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FXNobel Review - is it scam or safe?

FXNobel review - Is scam or good forex broker?

FXNobel is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


FXNobel is a forex and CFD broker offering six account types on the MetaTrader4 platform with leverage of up to 1:500. If you are considering investing with them be sure to read this review first.


Account type Min. deposit Max. leverage Spreads
Bronze Account $250 1:500 n/a
Silver Account $2500 1:500 n/a
Gold Account $5000 1:500 n/a
Premium Account $10 000 1:500 n/a
Platinum Account $25 000 1:500 n/a
Royal Account

$100 000

1:500 n/a


FXNobel Advantages:


Leverage of up to 1:500


Leverage of up to 1:500 as offered by FXNobel is more than enough to accommodate even the most aggressive trading strategy. And while higher leverage may help you score substantial profit with a relatively small deposit, it also comes with a significant risk of depleting your funds with the slightest fluctuation of the market. Professional traders know that well and rarely trade with leverage exceeding 1:100.


A variety of currency pairs, indices and stocks


The broker offers 23 currency pairs and CFDs on several indices, stocks and gold. As we do not see any crypto CFDs, here you may check our list of brokers, offering Bitcoin CFDs:


>>Bitcoin Forex Brokers<<


Acceptable minimum deposit requirement


You can open a starting Bronze Account with FXNobel with a minimum deposit of 250 USD. Basically this is in line with the market average and yet we should note that with some big, well established players like FBS and IG, you can start trading with as little as 5 USD.


MetaTrader4 supported


FXNobel offers its clients a choice of two platforms - a web based platform and the MetaTrader4. The presence of MT4 is always welcome as it is well known to traders. MT4 has intuitive and user-friendly interface, great charting tools and the ability to support automated trading sessions. Here you may also check our list of brokers also offering MetaTrader4:


>>MT4 Brokers<<


Support in several major languages


FX Nobel website is supported in English, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Portugal as the broker is probably focused on the European market and Russia. 


FXNobel Disadvantages:


No license


FXNobel is operated by  Glencoe Partners LTD – a company registered on the  Marshall Islands and  Cohen Group EOOD, which is based in Bulgaria.


As for their regulatory status FXNobel says to be a member of TheFinancialCommission, which turned out to be just a website – with a contact address on St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 



We should note that this by no means can substitute a legit license, issued by a respected financial institutions such as the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).


Still, as one of the companies behind the broker - Cohen Group EOOD is said to be registered in Bulgaria, we diligently checked the registers of the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) and were unable to find neither Cohen Group EOOD nor FXNobel there. Have in mind that under the Bulgarian law all forex and CFD brokers operating form the country should be registered by the Bulgarian FSC or a legit financial authority from another EU country.


Have in mind also that proper regulation in the forex industry is the single most important factor for the safety of any investment. Basically, if you trade with an unregulated broker you run a huge risk to loose your money to scammers.


Let us say a few words about the Marshal Islands as well, as the place is a favorite destination for companies that want to stay beneath the radar of the regulatory authorities. Marshal Islands are a small atoll in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, about which the US Department of State warns its offshore corporate sector is vulnerable to money laundering and other clandestine activities.


Besides, it is very easy to register an international business companies on the Marshal Islands, as the whole process is done online. Corporate officers, directors, and shareholders may be of any nationality and live anywhere and the companies are not required to disclose the names of officers, directors, shareholders, or beneficial owners. On top of that corporate entities may act as directors, officers, and shareholders.


All that said we have no choice but to regard FXNobel as an unregulated, offshore broker with very limited credibility. 


Properly licensed brokers on the other hand are obliged to follow strict financial and ethical rules, including to maintain a minimum capital adequacy ratio, to keep all clients money in protected, segregated accounts and in some cases even to insure traders capital.


With the FCA backed Financial Services Compensation Scheme for example, if the broker goes insolvent, traders can receive back up to 50 000 GBP of their capital. Similar compensation scheme with the CySEC guarantees traders up to 20 000 EUR of the investment. Here you may want to check our list of FCA regulated brokers: 


>>FCA Regulated Forex Brokers<<


No information about spreads and commissions


FXNobel are not very informative in their presentation about the trading conditions they offer and as we were not able to open a demo account with them, we can not assess the spreads. Still here you may check our list of brokers offering tighter spreads:


>> Lowest spread forex brokers<<


No e-wallets accepted


With FXNobel you can deposit funds with major credit cards like VISA and MasterCard as well as with a bank wire transfer. The broker also accepts Bitcoins, but we miss popular e-wallets like NetellerSkrill and PayPal. You can also check our list of brokers also accepting Bitcoins:


>>Forex Brokers Accepting Bitcoin<<




FXNobel is an unregulated offshore broker, with very limited credibility. As we have already discussed, investing with unregulated companies comes with a huge risk of loosing your money to scammers.

Latest news about FXNobel
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È una truffa!

Mi è stato confermato che tutti i soldi degli investitori non ci sono più da tempo e che ognuno dovrebbe fare denuncia presso la propria autorità locale cosi che forse nel tempo si riesca a recuperare almeno una parte dell'investimento. Io denuncerò! Qualcuno sa come devo muovermi dalla Svizzera?
It is a scam!
I was confirmed that all the investors' money has been gone for some time and that everyone should file a complaint with their local authority so that maybe in time they will be able to recover at least part of the investment. I will denounce! Does anyone know how I should move from Switzerland?

Barbara Santi-Staehelin 08/22/2019

È una truffa!

Fxnobels non è più contattabile. Mail e no telefonici non sono più validi. Come recuperare i soldi?

Translated by Google:

Fxnobels is no longer contactable. Mail and no telephone are no longer valid. How to recover the money?

Barbara Santi-Staehelin 08/21/2019


Good morning, my name is António Madeira, with ID.329641, and I made a redemption request on 08/05/2019 that has not yet been answered.
What can I do to get my money back.

Thank you.

Antonio Madeira 08/12/2019

Jag hade ett kontrakt med FXNobel

Jag har efter ett år aldrig fått pengar tillbaka. ca 15 000 $
Jag har sänt ett otal mail men utan svar.
Jag hade ett kontrakt med dem!
Broker is mr Justin Russel

Translated by Google:

After a year I have never received money back. $ 15,000
I have sent a number of emails but without a reply.
I had a contract with them!
Broker is Mr. Justin Russel

Nils Forsberg 07/17/2019

FxNobles sao fraude criminosos

Venho atraves desse, alertar a todos que pretendem ingressar no mercado forex para que não faça negocios atraves da corretora FXNOBELS pois e mesma é uma FRAUDE , nao tem regulamentação nenhuma como dizem, são super prestativos na hora de abrir conta e fazer deposito apos isso somem, quando voce solicita o saque de fundos veem com varias desculpas. Inclusive me faram que estavam sendo processados e que eu so poderia fazer o saque do valor total q tinha na minha conta sendo aproximadamente 100.000 dolares, e cobraram uma taxa de 10% que deveria ser pago antecipado. Entao que meu prejuizo fique de alerta para todos que estao pensando em fazer um conta lá. Pesquise antes para nao acontecer o mesmo que eu.

Translated by Google:

I come through this, alert to all that intend to enter the forex market so that it does not do business through the brokerage FXNOBELS because it is a FRAUD, there is no regulation as they say, they are super helpful when opening the account and make deposit after that somem , when you ask for the withdrawal of funds come with several excuses. They even told me that they were being sued and that I could only withdraw the total amount I had in my account being approximately $ 100,000, and charged a 10% fee that was to be paid in advance. So let my prejudice be on the alert for everyone who is thinking about making an account there. Search before so it will not happen the same as me.

Luiz Fernando Diniz 07/09/2019

FXNobel Fraude!

Abri uma conta com 250€ no início de janeiro de 2019. Entretanto, já passei por 4 assistentes diferentes e de repente todos eles deixam de responder e fico meses sem possibilidade de contacto com alguém do site.
Já mandei muitos emails de reclamação e nunca respondem.
Tenho uma ordem de levantamento pendente há 5 meses e não libertam a verba...
Enfim... parece que estamos perante uma fraude internacional...
E agora, como resolver? Alguém sabe?

Translated by Google:

I opened an account with € 250 in early January 2019. However, I've been through 4 different assistants and suddenly they all stop responding and I'm not able to contact anyone on the site for months.
I've already sent lots of complaint emails and never respond.
I have a lifting order pending 5 months ago and do not release the money ...
Anyway ... it looks like this is an international fraud ...
And now, how to solve? Anybody know?

Sofia Silva 06/24/2019

Broker uništava svog klijenta

Kad nešto zaradiš i tražiš povrat,Broker odmah uloži da izgubiš sve i onda od tebe traži još.Čista prijevara

Translated by Google:

Broker destroys his client
When you make a deal and ask for a refund, Broker instantly invests you to lose everything and then asks for more.

Mladen 04/23/2019

472 USD

My last trade was in 26.3.2019 from the until now they never contact ne. Why?
They say that you are honest company are you? I need my money back if you don't want to work with me.

Jose Nicolau da Silva Faria Viana 04/17/2019


I have been trying to get some money of my fxnobel trading account. They will call you everyday when they want you to put money in but when it comes to getting money out you never here from them. I need some help how I can close this trade Now they make blocks for watsap

Alhoseni Abdelamajid 04/12/2019

Fraude FXNobel

Buenos días, he invertido un capital en esta compañía y ahora no me dejan retirar mis fondos, el broker ni nadie, responde mis mensajes de wp ni correos electrónicos, quisiera recuperar el dinero, puedo hacer algo?
Creo que esta compañía debería ser sancionada porque estafa a la gente

Translated by Google:

Good morning, I have invested a capital in this company and now they will not let me withdraw my funds, the broker or anyone, answer my wp messages or emails, I would like to recover the money, can I do something?
I think this company should be sanctioned because it scams people

Ramón Jauregui 03/30/2019


Good day,
First of all, I want to warn everyone against this company. I invest 43950 EUR, which made huge profit, but i cannot get my investment back.
No one from these company communicate with me, company insist to pay 15% income tax to the account opened in payment system not in bank. This company is fraudster.

Alexandr Zolotuchin 03/28/2019

Voglio che mi venga sbloccato il prelievo

Al momento nn ho niente d aggiungere....voglio essere contattata dalla Fxnobels grazie

Translated by Google:

I want the withdrawal to be released

At the moment I have nothing to add .... I want to be contacted by Fxnobels thanks

Filomena Forte 03/16/2019

No withdrawal, no contact

They do not let you withdraw your money, and you can not get any contact to them.

Mika Sarivaara-Satta 02/08/2019

Empresa fxnobel

Vou começar a divulgar nas redes sociais sobre a idoneidade da empresa fx Nobel para não cairem no mesmo golpe que eu cai. É perderem seu dinheiro.
Fui enganado e roubado pela fx Nobel.
Hoje é o último dia para resolver o problema w devolverem meu dinheiro.

Translated by Google:

I will start spreading on social networks about the suitability of the fx Nobel company to avoid falling into the same blow that I fall. You lose your money.
I was deceived and robbed by Nobel fx.
Today is the last day to solve the problem w give me back my money.

Marcelo 01/29/2019

Parami çekemi̇yorum

Paramı çekemiyorum sürekli oyalanıyorum kimse yardımcı olmuyor.

Translated by Google:

I can't get my money.

Erdem Tunç 01/23/2019

FXNobel - Pedido de reclamação de pedido de transferência no valor de 2435,00 €

Bom dia,
venho reclamar a devolução do meu dinheiro da corretora FXNOBELS 2435,00€
MT4-756448.Já fiz de tudo para resgatar o meu dinheiro assinei um documento para isso mandado por eles desde 26-11-2018, recentemente pediram-me comprovativos de transferência do dinheiro que investi.

Translated by Google:

Good Morning,
I come to claim my money back from the FXNOBELS brokerage house 2435,00 €
MT4-756448.I have done everything to recover my money signed a document sent by them since November 26, 2018, recently asked me for proof of transfer of the money I invested.

José carlos Guerreiro 01/17/2019

conta sem acesso

muito boa noite,

venho por este meio, junto de V. Exas. solicitar que me informem, porque razão deixei de ter acesso a minha conta depois de efectuar dois depósitos na mesma.

com os melhores cumprimentos,

Elisabete Rocha

Translated by Google:

very good night,

I hereby come with you, Ex. request to be informed, because I have no access to my account after making two deposits on it.

Best regards,

Elisabete Rocha

elisabete rocha 01/11/2019

FXNobel - Pedido de reclamação de pedido de transferência no valor de €2435

Boa tarde,
Solicitei um pedido de devolução no valor de 2435,00€ e ainda não fui contactado. Disseram que era contactado em 48Horas! fiz o pedido no dia 26-11-2018.
Quero o meu dinheiro de volta, se não apresentarei queixa na policia

Translated by Google:

Good afternoon,
I have requested a return order of € 2435.00 and have not yet been contacted. They said he was contacted in 48Hours! I made the request on November 26, 1818.
I want my money back, if I will not file a complaint with the police

José carlos Guerreiro 12/10/2018

FxNobel reclamo - voglio i miei soldi

Mi sono iscritto nella piattaforma Campbell circa un mese versando 300 euro con bancoposta ,subito dopo mi sono documentato meglio ho chiesto di ritirare i miei soldi mi ha risposto un certo Eric molto gentile facendomi credere che tutto sta procedendo per avere il mio rimborso di 300euro. Ancora aspetto credo che non mi risponde più nemmeno ai memessaggi.ho la piattaforma aperta si vedono i miei 300 euro ma non posso prelevare si blocca. Adesso chiedo se qualcuno sa come comportarsi e denunciarli grazie

Translated by Google:

I want my money

I enrolled in the Campbell platform about a month pouring 300 euros with a bank, immediately after I documented better I asked to withdraw my money I was answered by a very kind Eric making me believe that everything is proceeding to get my refund of 300 euros. I still look like I do not even answer the memessaggi.ho the platform open you see my 300 euros but I can not withdraw freezes. Now I ask if anyone knows how to behave and report them thanks

Giacomo 11/14/2018

What is going on?

I deposited 250usd and the page where I was searching for trade section it closes for no reason and I don't have in the history,I can't log in again I can't do anything. Any ideas?

Radulea Bogdan 11/11/2018

whats going on?

hi since i deposited the amount of R4000 to start traiding with you .I am no longer hearing from you . whats going on?

maphorogetja 10/26/2018


Круглосуточно будут звонить и давить на вас взять долг ,кредит и пригласить семью и друзей . Больше и больше денег вложить ,чтобы якобы быстро и много заработать и через неделю сделать вывод. Придет время вывода и начнутся абсурдные звонки. Вам нужно оплатить за вывод. Вам нужно отработать бонусы ,кредиты . Но вы не подписывала договор о кредите и не увидите в жизни бонусов от них. Я не говорю уже о том,что о маваши Они крепко удержать и бесполезно подавать заявки на вывод.

Translated by Google:

They will call around the clock and put pressure on you to take debt, credit, and invite family and friends. To invest more and more money in order to earn money and allegedly quickly and reach a conclusion in a week. The withdrawal time will come and the absurd calls will start. You need to pay for withdrawal. You need to work out bonuses, credits. But you did not sign the loan agreement and you will not see bonuses from them in your life. I do not even mention that they are firmly on hold of Mawashi and it is useless to submit applications for withdrawal.

Наира 10/13/2018

Trying to get my money out

I have been trying to get some money of my fxnobel trading account. They will call you everyday when they want you to put money in but when it comes to getting money out you never here from them. I need some help how I can close this trade account.

Craig 10/09/2018

FXNobel - i soliti truffatori

sono molto bravi quando ti devono fare mettere dei soldi, nel momento in cui tu cerchi di scaricare i tuoi guadagni ti inventano tante scuse e addirittura ti mandano in banca rotta x farti mettere ancora dei soldi,ti bloccano il tasto x dovere scaricare e ti raccontano sempre cazzate,non rispondono alla chat e neanche alla mail
le persone che ci lavorano sono molto istruite a truffare i saldi che una investe in modo spietato ti fanno ,le persone x bene ma non hanno neqanche la minima idea ti che cosa significhi essere persone x bene
adesso incomincero a sputtanarli il piu possibile in rete grazie FX NOBEL X la serietà che non avete
il sito sistematelo xcchè non c è niente di vero di quello che c è scritto

Translated by Google:

are very good when you have to make money, when you try to download your earnings you make lots of excuses and even send you to the bank broken to make you put more money, lock the x button have to download and tell you always crap, do not respond to the chat or even the mail
the people who work there are very educated to cheat the balances that a ruthless investing make you, the people x good but they do not have the slightest idea what you mean to be good people
now they start to disgrace them as much as possible on the net thanks to FX NOBEL X the seriousness that you do not have
the site arrange it xcchè there is nothing true of what is written

Maurizio Attardo 09/12/2018

Resgate de fundos FXnobel

Solicito ajuda para retirada de fundos da minha conta FXnobel. Desde já agradeço.


Tadeu Dorosz
Conta [email protected]
+55 48 9911883100

Translated by Google:

I request funds withdrawal from my FXnobel account. Thank you very much in advance.


Tadeu Dorosz
Conta [email protected]
+55 48 9911883100

Tadeu Dorosz 08/14/2018
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