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FXLeader Review - is it scam or safe?

FXLeader Review - is scam or good forex broker?

FXLeader is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.



Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Min. deposit Min. trade size Max. leverage Spread
Micro   0.05 1:400 3 pips fixed
Silver   0.05 1:400 Silver
Gold   0.05 1:400 Gold
Platinum   0.05 1:400 Platinum

FXLeader provides forex and CFD trading and offers several account types. Unfortunately, the trading conditions are not specified on its website. Actually, we have a lot of concerns regarding FXLeader. Read the full review for all the details.


FXLeader Advantages

- Multiple CFDs, including on cryptocurrencies

One of the few things we like about this broker is its rich and diversified product portfolio. FXLeader offers trading in quite a lot currency pairs and wide range of CFDs: on commodities, indices, shares, as well as the most popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, and others).


If you are one of those investors riding the crypto wave, we would advise you to select a broker that not only offers Bitcoin CFDs, but is also reliable and licensed by a reputable financial authority. FXLeader is not a regulated company, which involves a lot of risks.



>> Bitcoin trading with a licensed broker <<



- High leverage available

Leverage in Forex trading is a tool that increases the size of the maximum position that can be opened by a trader. That being said, he ability to trade with 1:400 leverage at FXLeader is nice, but it doesn’t mean that you have to use it to the full all the time, as ratios as high as this also involve greater risk of losses.

FXLeader Disadvantages

- Not regulated

According to the information on its website, FXLeader is owned and operated by Leadernet OU, a company based in Estonia. The firm is not regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA), which is in charge of financial service providers. Actually, it seems that the broker operates under St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) jurisdiction, as allegedly it uses the services of FXLEADER LTD - a company registered SVG - as a liquidity provider and market-maker.


This should be enough for experienced traders to avoid dealing with the broker. We would advise all our readers to do the same. Trading with unregulated and/or offshore brokers is very risky, and many of them are involved in investment frauds. As we got a lot of complaints and negative feedback regarding FXLeader, we suspect it is a scam broker, so you'd better stay away.


- Trading conditions not specified, no demo accounts
While several account types are provided by FXLeader, its website contains does not contain any relevant information, such as leverage levels, minimum initial deposit, spreads, etc. (which is usually the practice). That being said, demo accounts are not offer either, which is yet another red flag. All decent forex brokers provide free demo accounts, so that their clients can test the company’s services or test their own strategies.

- High fixed spreads
The spreads provided by FXLeader, which we saw when testing their platform in live mode (without depositing) were rather high, fixed at 3.0 pips on EUR/USD. Most fixed-spread brokerages offer 2 pips or even lower. For example, easyMarkets offers a spread fixed at 1 pips on EUR /USD to all its clients who have deposited $250 or more.


>> Compare the spreads of top FX brokers <<


-Unusual web platform
Trading at FXLeader is done with a web-based platform (and mobile apps are also available), which is quite simple. While it seems easy to use, this platform lacks any advanced features, such as good charting, indicators, automated strategies, etc. There is no room for comparison between this trading software and the industry leading MetaTrader4 (MT4). Here is a preview of FXLeader’s offering:



Click to zoom-in.


Meanwhile, the MT4 provides top-notch charting, supports automated trading systems (a.k.a. Expert Advisors) and has various customization options.

>>The best MT4 Brokers<<


- High minimum deposit
The lowest account type at this broker requires an initial investment of $200, which sets the entry bar a bit high, considering the fact that a number of reliable and licensed brokers require less. For example, easyMarkets, which is regulated in Cyprus and Australia, has set a minimum deposit of $100.




FXLeader is an unregulated forex broker whose offering isn’t very attractive for a number of reasons, which we covered above. The costs of trading with this broker are not specified on its website, but appear quite high, and what is worse, it is not licensed nor overseen by any governmental agency.

The biggest risk when investing with such a broker is that you may not see your money again. That is why we recommend duly licensed brokers, for example those in the UK. The local financial watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is famous for its strict regulations and supervision,

>> Find a better FCA-regulated broker <<

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages with regards to FXLeader:


Pros Cons
Multiple CFDs, including on crypto Not regulated
High leverage available Trading conditions not specified
  High fixed spreads
  Unusual web platform (No MT4)
  $200 minimum deposit
  No demo accounts


Latest news about FXLeader
No news about FXLeader. Check back later.
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No withdrawal

i deposited $200 in FXLeader and from there they want another money $500 to make $700. i told them i don't have that money now. i wanted to withdraw my money back but i cannot conduct them any more because the emails keeps on coming back(undilivered). i don't know what to do, i want the world forex regulators to assist.

Lazarus Makitla 08/16/2019


Not at all happy with these people
I ask for refund and recieved phone call which they asked again for my details and tried to take a further $2000 out of my account which when l question the person hung up on me
Later l found another $200 had been taken out of my account not refunded which was the purpose of the phone call
The last transaction is pending ...hopefully wont go through
Ive had to cancel my card and bs issued with new one as they have the number...
Im cured won't be doing that again

Ann 08/14/2019

Absolute scam

FX-Leader are just scammers. Hard sell. No real trading. And the kicker is they wont let you take your money out. Stay away from them.

Stuart Naylor 08/13/2019


Fx leaders convinced me to invest and now I can't have access to my account. The emails I send turn back with teh information that not found domain

Lourdes Figueiredo 08/02/2019

Request for Chargeback from Bank - FXLeader

FOr all those scammed by FXLeader, gather your evidence and proof of a scam.Request a chareback from your bank with whom you made the transaction with and provide thorough documentation to support your case. Request a chargeback for the reason that services were not delivered. Go through the process. Report a police case to local police department

Jonathan Marks 08/01/2019

Fxleader Criminal crooks

FxLeader are the biggest crooks that suck money to investors criminally yet on Friday I was once again a criminal victim as it is possible to withdraw € 26000 to buy silver handled the purchase 100% and according to them I had a huge loss of about 26000 Only criminal crooks do this kind of actions

AntonioMoura 07/30/2019 - Scam

To all who were scammed by this broker, like me, if there was any hope of recovering our money, it ceased to exist because these bandits' website no longer works and all contacts also. The emails all go back. They destroyed my life !!!!

Vitor Vieira 07/26/2019

Scammed by fx leader

They scammed me R 5000, completely blocked me, as if they never existed

Herbert George Webster 07/25/2019

FxLeader Scam!!!!!

Scammed R60 000, I cannot contact in any manner after my last email. They blocked me completely. From South Africa

Adri Fourie 07/22/2019


Scammed r180000 by them all account closed my money gone please help
From South Africa

Sarah 07/20/2019

FXLeader - Site Fraudulento

Não se registem no site da FX LEADER.

Acabei de ser Burlada em 750 euros.

Site inactivo, depois activa, email com erro de envio depois já se pode aceder.Pedem imensos documentos e assinaturas, nunca está de acordo com o que eles pretendem, para ganharem tempo e entretanto os bancos concluem as transacções.

Agora dizem que para devolver têm de ter o nº cartão, que eu entretanto já bloquei.

Trata-se de uma grande rede a operar no Reino Unido, mas com sede na Estônia, uma correctora de criptomoedas não legalizada ou registada,recebi várias chamadas primeiro do Simeon Sinclair - [email protected]
depois foi o Bernardo Gomes "o gestor" - [email protected] e também de uma Rose Andrey - [email protected]

Quem pode ajudar a recuperar este dinheiro?
Quem pode ajudar a parar esta rede?

Ana Freitas

Translated by Google:

FXLeader - Fraudulent website

Do not register on the FX LEADER website.

I just got ripped off at 750 euros.

Inactive site, then active, email with error of sending then can be acceded.Pedem immense documents and signatures, never agrees with what they want, to gain time and in the meantime the banks complete the transactions.

Now they say that to return they must have the card number, which I have already blocked.

This is a large network operating in the UK, but based in Estonia, an unlicensed or registered cryptomedeurist, I received several first calls from Simeon Sinclair - [email protected]
then it was Bernardo Gomes "the manager" - [email protected] and also a Rose Andrey - [email protected]

Who can help recover this money?
Who can help stop this network?

Ana Freitas

Ana Freitas 07/20/2019

i did not trade but they have $350 US in my account

i answered an ad here in australia it said put $350 in your account and put $50 in trade for btc but when i started to get involved they wanted $500 and another broker wanted $2000 and the next day i would make $6000 . we are pensioners here in aus and my mother and uncle put into it i sent an e-mail to Angela Johnson she has not replied my in box says e-mail not delivered due to wrong address so i want my money back regards Paul McCabe

Paul McCabe 07/19/2019

Lost money

Another scamming story... it seems they've just closed all contacts.

Jose 07/19/2019

These people ruined me how do I get all my money back $7000

I invested so much money, $7000 how do I get this back.
So many of us its so disappointing these people or nasty people are so nasty.
Cunning and just ripping everyone off, affecting peoples future.
They are living rich ..

sophia 07/18/2019

Withdrawal refused continuously by FX Leader

My initial deposit of $5k suddenly became >$100k because when I asked for withdrawal, FXLeader said I have to open up my credit card transactions to be charged so they can reverse my funds. They ripped off all my savings!
more than 8mths of waiting still no refund!
Who can help to recover our hard-earn savings, HELP!

GOD, please help us innocent people survive this and bring justice to these crooked FXLeader people.

L.L 07/18/2019

Sujeito a fraude por parte da FXleader

Alerto para terem cuidado nas transferências de dinheiro. Acabo de perder 200€. Depois de abrir conta com 200€ e falar com trader, tudo parecia fácil. para concluirmos processo, ficou agendado contato telefónico para dia seguinte, mas nada. Ao querer ir ao site, que anteriormente acedia, deixou de se poder aceder..erro. Inclusivamente enviei meus documentos via mail, mas resposta era negativa em como não recebiam. Neste momento tenho receio que exista possibilidade de usarem meus dados. Face a tudo isto, tenham cuidado.
O mail do trader Ricardo Almeida ricardo [email protected] Muitooo cuidado com esta gente sem escrúpulos e sem dignidade.

Translated by Google:

Subject to fraud by FXleader
Alerto to be careful about money transfers. I just lost 200 €. After opening the account with € 200 and talking to the trader, everything seemed easy. to conclude process, was scheduled telephone contact for the next day, but nothing. When wanting to go to the site, which previously acedia, is no longer accessible. I even sent my documents via mail, but the reply was negative in how they did not receive it. At this moment I am afraid that there is possibility of using my data. In the face of all this, be careful.
The trader's email Ricardo Almeida ricardo [email protected] Be very careful with these people without scruples and without dignity.

Vítor Lopes 07/18/2019


A única coisa que posso dizer é que eu fui vitima de fraude pela fx leader.

Meu dinheiro se foi, é a unica coisa que sei...

Quem me pode ajudar?

Translated by Google:

The only thing I can say is that I was a victim of fraud by the fx leader.

My money is gone, it's the only thing I know ...

Who can help me?

Patrícia Pinto 07/18/2019

unexpected scam FXLeader

It's have been very dissapointed, and FXLeader David Morgan and Sofi keep asking the documents, like driving license, NRIC, phone bills, also keep asking house address ...the amounts are not authorise to trade, i believe have a lot of people suffer from FXLeader threat.

I have repeated for asking full refund, FXLeader David Morgan and Sofi keep asking to sign the authorised letter, the last replied is - no sign, the fund is on hold.

This happen real in Singapore, i lost USD10,200
To made known to everyone, now investigate. Who can stop this ?

Heartless FXLeader

Carol 07/17/2019

How do we get help

I was also stupid that i thought they were returning my money while they were withdrawing. Now I in big ttouble with the bank.2770 usd. How can we be assisted to bring them down.Now they say i have to send documents to verify my account of which i will not.They say they want to deposit my money back by giving them my card number and OTP. I can’t be fooled again.

Isaac Matome 07/14/2019

Scam & Unethical Business Conduct by FX Leaders

Just to alert all potential investors not to deposit money or register with FX Leaders! They have “refused” to effect my refund of my deposits (US$6,600.00) made with them per my request made on 4 Jun 2019! Their unethical Account Manager named Andrew Chase have also conduct the business in a unprofessional way refusing to reply to my emails etc!

Please be informed n not to be scammed!

Thank you

Colin Tan 07/06/2019

How do we get these guys sent to prison?

I have lost over £100k recently in preparation for my retirement. Consequently my life is now ruined and the life of my family - from whom I stupidly borrowed from.

I fell hook, line & sinker for their lies.

There are too many of us out there - with similar experiences.
I'm going through the 'angry' period of my loss, I know that, but some things in life just aren't right - and this is one of them.
Mike Anderson
Ross Matthews
Sylvia Gore
The evidence is compelling - there must be a way of bringing these guys to justice.
All thoughts & ideas welcome please.


daryl bass 07/05/2019

withdrawals not completed

I am also a victim of Fxleader withdrawals not completed, and done , No chearing anything from them plesae help me to recover my money

Sarah 07/04/2019

Scammers! Be aware

they are all full of lies! dont ever ever believe them! never! ever!! we deposited 12,000 USD in singapore dollar is $18,000. we used credit card. and now we are suffering to pay the bank. we cant believe in just 10min. we have debt to the bank. first, they said 200USD for registration, then they call that we need to deposit 5000USD to activate the account so we believe him, then the guy pass us to the investor he said we need to put another 2000USD to start the trading. after we deposited the 2000USD they call again that the bitcoin price is actually 8000USD. so what we deposited is not enough. they call again they said the investors is waiting for us to put another 5000USD so can start the business. unfortunately we believe them again. they said dont worry you can widraw your money back. but until now cant widraw.

must stop all these people. how they can take the money just like that without thinking that they also have a family. cheating people for the sake of the money. how can you feed your family knowing that food are from the people who you all cheated!

hi5 06/20/2019

Makes me sick

I too was fooled by these bunch of low lives. Thankfully l didn’t think things added up and after my initial consultation with my ‘financial advisor’ I cancelled my credit card, lodged a disputed claim and thought that would be the end of it. I have just received a phone call and after calling them out and asking where he was calling from (my phone said Adelaide) he said we was at my window and told me my address. I am now really freaked out. I know he isn’t at my window but the fact they have all this info on me scares me. I am in Australia

Olivia 06/14/2019

Add me to the list

I was drawn in by the video - James Packer's interview on ABC ! Realistic, eh?
NO!!! Advertising says, " small deposit of $250 US" - not true! They want more than that! I am in the process now of trying to get back my money from them as it is stil pending in the back.

Judy Ernst 06/11/2019

FXLeader - Voller Betrug, Streetworker-Methoden

Ein Fake News im Facebook veranlasste mich 3000,-€ zu investieren. Nach einer Verunsicherung wollte ich mein Geld abbuchen, Canceled und verweigeret.
Muss nun zur Polizei /bt. Internetkriminalität und genauen Bericht abliefern und Anzeige erstatten.
CHef dieser Betrugsfirma ist ein gewisser Herr REICHERT.

Translated by Google:

FXLeader - Full fraud, street worker methods

A fake news on Facebook led me to invest 3000, - €. After an uncertainty I wanted to withdraw my money, Canceled and refused.
I have to go to the police / bt. Cybercrime and accurate report and report.
CHef of this scam company is a certain Mr. REICHERT.

Helmut Hesse 06/11/2019

FX Leader a SCAM...please see you police authority to put a stop to this bastards

Monies get deducted by RAv Flutterwave.
There is no chargeback/refund process even though they talk about this on their so called manual and 'procedure".

You will never see your moneies back. You will be dependent on FX leader as a merchant to process the actual refund' via same RAV website. FX leader will say withdraw your money by clicking a button on their website but the actual refund will never happen.

babita Deo 06/06/2019

Terminate my account

Pls advise how to terminate Fxleader account asap..tq

Angelene 06/05/2019

Fxleader - Scam

Unfortunately, I'm another victim of this bandit group.
I was manipulated by them and they took all my money with promises and guarantees that everything would go well.
I'm unemployed, I have two children and now I'm broke.
I am desperate!!!
So watch out for these people .... They have no feelings and they do everything to get us the money.
I've already sent thousands of emails asking that I can raise my money but so far nothing ....
I want to complain about these people to the authorities
Can someone tell me where I can file a complaint with these people?
Thank you!

Vitor Vieira 05/31/2019

I am so disappointed

This company must be taken down really ruining people's lives. Is there anyone who can take them down. My money $8000 will never be returned to me. I feel like an itiod it's like I flushed the money in the toilet. These greedy young fellows are like CATCH ME IF YOU CAN movie:(

Anika Kouloubos 05/30/2019

My cash back from fx leader

The fx leader don't want to return my money an I need that money as soon as possible now they no longer communicate with me anymore an I need my money

Kegomoditswe Patricia Jackson 05/29/2019


Fraudulent site. Fortunately I did not Lose any money but was harrassed by phone calls and received offensive emails. I believe this site is connected to CFReserve who also phoned and harrassed me numerous times.

Dale 05/21/2019


Its Amazing they can get away with this for so long?

I wonder which organistion will prosecute them?

Mark 05/16/2019

bad investments and just take your money and lie to you.. steal your money..

I am having them audited and investigated.. lots of cases against them for taking your money and you can never get your money back. Lodged complaints with visa and all the countries they operate.. needed my money for cancer treatment they stole my money... they are an organization to stay away from you will loose your money..

elizabeth vogt 05/15/2019

They take all your money

FXLeader butter you up with promises of gettin rich then take all your money. I cannot even retrieve what little is left in my so called account. I also believe their trading platform is phony. JV

John Vaina 05/15/2019

Bitcoin-era. com

Yesterday morning about 2am I deposited usd250 to They replied they'd call and informed me the fxleader is the broker. Until now there has not been any call from them and I couldn't find the website now. Please assist me getting to the bottom of this problem. Thank you.

Kartini 05/14/2019

A small win!!

I invested 200 US. when I realized what I was in, I smartly told the guy I would invest 2000US if he would send back to the card my deposit so I could be confident it works the refund part.

He sent 150 Us, i got it!

A small win, I lost 50us but at least i conned this C...t, name Jack Davis

never again

mark Rusconi 05/13/2019

FXLeader Scam

Dont even think about investing with this con artist of a company.
They will not return your hard earned money. They are thieves.
Not possible to withdraw

Justin 05/12/2019

What can I do?

Helo I receive an email advise me that I will lose my all money because I invest with Fx leader I would like to know if is really and what can I do to have back my maney or some.

Lucilia Ventura 05/12/2019

Should I close the last order still opened to close the account, or do nothing?

Hi all,
I´ve been scamed as well.
Just have a doubt, I invest 2200€, and they place there more 2500€.
Total of 4700€.
Now they have lost the money, and I just want to close the account, but there is still there an order opened for Sell of Gold, and I think is still loosing, I don´t know...
Should I close that Order, stop loss? Take Profit?
Or just leave it?
I already canceled my Credit card, so they can´t do anything with that, but I want to close all this of my life.
Any sugestions?

Nuno 05/08/2019

Withdrawing Funds from account

Believing I was making the right decision at the time. I was also conned,lost $3000 believing I was going to make more.
They manipulate me in believing it will all be true which is to make millions.
When I realize what was happening the damage had already been done.
The platform on the online trading has been taking off the page. So basically I can't withdraw my funds at all.

Mariam Ghafoor 05/02/2019

SCAM, no possible withdrawal of the money

Made an account in 23th of January 2019, with 200€ deposit.
Since March, I was persuaded to invest additional 6000.00€, by account manager Mike Anderson (contacts bellow), who claimed fast earnings. I believed in him, and did not search for reviews. The talk was very persuasive.

The reality is, since last week, I am trying to withdraw the invested money, and they call me almost every day of the week, stating many options except a regular withdrawal via wire transfer or credit deposit.

What they ask me to is to either:
- extend my credit card limit (for what???)
- install an application for computer sharing, and allow them sharing options while I am accessing my bank account! (!!!!!!)
- send them a print screen of my current bank account (with summary).

As I previously red here, those all seem to be strategies to get additional unauthorized money from either my debit account or my credit card. Fortunately, I did not comply with none of the above options, and demanded only a regular wire transfer or credit deposit, which they refused on the argument that it would take very long (despite me saying I don't mind waiting).

So currently, I have no access to withdraw the total 6200€ I have in my FXleader account.

The contacts of ''my manager'' are the following:

Tel: +44 20 3318 3211
Fax: +44 20 3318 3212
E-Mail: [email protected]

Additionally, I also talked with Mike's supposedly boss Angela, who spoke very politely but was only trying for my wife to invest in cryptocurrency, and as soon as she understood that all we want is to take money back, they hang up on us.

No solution so far. Instead, my account number droped from 6200€ to 100€, and they threaten I won't see it unless I deposit more.
I understand I probably won't see it again, according to other's experiences, anyway I am reporting the situation to Portuguese and Estonian authorities (police and financial regulators) and look for additional possible entities.

Just to share more details, this is a warning from UK's FCA, which includes the following contacts:
Leadernet OU t/a FXLeader
Address: 5 Friedrich Robert Faehlmanni tanav, Talinn, ESTONIA, 10125
Telephone: +44 2038680189, +353 766700934, +44 2033183211, 0203 695 4614, 0203 695 4219, 0203 695 4647, 01225 637 134
Email: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] (I add Mike Anderson)

Tiago Marques 04/24/2019

credit card number

I have given them my card number and my full names, is there anyway they won't they later withdraw money from my account without my knowledge... Or must I close my bank account?

Innocentia 04/11/2019

scammed by fxleaders

I have been scammed out of $2600.00 by Tom Voss on 04/04/2019.
I advise everyone to stay away from this co.
Tom is dishonest, devious and a big CON artist! I also have had no correspondence from them since my issue.I have invested all my business capital per demand and share the same experiences as the other victims!

ANTHEA 04/06/2019

Deposit paid

The broker told me that my deposit is too little to buy shares on gold.This frustrated me because she said I should work on increasing my deposit. I would like to be refunded because I can't deposit more money.Thanks!

Deliwe Masetle 04/01/2019

Scammed - invest more or we take your money!

Several consultants refused to help me because i have too little to invest. When i refused to deposit more they give me an ultimatum - invest more or we take your money for all the trouble you have us. Then another broker calls. I have no clue what I'm doing so then i followed what they said with the money i did have invested and the purposely Made me loose the money So that i could not withdraw it. I repeatedly requested to withdraw my funds and then after a long fight they say in not with it and then refuse to deal with me. I've spoken to Kevin Lambert, Kevin Peterman, Dr Ross and now a Rob. They are all bullies, intimidators, thrives and criminals who have no mercy on taking your money and promisingyou the earth but just try withdraw any funds and then you're childish and stupid and they know better than you.

Rob McLaren 03/31/2019

FXLeader 100% scam

Hi I have invested all my money £9k and must say had very good trades that increased my account to nearly £40k and when asked for a withdraw they refused after many emails from me. Than realised by reading other reviewers that they are scam. Told me that if I want to withdraw any money must pay £5000 to open new trade with Facebook. Dr Ross and his gang bang Peter Kost, Jessica , Monica , Nick Petrov will tell you all you need to hear just to pay the money in and than you won’t see them again . Trust me as I have lost everything same as others. Don’t invest with them 100% scam

Mirek 03/27/2019

I am another victim of this scam!! ;(

I was tricked into paying 200 USD last night 12/3/19 I have now today realised it is a scam and have asked for a refund. I have noticed they have also charged another 4800 USD on my card as well which I did not agree to. I have not signed the DOD credit card authorisation form they sent. I have asked FX leader for a refund via email. I don't know if they will provide it :(

I'm devastated.. I got tricked by the videos and promotion...

Anita 03/12/2019

They are crooks!

They conned me into paying over large sums of money and when I requested to withdraw the money they went into my account with me made me do certain things and said they would pay the money back. Have still not got the money back and they do not even have the back bone to answer my e-mails. They are crooks!!

Eleanor 02/15/2019


I worked for the company for a few months. The managers and the owners are all jews. The office is located in Sofia, Bulgaria, hence most of the people you talked to on the phone are Bulgarian.

Even though you know names like Jessica, Ross and others these are not real names. Most of the guys are around 20yrs old money driven unscrupulous - would do anything on the phone to get your money.

Anyway, if you're reading this it is probably too late.

XXX 02/02/2019

scam - avoid at all cost

its more an information service not a broker they give signals that are always wrong and provide you with a sales pick that states they are allways correct
avoid at all cost or loose your cash

vinnce 02/02/2019

Scammers and Bullies

I started trade with FX leader Last year. I started because of their add regarding Mark Schuttleworth involvement. The add was also a lie.

I started small but were bullied into bigger amounts with promises of bonuses that did not mean anything except that they could use it to prevent you from withdrawal. ( If you withdraw money then you loose the so-called bonuses.) Here is a example.

Dear Mr. Havenga,

As per your recent request of your funds withdrawal from your trading account this email validates and confirms that the bonus turnover in percent is currently at 32% which means the remaining turnover that should be traded is 68% to finalize and authenticate the wagering bonus.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any help or to answer any questions that may arise.

Best Regards,

Customer Support Team.
Tel: +44 20 3868 0189
E-Mail: [email protected]

Tom Voss , Jack Davies, Jesicca Young and the "Manager" Ross Mattheus
were involved from the company side.
They forced me to trade big or loose the bonuses until trades turned against me. Tom also give wrong trade directions. Then Tom Voss cancelled the bonuses and that crashed me out losing everything. $ More than $50000-00
From November never a call again.
WHATS-OUT for these scammers

T Havenga 02/01/2019

I don’t trust them

Dear Sir/madam

I open an account with and I had by force to let me continue trade the amount of €1,800, the problem start only after 10 days as a member, I wanted to test them so I toyed to withdrawal €500 and you cannot just take the money I had to talk to them and they gave them to me in 3 days that was fine, and I was doing some good trades that I managed to built my portfolio by €5,500 so I said let me do another test and I tried to withdrawal €1,000 and not only they did not let me do so but they tried to push me and deposit more money in my Master card as I left it nearly empty because I was suspecting that this is a scam, so first they tried to take €4750 from my master card and when they noticed I don’t have to much money in it, they took what they can and only they took €670 .. not only they blocked me from to continue trading and I cannot not only take the €1.000 but they took everything and blocked me out.

Now I had a call and they want me to sign a paper and they told me let start from the beginning, and I said like what? And they told me from scratch.. do you believe these people?

Well I am sure that this is a scam and I cannot do nothing



Alfred Sammut 01/26/2019

Also Scammed by FX Leader

Read through all the complaints and I've been lucky - only lost initial deposit. I was fortunate that my bank recognized a fraud in the making and blocked my card before any further money could be taken. My bank then contacted me and alerted me that I was caught up in a scam. Very grateful things didn't get any further before I lost more money. Be wary if you watch a video which demonstrates a software which operates as a trading platform to make on big gains on crypto currency trading. The $200 I paid over was supposedly to purchase this software but as soon as I'd paid my money things switched to live people with supposedly live trading. Scam alert. Stay aware

Mary McNair 01/23/2019

Scammed by FXLEADER

I'm currently trying to get that bloody account closed completely and getting the leftover from my deposit of 200 euros. I smelled something fishy as soon as the "financial advisor" Mike Anderson tried to push me to deposit an extra 1000 just to get started. So testimonials by people who have invested 250$ and got 5900$ over night are obviously scam too. When I declined to deposit anything extra he hanged up on me telling me to f*ck off from the site, apparently there's no place for me there :-D
Never again!

Katerina 01/17/2019

Get it Together

I don't know how FX Brokerz were able to "test" this website without making any deposit. From mPy experience these people will not allow you to trade at all until you have made a deposit and filled out what they call a DOD. They also demand copies of your ID (passport/driving licence) and your debit/credit card.

My own experience is reflected in almost all of these reviews: Names, practices; attitudes; pressurising; charming - the lot. In my case they got a lot of money from me and then when the account was showing a decent profit they deliberately 'crashed' it by over-exposing the positions. As a layman I can't figure out how the platform works because it looks and feels genuine.

The trouble is nobody sees these reviews until after the damage is done and as individuals we have little opportunity to recover the funds or get this site shut-down. Perhaps we should somehow get together to exchange our stories and take some collective action. Maybe we could meet up on Facebook where you will find me. As a group we might be able to fight back and get their site more widely recognised for what it really is - a blatant FRAUD.

Anthony Edwards 01/12/2019


They copied the name of another brand, really good one - fxleaders, with an S at the end, so people would think it is the same brand. Well, fxleaders is a fantastic financial portal, with greta reputation. If I be fxleaders, I would sue these impostors fxleader. It is a fraud!

Alie 01/09/2019

Money taken and promised

I was roped into investing R80 000.00, my fault but with the right language from Jessica, David, Michelle, Andrew anything is possible. Then told to make this legal and I can get my money back, transfer the fund into a South African bank, being FNB send R136 000.00 to Dr ROSS with a few tweeks to make it legal and he spoke the right language and guess what, now that too is gone.
I am now broke, have 2 children and have nothing now left.
Fun and games

Grace Jardim 01/09/2019

This is a scam

Do not give these scum money!!!
This is 100% a scam!!

Ben 01/08/2019

FxLEader scam

Hi there,

if you have problems with FxLeader please report it to the police of Estonia!
This is the email for fraud and financial crimes:
[email protected]

Good luck!

Armann 01/08/2019

FX leader - do not invest

fxleader is a scam do not invest any money with them as they will try do anything to try keep you in the system and not deliver any returns.
When you have enough of the lies and continual trickery to get more Investment money back they disappear and do not refund any money.

Charles Urban 12/20/2018

Dont invest in Fxleaders, your bank will not refund you coz you gave permission and signed

This is what their website says in small font, so it backs them up when you sign and the bank declines your money back. Its all fraud. up to $100,000 Never to get it back. They are so friendly but all cunning in spirit.

Forex trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Before you engage in trading FX LEADER please make yourself acquainted with its specifics and all the risks associated with it. All information on is only published for general information purposes. We do not present any guarantees for the accuracy and reliability of this information. Any action you take upon the information you find on this website is strictly at your OWN RISK !!!!! and we will not be liable for any losses !!!and/or damages!!! in connection with the use of our website.

Kasy Karl 12/18/2018

One of the victims

I have sign up for the FXLeader account and deposited almost 3000 USD in that account with my card. However, I have not sign any contract with them yet and even the DOD. Next day when I did this blunder mistake of depositing money, I realized it was a scam and asked my bank to close my bank card. Now, I have asked FXLeader for refund but they just say that I have to verify my account first. What do I need to do any suggestion? I have complained to bank for dispute transition and scam. Will there any chance that bank will be able to give my money back as transition is still pending in my account balance? Need suggestion please.

Kiran Shrestha 12/13/2018

If you want to lose money over night invest with FxLeader

6 MONTHS waiting NO REFUND!!??

I Heard they are all actors and they play with your money and are charming to talk to so you believe them. They made me sign, they said I was a very important!!!! client within one week my money was wiped..and 6 months later no refund and the bank DID Not give me a refund because I signed, The BANK OF New Zealand SAID sorry you gave authorisation. I gave my credit card details to them and I was important for one day and then the next day my money went from 8 gran to zero within 5 days.. I lost it all I can't believe I was fooled. Don't do Skype because they ask to see your funds screen share which they check if you have a code on your transactions. I am still waiting for a code they just want to see how much you have in your account. You know they will take that from you.. Well lucky I took everything out because they would have wiped that in a hurry. BEWARE PLEASE FROM THIS MESSAGE DO NOT INVEST ANYMORE WITH FX LEADER. YOU WILL HAVE ZERO BALANCE WITHIN THE WEEK OF TRADING. Its all FAT LIES!!! INVEST IN YOUR BANK.

Lewis 12/13/2018

Withdrawal of funds and account closure

I submitted a request to withdraw and close my account with fxleaders and since I have spoken to different people on the phone and through Skype. I have repeatedly sent emails to get my funds in the past 4 weeks and still nothing. I put my trust in this system to improve my families life style but all they want is more money and ignore my requests. My creditors are not receiving their dues and my stress levels increase with each day and my family are beginning to see emptiness in cupboards and fridge. Not happy. This company needs to be dealt with on a much higher level that I can access

Narrelle Campbell 12/12/2018

Your money will never be returned

Your investing in money for the people’s family. It’s all lies do not trust these people.

They owe me $7,000.00. The bank rang me the next day that someone tried to get more funds out of your account but it was not identified, These people lie, biggest crooks and need fools like us to live. YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR MONEY. DONT SIGN FORMS AND DONT GET FOOLED TO GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD. David Green who is a crook.., I promise you you will never invest honestly with these horrible human beings created by God.

Anas 11/21/2018

Conned by FxLeader

Rotten to the Core. My experience has been that I was requested to present on Skype and to open my desktop in order to receive my withdrawal. I declined due to the security risk involved. The 'manager' ridiculed my decision and told me that I did not need a withdrawal. Subsequently, they have not answered my emails. From what I can discern, you are dealing with unscrupulous so-called brokers without any moral scruples who try to get you to 'invest' as much money as you can without any hope of recovery.

Willem Christian Jacob Fourie 11/20/2018

Please help me

I fund my account on Wensday since then no pen is helping me to start trading . I tried to make a call but the no.s are not going through that they were using while they used to call me with. Please help me I’m to frustrated my no. 08398751399 thank you

Ntombenhle 11/16/2018

Never ever ever give them money - you are not trading

FX Leader is a scam. Their website is superb, it has all the whistles and bells on it to make you feel you are trading. There are graphs, a Buy and Sell button and a Stoploss button. There are buttons for CFD and FOREX, for Commodities, Indices and Stocks. But, .... it is is just a cardboard cut out - YOU ARE NOT TRADING - your money goes nowhere near a trading platform. They make you feel you are trading, your account manager David Green phones you every day, takes money off you every day, tells you which trades to select, and then 'engineers' a huge market trading loss. You are left to panic for a day or so, and then contacted by another sham 'Account Manager' who introduces himself as Ross Mathews, Head of Trading (its a lie, he is just a junior Account Manager) and promises to completely recover ALL your losses if you follow his advice. You then invest the rest of your money, chasing your loses but never see any of it again. When your funds dry up, their phone calls to invest money stop, their phone number is disconnected. The emails dry up. DON'T INVEST WITH FX LEADER. SERIOUSLY. I'm over £100,000 down.

Alison Chumleigh 11/13/2018

Scammed by FX Leader

I lost over R8000. With these people. They were so nice also promised me that i coyld get my money back the next day. Still waiting for that to happen. South Africa

Vasi 11/05/2018

Cancel my initial join

Got abused over the phone and ridiculed for being a fool not wanting to make money.

Michael 10/10/2018

FXLeader is a Scam

I have deposited EUR3,000 on the insistence of the account manager. When I wanted to withdraw the full amount I've deposited, the withdrawal request was being rejected and I was told that it was because I had open trades. I explained to them that I was not opening trades but their software was. After days of back and forth correspondence I was contacted by another manager who said that I need to deposit more money in order for him to be able to make the withdrawal as this is the only way to put me in a channel and send the money. I therefore had to make another deposit however the withdrawal was never processed. Two days later I chased and he did the same thing, made me deposit more money and promised that I will have the money in three hours. Safe to say I have not yet received the money. I am continuously chasing them by email and phone calls, however they are ignoring my requests. They now owe me EUR 5,361. These were all the savings I had. FXLeader is definitely a scam BEWARE

Claudette 10/10/2018

Crooks took $10,600

Never believe them they are full of lies. Have cause sadness with their lies. The only thing I can rely on is karma
Never talk to clients like them.

Soular 10/01/2018

Scammed by Fxleader

Fxleader is an unscrupples trader. As requested I deposited the required $250.00 only to be hassled to increase this to $5,000.00 which I declined. I spoke to Andrew, Dan Drago, and Ross. Dan convinced me to increase my investment to $1,000.00 and told me he would get back to me on the Monday and would include a Bonus of $750.00. Monday came with no call. I then googled them as brokers only to find numerous complaints. They state that you can withdraw your funds at any time. I put through a withdrawal request for the $1,000.00 which I deposited three weeks ago, they say it takes 5 to 7 days. I am still waiting. That is where Ross comes in, I was told I had to place trades in order to get my money out. I declined as my account still had the $1,000.00 I paid and their Bonus of $750.00. Ross insisted talking to me on skype and sharing our screens. Out of frustration I did as he said. Placed trades on Exotic, right before my eyes the account went from $1,773 to $666.00. He signed off and I am still waiting for my funds to be given back. Do not go near them or Qprofit.

Terri Catherine Harris 09/28/2018

Edit comment

The correct comment is that I have been ripped off by them to the tune of 40,000 USD.

They tried conning me into putting up a comment saying that I got some money back whilst trying to convince me to put more money in.

This is what was said. go to the deposit put in your card details and we will get the refund to you. (do not touch the deposit button). This I did then was told you are going to have to do the deposit and we will reject and add 10,000 USD.

Glad I said no as I can promise you I would have lost another 5000 USD had I done it.

Hans Pettenburger 09/26/2018


After my initial trade with FXLeader I got nervous as they kept putting pressure on me to invest more. When I said I had no more to put in their attitude became rather negative. Since then I have tried without success to close my account with them and to get my monies refunded.

Debbie Prinsloo 09/25/2018

Lost $160 000 with FXLeader

I had a bad experience and I would not recommend them. They always ask you to put in more money in order to trade on the bigger events. They give you bonus amounts as much as you put in. They told me only much later that I can only take out the money that I put in. When I was doing exceptionally well on my trades due to Dan Drago, David Green told me he could double my money overnight and I could draw out the funds but I have to put in more capital, silly me which I did. He made me open so many trades at once that I did not have enough balance to keep afloat. He said I must put in more money that I don't lose everything and I said I don't have anymore. When I couldn't put in more funds I wasn't interesting anymore and they left me hanging with all those open trades with no guidance on what to do. I was losing so much money quickly, only 4 hours after I almost lost everything did they ask me to close the trades. He was too busy all day to call me and he didn't call me but his assistant. I told them basically to get lost and then I wasn't interesting anymore. I tried to reach my initial consultant which I think was decent but he was not there anymore. I think he left the company and this too was very suspicious. Perhaps he didn't like their ethics and what they were doing to their clients. I think there is something not right there. I think they deliberately sabotaged me, so they didn't have to pay out any money to me. I highly recommend to stay away from them, my gut is telling me there is something very wrong there and perhaps fraudulent. I was also thinking whether that website is actually really trading or all a scam. Perhaps they just pocket in your money and this whole website is a scam. Just an idea

Leon Van Zyl 09/24/2018

Fx leader - stay away

Stay away they hv had £8500 of my money and refuse to give me it back I invested £200 then 5k coz I seen a video for auto trade which didn’t exist they even took another 3.5k out of my account they are big SCAMMERS stay away made my life he’ll

Lee gray 09/19/2018


Interesting how their withdrawal button does not work , then to withdraw they want a credit card number, and an additional $4500-00!!
Do not get involved here, they are thieving bastards!

Andrew 09/12/2018

Invested $500-00 had to pay another $500-00

I originally invested $500-00 and advised FXLeader that I had no experience. My Manager Michael Fox, set a trade in motion asked do you have any questions. I did not know what I needed to ask, so I said no. He signed off, I had a medical appointment in a town 3 hours away next day. When I logged On I was instructed that I was an additional $428-00 in debt because I did not support the trade! What did that mean? Asked for my platform back to trade the remaining $72-00, sorry we have costs. $1000-00 US down the drain, thanks for nothing!

Alexander Telehin 09/11/2018

I wish I have seen this earlier

I was directed to FXLeader from a page Bitcoins wealth. I was looking to buy cryptocurrency and going through their page I decided to give it a try, I paid €200 to activate the account. The following day I received a phone call from FXleader and the lady said she wants to introduce me to an account manager to look after my trading account.

The guy called Michael Cox was put on the line, he speaks very well and seems nice but something in me warned me, this Michael guy starts asking me about personal life where I work how many children do I have and all sort of questions that have nothing to do with my investment.

After all these unnecessary introductions he said I will have to put more money on my portfolio and said a guaranteed income of €5000.00 per month, he demanded €5000 to add to my portfolio which I declined I told him no, he said okay he can work with €2000, I told no he has to work with whatever I have in the portfolio which was €200 plus €50 bait he added as a bonus.

He said okay he will like to verify my visa card that he will send me a text I should just read the code to him, the text came into my phone the same phone I was using to speak with him, I read the number to him, he said the number doesn't work that he will resend it a few seconds later the text came in and I read the code to him.

He came back and said you might need to talk to your bank to allow us to access your Bank account, I said okay I quickly dropped the call and checked the text message, which read "11111 is your verified by visa one-time passcode. use it within 5 minutes to complete your purchase for €2300.00 at FXLeader"
Unknown to me that the two times he sent the text the bastard was trying to charge my card €2300 and €609. Fortunately for me, I set my spending limit at a time to €250 and warned my bank not to authorise anything above €250 without phone confirmation.

When I realised the fraudulent activities of the so-called account manager, I called my bank and cancelled my credit card also called the FXLeader to deactivate my trading account, I requested to withdraw my activation money, the stupid secretary said someone will call me back I wrote to them thru their email I was told to make the withdrawal through their trading page but the button was disabled. the following day the money has reduced to €196 remember it was €250 (my 250 plus bonus 50) I called them to do the deactivation and send my money. It was a different story. Please, whoever is reading this; the company (FX Leader and many more like it) are scams do not fall for it as I did.

Now they sent me an email to send my ID and front and back copies of the same credit card I used to activate the trade account. whoa! someone needs to stop these bastards before they destroy peoples life

Steve Babs 09/11/2018

Disappointing and Disgusting - Fraudsters and Conmen!

Hi ...Please assist I do not understand what this means.

I have called Ross Matthews and Jessica Young and your Customer Support, Nick, as well as Anna, so many times yesterday, 04Sep18,to speak to someone to assist to withdraw my money and no one had called me back.

Anna mentioned she would speak to her finance to submit the payment to me and speak to Ross Matthews the Account Manager.

Please as mentioned to her. I have been evicted from my house as the rent amount was withdrawn from my account when you were actively withdrawing money from my account that I was not aware of and without my permission.

Please could you get a Senior Manager to assist me urgently please.

I do not have anywhere to stay and need my money to pay my rent and other expenses.

The Bank has closed my account and I cannot access any money either.

When I called yesterday I asked if your company was a legal company?

I will have to take this up further as I have been cheated and conned by your company

Ross sent me a message to say relax and that he was with me to assist me and now he is missing in action and has not had the common decency to call me back at all, but he has taken all my money.

I trusted him and this is what he has done to me and my innocent daughter. This money that I had was supposed to have been for her future and future Education and rent for a roof over our head.

Now we have nothing!

Please just give my amount of money back to me that is all I am asking for.

Please I am begging you please!

S Pillay

S Pillay 09/05/2018


I decided to give it a try and I spoke to this "Dan Drago" guy. Trust me on this one: that piece of trash is a compulsive liar and all he wants is your money. He claims that he has made "enough money and he leads accounts of up to $250.000" etc etc etc.
If you are an idiot like me and planning to give him any money, YOU WILL NEVER SEE IT AGAIN. Period.
On my last "conversation" with that thief, he called me a pussy for not giving him more money. I responded in the same manner and now I'm planning revenge.


Louis King 09/04/2018

Don't do it

Started with a $250.00 account open to trade bitcoin from a link sent by a friend. No free demo, straight into the paper work and the hard sell for money, and i mean hard sell. These guys would rival a carnival barker. It was very intimidating to the point of bullying and harassment, within days we had managed to gather more money to put in, but it still wasn’t enough. They pushed for 10,000 dollars so as to trade at a “safe level”. They will encourage you to beg borrow or steal the money, that its such a “good opportunity”, “too good to miss”. They do try and teach you with one on one lessons what to buy/sell and when, but the push to constantly add more money and try and make a profit quick so that we could reach the 10,000 quickly was constant, and we ended up loosing money. We decided that it wasn’t for us and to cut our losses and withdraw what was left of our money, that was over a month ago, and we are still trying to get our money back. They tell you at the beginning that you can with draw your money at any time, but they don’t mean it. Once they realise you are serious about shutting you account down, they stone wall you. Never return calls, passed from person to person, constantly lied too. This has to be one of the worst experiences i have had. I honestly don’t know how they are still trading with the amount complaints against them

Unhappy 08/28/2018

Fxleader is a scam! Be careful and never a refund

DONOT! Invest I just lost $8,000 within a week.
Fxleader is a scam I am so gullible ! Nice as pies!
But'' I don't have to say the rest..

Yuiouali 08/21/2018


I also lost all my money in just 3weeks . SCAM SCAM and Scum

Elizabeth Schoeman 08/21/2018

Lost all my savings with FX Leader

I had a terrible experience with FX Leader and in the process I lost $3700 equivalent to (SA currency R49 025). I tried to get hold of their support staff but they were not very helpful. My emails were not answered. When I tried to make a withdrawal, their system would not allow me. None of the account managers contacted me to advise about positions that needed to be closed & the system did not allow me to close a position that was losing money. My account manager promised me good returns on Facebook trade, but 12 hours after I deposited the extra funds & the trade was opened, I immediately lost money. After that no one contacted me. It is criminal and immoral that companies like FX Leader is allowed to steal from ordinary citizens like myself, who work very hard for their money. All they gave me was empty promises.

Fatima van der Vent 08/14/2018

FXleader - I would not recommend them

I had a bad experience and I would not recommend them. They always ask you to put in more money in order to trade on the bigger events. They give you bonus points as much as you put in. They told me only much later that I can only take out the money that I put in. I then asked what happens to the profits. I was then told, only if I accumulated enough points can I benefit from the profits and the bonus points. When I was doing exceptionally well on my trades due to one consultant, some other hot shot (he said he was a better consultant as I have arrived to silver) told me he could double my money overnight and I could draw out the funds but I have to put in more capital, silly me which I did. He made me open so many trades at once that I did not have enough balance to keep afloat. He said I must put in more money that I don't lose everything and I said I don't have anymore. When I couldn't put in more funds I wasn't interesting anymore and they left me hanging with all those open trades with no guidance on what to do. I was losing so much money quickly, only 4 hours after I almost lost everything did they ask me to close the trades. He was too busy all day to call me and he didn't call me but his assistant. I tried to reach 5 consultants that day and none of them responded. I then was handed to someone else to help me to recover my losses but they asked me again to put in more money. I told them basically to get lost and then I wasn't interesting anymore. I tried to reach my initial consultant which I think was decent but he was not there anymore. I think he left the company and this too was very suspicious. Perhaps he didn't like their ethics and what they were doing to their clients. I think there is something not right there. I think they deliberately sabotaged me, so they didn't have to pay out any money to me. I highly recommend to stay away from them, my gut is telling me there is something very wrong there and perhaps fraudulent. I was also thinking whether that website is actually really trading or all a scam. Perhaps they just pocket in your money and this whole website is a scam. Just an idea!

Anonymous 08/10/2018

my training

i'm trading for 5day's but still see nothing in my bank account

deonlee 07/31/2018

FX Leader Scam

Clearly a massive scam. I deposited USD500 with them and found my card was hit with Chinese Yen from some random chinese company and got a call from a salesman explaining I need to deposit USD5000 to 'protect my investment'. I called him out and he tried using every textbook up sell he could think of to make me desperately invest the $5K, I told him to go away, so he kept calling, I instigated a refund online and received more calls and emails and the money was never refunded. I contact the online chat and they refused to tell me the name of the company that would appear on my credit card statement, flat out refused and kept copy pasting they have sent the money and to'contact your bank'. Even when I instigated the refund I was told I had to submit a tonne of personal documents and ID's to 'speed up the process'. Its a massive scam and they need to be prosecuted!

Peter 07/30/2018

cant wuthdraw my money from this account

my account is $126000 but its blocked i cant withdraw any money, after asking a withdrawal they ask for more deposit of $5000 again, i need help as i dont know how to get my money out.

Lawrence 07/30/2018

I think i just lost 250$

i have just deposit the minimum amount towards them now i get this bad news. is there any way i can get my money back.

Wimpie 07/06/2018

Big forex scam

FX Leader is a SCAM. Robbed my $250 USD and keep asking for more.

Juma Lutaaya 07/05/2018

All Lies

Avoid completly. THey try to take all your money until you dont have one cent more. Their Account Managers are absolut incompetent. I had 3 different and with their strategies lost 50.000$ in less then 2 Months. The worst off all was after lose everything was kontakt by the Withdrawal Department how promisse me a Withdrawal from 25k to minimize my losses but i schould Deposit 5k more. I did it and guess what happened? I schould put 3100$ more and than they are going to maximize my Withdrawal. JUST LIES. I still have 27k on my Trading Account and Open TRades losing about 12k so my equity ist 15k and guess what: they dont relieve any cent for Withdrawal because of the "open TRades". Avoid them. Its a Fraud

Sonia Pepic 06/07/2018

FXLeader bad experience

I have had a very bad experience with FXleader when they start dealing with you they are the nicest and most help full people you can get but when you don't have any more money to invest they start getting nasty and irritated with you…..
I am trying to get my money back that I have left in my account from them but that is an impossible task they stonewall you at there so called support department and do not respond to any mails.
I think they are scammers People must be very cautious of them!!

Emily Rudman 05/31/2018
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