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FTO Capital Review - is it scam or safe?

FTO Capital Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

FTO Capital is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.

Trading Accounts


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Silver $250 1:200 3.0 pips
Gold Unknown 1:400 2.5 pips
Platinum Unknown 1:500 2.0 pips


FTO Capital, which by the way stands for Financials Trading Online, is a forex broker which offers different account types as mentioned above. That being said, they do not specify the deposit requirements for the different levels, which is inline with their rather poor presentation generally. Islamic versions of these accounts are also available.


The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
Nona Marketing LTD Marshal Islands N/A


The name of the legal entity behind FTO Capital is Nona Marketing LTD. They are registered on the Marshal Islands. If this wasn’t bad enough, they do not claim to be overseen by any financial regulatory agency.


For those of you who are not familiar with the forex industry, we must mention, dealing with an unregulated broker is very dangerous. Once you start trading with such a company, there is no guarantee, you will ever be able to withdraw any funds.


This is why most governments have created specific structures which monitor the financial services sector. While in some cases this is part of the responsibilities of the Central Bank, often the “watchdog” is a separate agency.


In the United Kingdom, this task is given to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is a structure which oversees a lot of companies and more importantly makes them follow a lot of rules. 


>>UK FCA regulated brokers<<


Two of the rulings are the most crucial, from a security if funds perspective. First and foremost, all client funds must be kept in the so called segregated accounts. This is a system which doesn’t allow the broker to simply take all of the money you deposit with them and then not give you any withdrawals. In reality, the situation is a bit more complicated, but this is the basic version.


Additionally all FCA regulated brokers must take part in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), a mechanism, which is pretty similar to an insurance company. Traders can rest assured their money will be safe, if their broker goes bankrupt. All accounts are covered up to £50,000 by the scheme.


Trading Conditions


Minimum Initial Deposit

The minimum deposit at FTO Capital is $250. This is a relatively high entry bar, given the fact a lot of brokers, like FxPro, demand something in the $100 range. 


Keep in mind, this isn’t much a major factor, when it comes to the overall reputation of a broker. On the other hand, even if the aforementioned levels seem high to you, you can always try the service of the industry leaders at IG, who have removed the entry barrier entirely – one can create an account with as little as he wants.



Average spreads & Commissions

The costs of trading mentioned on FTO Capital’s website aren’t very competitive. Even if we ignore the fact the deposit levels for the different account types are not mentioned, the best possible spread of 2.0 pips on EUR/USD will not qualify as nice nowadays. 



>>Compare the spreads offered by the best brokers<<


When we tested the trading platform provided by FTO Capital, we saw the around 3.1 pips (2.9 to 3.5) on the most liquid currency pair. 



The leverage levels provided by FTO Capital vary based on the account type. All the ratios, starting from 1:200, are very much suitable for serious trading, which involves risk management.


That bing said, the company is trying to market a higher leverage, as “better conditions” (the levels increase with better account types). This can not be further away from the truth. In fact, some studies into the behaviour of traders indicate the opposite – the lower leverage one uses, the higher his odds of success are.


Trading Platforms


FTO Capital provides its services with the help of the popular MetaTrader4(МТ4) trading platform. While we don’t like a lot of other aspects of this broker, this is not one of them. Developed by MetaQuotes, this piece of software has dominated the forex market for years and there are a lot of reasons for that:


>>Find a better broker offering MT4<<


MT4 offers top-tier charting, with all the analytical tools you can imagine being only a few clicks away. Even if there is some technical method which is not covered in the basic version of the platform, the MQL marketplace will most likely have you covered. This is an online store where traders can buy, sell or even lease custom add-ons for the platform. If automated trading is your thing, you are probably already familiar with Expert Advisors (or EAs).


MetaTrader4 is also available as a mobile app. It is one of the most complicated mobile trading solutions, which we would highly recommend to everybody who is used to serious desktop trading.


Here is how the platform presented by FTO Capital looks:



Methods of Payment


The payment options at FTO Capital are quite a few. Here is the list: Credit Card, Neteller, Qiwi, WebMoney and Yandex Money. In general, this is not a bad selection, with some emphasis placed on the Russian market. 




Financials Trading Online is an off-shore unregulated forex broker. Additionally, the presentation of the trading conditions is not impressive. The few things which are clear are also not satisfying. In essence, there are a lot of better brokers which you can find. Here is a recap:


Pros Cons
MetaTrader4 Platform

Lack of regulation

  Off-shore registration
  High spreads
  No clarity on account types


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Price feed















Customer service










Traders` reviews for FTO Capital


I have made the withdrawal a week ago on my account, now there is no money in my FTO capital account but also it is not yet reflecting into my personal account, should I be worried?

Khotso Thetsane 02/21/2018

FTO Capital blown my account after I sent withdrawal request

Everytime I send a withdrawal request FTO will call me and give me signals so I place more orders , they will then tell me I can't withdraw because I have open orders . now I sent a request to withdraw and someone called me to give me signals which have blown my account from $3500 to - $560

I really don't know what to do because had to repay a loan that I took

Thandeka Precious Mcina 02/20/2018

Monеy back

I can not get my deposit of 250 back from fto .it took them 2 Min to take my money and it is two months I'm trying to get my deposit back

Pieter 02/18/2018

Scammed $7000

I invested a total of $7000 with FTO Capital.
I made "profits" of just over $14000 trading on their platform.
When I tried to withdraw my profits, a process that would take "3 to 5 working days", I was given the run around for 3 weeks with still no result.
FTO Capital changed my account manager 3 times! I think this was a stalling tactic?

My third snr account manager Jack Evans could not answer why my withdrawal was taking so long. He put another "manager" on the line who told me, even though I had a clear a profit of over $8000, I would need to bring my open positions into the positive before I could withdraw.

On the phone, this person, with his smooth talk and tactics, "helped" me to use my profits to open positions that would bring my open positions into the positive and then I could withdraw.

Well, overnight, I had lost just about all of my money - initial investment as well as profits.

I got an email today to say I needed to urgently speak to my account manager as my account is "at risk"
I know that all that means is they want me to deposit more of my life savings into the account and steal it.

Sean Chisholm 02/16/2018

Fto Capital - you don't get your money refunded

Please could you pass this onto Ryan

I will not sign the DOD as I'm not trading on your portal. As explained numerous times, I want to close this account and receive a full refund of my $ 1500 deposited. This DOD is not applicable as I want to cancel an initio and receive a full refund of the deposits.

When I signed up, I should have first been given the opportunity to view the terms & conditions before you debited my card. Also, the rate of exchange used for these debits was at 13.33 to the ZAR while the rate on the 14th January 2018 was around 12.4.

My card in question been canceled and destroyed due to fraud committed on my account and I have supplied my identification, utility bill and alternative bank account, see swift code below.

I am getting tired of all the phone calls telling me you need additional info all time time. Before the the transactions took place, these requirements and terms of condition should have been available for me to review as I would never had agreed to go ahead. I have also done research on your Company and the reviews are not very good and there are warnings not to deal with FTO. ALL THIS VERIFICATION BEING DONE NOW SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BEFORE I MADE THE TRANSACTIONS AND YOU TOOK MY MONEY. YOUR ONLINE TRADING APP DOESNT EVEN HAVE A FACILITY TO CONTACT YOU VIA THE APP OR DO REFUNDS


From: Docs FTOCapital
Date: 12 February 2018 at 19:50:24 SAST

Dear Deb

Thank you for sending in your documents.
In order to Fully Verified your FTOCapital Forex account we still missing your signature on our Terms and Conditions.

Please see the attached file:

*Print the Terms and Conditions file.

*Read and sign on the designated space provided (In the last page).

*Scan it to your PC or you can take a picture of it with your smartphone and send it back to our email

Please Note that we need this document signed as soon as possible or your account will be temporary blocked for trading.
And also
Colored Declaration of Deposits

Due to several law changes that have taken place in the 2015 financial market, a new company policy requires verification of our customers' deposits through a Declaration of Deposits document (DOD).

Customers who have made a deposits over 1000 dollars and/or have performed three or more deposits are required to sign a DOD. This declaration proves that you are indeed the one that has performed these deposits.

The purpose of this declaration is to prevent money laundering.

Please see the attached file:
*Print the DOD file.
*Attach A photo ID/Passport or Driver license to the right end of the page.
*Sign next to each transaction and at the bottom of the page.
*Scan it to your PC or you can take a picture of it with your smartphone and send it back to our email.
*Please ensure that the copy that you send to us is full and not cut or covered with something.

We are also missing these documents below:

1.Colored Copy of the back of your credit card ending in XXXX (Please note that we cannot accept Uncovered Credit Cards)
Please ensure to cover the first 12 digits of your credit card and the CVV – we may see only the las 4 digits (please understand that the requirement is for your own safety.)
Also, ensure that on the back of the card there is a visible signature in the designated space.
2.Colored Copy of the front of your credit card ending in 4012 (Please note that we cannot accept Uncovered Credit Cards)

Thank you
Have a nice day.
Best regards,

Kendra Parker
Customer Support

Deb 02/15/2018


All For Capital wants is to see all of your account balances and take as much as they want. Bearing in mind there is the fact that you trust them.
Trusting them is a very big mistake. After they lost all of my money I never heard back from them.
I was thinking that they could help me get my money back. But no. They pester and pester with all hopes and promises, and NONE of it is true. I have learnt a very expensive lesson.

Tricia Howard 02/15/2018


I have conducted some research and found that your company is not licensed!
I am waiting for refund and close of account. Please do it asap! I want my money returned. My next move is to report you to the relevant authorities.

Cheryl 02/12/2018

Not to deal with crooks

Thanks God I didn't put money was forced by a broke called Kyle Richards who wanted r assist me with trading. He persistently asked to type deposit and I got suspicious over that. He was able to control my device through the app he want me to download . I was very scared. I told him I cannot now deposit need to discuss with my hubby as my account is linked . He was not interested on that. sounded very desperate. Hell no. why should you be forcing some who says im going to think if you were not a scam. I told this guy there are so many online scams around here and he kept on reassuring me. Wanted to speak to my hubby I gave him my other no which he called there as I was busy talking to him . I could not believe it because my no was in the,same device I was using and consistently put him on voicemail. I hanged up and he called my other number thi it was my hubby which I did not answer. Please guys we need money but not to deal with crooks.That's utter rubbish

fezile 02/11/2018

FTO Capital scam or not

good day. please assist if I am doing the right thing to invest with FTO Capital. deposited R2500 which is equivalent to $250 and these guys are saying they are helping to set my account so that I will able to withdraw profits. we tried on Friday but could not come right and they told me that we must set a limit of withdrawal to my account as there is a maximum that I can withdraw because its in foreign currency. I called my bank they said there is no limit for me to deposit money in my account and now I am becoming suspicious as they might end up withdrawing all my money from account because they even link themselves to the system and manage to move the cursor in your screen. they show where to press. I haven't set up any internet banking with them so please assist.

Bekithemba 02/11/2018

Please!!! Don't deal with this scam company you will lose

From their Facebook advert for Bitcoin I was directed to their website.I was asked to create an account & was still on it & next thing I get a phone call from one of their agents offering to help me.I was prompted to make a payment of R 2500.00 which i did.After reading reviews of this company,I asked my bank to reverse the payment.This is not happening as they have to agree to the reversal & they have refused to do so.I am going to report this to the police commercial crimes unit & seek help from them to investigate this company to put a stop to their scam.

Dinesh Dookan 02/09/2018

Here's how I got my money back

I got my money back within 5 business days. Here's how:

I invested $400 with them (dumbest decision of my life). They refused to return my money without documentation. I refused to give them documentation because they will use this documentation for identity theft and they will withdraw all the money from your account if you give them your card details e.g. card number, cvv etc. I HARASSED them with emails. DAY AND NIGHT. I sent about 30 emails a day. I think I clogged their systems. I also threatened them and told them that I would report them to different authorities and I showed them evidence of these threats e.g. filling in a fraud report form. They eventually returned my money within 5 business days. People, spam them with emails, threaten them and say you're going to report them to the relevant authorities because they're an unlicensed broker, don't stop until you get your money back. DON'T GIVE UP UNTIL YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!!!

Shania 02/09/2018

Withdrawal problem

I have been trying to withdraw my funds from FTO capital and no feedback! Keep on telling me the financial manager will phone me back and no one calls back!

Bernice Van Niekerk 02/09/2018

MFs put your number in a database and continue to call

These people are truly scammers, and have taken to calling simply to harass me. Like most others, I was interested in "No investment sure fired way to earn money online" In order to learn the entire proposition I had to enter my email and telephone. The next day I was contacted, directed to a web site and told to put $250 on the account.

I decided this was NOT what I was told about in their previous offers so I didn't do it. The guy called me back, I told him I was not interested and asked him to remove me from their database.

He then said, "Ohh I'll call you back when you have had some time to think about it" I told him I had thought about it and I wasn't going to do anything with them. Since then (Jan 10) they have called me about 50 times,and frankly it seems like they are actually just trying to piss me off.

Anyway, I am about to do a DDOS on their site if they keep it up. I've asked them nice.. they are obviously not nice people.

David 02/09/2018


They took my deposit trade for 2 weeks then disapeared.Can't get my money back from them

Johannes Hattingh 02/08/2018

just no response from them

I deposited au$250-00 with FTO capital at first i was assigned Paul Smith who seemed very helpful but Paul was apparently promoted so the Athena Stark took my account over she was most unhelpful and wanted me to borrow AU$5000-00 from my bank which i fortunately did not do ,i asked her if i could trade with my initial deposit and she said yes i could but then she took me to a trading page and said click here and click here and she will call me when i have made some money,that was the last contact with her ,after several e mail requesting a response i e mail their support division and recieved among other e mails a message stating that customers must be patient as they are very busy

Brian Orr 02/07/2018

I'm Worried, please help.

I opened an account with FTO yesterday & one of their broker called me today & she explained every so well, her words where so convincing I was asked to put in my banking details on their website under my profile & make a deposit within 24 hours, but I told that broker I don't have enough money now but I'll deposit tomorrow around midday & she agreed but I became a little sceptical about them & I decided to do an indepth investigation & thank God I found this helpful article & I've changed my mind about trading by them but my worry is since they have my banking account details will they have access to any of my money without my knowledge?
...Please Help.

Jabu 02/07/2018

FTO is an absolute scam

Do not ever deal with this company they are an absolute scam
You will lose all ur money as i did with no explanation they try and get into your bank accounts.pressure you into investing your money they set you up with metatrader4 which itself is a good platform they show u how to make profit wait till your account is 3x 4x your money and then take it overnight and say that the market crashed.Tried to pull my money out numerous times to no avail.i cant believe i have lost my hard earned money

Ben 02/06/2018

They wont stop calling you

Was with FTO Capital, got out as i felt they keep asking for more money $10.000. My wife said no as she looked them up as a scam. After i said to them im not intrested and they can keep the $500 i already put in and take it as a loss. they ring me every day 4-5 times and the same person name John. They are not proffesional, they are rude and will harrass you just for fun all throught the night.

BE WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ring and give your details at YOUR OWN RISK.!!!!! 100% they will rip you off no matter what they promise

Ben 02/05/2018

scam them

Hello people who have been scamed...SCAM the scammer like i did!!!!!!! all i did for a whole week was ringing them how excited i was to join on the monthly trading. I told them before i put in $10.000 my wife wants to see they are not a scam???? you sweet talk...we best buddies you make money i make money with a promise of $10.000 deposit so getting $350 out of the account with approval was easy.. GOT my MONEY they got nothing from me.

Hope you guys can get your money back like i did.

Ps after you get your money, i ring them just for fun and get them all excited about a huge deposit.

daavid smith 02/05/2018

Still hope to get my money back

I got suspicious when they ask my safety code they also ask for my personal details witch i email them yesterday,now I'm worried they took aall my money 1294.36 USD in total is there still a possibly that i can get my money back i need help.

Vincent 02/04/2018

Fto capital is a complete scam

I started trading with them with 250aud. My accounts manager decided that we would start trading not discussing that all my documents needed to be sent through and verified before I could end trades. Each day he would call me and get me to set up new trades which was building up the equity on the account. Then when I could close the accounts to keep my margins percentage high enough he would call and tell me my account is below the margin level and I needed to add more funds to the account., which I rejected to comply. So his response was then i can't help you make more money. To sum it up your account will never be id verified to ever withdraw your cash and they are a complete scam lyers and cheaters they need to be STOPPED. What complete bullshit! Don't listen to a word they say!

Lissa 02/01/2018

What did you expect

Do you people even conduct due diligence before investing??
This FTO company shit is unregulated - ever wondered why??
Was the $200 minimum deposit not ringing alarm bells when more reputed brokers only ask for around $100???

Its sad that people lose their hard earned money but sometimes you deserve it - only 10 minutes of Googling and research would save you from that.

bumfarter 02/01/2018


These people are crooks all the bull shit excuses when i wanted to withdraw funds do NOT TOUCH THIS FAKE COMPANY they are full of shit we all need to get together and fuck this FTO and the piss weak government needs to grow balls and step in and help us people which do the right thing and recover our monies lost to these thief's lets hear from any one else

Rene 01/29/2018

Ive been scammed by Paul dane from FTO

I have been scammed by Paul Dane from FTO Capital.
The minute i asked to cash in due to my wifes very poor health and told him I was unable to keep an eye on this he very spitefully logged on without my knowledge and brought a balance of approximately $3300 to $115
Absolutely disgraceful company and being ( not humane )
Mike Perdikis

Michael perdikis 01/28/2018

FTO Capital predicament

My experience with the FTO Capital was very recent in the late December 2017. So far I have been quite distressed but I expect that the company will change to the better. To begin with, I experienced three brokers during three weeks of my cooperation with he company. The first one, Ms. Zarina Shulgina, was practically an instantenuous occasion who passed me on to Mr Alexander Vakhtin who requested me to open my current bank accounts and allow him to see them through the team viewer. He immediately asked me to scoop up actually my money to one bundle of USD, thus transferring it from Euros and Rubles using the current rate. He easily maneuvered directing me what to do and assured me to send about USD 20 odd thousand to an FTO Capital account, including my pension savings. Next, he showed me to open a picture with forex currency pairs and quickly explained incomes and losses, and disappeared leaving me with a running curve and saying that he was very busy to attend me. To get him on the phone took me quite awhile on the following day when my losses went very high. Then Alexander blamed me on my awkwardness and asked to open my team viewer to scoop up the remaining meager amount, gave some directions to navigate and disappeared again. My money kept thinning. He promised to call to his hq in London to freeze my lost money as a novice and get a bonus allowing to recover it. Then I got a call from a senior broker, Dmitry Chernov who scolded Alexander and said that henceforth he would lake over and promised to dismiss Alexander. Dmitry also promised to settle the losses but asked to replenish them quickly and I borrowed USD 7,200 from a friend of mine and put it on my bank account that Dmitry emptied directing me through the team viewer what to do on the screen. In the circumstances, I wrote to the FTO Capital support service to close my forex trading. They did it expeditiously indicating that my income of USD 4 201 should be handled by my broker and be transferred to my account. Dmitry whom I hardly reached was surprised as regards the new situation. He said that he would look into it, but asked for more money to unfreeze the lost USD 20 000+. I wrote to the support service but my numerous messages suddenly got blocked. I found another FTO Capital address but did not received any response yet. I hope to get it and I'll let you know.

. .

Renat 01/27/2018


I deposited more than the minimum amount required at FTO, however, all my accounts were spied on and good faith allowed the transfer of up to 19 000 USD. It has all disappeared and I don't know what to do to recover my money. Crooks ripped me off and I would like to warn you that money goes one direction with them, out of your bank account.

Vincent Makwane 01/25/2018

I need my money back

I'm trying to get my money back but in vain. Why is it easy to deposit but difficult to do withdrawals. My money has been lying there since December no trading since then. I need my money back so that I can pay my child's fees.

Thando Ndamane 01/25/2018

Dob them in

On Wednesday night I had over $4000USD in my account with FTO and Thursday morning I had nothing.
I have made a complaint to Scotland Yard, 3 places in Australia, and the Marshall Islands Business Authority. If we all do this maybe we can have them shut down. The money will never be recovered but we may stop someone else being ripped off.
I have tried to ring them but now their phones only play mucic.
Let' get these scumbags. If the authorities get enough complaints maybe something can be done.

Patricia Burley 01/19/2018

Fto scam

Fto is crap! Yeah I did loose all the money I put in but no surprise there. But I'm dam sure the person looking after me must have been very new to this because everything he told me to purchase went the complete opposite way to the market. Plus be aware that this prick will try and use your mortgage and your credit card to get yourself into more debt. They don't call you back when they say and no good advice given. I just wonder if his boss knows this or it's part of there job to [email protected]#k people over.

Sean McClelland 01/17/2018

Don't deal with FTO

I also fell victim to this company...trying to get my money back...don't think it's going to happen. Not sure where to turn to, to take this further. Can someone please advise me? thanks

sharon 01/15/2018

Scammed by FTO

I made the minimum deposit to FTO several of months ago, but after discussions with them where they demanded $17,000 to purchase BitCoins, I decided to close my account. For three months now I have been trying to get my deposit back but with no success. Since I informed then that I was closing the account and wanted my initial deposit returned, I have been bombarded by constant phone calls and email by various employees and they continue to demand immense amounts of documents from me on the pretence that they are necessary to make a refund.
e.g. Photocopy of my Passport, Driving Licence, Credit Cards (Front and Back so they can see my CCV number), a letter from my Bank, etc etc.

It is perfectly clear that this is more than a financial scam, it is an Identity Theft Scam.

People such as these are bringing the whole Financial Services Industry into disrepute and they are giving genuine traders a bad name.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Pragnell.

Charles Pragnell 01/15/2018

Report this company to Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network

I have just completed a form to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network about this company. I have invested $3000 with them and they refuse to refund any money. The paper trail is massive - send this, send that. I am sick of dealing with them so put it in the hands of the authorities. I think we all need to do the same. Have probably lost my money but getting them shut down will make me happy. Scumbags.

Patricia Burley 01/13/2018

Remaining Hopeful

I came across an article directing me to "trade in bitcoin". The link took me to the FTO signup page. I filled in basic details (just to see what was on the other side), and within minutes I got a call from an operator guiding me to making a deposit. I didnt get a change to read up on the company.
I made a deposit of $200. Now I'm waiting for my training session.
Has anyone had a positive experience with them?

felixthegwm 01/11/2018

I also got scammed

I also got scammed people these people playing games there is a way any company need communication wont help one person sent email if 50 to 100 people sent 20 messages a day they will start to reply have to start today sent 20 emails [email protected] then 20 each day to management on there platform lets play back start today but only 5 emails at one time at different times can even sumit 20 tickets on there platform also so emails get mixed with new client WHO WANTS TO JOIN

Charles 01/11/2018

No Refund

I signed up with this company I gave them $300 The worst thing I ever did I became alarmed when they asked for my worried when they wanted my personal details I refused to give to them iI guess I’ve lost my money I’ve asked for a refund All they do is ignore my request asking for more details of my identity Please don’t use this company

Inga McShane 01/10/2018

FTO Capital is a big scamer!

I was so badly scammed by this company FTO capital and from what ive read so far there are so many people out there should they not be put out from this activity on the net surly people will be very scared to trade or trust if this kind of activity goes on ? surly this is not good for the other brokers out there less people to trad with surly

rita grimm 01/09/2018

FTO Capital - can't get my deposit back

Not the best company to trade with. Trying to get my deposit back.

bruce Holland 01/09/2018

Lost my money

There are scammers , I am having problems with fto capital to get my deposit or the withdrawals , even my profits , please help I used $428 as a deposit and I need my money one way or the other I will get it , please anyway I can get them exposed advise

Nokwazi Sibiya 01/06/2018

Nearly gave in

Accidentally tapped onto Bitcom. Was interested. Found myself lured and filling out personal details. Thenmy internet played up, must of been my angels ... looking out for me ... today i accidentally tapped onto this updated page ... and can clearly agree with your findings. Also, i was being hounded by phone calls and gmails it was making me stressed. So thank you for the update, greatly appreciated.

Marama 01/04/2018

FTO called me

Bernard Young from FTO called me asking me to join their trading company, but he sounded desperate which leaded me into an investigation. I'm interested in trading but the way things are done now, everything seem like a scam. For start which broker would you recommend?

Forexbrokerz Team: Hi Loyiso. You can find the recommended brokers right below the FTO logo.

Loyiso 01/04/2018

fto scam

FTO is a scam company working from Marshall Islands which is US territory.

I invested with them and increased my money through trading but when I requested payment from my trades that profited FTO proceeded to stall payment claiming it was being processed. 2 months later still no deposit received from my profits in trading. They do not answer the phone and never tell the truth as they take your money with the intent of never paying you your profit or Return Of your initial investment.

FTO will try to convince you to invest in oil futures which requires investment of 1000 S of dollars. This is only ploy to part you from your money and again they will not return your initial investment or profit because they are a total confidence artist company.

Which city exchanges are they registered with? NONE!

They are Russian based con men based in Marshal Islands. Do not invest with them.

John Bozanich 01/03/2018

FTO Capital experience

DO NOT TRADE WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!! After being bombarded with desperate phone calls pressuring me to pay the $250 which is higher than many other traders I looked at the reviews and told them I did not feel comfortable after seeing these reviews. The phone calls kept coming then I receive a rude email telling me to answer my phone and thanks for not being able to keep promises !!! This alone rings bells!!!!!im so RELIEVED I didn’t give them a cent.

Andrea Karam 01/02/2018

My experience

I'm very lucky, they wanted me to deposit the money so quickly, they're so desperate, they do not tell you that they are not regulated, fortunately I didn't have online banking, but when I phoned my bank, the beneficiary was not FTO, instead it was Ikon Trading, bloody crooks, I survived.

Deleni Sishuba 12/30/2017

Can't get my money back..

I stupidly put $240 into FTO to start trading in cryptocurrency. Silly mistake. I blame myself for not following through with enough research on them first... But within hours of giving them my money the penny dropped and I've been trying to get my money back ever since. Dodgey bastards are wanting me to send in a complete suit of identity documents before they release the money, which would of course put me at risk of further theft... If they're canoodling on an offshore, unregulated market, then it's my bloody fault for not reading this article and others sooner... Speaking philosophically, I guess I'll consider my experience as a $241 lesson in what NOT to do when starting out in the slimey space of stock broking...

Please heed my advice - considerings them dodgey

Matthew J Bugden 12/29/2017


I would like to withdraw my funds

I have been waiting for guidance to start trading but no help
They sent me message to send them my colour id bank card and water account
I am suspicious that they are not there right product they help you guide you to deposit money now I am stuck I deposit my last retired money left with nothing is there anything to help us get our money back?

lulama 12/29/2017

Scammers, who act like your money is theirs and ignore you when you want to withdraw

FTO Capital, are a bunch of scammers and very dishonest. I traded with them almost by force, was given no chance to decide on how much I wanted to invest and was bullied into drawing my account dry, whilst left with nothing to live for. It was said it was only to be 2 days, but nope, when I wanted to withdraw, there were all these "blockers", precise manner in which the documents must be completed, must be in colour, etc. etc. must be hand signed. Furthermore, they want to take HUGE fees on paying your money back and not what you submitted in your withdrawal. They caused me to lose money, because the Account Manager refused to act on my request to withdraw my money the previous day, when I saw that everything was going bottoms up. I even tried to trade something else to try and counter the loss, but I was unable to, the system would just simply not register any Buy/Sell option, which means that I had NO control over trades, opening but only closing. The Account Manager said he'd call me later, never did. I was in tears, because that money was all that I had, and they practically refused to let me have my money back in FULL. They want to decide how much of YOUR money THEY want to pay back to you. STAY AWAY!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!

Lynn Eilerd-Du Toit 12/22/2017


I have written this before the powers to be should stop this company from trading it’s all you read below put money in but you will never get it out thousands lost I would not give them my details to get money out due to identity theft etc
Yes scam scam scam

Jacqueline Grice 12/21/2017

Recently set up account

It has been a nightmare experience-i started by entering into Bitcoin-i had not finished entering online and a woman called saying she would help which immediately made me suspicious. Several phone calls to try and have training-organising a time and sticking to it was a massive issue for them. The wanted lots of ID and when started training??? all she wanted was me to open access to my bankc accounts while she was in "Team Viewer" again i had to give up as her line dissapears frequently and she tells me its my line.
I am now going to try and get my $240 back and not even venture further-dealing with the woman has driven me nuts not rich

fiona jeffrey 12/20/2017

Government authorities should shut them down

Government authorities should shut them down.
and arrest them. Invested 10,000.USdollars.
Ralph Walter he calls himself..CONMAN.
I am a believer in Karma. and learning.

andrea gaudiosi 12/16/2017


this company scammed alot of money out of me warning don't trust this company
they say located in the UK .
They are in the Marshall islands ]


simon 12/13/2017


These people are extremely aggressive and won't akeso no for an answer. They will call you at least 5 tines a day from different no. You can block one they will just phone you from another one.

I just had a call again and told them again I am not interested but that is not good enough for them they will try and bully you.

The guy said not interested is not a good enough reason and want a better reason.

Well hopefully this post will get them to stop calling me as this border on harassment get it in your heads I am not intresested!!!!

Armin Shaw 12/13/2017

Very Disappointed

Tried with a small amount and had nothing but headaches trying to recoup. Great review above, covers all bases and should be heeded.

Gary Trench 12/08/2017

HR truck driver

They took my money of which was for xmas presents of which they said i coukd cash out any time ... WHAT A JOKE .. THIS IS A SCAM PLZ
. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THESE PEOPLE my family and i wont be having xmas or holidays AGAIN

Mark Eden 12/07/2017

Don't use this company

I was looking for ways to make money online and stumbled upon FTO Capital. I tried investing a decent sum of about $1000 into their site as I felt that it would grow really quickly. However, when I tried to withdraw my money, it was much harder than putting it in. I contacted support hundreds of times to no avail. Please, if you have any common sense do not use FTO Capital unless you want to get burned like I did.

Sarah Smithson 12/06/2017

Ripped off by FTO Capital

This is a scam I was conned to deposit US $200.00 but then I was told that before I could start trading I had to provide the following:
1. Colored Copy of a valid passport/National ID/Driving License. Please ensure that the document provided hasn't been expired. Please be sure that all the 4 edges of the documents are visible.

2. Colored Copy of the back of your credit card ending in 8573(Please note that we cannot accept Uncovered Credit Cards)
Please ensure to cover the first 12 digits of your credit card and the CVV – we may see only the last 4 digits (please understand that the requirement are for your own safety.)

Also, ensure that on the back of the card there is a visible signature in the designated space.
3. Colored Copy of the front of your credit card ending in 8573(Please note that we cannot accept Uncovered Credit Cards)
Please ensure to cover the first 12 digits on the front of the card. We may see only your name, expiry date and last 4 digits of your credit card (please understand that the requirement are for your own safety.)

4. Colored Copy of a utility bill (water, electricity, gas, tax government or bank statement) Please ensure that your full name, address and a date (no further back than 3 months) are visible on the form
As I did not want to provide this I told them to return my money as I was concerned about identity theft but they have refused to return my money unless I provide them with the above documents this is the response I got "accordance with international law, we are required as a financial institution to know our clients and verify who they are. This is to prevent identity theft, financial fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing (The concept is called K.Y.C). For further information about our policies and requirements please see the attached link to our company website:"

Gary Hansen 12/06/2017

It is slow

It is actually good, I recieved help in learning about the forex world as well as withdrawal of money after competition all the paperwork. I wouldnt withdraw it all at once either.

Joseph Bauer 12/05/2017

FTO Capital Genuine Scammers

FTO Capital are a SCAM DO NOT INVEST WITH THEM they SCAMMED my Daughter she tried to get her money back within the 48 hours but to no avail. ALL LIES i am from Perth Western Australia and i have proof of this first hand. This evening I rang FTO on their Melbourne Number 0385956739 as their Sydney Number is now out of service probably because i kept ringing up 4 nights a week to speak to the Broker by the name of ZACH HILL who SCAMMED my daughter but seems he is too shy to talk to her Father .

Charles 11/28/2017


This company is bullshit. I am trying to withdraw my money from my account but they won’t respond properly. Customer support always tell me that they will set me an appointment with my account manager for the verbal approval of my withdrawal but the bullshit account manager, Jack Evans did not give me a single call. I have been waiting for 3 days nows. They are just good and fast in getting money from your account but you cannot reach them anymore when you try to withdraw your money. Don’t invest in this fucking and ridiculous broker!

Angry 11/23/2017

Scam and Fraud

Unfortunately I did not read reviews for FTO Capital before and I try to withrow may $240 back. That was unsuccessfully. Scam company for sure. How can any government allow somebody to do such a crime ? SCAM and FRAUD

zoran bajic 11/23/2017


To me this trading company should be shut down every time I tryed to get founds from my account there so call account manager would convince me to keep trading she used all the tricks on me and kept telling her that I didn't wont to do it and played on my vonerablle side to get me to keep trading I would ask her wot think were like the swap was the answer l got was it just the way trading was so in the end I lost $4;970 us witch was about my $600 aus there is $57.82 i put in a request for it and they have told me there is a minamne of minamne of $100 dollars soi am a pension and know straggling to p as
They should not be a loud to keeoperateing

Kimberli Martin 11/22/2017

Fraud company

One of the agent from FTO Capital named, Courtney Jackson (she got Filipino English accent and her personal email account she used: [email protected]) tried to convince me to open an account with them. When she realized I am not convinced, she tried to play game with me and used her colleague to force me to invest through their company mentioning that I provided my consent to open an account, which I didn't.

Redwanul Alam 11/21/2017
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