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CoinExchange Review - is scam or good cryptocurrency exchange?

RATING: 2 / 25 REVIEWS is not regulated. We cannot guarantee your money is safe.


Trading Accounts and Conditions


Account type

Minimum deposit

Trading fee


0.1 ETH

0.15% *


*Wthdrawal fees also apply. is a cryptocurrency exchange which operates solely on a crypto-to-crypto basis. They don’t deal with ‘real money‘ - fiat currencies like the USD, EUR, etc. So, if you are looking for a place to buy some coins with your traditional money, or to cash out your Bitcoins, this exchange is not your cup of tea. Nonetheless, at there are some cryptocurrencies available for trade which you won't find anywhere else – their digital assets portfolio is one of the largest we have seen so far.


Like the majority of exchanges, has a two-step verification system (2FA via Google Authenticator), but still it allows completely anonymous trading. Advantages


Extensive digital assets portfolio


It seems that aims to support as diverse a range of altcoins as possible. Currently, there are more than 340 cryptocurrencies available for trade on this platform, and more are being added.


To date, the most traded pairs on are: BTE/BTC and REC/BTC.


Competitive trading fees charges a flat fee of 0.15%on all trades. Given that most exchanges charge 0.20% - 0.25%,’s fees are competitive, however it may seem unfair to some that market “takers” and market “makers” are treated equally.


Relatively nice platform

Like most similar venues, has not developed an advanced trading platform equipped with technical indicators, charting options and add-ons. The exchange has grouped the coins available into five groups in order to be more convenient for users to find what they are looking for: BTC Markets, DOGE Markets, ETH Markets, ETC Markets and LTC Markets. There is a neat order book, Recent Trades window, a Trolbox, as well as a list of the newly-added coins.’s platform. Click to zoom in.


Anonymous trading option

Although Bitcoin was launched with the idea of anonymity, many crypto-exchanges actually do not allow trading without user verification with ID., however, is not one of those. Disadvantages


Not regulated, no info about the company, nor its headquarters

While it is not unusual for a crypto-exchange to be unregulated, most such venues at least provide some information about the company operating the website and its headquarters. However, the “About Us” section at contains only some vague statements about security and excellent customer support. Now, not making false claims or promises that are too good to be true is a good thing, but investors should now to whom they are sending their coins, right?


If you would rather trade in digital coins via a regulated entity, you can also do that with forex brokers. Make sure you are aware of the specifics of such trades.


>> See our list of regulated bitcoin forex brokers <<


No fiat currencies supported, bank transfers & credit cards not accepted

Not supporting fiat currencies is disadvantage for an exchange, especially as far as newbies are concerned. a strictly a Crypto Currencies / Alt Coin trading site. You are only able to deposit and withdraw digital coins to and from, which of course means that bank transfers & credit cards payments are not supported. On its website, rediurects its customers who wish to convert USD into Bitcoin (BTC) to LocalBitcoins. Indeed, there are many exchanges who accept traditional money via convenient methods like credit cards.

>>Purchasing Bitcoin with cards <<


Relatively high withdrawal fees does not charge blockchain deposits, however, certain fees apply to withdrawals, which are not to be underestimated. For example, 0.00100000 BTC, 0.01000000 ETH, etc.


Minimum deposit requirements

In addition, there are minimum deposit amounts set for certain coins – for example, a minimum of 0.1 ETH for investments in Ethereum.


However, unlike other exchanges, has not introduced a limit on the amount you are able to withdraw.


No margin trading

Unlike some cryptocurrency exchanges, like Kraken, Quoinex and others, does not offer leverage. So, if you want to gear-up your trading, you may either choose another exchange, or try out trading in Bitcoin CFDs with a forex broker.


>> Brokers offering leveraged Bitcoin trading <<


Conclusion is a crypto-to-crypto exchange platform where you can trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and almost every altcoin you can think of, as well as many you haven’t heard of. While diversity is a good thing, supporting all sorts of ICOs, some of which are scams, is not exactly an advantage.


Also, while the flat trading fee of 0.15% at this exchange is competitive, one can hardly say something similar about their withdrawal fees.


Nonetheless, the most disturbing disadvantage of is that there is no information available about the corporate entity owning the brand and the website. We don’t know which is the company running this service, nor where are its whereabouts, let alone whether it is licensed in some way.


To conclude, leaves us with mixed feelings. By the way, the same is the situation with user revies in popular bitcoin forums and sites.


Pros Cons
Wide range of altcoins offered Not regulated, no info about the company, nor its headquarters
Competitive trading fees No fiat currencies supported, bank transfers & credit cards not accepted
Anonymous trading supported Relatively high withdrawal fees
Nice web-based platform Platform lacking advanced features, no mobile app
No major hacks  


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Account locked!!!!

I don't like how they managed my account security, they supposedly just emailed me for instructions not to locked it down entirely and I don't know how to access my account now. Still have coins inside.

Ronald Realino 06/12/2018

watch out for ether tokens

Bought large amount of an ether token currency with a very high volume. the contract auto sent the funds to a new address (stolen) . I told them about and they refused to refund my money but "fixed" it. Watch out for smart contracts. One of the highest volume tokens that was available too. wow.

jose 06/12/2018


Cryptostiltskin Big scammer, always in agreement with the pump group scammers, leaves him free to do their advertising in the chat so they cheat the people and increase the volume to the platform ..... who knows if the other scammers pay it.

Giovanni 05/26/2018

Strange chart on Coinexchange from Greencoin which is not correct..

Hi Guys,

I have 15M coins on Coinexchange which i have bought on 4 Sat but the Greencoin chart is exploded to the moon and everywhere and on Yobit is the chart 150-200 Sat !!

But they say at CE that their prizes has nothing to do with the charts because the coin/tokens on their site are determined by the user wit buy and sell orders... Not by the official prizes from coinmarket such at coincapmarket..

" They say " We do not dictate the value of currencies and have no control over their fluctuation..??

And the prizes in other market places effects many free markets like but our prices remain set solely by the buy and sell orders of our users.

And that there is no difference to buying shares in a normal stock exchange scenario...

Sombody have a logical explanation for the answer above from CE..

Problem is that there is no working Greencoin wallet that i can find to store the coins on..??
I hope sombody has an idea where i can find such a wallet ( wallet doest work )

I wait for your answers..

Marc 04/22/2018

1337 gone

I made a withdrawal from there of 40000 1337 and it never arrive to my wallet, I contacted support and now still waiting with no reply from them any more...
carefull with this exchange

marc 04/03/2018

Coin exchange review

Coin exchange is totally lose exchange please do not deposit your money.i getting so much lose in that exchange.

Zabi Shaikh 02/22/2018

Just for their conspiring with DavorCoin they should not be trusted are facilitating trading in DavorCoin (DAV), which DavorCoin owners on are unable to withdraw either to their desktop wallet or to! Only Davor himself is able to feed CoinExchange a limited supply of DAV, which trades on CoinExchange more than 100% higher than on the native exchange! DAV is a scam, and I have heard that Julian (or Julien) Davor is a moderator on Coinexchange chat.I have not been able to confirm whether DAV bought on CoinExchange (at a multiple of the DAV price) are able to be withdrawn or traded outside of the exchange in the DavorCoin wallet.

DavorCoin has already exit scammed everyone on (taking millions and turning them into Satoshi) but are continuing to rake in money, by referring people to other ponzi schemes and continuing to exclusively trade DAV on CoinExchange, which no DAV holders on can do, because withdrawals, and Staking are permanently "temporarily" disabled on! I have to wonder whether is simply another Davor entity. I have heard of people who have life savings lost in Davor and of a suicide by a husband of a wife with three children! The class-action is already being prepared, but Davor continues his thieving rampage.

Ian Green 02/20/2018

Scam site

Like others on here, I've had a deposit to my COINEXCHANGE address never get credited to my account. DO NOT USE THIS SITE.

After looking in to the issue, COINEXCHANGE randomly takes deposits from it's customers using temporary addresses which they assigned then remove from customers.

The scam works like this:

1. COINEXCHANGE creates an ETH address when you click "generate" on your account (these are likely from a premade list)

2. You then send your ETH to this address on your COINEXCHANGE account

3. the address is removed from your account once the first transaction clears

4. the ETH is immediately transferred from the "assigned" address to their holding account.

At the time of this writing. the COINEXCHANGE holding account has close to one million US dollars from this scam. In my example, their address is 4b01721f0244e7c5b5f63c20942850e447f5a5ee ... see for yourself.

Contacting customer support is futile. They will run you around in circles, wait weeks to respond, then tell you that you made a mistake because the address is not on your account (they removed it after the deposit).

I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT USE COINEXCHANGE. If you have been scammed, forward your information to law enforcement for the country you reside in.

Crypto currency is having a hard enough battle at being accepted without criminals like this taking advantage of people.

Ferveo 02/14/2018

Account blocked after deposit

So ive just registered. Sended 0,5 ltc on account and after that i couldnt even log in. Do not use

Lite 02/06/2018 account hacking

Sir this is Mazeed, From Indian, one of the customer in Coin i useed this account in last 2 years maintain ..1 st time is issue of the haking my coin exchange account ..if i loss my money 1.1 BTC. Till the Rs in 11000 dollars approx , i do compliant in last 4 time..but not respond...if u kindly check and resole my problem.. ple..i am poor family also.. please sir. Kindly clear my problem

Mohammad Abdul Mazeed 02/04/2018

Be very careful, they steal coin

Coinexchange is iffy at best I have had several transactions say they were sent and were completed on there site but the coins never made it to my wallet, I originally lost a total of 127,743 Amsterdam Coin back in November, and just recently I withdrew some AMS to sell I sent in 5300 Amsterdam Coin and they were in the Pending status for 3 days and was told by Coinexchange support that I need to send more AMS to the same address to meet there new minimum withdraw policy, I needed to do this before they would be release any coins to my wallet so I sent the rest if my coins 57000 more AMS, but they never sent my coins they once again asked me to send even more coins, this exchange was okay at one point but lately they have been stealing coins a blatebt scam on there part, I would be careful about using this exchange because I would have to say there is a chance your going to be like me and have your coin stolen by them, I have sent them several emails requesting help, I have asked them to release my coins, and all they do is ask me to deposit more, so there minimum deposit rule is just there way to scam coin, I added up the the 2 TRANSACTIONS which is over 1,800.00 USD which varies abit a cording to market and with the previous transactions from this past November they have scammed stolen how ever you want to put it they have taken roughly 3,400.00 dollars from me. so be careful doesn't happen all the time but they do take coin once in awhile. IF COINEXCHANGE DEPOSITS THE COIN THAT IS PENDING INTO MY WALLET I WILL UPDATE THIS BUT AS IT IS THEY HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO MY REQUEST FOR SUPPORT.

John 02/01/2018

They need to be shut down

SCAM Exchange they never deposited my coins it is sti;; pending after 5 days and have not responded to the support ticket I filled out 3 days ago. they are worse than Yobit with there constant Maintenance mode on wallets.

Sick O Scams 02/01/2018

Withdrwawal issue since 2017-12-22

I did a withdrawal of moon coins from Coinexchange wallet, but i didn't found any information about this transaction in blockchain explorer. My contacts with support never resolve the problem.

Address: 2T2CwbxAocQCukYC7so5bZy5tJiYgekoDm
TXID : 415143c009f133f3396ce43673093125a7342846360f6677d69710dae129397b
Amount : 1063134.01751210

Claudio 01/27/2018

Deposit OK, Withdrawal KO

I made a good value with a coin on this trading platform, but it would have to be present on another trading platform. Indeed, it is impossible for me to withdraw, this trading platform does not send me the confirmation email and after one hour the withdrawn funds are returned to the account. They claim that the confirmation email is seen as spam, but it's a lie!

Hanom 01/26/2018

Horatio and Cryptostiltskin will ruin CoinExchange

I have traded on CoinExchange for some time, but have recently found that the Moderators #horatio & #cryptostiltskin are a law unto themselves and can ruin your chances of making a few pounds if they so wish.
They have the power to Ban you from the Troll Box, Keep all transferred funds PENDING, Freeze your account, or even Block your Account, they have a great amount of power, and for no reason can take issue with particular traders.
They will make up their own rules to suit their friends on the site and if you are found to be making good money will prevent your trading as best they can in the future to prevent such.
I transferred 31800GMX and was told the the funds were insufficient to be completed (they have previously completed 5000 and 14000). The moderators would not tell me how many was acceptable, instead they banned me from the Troll Box. I transferred another 24000GMX then they completed 38000 and left 17000 stuck for all eternity.

Bob Bert 01/25/2018

Scam - I don't see my deposit

My opinion.....a week ago I transferred a small amount of alt coins to this site where I opened an account.
The amount was small so no big loss, but up till now I have not seen a deposit, the support staff keeps silent after an initial standard response.

My 5's a scam, stay away!!!

Robert 01/23/2018

I find it difficult to believe these negative reviews

I have deposited and withdrawn a fair amount of cryptocurrencies on coinexchange and have had no problems in doing so, i am also aware of the lengths this exchange has gone to to assist coin owners with coin issues as you can read about on their site

William Turner 01/21/2018

CoinExchange.IO Is a True SCAM!!!!

Opened an account with CoinExchange.IO because I wanted to invest in; the first transaction I deposited into the account was a very small BTC; when it was successfully credited to my account, I deposited a large sum of ETH, that deposit left my other exchange and Ethereum Explorer shows that it arrived at my account at CoinExchange well, it did not clear my account at CoinExchange.. 5 1/2 days ago, I sent support with a proof that the deposit of my ETH should've been deposited but received no reply back; I sent several inquiries and also received no response..... You judge for yourself if this is a SCAM exchange or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashraf El Khatib 01/21/2018

Do not use them!

They stole 8k from me. I put about 1250 into this account bought bqx at .80 usd fast forward to January and my account is worth *****due to bqx/ethos and I go to withdraw and I’m locked out of my account since opened numorous tickets no responses! Don’t be another me. Don’t use

Nat 01/19/2018

Missing ETH


It had been 3 days since I had sent the ETH to the CoinExchange ETH wallet, it had been over 16000 confirmations in explorer but it is still pending on the CoinExchange balances page. I had also sent support ticket (#56793) which had not helped. No response at all.

byeo 01/18/2018 is a scam - withdrawal not received

i made a withdrawal request 39797312 mooncoin on 23rd DECEMBER 2017,coin deducted my account but not recceived till now. Although balance are showing on blockexporer but not showing on coinexchane account balance.I mailed 7 times but only auto computrised systematics mail received,it seems admin is handing my wallet and making me fool. Don't have account on coinexchange, it is scam

yunus bari 01/14/2018

Did Not receive my deposit

I deposited 2700 PRE to my coinexchange wallet and they did not credit it to my account

Phillip Maxwell 01/14/2018

No response to support tickets

Every day i think... isn't that guy of COINEX behind this COINEX(change) There it all started the same before he ran off with our money.
Wallets down... without a reason.
No.... but absolute NO reaction to support tickets.

I don't know what to think about this exchange, but will never have a huge amount there.

Herbie 01/13/2018

btc deposit pending and sell order pending

I've made a btc deposit three days ago and is still pending so
I can not buy any other coins xx
and I sold some of REC coins and its pending too.

Seung Shin 01/10/2018

This site should go down!

The operator is an ashol, I wrote a ticket to say that wanted ask a question on wallet recovery. He locked me out of my own account with money inside! Hes internet worse crook ever! Dont trust this site. take my word. I have no power here but if your lucky enough to read this , trust me., hes a darn careless crook! This site should go down!

clearchrome 11/28/2017
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