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Fortrade Review - Is it scam or safe?

Fortrade Review - Is it scam or safe?

RATING: 3.5 / 9 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Fortrade


Trading Accounts


Account type Minimum deposit  Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Spread
Live  $100 0.01  1:200 2 pips on EUR/USD


This forex broker offers its clients just one live trading account type with leverage up to 1:200, micro tradeable lots and no commission fees.

The Company


Company Country Regulation
Fortrade Ltd. UK FCA


Fortrade is the trading name of Fortrade Ltd., a UK-based company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

It was established in 2011, and now it offers a wide range of trading instruments covering more than 150 currencies, as well as commodity, index and stock CFDs through their in-house platform, as well as the MetaTrader 4.

Security of Funds

Fortrade Ltd., operating under the brand Fortrade, is duly licensed and regulated by FCA. UK-regulation is famous for its strictest standards and supervision. To acquire a license from the UK financial watchdog, brokers have to prove their financial stability and to meet a number of requirements. For instance, clients` funds are to be kept in segregated bank accounts separated from the company’s operating funds. What is more, regulated companies must hold a minimum of €730 000 to be considered financially stable. Similar minimum capital requirements apply in other jurisdictions: Australian brokers are obliged to possess at least $ 1 million; Cyprus-based brokerages are required to hold € 1 million; and US forex brokers must possess $ 20 million.

Regulation by FCA also involves additional guarantee to clients’ funds, since they fall under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, where the maximum compensation cover is £50,000 per person per regulated firm.
Here is a list of more FCA-regulated brokers

Trading Conditions

Minimum Initial Deposit
Fortrade recommend a minimum initial deposit of 500 EUR/USD/GBP, however it is possible to start trading with just €100. This is an average minimum initial deposit. In comparison, other UK-based forex brokers, like FxPro, require $500, and XM for instance demands just $1 from traders to start with.

Spreads & Commissions
Fortrade charges no commissions, as it gets its remuneration through the spread. This broker offers fixed spreads, amounting to 2 pips on EUR/USD, which is average for the market. Yet, trading costs with other brokers are lower. For example, FxPro provides average variable spread of 1.4 pips on the EUR/USD for its commission-free MT4 accounts. 


This broker offers different maximum leverage levels, depending on the instruments traded: 1:50 for indices and commodities CFDs, 1:10 for stock CFDs and 1:200 for most currency pairs.

A maximum leverage level of 1:200 is standard for the forex market. If you need higher leverage, other UK-based brokers provide such: HY Markets – 1:300; Admiral markets - 1:500. More forex brokers offering leverage equal to or exceeding 1:500 can be viewed here.

Leverage allows traders to gain large exposure to diversified markets with a relatively small amount of invested capital, however it is healthy to keep in mind that the higher the leverage ratio, the higher the risk. Leverage is a double-sided coin.

Trading Platform

Fortrade offers its services on two trading platforms, its in-house Fortrader and the the popular MetaTrader 4.


Fortrader is available as desktop, mobile and web versions available. This is its proprietary platform, which is very simple and easy to use, yet traders who are used to the advanced features offered by MT4 may find it too simple and not very handy.



Besides, Fortrade supports the most common platform for currencies trading, MT4. It also is available in all forms and shapes, for desktop, web and mobile users. This platform is highly valued for its reliability, ease of use, and top notch professional tools and features: great charting package, wide range of Expert Advisors, indicators, backtesting options, etc.


Welcome Bonus

Like many other brokers, Fortrade also offers a welcome bonus, amounting to 30% of the first deposit (up to €3000). The deposit must be €100 as a minimum and the bonus expires within 90 days.

Bonus monies may be used for trading only and cannot be withdrawn until account trading volume reaches 10 000 base units for every €1 bonus.

Methods of Payment

Fortrade’ s clients can make deposits and withdrawals from and to their accounts via credit/debit cards, bank transfer, wire transfer, Skrill and Neteller.


Fortrade is a well-regulated UK-based broker offering trading in forex and various CFDs under competitive trading conditions. To sum up the above, here are the Pros & Cons in relation to this broker:


Pros  Cons
FCA-regulated Only one account type offered
30 % on deposit welcome bonus   
MT4 available, as well as in-house platform  


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Customer service










Support for Fortrade Users

To all struggling with the Fortrade platform, I am sorry to hear. Our support team is here to help with all issues regarding our platform. Please feel free to contact them with any problems you all may have. Reach a representative at

Talia Mark 01/02/2020

They're going on bothering me at the phone

A ...gentle woman is tormenting me calling at any possible time...
She insists I'm already in next Fortrade Project and they guarantee me constant profit starting with a token investment.... at the beginning I was attracted, then more careful and finally skeptical, especially after reading the Review here reported. A serious Broker shouldn't allow such kind of approach...

marco 10/18/2019

Don't use it

I opened an account which I never used, really. Now I want to close my account (and delete all my info, like house address, DOB...) and it's pretty much impossible. No way to delete account, absolutely no reply from their support team.

Peter 10/07/2019

no replies at all

I wonder what’s their supportemailadress for?

No support at all, no reactions at all from Fortrade.
So many mails questions asked , normal questions and no reaction at all
If you're critical your questions won't be answered.

Conclusion: Fortrade isn't trustable. I'm very happy that I didn't open a real account at the moment.
Reading all the negativ experiences below I will certainly never do so!

Vitiligo 09/04/2019

They sweared me in the phone

Hi, I just want to warn you all about this company..

I had just opened an account, never invested .
I requested my account to be closed two years ago, and didn't hear from them since then, but today their agent called me and started swearing at me .

So it means they don't delete your data and the support is trash as from my experience from today's call..

Be aware, don't register or your data will be in wrong hands..

itneg 03/29/2019

I cant login

Server is down and also when am trying to login its telling to 'please check my email address...' whilst it is the correct one. May I be assisted please.

Sibongiseni Dlamini 03/25/2019

I can't see my account for the last 3 days

I'm with Fortrade for over 2 years. I requested to withdraw £200 once from my £4000 profit and it was never done. When I spoke to my account manager Nick, he said that I have never requested it. Today I have a problem with the Fortrade app and website as I am not able to open my trading account, like it never existed. I can't plan my next trade for Monday! But I am worrying now that they vanished my account as you cannot prove that you actually trade with them as their website opens your account on another page, right? On the main page you see your account number and that is all. It looks like you have to communicate with them via email only. I have just sent one and I'll see if they will actually reply. Of course brokers are there to take your money and lie, don't be surprised. However it is unacceptable for the registered firm to block the access to account and withdrawal.
After some disappointment with Fortrade, especially now when I can't see my account I will take pictures every day of how much money I have , as I do not trust them at all.

Paulina 03/16/2019

poor support from Account Manager

Broker was insisting that the will be good from support office but this not the case what is the next step will I able to get my money refund as soon as possible get my refund for USD 100

Sylvia Stella Bock 02/04/2019

Fortrade Scam

I have had a call today from a guy called Bren, he claimed to be a professional broker and yet i didnt find him being serious as every question that i was asking he kept being so closing pushing me to open an account which i didnt find it really professionally, he started being rude and at the same time i told him to speak with my financial advisor and he told my financial advisor that his name is Daren, so lets put it this way they say that they have an FCA license and usually when people do have that i am not sure if the FCA laws work on Balkans also, so simple on monday when they called me they said that the minimum is only 250$ and then i recieved a phone call from the same guy telling me that the minimum is 100$ and i was suspicious, as i was opening an account he kept pushing me even tho i was asking him questions, it was like 2:34 when i recieved the phone call and spoke him him for about 19 minutes and the reason why i didnt put any money its because while making researches on google as i was speaking to him i found out that he lied to me 3 times...

1. He said to me that the money will be kept in the United Kingdom and then after that he said that it will be kept in Czech Republic.

2. He said to me that i can be able to play with a leverage up to 1:500 and now i see that it is only 1:200 and this made me feel like it was a pure scam.

3. He lied about his name and started screaming at me even tho i was politely asking him questions... This was my experience with Fortrade even tho i do not actually know they are legit their brokers make it feel so scammy that they are losing alot of clients i think.

Jake 10/30/2018

my deposit problem

I'm shocked of people complaint here. what is the meaning when individual will trade with these platform at the time to withdrew money it be cames problem. I'm new in trading with fortrade I haven't trade before I don't even have trading experience I was convinced by a lady from fortrade to come in trading an I have already deposited $100 dollar, to the complaint people trading in fortrade are reporting here is scaring! ezike uchenna victor 13/06/2018

ezike uchenna victor 06/13/2018

Withdrawal scam

Fortrade is a rip off as a platform. However, the biggest problem is with withdrawal. They know what you want but the company will take the piss with you and if your profit is less than 50$ you cannot actually withdraw it!!!! Keep this in mind :)

M R 04/23/2018

My deposit problem

Dear sir,
Presented documents is not sufficient for fortrade so i requested to transfer back my deposit.
Mr.Anil (my account manager) is doing nothing from more than 2 weeks.
Please advise.

Lutfi Samman 03/13/2018

25+ Days to get Deposit back...

I started an account with a £200 deposit under the recommendation of a friend. Shortly after, he found another platform which he preferred and I decided to withdraw my Fortrade deposit.

So far I have made 4 withdrawal requests starting on 11th January 2018. I have had no confirmation email/text/code or anything like that. I have spoken directly to customer support and my account manager and he has confirmed this will be done. It has now been 25 days since i first requested my money back.

1/5 stars. The site is easy to sign up to, deposit and trade with but pointless if it is physically impossible to withdraw any profit/loss/deposit you have on there.

I'm also going to submit this as an official complaint to whichever FCA they are registered under. Highly unprofessional.

Patrick Lines 02/05/2018

Terrible customer service!

So I had been watching Bitcoin for a while before I decided to get in. I had never done any sort of investing, so it was very appealing to me that Fortrade offered a practice account.

Deposits take long to transfer and withdrawals take 3-5 times longer. The agent assigned to me Ariola something was a very nasty and arrogant lady. I explained to her several times that I had never done a wire transfer and sent her the information from my bank. She just ignored me and kept sending me the form to fill out on my own.

After 3 weeks of fighting with her, my request was finally confirmed. THEN it took another 5 business days before they released the funds. I am still currently waiting for the funds to reach my account.

I emailed every available email listed on the Fortrade site (ie. 'info', 'support' & 'finance') and everyone kept forwarding me to Ariola. I asked her for instructions to close my account, but she just ignored me as usual. She made my Fortrade experience a nightmare. She's a grade A B--ch to boot.

OH!!! Let me not forgot to mention that when cryptocurrencies were surging through the roof, they instantly changed the rules making it nearly impossible to trade them effectively anymore.

For these reasons and the numerous headaches caused by the Fortrade platform, I would NOT recommend anyone use them.

Alissa 01/12/2018


Fortrade croatia make my money disappeared. I made my payment. I had to get bonus. But after a year there is still zero on my acconut.

Petar 11/14/2017

They are after your money

All is good as long you have money. If you try to withdraw bigger amount of earning then problems start. They have some retention team that is there to help you but their real job is to take as much of money that you have with all sort of questionably bonuses.

Michael Benex 08/07/2017

A Truly Worthwhile Trading Platform

I've been using the demo account on my phone for a week, and have got no complaints so far. Its easy to understand and has a very user friendly interface. I haven’t deposited any funds yet but I trust they’re legitimate – with them being in the UK and all that. All in all, I'm impressed. Cheers!

John Norman 08/08/2016

Un corredor de primera... en el que confío totalmente

¡Gracias! Esta es una muy buena compañía. No los conocía antes, pero hacen un trabajo excelente– siempre responden a mis correos y me ayudan con mi cuenta. He ganado mucho dinero. Es fácil de pagar con una tarjeta de crédito y también retirar dinero de la plataforma.
A favor: Es sencillo y muy seguro
En contra: nada

Brenda Gutierrez 08/08/2016

Piattaforma super-facile da usare

Non ho quasi esperienza di trading, ma la Fortrader è molto intuitiva, ho imparato molto velocemente
ad utilizzarla senza problemi!
Pro: Intuitiva, piacievole, bella visualmente.
Contro: Non c'e.. Provatela!

Laura Brizzi 08/08/2016


Je ne savais vraiment pas beaucoup sur le courtage en ligne avant, mais J'ai entendu par un ami que je doive essayer les plates-formes d’entraînemen- Demo de quelques sites, il m'a donné quelques liens de sites différents et je peux dire que je trouve cette plate-forme la plus facile à gérer, pour le moment je fais que le trading de démo j'apprends tous les jours de plus en plus, même si leurs bonus sont vraiment intéressants de commencer la vraie affaire, 30% pour le premier dépôt et 20% pour tous les autres dépôts, c'est quand même bcp.

Louise 08/08/2016

Es gibt eine Vielzahl handelbarer Märkte, zu denen natürlich auch deutsche Unternehmen gehören! Ich bin wirklich beeindruckt, von der einfachen Bedienbarkeit der Plattform. Außerdem gibt es eine Menge nützlicher Informationen und Handelstools. Zum Handeln benutze ich mein iPhone 6 und von Zeit zu Zeit erhalte ich Benachrichtigungen über Neuigkeiten der Märkte. Ich würde mich allerdings über noch mehr Benachrichtigungen sehr freuen. Nach meiner Anmeldung bekam ich sofort einen Bonus und nach meiner ersten Einzahlung einen weiteren Bonus.
Pluspunkte: professionell und schnell
Nachteile: Ich würde gerne auch sonntags handeln

Alexander 08/08/2016
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