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CoinBull Review - is it scam or safe?

CoinBull Review - Is scam or good crypto broker?

RATING: 1 / 10 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz CoinBull
CoinBull is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


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Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Green Not specified Not specified Approx. $150 (2.25%) for BTC/USD trading
Blue Not specified Not specified Approx. $150 (2.25%) for BTC/USD trading
Platinum Not specified Not specified Approx. $150 (2.25%) for BTC/USD trading


CoinBull (which operates out of is something reminiscent of a CFD broker, offering crypto-assets. It took us quite some time and testing their platform to get to this conclusion, as the overall presentation is rather poor. Read the full review, to see what we managed to find about them.


CoinBull Advantages


Decent variety of coins

The most popular coins are offered at CoinBull’s platform. BTC, ETH, XRP, DASH, NEO, XLM and more (for a total of 29) can be traded. We have to reiterate, as we may not have been that clear in the beginning – thees are Contracts For Difference (CFD) and not the actual coins. In case you are looking to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or another coin, check our reviews of cryptocurrency exchanges.


>>Learn more about Crypto CFDs here<<


Traditional methods and Bitcoin accepted

Your account at CoinBull is held in either USD, EUR or BTC. This is a rather interesting offer, which is rather diverse. Even some of the forex brokers accepting Bitcoin payments only use it as a means of transfer and don’t allow you to have a balance in the oldest cryptocurrency. The ways you can make a deposit to CoinBull are Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Bitcoin


CoinBull Disadvantages


Offshore, unregulated company

The legal entity operating the CoinBull brand is ABC Marketing. They are registered in Dominica. The country may not be as popular as some other offshore destinations, but the local institutions have very clearly stated they don’t regulate forex brokers. The “classic” combination of an offshore, unregulated company is enough for us to give CoinBull this rating.


Trading conditions aren’t clear 

CoinBull’s website is very light on useful information regarding the trading environment which they provide. At first glance we weren’t sure if this is a CFD broker or binary options provider.  After testing their platform, we realized they are the former, but the entire execution of their idea is rather clunky.


Strange platform, although nice charts are available

Trading with CoinBull is done via a web-based interface, which is a bit odd. When placing an order, one can manage his maximum loss and desired profit. In essence, this is similar to a binary options platform. Here is a preview:


The default interface at CoinBull


We have to mention, further customization is available, after accessing the settings:

How you can change the platform


We find it very unusual for a company to offer the top-tier TradingView charts and not display them by default. The rest of the settings imply MetaTrader lots are in place, but the actual platform isn’t provided – yet another strange phenomenon.


Very high spreads

The BTC/USD spread we saw when testing the aforementioned trading interface  was substantially higher than the offers by other similar companies, at around $150 (or 2.25%). Most brokers, who offer Bitcoin CFDs provide a tighter spread, around $30-$50.


>>A list of regulated crypto-CFD brokers<<


Offer focused on bonuses and advice 

The account types at CoinBull may not make much sense as we have presented them, but this simply due to the fact we look at the objective trading conditions. The different clients (for which the deposit levels aren’t revealed) will get various benefits, including bonuses and trading signals directly from the company. Most of them present a potential for conflict of interest.




CoinBull is an unregulated, offshore cryptocurrency CFD broker. This is enough to earn them the low score on our website, as we value financial regulation very highly. Even if that wasn’t the case, the trading conditions offered by CoinBull aren’t impressive – spreads are too wide and the platform is somewhat unusual. All of this comes before you take into account the abysmal presentation.



In case you are looking for a more reputable company, which also offers trading on non-crypto assets, take a look at the brokers registered with Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


>>Discover FCA-regulated brokers<<


This is the United Kingdom’s financial regulator, which oversees a lot of brokers. There are a lot of rules imposed by them, but we will only present the ones which ensure the security of your investment.


1) segregation of client accounts – all of the traders’ funds can’t be accessed by the broker, without a certain procedure. This prevents simple theft. 


2) bankruptcy protection – the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is a complicated insurance-like system which will cover you, in case your broker goes under (limited to £50,000).


To summarize this review:


Pros Cons
Decent variety of coins Offshore, unregulated company
Traditional methods and Bitcoin accepted Trading conditions aren’t clear 
  Strange platform, although nice charts are available
  Very high spreads
  Offer focused on bonuses and advice 


Latest news about CoinBull
No news about CoinBull. Check back later.
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Biggest scam

Coin bull is the biggest scam, I deposited money when I started trading, when I tried withdrawing my profits they said I couldn’t do that and they took over my account and put trades of their own and I lost all my profits. The agent asked if I wanted to invest more. He kept on repeating that he is making 6 figures after trading with coin bull in 6 weeks

Xxxx 08/20/2019


Coinbull management stoke $10,000 from me. Don’t invest with them

Kerceus Andre 05/28/2019

Money Back

I think coin bull is a scam. I tried to withdraw my money the little I had deposited and they didn’t give me. I to try before investing more money. They didn’t give back my money

Leticia Mutede 03/14/2019


First off coin bull is now crypto NXT and they are absolutely a scam if you've already sent them money you will never see it again I hate to tell you that but I just wanted to tell you the truth. They have my investment and I am convinced I will never see it again. They are now saying I have to send 10% in in order to pay taxes so I can get my funds back ,course I'm not dumb enough to do that. Your only hope of getting any money back is to contact the broker complaint registry in London and they will refer you to my chargeback I'll let you know what happens with that.

Mark Cameron 02/12/2019

Coin Bull Scam

Coin Bull is definitely a scam. They refused to process my withdrawal. They even told me by phone the funds are on the way and it would about 2 days. The so call adviser name was Ross Malone,,,I am sure was a fake name. But Satan will find him anyway. What really bothers me is they have our identification they suckered us to give them so they could sell it on the Dark Web..or rip you off via Identify Theft. Get an attorney if you gave them USD, Crypto is very difficult to recover. Go here and save money on Legal Fees, Thats what I did.... My attorney gave me some good advice..

Randy Watson 01/29/2019

Coinbull site is unavailable now

I invest one thousand US dollars and started trading but I got little confusion hence I tried to get refund or withdraw. The agents yelled at me and encouraged me to continue until your target. But now I the site is unavailable in my country. Please help me how to claim this.

Shanthamurthy Hanumantharayappa 01/16/2019


Rip off. You have disappeared with my money. Where is it?

Bonnie Nixon 12/15/2018

Coinbull is Scam

They did not pay my eur5000. and I don't know where to the complaint?

Mirza A Baig 12/13/2018

I can not get in contact with my broker or the company. Its like they vanished

Coin bull is a scam. They have my money.

Robert burns 12/07/2018

CoinBull - a total nightmare

I was welcomed into your company on June 13th 2018.On June 26th 2018 I received a email that said my account was frozen due to receipt of a big amount that exceeds your daily limit. On your Crypto account came two sums of 2.78146 and 3.561228 Bitcoins from the wallet *******************Yw2bjl. It has been a total nightmare. I received 3 calls about how great things were and they would get back to me asap, that day has never came, and you still have my money, and are doing nothing to help. VERY POOR COMPANY to deal with.

Darrell Challoner 11/26/2018

I can not get in touch with the compamy

The company coinbull will not respond to my email or to phone call. My broker is Anthony Lench.I believe they have been shut down for fraudulent reason. How do I get my money back. Robert burns 864 3251809 cell

Robert burns 11/13/2018

Refund money

I do not recommend Coinbull to anyone. Money was taken from my bank account against my wishes and its impossible to get it returned, I have been trying to get it returned for two months now.

Graham Bruce 09/04/2018

absoluut fraudulant scammers COINBULL


They are a well known scam. I found out they were scamming so tried to withdraw deposit and profit. that was June of this year. todate nothing - dont expect anything either. STAY AWAY from the crooks,

katootje 08/29/2018 withdrawal will not let me withdraw from my account Stay away from this company they are a SCAM

Pam Ryan 08/23/2018

CoinBull scam

this scam will not return your funds they will send some back in order to scam you into depositing more when you ask for more they will only give you excuses this is my experience any ideas where I can throw a brick through there window ?

keith newlands 08/21/2018

Coinbull is really a scam company

Don't trade with coinbull. They are scamming people's money. I had a bad experience with them. This person name Liam Barry, his email he is supposed to be the senior analyst, he did not want to give my money back. I still have USD 2913 in the account. I have requested the money many times but they refused. i just hope i can report them to someone who can take actions on them.

wan 08/14/2018

Stay away!!!!

You will Never get your money back no matter what you do. These people should be shut Down, How can they be allowed to run this scam....

Giuseppe 08/05/2018

CoinBull withdrawal

i can't get my money (500) back after withdrawal
even though it was approved.

Myrna Murphy 07/21/2018

scam broker

scam broker you will not get your funds back if you invest with coinbull

keith 06/28/2018

Coinbull a definite scam

They will never return your money! 100% guaranteed! Let’s not fall for this scamster website EVER

Mohammad Awais Patel 06/16/2018
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