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GFC Investment Review - is it scam or safe?

GFC Investment review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 27 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz GFC Investment
GFC Investment is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


GFC Investment is a forex and CFD broker, offering a good variety of currency pairs, as well as CFDs on commodities, indices, stocks and crypto coins. If you are considering trading with them be sure to read this review first.


Account type Min. deposit Max. leverage Spreads
Basic Account $250 1:400 4 pips
Silver Account $5000 1:400 n/a
Gold Account $10 000 1:400 n/a
Platinum Account $25 000 1:400 n/a
VIP Account $100 000 1:400 n/a


GFC Investment Advantages:


Over 50 major and exotic currency pairs and crypto CFDs offered


GFC Investment offers trade with nearly 50 forex pairs, including exotci currencies like Russian Rubla, Hong Kong Dollar, Polish Zloty, Mexican Peso and Czech Krona, Israeli Shekel, Hungarian Forint, Turkish Lyra, Singapore Dollar, South African Rand, Swedish Krona, Danish Krona and Norwegian Krona. 


The broker also offers CFDs on precious metals, like silver and gold, oil, stocks, 7 major indices and crypto coins like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple. Still you may want to checks our list of brokers, offering Bitcoin CFDs as well:


>>Bitcoin Forex Brokers<<


Leverage of up to 1:400


GFC Investment offers leverage of up to 1:400 and that is more than enough to accommodate even the most aggressive trading strategy. Keep in mind that while higher leverage might help you score good profit with a relatively small deposit, it also comes with a potential risk of depleting your funds much faster, when the market shifts in the wrong direction.


Popular e-wallets accepted as payment methods


With GFC Investment you can deposit and withdraw funds with all major credit or debit cards like VISA and MasterCard, bank wire and e-wallets, including SkrillNeteller. However, we miss PayPal, as well as the option to pay with Bitcoins, so here you may check our list of brokers, accepting payments with Bitcoins:


>>Forex Brokers Accepting Bitcoin<<


You can start trading with 250 USD


While you can start trading with GFC Investment with just 250 USD, to enjoy the broker's premium accounts you will have to invest significantly more. 5000 USD for a Silver Account, 10 000 USD for a Gold Account, 25 000 USD for a Platinum Account and 100 000 USD for a VIP Account. And although 250 USD is in line with what most brokers ask as a minimum deposit requirement, keep in mind that with some well established players like FBS and IG you can start trading with just 5 USD or even less.


GFC Investment Disadvantages:


No license is owned and operated by the GFCInvestment group KINTEKA OU, based in Estonia  and DARTALON LTD, based in St. Vincent & Grenadines. 


As the broker mentions nothing about a license or regulation,  we diligently checked the registers of the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority – Finantsinspektsioon and neither GFCInvestment group KINTEKA OU nor DARTALON LTD showed up. 


As far as the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of St Vincent and the Grenadines is concerned, recently they warned in a statement, published on the website of the institution, that it “does not issue any licenses for forex trading or brokerage or binary options trading nor does it regulate, monitor, supervise or license international companies, which engage in such activities“.


That leaves us with no choice but to regard GFC Investment as an unregulated broker and that is unfortunate, as unregulated brokers have very limited credibility and more often than not are involved in scam. 


Keep in mind that regulation is crucial for the safety of any investment and only well respected financial institutions like the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) can provide sufficient security to traders. 


Licensed brokers are obliged to follow strict fiscal and ethical rules, including to maintain a minimum capital adequacy ratio, to keep all clients money in protected, segregated accounts and in some cases even to insure traders capital. 


With the FCA backed Financial Services Compensation Scheme for example, in case the broker goes insolvent, traders can receive back up to 50 000 GBP of their capital. Similar compensation scheme with the CySEC in the Cyprus guarantees traders up to 20 000 EUR of their investment. Here you may check our list of brokers, also licensed by FCA:


>>FCA Regulated Forex Brokers<<


Uncompetitive spreads


The EURUSD spread that we came across on the GFC Investment trading platform was fixed at 4 pips and this is just horrible. We should note that with a standard account traders usually expect spreads starting between 1 and 1,5 pips. Here you may want to check our list of brokers, offering tighter spreads:


>> Lowest spread forex brokers<<


MetaTrader4 not supported


GFC Investment offers a web-based CFD trading platform, which looks rather simplified and bears resemblance to platforms usually used for binary options trading.



So we miss the  MetaTrader4 - a platform of choice for professional and beginner traders alike. It features more than 50 in-build market indicators, various charting tools, and the option to run automated trading sessions with the help of specially designed trading bots – Expert Advisors, which can be easily modified to better fit your trading strategy. Here you may want to check our list of MetaTrader4 brokers:


>>MT4 Brokers<<




GFC Investment is an unregulated, offshore broker, with rather low credibility. As we have already discussed, regulation is the single most crucial factor for the safety of any investment and we strongly recommend that you trade with properly licensed brokers only.

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ripped off

they hooked me in through a Instagram ad that used Kim DOtcom as the face... it profiled a new computing system that reads trading algorythms. it was very targeted to my personality and triggers.. it was manufactured for me.
I was then hooked in ….my $$$ was transferred. I was scammed.
They always present well these organisations.

They built my account up, built my trust, on what I now believe was a
AI trading platform. ( one they control the variables to ). Eventually I needed the money back.... I tried to close the account. They lost all the money on the final trades they said I had to do.

Good timing.
Kim Dotcom.

Jeremy Henderson 08/06/2019

Robbed of $1600

Thieves! Scam.
Robbed of $1600 US. Would have been much more, as they were asking for more funds on just about every phone call. Sucked in well and truly to start with, but smelt something not nice after a short while. Trade losses were contrived. Went from $1700US to $3850US after three trades. This was designed to make me greedy and so put more money in. I didn’t. All downhill from this point. When my balance was at $1200, I asked to withdraw. They wouldn’t let me! Promised me a 100% protected trade. Suffice to say, that trade went down and they reneged on their pledge. Still, they asked for more funds. I was fairly abusive on the phone and threatened to take my case to the ACCC, which I’m in the process of doing having spoken to them.

Jim Dwight 05/21/2019

Lost money £25k within 3 months only

To whom it may concern,
Pls help me to review my case on how to get back my money which
I used my two major credit cards. After 3 months of investing the money
which I loaned from my credit cards my personal adviser never contacted any more
Inspite of my calls and emails. Now I’m paying my credit cards monthly
which is not enough for my family to feed.. my personal adviser is Mr Tom Rose
and still I got all paperwork with me. I tried to end off my life coz I can’t afford
to pay this huge amount of ulan plus the interest but I was also thinking of my 3 young children.
I am just ordinary person wants to save extra income for my children education.
Please help me to get back my money.
Hoping your immediate reply.

Respecfully yours
Mr A Wadja

Aljone Wadja 03/25/2019


The only thing you can do, DO NOT INVEST ANY MORE MONEY. They were pushing me to invest but I refused to and eventually 2 - 3 weeks later, I had my money refunded to my bank account. I still lost some money, which was a little bit, comparing to what I invested. Their interest is for you to lose all the money by investing it so your account balance will be zero. They pushed me a lot to invest the money to different platforms but I refused to do so and then suddenly, a couple of weeks later (not expecting to receive any money from them), I received all the money which was left on my account.
Some people suggested to do a chargeback with your bank if you paid the money to GFC with a debit card.
I hope my review will be helpful to you and you will be able to get your money back. I know how it feels, it's disgusting what GFC Investment do. I had many sleepless nights for a long time and can understand what you are going through. I pray you get your money back.

Joanna 03/12/2019

£25,000 lost within 3 minths

Pls help me.

I am very sure I am a victim of swindler by my adviser.

My Tom Rose. After using my two credit cards with the amount of £25,000
within 3 months and got lost he never contacted me in spite with calls and emails.

Now I’m paying 550 monthly for my credit cards. He ruin my life as well as my family.

Thinking of ending my life. PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE ITS TO LATE.

Aljone Wadja 03/06/2019

Withdrawal took 2 months. Stay away!

i had awful trouble getting my money back from these ,took about 2 months after i got visa to step in. Since then i have been getting up to 10 calls per day from all over the world ,even after blocking every number they still ring from different ones .STAY AWAY.

john reilly 02/25/2019

GFC Investment is being closed down

As an investor, investing my money with GFC Invest I am currently in the process of getting my investment back from GFC Invest. The company has not been operating legit, and are being closed down. After my account with them suddenly became inaccessible I got a call from the people settling the bankruptcy.

Matthew G. Hauge 02/19/2019

GFC is a scammer an online robber

I deposit $250 to open an account with them but after a month later my account become 0 very bad experience with this robber system. I am warning people do not invest your money with them you will never get your money back their system will rob your money only.

antreavut men 02/13/2019


Attention! Cheater You lose all your money

Aslan 02/11/2019

Been ripped off

Please do not invest any money with GFC, you will lose all, I had experience with them, my $250 been rib off in one month, monthly fee $250 sad to get involve with these bull shit

antreavut men 02/11/2019


I have checked reviews on GFC and found that it is an unlicensed Broker based in Estonia and offshore Islands . Basically it is a scam. I am very disappointed in myself for getting “sucked” in by you and your colleagues! Fortunately my money is safe as my Bank will not allow scammers of your sort to take money from customer accounts.

Please do not attempt to contact me ever again. I intend to place a review on your website to inform other people of this fraudulent investment company.

This was a response to this “Broker” named Nicola Novak, who according to my Bank tried to take $5,000 from my account. This wa after I explained that I was a pensioner and had limited funds. I became suspicious and checked
reviews on GFC. Thankfully my Bank was aware of of this and will not release Client funds to this Scammer. I was lucky and very naive. I will not be sucked in again. Beware of GFC, especially pensioners such as myself.

Vivienne Angliss 02/06/2019

I had been naiv...

Sorry my english..
I want my 500 euro back, but they just talk and talk and phone me severel times ever day......i have not activated min accunt i GFC, but they will not send my money back. Very bad compagny....
Can enyone help me?
I had been stupid, sorry

peter hestbech 02/04/2019

Do not invest with GFC Investment

I would strongly advise against investing with this organisation. Even after providing the exact information that the Finance department at GFC requested, I am still to receive my funds back and they are now not responding to my emails.

Jason 01/26/2019


I've traded on the GFC platform and exposed only 6 - 7 % on a trade. Maria Marks phoned me (she apparently is a manager?), and asked me to quickly lock out of my account and log back in. The reason she offered was that my account status must be changed to VIP. Well, she has changed the minimum exposure to be 35 - 40 % per trade. How unethical is that? I've sent emails requesting for this to be rectified, with no success.

Think twice before investing any of your hard earned money there!! They earn money on money that you make. If you don't make huge amounts at one given time, they force you to make a lot OR LOSE A LOT! When we requested for our money left in the account to be paid back to us, they said that we have to have $100 000 in our account before they can pay money back. This was never corresponded to us when we transferred the $26 000 to them.

SC Mostert 01/22/2019

I got reaped £500

Terrible and preying on the innocent if u dont know
anything about trading run for your life

N Khathi 01/10/2019

A complete scam

I invested £500 in this scam of a company. The investment lost money and when I tried to cash in I was charged a £99 admin fee. DO NOT invest, it is a SCAM!

Jonathan 12/18/2018

GFC Investment - a total scam !

Can't believe how stupid I have been.
And it is not like I don't know the drill.
These Bastards scammed me of $ 500 ,
and it seems by looking at your page , that there
are more complaints here about this crowd than I have
ever seen before about any broker !
Don't know anymore what to do about getting
my precious money back !

Henri van Rooyen 12/18/2018

My 250 usd disappeared

I deposit 250 usd December 2017 in Green fields Capital and never start trading. My 250 usd disappear And now thy trading under a new name but with the same logo GFC Investing. What happened with my 250 Doller.

Louis Ferreira 12/13/2018

Geld terug

Ik heb 250 euro overgemaakt maar heb mij bedacht ik wil graag mijn geld hoe doe ik dat?

Translated by Google:

I have transferred 250 euros but have figured me I would like my money how do I do that?

Janet Siemelink 12/11/2018

my 250 Dollar is gone

Desember 2018 I deposit 250 usd. The same logo but the name where Green Fields Capital. Never start trading my 250 Dollar is gone.

Louis Ferreira 12/08/2018

GFC Investment Experience

I joined GFC on 15/09/2018 paying a deposit of $250 believing I could begin with this. I was given an account manager with a very strong personality. I made deposits with my master card until they stopped the deposits. I put in a total of $10,000. I won one big trade but suffered appalling losses to the tune of $18764. I have two trades still running at a loss which I will close
as soon as I can. The whole experience has been shattering, I am a rookie trader, I trusted them and now feel very foolish.


Susan Fraser 12/02/2018

No withdrawal

They are lying to put more money to invest. Then they say that you returned that does not happen. If you are going to invest and you have gained some money and you ask for a deposit. The account manager will be the good treatments. What so not happening. So it comes down to is that you lose your money. If anyone here also has had. And money back has been I'd love to hear

Anne 11/30/2018

The worste company I have known

I was told by a friend to look at this company & thought that I would start with the basic account $250 US.

Initially I opened the accont and was contacted and told that $500 US was the minimum, so I did not go ahead with this.

I was called on average 2 times per day for over a month and regardless of the number of times I told them to cancel & take me off their call list, I continued to receive calls daily.

on the 20-11-18 I decided to withdraw the money and the message said the transaction was processing and that I would be contacted by someone, this has gone on for a week & I have not been contacted nor received the return of my funds.

I would be very wary havng anything to do with these people or website!

Fernando Giaimo 11/24/2018

Dirty scammers

Don't trust any of them they are all liers I tried to cancel my account after reading this was a scam company i was told by Joshua Brown that my money was returned to my bank but instead he traded my money and lost £1900 i was then told he had left the company i tried to to get the remaining £600 back but with no luck other names not to trust are Edward Reed Nick Damon and Nicole Adler all liers

Paul Gardner 11/17/2018

Deceit: GFC takes £99 admin fee!!

I opened an account with a small investment, unfortunately my investment went down leaving £100 in my account. I tried to withdraw this money to my account to find that I needed to "verify" my details! An account manager called to try and persuade me into not walking away and invest more. I said no and sent my ID details. I had no contact back from Jordan Moore. I left this alone for a month as I thought it was safe to do as he told me my money was not active in any of the GFC markets.

After 30 days of no activity GFC take £99 admin fee!! For what? Nothing. Be warned not to listen to the traders that call you, ask you how much you would like to earn and they can help you to achieve it. Your money is gone within days or weeks.

Denise 11/15/2018


I have an account with GFC and I have deposited $500 I can't understand how one should go about trading. I've tried for a long time still failing to comprehend anything. I then decided to withdraw but I can't and now my money keeps on dawdling. May I please get some help.

Zacharia Mahlangu 11/06/2018

Do i ever get my money back?

I invested 500 euros in this investement comp. by a guy name Alex Folk. He really talked me into transferring money.
I hesitated by doing so, but i don't know what happened before i really made the transfer.
Later i checked the site and came across you site. Do i ever get my money back or is it a total scam?

Marianne Roos Hoefgeest 11/05/2018

Please contact me if you've been scammed by GFC Investment (

Dear Trader,

I am conducting an investigation into the company GFC Investment. There have been numerous complaints about this organisation, and my findings so far have produced evidence of fraud.

What are your experiences? Could you tell me what happened to you? Any evidence would help.

Would you like to arrange a time to chat? Recorded evidence would be even better.



Wayland Ellis 11/01/2018

Agree with others

Greenfields are for sure pure Scam . Nothing short of International thieves .

john 10/27/2018

Scam merchants

My father was persuaded to invest £300 on his credit card and whilst on the phone to them, they showed an example of what would happen if he invested £10,000 by upping the slider for his card on the website they were demonstrating. What he didn't realise was that it wasn't an example, they actually did increase the limit meaning they conned him into investing £10,000+.

He immediately requested to close the account and refund the monies for which they requested a host of documents to 'verify his identity' and promised the monies would be returned within 7- 10 days. Nothing has been returned.

The only saving grace was that he complained to Barclaycard that he was the victim of fraud and the Fraud Department are reviewing everything and have told him not to worry as they will compensate the monies.

mark 10/27/2018

Bullying seems to be their way of working

I was bullied into investing a total of £4100 and one of their "account managers" manipulated my PC through AnyDesk and coerced me into taking a trade which he said was going to bring in big profits. He said i needed to turn off my PC and wait until after the weekend. I missed two alerts warning me the trade was failing and it automatically closed leaving my account empty. They just don't care, are not professional and offer very bad advice they bully and goad you into making bad decisions. They told me that they were regulated but when I challenged this statement after I lost my money they said that regulation was "bull shit" and not necessary.

Robert Stelling 10/24/2018

Sales people told lies to get me into company

Scam company.

Sales people told lies to get me into company, offering services not available.

Also they with held information about having to give them Photo of credit card and licence to trade and get money out,

Fortunately Trader said why did you get involved, they gave you wrong information.But too late. Had $150 US left in account.

Stopped trading. They would not return left over money in my account. Then would not close account as said you need 100 EU in account to close, so kept deducting $90 monthly account fee. Then tried to access my account without permission.

Likely in small print.

Do be wary of them, especially Indian Sales manager lady who is well tuned in telling you leis to get you to invest.

Please I have warned you. Avoid this company. I have been told by monitoring FX authorities, they have many complains about this company for various reasons. Had to change my credit card, and internationally lock it due to recent identity theft and sincerely Robert

Robert 10/14/2018

I have just been caught...

I have just been caught by these crooks and have invested £8000 into this scam. I still have a balance of just over £6000 of my own money. Anyone any ideas on how best to get this back?
They are not willing to let me withdraw it until I make another trade, which is only likely to lose me more money.

Graham 09/28/2018

Scammers - GFC Investment

This Trader asked a friend for card details, proof of address and tried to make them download an app where they could view their desktop to see them logging into their own bank account! Blatantly scamming people out of their money. Watch out.

Ross David Muil 09/17/2018

GFC Investment - a total scam

Stay away from this company.They will only rip you off from all your savings. They have changed name again , but it`s the former known scam Greenfield Capital. A honestly working company will bounces up their image and trademark, and not change name all the time! They are better regarded as criminals ,which their truth is! I was scammed by Greenfield, but this is the same gang and organization.

Fortunately this company has very few traders after checking the Never join them!

Harry 09/16/2018


Well i invested 500 Euro but wanted my money back when they wanted 1 A copy of my latest bill. 2 A copy of my ID (drivers license) 3 Copy of my creditcard which i paid the 500 Euro with, but without the 12 digits and without CCV. Why ???? I wanted MY money back but of course nothing has happened. SCAM-Company ??

Roland Jansson 09/06/2018

GFC - Frauds

They are frauds, stole $250 from me, at least that was all they stole from me.

Marlon Myburgh 09/05/2018

GFC Investment - Pure con

Pure con u cant get into your account and want a copy off you card both side passport and national ins numbers utility bill its a scam. I've lost 500 uk pounds crap

Liz stewart 09/04/2018

Took my money

Hi There , wondering is there any way of getting my money back from GFC investment. They used my money for there own benefits. My account now has nothing in it and was in a profit of €1000 Euro . Witch many a time wanted to withdraw. Can anyone help me thanks regards Mark

Mark Desmond 09/04/2018

Not a good company

Gfc investments formally Greenfieldscapital are not a good company to work with,they will talk you in to trading with bitcoin & stock&shares starting to make a profit then loose all your money &more besides

Peter Bows 08/28/2018

GFC is Greenfields Capital

GFC IS Greenfields Capital & so their SCAM continues. They have "Scammed" me to the tune of $35K. I am in the process of trying to get it back via "Chargebacks" thru my bank....stay tuned! DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY TO THEM they have NO live trading platform they just "assimilate" one.

Nicola Ibbotson 08/21/2018

Bad experience

I had bad experience with them. Very difficult to withdraw my deposit.

Joseph Wong 08/10/2018

GFC Scam

It's a total scam. Do not in any circumstances give them your money!!!

Anon 08/09/2018


My opinion is in line with the above. GFC accepted my deposit wihout formality.

As soon as I began to feel uneasy about this Co, I attempted a withdrawal. At this stage goalposts began shifting, the email address that was given, is not recognised and emails returned. An endless LOOP is then established. which it is impossible to escape from.

Mr W Wright 08/03/2018

Dont trade with them

GFC investments is the same as Greenfields Capital which is a criminal company that Have cheated many people with a ”trading platform” that is not linked anywhere it is only for exercise. Dont trade with them. It is SCAM

Stig Hogberg 07/24/2018

vipwayzone traders is a scam

vipwayzone it's also a scam beware guys it's easy to deposit money with them but to withdraw it you won't get your money back

lesiba 07/20/2018
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