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CoinFinex Review - is it scam or safe?

CoinFinex Review - Is scam or good crypto broker?

RATING: 1 / 19 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz CoinFinex
CoinFinex is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage

Beginner €250 1:2 UST pairs / 1:4 others 6% commissions, zero spread
Standard €5,000 1:2 UST pairs / 1:4 others 5% commissions, zero spread
Professional €25,000 1:2 UST pairs / 1:4 others 4% commissions, zero spread is a cryptocurrency CFD brokerage. We found it rather hard to distinguish if it's a crypto exchange or a broker. Given what we found out after a deeper look, we think this lack of clarity may be completely deliberate. In essence their offer features margin trading on some of the most well known coins. Check out the full review, to see why we gave them this score.


CoinFinex Advantages


Various coins and pairs

There are a lot of cryptocurrency CFDs available at CoinFinex. Most major coins, like BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH and so on are present and traded against USDT or other coins. That being said, the offer is rather odd as some coins which you would expect (like XRP) aren’t present. Here is a screenshot of all the assets we saw when testing the platform:


All of the available pairs at CoinFinex (click to zoom-in)


We have to mention this again – as far as we can tell, these are Contracts For Difference (CFD) and not the actual coins. This means, these are speculative assets and not something which you can then withdraw to a wallet. 


>>All the differences between CFDs and exchanges<<


Decent web-based platform

The trading interface we saw at CoinFinex is rather nice, but nothing too special. The charts are crisp and do provide some analytical potential, although they aren’t the best we have seen. Here is a screenshot:


The platform offered by CoinFinex


Leverage provided

When it comes to crypto trading, not all venues offer any leverage at all. The rations provided by CoinFinex are relatively low (1:2 and 1:4), but when it comes to this particular market, they are fine. 


Old and new payment methods

CoinFinex accept sBank Transfers, Credit Cards and Bitcoin as payment methods. This is a decent offering, despite the lack of e-wallets.


CoinFinex Disadvantages


Not regulated, fishy name 

CoinFinex is owned by the Bulgarian company “21 Wolfs Ltd.”. While they may have intentionally misspelled “wolves”, their name simply sounds suspicions – as if twenty-one guys and gals watched “The Wolf of Wallstreet” and decided to open a similar scheme. We still checked with the Bulgarian financial regulator, the Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) and weren’t surprised not to see them among the list of overseen entities. This makes them an unreliable trading partner at best.


Not clear about their offer

Your first visit to may lead you to believe this is a cryptocurrency exchange. After a couple of minutes of browsing, the more experienced traders will realize this is actually a CFD brokerage, but this isn’t that obvious for newcomers to the field. This works in unison with the previous point we discussed.


High commissions

Unlike most traditional brokers, CoinFinex doesn’t include all of the costs in the spread. Instead, the spread is zero and the client is charged a percentage fee. This wouldn’t be an issue, had the rates not been so high – they vary from 6% to 4%. Keep in mind this is a fee charged per trade. Real cryptocurrency exchanges have offers around of 0.25% percent, and some CFD providers offer similar levels. 


>>Bitcoin CFD brokers, which also offer forex and more<<


Accounts held in “T”

Trading accounts with this broker are denominated in the currency “T”. We believe this may stand for USDT (or Tether), but this isn’t explicitly specified by CoinFinex. The crypto enthusiast among you will know about the pressure the company behind Tether is.


High minimum deposit

With a minimum deposit requirement of €250, this company will not attract the smallest investors. Keep in mind, a lot of brokers have much lower requirements and whatever your financial situation may be, don’t risk more money than you are willing to loose. 




CoinFinex is an unregulated cryptocurrency CFD broker. Their website doesn’t reveal that, nor the differences between their service and an actual crypto exchange, where real coins are traded. We believe this to be a very deliberate choice, targeting people who aren’t that familiar with cryprtocurrencies, but still want to invest. On top of that the costs of trading are incredibly high, when compared to other similar companies.


We would like to remind you of the position taken by the European regulators. They don’t see cryptocurrencies as financial instruments, but the derivative products based on them (including CFDs, futures, options and more) should be regulated. Below, you can find a list of trustworthy forex brokers, who also offer Bitcoin. Keep in mind these are only suitable for short term speculative trading, whereas if you want to “buy and hold”, going through an exchange will a better option.


>>Well-regulated crypto-CFD brokers<<


A summary of this review:


Pros Cons
Various coins and pairs Not regulated, fishy name
Decent web-based platform Not clear about their offer
Leverage provided High commissions
Old and new payment methods Accounts held in “T”
  High minimum deposit


Latest news about CoinFinex
No news about CoinFinex. Check back later.
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Traders` reviews for CoinFinex
















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Customer service










TraderBank is scam

TraderBank is scam fraud trading company, they are stealing people money, group of liar men with nicknames, you never know who is calling you below the name of thieves I dealt with:

Dawoud Mughrabi
Lionel Karram
Lionel Karam
Adam Khalil

ibrahim 09/22/2019

scam company

i tried to make many times a withdrawal but nothing happened even one time the withdrawal still pending more than 5 month and i didnt get my money back and now i cant make a withdrawal request ... and even they dont answer my emails or my calls and the number is wrong .... and every time a new accountant when they answered me on whatsapp and knew that i want to make a withdraw he blocked me....

samer abdessater 06/24/2019

Scam & fraud

Dear People,

Try not to deal with anyone calling from this company as they are stealing your money.


Lina 06/18/2019

Change the name to trader bank

They are theves and scam company they say to you but only 1000 $ then they try to increase the mony and when you want to returend your money you will not have them
The same people where they work in coinfinex They work now in trader bank lionel adam shereen
Be carefull I lost 100000 $

Khaled 05/22/2019

Fraudulent & Thieves Confinex be careful! I will sew them

Nothing to add except that i was trapped for usd 2000! I went throught what happened with all of you, even it was worst when one guy called dr. Rachid asked me to pay 300 euro so he can tranfer my money....i was so stupid to believe him because he said this is how it works for transfers and he was forcing and putting pressure!

Anyway, we need to make a group police case whoever is interested let me know. Also all of us need to post this on our social media....

Lets take action against these people.


Shadi 03/25/2019

broker is not responding

I made a deposit in Coinefinex in november 2018 by $1000, i got $500 as bonus,
I made a withdrawal request on 31 January 2019, and till nothing recieved and no one is responding from the company, even the broker is not responding

Who can help here???

Walid 03/13/2019


I invested the lowest amount with coinfinex. After the first contact I was called by a firiendly guy who discussed the investment. His talks were rather over the top, but I gave it a trial.

Two days later, I think it was a Saturday afternoon, he called me again to persuade me to invest a big amount. He showed me my account. It had already doubled.when I said I first want to see some results paid back, he was angry, shouted and put the phone down. I checked my account and it was suddenly down under the invested money, after three days. since then I have heard nothing. They do not answer my emails.

So far I would like to make this public. My impression is that they are cheaters and liars.

Uta meager 03/03/2019

Fraud Coinfinex

COINFINEX.. took my money US500 and I requested after two days that I want withdrawal my money but still waiting no response from them when supposed to get it. My advice DON'T GET TRAPPED

Faisal 02/17/2019


Very bad experience big fraud don't put any money gays

Rajesh Vattathoor 02/09/2019

Scammers e-mails are attached

Refer below, what happened to me. If you invest this will be your state eventually.


Dear Trader,

We are sorry to inform you the funds in the account have been lost due to a lack of liquidity.
As we explained you in the beginning, funds when trading on OTC Leverage trading are very important, as the crypto market is very volatile.

We will be more than happy to give you a call and try to build a recovery plan with a professional recovery agent.

We wish you all the best and we hope to hear from you soon.
Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Kind Regards,

Senior Investment Manager

Private Wealth Management

| Support: +41 215 087 657 | Email: | Website: | Skype: Sam.c_45 | WhatsApp: +44 737 740 176

Giles P Silva 02/04/2019

E-mails of the scammer:

Find below the responses that I received when want to withdraw funds. This was never received. Gone with the wind.


Hello Mr Silva,

It is okay that you have not received the funds as we sent the withdrawal on Friday, thus it might take until tomorrow. We do not control the speed of the withdrawals as it depends on your bank, that is why we state the withdrawals take up to 7 working days even though we know it usually takes only 72 hours.
Also, why did you make another withdrawal?
The account is very small Giles, every withdrawal we make will hurt the process we have and make the profits lower and lower.
I ask you to not make any withdrawals as of right now, as we are doing great and I would like us to continue the profitability of the account as it is.

Thank you.

On Tue, Dec 18, 2018 at 1:50 PM Giles Silva wrote:

Hi Sam
I am unable to talk today. I still have not received the funds. It is very strange!! I have also withdrawn yet another $150. Could you please action that as well.


From: Sam Clarckson
Sent: Monday, December 17, 2018 10:17 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Despite 2018 Bear Market, Top Crypto Markets Have Outperformed FANG Stocks Since 2017 | Sam Clarkson | Coinfinex

Giles P Silva 02/04/2019

Coinfinex is a Real Scammer. Beware this is a Confident Stricter

I invested 1050 usd with an account manager name of Sam Clarkson. Who claime himself to be a Belgian. I deposited with him $250 initial deposit and made profits on the platform. Then he called at least five times a day me to top up my account to 5k or buying a bit coin because there are great opportunities. I didn't want to do it but after pushing and convincing me i added only $700. When I went to withdraw funds it was never an option, when i was suppose to withdraw he became unfriendly and i was shocked to see all the funds and profits made lost overnight (26th Dec 2018). 3 days later he came back saying need to top it up to operate the account. He even withdrawn $150 under the guise of sending to me which I never received. He Answered sure we can arrange a meeting on a recovery plan. Never trust these guys. I believe it is the same person coming in different names to dupe people of this scammed company.

This is a company that first try to win your heart and then root you up to the core. SO MY ADVISE DO NOT GET CAUGHT. Once bitten ever smitten.

Giles P Silva 01/08/2019


the biggest scammer in the mark

Simon Rizk 01/04/2019

Coinfinex new scam tacticts

Leon Luis from coinfinex is pushing a new scam whereby they will sign you up, however, urge you to recruit, 20 to 30 people for a commission of 5% for everyone you recruites initial investment.

Furthermore, they sign you up under another Company called CarterFS, running with exactly the same modus operandi as Coinfinex.

If you sign up people they will pay you the commission, if you dont, do not expect them to pay what is reflected in your account.

Leons contact number at CarterFS is +442080795090
They also have a telegram group with the following link. they assist accordingly.

If you would like details please let me know.

Telegram group

Be very careful, they talk a sweet talk and big game, however, these are all poeple that only want your savings.

May each one of them get what they deserve in karma for what they have stolen from others.

Louise 12/20/2018

Do not trade with them!

Coinfinex is a fraud company, they took my money , tried to call and contacted their number but no answer , Ahmed Al Kaabi is a liar he is account manager . They are group of thieves stealing people money .
Will not let it go and will keep making review to warning other people not to deal with coinfinex .

Nernad 12/02/2018

I transfer $500 to join in 12 Nov. 2018 and NO one contact me till now

I request withdraw $500 in 13 of Nov,
and i haven't got it till now 29-11-2018
and NO one contact me till now from the day I join .
this a chat script too
Sarah Drew Thu, 11/29/18 08:15:32 pm Australia/Victoria

Welcome back! Can I help you with anything?

Karam 08:15:47 pm

hi Sarah

Sarah Drew 08:16:13 pm


Karam 08:16:47 pm

I request withdraw $500 in 13 of Nov,
and i haven't got it till now and NO one contact me till now from the day I join , what the story
201829 Nov 13, 2018 23085 500 UST

Sarah Drew 08:17:50 pm

Okay, I will inform your account manager about your case and you will receive a call with any additional details as soon as possible.

Karam 08:19:05 pm

thank you, but i had received email from your support team says same thing and No one come back to me
i been email the support every day , and no one contact me and the money still on pending for 16 days now is that fare

Sarah Drew 08:22:12 pm

Your account manager is going to call you.

Karam 08:22:22 pm


Sarah Drew 08:22:38 pm

When do you wish to be called?

Karam 08:22:47 pm

now please

Sarah Drew 08:24:30 pm

Can you please wait for a second.

Karam 08:25:13 pm

sure , i even called that no. +41435081554 and no one answer

Sarah Drew 08:29:40 pm

I told him to call you. He is going to call you in one hour.

Karam 08:30:11 pm

ok great thank you so much

Sarah Drew 08:30:17 pm

You are welcome.

Karam Bishay 08:30:54 pm

are you going to be on line for the next hour

Sarah Drew 08:31:12 pm

Yes, I am here to help you.

Karam 08:32:26 pm

great ,do you have any idea why they too late to release my money till now??

Sarah Drew 08:33:10 pm

You have to discuss this with your account manager.

Karam 08:33:45 pm

so what kind of help you can offer me then??
what is the account manager name?
Sarah are you there??
no one called me as you said i been waiting for an hour
are you there

She is gone and No one come back to me till now ,

IT IS FAKE Company

Karam 11/29/2018

Coinfinex is a fraud

The company Coinfinex is a scam. I've been trying to withdraw my money for three months and they always answer I have to send my documents and after 48 hours I'll have my money back.
I was waiting more than 1 month and I don't have my invested money. They just say that I have to be patience.
I had to hire a lawyer and report the company coinfinex.

Osai Christopher 11/28/2018

Even The manager didn’t do anything

Maysoon contacted me, promising she will give the money back, and that the asshole Osama Abas will be punished. Indeed, till now I received NOTHING. Save your money and don’t trade with them.

Message to Ahmed Kaabi: you’re a liar too !!!

Haneen 11/23/2018

complain to director

the dealer playing with my account trying to desroy me by and sell crypotocurrency in very high rate ( buy btcust with price 19000 us$ )while the actual rate 5673 ).

thank you
contact number 965979978199

abdullah 11/08/2018

It is 100% scam

They are a gang of decievers who would steal ad much as they can. Be careful

Ahmad 11/05/2018

I need my money !!

I need my money !!! This is will be taken into a serious action later, and you will see !! 11/01/2018

Nasty email from Osama Abbas

After I wrote my previous review, got the following email from:
“how you can wrote something that i did not know about it i tried to help you and how i see that you are big bitch so bitches no need to care about
and if u think that u are smart and strong so you have to get your money from the people that they fuck your ass
omg your so poor person and i feel sorry about you
i wish for u better luck for the next time”

Well Osama, and all the other workers in this company, I hope and I pray everyday and night for that: to be in the police hands soon, and Until then I hope you spend our money that you stole happily buying medicine and paying Dr fees for yourself and family...
I can see that coinfinex is the worst, with the worst employees. Impolite and complete fools ! Save yourself from being humiliated by such people.

Haneen 10/23/2018

Be Aware of trading

I invested 1000 usd with Usama Abbas then i was transferred to an account manager claiming he's Arab french called Lionel. i deposited with him 20k we made great profits. Then he asked me to top up my account to 50k where he pushed me to do it because there are great opportunities. I didn't want to do it but after pushing and convincing me i added the rest to be on a managed account and work to withdraw funds on a monthly basis , when i was suppose to withdraw he suddenly vanished and i was shocked the funds hit my bank account ( 3.5k). 3 days later he came back saying wasn't feeling well , i asked if i can come and see them. He Answered sure we can arrange a meeting as long as its for business. As my personal experience i couldn't believe it will happen until we met and closed a deal. I have had many bad experience. if you would like to contact me you have my email for questions.

Adam 10/22/2018

Don’t trade with them

Osama Abbas is an a**hole. He sends me nasty things. He took all my money and he is using me to give me back my money. They are nasty people, they are thieves and liars. Save your money and yourself and don’t trade with them.. they stole 6700 dollars from me !

Haneen 10/21/2018

Coinfinex is a fraud

I have been in coinfinex since May and have deposited 13,000 usd and I have lost more than 1000 usd my broker is called leon that son of a bitch assured me that in three months he would publish my money in months and three months later my money remained the same until I lost more than a thousand dollars ... I saw that everything was the same until I decided to withdraw my money... until Nowlo I have been trying to get my money back for a month and I can not ... I sent messages and nobody answered me or answered my messages I try to call the number they left on the web and the number and is not going ... . What hurts me the most, I've been working in the restaurant for 4 years and 4 years saving that money and c a person who feels at home and scamming people 13000 dollars ... leon if you get to read this message wherever youreturn me that money

Osai 10/18/2018

Coinfinex is a Scam

They asked for initial account 500$.then I transferred the amount and they asked for more to get good profit. They are Arabs from Syria or Lebanon, I got to know that from their Arabic accent. Their false names are Mohaned Sultan and female Sheeren. Her Email is Their phone are from Swiss +41215087657,and their cell phone number from England +447480592639 .

I am just telling everyone to be careful from this Fraud. I tell you the information by numbers and mails to make it clear for all of you. Don't be victim for scam.

Mohamed 10/13/2018

They are all Bullshitters

Honestly, Coinfinex are absolutely useless!

I did as I got told to do the start amount if I'm not quit sure yet about them and I was right! I had to make a deposit of $250 before I could verify my details, after I recived the money to my account I thought I could trade but instead I got heaps of calls all claiming they are my broker and account managers, very dodgy!!!

I claimed my money back in June, still haven't seen any of it back yet.
Yeah yeah I know they need some ID to do so but I don't want to trade with dodgy fools, so not gonna give them any of my details as who knows what happens with my details after I have left?!

Ulrike 10/03/2018

Coinfinex is a fraud

Coinfinex is fraud company, I delt with them before. They stole all my money. please, take care from those people and do not deal with them.
Coinfinex is bad bad bad.

Maher 09/27/2018

Coinfinex is a SCAM. You will lose your deposit

This company is really a SCAM. Three people called me and promise me everything. Then when I deposited my fund, they kept on calling again to push me for more deposit. You can only withdraw upon their approval. They do not approve the withdrawal unless you deposit some more. All three claiming to be William Sands, Adam Feldman and Vincent Woods. Most likely not their real names but really need to take caution on this company. I deposited USD2000 and they refused to give me a withdrawal claiming that it is illegal for them to remit back the money, but ironically, they kept on pushing me to deposit USD20,000 some more before they return my funds.

Myra 09/02/2018


What is my options the payout off the money i log a payout on 6 august 2018 ive got an email to confirm the payout that says one off our consultans wil come back to still today ive heard nothing

Johan hattingh 09/01/2018

Bad attitude

You need to train ur ppl(agents) about how to deal woth tge customer politely bcz they are the one who’s representing your company, i never dealt with any agent like the one u have, racist against the Arab (record voice msg available)

That i will never let go.

Train your agent to know how to deal with the customers instead of how they deal with currencies.

2nd- apart from the untrained agents They promise me things and it was totally different thing

3rd- why i have to give the agent my card details with the security code on the back of the card!! Its withdrawal

The worst experience ever

Mahmoud Hakouk 08/30/2018

CoinFinex is a scam

I paid a 500 usa initial out lay to my account they tripled it in 3 weeks then they wanted to make me real money they wanted 10000 i asked to see a withdrawal so i got 250 back then they wanted to up my account to 10000 i said no then the broker was upset saying he was upset with why i wouldnt and didnt want my account and three weeks later after i was asking for my balance withdrawn haven't heard from them where every day i would get a ph call or email so in the end i lost 250.00 usa dollars ,a lot of trades that were made never made sense buying at prices that weren't there i was never in control of my money or a trades had to beg for a withdrawal, its a scam and ppl should be made aware

rader 06/17/2018
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