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GCC Brokers Review - Is it scam or safe?

GCC Brokers Review - is scam or good forex brokers?

RATING: 1 / 11 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz GCC Brokers
GCC Brokers is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type  Minimum deposit  Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Spreads (& commission)
Micro $50 0.01 1:400 3 pips, fixed
Standard $300 0.01 1:200 Floating, from 1 pips
Pro $50 000 0.01 1:100 Raw
Swap-free $300 0.01 1:200 Floating, from 2 pips + from $20/lot


Clients of GCC Brokers are offered a choice of several account types. The Micro accounts provide fixed spreads and leverage up to 1:400, while the Standard and Swap-free (Islamic) accounts offer floating spread and leverage up to 1:200.


While a minimum initial deposit of $50 may sound an attractive offer, the spreads offered on GCC Brokers’ Micro accounts are very high, fixed at 3 pips on EUR/USD. Most fixed-spread brokers offer spread of 2 pips for this pair and some even less. CySEC-licensed brokerage easyMarkets, for example, offers spread is fixed at 1 pips on EUR/USD.


There is also a Pro account type with raw spreads available, however one has to invest at least $50 000, which is not recommendable, as GCC Brokers is not regulated by a reputable financial authority.


The Company. Security of Funds





GCC Brokers Limited




This broker offers trading in many currency pairs and various Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on the MetaTrader 5 platform. It claims to be a pure NDD broker and obviously targets customers from Middle Eastern countries, as its name suggests (GCC - a political and economic alliance of six Middle Eastern countries).


Headquartered in Hong Kong, GCC Brokers is not licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), but by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC) instead. Doing business with offshore brokers is extremely risky as there is limited client protection, if any. Therefore, we advise traders to avoid such companies and to select among brokers licensed by the respective authorities in the UK, or Australia for example.


Besides, GCC Brokers appears to be newly-launched – many sections of its website contain no information, only “Coming soon”. Worse still, opening a demo account is not a simple procedure – one must apply, and communicate with a representative of the broker for approval. This does not sound good, as most brokers allow you to open a demo account and test their services in a couple of minutes. In addition, we got a lot of negative feedback about this broker lately - its clients complain mainly that they have been sweettalked to deposit more and more, while their withdrawal requests are ignored.


Trading Platform


Instead of the industry’s standard MetaTrader 4 (MT4), this broker supports the MetaTrader 5 platform.


The main advantage of MetaTrader 5 (MT5) over the MT4 is the option it provides for trade on different financial markets, including stock markets, through a single account. In addition, MT5 already features hedging and MetaQuotes keeps making other enhancements to it in an effort to outphase its predecessor.


Methods of Payment


GCC Brokers offers its clients the following payments methods: bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards, e-Wallet Skrill and Neteller.




GCC Brokers is a young forex brokerage supporting the MT5 platform. Its product portfolio may be rich, but the spreads that it offers on its most accessible accounts are high. Nonetheless, in our view the main problem with this broker is the fact that it is registered offshore. Here are, in a nutshell, the pros and cons of GCC Brokers:


Pros Cons
MT5 offered Registered offshore
Extensive product portfolio

High fixed spreads

  No demo accounts instantly available, negative feedback


Latest news about GCC Brokers
No news about GCC Brokers . Check back later.
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Scammed by GCC

I deposited £250 as a starter then I started getting phone calls from a Broker by the name of Brook Giani, she sounded genuine and sweet talked me into depositing a larger amount and things looked OK then she said that to make a killing I should invest more, I deposited a total of £8,250 which increased to over £26,000 within days so I tried to withdraw the cash and suddenly my account was empty except for about £175, this I did get back but the rest was gone.

B.A.Bailey 03/26/2019

Scam with adress in Bulgaria

Warning! Danish Financial Supervisory Authorthy warns public against their activities.One more fraud Company.Keep your money from them.

John Nilsen 09/04/2018

GCC Brokers Lost my money


Compliance Gccinvesting ;; 'Adrian Salo Gcc' ;

We left 3 messages on your switch board operators we will file a complaint and investigation of fraud as I was threatened by your staff I will lose all this was now he second time that someone just closed my trades I was on $4197 now only $2000

His will go viral as this was then a scam and you are not honouring your clients.

See below I wan my funds back in my account or here will be consequences as his is my trading account and sat day and night trading then you threatened me and now trades get closed left right and centre

I even opened accounts for my parents and brother after this I will close everything I have go his for my wife as she is ill and will not be able to work anymore so I thought she would love o say busy his was he las and I will no sop here‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼‼!1

I took pictures o show my wife in hospital how good things are I gave enough proof if all funds are no back in my account with apology leter from the finance guy and Adrian for treating us like nothing I will take his mater o court

Read this FRAUD Company

0 0.3 1.31342 1532111152 @ 66 GBPUSD. 18.6
1 0.4 1.1738 1532110071 @ 66 EURUSD. -392
1 0.3 1.31415 1532110070 @ 66 GBPUSD. -392.1
1 0.4 1.31369 1532110007 @ 66 GBPUSD. -440
0 0.6 111.429 1532109991 @ 66 USDJPY. -489.46
1 0.4 1.31322 1532109908 @ 66 GBPUSD. -485.2
1 0.21 111.646 1532107218 @ 66 USDJPY. 7.71
1 0.4 111.745 1532105135 @ 66 USDJPY. 5.01
1 0.6 111.766 1532097728 @ 66 USDJPY. 324.79
1 0.3 111.714 1532097047 @ 66 USDJPY. 99.9
1 0.3 111.72 1532096969 @ 66 USDJPY. 159.77
0 0.3 1.17085 1532096320 @ 66 EURUSD. 56.1
1 0.2 1.31306 1532096301 @ 66 USDCAD. 12.79
0 0.4 1.16566 1532086765 @ 66 EURUSD. 21.6
0 0.3 1.30427 1532086647 @ 66 GBPUSD. 57.6
0 0.3 1.16571 1532086622 @ 66 EURUSD. 19.2
0 0.4 1.30437 1532086603 @ 66 GBPUSD. 34.8
0 0.3 1.3044 1532086584 @ 66 GBPUSD. 32.1
0 0.2 12657.25 1532071261 @ 66 DAX-SEP18. 32.01
0 0.2 112.29 1532064331 @ 66 USDJPY. 11.04
0 0.6 1.16491 1532059284 @ 66 EURUSD. 24
0 0.2 1.30202 1532059168 @ 66 GBPUSD. 41
0 0.2 1.16493 1532059154 @ 66 EURUSD. 73.8
0 0.3 1.16494 1532059137 @ 66 EURUSD. 8.1
0 0.3 1.30202 1532059102 @ 66 GBPUSD. 7.5
0 0.6 1.16493 1532059079 @ 66 EURUSD. 57.6
0 0.51 1.16493 1532059063 @ 66 EURUSD. 7.14
0 0.2 1.16523 1532022596 @ 66 EURUSD. 15.8
0 0.4 1.16337 1532020322 @ 66 EURUSD. 12
1 0.3 0.73301 1532015758 @ 66 AUDUSD. 12.3
0 0.3 112.97 1532015567 @ 66 USDJPY. 19.92
1 0.3 1.16014 1532014908 @ 66 EURUSD. 20.7
1 0.3 1.15999 1532014139 @ 66 EURUSD. 27.6
1 0.3 0.67165 1532014102 @ 66 NZDUSD. 28.8
1 0.2 146.694 1532002877 @ 66 GBPJPY. 29.36
1 0.2 146.682 1532001350 @ 66 GBPJPY. 11.16
0 0.2 113.019 1531998373 @ 66 USDJPY. 6.19
0 0.2 113.03 1531998341 @ 66 USDJPY. 7.43
0 0.2 0.89261 1531993699 @ 66 EURGBP. 9.09
0 0.4 113.031 1531993437 @ 66 USDJPY. 5.66
1 0.2 1.16094 1531990381 @ 66 EURUSD. 27.4
1 0.6 1.16099 1531990339 @ 66 EURUSD. 228.6
1 0.2 1.16086 1531990294 @ 66 EURUSD. 30
1 0.2 1.1612 1531989493 @ 66 EURUSD. -18.2
0 0.2 1.16102 1531989455 @ 66 EURUSD. -26
1 0.2 1.16146 1531989205 @ 66 EURUSD. -17.2
0 0.2 146.76 1531989199 @ 66 GBPJPY. -123.77
1 0.2 1.30322 1531985048 @ 66 GBPUSD. 29.2
1 0.2 1.30352 1531984818 @ 66 GBPUSD. 25.2

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GCC Investing is a scam - avoid! If you have invested in GCC it is scam. I invested stupidly invested £5000, but, after realizing it was a scam took the following ...
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Searches related to gcc investing fraud

Yolandie Van Rensburg 07/20/2018

FRAUD Company

I deposit € 250.- and they charge me Inactivity Fee's because I did nothing for 3 months with my account, noweone told me about this ! The biggest problem is that you can't withdraw your money, after 2 working weeks it is still pending.Someone was trading on my account and I never did give the approval for this. In the beginning he was making money and every time I tried to withdraw I couldn't but after several days he was losing and now I have € 9.- on my account, I talked with customerservice at least 10 times. I would get a call back, they never did.
If you call them you speak with customerservive what keeps away form the financial department. You don''t any reaction back when you send them an E-mail. You can't withdraw your money. THIS COMPANY STEALS FROM YOU, RIPS YOU OFF, IS A FRAUD COMPANY AND TOTALLY NOT TRUSTWORTHY IN EVERY WORTH WHAT I WRITE. IT IS A SCAM COMPANY, THEY HONESTLY STEEL FROM YOU.

Smeets 06/24/2018

GCC Investing is a scam - avoid!

If you have invested in GCC it is scam.
I invested stupidly invested £5000, but, after realizing it was a scam took the following action.
I emailed them and told them how great it was and would like to invest a further £50000, but I need my funds back to my personal account and the £50000 will be invested as a business investment. As soon as i get my £5000 back and profits, I will be investing £50000 from my business account. The advisor called me and said he can give me £1000, but i was insistent on all the funds as i invested incorrectly. They fell for this and refunded all my money.
Dont try and withdraw on the website, if you do, your balance will go to virtually zero overnight.Try this, hopefully they wont read this!
Alternatively, ring your credit card company and deny all knowledge of the transaction and claim it is fraud!
Dont waste time with a solicitor, they cannot do anything, but i am sure they will tell you otherwise and milk you further.



paul smith 04/12/2018

GCC withdrawal

I have trade sometime with GCC three times I asked for a withdraw when my account was ok.Nothing happens.I lost a lot of money

svein bakli 04/10/2018

GCC Sheisters

I too, was led in to investing from a website stating that Deborah Meadon of Dragon's Den was thrilled at the gains she had made from the GCC website for investing in bitcoin. I invested the £250 from my bank account, whereupon someone called who I simply could not understand (speaking so quickly) and hung up. Next call, just 5 minutes later was Brooke, who congratulated me on taking up my first investment portfolio and she could offer a bonus - whatever I put in, the company would match and I stood to make double the investment. She was very convivial and I still can#t believe I went for this - agreed £3500 on a credit card (the only one I had that was clear of debt). This was on 4 April. 2 hours later I had researched online to discover what a scam this was and immediately logged in to GCC to withdraw. The website stated it was reviewing my complete withdrawal. Today, 10 April GCC are requesting I add funds due to the margin. I replied in an email they were scammers and my solicitor will be investingating. I now await Which? Legal team to assist on Thursday as tomorrow I have a breast cancer operation. I feel sick, I tell you all, just sick, at this heinous and disgusting set of people.

S Madden 04/10/2018

Stole my deposit

Stole my deposit. As soon as I mentioned I want a refund of my money my account balance went down yet I never traded. All of a sudden the people who used to call me non stop disappeared and I’m left without a deposit. Never gave anybody permission to trade for me and I never traded myself. Just lost $300nzd for NOTHING!!! Pathetic company!!! Pathetic dishonest scammers!!!!!

Twila 03/29/2018

new to this

I invested the minimum of £180 today. I was then contacted by a personal manager to invest more because they say there is a killing to be made on Facebook at the moment. This may or not be so. I fell for it and attempted to invest a further £5000 but (thankfully) my bank put a block on my card. I am not saying that they are a scam, and could be a very reputable company but my initial investment of their minimum will stay as it is and we shall see what happens.

Gill Garraghan

gillioan Garraghan 03/21/2018

Poor Advice


reading the many reviews on this site, i too have a similar story about losing my pension money to risky trading with GCC Investing and Brooke Giani.

My story started with seeing an add in a jobsite for working from home.. followed a link to watch a Michael Crawford (no not the man on the telly) about an amazing computer programme that can analyse the market and make you millions! So i followed the link..

took me to the GCC Investing website.. and I, like you all invested my £250 deposit. Very soon after, i received a call from them offering to help.. which they did.. my £250 soon became £500! then £1,000.. brilliant.. I tried to withdraw £100 to test the site.. £100 arrived back in my account after 5 working days..

Then i was called by Brooke almost every day with no risk promises.. And the strange thing was the calls all came from Leeds or Birmingham or even cypress and i could never call them back.. anyway, £1,000 in my account.. so i added more.. £5,000.. then i had £10,000 in my account OMG!

this kept on going (November/December) until i had £103,000 in my account! Then, just before christmas it all went.. i couldnt believe my eyes! Boom! all but £412 left.. all my pension money, just before christmas on a friday... Brooke left me hanging until the Monday when she explained it had been a bad day for everyone.. the USD had crashed, much lower than expected.. and many trades had ran out of funds..

Since that day, i have spent a massive amount of time learning about the ForEx marketplace. And have learnt the risks and why its so risky..

I'm unsure whether GCC is a scam, but their Sales give you false hope and poor advice.. When I asked Brooke should i be worried that the 'Equity' value was falling fast, reaching 5-10% of my balance, she told me not to worry! I have since learnt that is definitely not the case. My Trades that were in progress where running at massive losses and the USD was reaching new lows.. and still hasnt fully recovered..

Having found this website, i wish i had read it before being seduced by the thought of growing my pension. Not just because of the trading risk, but more that GCC are operating outside of any governance, so perhaps harder to bring to any justice.

However, strength in numbers.. perhaps as a single voice, we can gain someone to listen?

Please note that they are currently working hard at recovering my lost money by giving me a bonus and access to the trading floor manager..

Steve Carroll 02/27/2018

Do not use GCC investigation as your trader/broker

Aften been sweettalked into invest in bitcoin my account grew steadly. When I wanted to withdraw my invested money and profit the account started to loose money rapidly. The broker came up with a nonreasonable explaination. Don't trust GCC with your money. It is a scam.

Stig Aarnes 02/24/2018

Never touch or deal with this robot controlled company.

Please do not get sucked in by this persuasive and initial great set up and offering. My account dropped like a stone when I asked for a withdrawal. Any emails regarding withdrawals were tiresome and lack of response. I wish I had no dealings with this company you will not win a penny. My account was given a bonus and I have deposited over 5k and not once issued a withdrawal. The account is nearly zero it’s been the worst 4 months of my life. I feel a fool and suffering this embarrassment silently. At least reading these reviews confirm my worst fears. They are not worth dealing with please avoid,!!!

Patricia green 02/11/2018


I wish I had found this page before I trusted these tests. My stories is the same. So called invested £250 with them. Received a phone call within minutes asking for more money. By this time I had a gut feeling. So I refused anymore money and mentioned I want a refund. The phone went silent and he put it done on me. Everyday I phone saying I have not received any money. I ask to be put through to the financial department and not spoke to them yet.

Dawn 02/07/2018

Scam - avoid!

I was looking to invest a small sum of money £50 and see how it went, i was contacted by GCCinvesting and signed up with them, i was told £50 wa snot enough and would need to invest more so i agreed to out in £300, a few days later i was called and said look at my account i have made £30, i should add more so i added another £400, a few days later he called again and said you have £100 profit , add more so we can make some big money, i asked how much would i need he said £10000, i said i dont have any where near that so wearliy i put £1000 on my credit card, he said its only for a week i will have it straight back.. my gut feeling told me i wa sbeing silly so decided to read the reveiws only to read they scam all your money and you dont get your money back. I a\sked for a withdrawal the day after and have been chating on-line with them, i was told no more tradingwould be done and withdrawal takes 7 working days, i checked my account today and they have wiped it out leaving me £19 out of £ seems once you want a withdrawal they loose all your money, its a set up dont be sucked it like me....avoid and run ASAP!!!

lynn phillips 02/06/2018

GCC = total scam and robbery!

ALso I trusted these people and deposited 10 000 euro for a promise of great financial help and knowledge which would get me approx 14-20%. That sounded acceptable and nothing dreamy and while checking my account I had a 2750 euro surplus....until last week! Now I have 172 euro left and no-one is answering e-mails or disappointed, mostly at myself for being an idiot and trusting these people!

RMC 01/25/2018

GCC Investing is a ponzi scheme


Really sorry to ready all these people who have been scammed.
This company will identify from speaking to you, your potential worth and investment potential. They will then pick a figure £250 or £100000 based on what you tell them and then ask you to invest.

They will show you a profit on your portal account and then say something big is going to happen. They will send you a portion of your money as profits( which is basically your own money) and ask you to invest more. You will ask to withdraw money and they will say you cant because its exposed. Once they determine you have lost trust in them, your balance will go to close to zero overnight and you will not be able to get hold of them or your funds.

If you want to invest in Crytocurrency, you can do it yourself with no brokers using reputable exchanges such as Coinbase, Kracken and Bit Stamp and control your own funds and invest and withdraw whenever you like.
Hope this helps whoever reads this future and past.

Disclosure: I am a private investor in various Crypto currencies via Bit Stamps exchange.

Smudge 01/24/2018

GCC robbing bastards


This so called investment company is nothing but a set of robbing scum bags and a woman by the name BROOKE GIANNI is a nasty piece of sh*t with no conscience, my story is the same as all the other ones regarding this company and I have lost £21000 of my life savings, I cannot believe how stupid I have been in listening to this woman and wished I had done the background work before this happened.

Don king 01/18/2018

Full of crap Beware

Deposited £250 thought enough to start, no Idea what I was doing, persistently phoned at work until I put in another $2500 with promises of riches beyond belief, then harassed for more to make more put another $3000 pressure on to put more in invest more to make more, NOW lost all but $175 talk about taking sweets from a baby, thought my "BROKER" would look after my money ORE like "****er !!! Meantime I put £250 in e-toro now worth £800 to £900 max but still floating, low cost more help no requests for more. Sadly disappointed with My Mathew "Broker"let down wiser and poorer (PENSIONER)

James 01/16/2018

GCC - scammers, do not go near!!

I deposited £250 to test the water, no sooner deposited than had a call from Brooke Gianni. She encouraged me to add more money promising me a rich return. Stupidly I fell for it, my money was doing well whenever I checked online. On Friday last, Brooke contacted me to advise me to transfer my ‘profit’ back to my bank account. For some reason she couldn’t do it that day, she would ring me on Monday (yesterday) which she never did. Checked my account this morning, the whole lot had gone apart from £472!! I tried ringing Brooke, to no avail, emailed her asking her to phone me. She replied straight back to sat she was aware of the loss and it was the volatility of the market, she would find out more, not to worry, she would call me back. Well no call and no reply to my emails either. I am gutted and disgusted, I feel so stupid, I trusted her, she seemed so genuine. I’m a pensioner and cannot afford to lose this money, how do these people sleep at night? I too got the messages about the margin, she said to ignore them. Is there anything I can do to at least get some of my money back, anyone any advice??

Barbara 01/16/2018

GCC Investing never again!!!!!

My story is very similar to the reviews below I thought I was getting with Bitcoin but it turned out to be GCC Investing (I wish to god I had found this page before carrying on) I deposited £250 & imedeately a Broker called jacob Win was on the phone telling me not to do anything he would do it all, he rang me every hour which became overbearing then he wanted more money saying he could not do a lot for me with the small deposit, I got talked into giving him £2.500 which was all I had. My money rose buy a few hundred and was still being badgered for more. That night my 92 year old mother had a stroke and I needed to move to the hospital so I tried to withdraw my deposit which did,nt work, I also emailed Jacob to ask him to shut my account down & refund my deposit,so when I came home 2 days later I had 48 missed calls from the Broker & the account was still running, my money had dropped to nearly nothing & I was getting the warning emails.
I rang head office the girl who sounded like she was filing her nails said my money would be refunded in 7 working days, NAH!! I phoned my bank,s fraud department who also tried without luck....... STAY AWAY STAY AWAY It was my first time & I learnt the hard way BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!

Barbara Burbage 01/12/2018

GCC Investing.

Hi, I had got tangled up in the Bitcoin Frenzy and this site GCC Investing was the first to appear when I searched for Traders in Bitcoin there was no reports of fraud or Scams so I thought they would be okay, I deposited £8,250 with them and was promised good returns, they persisted that I increase my deposit which I could not so they asked me to get a friend or use a credit card to increase the balance I ignored their pleas, so Immediately I tried to withdraw my balance and it was ignored (on several occasions), next thing was that my balance had risen to £26,500 approximately, so again I tried to withdraw no luck yet again, in the mean time I was getting warning emails regarding Margins I informed the broker who was dealing with my account, she told me to ignore these message (40+ in total) as this is what WE wanted, all I wanted was my balance back, the balance disappeared the morning after the £26.500 From late night until the early morning after. It also showed that I owed the about £3,300 due to the Margins over running whatever that was, soon after £171.03 appeared in my balance, I requested a withdrawal again and I have been trying for about 3 weeks plus and still they have not transferred my balance, they have made a few excuses as to why they can’t transfer the balance as my Bank has rejected the transfer, I would like to hear your opinion on this matter.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Additional info. I am 77 years of age and have no idea how trading works = and I have paid the price for lack of knowledge.


Brian A. Bailey

B A Bailey 01/09/2018

It is the worst Brokers I have known

I transferred £250 into an account at GCC Investing, they talked me into raising the amount with promises of making more cash, I then transferred £8,000 into the account and withing a couple of days I had requested the amount to be transferred back to my account, their Broker by the name of Brooke Gianni once again insisted I let her invest the cash in Bitcoin even as I still requested a refund but ignoring my plea she continued, during the period of about just over a week I was getting warning emails from GCC regarding Margins and it was warning me that I could lose all my money and also may have to pay any difference, from that point I again requested withdrawal of my money and Brooke Gianni told me not to worry as it was what WE wanted anyway she ignored my pleas to a refund and the next day the balance had risen to just over £26.000 the next morning all but £171.03 was gone due to the refusals on many occasions to refund my cash, I have since requested that the £171 be transferred back to my Bank Account that was on 12th December still nothing has been refunded, the £171.03 still sits in GCC with no attempt to refund it, Brooke Gianni has informed me that the cash had been cleared for transfer, yet it is still in GCC on 28th December, will you please refund my cash and I mean all of the £8,250 that I was sweet talked into depositing against my will, I have been ignored from day 1 and that was around mid November.
I will now send copies to the FCA and the FSA along with copies of emails from Brooke Gianni.

B.A.Bailey 01/03/2018

No payback

They don't pay back funds or profit and never give answers on questions. So far I have been waiting 10 business days after withdrawal and still no payback

Dick Skogsater 12/20/2017
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