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CPT Trading Review - is it scam or safe?

CPT Trading review - is cptsystems.com scam or safe forex broker?

CPT Trading is not regulated. We cannot guarantee your money is safe.

CPT Trading Technologies is a Ukraine-based binary options broker owned and operated by the company Multiforex Limited. We see great risks in dealing with this brokerage – read the whole review to find out how we came to this conclusion! 




No credible regulation


There is no explicitly stated regulation on the website of CPT Company and this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Actually, the European Securities and Markets Authority came out with a statement where we read that they have come to an agreement to prohibit binary options brokers in Europe. Technically, CPT is operating illegally.  We must emphasize the dangers in trading with an unregulated entity. Most important of all is the complete absence of assurance for the safety of the clients funds. Potential clients may only count on the word of the brokerage and, as we have shown, the brokerage itself does not mind giving us enough reasons to doubt its word. Furthermore, the brokerage makes an attempt on its website to mislead traders into thinking its a CFD brokerage by showing “trading conditions” for forex and even giving a spread of 0.7 pips on EUR/USD. Here is a screenshot: 


Click to zoom.


However, through a demo account we could see on its trading platform that it is in fact a binary options brokerage. All this blows CPT Trading Technologies’s credibility to pieces. Furthermore, binary options trading is itself a highly risky enterprise (prohibited) in Europe. However, if there are traders interested in such trading, we advise them to check out our recommended licensed binary options broker in Australia Highlow. 


>>Licensed binary options broker Highlow<<


Not a lot of payment methods 


A variety in the payment methods provided by the brokerage is always a welcoming sign since it extends the broker flexibility and freedom in his dealings. However, CPT Trading Technologies works only with Wire/Bank transfer and all the popular options such as Skrill and PayPall are missing. We see this as a negative for the brokerage. 




High pay-outs 


CPT Trading Technologies grants access to its trading platform and on it we could see that the pay out on EUR/USD is 86 per cent. This means that with an initial deposit of $10 you may reap a profit of as much as $8.60. The standard average for the industry is about 85 per cent and the pay out offered by the broker is well-within the bounds of what we may call favorable. However, there are licensed binary-options brokers who offer even better pay-outs and we have given a link to one such above.


No dormant fees


Often is the case with unregulated brokerages that they may hide deep inside the lengthy Terms and Conditions unexpected dormant fees. Usually, account that have been inactive for a period of time will be charged with a given sum or there may be nasty withdrawal conditions. However, after going through the brokers terms and conditions, we could find no such unpleasant surprises for traders. Any extra fees drive up the cost of trading and we view them always as a negative, and that is why we welcome CPT Trading Technologies’s lack of such fees. 




CPT Trading Technologies provides clients with a pretty neat web-based trading platform. It is accessible, readable and easy to navigate through. The lay out is well done, but it does lack analytic potential. Not that a binary options trader would need high-level analysis tools. Here is a screenshot of the platform: 


Click to zoom.


Social trading


On the brokerage’s trading platform we even see an option for social trading which surely caught our interest. Social trading allows you to follow other traders and copy their dealings with the hope of reaping profits. It’s a pretty neat feature and should definitely be seen as an advantage. Here is a screenshot: 


Interested traders should be sure to check out our list of recommended forex brokers who provide the Zulu social trading platform: 


>>List of Zulu-trade forex brokers<<





CPT Trading Technologies is an unregulated binary options brokerage functioning in Ukraine which is a bit problematic since such brokers are prohibited in Europe by the European Securities and Markets Authority. Furthermore, the brokerage attempts quite poorly to fool clients into thinking it has something to do with forex trading by showing on its website a graph with the spreads on forex products.The pay-out is solid and the trading platform is pretty accessible. All in all, we must highlight the most important aspect in which the brokerage is lacking – the assurance for the safety of the clients funds. Having that in mind, we would advise traders interested in binary options to orient themselves to licensed brokerages offering the same product. We have given a link to one such broker located in Australia.  


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CPT Trading Tehnologies

11 out of 11 of the latest trades placed on my managed account with this unregulated Binary Options Broker "cpt trading technologies" have all lost and the account balance in free fall! I suspect this pattern will continue until the account hits zero.

David Gardiner 08/09/2018

Scam - Avoid at all costs

Try contacting by email on their site. Not a live link. They claimed to have taken over StrategyMarkets.co.uk, another scam, who the FCA are aware of. CPT give a location address in Switzerland to make it look credible.Try withdrawing, nothing happens. An individual named Andrew Burrows was involved with both Strategy and CPT claiming trading experience.Avoid at all costs.

Ruth Ratcliffe 08/03/2018

CPT trading is SCAM in my view

My view is that this company is a scam.

They claim to operate out of Switzerland which is clearly not true.
they have no names of its management posted, they have no telephone numbers which are ever answered and their help line is bogus.

The company they reportedly took over Strategy Markets had two addresses in London one of which did not exist and the other was occupied by a completely unrelated company.

Their mode of operating is that you see that your investment is making some profit until you try to get your money out . Then suddenly they make some real bad trades and there goes all or most of your cash.

stay clear of this crowd.

t mackie 08/01/2018

CPT Trading withdrawal

I opened my a/c with Strategy Markets (now taken o er byCPT) and invested £10k with them just over a y at ago. The terms were that I had to give 60 days notice if I wanted funds back plus interest which I duly fid. I was then told it might take another 30 days for payout (at that time it was still poss to speak to them by phone). However the y should have paid up by 16th July and it’s now only poss to email them. All I have had apart from a generic ticket e mail is a message to say that this is their busy period and allow 30 days for a response. Subsequent emohave met with the same response. Am I ever likely to get my funds back?

Pauline Easton 07/30/2018

A scam - Avoid

Previously known as Strategy Markets, now rebranded as CPT Systems, these guys are a scam. They give you a tempter, and then when you invest further, they keep your money and make gambles with your money and keep the whole lot. They have yet to pay ONE single person (aside from the initial tempter). Avoid like the plague.

More on their scam here:


Ibrahim Murphy 07/27/2018

CPT Trading - non payment

I invested heavily in Strategy Markets, all appeared to go well, but, when they informed me they were transferring to Switzerland I asked them to stop trading my account and reimburse my funds, as it was within a year the response was negative, again when STG was supposedly sold to a Swiss Trading company CPT, I again asked for repayment and again I was refused a return on investment. 6 weeks prior to the statutory year end 15th July I asked for a payment of £30,000 to be transferred to my bank account, they went through the charade of getting details etc., now they don't act, don't inform and don't pay.
By the names they are using they are giving Isreal a bad name, I would like to know if anybody knows of an Isreali government dept who will investigate.

Julia Blechynden-Roe 07/26/2018
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