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Get Financial Review - is it scam or safe?

Get Financial  Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 67 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Get Financial
Get Financial is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Standard Unspecified Unspecified From 1.8 pips

Get Financial is a forex and CFD broker, whose website doesn’t reveal much details about their offer. This is a negative by itself, but the information which they have disclosed is even worse. Read the full review, to see the reasoning behind their low score.

 Get Financial Advantages

 Charting by TradingView
Trading with Get Financial comes via a web-based platform. It is an interface which we have seen before and have mixed feelings about. While there is no support for automated trading software, the news feed on the right hand side and more importantly the top-tier charting package provided are nice. Here is a preview:

The platform provided by Get Financial

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Many markets covered
Get Financial provides a lot of products, including: Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stock-specific CFDs and the latest asset class – cryptocurrencies. We have to reiterate this isn’t a crypto-exchange and one will not get access to the actual coins traded, but will only have the ability to speculate with them.

Get Financial Disadvantages

Offshore company, no regulation
The company behind this broker is the aptly named Get Financial Markets Ltd, based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. This is one of the rather popular offshore destinations for forex brokers, which doesn’t inspire much credibility. The local financial regulator, the FSA has stated it doesn’t oversee these entities (the focus is on banks, mutual funds and insurance companies)

Very poor presentation
Get Financial doesn’t tell its potential clients much of the information, which experienced traders are looking for in a forex broker. There are no trading conditions (i.e. contract sizes for the different assets, leverage, target spreads) and no info on the payment methods and minimums.

Almost competitive spreads

We hesitated to even put this in the positives section, as the EUR/USD spread we saw in the trading platform was around 1.8-2.0 pips. This is on the high end of acceptable levels – basically one should only settle for these levels if they are offered by a highly regulated broker.

>>See some of the best spreads here<<

No demo accounts
The platform we had the chance to see, was only available after we registered a real account with Get Financial. This definitely isn’t as big of a problem as some of the rest, but we feel the need to mention it, as the industry-wide practice is exactly the opposite.

Terms and conditions full of traps
Given the poor presentation at Get Financial, we decided to dig deep into their “terms and conditions” and were surprised to see some of them. Here are the two most impressive ones (although we may have missed something):

-The company explicitly states client funds aren’t segregated and they may use them for all purposes, including, but not limited to, investing them on the firm’s behalf. This is simply unacceptable in the current day and age.

-A $30 commission is charged for any withdrawal request, while the minimum withdrawal amount is $50. This may not sound that significant for some clients, but for others it may be a significant portion of their investment. Keep in mind these are Get Financial’s fees, which come before the banking ones.


Get Financial is an unregulated offshore forex broker. Their presentation is lacking almost all the crucial information one is looking for in a similar company. While this leaves a very negative impression, the legal status of this company is an even greater issue.

An unregulated offshore broker isn’t a reliable partner, because at the end of the day they may simply not honor you request to withdraw any funds. This, combined with the lack of segregation of client funds is very troubling.

The opposite of such an investing intermediary, will be a company, overseen by one of the European financial watchdogs, where this particular rule is always applied. We like to give the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as it is one of the most stringent ones in the world.

>>Find an FCA broker suited for you in our list<<

One of the additional rules which they apply is the client compensation fund. It’s called the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and offers protection if the broker in question goes bankrupt. Each trader will then be refunded for his full investment, limited to £ 50,000.

Here is a summary of this review:

Pros Cons
Charting by TradingView Offshore company, no regulation
Many markets covered Very poor presentation
  Almost competitive spreads
  No demo accounts
  Terms and conditions full of traps


Latest news about Get Financial
No news about Get Financial. Check back later.
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Invested in 2018 no response

Please call me

Kanthi pillay 12/06/2019

Get Financial - More like get robbed!

I had funds invested successfully and made money, but when it came to withdrawing ANY gains it all turned sour like other people's complaints here. No response, but when they did respond they just wanted more money from me! Twice since then in the last 12 months I have been contacted by BOGUS organisations claiming to either be representing GET FINANCIAL or investigating them, and promising to return funds to me.....I was suckered once but I am not going to be suckered again!

Nigel Pearson 11/11/2019

Outsatanding payment due to me

Having started off with one broker and initially a replacement broker,(Charlie Frazer) my account became confused having traded on currency I requested a "Cash In"
My screen became unavailable !!!

Eventually I was first contacted by Charlie Frazer who said I had made a profit with BITCOIN and he wanted to pay me!

To this he needed contact re my bank to set up a Wallet. During the process without my permission or authority £826.01 was TAKEN out of my account.

Next Thomas telephoned me and said Charlie was incorrect and that he would complete the payment due to me (aprox. 17,000.00)NOTHING to date

John Parks 09/24/2019

lost money

I attempted to "CASH" in My trading site closed.
Some weeks later I received a phone call from the person who had been involved.
It would seem my "Investment" and any "profit from previous trading" was now available in the shape of BITCOINS.
The sum was in the order of 17,000.00 (currency not clear)
To receive this sum THEY required a transaction via ANYDESK which never worked but they did Steal £826.02 during the process claiming a Wallet needed to be set up
The amount of information they demanded was clearly all part of a scam. If they deny this then at least the refund of the money taken would be appreciated

John Parks 08/22/2019


Get-financial is a scam broker who take people's money and vanish .They scammed me after making a deposit, you must stay away from that broker

Pumzile Puza 08/08/2019


Hello everyone, GETFINANCIAL is a huge scam. They will do their best to get as much money as they can. Do not allow them to access your computer, bank ID and password, credit card information and more. Whatever they say, and spam call you for that matter, you aren't going to get your money back. I lost 5000 USD for these scamming lot and I almost went into depression for that matter. Please stop investing in these ppl. Go through proper channels for investment.

Some guy in asia 07/30/2019


I started by an approach by IAN Boreman who was good and effective However he then said he was moving and introduced me to CHARLIE Frazer who assured me was good and would continue trading including BITCOIN. Although the site on screen looked reasonable all currency no Bitcoin indications eventually I decided to cash in with the amount shown in pounds sterling. NOTHING except my chart ceased.Some time later I had a call from Charlie saying I had done extremely well with my Bitcoin account! To get the payment it was necessary to give my bank details and verify myself After the first encounter I found that Charlie had taken £826.02 from my account to facilitate a wallet. I have now lost the promised profit, the bitcoins and the sum taken by get financial.
After persevering "they attempted to take even more money from my account claiming this was an essential part of the procedure I managed to stop the additional transfer from my account Because I would not agree they "Get Financial namely Charlie Frazer gave up keeping my "profit" and the £826.02 "stolen from my bank via Any Desk connection

John Parks 07/30/2019

Not Getting my money back

i invested R3500/$250 dollar with Get financial at the end of February, after two months i asked my broker what is happening with my money because basically its just standing still no profits of anything, than he told me i cant see it because they are doing trading in their back offices another month past and still the same i asked what is going on he told me my account is looking good but as i could see noting changed, so i told them i want my money back because nothing is happening and that is not what they told me in the beginning by now i was supose to get big profits and stuff, since ive asked my money back they never reply on my emails again and the number on the get financial platform is not working, can someone please help me???

Cally Isaks 06/04/2019

Get Financial - Alles heiße Luft

Als erstes gebe ich zu, dass ich mich belabern lassen und 11310 € eingezahlt habe. Seit Monaten versuche ich Geld zurückzubekommen. Bisher ohne Erfolg. Ein Herr Lucas Nilsson erfindet immer neue Sachen, warum ich einzahlen soll : von Liquiditätsproblemen bis hin: ich müsste mein Geld versichern. Aber an Geld auf mein Konto überweisen denkt er nicht. Auf meinem Konto bei get-financial sollen über 17.000 € sein. Nur seit Montag ,20.5.2019 kann ich nicht mehr zugreifen auf dieses Konto. Ich weiß nicht mehr was ich tun soll. Alle meine Versuche, Herrn Nilsson zur Rückgabe meines Geldes zu bewegen sind gescheitert. Bitte helfen sie mir!

Translated by Google:

All hot air
First, I admit that I let myself be readmitted and paid € 11310. For months I have been trying to get money back. So far without success. A Mr. Lucas Nilsson always invents new things, why I should deposit: from liquidity problems to: I would have to insure my money. But he does not think about transferring money to my account. My account at get-financial is said to be over € 17,000. Only since Monday, 20.5.2019 I can no longer access this account. I do not know what to do. All my attempts to persuade Mr. Nilsson to return my money have failed. Please help me!

Wolfgang Hermanns 05/23/2019

unable to access my account

I've been attempting to access my account and have been unable to do so. I've also been trying to contact you to no available. I find this very disturbing and unacceptable. Why is this.." Would someone plz email me as to what's going on

Christopher Edwards 05/12/2019

Get Financial financial withdrawals

I have tried to withdraw my money on a number of occasions and it refuses me without telling me why. I have had phone calls from the company who claim this is a straightforward procedure. In fact one 'broker' promised to send me his email so if I had any problems I could contact him. Needless to say he never did.

I have written numerous emails to the support desk at the company but alas no response.

Admittedly I did not invest very much - £250 - but I would like it back.

Thank you.

Alexandra Antoniou 05/04/2019

Can't withdraw any amount, my personal broker Kate Lombardie doesn't contact me anymore since decembre 2018

I have deposit in octobre about €10000 and now on my account there is €20386 but i can't withdraw anything and she contacts me no more.

You can only deposit and then never can withdraw or do payout!

There stands €20386 o my account there but I can't withdraw anything!

My socalled personal broker Kate Lombardi never contacts me and what can I do to get my money back?? Help??Please help me and contact me!

A.J.M. van der Eerden 05/03/2019

Get financial dont reply

I want to no how can I get my money back because Get financial take my money and sins then they don't contact me the read there WhatsApp but don't reply so Its a scam

Federico 04/11/2019

Refusal to return funds

I've asked Get Financial to return my initial investment of 251US$ when they say that my account had increased with the so called 100US$ welcome bonus and by their automated trading in the back room to over 400US$

Iv'e emailed and telephoned several times and been promised my money back but it has not been forthcoming

Does anybody know if they are governed by any authority?
It appears to be a scam and I urge anyone not to believe anything they are told

Charlie Edmondson 04/03/2019

Not good getfinancial.Com

Is fake and scam. Please don't listen to People who call making a claim to be a stock market. Please check on the internet on forfx is regulated.

David ho 03/27/2019

Sehr schlecht

So eine Schei..e. Kannst niemand erreichen. Das Geld ist weg .
Am Telefon werden Ständchen gesungen, auf die E-Mail reagiert auch niemand.
Wie kriege ich mein Geld zurück?
Wer hat Erfahrungen bitte melden Sie sich.

Translated by Google:

Such a shi*t. Can not reach anyone. The money is gone .
Serenades are sung on the phone, and no one reacts to the e-mail.
How can I get my money back?
Who has experiences please contact us.

Schmidt Rosa. 03/24/2019

Don't trust this company

This company is bad news. I agree with all the comments. They defraud you from your cash and thereafter never come back to you to put your mind at ease that your investment is safe. Beatrice Bitten is not a forex trader and will together with David Paul take what they can and never keep their end of the deal to pay you as per arrangements agreed. The Lord does not sleep and what goes around comes around. This must be remembered by this company.

Alta 03/15/2019

Lack of customer support

I stupidly invested with get Financial. All seemed well but when I tried to get my money back they refused to do so. I tried calling them, texting them, emailing them but cannot get through. Their phone lines are ALL WAYS busy and IF you get through they apologise and say a broker will call me. This week I was lucky enough to get through where I begged for someone to call me. That happened all week. MY mobile phone and landline are calling them from 9.00am till 5.00pm. I can see my money in my account but cannot get it out.
When can one go for help and advise.

Angela marshall 03/14/2019

Soft on the eye

i have since 2018 being trying to get my money back which Randall a financial advisor spoke me into investing $2000 plus by buying a bidcoin , i am 71 yrs old as explained to him and didnt want to get into financial debt,but i was quarenteed i would slowly make money , well needless to say im still in debt after trusting him, how terrible sad.

Mrs Arlene Breedt ,JOhannesburg.

ARLENE Breedt 03/11/2019

Return my money back!!!

Get financial are using people to take money.they called me and convince me to make invest to bryan kent the account manager automatically take my salary money in my atm which is 1000 im trying to contact them but no one of the comlpliance named alan called me after1 week cos i kept messagung them then he ask me about the 3 requirements i have to give them so that i they will return my money back in my atm.after i give the requirements he asked he never contact me anymore.getfinancial is a scam!!! And if get financial read this pls return my 1000 dirhams back cos that was the only money i have!!!

Catherine Yaquit 03/10/2019

cant log in

i cannot access my account or even log in, have tried so many times to get their IT department to assist but to no avail

Abram Stambo Mashigwana 03/07/2019

Experiance with get

They asked for 200$ to open an account and then added 75$ to encourage me to go live. I was then moved between representatives, finally to the hard sell asking me to invest £2500 in Bit coin. I refused and asked to meet face to face as they said they were in Canary Warf. I am still waiting for the return call to set up the meeting. My initial investment seems to be increasing at a steady amount but how to withdraw i have not got a clue as yet

Steve Jones 03/07/2019

got scammed

I got scammed by a person called Beatrice Bitten - a very smooth talking criminal. Don't know whether I will get my money back.

H.E. van Dijk 03/02/2019


On the 22january2019 I make my frst payment for get financial till today I didn't getting any response from them.since I was making the payment when I try to call them they ignoting my calls and my emails even o'n whatsap they ignoring me.

Maria mollo 02/27/2019

Get financial account

Fui enganado por eles Hoje. Abri a conta, após isso vi que não consigo retirar meu dinheiro e nem mudar minha palavra pass. Ainda der isso a página é redirecionada pro inicio

Translated by Google:

I was deceived by them Today. I opened the account, after that I saw that I can not withdraw my money and change my password. Still, the page is redirected to the beginning

Fabio izabel Batista 02/25/2019

scammer get financial

Well organized robbers!

Admin Contact
Name: Get Financial Markets Ltd
Mailing Address: Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont Kingstown 10119 VC
Phone: +44.203868350
Fax Ext:

someone 02/21/2019

Scammers - changed from to

I have invested £2250.00 with get financial however, before investing they mention I would make profit for sure, if anything double my money within a month minimum. After I transferred my money they gave me a presentation showing I would break even after 11 months which I was not interested in and asked for my money back, ever since then I they have avoided me, trading on my account using my money for themselves, changed my password, changed from to now

i have provided everything they asked me for and even said they can keep they few thousand pounds profit and refund me only the amount i invested yet they do not reply and i have been waiting for 4 months as of now.

Tanveer Miah 02/20/2019

Cannot withdraw

Well organized robbers!

scammers 02/18/2019

Ripped off and done really well

I thought after all my questions and assurances that Get Financial 2 gave me along with a great online chart this was going to be a new venture for me. Along with calls and even a secretary call and text I was convinced these people were going to look after me and boy did they!, For 2to3 weeks l could see my account and chart with my investment on and it was doing well then CRASH BANK WALLOP! nothing no access to site no reply to emails no phone contact but there website still up and able to send contact requests in for those I guess they want to rip off, this happened just before christmas and now nto February I am still trying to speak to someone though I know really I have been well and truly done. I do hope that anyone reading this will take note and stay away from Get Financial as my loss could save you. I have been inundated with calls from brockers asking do l want to go with them as they have seen l showed interest but my trust has been well and truly burnt to know who to trust let alone the loss of my money to GF. they should be band from web usage.

William Manzi 02/14/2019

Cannot withdrawal

Total scammers all round, take no notice of you once they have your money.
Cannot withdraw or get your money out.

Dont invest total scam company

Elaine 02/14/2019

Scammers taking advantage of people

I tried my hand at this and it's true, try contacting their website and sure enough, they take no notice, they are absolute scammers taking advantage of people, I want my funds back.

Sharon 02/12/2019

Withdrawal impossible

Once you invest they dont contact you then your withdrawal is impossible.
Dont invest total scammers
Scam company
Keep away

Elaine 02/11/2019


Total scammers, dont invest you will lose everything.
Keep away from get financial

Elaine Phillpot 02/08/2019

Withdrawal of deposit

Total scammers,
Take your money then dont let you withdraw anything. Close your account so you cannot access it
Dont invest with them, they are only nice before you invest, after that there is no communication at all

neil 02/08/2019

Gauner und Betrüger

Seit einem Jahr versuche ich bei Get-Financial eine Auszahlung zu verlangen und werde immer wieder vertröstet. Um Vertrauen zu erlangen wurde mir eine sehr nette Frau zugeteilt, die mir in 4 Lektionen erklärte, wie man selber tradet. Der Brocker aber versprach immer wieder grosse Gewinne, wenn ich nochmals 5000€ zusätzlich einzahlen würde. Leider waren seine Prognosen oft falsch!!

Vor Weihnachten versprach mir ein Herr Hummel von der Finanzabteilung, er würde mir einen grossen Betrag auszahlen und wollte meine Bankdaten wissen. Er loggte sich in meinen Computer ein und statt eine Überweisung zu machen plünderte er mein Bankkonto 16'000€ !

Ich merkte das etwa eine stunde später und verlangte eine Rückzahlung, das Geld ging aber per Express an eine Bank in AbuDhabi. Seither ist funkstille

Translated by Google:

For a year I've been trying to get a payout from Get-Financial and I'm getting put off and on. In order to gain confidence, I was assigned a very nice woman who explained to me in 4 lessons how to trade herself. The Brocker but promised again and again big profits, if I pay another 5000 € in addition. Unfortunately, his predictions were often wrong !!

Before Christmas, a Mr. Hummel from the finance department promised me that he would pay me a large amount and wanted to know my bank details. He logged into my computer and instead of making a bank transfer he plundered my bank account 16'000 €!

I noticed that about an hour later and demanded a repayment, but the money went by express to a bank in Abu Dhabi. Since then there is no radio silence

Carmen Baumgartner 02/06/2019

withdrawal of deposit

Total scam company dont invest, took my money then nothing. Blocked my account and wont let me withdraw

Keep well away from them

neil 02/06/2019

Scammers all round

Totally scammed, took my money but refuse to let me have it back when nothing happened after the initial deposit. Constantly chased for weeks then invest then nothing.

Dont be fooled by this company they are only out to get your money

Scammers all round

neil 02/04/2019


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren
ich möchte Geld von meinem Handelskonto 8299939 auszahlen lassen und es wird immer abgelehnt?
Ich kann nicht mehr auf mein Account zugreifen, das Passwort wurde von meinem Broker geändert!

Berndt Krause

Translated by Google:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

I want to withdraw money from my trading account 8299939 and it is always rejected?
I can not access my account anymore, the password has been changed by my broker!

Kind regards
Berndt Krause

Berndt Krause 02/04/2019

Withdrawal impossible

Get financial is a con I have been trying to withdraw my money to no avail. I have emailed a Mr Bryan Kent and Mr Jeff Phillips and no reply. This has cost me a roof over my head.

Paul Hart 02/04/2019

withdrawal of deposit

Getfinancial are a total SCAM company, took my money and wont let me withdraw any.
Spend 4 weeks asking by email message and skype but no one bothers to answer or speak to you once they have your money.

Dont invest with them they are a scam company and cannot be trusted

elaine 02/03/2019

withdrawal of deposit

Total scam company, take your money then you get nothing back. Want to withdraw money and nothing happens totally ignored by everyone, email messages and skype. Then blocked from your account so you cannot even access anything.


neil 02/02/2019

It’s a con

I was going through a dark time in my life and stupidly paid the $200 starting investments. The company then wanted ALL my log on details for my bank account including passwords. At which point I panicked and gave them false information which blocked my bank account. At this point they’ve failed to respond to any requests for withdrawal of funds or even to discuss the account!
So don’t waste your money on this company!

Mr Raymond B Brierley 02/01/2019

Get Financial - withdrawal of deposit

I am disgusted with get financial. I deposited on 3rd january then no one contacted me about trading etc. I emailed messaged and even skype messaged the accounts manager but no one answered me at all. I requested my money back but it has never been paid back to me after 4 weeks. They are a scam company disgusting, just want your money then dont bother with you at all. I have been nothing but polite but it got me no where

Dont invest with them unless you want your money stolen like mine was.

Elaine Phillpot 02/01/2019

Voll derMist

Hallo ,nun ich gehöre wohl auch zu den Auserwählten Idoten die rarauf reingefallen sind,ich habe bei verschiedenen Anbietern je 250. EURO INVESTIERT,Get -Financial ist auch dabei,nun nachdem ich Einbezahlt hatte dauerte es schon wochen bis sich jemand meldete,dann wurde ich angerufen,ein gewisser Herr Neubauer,er klang sehr vertrauenswürdig,er half mir dann auch mein Geld zu verdoppeln,doch jetzt wo ich meine Einlage von 250 euro rausholen wollte,höre ich nichts mehr,man kann auch nicht anrufen,die sprachbox wäre voll,das gleiche ist mir mit Obsbit passiert.
Seitdemhabe ich nichts mehr gehört über 300 Euro liegen noch auf dem Konto
Helmut Handl 18.01.2018

Translated by Google:

Hello, Well, I am probably one of the chosen idos who are rarefied, I have with various providers ever 250th EURO INVEST, Get financial is also there, now after I had paid it took weeks until someone reported, then was I called, a certain Mr. Neubauer, he sounded very trustworthy, he then helped me to double my money, but now that I wanted to get my deposit of 250 euro, I hear nothing more, you can not call, the sprachbox would be full , the same thing happened to me with Obsbit.
Since then I heard nothing more than 300 euros are still in the account
Helmut Handl 18.01.2018

Handl Helmut 01/18/2019

No Contact avlible and account not working

Well l thought it was to good spoke to people there who assured me all was good now web sit wont work no replies to emails or calls, so looks like l have been ripped off. All l can say is stay well away from Get Financial shouldnt be allowed to have a web site as just robbers.

William Manzi 01/14/2019

No response from get financial

I invest alot of money at get financial but get no response from them or my monthly payout as agreed on. What do i do now.

Christiaan 12/30/2018

I think I lost my 1000 euros

I have not received anything yet, I think I lost my 1000 euros , Its very sad

sanne kathrine lauritsen 12/30/2018

Get-financial ist Betrug!

Die Vorgehensweise bei deutet eindeutig auf Betrug hin.

Ich habe bereits am 14.09.2018 mein eingezahltes Geld über 500 Euro zurückgefordert. Bis heute habe ich mein Geld nicht zurückbekommen und auch keine Erklärung dazu, warum man mir mein Geld nicht zurückzahlt.

Gleich zu Beginn wird sehr fordernd der CVV Code der Kreditkarte verlangt, da man selbst diese Einzahlung nicht vornehmen kann. Man wird regelrecht überrumpelt.

Dann wird man von einem Broker angerufen, den man am Telefon fast nicht versteht. Dieser möchte hauptsächlich in Bitcoin anlegen. Ich habe zuerst nicht richtig verstanden. Dann wird letztendlich auch noch nach den Zugangsnummern des persönlichen Kontos verlangt, da man diese benötige, um die steuerliche Abwicklung über das Konto vornehmen zu können. Ich wurde dann auch noch mit dem Accountmanager verbunden, der mir erklären sollte, dass eine Anlage in Bitcoin wirklich lohnend sei. Da könne man über einen Roboter richtig viel Geld verdienen. Insgesamt eine rüde Vorgehensweise!

Das sind Betrüger! Meine ersten beiden Abhebungen auf mein Konto wurden abgelehnt. Meine dritte Abhebung habe ich selbst storniert, weil ich mir nicht sicher war, ob ich alles richtig ausgefüllt hatte. Meine letzte Abhebung vom 12.12.2018 wurde auch nicht ausgeführt und ich bekam auch keine Antwort von den kontaktierten und der

Appell an Alle: Finger weg von, Eine eindeutige Betrugs-Website.

Translated by Google:

The procedure at clearly indicates fraud.

I have already on 14.09.2018 my deposited money over 500 euros reclaimed. To date, I have not got my money back and no explanation why you will not pay me back my money.

Right at the beginning the CVV code of the credit card is very demanding, because you can not make this deposit yourself. You are literally taken by surprise.

Then one is called by a broker, which one almost does not understand on the phone. This would like to invest mainly in Bitcoin. At first I did not understand correctly. Then ultimately also after the access numbers of the personal account is required because you need them to make the tax settlement through the account. I was then also connected to the account manager, who should explain to me that investing in Bitcoin is really worthwhile. Since you could earn a lot of money on a robot. Overall a rude approach!

They are cheaters! My first two withdrawals to my account were denied. I canceled my third withdrawal myself, because I was not sure if I had filled everything correctly. My last withdrawal on 12/12/2018 was also not executed and I did not receive any response from the contacted and

Appeal To Everyone: Stay Away From, A unique fraud site.

Monika 12/30/2018

I consider the behavior of Get Financial to be criminal


Nur um sicher zu gehen, ich schreibe hier über :
Get Financial Markets Ltd, Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Astroro Investments Limited, Gladstonos, 116 M Kyprianou House, 3 & 4th floor, Limassol, CYPRUS, 3032
Telephone: +44 01223 790285, +44 02038084687, 02036953644, 01223 790289
Die Astroro Investments Limited ist vermutlich nur die Geschäftsführende Firma mit Registrierung in Zypern, eine Internetseite konnte ich nicht finden.
Vor Get Financial wir von der Britischen Finanzaufsichtsbehörde ( Financial Conduct Authority ) ausdrücklich gewarnt.

Am 19.10.2018 habe ich mich bei KontoFX ( ein Finanzdienstleister / mit ähnlichen Problemen ) angemeldet.
Ca. 2 Stunden später wurde ich von einer Frau Klara Hauber von Get Financial angerufen.
Nach längerem hin und her habe ich mich überreden lassen, mich zu registrieren und $ 500 zu überweisen.
Leider habe ich erst danach angefangen mich über Get Financial zu informieren und bemerkt, dass mein Geld nicht sicher ist. Am 25.10.2018 habe ich das erstemal eine Rückzahlung beantragt, nach dem mit dem Konto auch nicht gehandelt wurde.
Mehrere Versuche den Support zu erreichen blieben erfolglos.
Ca. am 06.11.2018 erhielt ich einen Anruf von einem Mitarbeiter. Dieser Mitarbeiter wollte jedoch zunächst, dass ich mehr Geld einzahle.
Nach ewiger Diskussion bei dem der Ton schon unhöflich wurde, wurde mir zugesagt das Geld zurück zuzahlen.
Nach mehreren Versuchen den Support zu erreichen habe ich am 14.12.2018 eine Email an Frau Klara Hauber gesendet, dass ich mein Geld zurück haben will.
Sie hat tatsächlich angerufen und schon wieder hatten wir eine ewige Diskussion warum ich mein Geld zurück haben will.
Letztendlich sollte ich noch einmal mein Bankkonto bestätigen. Dabei verlangte Frau Hauber meine persönlichen Login Daten zu meinem Bankkonto. Als ich diese nicht geben wollte, wurde mir gedroht dass ich mein Geld nicht zurückbekomme.
Also habe ich meine Daten gegeben, daraufhin wurde mir versprochen das Geld zu überweisen.
Anschließend habe meine Bank angerufen um meine Daten zu ändern.
Nach diesem Telefongespräch hat mich ein Kollege von Frau Hauber angerufen um genauso aufdringlich zu betteln dass ich die Auszahlung zurück nehme.
Keine Stund später wurde Frau Hauber über WhatsApp lästig und hat weiter darum gebettelt, dass ich mein Geld bei Get Financial lassen soll.
Letztendlich hat sie versprochen das Geld zu überweisen.
Heute den 20.12.2018 ist mein Geld immer noch auf dem Get Financial – Konto.

Insgesamt halte ich das Verhalten von Get Financial und von Frau Klara Hauber für kriminell.

Da ich mich insgesamt bei 3 Finanzdienstleister angemeldet habe, bei denen es ähnliche Probleme gab und ich seit dieser Zeit unzählige lästige Telefongespräche ( bis nach New York ) geführt habe, kann ich als Fazit sagen:
1. Bevor Sie Geld überweisen überprüfen Sie ob diese Firma bei einer Europäischen Finanzaufsichtsbehörde angemeldet ist. Und Zypern möchte ich dabei ausschließen.
2. Wenn Sie sich bei einem Finanzdienstleister angemeldet haben und Sie werden von einem anderen angerufen: legen Sie auf, dass sind Firmen die nicht registriert sind und ihre Geschäftsadresse in einem Steuerparadies ( Kriminellenparadies ) haben. Und versuchen Sie Ihr Geld von dem Finanzdienstleister, wo Sie sich angemeldet haben, zurück zu bekommen. Wahrscheinlich war er es, der Ihre Telefonnummer weiter gegeben hat und damit seine Unzuverlässigkeit beweist.

Insgesamt ist der Forex und CFD Handel eine interessante Sache. Seien Sie sich aber auch bewusst, dass Sie Verluste haben können ( also spielen Sie nicht mit der sauer verdienten Urlaubskasse ).

Translated to english by google translator (sorry but you will understand).

FINGER OFF Get Finacial

Just to be sure, I write here about:

Get Financial Markets Ltd, Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Astroro Investments Limited, Gladstonos, 116 M Kyprianou House, 3 & 4th floor, Limassol, CYPRUS, 3032

Telephone: +44 01223 790285, +44 02038084687, 02036953644, 01223 790289

Astroro Investments Limited is probably only the managing company with registration in Cyprus, I could not find a website.

Before Get Financial, we are explicitly warned by the UK Financial Conduct Authority

On 19.10.2018 I registered with KontoFX (a financial service provider / with similar problems).
Approximately 2 hours later I was called by a Mrs. Klara Hauber of Get Financial.
After a lot of back and forth, I was persuaded to register and transfer $ 500.
Unfortunately, only then did I begin to learn about Get Financial and realize that my money is not safe. On 25/10/2018, I applied for a repayment for the first time, while the account was not traded.
Several attempts to reach the support were unsuccessful.
Approximately on 06.11.2018 I received a call from an employee. However, this employee initially wanted me to pay more money.
After eternal discussion in which the sound was already rude, I was promised to pay back the money.
After several attempts to reach the support I sent an email to Mrs. Klara Hauber on 14.12.2018 that I want to have my money back.
She actually called and again we had an eternal discussion why I want my money back.
Finally I should confirm my bank account again. Mrs. Hauber requested my personal login details to my bank account. When I did not want to give it, I was threatened that I would not get my money back.
So I gave my data, then I was promised to transfer the money.
Then I called to my bank to change my data.
After this phone call, a colleague of Mrs. Hauber has called me to beg as intrusively that I take the pay back.
Not an hour later, Mrs. Hauber on WhatsApp annoying and has begging, that I should leave further my money at Get Financial.
Eventually, she promised to transfer the money.
Today, 20/12/2018, my money is still on the Get Financial account.

Overall, I consider the behavior of Get Financial and Mrs Klara Hauber to be criminal.

Since I signed up for a total of 3 financial service providers, where there were similar problems and I have since countless annoying phone calls (up to New York) led, I can conclude:
1. Before You transferring money check if this company is registered with a European Financial Supervisory Authority. And I want to exclude Cyprus.
2. If you have registered with one financial service provider and you are being called by another person: make a note that there are companies that are not registered and have their business address in a tax haven (criminal paradise). And try to get your money back from the financial services provider where you signed up. He probably was the one who passed on your phone number, proving his unreliability.

Overall, forex and CFD trading is an interesting thing. Be aware, however, that you may have losses (so do not play with the hard-earned holiday fund).

Raimondo Jakoby 12/20/2018

Get Screwed by Get Financial

Get Financial is a scam. They don't give paperwork to document their transactions and will convince you to make further investment. Then they'll mysteriously explain why you need to hand over even more......When it came to getting any of my funds back the phone went silent, no response to messages, and their own advertised phone number just lead to an overloaded answerphone facility.

Not surprisingly I still got contacted by their market people trying to peddle "education" in the guise of drawing in more suckers (like me) who unwittingly gave up their money.

Kelly Higgins and Charlie Fraser deserve to be publicly lynched in my mind!

Nigel Pearson 12/15/2018


Ich wurde verarschst und reingelegt, ich habe 500€ überwiesen die ich gerne wieder haben möchte, ich habe einen Kontoauszug als beweis, mit freundlichen Grüßen Mario Herzog

Translated by Google:

I was crazy and tricked, I have transferred 500 € I would like to have again, I have a bank statement as proof, best regards Mario Herzog

mario herzog 12/13/2018

Attention/Achtung: Betrüger / Scam broker, GetFinancial

Diese Website, vorher auch als bekannt ist, ist eine eindeutige Betrugsseite.

Ich habe aus Versehen ein Konto eröffnet und 500,- € eingezahlt. Als ich um Stornierung und Rückzahlung gebeten habe, hat man mir monatelang keine Rückzahlung geleistet und auch keine Erklärung dazu gegeben, warum man mir mein Geld nicht zurückzahlt. Statt dessen meine Forderung immer wieder abgelehnt. Es gibt außer telefonischen Belästigungen aus allen EU-Ländern (in sehr schlechter Ton-Qualität) keine einzige schriftliche Erklärung und Antwort.

Diese Betrüger verlangen sogar von deiner Kreditkarte auch CVV Code, somit können sie sogar von deiner Karte noch Geld holen und du wirst dein Geld nie mehr zurück bekommen können.

Wir leben im 21. Jahrhundert und diese primitiven Betrüger haben noch solche Chancen, um Menschen abzuzocken. Es ist unglaublich, daß keine Stellen gegen solche Betrüger und Websites mächtig sind.

Appell an Alle: Finger weg von, Eine eindeutige Betrugs-Website.

Translated by Google:

This website,, previously known as, is a unique scam site.

I accidentally opened an account and deposited 500, - €. When I asked for cancellation and repayment, they did not pay me back for months and did not explain why they did not pay me back. Instead my claim was always rejected. There is no written explanation and answer except telephone harassment from all EU countries (in very poor sound quality).

These scammers even charge CVV code from your credit card, so they can even get you money from your card and you'll never be able to get your money back.

We live in the 21st century and these primitive swindlers still have such opportunities to rip off people. It is unbelievable that no jobs are powerful against such scammers and websites.

Appeal To Everyone: Stay Away From, A unique fraud site.

Jeff Weng 12/12/2018

Betrug durch Get Financial

Finger weg. Nach Einzahlung von 10.000 € kam noch ein nicht verlangter Bonus von 5000€ (Angenlich von der Postbank) hinzu. Die Versprechungen von Herrn
Neubauer (Telefon und WhatsApp) waren vielversorechend. Gehandelt werden
sollte im Roboterhandel mit Gewinn bei fallenden und steigenden Kursen. Nach Handelsstart waren von den 15000 € noch 1180 € übrig. Man wollte mehr Geld um die Verluste mit neuen Trades wieder auszugleichen. Leider habe ich mich viel zu spät auf dieser Seite über diesen Broker informiert. Die Anrufe kamen aus
London, Firmensitz ist in der Karibik. Nun will ich seit fast 2 Wochen zumindest die restlichen 1180 € zurück - vergeblich. Es meldet sich niemand mehr. Ob Herr Neubauer oder der Support. Suche Anwalt der mir helfen kann

Translated by Google:

Hands off. After deposit of 10.000 € still an unsolicited bonus of 5000 € (sincerely from the Postbank) added. The promises of Mr.
Neubauer (telephone and WhatsApp) were very promising. Traded
should be profitable in robot trading at falling and rising prices. After the start of trading were from the 15000 € still 1180 € left. They wanted more money to make up for the losses with new trades. Unfortunately, I informed myself much too late on this page about this broker. The calls came from
London, with headquarters in the Caribbean. Now I want for almost 2 weeks at least the remaining 1180 ¬ back - in vain. Nobody answers. Whether Mr. Neubauer or the support. Looking for a lawyer who can help me

Berndt Lochner 12/05/2018

Total scam please don’t trust this company

I am the most stupid person... but in my opinion if this will just help another person... please don’t trust this company !!
Full of promises...but they have nothing... they will burn in hell!!!

Imelda de Guzman 12/04/2018


Fraudsters !!!
Do not give money !!!
I counted 1,000 euros.
Broker Ian Borman's liar !!!
He promised to connect to the robot with a profit of about 10-20%.
Nothing happens!!! I asked for a deduction of my money back, nothing happens !!! It's been 5 months now !!!
Fraudsters !!!

Juris 12/03/2018

Sehr negativ

ich habe bei 500,- Euro einbezahlt und hatte auch eine traid Seite mit meinem Geld darauf wo ich mich einloggen konnte. Seit heute nun ist meine oder diese Seite nicht mehr auffindbar. Also bin ich betrogen worden und mein Geld ist weg. ich hatte noch nichts unternommen. Es sollte sich ein Broker namens Franko bei mir melden um den weiteren Ablauf zu besprechen, es hat sich aber nie jemand gemeldet.Zuerst eine Isabell Miller die einem sagt wie das mit dem Einzahlen auf dem Konto ist und dann..... passiert nichts mehr. Hatte mein Geld nun schon 1 Woche immer in dem Account auf der Plattform gesehen und nun ist keine Plattform mehr zu sehen.

Translated by Google:

I paid 500, - Euro on and also had a traid page with my money where I could log in. Since today my or this page is no longer findable. So I was cheated and my money is gone. I had not done anything yet. It should be a broker called Franko to contact me to discuss the further course, but it has never anyone reported.First an Isabell Miller one tells you how the deposit is on the account and then ..... nothing happens more. Had my money now already 1 week always seen in the account on the platform and now there is no platform to see.

Siegmund Luh 11/29/2018

Do not trust Get Financial

I’m in South Africa and have been getting numerous calls from a guy claiming to be calling from London. My first suspicion started there because he has been calling me on my mobile phone and the number he called from was a South African landline from Cape Town. I asked him why he has a South African landline number yet he claims he’s calling from London. Also, he had an accent which to me sounded more German with very poor English. I asked him about the company and asked him to email me all the information about the offer and everytime I asked him he would put me on hold for a few seconds, then the phone would go silent then he would come back again and insist on explaining to me rather but I’m a very polite way. I asked him so many times that he then agreed to email me while he holds on the line. He claimed to have emailed three times but no email would appear because my emails are instant. I eventually got an email from a name Patrick Thomsom, account manager/ financial adviser according to the email. Address stating they are in Switzerland, Avenue Louis-Casai 18, Tour Balexert Centre Sarl, 1209 Geneve, Phone +44 203695 3644. When I asked him to give me time so I can research regarding this because it involves money and it’s stuff one can’t just agree on just over the phone he had a bit of irritation but said ok. Since then I haven’t been answering his calls because I can see something is not legit about their company. I couldn’t get them on the Internet. I ask people, be careful and always do reasearch before investing your hard earned money on such things. I’m lucky I had a mind to trust my instincts and do reasearch before even getting involved. I have not lost a penny and I’m greatful for such reviews so we can be saved. I’m sorry to everyone else that has lost money to these frauds. I hope you get assistance towards getting your monies back and that that catch these people doing this to innocent people.

Linda Mandela sejosingoe 11/29/2018

Scammers - do not trust this company

My father in law has been scammed by this company for approximately $80k that we can tell at the moment. He is very unwell and when we demand the money back we get screamed at down the phone and then called darling. He receives constant phone calls wanting more money but they refuse to speak to me. They have even transferred money directly from his bank account using a link, which is illegal as far as I am concerned and I work for a big NZ bank. As we are trying to deal with this from the other side of the world it is even harder. Do not trust this company, they will rip you off. We have no idea what this money has even been used for.

Vanessa Huston 11/29/2018

Get Financial site is not reachable

Get Financial Site is actually not reachable. I have $1200 invested with this company and I cannot see my account

Ion Roger 11/29/2018

scam people

Get financial is scam people should be made aware of these evil crooks, whatsApp no +447700398790 Kate Lombardi is the name that appears on the their whatsApp they just closed my account with my money

Tembile Bono 11/28/2018

i lost $250 and my acc is closed

get financial has scammed me and they are quite they should be arrested and be locked up for our hard earned money. just contacted the bank to retrieve my money back.
we have to be careful.

yunsa mbewe 11/28/2018

You have £620 of mine

I am disgusted that I have requested a refund to my account over 2 weeks ago and am still waiting you have £620 of mine that I want back please act on this or I will be forced to make everyone aware of your company and not to go with you

Laura rose 11/20/2018


I have a registrar with a company that received Financial and they took $ 1900 from me, and I have 850 bonus and I was trading with the company until the amount reached 3900 and I tried to withdraw but the withdrawal was not done and they closed my account and I want a refund.

Mohammed alharthi 11/20/2018

I can't even reach their site

When they were busy reqruiting me they were very pleasant and patient with me, they prioritised me as their potential client. I joined them then for the first weekthey were very helpful and I had a broker contacting me and advising on what to trade and when to trade until the second week. Then they went all silent on me, no more advise, no more contact, I even have the broker on social media but now there is no contact at all. They enthusiastic and happy to bring you on board but neglect you once you have joined. They aare giving me poor service and now I can't even reach their site on my web browser. Very dissapointing service, I wouldn't recommend that anyone go for Get-Financial as it is too dodgy. That's my experience with them.

Thato Molubi 11/20/2018

Betrug im großen Stil

Die Herren Lucas Nilson (Anydesk Name Johannes),Fabian Hummel ( Fabian )
und Georg Franco sind eindeutig der Finanzmanipulation überführt. Sie haben über ANY Desk auf den Bildschirmen der Kunden deren Unterschrift gefälscht und so Überweisungen unter Abpressung der Pusch Tan Nummern herbei geführt. Inmeinem Fall insgesamt 82.000€. Die ersteinzahlungen von mir nochmal 16.000,00€ waren mitmeinem Einverständnis. Jetzt sind mit diesen veruntreuten Geldern Dealer Geschäfte mit Gewinnen gemacht worden. Da ich mein Geld zurückforderte erdreiste man sich durch Ihre Chefin Beatrice Bitten von mir nochmal eine Überweisung von fast 20.000,00 € zu leisten um die vorzeitige Auflosung von Kontrakten,denen ich nie zugestimmt habe,zu erreichen. Mein Hinweis die Komm. von der zu überweisenden Summe abzuziehen,da ih sie nicht mehr zur Verfügung habe,wurde abgelehnt mit der Begründung das dieses nicht ginge. Dabei ist das ein einfacher buchhalterischer Vorgang also ein weiterer Betrugsversuch. Ich habe mein Geld bis heute nicht erhalten. Es erfolgt jezt dieAnzeige bei der Polizei und Staatsanwaltschaft wegen Wirtschaftskriminalität.

Translated by Google:

Messrs. Lucas Nilson (Anydesk's name Johannes), Fabian Hummel (Fabian)
and Georg Franco are clearly convicted of financial manipulation. They faked their signature via ANY Desk on the screens of the customers and thus led to transfers under pressure of the Pusch Tan numbers. In my case a total of € 82,000. The first deposits of me again € 16,000.00 were mitmeinem agreement. Now with these embezzled funds, dealers have been made deals with profits. Since I reclaimed my money, you thirsted by your boss Beatrice Bitten of me again to make a transfer of almost € 20,000.00 to the premature resolution of contracts that I have never agreed to achieve. My advice to deduct the comm. From the amount to be transferred, as it is no longer available, was rejected on the grounds that this would not work. This is a simple accounting process so another scam attempt. I have not received my money until today. It is now the indicator to the police and prosecutors for white-collar crime.

H.I. Matthiesen 11/09/2018

Get Financial - Betrügen Firma

Hallo mein Name ist Velizar Marinov ich habe 2500 Euro investieren beim Get Financial mit Herr Dennis Wolf.Das ist eine Betrügen Firma!!!Bitte Leute Aufpassen mit Platform Sie lügen sehr sehr sehr viel.Herr Dennis Wolf klauen nur Geld.Ich wollte jetzt eine Gericht machen mit Dennis Wolf oder mit Get Financial.Bitte Leute wenn Sie haben gleiche Problem wie meine machen Sie ein Kontakt mit mir(

Translated by Google:

Get Financial - Scam company

Hello my name is Velizar Marinov I have 2500 euros to invest in Get Financial with Mr. Dennis Wolf.That is a cheating company !!! Please people take care with platform you are lying very very much.Herr Dennis Wolf just steal money.I wanted one now Make court with Dennis Wolf or with Get Financial. Please people if you have same problem as mine make a contact with me ( Email.

Velizar Marinov 11/08/2018

Get Financial wypłata

Już tydzień czekam i nie mogę odzyskać swoich 5000$ Żadnej łączności z nimi support milczy jak kamień!

Translated by Google:

Get Financial Payment

I've been waiting for a week and I can not get my $ 5,000. No communication with them is silent like a rock!

jozef wyrwik 11/07/2018

poor update and service,empty promises

ls get financial registered,l started very good with them for couple days now l lost the communication no phone call,email no response if l contacted them,but l was already deposited my 250 now l dont where to go.,

mbongiseni 11/03/2018


I invested a huge amount of $ on the insistence of a Senior Broker and Invested further amounts.I am told that I made a profit but it would be released until I liquidate the profit.I had to further invest to do this.
I was promised the get my withdrawals of Friday, then yesterday and then today.
Nothing is happening.I can see the amount invested, but the withdrawals are pending and nothing happens

Where can I escalate this to to get my deposits back

Siva 10/31/2018

Is this company trustworthy

Hi have invested on (get financial company) and (trades crypto company) plz tell me are these companies are trustworthy or not and I have did withdraw request from trades crypto company and it shows successful withdraw but I didn't get my money back yet it's been 4 days now

Mohammed Parveez 10/29/2018

Scam and Fraud

I asked my initial deposit back because I got to Get Financial in some strange way (the lady per phone asked mu CC data and I was stupid enough to give them and after that - in the moment - I got DOD to sign in net!). They answered it was OK and I'll get my 250 back. Since then nothing! Get Financial - and ERROR or FORBIDDEN! Sep7 - Sep13. Fake and Fraud!
Janis T. 10/28/18

Janis Torgans 10/28/2018

Rückforderung 250,00 €

Habe nach vielen vergeblichen Versuchen ,auch mit der neuen Plattform, Kontakt aufzunehmen. Leider keine Antwort, weder Telefon noch Mail.
Deshalb habe ich jetzt Anzeige erstattet.

Translated by Google:

After many unsuccessful attempts, even with the new platform, contact. Unfortunately no answer, neither phone nor mail.
That's why I've filed a complaint.

Werner Thieme 10/26/2018

It seems to be a scam

it seems to be a scam these people take your money with big promises , assist for the first week ,gives you a small profit on you investment and when you want to withdraw you money they just ignore you and when you try to phone , there suport no does not exist . they are in my mide thieves .

sjd vd merwe 10/22/2018


Ich möchte mein Geld (500,00 € )zu rückbuchen .Da bis jetzt keine Trades mehr laufen .Seit dem 09.09.2018 bin ich bei get Financial .com . Ich bekomme auf mein Emails auch keine Antwort .Bitte buchen Sie mir mein Geld ( 500,00 € )auf mein Konto IBAN : DE83100500006603197900
Kartennummer : 4344992962548017

Detlef Weber
Kundennummer :9461886

Translated by Google:

I would like to post my money back (500,00 €) .There are no trades until now. Since 09.09.2018 I am at get Financial .com. I do not get an answer on my emails. Please book my money (500,00 €) on my account IBAN: DE83100500006603197900
            BIC: BELADE BEXXX
     Card number: 4344992962548017

Kind regards
Detlef Weber
Customer number: 9461886

Detlef Weber 10/21/2018

Get Financial - Betrüger

Die Gesellschaft Get Financial .com sind die Größten Betrüger .Eine Frau Sabrina Holz wollte alles regel .Ich habe 500,00 € eingezahlt .Das Geld ist wahrscheinlich weg .Auch meldet sich keine mehr ,und antwortet nicht auf meine Fragen .Das Geld wollte ich zu rück hohlen ,aber es gibt keine Möglichkeiten an das eingezahlte Geld zu kommen .Man sollte die Betrüger verklagen .Ich wollte es über die Börsenaufsichtsbehörde versuchen ,aber das klappt nicht .
Es haben sich auch noch andere von Get Financial .com immer wieder mit anderen Namen gemeldet. Sobald ich mein Geld zu rück forderte, war auf ein Mal Funkstille.
Man müsste eine Sammelklage gegen Get Financial .com machen .Ich habe leider keine Ahnung wie man das macht.

The company Get Financial .com are the biggest fraudsters. A woman Sabrina wood wanted everything rule. I paid € 500.00. The money is probably gone. Also, no more reports, and does not answer my questions. The money I wanted To back hollow, but there is no way to get the money paid. One should sue the fraudsters. I wanted to try it through the Securities and Exchange Commission, but that will not work.
There are also others from Get Financial .com have repeatedly reported with other names. As soon as I demanded my money, there was suddenly silence.
You would have to make a class action against Get Financial .com. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that.

Detlef Weber 10/17/2018

Non withdrawal

Your company stinks. Tried for several weeks to withdraw with ZERO success. This company is a scam!!!! How can they be allowed to advertise when the advertising company know they are a scam.
Maybe the advertising company should pay back my usd 250 dollars.

Lilly, Anna and the rest of you lot. I hope you all burn in hell and your family

carl 10/11/2018

Can't withdraw

its been two weeks since iv heard from David which is the account manager. David Harrison who were my broker. david even deleted me from whats-app when i asked about whats happening. i have been my account i $2521.28, but can do nothing to withdraw

francois 10/09/2018

I invest 250 dollar (R3660.00) and cant get my money back

Stay away from getfinance

James William Gilpin 10/06/2018

Get Financial - Totaler Betrug

Guten Tag zusammen, auch ich habe leider nur negative Erfahrung mit get-financial bzw Herrn George Franco gemacht.

Ich habe ihm 4.000, - € überwiesen plus weitere 250,- €. Bis zu meiner Einzahlung herrschte reger Telefonkontakt mit Herrn Franco, jedoch ist seit meinem Geldeingang Funkstille und es wird auch seit 5 Monaten auf keinerlei Art und Weise auf meine Fragen reagiert.

Ich bin ein einfacher Arbeiter, Familienvater und habe nun Schulden zu bezahlen, die dieser Betrüger bei mir verursacht hat. Meine Familie durchlebt nun eine Krise.

Ich hoffe Herr Franco und seine kriminellen Freunde erhalten irgendwann ihre gerechte Strafe. Ich wünsche jedem einzelnen Mitarbeiter von get-financial einen Schlaganfall, von dem sie sich nie wieder erholen und das komplette erbeutete Geld ihnen nichts bringt.

Translated by Google:

Good day together, I have unfortunately only had negative experience with get-financial or Mr. George Franco.

I have paid him 4,000, - € plus another 250, - €. Up to my deposit there was a lot of telephone contact with Mr Franco, but since my receipt money radio silence and it is also for 5 months in any way not respond to my questions.

I am a simple worker, father of a family and now I have to pay debts that this cheater has caused with me. My family is now going through a crisis.

I hope Mr. Franco and his criminal friends will someday receive their just punishment. I wish every single employee of get-financial a stroke from which they never recover and the whole captured money brings them nothing.

Sathanandarajah 10/04/2018


I invested an amount of $5000 on insistence of Mr. Randall Williams senior financial adviser. He traded for about 2 weeks and called me informing me to invest a further $2000 not to loose all of my investment...IE $7000 in total.

I have been trying for 2 weeks and wrote various emails without success.

Johan Heunes 10/02/2018

Get Financial - Geld zurück

Leider mußte auch feststellen das get financial kein seriöses Unternehmen ist. Nach dem einzahlen von 2000 Euro wurde ich Tage lang mit Anrufen überhäuft. Nach 3 Tagen war keiner mehr zu erreichen, keine Plattform mehr, keinen Anruf und keine E-Mail mehr. Nun habe ich Anzeige erstattet, ich hoffe das das etwas bringt.

Translated by Google:

Unfortunately, it also had to realize that get financial is not a serious company. After depositing 2000 Euro, I was overwhelmed with calls for days. After 3 days no one was reachable, no more platform, no call and no more e-mail. Now I have filed a complaint, I hope that brings something.

Werner Bittner 10/01/2018

Get Financial - Geld zurückst

Leider muss ich die Kritik bestätigen. Auch ich habe im Juli 250 € eingezahlt, aber bin nur mit Telefonanrufen von Lukas Nilsson bedacht worden. Nun wurde tzdem noch die Plattform gewechselt und ich habe keinen Zugriff mehr. Das heißt offensichtlich, dass ich einer Betrugsmasche zum Opfer gefallen bin. Die Stimme am Telefon ist oft unverstädlich, so dass ich gebeten habe , mir Informationen über mein Mail zuzuschicken. Das ist aber nicht erfolgt. Ich habe nun nochmals den Errn Nilsson aufgefordert, mir mein eingezahltes Geld zurück zu überweisen. Bisher keine Antwort!!

Unfortunately, I have to confirm the criticism. I also paid € 250 in July, but I've only been thinking about phone calls from Lukas Nilsson. Now the platform has been changed and I have no access anymore. That obviously means that I fell victim to a scam. The voice on the phone is often unverstädlich, so I have asked to send me information about my mail. That did not happen. I have again asked Errn Nilsson to transfer my deposited money back to me. So far no answer !!

Werner Thieme 09/29/2018

Get Financial Scam

Register last night and could not sign on to the website. I received a call today from a agent. He said I cannot sign on before I complete my registration form. They need a copy of my ID prove of residence and a scan copy of both sides of my visa card with a clear view of my security code at the back of my card and my signature. After the agent receive all this info he will activate my account and then I can start to trade. This is definitely a scam. I lost 250 dollars.

Dirk 09/27/2018

Get Financial Betrug

Habe 500 € einbezahlt. Kann mich jedoch nicht mehr auf mein Konto anmelden.
Bei den angegebenen Telefonnummern meldet sich niemand.

Have paid 500 €. Can not sign in to my account.
No one answers at the specified telephone numbers.
Amounted to?

Georg 09/26/2018

what does this mean?

i have 4500 € deposited there.i try going online but the notice Comes "forbidden".i was guarantied 1000 to 1500 € monthly that we make.i wanted to withdraw Money for the very first time end of this month 1500 €.i have paid for this voice over Telefon number 089 322...over 180€ because i did not know it was over Internet.what do i do now do i get my Money back????

Raymond Hanratty 09/24/2018

Aggressives Werben

Das kann so nicht sein. Die Getfinancial wirbt sehr aggressiv. Wenn Du dann mit denen einen Termin machst, kommen ständig andere Anrufe von irgendwem das auch zigmal hintereinander. Ich habe dummerweise 500€ schon eingezahlt. Habe aber das Problem mein Geld wieder zubekommen. Werde aber nichts mehr mit denen zu tun haben, weil ich jedes Telefonat mit denen abbreche.

Translated by Google:

That can not be so. Getfinancial advertises very aggressively. If you then make an appointment with those, are always other calls from anyone that also times in a row. I have stupidly paid 500 € already. But the problem got my money back. But nothing will have to do with those, because I break off every phone call with them.

Peter Böhmer 09/24/2018

Trying to get money back

Like others on here,i try to log onto Get Finanancial website, but it says forbidden access. How do i get my money back?

Bryan Barreto 09/21/2018

Get Financial - withdrawal rejected

For two days now I only see this when i try to get in om thir homepage...

I have asked for withdraw 5 times, and all of them were rejected...

My 2000 € seems to be lost forever...

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

Per Michael Rasmussen 09/20/2018

Get Financial / Mark Starke

Paid and money is gone. Scam, Scam...
They took our money, 1750 € and then they closed the website.

Horia Staicu 09/19/2018

Pending payment

I deposited my money on the 26.06.2018. When I wanted it back was told my acc was never confirmed as there was a document short. On the 23.08.2018 I sent them the remaining document. And I had already withdrew my deposit on the 22.08.2018. After I sent them the document I told them to approve my pending amount as I have sent them everything they wanted. Till today nothing from them.I have sent messages to the support group and they told me to wait for the financial department to contact me and no response from them. I just want my money back

Elinah 08/30/2018

Payment rejected

So my payment was rejected. No explanations

Elinah 08/30/2018


This is pia larsen from denmark i have invest money wiht Get Financial 14/2/2018.......i have sent several request about my money and get my money back immediately i hope my funds 250 Eur.. will be sent back to me and you will start the process. Respektfully Pia Larsen

pia larsen 08/28/2018

Get Financial refuses to pay

hallo erst mal gute Tag ,

ich bin Herr Hadjar aus Mannheim ich habe deine Comentar wegen get financial weil mir genau das gleich pasiert der weigert mir der Auszalung Meine 1100 Eur die ich eingezalt habe mich hat fabian Humml 2 mal angerufen nach dem habe nicht von ihm gehört und der angeblich meine Berate Lukas Nelson reagieret nicht auf email oder watzup mich wurd nur interessiren wie ist bei dir beendet oder wartest du immer noch ich frag weil ich überliegs mir anzeige gegen herr Lukas Nelson zu machen bitte geben sie mir eine rat

mit freundliche

Translated by Google:

hello, hello,

I'm Mr. Hadjar from Mannheim I got your Comentar because of financial because I'm exactly the same pasiert the refuses me the payment of my 1100 Eur I have shut myself fabian Humml has called twice after that have not heard from him and allegedly my advice Lukas Nelson does not respond to email or watzup I was just interested in how is finished with you or are you still waiting for me because I ask to make ad to me against Mr. Luke Nelson please give me a council

with friendly

hadjar 08/23/2018

Betrogen von Get Financial

Nach meiner Anzahlung von 3000,00Euro hat es 2 Wochen gedauert bis ein Broker mich angerufen hat. und dannach hatten wir erst viel Gewinn getradet. Doch später war alles nur ins Minus immer Verluste. und auf einmal keine Anrufe mehr von meinem Broker Fabian Hummel. Geld das noch vorhanden ist bekomme ich nicht ausgezahlt.

Translated by Google:

After my deposit of 3000,00 € it took 2 weeks until a broker called me. and then we did a lot of profit. But later, everything was down to minus always losses. and suddenly no more calls from my broker Fabian Hummel. Money that is still available I do not get paid. 07/31/2018
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