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Herdos Review - is it scam or safe?

Herdos Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 22 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Herdos
Herdos is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit
Maximum leverage Spread
Basic $1,000 1:100 Fixed, from 3 pips*
Bronze $5,000 1:100 Fixed, from 3 pips*
Silver $10,000 1:100 Fixed, from 3 pips*
Gold $50,000 1:100 Fixed, from 3 pips*
Platinum $100,000 1:100 Fixed, from 3 pips*

*the different account types with this broker don’t provide tighter spreads, but various other non-trading privileges. Some of them may actually not be that beneficial, read the full review for all the derails.


Herdos is a forex and CFD broker, allegedly operating out of Macau. Their offer has a lot of flaws, but in order to be completely objective, we will start off with the positives we manged to find.

Herdos Advantages

A lot of assets traded

Herdos presents its client with a very diverse list of CFDs. They include not only your typical forex pairs, but also commodities, indices, a few specific stocks and cryptocurrencies. Few brokerages provide such a range.

Decent leverage

One can say leverage is a “necessary evil”, when it comes to forex trading. That being the case, the default ratio with Herdos is the classic 1:100 – those who want to trade aggressively will be able to, but one will not be able to missclick half of his account away by accident. Be sure to pay close attention when placing orders and to know what position size you are willing to take.

Many payment methods

Herdos offers support for some instant payment methods. While there are more popular e-wallets on the market, their lineup isn’t that bad. The options include: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Yandex, Qiwi, entropay and UPay Cards.

Herdos Disadvantages

Minimal info on the company, no regulation
As we said in the beginning, we aren’t even certain if Herdos is truly operated from Macau. This was briefly mentioned in their “Contact Us” section, while the rest of the website provides generic information about “top quality services” and so on. Financial regulation isn’t mentioned anywhere, which is troubling to say the least.

A catch with the bonuses
One of the things you can’t miss on Herdos’ website are the amazing On deposit bonuses, ranging from 20% to 100%. As is often the case, this comes with a bit of small print. One must trade a total of 30 times the sum of his investment ant the bonus (the total account value after the bonus is received), before he can withdraw funds. This may not be that much for a veteran trader, but a newcomer who starts loosing, will not be able to take back the remainder of his investment.

Platform isn’t ideal
Herdos offers a web-based trading platform, which looks like the new iteration of a popular binary options solution – Spot Option. While the charting is solid, we would still prefer a desktop solution, with more capabilities, like MetaTrader. Here is a preview of this broker’s platform:

How you trade at Herdos

>>Find a broker offering the reliable MT4 platform<<

Trading conditions aren’t presented
The responsibility to provide a detailed description of the various trading conditions comes naturally with such a great list of CFDs. When first stumbling upon Herdos, you may think they are a cryptocurrency exchange, which only offers generic information about Bitcoin. The situation is even worse than that.

High fixed spreads

We saw the spreads provided by this broker when testing their platform, as this information isn’t disclosed on the website. The 3 pips fixed level isn’t competitive with the current offers by other companies – basically everything above 2 pips is high. You can find some of the tightest spreads in the industry at our dedicated, real-time comparison platform.

>>We track forex spreads here<<

Very high minimum deposit

With a $1000 demand for the smallest clients, this broker is obviously targeting high rollers. There are many other brokerages with lower requirements, like the $100 at the UK-based industry leaders HYCM (where a $200 deposit will grant you access to the Raw account, offering extremely tight spreads).


Herdos is an unregulated forex and CFD broker based in Macau. As a coincidence with the destination, one will be taking a big gamble if he decides to trade with this company. We typically don’t recommend dealing with unregulated entities, but the trading environment offered by this one also isn’t very attractive.

To reiterate the significance of financial regulation will mention only two (while there are many more) of the rules enforced by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which protect investors.

>>Our list of FCA regulated here<<

All the funds you deposit with an FCA-regulated broker are kept in a special “segregated” bank account. This way, shady brokers can’t simply steal them.

Additionally all of these firms are registered in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).I is basically an insurance system, which protects you against their bankruptcy. While it’s not likely a well-established broker will go under, if that was to happen, you would be compensated for your investment with them (up to £ 50,000).

The key points of Herdos one more time:

Pros Cons
A lot of assets traded Minimal info on the company, no regulation
Decent leverage A catch with the bonuses
Many payment methods Platform isn’t ideal
  Trading conditions aren’t presented
  High fixed spreads
  Very high minimum deposit


Latest news about Herdos
No news about Herdos. Check back later.
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HERDOS me estafó

HERDOS es una estafa en toda regla.
Me estafaron 500€, pero podía a ver sido más, y encima me llamaron y se rieron en mi cara.
Una panda de sinvergüenzas sin excrupulos.
Seguramente ya habrán cambiado de nombre, miserables cobardes.
Ojalá den con ellos, aunque lo veo difícil, operando desde otros países

Translated by Google:

HERED scammed me
HERDOS is a full-fledged scam.
I was scammed € 500, but I could see more, and they called me and laughed in my face.
A bunch of scoundrels without scruples.
Surely they will have changed their name, miserable cowards.
I hope they find them, although I find it difficult, operating from other countries

Jose Ramon Ballesteros 07/30/2019

Herdos estafa

Herdos sigue estafando impunemente. Paren esta estafa.

Translated by Google:

Herdos scam
Herdos continues to swindle with impunity. Stop this scam.

Mª Gràcia Herrero Ojeda 07/09/2019


I was invested my money on herdos trading website thay are scam I have to wait for my money herdos is scam plesae Don,t west your mony and your time

umar muhammad 07/07/2019

Recuperar mi dinero

No se como recuperar mi dinero

Translated by Google:

I do not know how to recover my money

Elena Trunset 07/01/2019

HERDOS estafa

Hablo en nombre de la plataforma de afectados por broquers falsos, entre ellos (o son los mismos) HERDOS, esta gente se hacen pasar por broquers y te manipulan y engañanan diciendo que inviertes en la compra de bitcoins y nunca te devuelven el dinero. Se hace llamar Santiago Candela, Scarlett Wolf, Mila Carbajal, Laura etc. Son una pandilla de indeseables que han llevado a la ruina a muchas personas y familias y siguen IMPUNES anunciandose en facebook y otras paginas de internet. Ruego intervengan para frenar las estafas


I speak on behalf of the platform affected by fake broquers, among them (or they are the same ones) HERDOS, these people pass themselves off as broquers and manipulate you and deceive you by saying that you invest in the purchase of bitcoins and they never give you back the money. He calls himself Santiago Candela, Scarlett Wolf, Mila Carbajal, Laura etc. They are a gang of undesirables that have led to the ruin of many people and families and continue to IMPUNES advertising on facebook and other websites. Please intervene to stop the scams

Mª Gràcia Herrero Ojeda 07/01/2019

I was scammed but I found out how to get them out of business

Hi to all of you scammed people by Herdos like me.
Yes, i am another one who was scammed by those crooks from Herdos when i tried to join another fake & scammy robot called Crypto Master Bot. I opened an account with this Crypto Master Shit and i was automatically assigned to Herdos. Guess what?....i saw this scammer on youtube trading with Crypto Master Bot shit and Herdos broker:

and i said to myself why to not give it a try and make some cash? I invested 250$ through bitcoin and the problems appeared so fast like a blink of an eye.
A guy called me.....suposely my account manager....his name is Richard Deklerk (but i think is fake because i tried to search it online and i found an actor called Richard Deklerk)

He called me and i asked him to solve the synchronization issue between Crypto Master Shit and Herdos account because the money deposited through Crypto Master Bot interface were not shown in Crypto Master Bot.

He said that is not possible because Crypto Master Bot is just an online marketing and it is not real and the youtubers that currently promote this software are paid.(this is true and also they have fake live given accounts by the brokers)
He tried to convince me to accept to trade with some robot developed by them and i said no.....i do not want any robot, i do not want any bonus or managing account, basically anything from him.....then he got mad and started to yell at me and told me that i am stupid and he is smarter than me and so on.....
In that moment i told him because he is not able to solve the unsynchronization between Crypto Master Bot and Herdos account to refund me my deposit.
He said and i quote "maybe if you behave well i will refund your deposit over 6 months"
Then, after a couple of minutes tried to scam me one more time saying and i quote: "there is a way to receive your money right now if you deposit another 250$"
Incredible this guy, right? opinion is that these scammy guys are having mental illness
Seeing that i don't fall in his trap he hang up.
I manually placed 2 trades and i went to eat something and when i came back to see what happened with my 2 trades placed i saw him placing 19 trades on EUR / HUF which is a four forex category because the spread is like 50 pips due to the very low volatility. No experienced trader like me trades such exotic pairs. Also he traded on 3 bull news period.
He did not had permission to trade on my behalf....i told him that on the phone and also through e-mail but it does not seem to matter to from 251.3$ (because i deposited with bitcoin) i left with 7.86$.....

Niculae Marius Costel 06/22/2019


haber hace mas de 2 mese ise una invercion a HERDOS . TRAIDE MILA CARBAJAR
ha este dia de hoy no contesta los wazap . no me da mi dienro ni rembolsa . que puedo ahcer demandar la empresa - espero que me den respuesta . 698407628 creia que era una empresa seria porfavor

Translated by Google:

have more than 2 months ago an investment to HERDOS. TRAIDE MILA CARBAJAR
He has not answered the Wazap today. He does not give me my money or reimburse me. I can sue the company - I hope they give me an answer. 698407628 believed it was a serious company please

genoveva 05/24/2019


dont join herdos

just lost 600 eur

leon 05/14/2019

No le deis oportunidad de estafaros

Vį en un periódico el link y la oportunidad de ganar dinero.Puse mi cuenta y teléfono y cuando puse la cantidad a ingresar pensé, voy a ver las opiniones...Una estafa a todos los niveles.Al día siguiente me llamaron 4 teléfonos distintos de diferentes ciudades (están en todas partes).
Me están acosando y ya solo me queda contestar maleducada mente. Suerte que me informe antes de poner mi tarjeta. Siguen enviándome los pasos a seguir para hacerles el ingreso. Informaros antes de estas cosas porque nadie da tanto dinero en tan poco tiempo. Eso sólo lo consiguen los poderosos

Translated by Google:

Do not give him a chance to cheat

I saw in a newspaper the link and the opportunity to earn money. I put my account and phone and when I put the amount to enter I thought, I will see the opinions ... A scam at all levels. The next day I was called 4 different phones from different cities (they are everywhere).
They are harassing me and now I only have to answer rudely. Good luck to inform me before putting my card. They keep sending me the steps to follow to make the deposit. Inform yourself before these things because nobody gives so much money in such a short time. That is only achieved by the powerful

Jiovanni 04/23/2019

Herdos caught my father

Dear all last month an Herdos broker in the name of Sonia Martin and before in the name of Davis Onasis called my father after he dropped on herdos website and had the bad idea to fill in his telephone number.

The convinced him to trade with their help and now he's been trapped of a huge amount....

Pamela Adreani 04/13/2019


Tengo una cuenta de 1.000 € + 250 € no puedo entrar en la cuenta la contraseña que me han dado es erronea ,,como puedo recuperar ese dinero ? siento que me han estafado, les he enviado un e-mail y no tengo contestacion me gustaria saber donde se podria hacer una denuncia para recuperar este dinero,,,,

Translated by Google:

I have an account of € 1,000 + € 250 I can not enter the account the password they gave me is wrong, how can I recover that money? I feel that I have been scammed, I have sent an e-mail and I do not have an answer, I would like to know where a complaint could be made to recover this money ,,,,

José Luis Castelo Gómez 03/31/2019

No money

I asked several times from Herdos to refund me but nothing happens. Lost R3000. South Africa

Alet Mullenders 03/29/2019

Herdos is not a reliable trader

My experience is that they are just trying to make you invest as much as possible and then after a while taking control over your trading positions and making bad ones themselves and then when things becomes critical they ask you to invest more to secure the money already invested. They grab your money in a fraud way

I recommend everyone not to start trading with Herdos.
The platform and trading system is also often down and you are not able to access your account, and follow up is very slow when you try to contact support.

My advice - STAY AWAY from this company unless you have a lot of money to waist!! Do not trust their promises of high profitt!!

Fred 03/29/2019

site Herdos verdwenen?

Ik probeer de site van Herdos te bezoeken maar het lijkt wel of die helemaal verdwenen is.
Klopt dat?

Translated by Google:

site Herdos disappeared?
I try to visit the Herdos site, but it seems as if it has completely disappeared.
Is that right?

P Westmaas 03/27/2019

Very careful Herdos is a professional criminal

Very careful to all the people are trading Herdos
They are professional criminal they still people money
DONT DO IT you will be sorry

Adolfo 03/25/2019

Volio capire perche

scusate cè qualcuno che mi può richiamare al ne3927340302 ho investiso 250E iniziali con voi il13.02.2019 giorno dopo il vostro incaricato mi ha dato il benvenuto nella famiglia Herdos dicendo mi che mi richiama fra qualche giorno,però non si è fatto più sentire.Io da parte mia chiamo mando messaggi al numero di wap zapp a quale ho spedito documenti necessarie ho parlato con vostri incaricati,ma da quando hanno perlevato dal mio conto soldi tutto diventato silenzio assoluto.CHiedo di essere richiamato AL NR SOPRA INDICATO.GREGORIO

Translated by Google:

sorry there is someone who can call me back at ne3927340302 I invested 250E initials with you on 02.02.2019 the day after your appointee welcomed me into the Herdos family saying that he calls me back in a few days, but he hasn't been heard from anymore. On my part, I am sending messages to the wap zapp number to which I have sent the necessary documents, I have talked to your appointees, but ever since they relieved me of my money, everything has become absolute silence. I want to be called back to the above-mentioned NR.

grzegorz gregorio gospodarczyk 03/21/2019

they do not pay

I asked for a withdrawal but they did not pay. Not even the invested capital.
What should I do?

claudio 03/12/2019


DO not invest any money with herdos it is a scam

Lauren Marriner 02/26/2019

Herdos and Coinbrokerz

Work I with Herdos and Coinbrokerz. Contact us through e-mail 3 months. You have there so far, that should be made to profit, no more no ads. With my account did Alexander Nestor and Fred Davis. Has anyone such experience? Are who've already paid? Brought I for me very much - 250 €. I didn't want obogateti, just a little bit easier to get through the month ... I'm So angry and disappointed !!!

Silva 02/19/2019

Herdos - Odlašanje pri izplačilu dobička

V borzo Herdos sem vložila 250 €, kar je bil minimum. Dobila sem borznega posrednika, ki je trgoval namesto mene. Zmenila sva se, da mi izplača dobiček v petek 8.2.2019. Na ta dan je javil samo, da je na službenem potovanju in se slišimo 18.2.2019. Pa nič o nakazilu in tudi javi se nič več. Že sem se enkrat osmolila pri borzi Coinbrokerz in zgleda, da se je zgodba ponovila. Kaj lahko sploh naredim, da dobim vsaj vložek nazaj?

Translated by Google:

I invested € 250 in the Herdos Stock Exchange, which was a minimum. I got a broker who traded for me. We agreed to pay my profit on Friday, 8.2.2019. On this day, he only reported that he was on a business trip and we heard him on 18.2.2019. There is nothing about the transfer and nothing more. I once had a moment with the Coinbrokerz stock exchange and it seems that the story was repeated. What can I do to get at least a stake back?

Silva 02/11/2019

Meine Geld ist weg

Schlecht Platform, Ich will meine Geld haben zurück bitte, kann jemand mir Hilfen?
Liebe Grüße Hristov

Translated by Google:

Bad Platform, I want my money back please, can anyone help me?
Greetings Hristov

Hristov 02/07/2019

How legit is it?

Can u please refere us some of the testimonials regarding Herdos financial provider ,or what ever interested for trading with Herdos ?

Elsie 01/31/2019

Herdos es una estafa

Te obligan a hacer depositos enorme prometiendo que puedes retirar el dinero pero cuando intentas retirarlo no atienden tu solicitud.Llevo desde el 27 de noviembre del año pasado con la solicitud de retirada pendiente.

Translated by Google:

They force you to make huge deposits promising that you can withdraw the money but when you try to withdraw it they do not respond to your request. I have been with the pending withdrawal request since November 27 of last year.

jesus 01/28/2019


As vrea sa va intreb ce faceti cu bani care dati teapa oamenilor nu va ginditi ca exista un dumnezeu nu va ginditi ca avem si noi copii de crescut. Sa va fie rusine dumnezeu sa aiba grija de voi si de familia voastra sinteti o echipa de hoti

Translated by Google:

I would like to ask you what you do with money that will not give fooled people are thinking that there is a God you do not expect that we also have children to raise. To be ashamed of God to take care of you and your family You are a team of thieves

Toabes eufrosina 01/25/2019

HERDOS are good scammer

To you all,,, never deposit your money to HERDOS. They are just scam. I dealt with a gentle man by name of Michael Strange. And 3 months later I requested to withdraw my USD 300 and this man just told me that my money made a loss and it's in negative balance of usd178.

Do not deposit to this scam broker, coz you'll be broke forever.

Rachel Pakop 01/04/2019

Herdos Truffa

Herdos sono veramente truffatori, perché anche me hanno fatto truffa v

Herdos are really scammers, because they scammed me too

Dorota Anna 12/18/2018

Herdos - Abzocker

ich habe ein Konto bei Herdos eröffnet. Hatte aber keine Zugang zu den mir versprochenen Handelsplattformen. Stattdessen wurde ich mehrfach am Tag genervt von nem Typen der mit MEINEM Geld frei handeln wollte...
nach ner Weile wurde mir das zu lästig und ich forderte meine Einlage zurück. Das war vor 10 Wochen. Darauf hin hab ich Meinen "netten" Berater zur Rede gestellt.. Dieses freche Ar.... hat auf meine Forderung überhaupt nicht reagiert!! Immer wieder, investieren sie... Machen sie Geld... Ich wollt nicht, da dieser Typ absolut nicht fähig war!! Geschweige den seriös. Diese Plattform ist nur dazu da, Geld zu vernichten, den Leuten Geld aus der Tasche zu ziehen!!! Und das eingezahlte Geld zu behalten!!! Auf Mails wird nicht reagiert!! Mit Anwalt wird es sich auch nicht lohnen, da die in Mauritius oder sonst wo sitzen... das sind alles Abzocker!!! Da kann man das Geld gleich verbrennen

Translated by Google:

I opened an account at Herdos. But had no access to the promised trading platforms. Instead, I was annoyed several times a day by a guy who wanted to trade freely with MY money ...
After a while, this was too annoying and I demanded my deposit back. That was 10 weeks ago. Thereupon I put my "nice" advisor to the speech. This cheeky Ar .... did not react to my request at all! Time and again, invest them ... make money ... I do not want to, because this guy was absolutely not capable !! Let alone the serious. This platform is just there to destroy money, to pull money out of people's pockets !!! And to keep the deposited money !!! On mails is not responding !! With a lawyer, it will not be worthwhile, because those in Mauritius or anywhere else are sitting ... these are all rip-offs !!! Since you can burn the same money

Michael Schuster 10/10/2018

Herdos - I'm beginning to believe that they are scams

i have a complain against a broker provided by Herdos,who disrespect my views regaardinding my own money which i lhave invested which is hard earned,i wanted to withdraw all my money because of how he mistreated me.i tried to communicate this to the manager who also ignored me and im beginning to believe that they are scams. my allocated broker is Mr Richard Deklerk, he is full of himself and want me to put in more money but the profits were $1 a day which is very bad for he already stole about $70 from my account which is a lot for me.please help because he does not want me to withdraw my investment.

Moditi Asie Mariri 09/29/2018

they are theft

don t work with them they steal your money

isabela Cristiana 09/18/2018 is scam!!!!

I am warning all persons who want to pay money to !!! I have never got back my Money !!! The money ist lost... It is scam !!!

Gerd 07/10/2018

Herdos = Scam

I also requested a withdrawal request of € 250.- but for more then a month I have been waiting for my money and I am still waiting. It's true - there is no any support and no e-mail addresses !! The only ''person'' who answered to my emails is Rosy Wakner, probably with fake name. Don't trust them and stay away if you don't want to loose your money!

Goran 07/10/2018

Herdos is a Scam

Herdos is the purest fraud company on the market! I requested a withdrawal request of € 250.- but for a month I have been waiting for my money. There is no support and no e-mail addresses !! Please do not invest any money on Herdos it's just scam!

Reinhold Hermüller 06/05/2018

Herdos - Bad Customer Service

On attempting to withdraw my funds I received a call from a particularly aggressive person who stated she lived in Luxembourg and started to question why I wanted to withdraw my funds.
After telling her I didn't feel the platform met my needs she called me a "motherf....." and hung up.
I then received an email from some girl named Rosie telling me she was offended by the fact I wanted to withdraw my funds.

Stay away, it could only be a scam.

Peter 05/24/2018

Scam 1st class

Alligned to FX Nobel
Very untrustfull. They never pay out! Dont spend you money at
Its scam

Willem koudijs 05/18/2018
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