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FXIBA Review - is it scam or safe?

FXIBA Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 4 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz FXIBA
FXIBA is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


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Trading accounts and conditions


Account type

Minimum deposit

Minimum trade size

Maximum leverage




0.01 lots


3.0 pips, fixed



0.01 lots


2.0 pips, fixed


$10 000

0.1 lots


1.0 pips, fixed


FXIBA offers several account types: Silver, Gold, VIP plus a Premium and Islamic ones (the latter involves no no swaps or rollover in order to be Sharia-compliant). Its website is available in English, Italian, German, and Russian.


The broker offers only fixed spreads, which is typical for Market Makers. FXIBA's spreads are fixed at 3.0 pips on EUR/USD on Silver account type, which is a very high value. Most fixed-spread brokers offers spreads of 2 pips for this currency pair, and besides, require much lower minimum investment. Investing two hundred bucks in some offshore broker to trade with spreads that high seems rediculous to us and probably to anyone who has basic knowledge in the forex sphere.


By comparison, easyMarkets requires an initial ionvestment of $100 and offers spreads fixed at 1 pips on EUR/USD, and more importantly, feel safe and sound, as this broker is licensed in Cyprus.


The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
IBA GROUP LIMITED UK, Marshall Islands None


FXIBA offers trading in numerous currency pairs and CFDs on commodities, indices and stocks on the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. The company operating the FXIBA brand and website, IBA GROUP LIMITED, claims it is headquartered in London, UK. However, its is not licensed by the Financial Conduxt Authority. Instead, it is registered offshore, on the Marshall Islands.


Registration on these islands basically means that FXIBA is not regulated. We advise our readers to deal with reliable and properly regulated forex brokers and avoid offshore companies, as doing business with such is very risky and many of them are scams.


>> Check out our list of FCA-regulated forex brokers <<


Besides, Italy’s financial regulator CONSOB has issued a warning against FXIBA for targeting local investors without authorization.


Trading platforms


FXIBA supports the widely used MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform, available as desktop, web and mobile versions.


MT4 is the preferred platform by most traders, mainly because it is reliable, easy to use and allows full automatization of trades by the so called Expert Advisors (EA). Another major advantage of this platform when compared to other trading software is its top-notch charting.


We opened a demo account to try out FXIBA’s MT4. Here is a snapshot of the broker’s web MT4:



Methods of payment


Clients of FXIBA are offered the following payment methods: bank transfers, credit/debit cards payments methods, ias well as e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, cashU, and MegaTransfer.




An offshore broker and Market Maker that requires an initial investment of two thousand dollars, FXIBA is hardly a tempting choice for a forex broker. Not to mention that its spreads are wide. There are many well-regulated brokers with much better trading conditions, so you’d better not waste your time with FXIBA. To sum up the above:


Pros Cons
MT4 available Not regulated
Extensive product portfolio Widefixed spreads
  Very high initial deposit required
Latest news about FXIBA
No news about FXIBA. Check back later.
Broker Country Regulation Platform Min Deposit Review
Cyprus, UK, Mauritius CySec, FCA, FSC MT4, MT5, Web $10 Review Website
Cyprus, SVG CySEC MT5, Web,
$100 Review Website
Australia, Cyprus ASIC, CySEC MT4, MT5,
$100 Review Website
Cyprus, Australia CySec, ASIC MT4, MT5 $5 Review Website
UK, Australia, South Africa FCA, ASIC, FSCA MT4, Trading
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UK, Cyprus, UAE, South Africa FCA, CySEC, DFSA, FSB MT4, MT5, FxPro
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Belize IFSC MT4, MT5 $100 Review Website
Cyprus, UK, South Africa, UAE CySec, FCA, FSCA, DFSA MT4, MT5, Web $5 Review Website
Cyprus, UK CySEC, FCA MT4, MT5 $1 Review Website
UK FCA MT5 $5 Review Website
UK FCA MT4, Web, MT4
for Mac
$100 Review Website
Australia, UK ASIC, FCA MT4, MT5,
$200 Review Website
UK, Cyprus, Dubai FCA, CySEC, DFSA MT4, MT5, Web,
$100 Review Website

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per contratto la mia quota di €. 200,00 mi doveva essere comunque restituita. Invece é stata rubata

Oltre ad essere una colossale truffa (€. 200,00 a migliaia di persone che hanno creduto alle vostre profferte), fa schifo e ribrezzo che porci pieni di soldi vadano a fotterli alle persone oneste e semplici, di buona fede.
Se entro domani non mi ritornano i miei €. 200,00 + interessi intervenuti nel periodo, io procederò contro di voi fino a quando non vi avrò definitivamente tolto dal mercato.
Avv. Elio Del Villano

Translated by Google:

In addition to being a colossal scam (€ 200.00 to thousands of people who have believed your advances), it sucks and disgusts that putting us full of money go to fuck them to honest and simple people, of good faith.
If I do not get my € back by tomorrow. 200.00 + interest during the period, I will proceed against you until I have definitively removed you from the market.
Avv. Elio Del Villano

elio del villano 09/28/2018

Depositato euro 250 il 7 febbraio 2018 a Banca di FXIBA

depositato euro 250 il 7 febbraio 2018 a Banca di FXIBA dietro rassicurazioni di certa Noemi Alana di INTFXHELP.

Chi mi ha contattato, delle due citate società, non è più reperibile e del
mio deposito non ne ho più avuto contezza.

Cordiali saluti.
Domenico Lo Re.

Translated by Google:

Deposited 250 euros on February 7, 2018 at FXIBA Bank behind reassurances of certain Noemi Alana of INTFXHELP.

Those who contacted me, of the two above-mentioned companies, can no longer be found and I have no more information about my deposit.
Best regards.
Domenico Lo Re.

Domenico Lo Re 08/30/2018

Sono stato truffato da fxiba

È un broker trulfadino avevo un conto aperto con 400.00 € è improvvisamente è sparito tutto sono dei ladri

Translated by Google:

It is a fraudulent broker I had an open account with 400.00 € is suddenly disappeared everything is thieves

Salvatore 08/05/2018


Ualcuno ha delle notizie per contattare fxiba?Anch'io ho avuto a che fare quasi quotidianamente con denis morgan e dopo il mio ultimo versamento di 2000 euro fatto in aprile e'sparito dicendo che mi avrebbe contattato qualcun altro ma cosi' non e' successo

Translated by Google:

Does anyone have any news to contact fxiba? I also had to do almost daily with denis morgan and after my last payment of 2000 euro made in april and it is said that he would contact someone else but it did not happen

Moreno 08/01/2018

Fxiba = bastardi figli di pu**ana

Denis morgan e danny staman account manager fxiba dovete morire di tumore o il peggior male che vi possa capitare per avermi rubato I soldi, sacrifici di una vita, se qualcuno di voi conosce questi bastardi e ha fatto qualcosa per recuperare I soldi investiti mi puo' rispondere all'indirizzo email.

Translated by Google:

Denis morgan and danny staman account manager fxiba you have to die of cancer or the worst evil that can happen to steal my money, sacrifices of a lifetime, if any of you know these bastards and did something to recover the money invested can me reply to the email address.

Antonio Giglio 07/11/2018

FXIBA - МОШЕННИКИ мягко сказано

Здравствуйте. Хочу рассказать о Брокере FXIBA. Я с этой площадкой сотрудничаю с ноября 2017. Начал общаться с Владимиром Гаркалиным по переписке и по телефону уговорил начать со 100$, потом с помощью обещаний и бонусов положил аналитик *** Diana Aismont *** ещё 5000$ в общем итоге с бонусами получилось 7465$. Были и отрицательные сделки и положительные. Все действия с ордерами проводились под руководством аналитика (не самостоятельно). В конечном итоге депозит дошёл до 25000$. Потом произошёл слив депозита. Вопрос слива спорный, но однозначно из-за не професионализма или не доглядки брокера. Сейчас предлагают внести на депозит 5000$ счёт откроется, сумма будет 31000$ и продолжить дальше работать. Сумма солидная терять вроде жалко. На счёт вывода средств: пытался вывести 200$, вывелись с площадки без проблем, но до карточки не дошли. Вернулись обратно на счёт. Якобы с каким-то сбоем в банке.
Сейчас веду переговоры с аналитиком *** Diana Aismont ***о возврате вложенных средств. Возврат по хорошему не получается. Ответ о сливе депозита (и немного отрицательных слов в адрес работы аналитика):"вы с ума сошли? имейте совесть! я не хочу тоже с вами ругаться,но
это уже слишком! у вас торговля прекрасно складывалась и сугубо по вашей халатности так все закончилось!". Если услышите о, гоните их ПОГАНОЙ МЕТЛОЙ. 07.05.2018 года на сайт зайти можно только через VPN, просуществовал с февраля 2017 года. Ссылки на претензию:

Я не единственный кинутый этой компанией человек. Со мной связываются люди, которых они обманули таким-же способом. Один молодой человек общается с Diana Aismont. Она его окучивает на $10000. Предлагает внести такую сумму денег, что-бы можно было снимать деньги с депозита (что вряд ли). Он рассказал что я пишу отзывы о работе их кухни, на что она очень удивилась и сказала что я сам виноват в сливе депозита.Вот так они «работают».

Translated by Google:

Hello. I want to talk about the FXIBA Broker. I have been cooperating with this site since November 2017. I started to communicate with Vladimir Garkalin by correspondence and on the phone I persuaded to start with $ 100, then with the help of promises and bonuses laid analyst *** Diana Aismont *** another $ 5000 in total with bonuses turned out 7465 $. There were negative deals and positive ones. All actions with orders were conducted under the guidance of the analyst (not independently). In the end, the deposit reached $ 25,000. Then the deposit was drained. The issue of the plum is controversial, but unequivocally because of not being a professionalism or not a broker's eye. Now offer to deposit $ 5000 for the account will be opened, the amount will be $ 31000 and continue to work further. The amount of solid to lose a bit sorry. On the withdrawal of funds: I tried to withdraw $ 200, withdrew from the site without problems, but did not reach the card. We went back to the account. Allegedly with some kind of malfunction in the bank.
Now I am holding negotiations with analyst *** Diana Aismont *** about the return of the invested funds. Return on good does not work. The answer about the discharge of the deposit (and a few negative words about the analyst's work): "Are you insane? Have a conscience! I do not want to swear at you either, but
this is too much! your trade was fine and purely due to your negligence, so it all ended! "If you hear about, chase them with a DROP METLO. May 7, 2013, you can go to only through VPN, it existed from February 2017 References to claim:

I'm not the only person thrown by this company. I am contacted by people whom they deceived in the same way. One young man communicates with Diana Aismont. She bores him for $ 10,000. Suggests to make such an amount of money that it would be possible to withdraw money from the deposit (which is unlikely). He said that I write reviews about the work of their kitchen, which she was very surprised and said that I myself am to blame for the sink of the deposit. That's how they "work".

Александр 07/05/2018

Fxiba24 truffatori

Sono dei ladri truffatori, mi hanno fatto fare dei depositi tramite una loro operatrice, detta Ambra Levante, che non sono mai risultati sul mio conto di trading. Dopo varie mail e telefonate in cui chiedevo chiarimenti, mi rispondevano vagamente e che non dipendeva da loro. Intanto ho presentato querela per truffa alle autorità competenti.

Translated by Google:

They are scammers thieves, they made me make deposits through their operator, called Amber Levante, which have never been on my trading account. After several emails and phone calls asking for clarification, they answered me vaguely and that did not depend on them. Meanwhile, I filed a lawsuit against the competent authorities for fraud.

Renato 06/08/2018


they demand more deposit, their customer service does not respond to your emails

Douglas 05/31/2018

truffato da fixba

mister dennis morgan e mister bryan scott mi hanno convinto a versare 500€ poi 10000€ poi 5000€ adesso mi dicono di versare ancora 5000€ che nn versero.
e possibile agire con azione legale contro questi truffatori, datemi dei consigli se sapete qualcosa grazie

Translated by Google:

mister dennis morgan and mister bryan scott convinced me to pay € 500 then € 10,000 then € 5,000 now tell me to pay € 5000 again.
You can act with legal action against these scammers, give me advice if you know something thanks

daniele 04/27/2018

Fxiba = banditi

Il dr. Cristian Lester = ladro

Translated by Google:

The dr. Cristian Lester = thief

Zorro 04/21/2018

Sito di trading da perseguire legalmente

It's unbelieveble as a Mr Belfort or some unknown meaninless is not punished for the robbery that made evey day on web world. Platform MT4 joined this brokers and hungherian bank or others help these theft

Pascucci Germano 04/12/2018

David Morgan is a killer must go to jail

I have been contacted by the best broker of fxiba David Morgan, a perfect psychologist criminal . He by playing with my mind made me invest all my lifetime savings where i lost everything. Now i don't know how to feed my kids and my friends loaned me. He must go to jail and this is a complete scam.

Peter Brenan 02/19/2018


Mi hanno indotto a fargli un versamento a fine novembre di 10.000€. Ad oggi, sulla piattaforma, dove non sto più operando dall'inizio di gennaio 2018, ho circa 11.820€ che non riesco più ad incassare. Il "dott" Loris Manzon, l'"account manager" che mi seguiva, è sparito all'improvviso.
A questa piattaforma è legata anche quella della OpionInt. anche qui investimenti fatti e non si riesce più a recuperarli.
se qualcuno ha qualche suggerimento di come si possano recuperare i soldi investiti, gliene sarò eternamente grato!!

Translated by Google:

They made me pay him a € 10,000 payment at the end of November. To date, on the platform, where I have not been operating since the beginning of January 2018, I have about € 11,820 that I can no longer collect. The "dott" Loris Manzon, the "account manager" who followed me, suddenly disappeared.
This platform is also linked to that of the OpionInt. here too, investments made and it is no longer possible to recover them.
if anyone has any suggestions on how you can recover the money invested, I will be eternally grateful to you !!

Giovanni Castellani 01/29/2018

Shame om FXIBA

I have a bad feelin about Fxiba, they Are all the time pushing me to invest more. The last requested amount Are 5000 USD inn

Jan-Erik Joergensen 11/16/2017
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