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EU Capital Review - is it scam or safe?

EU Capital Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 3 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz EU Capital
EU Capital is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions

Account type Minimum deposit      Maximum leverage Spread
Basic $250 1:200 From 3 pips
Bronze $1,000 1:200 From 3 pips
Silver $5,000 1:200 From 3 pips
Gold $10,000 1:200 From 3 pips
Platinum $50,000 1:200 From 3 pips
Black $100,000 1:200 From 3 pips

EU Capital (which operates from the domain) is a Forex and CFD broker. The company’s main selling point are the massive first deposit bonuses which they offer for the various account types, ranging from 20% for the basic account holders to 100% for those who deposit over $100,000. We intentionally didn’t mention them in the table above, as they can be quite misleading (read on for the details). Still, we will give this company the benefit of the doubt and a full review.

EU Capital Advantages

Solid choice of trading instruments
EU Capital offers a relatively wide variety of forex pairs, as well as CFDs on commodities, indices, a few specific stocks and even cryptocurrencies. The latter group consists of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

>>Looking for a better Bitcoin broker?<<

Leverage of 1:200
The leverage ratio provided by this broker will satisfy most traders. That being said this level only applies for the Forex majors, while the CFDs have specific requirements. Also keep in mind, one must proceed with caution when trading on margin.

Lots of payment methods

There are multiple ways to deposit funds to your EU Capital account. They include Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, Skrill, Neteller, iDeal, GiroPay, Qiwi, AstroPay, PaySafe card and a few less popular e-wallets.


EU Capital Disadvantages

Not regulated, no information on the company
There is no information about the legal entity behind EU Capital, which is a huge red flag. All legitimate brokers provide an actual company (or several, if they have an international presence), which has a place of registration and most importantly is registered with a trusted financial regulatory agency.

Small print in the bonus offer
“On deposit bonuses” usually come with extra conditions, which must be fulfilled before one can withdraw funds. In the case of EU Capital, they go as follows:

6. Unless stated otherwise in writing from The Company and only The Company, the terms of the offer, a precondition for making withdrawals after using the bonus/benefit is to buy CFDs of 30 times the amount of the bonus/benefit plus the deposit amount. Example: (deposit + bonus x 30 = required turnover for withdrawal)

One may argue, thirty times the deposit amount is not actually a hard level to achieve. Still, this will annoy somebody, who wants to withdraw a portion of their funds after a serious loss. Keep in mind the bonus amount must be added before the rest of the calculation. The offer also says “CFDs”, which may mean Forex trading (where the nominal volumes are much bigger than the margin requirement) is excluded.

On a side note, there are better ways for a broker to offer a bonus. For instance, FXTM’s Loyalty Programme, which is running at the time of writing, is very clear.

Rather poor presentation
Not mentioning the above conditions in an obvious place is just a portion of the overall lacking presentation at EU Capital. The trading conditions aren’t listed in a single page for reference. While a freely available platform demo is present, creating a demo (or paper money) account is not.

Wide spreads

The EUR/USD on EU Capital’s web-based platform is 3 pips. Those of you who are familiar with the industry will know this is a very high level in the current competitive environment. Even 2 pips is more than expected for a major pair. Click the link below to access our real-time spread comparison platform, featuring some of the best brokers in the business.

>>Real-time spread comparison<<

Relatively high deposit requirement
The minimum investment at EU Capital is $250. While not too drastic, this will still limit a lot of people who want to try out trading for the first time. Most brokers have set the barrier at $100, while some, like the UK-based industry leaders at IG have removed it completely.

Unproven web platform
Some of you may actually prefer a browser-based solution to a standalone application. While this has the advantage of being able to log in on different devices (including ones you don’t own), platforms, such as MetaTrader 4 have stood the test of time. That being said, EU Capital’s offering appers to do the job. Still it’s nothing special.


EU Capital’s web-based platform. Click to zoom in.


EU Capital is an unregulated broker, which doesn’t provide much background on the team behind it. The fact we don’t even know where they are based is enough for a serious trader to avoid them. On top of that their actual offering isn’t that impressive.

For those of you who may be new to trading, we will briefly mention the benefits of dealing with a well regulated broker. As an example, we will discuss some of the rules implemented by the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

>>Top rated FCA brokers<<

First and foremost, a broker registered with the FCA can’t simply take your money and run – they follow multiple reporting procedures and have to keep client funds segregated from the company’s. Additionally they have to be involved in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This is a collective fund, which acts as an insurance company, in case one of the registered brokers goes bankrupt. Such schemes exist in many jurisdictions and in the UK coverage is limited to £50,000 per client.

Here are the positive and negative sides of EU Capital

Pros Cons
Solid choice of trading instruments Not regulated, no information on the company
Leverage of 1:200 Small print in the bonus offer
Lots of payment methods Rather poor presentation
  Wide spreads
  Relatively high deposit requirement
  Unproven web platform


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Eu-capital definitely a scam

Not only are they have removed their website as well as any emails contacts.

Rosine Sauvage 01/25/2019

EU Capital scam

Everything below is true from other customers from EU-Capital. The same happened to me. They are very good at getting money of you I lost upto £8.000. When I asked for my money back my account manager Emily Jones told me I had not completed enough trades and the only way to get it back was to trade and loose the money in my account then the guarantees on my account would refund my money back to me. Once I lost the money they still wanted more lol.

Paul Collins 11/16/2018

EU-cap an unregulated broker - a scam

Unregulated. Poor communication.
Money only goes in. Nothing comes back to clients.
Lure with promises.
Simulated Trading platform.

Only outcome is loss of money

Rupen K 08/08/2018

Unable to make withdrawal from EU Capital

I have deposited > usd23000 into the account. I was losing money in the beginning . I told my ac manager that I want to close my account & withdraw whatever that is balance available to me. He said I cannot close with a LOSS. Then he helped open position for oil, it was in uptrend, & I made > usd14000. I withdrew USD580 to check if this is genuine. After I received my $580, I requested another withdrawal USD5000. The problem start here. I received email from them saying that my withdrawal needs confirmation from my ac manager. Later ac manager guided me to open position for some trade & within few days, I lost all my profit.

To date, I am still unable to close & withdraw my funds. I still have available >10K in my account. Each time they tell me to deposit $XX & money will be made available. But no money received & ac not closed. I have been depositing 4 times already, each time he (HOWARD SCOTT) convincingly told me that I will receive my money within minutes. This never happened. These people my ac manager & they also get the billing head to call me, harassed me into making deposits, share screen on skype & manipulated customer into making deposits. Each time when they didn't process withdrawal, they come up with some excuses & put the blame on me.

Somebody mentioned he is able to withdraw 1000. Maybe I will try smaller amounts instead of 1 lump sum.

It's a very coordinated scam. They are ONE LOT OF RUTHLESS MANIPULATOR!!

Z 06/25/2018

EU-CAPITAL.CO is a scam company

Stay away from this scam company if you don't want to lose money. They will call you and claim that your money somehow was lost . They will also ask you about your financial dreams and lure you into many deposits .

Martin 06/24/2018

No refund

Don't trade

Lucky Mashego 06/10/2018

Scam report them to fraud police

They just basically rabbed me and mentally harassed me please don't invest your money here you will never see your money in order to withdraw your money they will tell you to deposit this is how there withdraw system works and once one person is done to get atleast $3000 they if you ask for withdraw than they will send another team member and will try to get more money from you please for your own safety don't try to answer there phone I did I made mistake you guy don't I got deprasstion because of them they took so far $6000 from me and didn't give me back and they even tell you to show them your banking online and you have to open it via Skype sharescreen with them and than they will see how much money is in your bank so they can excatly type how much they can get out of your account I am trying to get help of my bank get my money out lets see how will it go if they make you deposit they money by saying it is they process to withdraw don't do it and if accedently you have done it please don't sign the paper and report to your bank right away

A 06/07/2018

Complete Scam

I was coerced into depositing all my money. The account manager called Chelsea Hamilton keeps calling my phone asking me to make more risky trades. Firstly she advised on a basic trade which generated a small profit, then it got more risked with losses. I deposited a total of £5250 and my current balance is £2950. I have asked them several times that I want to withdraw my money. The withdrawal has been pending for over a week now. The same account manager doesn’t care about my losses because that is part of the scam. She keeps saying that I am not following her instructions when I did exactly as she instructed leading to big loss. Their platform is manipulated. The customer support line is an internet number. These people will be caught someday and they will face the music for the pains that they caused their victims. I suspect that they are based in Bulgaria. It is really shameful and disappointing that this kind of crime comes out of Eastern European countries. The guy who on rare occasions picks up the customer support number has an Eastern European accent. He keeps saying the same generic comments. It’s like he has been trained to respond that way. Perhaps he is reading his statements out of a manual. I have submitted their website to the FCA and the police. I have also sought the help of hackers to help fish this bastards out. I know that they will be caught. It’s just a matter of time

George Larkdas 05/14/2018

eu-capital platinum account

i have been bullied into investing with a promise that my funds are toyally safe and in any event will be returned to me and now cannot get any response from the company.

yasmin boyden-beckley 05/12/2018

Updated scammer

I had have exactly same situation what I read here. They are phoning until I invested more money because my broker said I can get back my loss if I invest same amount and after I can get back all together. What was happened when 1000 euro arrived they not called me, after that I tried to withdraw my money back to my bank account and I got a email I can not get back my money until verbal confirmation with my account manager (broker) to finalize the withdrawal request. He want if I trading again what I don't want, he said its need before, I did and I lost more money and since he don't call me ,I can not contact to him they not response for my email. Know I can say I lost 2250 euro.
I would like to contact to cyber Fraud police and to FCA but I don't know can I get back my money.
Another now I am afraid can they withdraw any money from bank account without my contribution?

Maria 05/09/2018

Updated scammer

Now I can see many opinion same like my case posted here.
After some trading, my fund wad increasing to 13000USD, I told my analyst
I want to stop to trade, but he said I should follow him to do something more to withdraw my money from my account, Then I followed his instruction. In result he forced to lose money. after 32 margin call, my account was reduced to 150USD from 13000USD.
He said my money will back soon. but billing department called me, now I lost my money, to recover I have to deposit
4500USD. This is a way of scammer. I sent email that I will report FCA and Cyber Fraud Police as somebody informed here and dispute to credit card bank also. The analyst called me then saidI didn,t follow him so I did mistake in the trading that’s why I lost, I totally followed his instructoon I never made mistake. Don’t trust EU Capital and don’t give them credit card information.

Micael 05/08/2018

UPDATE on Scammers - STAY AWAY

Scammers!!!! They scammed me out of Thousands of Rands. Very good. You refuse to deposit (invest), they give you good trade, day or two later you get very bad trade and loose almost all your money "invested". They can phone you up to 50 times for a deposit/investment, give empty promises, then after you've paid over the money, they stop phoning for a day or two. Then they start again. Last time their system automatically closed my trades (margin call), and NOBODY are willing to assist you, not even their support. Only way they see you recover the money, is by depositing (investing) more, so that you can trade higher. STAY FAR AWAY from these people.!!!

Beaula Kapp 05/03/2018

EUCapital - I want my original money back

I recently deposited 250 dollars to open an account in order to find out a little bit more about trading and to learn basics of the trading world. A few days later was telephoned to say that I must pay £2000 in fees in order to then withdraw £5000 which has accumulated. The person got very aggressive when I said that I could not do that. I also said that I had not wanted them to open trades without my consent and I had no knowledge of this happening. I said that I wanted to close my account and get my original money back. The person got more aggressive and said that my account would be left to run until it got into minus and then he put the phone down. I have emailed three times to say that I want to close the account but have not had any response. I would appreciate your advice as to what to do.
Phil Meadowcroft

Philip Meadowcroft 04/29/2018

Report them to the FCA

The same has happened to me quite recently, entering my bank account without my approval and taking thousands out.

I have reported then to the FCA and Cyber Fraud police

Sandi Ad 04/25/2018

Please don’t use eu-capital, report them to the Financial Conduct Authority

Reading all your reviews, all of it happened to me. Without consent thousands was taken out of my bank account. Please all report then to the FCA 0800 111 6768 for them to investigate this company and shut them down. Also report them to 0300 123 2040 to try and get your money back. Good luck

Sandra 04/24/2018

Pressure from the Broker: committing money without information about what you are committing on

I registered with EU Capital on trial basis. They phoned me today(17/04/2018) and the guy asked me how much I was prepared to invest. I said I just want to learn the system before I could commit. This guy after talking to me for more than 15 minutes, He referred me to another guy who spent over 45min on the phone trying to convince me to put my money into the account. I refused to give them my card details. Later I was phoned by a senior adviser or something who also said he was going to explain and provide a live trading session then I could commit. I refused as he said I can only get to know their system once I commit. I asked for a demo account and they said there is no free lunch in this earth. how can we trust such people. My advice to everyone do not commit your money especially to system that sounds so desperate to help you make money. Take your time learn how to trade, understand the graphs etc...Thats what I asked for from these guys but it is like them they are pressurizing to get money from me the whole saga sounded suspicious...

End Salani 04/17/2018

A very poor expierence....

EU-Capital staff member called on my phone , pressured and persued to fund an account , few days later , when all documentation was presented , a phone call from an senior market analyst followed , my funding appeared to be too small to be a succesful trader, pressured and persued to fund an account with a couple of thousands of fund ,,,, then dissapeared , not possible to find any contact details , no respond on my e-mails,,,

1/2star from five star rating ...

Ruta Meldere 04/13/2018

Definitely a scam

At begining I deposit only $250, but they withdraw
more than $4000 without my permission I scared so I blocked my credit card,
then they called me when I register another card, they
will return money in 12 hours, then they withdrawed $500 and then they
said to return I need to deposit $4400, I need money back because I have to pay for something soon,
I followed and deposit. I was very stupid. Now I cannot contact them, phone number of support never answered.
I sent emails but not replied. This is definitely a scam.

Micael 04/06/2018

Update: Not a scam

Good afternoon all,

I requested a withdrawal of 1000 USD and finally received the money. Although it took a long time - I did get it.

So they then must be legit?

I won't deposit anymore money - but will definitely continue to trade for now.

Beaula Kapp 04/03/2018

definitely a scam

This on line platform is definitely a scam big time and I have just been scammed to the tune of $25000. $US

They do it in stages a d get access to your credit card and withdraw without your authorization.

Do not trust them whatsoever.

They have just taken me off the accoun

I cannot see my account list cannot contact them whatsoever.

Is there an international agency that I can contact to stop these scammers

Wing Gin 03/22/2018

EU Capital - Want my money BACK!!!

Have the same problems than the rest of the people in this review. They are full of excuses when I ask for my money back. Bullied me into paying 5000 USD, phone me up to 26 times a day. I cancelled my Credit card, got scared that I've been scammed.

I am scared of trying to do withdrawal on my own, with my new credit card, as they might then be able to withdraw funds without my authorization.

Now they barely phone me during the day. I decided to "continue" trading on my own, although I'm clueless....but since I've already lost my money....what else do I have to lose?

Beaula Kapp 03/20/2018 - I am having problems trying to get my funds returned

This trader cannot be trusted as I am having problems trying to get my funds returned to me.

Even when i tried to close all my positions and make a withdrawal request I was told that the insurance was there to cover the loss but still no return of funds.

Had to open another trade so that I could make up the loss and then the funds would be returned.

Every stage of my 2 weeks with them has been a nightmare including them withdrawing funds from my credit card without my authorization.

It appears that they are scammers unless they can prove otherwise this coming week.

Wing Gin 03/17/2018

I can't withdraw

I dep 250USD for reg. Then they contacted me, convince me to invest more...6000 USD Now I can't withdraw without my Card... I am scared that I got scammed... How do I get my money back? They keep on phoning me every day, like 20 times... I don't want to talk to them, scared they'll scam me out of more money!!

Beaula Kapp 03/07/2018


Been trying to get my money out as they insist of putting a lot in if I want to make money but haven't seen it working so will never do that but every time it says my account is not verified . Is there anything I can do as I'm getting annoyed really specially with the platform manager who is more concerned about her making money then me

Paul 02/27/2018

I want out

I am very new to trading and this is my first time I have done this but I am continually being asked to deposit more. I have deposited all I can afford but they do not care and want more. I just want to get my money and leave this company and never trade anywhere again.

Robert James Harvey 02/25/2018

Legality of this company

I doubt if this company is legitimate i can not access their website i am registered ang put a deposit of 250 i can not log in to my account whenever i search the company in google it say this is not a private am i a victim of scam

Teresita alvaro 02/22/2018
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