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Go Capital FX Review - is it scam or safe?

Go Capital FX Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 6 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Go Capital FX
Go Capital FX is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


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Trading Accounts and Conditions


Trading account Min. deposit Max. leverage Avg. Spread
Standard  N/A 1:100 1.6 pips


Go Capital FX is a MT4 forex broker registered in Dominica. It seems to offer a single account type, plus a swap-free (Islamic) one, and the trading conditions are not specified on the broker’s website.



Go Capital FX Advantages


MetaTrader4 supported

The presence of the MT4 platform is always considered a plus, as it is well-known to traders, and most of them enjoy working with it. This trading software is ease of use, reliable, and offers top-tier charting with a lot of indicators and customization options. Besides, there are wide range of automated trading bots developed for it, which one can use for free, buy at the MQL marketplace or create by himself (those are known as Expert Advisors or simply EAs).



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Wide range of tradeable assets


Another possible benefit of using Go Capital FX is that this broker offers wide range of financial instruments for trade: forex pairs, CFDs on indices, commodities, precious metals, some stocks, as well as popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc.


We always recommend our readers to trade only with reliable and regulated brokers. As Go Capital FX is not one of them, here is a list for those of you who are into cryptocurrencies:



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Go Capital FX Disadvantages


Doesn’t have a license

Go Capital FX is owned and operated by Lancelot Limited Equity Ltd., a company presumably situated and registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica. As there are no specific regulations on forex brokers in Dominica, nor a licensing regime, the broker does not have a legit license to operate on regulated markets like the European Union, the US, Australia or Japan, so basically if Go Capital FX is targeting customers on those markets, they are doing this illegally.


The broker also operates from another domain,


No information about spreads and minimum deposit required

As we mentioned in the beginning, Go Capital FX are not very informative in their website about the trading conditions they offer. Thank God, they offer free demo accounts, so we were able to see the leverage and spreads they offer. Nonetheless, the minimum investment the broker requires, remains unknown.


Such lack of transparency on trading costs with a forex broker is always a worrisome sign. Most scammers would not share much details about their offer, probably because they are afraid that some inconsistencies may show up and expose the whole set-up.


Demo spreads lightly above the average

When we tested Go Capital FX’s MT4, we found the benchmark EUR/USD spread floating around 1.5 – 1.7 pips, which is slightly above the average.



Go Capital FX's demo MT4. Click on the image to view larger.


Below, you can check out and compare the spreads of some top forex brokers in real time.



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Although we highlighted a few possible benefits of broke Go Capital FX, we would not recommend it mainly because it does not hold a valid forex broker license. This means that its clients have no assurance for the security of their funds and that their interests are not protected by any law.


By comparison, forex brokers regulated in a EU Member state have to meet certain capital adequacy requirements, to keep client funds in segregated accounts, to report transactions, and comply with all the rules set up on a EU level. Besides, most European countries have established compensation funds for regulated brokerages, so even in case they go bankrupt, the clients will be compensated. That being said, one of the most popular jurisdictions for forex brokers in Europe is Cyprus.



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To sum up the positive and negative sides of Go Capital FX in a few words:


Pros Cons
MT4 available Not regulated
Many tradeable assets No information about spreads and minimum deposit required
  Demo spreads lightly above the average


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Traders` reviews for Go Capital FX
















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Huge Scam

This group are just stealing people´s money, they never give back your money, lost 1840$, and when I want to withdraw the money they asked me more 26% of the ammount I want to withdraw, I have never send it, and now they just realize I didn´t send them more money they just ignored me. How can this guys keep doing this ??????

José 10/24/2019

GO CAPITALKFX is totally fraud.... beware of doing trade with them, criminal actions

This criminal entity is fraud all over. There is no license, they are not have acces to any stock exchange. They show you only fake fx account It is pure fantasy and YOU WILL NEVER GET BACK YOUR MONEY. Mr Allison is a fake name but criminal proceedings are underway to disclose their identities.

Meyer Joseph 08/07/2019


I signed up with them in may 2019. They were very helpful as they wanted me to invest more. Whenever I had any issues they would change my account manager. Their support email bounce back. When I was trying to process withdrawal of full available amount, they were delaying it looking for extra documents. After that they said I don't have enough funds. Nobody from their accounts signs any emails.I am still in the process of recovering my funds.

Agnieszka 07/24/2019


ENGLISH: (ITALIAN BELOW) TOTAL SCAM. They let me start with a very simple amount of 250 $ and then every day phone me to ask for more money. They operates telling you to transfer at least 5000 or more and promising. Then they play with a 'fake' trading platform letting you lose money in the Meta trader going in minus balance. They psychologically convince you to recover the balance offering you bonuses. If you consider them they can go on for months. NEVER TRANSFER TO THEM ANY CENT. The amount I lost reaches almost 10.000,00 EUR.

ITALIAN: TRUFFA-FRODE. Questi signori si fingono dei brocker di trading professionisti e ti spingono a trasferire soldi sul conto di trading online. Ti fanno anche registrare su un exchange service di BITCOIN chiamato per rendere le operazioni non tracciabili. Giocano con una piattaforma fasulla (identica a quella vera) MetaTrader facendoti perdere soldi e andando in negativo. Ti consolano dicendo che se ricarichi il saldo ti danno dei bonus e ti convincono a continuare a commerciare con loro. Possono andare avanti per mesi. Non so come il sito sia ancora aperto. Nel mio caso sono arrivato a perdere tutti i miei risparmi di 10.000,00. Mi hanno rovinato la vita questi bastardi, spero muoiano di una morte lenta e dolorosa.

luky21 07/08/2019


today i got my bank to do a chargeback if you contact your bank and do the same you may get your money back good luck lets beet these scum

mr lee paul rawlings 06/26/2019


total scam really feel daft to be had by these bastards

mr lee paul rawlings 06/18/2019

Total scam

The Plattform go capitals is pure fantasy. They take your money via a bitcoin bank, BTCBIT, and you will never ever get your money back. No address, no real names, all fake polish, Lithuanian etc. Idiots, which never operate via a stock exchange. They would never be accepted by any broker at stock ex. They are playing with demo operation and are criminals. Never transfer one cent to them. They will never offer there identity, that’s enough criminal.

Harper Show 06/13/2019

Warning it's a scam

They have loured me in to invest money with a trader on an account that i had not control over and than as soon i was not willing to invest any more money they opened positions on the account to make it look like i lost all the money but they have taken it all.
I am in the process of reporting them to the police, trading standards and so on but obviously they are based in Dominican republic so i can't see any outcome that is why i am leaving reviews anywhere possible to warn people. They lure you in to a false sense of security telling you lie after lie.

Raffaela Grimley 06/05/2019

Rude High Pressure Scam artisits

Do Not give these con artists a penny of your money.
The put lots of pressure on, calling everyday, making you doubt your self.
You never get what you sign up for and it's unlikely you will ever see a penny of the money they say you have made.
Having got your money the will continue to pressure you into adding more.
Then some one will call and say they are from compliance and u need to send personal verification docs and if you refuse they get very loud, very rude, very condescending and tell you you cannot have any money till you comply and when you ask for details of the financial regulator they refuse to give any...… complete scam.….STAY AWAY...…..DO NOT ENGAGE

Andrew Vibert 05/31/2019


totally been ripped off do not go near this company

mr lee paul rawlings 05/24/2019

GO CAPITALKFX is totally fraud.... beware of doing trade with them, criminal actions

This plattform is nothing but a fake. My investigation found easily out, that they have no broker at the stock exchange they dealing with, nor do they have the money to secure baying and selling foreign currencies.
They can never finance buy/sell with leverage of 200 or even 300.....
They will lock you in a demo version, described as reality, but it is nothing but scam. They using perfectly MT4 plattform, like real brokers, but behind it, nothing happens. You can see real stock movements on buy/sell, but these two guys, Mr. James Alison and Mr. Jacob Morris - fake names, as they are born in Latvia/Poland or the like - cheating swindler.
I lost money, but could secure part of it, because my bank recharged the address bank.
They did not disclose they real company background and their names.
They are using tel no from netherland and Sweden,,,, trading in BITCOIN in order to disguise their fraud. CAREFULL.

Hubert 05/09/2019

Go Capial FX is Scam

Ga niet met deze partij in zee. Ze proberen je zoveel mogelijk geld te laten overmaken. Ze zijn heel doortastend en agressief. Mijn geld was binnen 2 dagen geheel weg. Trap niet in de mooie praatjes en beloftes van de trader en zijn baas die je wrs ook aan de telefoon krijgt om je over te halen.

Translated by Google:

Don't get involved with this party. They try to get you to transfer as much money as possible. They are very bold and aggressive. My money was completely gone within 2 days. Don't fall for the nice talks and promises of the trader and his boss who will also get your wrs on the phone to persuade you.

Elizabeth 04/11/2019

Go capitalfx scam

I wanted to invest only 5000usd but they gave me bonus of 5000 and then it was not insured they made us to pay it twice as our bank transfer didnt arrive on time. That was first trick to get more money and they said we had contract to withdraw 14000usd without comission.
That money that arrived later for the same credit they joined and our request to withdraw our 14000 was answered with filling documents during 2 weeks and they proposed to send 5000 more to make contract for 25000usd and then they proposed to send it to us to reenter with own capital. Then we had to transfere first their comission of 32 percent on profit and 1000usd extra and just didnt withdraw our money.

Elena Fedosseeva 03/31/2019

You will never get any money back

To my knowledge this company is the successor of BeCFD owned by BO trader Montenegro. This company never paid out any profits. When customers asked their profits being paid out the account manager is not available any more. This means this company is scam.

Elisangela Bentrup 03/30/2019

real scam

For getting my money back they always look for excuses that you send them more money.We send money through european bank and they demanded comission extra 13 and 19 percent on profit.Then somebody calls from London that you must pay extra 2000 dollars comission to get your money back.When you transfere money to them after 10 days is still not on there account and you have to send more to pay there bonus which they must pay urgenyly back.Please dont get involved.

Stay away. They are liares.They just steal your money

Елена Федосеева 03/30/2019

They are a scam

My Account Manager disappeared and now I m not able to get my money back.

Their support email keeps telling me that they need the approval from the account manager but he is not answering me.

We went from ( calling me almost every day when I told them that I can make a bigger amount of deposit) not not calling me at all and disappearing when I refuse to give more money.

Antonio Tassara 03/25/2019


La gocapital fx è solamente una truffa, fate attenzione

Translated by Google:

Gocapital fx is only a scam, be careful

Paola 03/13/2019


Veri ladri capaci di toglierti pure le palle e quando sei dentro non ne esci più, e le chiamanti sono delle vere succhiasoldi instancabili Caro andiamo bene devi versare così tripli il tuo capitale (raddoppi il nostro capitale) maledetti.

Translated by Google:

Real thieves able to take away your balls and when you're inside you do not go out anymore, and the callers are real tireless sucks. Dear we go you have to pay so triple your capital (doubling our capital) cursed.

renzo 03/11/2019

Scam - Cant delete my account

They keep on calling and keep you on a dead end. When you want to delete your account they ask you to login, when you tell them youre logged in, they hang up!

eddy 02/19/2019

Scam - Call center not reachable

Clearly a scam. Call center not reachable. Strange way to make deposit.

Libhero 02/15/2019
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