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DOBI Trade Review - is it scam or safe?

DOBI Trade Review - is scam or good cryptocurrency exchange?

RATING: 2 / 2 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz DOBI Trade
DOBI Trade is not regulated. We cannot guarantee your money is safe.


Trading Accounts and Conditions


Account type Min. Deposit Trading fee Withdrawal fee
Standard N/A 0.1 – 0.3% 0.5%


DOBI Trade is a comparatively new Chinese exchange which quickly made its way in the top 20 largest exchanges by trading volume. It does not offer trading in that many coins, but new ones are being constantly added.


The exchange does not require 2FA authentication, but you can enable it. To be able to use all the functions of the exchange, including withdrawals, you also have to complete the KYC verification procedure.



DOBI Trade Advantages


Platform with good charting

DOBI Trade offers trading on a nice web-based platform that is easy to use and yet seems equipped with everything a crypto trader needs. We especially liked the advanced charting, powered by trading view.



DOBI Trade’s platform. Click on the image to zoom in.


Solid choice of cryptocurrencies, deep liquidity

Clients of DOBI Trade can trade in some of the most popular coins, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, as well as Moving Cloud Coin, CYCLEAN, Cashcoin, Jesus Coin, and others. These coins are being traded against BTC. ETH and their coin, DOB. It appears that EOS/BTC and ETH/BTC are the most heavily traded pairs at this exchange


Competitive trading fees            

Deposits at DOBI Trade are free of charge and trading fees are more or less in line with the industry’s average, ranging from 0.1% to 0.3 % per trade, depending on the instrument. Most crypto exchanges charge 0.2-0.25%.



DOBI Trade Disadvantages


Fiat not accepted

Card payments or bank wire are not accepted at this exchange. As we mentioned in the beginning, DOBI Trade is a crypto-to-crypto exchange and like most similar venues, it does not accept traditional money. This means that if you’re new to crypto trading, you have to buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency accepted at the exchange in order to be able to use DOBI Trade or any other exchange that works only with digital assets.


Here is a list of fiat-to-crypto exchanges, that accept credit cards:



>> Buy Bitcoin with credit card <<



High withdrawal fees

While DOBI Trade does not charge deposits, withdrawals incur a fee of 0.5%, which we find quite high. It may be ok if you withdraw small amounts, but in case you wish to withdraw 10 BTC, the withdrawal fee will be 0.05 BTC.


Some popular coins unavailable

Although you can trade in a few altcoins, some popular cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Stellar, Neo, Dash and more are not listed on DOBI Trade. Some crypto traders might be disappointed.


No corporate information

Another thing we don’t like about this exchange is that it provides no information about the entity that operates it, its headquarters, corporate background, etc. even the name of the company operating the DOBI Trade brand is not mentioned anywhere on its website.


No margin trading

Like most exchanges, this one does not provide leveraged trading either. If you need to gear up your trading, some major exchanges, like Kraken, offer such an option. You can also check up Dobi’s OTC platform that probably provides margin trading.





DOBI Trade is a Chinese crypto-to-crypto exchange that is probably not suitable for newbies, as it does not work with fiat. The trading platform offered is good, and trading fees are not high, but we cannot say the same for the withdrawal charges. Another thing that bothers us regarding DOBI Trade is that it has not mention the company operating the brand.


Apart from being a crypto-to-crypto exchange, DOBI Trade is also a cryptocurrency ATM manufacturer, and developer of coin-related items such as mining watches. It also has an OTC trading platform.



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To sum up the above:


Pros Cons
Platform with good charting Fiat not accepted
Solid choice of cryptocurrencies, deep liquidity High withdrawal fees
Competitive trading fees Some popular coins unavailable
  No corporate information
  No margin trading


Latest news about DOBI Trade
No news about DOBI Trade . Check back later.
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Dobitrade RET/USDT scam coin

Dobi listed RET/USDT and after we Invested our hard earned money they delisted and do not want to refund us!!
Beware do not be scammed with scam platforms and scam coins

Reza 09/25/2019

To scam and to be scammed

Have also been approached by a HK/Chinese Girl on Tinder who would after some time recommend to buy RET on Dobi.

Her photos were not just copied from the net and she invested considerable time in the conversation.

But seriously guys: A CHINESE girl way out of your league befriends you, then comes up with the investment opportunity of a lifetime (Crypto currency invented by some crackheads judging from their website) only available in one special pairing RET/USDT on a CHINESE platform that looks shady to say the least.

And you sign-up to such a crap??

I feel betrayed too and really sorry for you guys, but probably some DESERVE to be cheated.

Tommy 09/18/2019

Dobitrade Scam/ Ponzi Scheme

Run run run away from this Dobi exchange platform. They list fake coins like RET.
Now they are clamoring they have never listed RET and all out coin values have gone to 0.
They also provided another fake exchange platform for us RET victims to transfer our RET coins to flush us out from Dobi. This fake site is fullbit.oi . No information on this as well since it was build earlier this month.
Fake/scammer exchange platform. Run away fast!

Spit 09/11/2019


Dobi hosts cryptoscam ICO’s like RET. I am one of the victims that bought RET after being persuaded by girls who pose as connected and rich. Overnight my RET coins worth 38 K disappeared as the coin was suddenly delisted by DOBI during technical maintenance without any warning.Dobi is involved in the scam too.
Guys, I suggest we form a united front and get justice from RET and DOBI.

Did any of you guys complain to SEC? What is the best way to go after these guys?

Rev 09/11/2019


Dobi ret/usdt was a ponzi scam when I knew after buying a currency in ret usdt,in order to get the total assets of currency you have to exchange if from ret.vipchain which is being monitored by scammers in such where the person who befriended you on dating sites or any app will persuade you again to increase the current amount and then few days later promised a high return in such its all fake the number is generated by the hackers monitoring the chart as such telling you there is info gathered by the insiders once it hits the amount of quota it will then delist the ret and then smooth talk the investors that by 22deptember you will get to the amount that you invested doubled.

Jahden 09/10/2019

Dobitrade scam

Invested in dobi and after
The website goes on maintanance
2 days later all the money is missing from the account and RET/USDT is delisted
I want my money!!!
How can you delist and not give me back my money

Reza 09/07/2019

Dobi is a scam

Dobi hosts cryptoscam ICO’s like RET. We are 40-45 victims that bought RET after being “persuaded” by girls who pose as “connected” and rich (using stolen photos and videos online). It has stolen about 5 million dollars by now
Dobi is aware of the scam and does nothinng. We believe they are a part of it.

Marios Tziakouris 09/06/2019

Dobi exchange

Dobi exchange its a scam platform of you want to keep your money safe DON’T use

Frank 09/06/2019

Dobi is probably a Scam

I met many investors of Dobi and they LOSTall the money for a fake project called RET/USDT.
Dobi kicked us from Dobi Official Telegram Group.
Dobi banned us from everywhere and assistant by email dosnt answer more.
We contacted them on Linkedin, zero answers, they banned us also from there.
PLS never invest on Dobi if you want to save your money!
In some month Ret/USDT took like 25 milions dollars.
Also the bosses dosnt answer to us on wechat or any social.
Thx you.

Fabio 09/06/2019


Please avoid this platform. They do not safeguard your interest. The IEO of RET ( is a good example. The price was artificially pumped. Many investors were duped by girls they befriended though dating app, and were coaxed into investing it, believing that the price movement was genuine, but the fact is, it was due to new victims investing in it. Dobi was informed, but they simply redirected us to the development team, who obviously insisted that the project is still smooth. The essence of IEO is to ensure that the legitimacy of a project prior to ICO, but despite mounting evidences, Dobi did not withdraw their IEO or refund us, till date we were all left hanging.

Zack 09/04/2019


The handling of DOBI RET/USDT delisting of the scam is a good reason why investors should avoid DOBI Exchange. DOBI’s relationship with its investors is unethical.

People who complain about what happened to their investment, are either banned from further contact by DOBI Admin, referred to bogus or unclear statements, or ignored.

Avoid Avoid Avoid

Al Miller 08/31/2019

dobi failed security

this is dobi security report !! what kind of shit security dobi has !!
host :
score : 0/100
tests passed : 5/11


trader jack 08/27/2019

No corporate information

scammers !! of cuz they have no corporate info !!

meerim aizhamal 08/23/2019


guys dont invest anything, they are scammers, anche are all fake, they sell and offer fake progects, we have lost 1000euros

Mary 08/23/2019

the worst scam exchange ever !!

heard from coin owners they even hacked coins listed there !! coins owners stay away from this scam hole !!

ulukbek keneshov 08/23/2019

Many scam coin listings (DO NOT USE DOBI)

It lists so many scam coins I can't believe I did not see a single review about it. Scammers also operate romances scam to promote coin listing on dobi. (

Go look at different coin pairings in the platform and look at the entire history. Many coins it lists drop over 10X, 100X, 1000X on day 1 and drops further.

It also has so much fake volume. Even the spread in BTC/USDT is as large as >5%

Anonymous 08/04/2019


to put cryptocurrencies on your dobi wallet its not a problem. but if you want withdrawal any cryptocurrencies to another wallet, it does not work! the cryptos are still freeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

freddy 05/11/2019

I do not trust dobi at all

Dobi it can be a potential scam in a kinder suits! I never came a cross an exchange that hold your widrawal for days because of a holiday! They are scam that is my take

My account is fully verified but I still wait for widrawal held by dobi for more than 3 days

Anonymous 02/03/2019
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