13/2018

HITBTC is run by a Russian

After I lost my 2fa access they are not helping me get back into my account. They have 3000 dollars worth of my coins. I have just reviewed their corp data. The corp was disolved in 2017. 3/4th of the company is run by a russian.

See: http://www.Bizdb.Co.Uk/company/hit-techs-limited-09414265/

Also: https://beta.Companieshouse.Gov.Uk/company/09414265/filing-history

Stat away from this scam,scam,scam,scam,scam!

Ronald Epner 02/13/2018

Beware of this scam site!

This site is a complete scam, and they are no more than crooked criminals. They stole all of my IGNIS tokens (worth 2 BTC) at the famous airdrop scam!!!
In addition, they take unpublished fees in every withdrawal (can easily be seen when comparing the fees reduced from a withdrawal transaction to the ones in the block explorer...), and make you get stuck with "dust" leftovers of every coin you ever held on their site (which cannot be withdrawn and stays theirs...).


musmus 02/07/2018

SCAM: 2FA back-up code is wrong, Ticket no 186219

I changed my phone and did not secure my 2FA Code on the google authenticator, but i saved the back up code, which i copied when i enabled the 2FA function on this shitty website. But apparently this was a fake code as i could not restore the 2FA code with it. Six weeks ago ( !!! ) i contacted the support for help, but the only reaction was the automised reply with this ticket no. Since then nothing anymore.
I think this is massive SCAM and by reporting them my problem, i got trapped.
I have no access anymore to my account and i don´t know what to do anymore except warning other people to use this exchange.
For any ideas/help i would be grateful.

Oliver 02/05/2018


was going to use but to many people reporting that they are not getting thier money.
this is the company running the show Hit Techs Limited
company overview – Hit Techs Limited operates a crypto currency exchange platform. The company was founded in 2013 and is based in London, United Kingdom.
if you want to pay them a visit
Kemp House
192 City Road
London, EC1V 2NX
United Kingdom

fraking 02/04/2018

Total scam

The Hitbtc thieves stole 0.20 BTC from me. I tried to withdraw my BTC at the all time high moment of Bitcoin a month and a half ago. My withdrawal kept pending for days and then it just dissapeared from my account. The Hitbtc maffia left no traces, no hash no transaction history, they deleted everything!!! This is no lie guys please stay far away from this scamsite. I have sent 7 support request but the scammers ignored them. Untill this day nothing and they are still scamming and operating??!!!

yassin 02/01/2018

Deposit Problem

I deposited 2 ethereum to Hitbtc from Bitstam on 12 January below mentioned is the txhas
but not reached yet. Lodged complaints 2 times but no response

Balpreet Singh 01/25/2018

Deposit TRX wainting a DAYS

My account is

@hitbtc Transaction confirmed but did not receive my coins (TRX)
It's been DAYSSS since I made the TRX coin deposit and until now I have not received the coin. Please solve my problem quickly.

TxHash -


MyWallet - 0x7d402d363bc2c539aa41b0be472af34fdd1887ea

Quantity - 22,292.281055 TRX

Filipe De Paula Oliveira 01/24/2018

Scam - Stay away

It has been 22 days now that I am waiting for my withdrawal from HITBtc to be deposited to my NEM wallet. Operation ID: af760425-c4e4-404f-abde-80303344f739

All I got for numerous message to the support was promises "be assured that eventually your withdrawal will be processed. " Time is ticking - no results, my coins are frozen on the website, the price fluctuates every day, and HITBtc feeds me with promises... Stay away from this exchange, or you will be undergoing big stress out of nothing.

Regim Mamedov 01/22/2018

scam site

I deposited coins DGB but i cannot trade them or withdraw them. Stay away from this site. They will just take your money.

jim 12/28/2017

Stay away from HITBTC

The worst of exchanges you will see. They make your funds invisible and trade that for weeks together and if you keep annoying them, they may repay you.

They have kept deposits of DGB open and once you deposit the said coins, they won't allow you to transfer that to trading account. Neither will they allow you to withdraw that back. They don't respond to any mail or any query on forum. They have enabled trading of most of currencies in USD but that is their trap to get people in and they starve them of their funds for months altogether.

If you don'y believe me, just try with a small amount first. Once you find the site fine, then only continue. But i assure you that you will be disappointed. There are exchanges like Binance and Bittrex available. Try those and enjoy trading.

kaka bhat 12/28/2017

Hi guys pls be smart

Hitbtc is a pure scam they will allow you to deposit but when it comes to withdraw they will block your account and support will take forever without replying your message don't trade on that site people are hanging themselves as all their money is stuck on this site

Tunji 12/25/2017

Hitbtc is a scam and a fraudulent exchange

I have deposited money very easily into my hitbtc account,
But come withdrawal time - money is supposedly transferred,
Only there's no transaction showing on the blockchain
And on hitbtc it says pending, for hours.
They stole my money. Be smart, don't let them steal yours,
Stay the hell away from hitbtc!

Sergio constanza 12/24/2017

Millions of BTC being locked away - DEC 17

Everything is fine until you try and withdraw. Coins become locked away and support not only ignored your support tickets, they simply just close them off with no reply.
Many people have been waiting for weeks to withdraw their coins with no update in sight as to when they will return to their owners.
Looking more and more like a scam - find a coin where withdraws work, test with a small amount 1st, if it works sell your portfolio into that coin and exit asap!
Site will be closed soon - get your money out asap!

HitBTC = Scam 12/23/2017

Support nonexistent

Better hope every one of yours transactions works perfectly because if they do not and you need support assistance from HitBTC - no one is there. Most likely you won’t be helped for weeks or months or even ever. Support is a veritable black hole!

Jason 12/21/2017

HitBTC mass fraud at dec 2017

In 02/12/2017 HitBTC issued AMM at 1$, price drop down causing traders to get into a buying them. I bought AMM selling other token first to get money for. Almost all that money i spent on AMM tokens. After couple of hours peoples starts writing the AMM are possibly fake so Im tried to sell them out but i realized it is impossible HitBTC locked main account. HitBTC well aware of the issue, simply shut down withdrawals, so traders could not make their arbitrage BUT left the markets opened for a full day to collect fees from the traders and allowing them to buy AMM. After numerous reports from users, HITBTC finally decided to shutdown AMM trading, apologizing for their error through a supposedly friendly e-mail, telling everyone that they will restore order, accuracy and justice. Moreover, as a “security measure”, HITBTC also prevented every asset to be moved for a full week. After their absolute lack of communication, HITBTC simply decided to withdraw all AMM tokens from my and other users accounts without notice, simply stating by a general e-mail that buyers were part of a fraudulent event which made HITBTC a victim and that they simply took away all “fraudulent” AMM tokens from buyers’ accounts and that they will not provide any refund ! This is pure and plain sight theft. HitBTC never warns traders about something is wrong with AMM tokens. HitBTC banned me so i was unable to warn others. HitBTC broke their support and forum page to prevent peoples see what happens. This HitBTC removed trading evidence of AMM tokens from my account, and same from others. 11.12.2017 HitBTC put back stolen AMM tokens back on the market! I did video evidence when im realized HitBTC is planning to make a fraud. . Please take a look at AMM issue thread on HITBTC so you can get a better grasp of the situation :

Krzysztof T 12/12/2017
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