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Cryptonix Team Review - is it scam or safe?

Cryptonix Team review - is scam or safe forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 20 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Cryptonix Team
Cryptonix Team is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Cryptonix is an unregulated CFD brokerage, based in London, attempting to pass as a crypto-currency exchange. Most brokerages make such attempts, because the cryptoworld is still new and unregulated. Read the whole review to find out the benefits and disadvantages in dealing with this brokerage! 



No regulation and further uncertainty


As was mentioned above, the brokerage is not regulated, nor does it state any such regulation on its website. Although the lay-out of the website is made in such a way as to convey to potential traders that they are dealing with a crypto-currency exchange, the truth is far from that. What gives Cryptonix away are the account types with stated minimum deposits in American dollars. Here is a screenshot: 

Click to zoom.


Crypto-exchanges do not function that way – they offer clients wallets where they may store real crypto-currencies. Furthermore, seeing as we have a CFD brokerage on our hands, lacking regulation, we must state the risks in dealing with such a broker. 


Firstly, and perhaps most crucial, we do not have assurance for the safety of the clients funds. Brokerages which fall under the regulatory oversight of prestigious agencies such as the FCA or Cysec, must comply with a number of rules. One such rule is the segregation of accounts where by brokers have to handle their finances separately from those of the client. This significantly lowers the risk of potential fraud. Clients also participate in a compensatory mechanism by which, in the unlikely case of the brokers bankruptcy, they may be compensated up to £ 50 000 per person. All this inclines us to state that interested traders should not put their trust with Cryptonix and should instead check out our list of recommended FCA-regulated forex brokerages. 


>>List of FCA-regulated forex brokers<< 


No MT4 trading platform


Traders have access to the brokers web-based trading platform. It offers some analytic potential and its charting is crisp. Here is a screenshot:

Click to zoom.


Clients, however, do not have access to the MT4 trading platform which is by far the foremost platform in use at the moment. It can be accessed through almost any web browser, as well as mobile devices and has much valued by traders options in it. One such option is the MQL4 programming language through which traders can alter or design their own auto-trading bots or run ready-made ones. It is also used by more than 80 per cent of the trading world and due to all these reasons we always view it as a disadvantage if a brokerage does not provide its clients with it.  Here is a list of our recommended forex brokers that do provide it. 


>>List of MT4 forex brokers<< 


Withdrawal fees and more 


As is often the case with forex brokers who are not regulated, Cryptonix has withdrawal fees and procession fees. It is important to state that credible brokers do not have such fees and clients are free to deposit or withdraw, without meeting any specific conditions or paying extra. That being said, potential clients of the brokerage will be charged $50, if they wish to withdraw and there is also a further $10 procession fee. Such things seriously damage the broker’s legitimacy. 


High spread on bitcoin 


In line with the brokerage’s aim of passing for a crypto-exchange, on its platform we see only CFDs on cryptos. We read that the spread on Bitcoin is $100, which is significantly high, especially compared to the industry average of $50. A high spread should always be seen as a disadvantage, because it drives up the cost of trading. 




Plenty of cryptos 


For all its faults, the brokerage at least does provide traders with a wide variety of CFDs on cryptos. Potential clients of the brokerage may trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and many more. Diversification of trade is always a welcoming sign and we take notice of this advantage. 


Reasonable minimum deposit 


On the brokers website we read that the minimum deposit for the most basic account is $250 which is about the industry average and nothing out of the ordinary. However, having in mind the lack of regulation, we would suggest interested traders be cautious and have it in mind, before deciding to invest with Cryptonix. For comparison, a well-known and well-regulated brokerage such as IG does not even require a minimum deposit. 


Not a lot of payment methods 


There aren’t a lot of payment methods provided for traders which is always a disadvantage. Potential clients of the brokerage may deposit or withdraw via Visa and Mastercard. Popular options such as Skrill or PayPall are not available. 




Cryptonix is an unregulated CFD brokerage attempting to mislead misinformed clients into thinking they are dealing with a crypto-exchange. Such an aim is not especially worthy of praise. Furthermore, the trading conditions offered by the brokerage are not in the least favorable. The spread on Bitcoin is a bit high and there aren’t very many payment methods. There are also withdrawal and procession fees which further incline us not to recommend this broker to interested traders. All in all, traders should direct themselves to better trading options to which we have linked throughout this review. 

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Cryptonix scam

Cryptonix company and David Fisher in particular operate a very painful but persuasive scam. I have lost over £100,000 since last August.
Please have nothing to do with them.

Andrew Edwards 05/30/2019

Please Note - is not associated with 'Cryptonix team' in any way

Their is another business operating with a similar name however should not be confused with Cryptonix. is a website providing a wealth of information on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. All at no cost, simply out of good will. From monthly news updates, key facts, guides, live market feeds, plus much more so you are upto to date with current affairs before moving forward.
Their are links to established brokers and exchanges which are licensed, regulated and used by millions around the world. With more to be added in future

All at your finger tips so you can avoid the guessing work..

Welcome to get in touch if need be via Facebook, Twitter. You can also find Cryptonix on Youtube and Instagram.

Once again rest assured isn't associated with 'Cryptonix Team' in any way. We're working towards clearing this out.

Best Wishes

Cryptonix 05/12/2019

Big scam

I have 6802.07£ in Cryptonix and can't get a penny out.
Stay well clear, a load of thieves and rogues.

Raymond G Ball 03/24/2019

Fraudsters and Criminals

Fraudsters and criminals

I've lost a considerable sum of money to I was persuaded by a certain Daniel Hoffman (probably not his real name but definitely a confidence trickster) to invest all of my capital to use on their trading platform. Initially I was allowed to withdraw a small amount to prove company integrity. I even paid 'capital gains tax' upfront of 18% as requested by Daniel Hoffman. When I wanted a withdrawal of 100k tax paid profit plus my original investment a certain David J Fisher (Chief Financial Analyst so called) informed me that my money was all held in Bitcoin in a Swiss Bank called Mirabaud. I would have to pay a 12% (27k) conversion fee to receive it back to my Coinbase account. Fisher sent me a 'release of funds form' complete with the Mirabaud bank letter heading, grammatical errors and a bogus bank account number. Needless to say a perfunctory check with the Mirabaud legal department revealed the document to be a forgery thus demonstrating that thecryptonixteam are scammers and completely untrustworthy.

Robert Turberville 03/22/2019

Can I get an authority gov to get my refund

Justto ask you if you can advice me if there is an authority to get my Cryotp back and The Cryptonix Team are dishonest and all my saving from my account wanted me to place them to their account.
is there a cryto agent how to get my funds back.

Nancy Evans 03/20/2019

They are con merchants

They groomed me over a 2-3 month period. I had some money sitting with nothing happening. I was beginning to get suspicious and asked to withdraw all my money (4K). I was immediately contacted by the "senior financial manager - who apologized for the broker who was handling my account. As far as I can tell they are a two person team (man / women) first name initials R & E. I think they probably use false names, but they are x traders who know the jargon. They showed my account growing under the guidance of the "new" broker and arranged transferred of small amounts back into my account. All giving confidence, then the sting great deal, promise to get your money back next day late february 2019. Then I deposited 15K contacted then next day and they had cut off all communication all the telephone numbers don't work and no reply from Skype.

keiron Barron 03/19/2019

This must be the biggest scam ever

I invested condirable sums and was told all my investments and profits would be returned within 7 days.
Nothing arrived and constant Skype messages were ignored.
Do not go near this company - they are fake and their so called trading platform is a complete scam.

The Crytonixs Team are a bunch of fraudulent crooks on a grand scale and should be put in the 'slammer'

Robin Atkins 03/07/2019

How can I please get my money back

Good day, Kindly assist me to get my money back from this broker, the broker has phone me every 2nd day and the past 2 weeks I do not hear from them or anybody and I need to withdraw some funds and it keeps saying pending. I am single and look after my dad of 91, I trusted this person en in total I have deposited $3000, currently my balance is on $7352, How can I please get my money back please help me



Anne-Marie Pretorius 02/28/2019

Scam company. Withdrawal request pending for 26 business days

Please stay away from this SCAMMING COMPANY. In 2 weeks time 3 account managers which want you to deposit ridiculous amounts of money. Withdrawal request pending for 26 business days without any approval. They block you from their email and live chat. Scammers and Thieves. Please Please Please don't invest your hard earned money with these bunch of thieves. You will never get it back!!!

sean wolfswinkel 02/28/2019

Scammed - they requested tax payment to a Bulgarian bank

The Cryptonix Team still O me $43000.00, they insisted that TAX be PAID UP FRONT and to make it cheaper for you, PAY TAX to BULGARIAN BANK. Now since this episode I've come to realise that this comes down to MONEY LAUNDERING on their part. Operating out of LONDON (Their word) and then requesting TAX PAYMENT to a BULGARIAN Bank? What Else than MONEY LAUNDERING??
I've since contacted the Bulgarian Bank But they terfered me back to my own bank. there are so many stories of WORLD BANKS against Money Laindering and the damage this sort of operations are causing the WORLD MONEY MARKETS that I can't believe banks are still co-operating with these sort of clients??

H Barnardt 02/20/2019

Cryptonix Team Beschwerde

Man kann einzahlen aber man bekommt nix resp. nothing mehr heraus.
Wer kein rechtliches background hat Finger weg von dieser Plattform.

Translated by Google:

You can deposit but you get nothing resp. nothing more out.
Who has no legal background has finger away from this platform.

Schiller Hans Reinhard Schiller 02/07/2019

cryptonix team - they are all scammers

still on going and they use any desk and they wont you to take loan to put more money in they wont me to give them my account details here are some names 1 ron talor 2 fillpe reyes 3 michal lewis they are all scammers

herrol porter 01/23/2019

Scam - pure and simple

I have been trying since August 2018 to withdraw my money but with no luck. They don't even answer my emails anymore.

It's a scam pure and simple

Lisa o'neill 01/18/2019

Do not invest in thecryptonixteam

In a spur of the moment decision Iinvested £250 with thecryptonixteam and on viewing their charts the money was growing so I put in a further £500 and over the next four weeks my money doubled. I asked for £1,000 and a David Fisher agreed to pay this money but my account would be closed I agreed on 12th December 2018 but to date despite my sending many emails no money has been paid. This week I was contacted by a Remi Smith and again I asked for at least my initial investment repaid but as usual nothing. I will continue to be a thorn in their side and will resort to anything which will stop people being conned out their hard earned cash.

Can you advise if I should go international and go on Facebook?

Mike Clarke 01/09/2019

I fear that I have been scammed

Started well and my small investment £750 was increasing well and I asked for a £1,000 to be paid to my account on 12th December 2018 and this was accepted by email but absolutely no action and I fear that I have been scammed.
Will do everything in my very limited power to discredit them as they are cheats praying on vulnerable investors without any knowledge.

Mike Clarke 12/28/2018

Ripped off !!!!

Hi. I was ripped off by 'The Cryptonixs Team ' to the amount of £1250. All seemed fine until I asked for a withdrawal of £2000. Then the phone calls from then stopped. Then the so-called Customer Service stopped replying. Then it was permanently 'Off-Line'
Yes, I have been well ripped off....Is there any way to chase these rouges up and get any money back ??????
P. Davis

P Davis 12/23/2018

Was i Scammed

A question? has anyone who did a withdrawal has seen there balance go down to 0 in the MY ACCOUNT tad?
my actual balance was moved to the total withdraw

Your Balance 0.00€
Total Deposit 415.70€
Total Withdraw 11205.49€
Total Bonus 0.00€

And in the withdrawal request tad, I saw this!!

12/04/2018 02:03 11205.49€ Money transferred to the user

I'm just curious should I wait or should I cancel the payment that I sent to liquidate my account?

Didier Miller 12/18/2018

Cryptonix withdrawal

The "account managers" are pushy and rude. The first manager said to me "people like you make me sick", because I wouldn't invest more.
My account was handed to junior account manager who proceeded to push that I invest more.
I refused and as such all activity on my account stopped. I tried withdrawing my money but was told that I needed to send a photocopy of my credit card (front and back). I did this (covering the vital numbers). They have not actioned the payment to this date.

There was high activity on the account on 22nd, leading to a high profit on my investment. So it may seem that my account is profitable but I am unable to access any of it.

Alan Place 11/23/2018

Withdrawal request not succeded

I want to share here my story with thecryptonixteam.
I have made 3 deposits the account was growing and now I would like to withdraw money, which seems to be a very difficult and strange situation.
As they are not making the payment.
I am waiting now for two months.
I asked my bank to chargeback the amounts, but they closed the accounts. So not possible anymore.
Is there any other possibility to get my money back?
I made the transactions in August and September this year. Or is there an other Organisation which can investigate for all of us here?

thank you for your support.

Alina Mihaela Hörschläger 11/20/2018


I got drawn in by the dragons den theory that its a money making cant loose system.However, stupidly I authorised £180 from my visa card. when I contacted my bank to complain "I think I have just been scammed" the bank confirmed they took £193 which I never authorised. The bank believes it will get my money back

reading other posts it does not seem likely. And yes iam being bombarded with calls from these people asking for id from driving licence to passport and copies of household bills. BEWARE.

Malcolm Douglas 11/06/2018


hi yes I am like yous but am going down to there offices I will get satisfaction one way or another anyone else fancy meeting there ?

peter williams 11/05/2018

Rip off company

Cryptonix scammed me out of £500 and won't give me my money back. They keep asking for more information

Martin Salter 10/31/2018

Scammed by CryptonixTeam

I have been waiting 21 days for refund. Do not use these scammers. Same people as vip brokers, vip Crypto, Hawkcode etc. They use other company names to make seem legitimate

CarolJune Geoghegan 10/23/2018

Sharp & can talk apples off trees

Daniel Hoffman a so called finance expert with cryptonix . I was lured in by false info ref Dragons Den investors. This company is a TOTAL scam all they have to do is bank multiples of £180 for nothing in return except a false web site. Very clever. How many thousands have been conned? I was suspicious after receiving my first phone call at 7.30 a.m. NO legitimate broker rings & certainly not at that time of day, then the HARD sell started, I called his bluff then cancelled. Ive waved good bye to my £180 & the so called profit..MORAL never gamble with that which cannot afford to lose.!!

Sarah Rashbrooke 10/21/2018

I was also scammed

I was also scammed by them, and they say had my broker Crawford dismissed because of is lying, what a full of crap, got written letter from their CEO garantying my funds if I paid a amount of 6,400 euros in leverage to receive 32,000 euros to a bank in germany, again full of crap.they will try to the end with you,stay away, I got them cancelled by ICS cards,wich they cannot use anymore,my credit card company is investigating them to have them cancelled by all credits cards.what a distatefull experience.

Luc Gaudreau 10/19/2018


I have tried to with withdraw funds but noone answers the phone or my emails. We are on to you and it wont be long before you are stopped !

Hannah 10/19/2018

Cryptonix Team - Diebe

Ich wollte mein Geld mir auszahlen lassen und bekomme keinen Cent zurück.Angeblich wären meine 250.00 auf 350.66 angewachsen.Dann hat man mich von überall gewarnt ja und nun bekomme ich mein Geld nicht wieder.
Uns tut das schon weh.Ich war glaube ich ein wenig blauäugig. Aber wie das alles passiert, immer die gleiche Mail und nichts passiert .
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Mendy Will

Translate by Google:

I wanted to withdraw my money and can not get back a cent. Allegedly my 250.00 would have grown to 350.66. Then I was warned from everywhere and now I can not get my money back.
It hurts me. I think I was a little blue-eyed. But as it all happens, always the same mail and nothing happens.
Yours sincerely
Mendy Will

Mendy Will 10/12/2018

What a con

I,as others was fooled by the link to Dragons Den. I agreed to invest £180 which turned into £193 and charged to my card as £199 As paid on credit card there is a "cash" withdrawal charge and then interest. I straight away got in touch with my bank and put a stop on any withdrawals which proved a great bonus. In line with all the comments the pressure started and the shouting and the insults and then " You are a liar you have money I am going to withdraw £5000 from your account now" I said NO but he tried thankfully the bank refused and nothing was taken >>> if I had not stopped the bank account they would have got it. I now appeared to be locked out of the sight and my account as my password does not work and they will not acknowledge my emails.Is there anyone out there who can help

damian Grove 10/11/2018

I was truly suckered here!

I too went against my "always be suspicious" approach to this type of "investment, I was fooled by a false report in the "Daily Mirror" newspaper involving Dragons Den. I've lost £3,000 and only discovered that it's a scam after trying to withdraw. I have had the "tax" email, a load of rubbish, I am responsible for paying UK Capital Gains Tax!

Cryptonix has a UK "base" in London at 20-22, Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU - a Brass Plate address - and "Customer Support" is based in Hong Kong, hence the broken English emails!

The UK branch of this operation is linked to WILKINSON EUROPE LTD, Company number 10941105, with one Director, Johnny Sali YUSUP, an ACTIVE Director, appointed on 31 August 2017, Nationality Filipino, Country of residence Philippines, Occupation Tech Support!

I have told Companies House about this Scam connected to Wilkinson but there is nothing that they can do. I have given a comprehensive report to the Police (, who I know are actively pursuing this case. Perhaps other UK based individuals should make a similar report to highlight this issue?

I have written off my "investment", I was truly suckered here!

Sean Dougall 09/25/2018

Cryptonix requested 35% to withdraw funds

Like others, I invested £250 after reading all the info about Bitcoin making lots of money. I somehow got directed to the Cryptonix Team. My investment went up to £297 within a few hours. As soon as I deposited the money I started to get phone calls from 'my account Manager'. I know nothing about trading and he was blinding me with science and trying to persuade me to deposit £5K or £10K. I repeatedly said I was not prepared to do this. I also didn't respond to any of their 'compliance' emails asking for id etc. After a few weeks my deposit still sat at £297 and I believed it was because I wouldn't invest more. I then started to get calls again and when I checked my account the deposit has risen to £3054. To cut a long story short, I told him I wanted to close the account and withdraw my funds, but to do this he has told me I need to pay him 35% - ie. £1078!! I just keep ignoring all the calls now, 5 or 6 yesterday and even one at 7.30am this morning! I have resigned myself to the fact that I won't get my original deposit of £250 back, but this is better than losing over a £1,000! Wish I'd never heard of the Cryptonix Team!!!

Linda Stokes 09/18/2018

Request for more money on first dealings

I read about the den, and all the people wanting to invest in the cryptocurrency market. On clicking, I was sent to this company. The agent kept on chasing until I started with 180 pounds, which she did not accept and took it to 250 pounds. Following this she requested for specific amount for trading for my future pension. When reluctantly I stated 500 after she had suggested about 5000 dollars, she then said I should put in 1000, and would get a quick return.

I asked her why she doesn't put her money in for me then. She transferred me to a man who said I could come out at any time that I wish, and worked something on the internet to show me how money is made. I have not been happy since.

On top of this I received a mail asking me to send copies of some documents from their compliance dept. When I checked with my bank, they advised me not to sent that document. They promise to pay any income to my account on the 15th sept, but I am unsure after reading your article.It over 2 weeks now.

Samuel Okwei-Nortey 09/11/2018

Getting calls everyday to deposit more

I deposited with cryptonix,I decided to go for the minimum kept on getting calls everyday to deposit more as I kept on saying no ,I was called a liar and has the phone put down on me now it's taking ages to get my money back which I don't think I will. Can anyone help please.

Paul Macdonald 09/10/2018

Scam broker - the same company that runs vipcrypto

yes its a scam.. the same company that runs vipcrypto
runs this ones located out of tel aviv israel

some dude name morano
i have a team investigating them and willing to pay for more info
they took money off my card with out permission
just called visa and they reversed the charge

john 09/07/2018

Scammed by Cryptonix Team

Like many people, I as interested in making my small savings grow and believed that Bitcoin investment could be the solution. My first discussion on the phone with Cryptonix was interesting. Fortunately payment using my debit card was declined due to lack of "3D"security. However I was prepared to use my credit card - which I keep purely for emergencies. I felt I could afford the initial transaction of £250.00 or 250.00 Euros as shown on advert. I was then introduced to my "Financial Adviser" a very engaging young man, educated in Cyprus who had spent a number of years in investments. He used sophisticated language,was articulate, well educated economics graduate. He explained a bit about digital currency using examples of gold prices over the last 30 years. He assisted in remotely installing their company's computer software to my computer so that I could see my account and the movement of bitcoin. We had an interesting conversation about the various figures and graphs and noted that my investment of £250.00 had grown to around £280.00 in the short 30 minutes chat on the phone. He explained how he gets paid and the perentage is taken leaving a net growth figure for me. We agreed to leave things overnight and he would phone me next day to discuss progress and update me on the figures. We agreed a time window and hung up. I must admit I was impressed that my small investment had increased far more than it would have done if I had left it in the bank for year.

The next evening my "financial adviser" phoned again - 30 minutes earlier than agreed. He was very excited and had great news. Apparently during the day my investment had grown even more, it had been a really good day. He then went on to make comparisons and ratios of figures. Scenarios, what if I had invested £500 or £ 1000. Today was a really good day to invest. I should really think about adding to my investment and making money. I could make almost half as much again. I was interested in this process and could see how it could be profitable but I knew that I did not have the funds required at this time and was hoping to suggest that perhaps I could add to my account at next pay day. Adviser asked about my savings and I did volunteer that I had a small amount of savings to the value of around £1000 but was unwilling to use those. To cut a long story short, he emphasised that he was financial adviser and wanted me to make money. Now was the time to pay into the investment. He knew I had £ 1000 and said that he could arrange for their financial team to take payment. I was unwilling and knew that this couldnt be taken from my debit card as my bank had additional security on it. However he knew that I had used a credit card for initial payment.

This was moving far too quickly and I still hadnt had full training on my account or how to access the various system. He said he would put me on hold and transfer me to the financial team. At this point I hung up. He phoned me back to advise "good news" the transaction of " 1000 had been taken from my credit card. He was laughing and very cheerful. Now this was a shock for me. Not only had I not wanted to go ahead with such a large sum but I was now in debt for £ 1000. At no time did I give consent, permission for this transaction to be taken from my credit card. He had done this without my consent. Furthermore he had done it when I had hung up the phone.. Initally he agreed that Cryptonix is not for everyone an agreed that my account would be closed. He said that the funds would be returned to my account. I advised that I wanted them returned asap. He advised that the phone call was being recorded and argued that I did give consent, 3 times. I argued that at no time did he ask me if I wanted to go head or asked if I would give permission to go ahead. The adviser then became aggressive, argumentative and shouted down the phone at me. Is this man a psychopath? He claimed I had made a fool of him in front of his boss. There was a barrage of abuse from him on the phone. I am now in debt to the tune of £ 1200.00 and there were also cash charges made to my credit card.

I am waiting for a proper reply to my email requesting that funds are returned to my credit card.

I feel that I have been well and truly scammed and that this is bordering on theft. I am waiting for all monies to be refunded to me. I question the unregulated methods used by this company. They take advantage of peoples lack of knowledge about the industry and exploit the vulnerable. Beware..using this company.

K Denniston 09/06/2018

Cryptonix withdrawals ?

I have tried a number of times to with draw money from this company and just get repeated emails asking for id ive already photographed and sent now am worried have the just scamed me and used my id for copying ? is there any way I can get my money from there account ? they seemed to take mine easy haha please help pete

peter williams 09/05/2018

Cryptonix Team - Keine Auszahlung und Hinhaltetaktik

ich habe aus 250,00 € knapp 1.200.000,00 € gemacht
jetzt Zahlen sie nicht mal 15.000,00 € aus.

Ich müsste zuerst 21 % Steuern an das Finanzamt Zahlen bevor sie mir das Geld auszahlen können.


Was kann man machen ?
Kann man da Gerichtlich vorgehen?

Falls nicht wie kann man andere schützen?

Gruß Dieter

Translated by Google:

I made just € 1.200.000 from € 250.00
Now do not even pay 15.000,00 €.

I would first have to pay 21% tax to the tax office before they can pay me the money.


What can you do ?
Can you go to court?

If not, how can you protect others?

Yours Dieter

Dieter Vorbrugg 08/27/2018

Cryptonix team are scammers

Hi, I have been scammed by this broker's that call them selves
cryptonix team. They tell you to deposited money for a trading software to trade for you. they will use their fake software to make profit for you and the next stage is they will tell to upgrade to VIP stage by you depositing 10,000.00 dollar and they won't let you withdraw your initial deposit or interest made from thier software. if you insist for withdrawal they will stop answering your call or replying to your emails. Please do not trade with this company, they are simply scammer's and I have been scammed 1400 dollars and I am still working on it to see if I could get my money back. Scam scam scam!!!

Lucie 08/20/2018

cryptonixteam website

why am i unable to find the cryptonixteam website every time i try all that happens is that im directed to scambuster website informing me that there is a strong possibility that thecryptonixteam may well be a dcam

William Scott 08/20/2018

waiting for refund

I have asked for a refund of my payment of 160.. but still waiting have ask the bank and Barclaycard after 2 weeks hace tried to speak to someone can never speak to someone

stephen mullally 08/14/2018

Please Note - is not associated with 'Cryptonix team' in any way

Their is another business operating with a similar name however should not be confused with Cryptonix. is a website providing a wealth of information on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. All at no cost, simply out of good will. From monthly news updates, key facts, guides, live market feeds, plus much more so you are upto to date with current affairs before moving forward.
Their are links to established brokers and exchanges which are licensed, regulated and used by millions around the world. With more to be added in future

All at your finger tips so you can avoid the guessing work..

Welcome to get in touch if need be via Facebook, Twitter. You can also find Cryptonix on Youtube and Instagram.

Once again rest assured isn't associated with 'Cryptonix Team' in any way. We're working towards clearing this out.

Best Wishes

Cryptonix 08/07/2018

scam site - cryptonix used to be named

This site is a scam you were originally known as if you go onto their website you get a call from the crypronix team. It is owned by wilkinsons developments an offshore company and is not regulated or safe to use. I am trying to get what little savings I had back without any success. Stay away and tell everybody.

suzanne hill 08/06/2018

Cryptonix Team Withdrawal request

Definitely a scam i have been waiting for over a month for my withdrawal request to be accepted. When they did get in touch they literally got annoyed about me trying to close my account. Their phone lines are always busy i have emailed and they have read my emails and yet no reply.

I was very stupid please stay away and DO NOT waste your time with these people!!

shadia 08/06/2018

Very aggressive

Very aggressive selling the product, unable to contact to complain. Dispute now trying to retrieve
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Peter Munson 08/06/2018

Cryptonix Team Scam - waiting for withdrawal

I've been waiting nearly 2 weekso for my withdrawal request to be approved. I've emailed and called funnily there finance option is always buy it sadly tried constantly for 3 hours straight.

shadia 07/22/2018
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