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FXC Markets Review - Is it scam or safe?

FXC Markets Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 8 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz FXC Markets
FXC Markets is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


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Trading Accounts

Account Type Minimum Deposit Maximum Leverage Spread
Silver $1000 1:400 Fixed from 3 pips
Gold $2,500 1:400 Fixed from 3 pips
Platinum $25,000 1:400 Fixed from 3 pips


FXC Markets is a forex broker, which offers multiple account types to its clients. That being said there is no change in the trading conditions, at least from the company's website. One must contact an account manger in order to get a clear picture of the options. In our experience, this is a practice used by companies, which later turn out to be not exactly trustworthy. Shariah-compliant (swap-free accounts are also offered, with the minimum deposit being $2,500.



The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation


FXC Markets is a brand, allegedly owned by CRLINK LIMITED, a UK based non-financially specific company. That being the case, it is not under the oversight of the local financial regulator - the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA),


As we reiterate in most of our reviews, a broker's license is what gives it credibility. There are different legal systems around the globe, but most countries have a specific government agency for regulating the financial services sector. These watchdogs vary in stringency, with most off-shore jurisdictions offering loose conditions, while more reputable bodies, such as the aforementioned FCA being more diligent. For instance, one of the rules enforced  by the British regulator is the mandatory implementation of segregated accounts. This forbids the broker to use the funds in clients accounts for its own purposes. Another key ruling is the participation in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), an insurance-like mechanism, by which companies part with some of their profits, in order to create a common pool. This is later used to cover clients' investments, in the off-chance one of these brokers goes bankrupt. With the UK's scheme, all accounts are insured up to £ 50,000.


FXC Markets is not under the oversight of the FCA, or any other agency. On the other hand Italy's CONSOB issued a warning against the company in the summer of 2017. FXC Markets states on their website they do not offer their services in the European Economic Area, with Italy being specifically mentioned. This is a rather strange situation, which may have occurred after the warning was issued. Most forex brokers do not offer trading to US clients, as the regulatory environment there is very specific. That being said, even shady brokers often target European customers.


Trading Conditions


Minimum Initial Deposit

FXC Markets has set its minimum initial deposit at $1000. This is quite highfor the current forex trading environment. Some brokers have set absurdly low minimum entry levels, in attempt to attract  new less experienced traders.For instance, FCA-ragulated broker and spread-betting provider IG doens't even have a minimum requirement.


Keep in mind this should not be an important factor, when comparing forex brokers, unless you are a new trader. There is nothing wrong with opening a small account when you are still learning. Veteran traders would not bother with small accounts, but there is no shame in doing so, until you gain the confidence to move up


Average spreads & Commissions

Spreads at FXC Markets are not disclosed on the company's website. That being the case, our testing showed fixed spreads on all forex pairs, with the lowest level being 3 pips on EUR/USD. This is not competitive, with the current offers by other fixed-spread brokers. For instance, if you deposit more than $250 with easyMarkets, you will get a 1 pip spread on this pair.

While fixed spreads offer a level of predictability, most brokers nowadays offer floating spreads. You can compare the precise conditions, given by some of the world's leading brokers here.



The maximum leverage offered by FXC Markets is 1:400. This is quite high, but you may not be surprised by it, if you follow the current state of the industry.


 High leverage ratios are often a trap for less experienced traders. Some industry analysts state they are the number one reason, why most traders fail. Utilizing a 1:400 leverage ratio completely (i.e. not having any funds free for trading) is rally dangerous for your account. If you do this often, you may be confusing trading with gambling.


Trading Platforms

FXC Markets provides MetaTrader4(MT4),as the platform of choice. This is the leading currency trading platform in the world, as most brokers prefer using a proven solution, instead of creating their own software. If you ate feeling sorry for software developers, you shouldn't be, as the platform's popularity has led to an explosion of technical indicators and automated trading systems. They  can be found at the MQL marketplace and used with any broker, offering MT4.


The platform has mobile support, with app versions being available in both major app stores. From our experience, they work fairly well with recent devices. Furthermore their functionality appears almost identical to the desktop versions. That being said, there is one issue with the PC platform, which experienced day traders will find annoying - the lack of multiple monitor support. If you have such a setup, you would have to fill the rest of your screens with different pieces of information.


Methods of Payment


FXC Markets offers a variety of payment options. The traditional  Bank Transfer and  Credit/Debit Cards are being accompanied by e-wallets, such as Skrill, Neteller, China Union Pay and Webmoney..




FXC Markes is an unregulated forex broker. The company doesn't offer its services in the European Economic Area. There was a warning against the company by the Italian financial regulators. If this wasn't enough to convince you to stay away from them, trading conditions at the company are also not competitive. Here are this broker's strong and weak sides: 


Pros Cons
MetaTrader4 platform No regulation
Variety of payment methods Warning by Italian financial regulators
  Unclear trading conditions
  High fixed spreads
  High minimum deposit


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Read how to get your money back from these thieves.

ProProfessional scammers stealing money from so many people over the last 2 years. If you already invested, contact your bank asap and ask for chargeback for all your money deposited. Keep all the proof you can, save every information you can still access.

Scammed trader 09/05/2018

FXC Markets owner

CRLink Ltd has been dissolved. Do you know who owns FXC Markets now ?

Robert Nelson 08/14/2018

Cloned scam website

They are a cloned website as described by FCA in the UK and they are operating a scam. My account managers were Alexa Jones, and David Boyer but probably false names.
They are evil.

Robert Nelson 07/29/2018

Carta a los ``brokers´´ de FXCmarkets

Carta a los ``brokers´´ de fxcmarkets

``brokers´´ de fxcmarkets son ustedes unos (terroristas) que se esconden en el anonimato detrás de su teléfono que nunca contesta, o su pagina wed fraudulenta, engañando robando estafando a personas humildes que creyeron en ustedes al decirles que les ayudarian a limpiar sus deudas, por lo contrario engañando robando estafando dejando a estas personas con mas deudas y en la miseria y noches sin dormir.
Son unos (guijadistas) del engaño la estafa y el robo, lanzado (bombas) de promesas incumplidas destrozando sueños vidas ilusiones, personas
Que tendrán que vender todas las cosas de valor que guardaron durante mucho tiempo esos ``señores´´ se lo pueda gastar en comprar
Pistolas para su cinto o cocaína para sus venas o sus narices
Ya sabemos como se lo gastan estos ladrones sudamericanos con putas bebida y la vida alegre, mientras que hay familia pasando penalidades.
Que pensaran sus madres cuando se enteren de como se ganan la vida
Sus hijos, engañando estafando y robando a personas? Humides,pensaran en lo arrepentidas que estan de no haber cerrado sus piernas fuertemente al haber visto la cabeza de de esos monstruo.
De sus padres biologicos no voy hablar porque no los conocieron

Santos Villalta Pereda

Translated by Google:

`` brokers '' of fxcmarkets are you (terrorists) who hide in anonymity behind your phone that never answers, or your fraudulent wed page, cheating by stealing frauds from humble people who believed in you by telling them they would help them clean up his debts, on the contrary deceiving stealing robbery leaving these people with more debts and in misery and sleepless nights.
They are some (guijadistas) of the deceit the swindle and the robbery, thrown (pumps) of unfulfilled promises destroying dreams lives illusions, people
That they will have to sell all the valuable things that they kept for a long time those `` gentlemen '' can spend it on buying
Pistols for your belt or cocaine for your veins or your noses
 We already know how these South American thieves spend it with drinking whores and happy life, while there is a family going through hardships.
What will their mothers think when they find out how they make a living
Your children, cheating by swindling and stealing from people? Humides, think how sorry they are for not having closed their legs tightly to have seen the head of those monster.
I will not talk about their biological parents because they did not know them

Santos Villalta Pereda

Santos Villalta Pereda 07/19/2018

FXC Markets Estafa

A ver si FXCmarquets RESPONDEN

PORQUE cuando habian mas de 42.000 euros solicite verbalmente la transferencia de mi Dinero
a mi cuenta Bancaria y el CIERRE de mi CUENTA EN FXCmaekets porque se IGNORO?

PORQUE cuando habian cuando mas de 57.000 euros solicite verbalmente la transferencia de mi DINERO a mi cuenta Bancaria y el CIERRE de mi CUENTA de FXCmarkets pidiendome TRES veces mi numero de cuenta Bancaria y no se hizo y porque se IGNORO?

PORQUE FXCmarkets insiste el que el numero de mi cuenta no EXISTE y me facilitan un numero de cuenta donde aparecemos DOS usuarios Santos villalta Pereda y FERNANDO AGUILAR?

QUIEN dio el Pemiso para inverti el el MERCADO DE VALORES NORTEAMERICANO cuando siempre se hablo de las inversiones en ESPAÑA?

PORQUE aparece mi nombre y mi cuenta de inversiones que habia DESAPARECIDO en el
MERCADO DE VALORES NORTEAMERICANOS con 104.832 $ que son 89.142,8 euros?

SOLICITO se trasfiera la cantidad de 89.142,8 euros a MI CUENTA
N.º ---------------------------- De la Caixa y el CIERRE DE TODAS LAS CUENTAS


santos villalta pereda

Barcelona a 11 de Julio de 2018

Translated by Google

See if FXCmarquets RESPONDEN

BECAUSE when there were more than 42,000 euros verbally request the transfer of my money
to my Banking account and the CLOSURE of my ACCOUNT in FXCmaekets because IGNORO?

BECAUSE when there were more than 57,000 euros verbally request the transfer of my MONEY to my bank account and the CLOSURE of my FXCmarkets ACCOUNT asking me THREE times my bank account number and it was not done and because IGNORO?

BECAUSE FXCmarkets insists that the number of my account does not EXIST and they give me an account number where we appear DOS users Santos Villalta Pereda and FERNANDO AGUILAR?

WHO gave Pemiso to invest in the NORTH AMERICAN SECURITIES MARKET when there was always talk of investments in SPAIN?

BECAUSE my name and my investment account that had DISAPPEARED in the
NORTH AMERICAN SECURITIES MARKET with 104,832 $ that is 89,142.8 euros?

I ASK to transfer the amount of 89,142.8 euros to MY ACCOUNT
No. ---------------------------- De la Caixa and the CLOSURE OF ALL ACCOUNTS


saints villalta pereda

Barcelona to July 11, 2018

Santos Villalta Pereda 07/11/2018


Rip off!!!!!!
Only promises and lies !!!
Police know !!!
Warning, warning and again finger away !!!!

Heinz 06/22/2018

Estafa fxc markets

Fxc me a estafado bastante dinero estoy en contacto con personas estafadas en España hay alguien que puede contar casos vuestros? Y si queréis uniros con nosotros
Dejo un correo y un número de wahtshap

Translated by Google:

Fxc I got scammed enough money I'm in contact with people cheated in Spain is there someone who can tell you about your cases? And if you want to join us
I leave an email and a wahtshap number

Mariana 05/20/2018

Estafa fxc markets

Fxc Markets me a estafado bastante dinero estoy en contacto con personas estafadas en España hay alguien que pueda contar casos vuestros?y si queréis podéis uniros con nosotros
Dejo un correo y un numero de wahtshap

Translated by Google:

Fxc Markets scammed me enough money I am in contact with people scammed in Spain is there someone who can tell you about your cases? And if you want you can join us
I leave an email and a number of wahtshap

Mariana 05/15/2018

Estafa A Un Pensionista

They continue with their lies, they have erased my account so that they can not prove that I had 42000 euros when they request my money and the closing of my account and I can not show what the money that was true was manipulating the program as they want, yesterday they returned to call me the broker who cheated me with another name when I discovered it by the voice told me it was not Daniel but he got so nervous that he told me that I was going to happen to the manager who lied saying that they had fired the two brokers that I had swindled acknowledging the manager who had stayed with my 42,000 euros and kept lying, NOTICE ARE A SOUTH AMERICAN SCAMS are already warned whoever thinks to invest with FXCmarkets will lose EVERYTHING

Santos Villalta Pereda 04/24/2018


It looks like a professional fraud.
I have invested with them, and tere is no way to get my money back

Laurent Cohen 04/19/2018

La mejor forma de ser ESTAFADO

Siento de no poderles avisar a Uds lectores inversores antes y de que yo no haber investigado sobre esta supuesta "empresa" de inversión, como dice y comparto todo el texto del comentario anterior del Sr S. VILLALTA PEREDA, ami fuè el supuesto Daniel que con mucha palabrería y promesas me dejé influenciar y caí en las garras de esta " empresa FXC MARKETS" que llevo desde primero de Enero de 2018, intentado que me reintegren mis ganancias o mis inversiones , ninguna respuesta de la "empresa" ni de nadie responsable,el atraco es de los más jugoso que se puede hacer y además se le queda a uno una cara de tonto impresionante, que dá vergüenza incluso de contar a la familia o amigos yo caí en manos del " Sr DANIEL y TAMBIÉN DEL ADMINISTRATIVO Sr JORDI SIMPSON Y HOY ME LLAMA UN TAL JUAN", que sigue lo mismo de lo mismo, o sea sigo ESTAFADO, Lo peor de esto es que parece que todas estan empresa de ganancias rápidas son iguales de estafadoras que se protegen unas a otras.

I regret not being able to warn investors readers before and that I have not investigated about this supposed "investment" company, as it says and I share all the text of the previous comment of Mr. S. VILLALTA PEREDA, ami was the supposed Daniel that with much talk and promises I let myself influence and fell into the clutches of this "company FXC MARKETS" that I have been since January 1, 2018, tried to reimburse my earnings or my investments, no response from the "company" or anyone responsible, The robbery is one of the most juicy that can be done and besides, one looks like an awesome fool, who is ashamed even to tell family or friends I fell into the hands of "Mr. DANIEL and ALSO THE ADMINISTRATIVE Mr. JORDI SIMPSON AND TODAY CALLS ME A TAL JUAN ", which follows the same thing, that is, I'm still SCAMPED. The worst thing about this is that it seems that all companies are fast profits are equal to scammers who protect each other.

Translated by Google:

I regret not being able to warn investors readers before and that I have not investigated about this supposed "investment" company, as it says and I share all the text of the previous comment of Mr. S. VILLALTA PEREDA, ami was the supposed Daniel that with much talk and promises I let myself influence and fell into the clutches of this "company FXC MARKETS" that I have been since January 1, 2018, tried to reimburse my profits or my investments, no response from the "company" or anyone responsible, The robbery is one of the most juicy that can be done and besides, one looks like an awesome fool, who is ashamed even to tell family or friends I fell into the hands of "Mr. DANIEL and ALSO THE ADMINISTRATIVE Mr. JORDI SIMPSON AND TODAY CALLS ME A TAL JUAN ", which follows the same thing, that is, I'm still SCAMPED. The worst thing about this is that it seems that all companies are fast profits are equal to scammers who protect each other.

Antonio Ponciano Garcia Pistoni 04/04/2018

Estafa a un jubilado

MARCO ...?....
Alejandro Soler,
Spanish Support,
London , U.K.

Esto es la estafa masa grande de brokers que hay, desde el mes de noviembre de 2017 estoy intentando que me devuelvan 42.000 euros o mas a fecha de hoy dia 21 de marzo me siguen dando escusas ni me llaman ni me han enviado mi dinero y mi cuenta a desparecido tengan cuidado con los brokers que se hacen llamar marco y daniel porque les desaparecerá el dinero que hayan invertido y se de muchos casos que pierden todo su dinero como a mi, cinco veces me han pedido mi cuenta bancaria y de las cinco veces a un no tengo el dinero invertido ni los intereses aun sigo esperando la transferencia a dia de hoy 21/03/2018 es una estafa o no, cuidado inversores no caigan en la trampa porque esta pagina es de esta empresa fxc markets y no llegara a ningún puesto tienen que poner una denuncia al mercado de valores de la guardia civil

Translated by Google:

This is the big scam of brokers that there is, since the month of November of 2017 I am trying to get back 42,000 euros or more as of today March 21, they still give me excuses or call me or send me my money and my account to disappear be careful with the brokers who call themselves Marco and Daniel because they will disappear the money they have invested and many cases they lose all their money like me, five times I have asked my bank account and five times to a I do not have the money invested or the interests I still waiting for the transfer today 21/03/2018 is a scam or not, careful investors do not fall into the trap because this page is from this company fxc markets and will not reach no position have to put a complaint to the securities market of the civil guard

santos villalta pereda 03/27/2018

Problems for withdrawals in FXC Markets

Since a few days ago, I have asked CMB to reimburse my account, once the chosen period for investments has ended. In spite of having passed the estimated time by the CMB company to make the refund, this has not occurred and the brokers responsible for my account do not call or come in contact with me.
What could I do or where to go?

P.D .: an identical behavior I am receiving from FXC Markets. I do not understand if behind this behavior lies an alleged fraud or financial fraud and I would like to know before which legislation both companies are responsible. Thank you

Francisco José Aguilar Martínez 02/18/2018

Defy Payment

This FXC Markets has given me a bad experience. I have make a request for payment of a mere €1500 , they called me up and giving me a lot of reasons avoiding paying me out. The request is there and shall see whether they pay me out.

Kim Tong Chong 02/07/2018


I'm starting a whatsapp group to try to this guys, anyone wants to join it?

Hws 01/10/2018

FXC markets работают мшенники

мой номер счета 1300281852. меня приманили своими вежливыми звонками участвовать на финансовых рынках. пополнив счет на 5000 они обещали что быстро выведут средства по заявки. немного участвовал на торгах без обучения и они пропали, на звонки не отвечают,на скайп тоже не отвечают. И так все мои средства ушли на минус. неоднократно отправлял заявку на вывод, но никто не отвечал на е-майл. Не добросовестная компания, обманщики.Брокера зовут Маргарита Долматова. Будьте осторожны и лучше не связывайтесь с ними

Translated by Google:

my account number is 1300281852. I was lured by my polite calls to participate in financial markets. replenishing the account by 5000 they promised that they will quickly withdraw funds for the application. a little participated in the auction without training and they disappeared, they do not answer calls, they do not answer Skype either. And so all my money went to the minus. repeatedly sent an application for withdrawal, but no one responded to the e-mail. Not a bona fide company, deceivers. Broker's name is Margarita Dolmatova. Be careful and do not mess with them.

Мирахмад 12/30/2017

Una persona trufata da voi

Sieti I piu peggiori truffatori dell mondo. Sopratuto allessandro marchisio che ha avuto il coraggio di levare I miei soldi della carta sensa I mio permesso. Voglio I miei sodi 450 euro adesso. Se non mi volete restituire I soddi vi farro una grande publicita che credo che vi stara molto bene visto che non fatte altro che derubare le persone, iii come avete fatto con me. Andro in televisione parlero in massmedia .Vedrete vi piacera davero. Diro tutta la verita sulla vostra societa e sulle persone che mi hanno contatato .

Translated by Google:

Sieti The worst scammers in the world. Above all Alessandro marchisio who had the courage to raise my paper money without permission. I want my soni 450 euros now. If you do not want to return I will give you a great publicity that I think you will be very well since you did nothing but rob people, iii as you did with me. I'll go on television and talk to you in massmedia. You'll see, you'll love it. I will tell all the truth about your company and the people who have contacted me.

Constantina Bruma 12/15/2017

Вывода денег нет

Ввел 200 долларов и предупредил, что проверю вывод. Вывода нет.
У них нет права на торговлю в форексе на территории РФ, нет права на предпринимательскую деятельность. У них нет фактического адреса, у них нет лицензии ЦЕНТРОБАНКА.
Всем потерпевшим на территоррии Российской Федерации рекомендую обратиться срочно в МФД РФ в отдел зкономических и финансовых преступлений, Ген.Прокуратуре,т.к она является органом государственного надзора,Посольство ВЕЛИКОБРИТАНИИ, ИНТЕРПОЛ.

MAMMAD 12/10/2017


benden önceki olumsuz yorumlara katılıyorum. 200 euro yatırdım ve 230 euro olduğunda para çekmek istedim, parayı 3 e katlamam gerektiğini söylediler. sonra para eksiye gitti ve 170 euro varken tekrar para çekme talebinde bulundum bu seferde zararda iken para çekemezsin dediler. ayrıca sürekli daha fazla para yatırılması için kandırmaya çalışıyorlar. kesinlikle uzak durulması gereken bir broker.

Translated by Google:

I agree with previous negative comments. I invested 200 euros and I wanted to withdraw money when it was 230 euros. then the money went out and I was asked to withdraw money again when I had 170 euro. they are also constantly trying to trick you into making more money. a broker that should definitely stay away.

Gökhan 11/18/2017


NON scommetti in borsa ma con loro. Mi hanno fatto guadagnare più di6000€ ( con 6000€ di investimento) ma nel momento ho chiesto di ritirare 5000€ iniziano le mille storie e dicevano " devi girare 40 volte il tuo saldo più il bonus" faccio presente che avevo girato ben più ma insistono che dovevo fare altre transazioni: "dai se sei davanti al computer compra subito oro , alluminio, bit Coin con lotti da 2 e 3" protesto dei lotti troppo alti e dell'andamento contrario dei titoli secondo la stampa specializzata. " compra, compra CAZZOLA chi è l'esperto che ti ha fatto guadagnare? " tutto questo avveniva alle 19.00.
Al mattino avevo perso tutto!!!!
Che interesse avevano per farmi fuori se io ero una fonte di reddito per loro? TRUFFATORI - STATE ALLA LARGA ANCHE DA QUELLE SOC. ASSOCIATE COME MI 700 e tutte le società FXC

Translated by Google:

DO NOT bet on the bag but with them. They made me gain more than 6,000 € (with 6,000 € of investment) but in the moment I asked to withdraw € 5,000 start the thousand stories and say "You have to turn 40 times your balance plus the bonus" I realize I had shot more but insist I had to make other transactions: "If you're in front of the computer, buy Gold, Aluminum, Coin Bits with 2 and 3 lots" protests of too much batches and the reverse of the titles according to the specialized press. "buy, buy CAZZOLA who is the expert who made you earn?" all this was at 19.00.

In the morning I had lost everything !!!!

What interest did they have to make me out if I was a source of income for them? TRUFFATORI - WILL ALSO BE LIKED TO THOSE SOC. ASSOCIATE AS MI 700 and all FXC companies

Giovanni Manca 10/04/2017


Sono una trufa FXCMarkets.Ho perso 243,23euro.E non solo questo,ti constringono
a aprire posizioni senza si interesano se cliente guadagna
o no.E importante per loro da aprire posizioni perche cosi
GUADAGNANO SOLTANTO LORO.Io aperto 4 posizioni e tutte le 4 in perdita...

Translated by Google:

I'm a FXCMarkets. I lost $ 243.23. And not just that, they constrain you
to open positions without interest if a customer gains
or not. It is important for them to open positions because so
GUARANTE ONLY THESE. I opened 4 positions and all 4 in loss ...

Georgi 10/02/2017

Stealing money

I was first offered a deal for 500 usd so I could get a good start and come into the forex markets. they should do it all for me so i could save money with a share funds account with them. but the other 250 usd never went through. while the first 250 usd went trough and got registered in my fxc account. But i dont think they ever pay me back. This must be illegal!! Im calling the police tomorrow and will set up a case against these people!!

Espen K. Antonsen 09/27/2017


1ST PROBLEM: They are to be considered among the most dangerous societies because, trust me, they pretend to BE correct, but they are not: I lost more than 17000 euros, even if while I was in positive with the platform, THEY DID NOT ALLOW ME TO GET ANY MONEY. After a month of daily trading operations, I was simply told that I should have read the *accept conditions* document before clicking ON THE BUTTON. You have to reach a sum of money 40 times bigger than your deposit/bonus before withdrawing. You will never reach it because they will guide you to open operations MAKING YOU LOOSING ALL THE MONEY.
2ND PROBLEM: They will propose you a BONUS, and if you do not refuse it, it will mean for them that you have accepted it. So they will tell the bank to prepare the so called BONUS but, they will give it to you only if you are gaining money. The bonus should be used to protect you from the margin call while you are in negative, but they will not give it to you. Instead, they will drive you to lose your money by operations given by the assigned broker, and you will lose it all. Then, they will ask you to trust them because they are a serious society, they will make you call from somebody else of their own society and they will try as much as they can, lying to you about the bonus etc. etc., until you will have put your deposit again. THEY WILL MAKE YOU LOSE THAT ONE TOO. All the stories they will tell you, are simply untrue and they will only try to get more money from, but you will not allowed to withdraw any money, nor to cancel your account with your name on it. They are more than “not to trust”, they have their own rules, they will tell you that you are wrong, but at the end of it, you will be the ONLY ONE to have lost your money.

J.M. 07/29/2017
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