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CoinBrokerz Review - is it scam or safe?

CoinBrokerz - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1.1 / 16 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz CoinBrokerz
CoinBrokerz is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


CoinBrokerz is a CFD broker focused on crypto instruments, which on first glance looks like a crypto currency exchange. We should note that there is a fundamental difference between buying an asset like a crypto coin and making a bet with a Contract for Difference - the kind of service CoinBrokerz provides. For more information you may check our article on the subject:


CoinBrokerz Advantages:


Account type Min. deposit Max. leverage Spreads
Standard Account $500 n/a

CoinBrokerz offers CFD trade with all major crypto coins, including Cardio,  Bitcoin,  Bitcoin Cash,  Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum,  Ethereum Classic, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, NEO, Qtum, TRON, Stellar, Ripple, Zcash, IOTA, EOS. They also offer 24 cross crypto pairs, but no forex pairs or other CFDs so here you may check our list of brokers, offering forex trade as well as Bitcoin CFDs:


>>Bitcoin Forex Brokers<<


Good spread on the Bitcoin CFD


When tested with a demo account d the BTCUSDT the sprea reached 30 USD which is in line with the market average. 


Payment with various credit cards and e-wallets


You can deposit and withdraw funds with Prestige Financial Markets using various credit or debit cards, including VISA, American Express and MasterCard, as well as e-wallets like Skrill. You can also pay with a bank wire, but as we do not see an option for crypto currency  payments, here you can check our list of brokers accepting Bitcoins:


>>Forex Brokers Accepting Bitcoin<<


NextStepCrypto Disadvantages:


Lack of regulation


CoinBrokerz is owned and operated by Qossla Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of Bitcom Limited, registered on St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The company, however, does not have a license to operate as a CFD broker.


The Financial Services Authority of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (FSA) recently warned in a statement that it “does not issue any licenses for forex trading or brokerage or binary options trading nor does it regulate, monitor, supervise or license international companies, which engage in such activities“.


In addition, the FSA warns that “there are financial institutions that falsely claim they are registered or licensed by the institution and that their purpose for doing this is more than likely for illicit reasons“.  What is worse,  the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK has blacklisted Coinbrokerz, warning investors that it may run an investment scam.


Trading with properly licensed brokers is crucial for the safety of any investment. Well established financial institutions like UK's FCA, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) have to abide by strict financial and ethical rules. They have to maintain certain level of operational capital and to keep all clients funds in a segregated, protected form creditors account.  In some cases brokers are even obliged to insure traders capital.


FCA and CySEC brokers for example have to participate in client compensation schemes. Under the FCA backed Financial Services Compensation Scheme, in case something goes wrong, traders can receive up to 50 000 GBP of their capital back. A similar CySEC backed insurance mechanism, guarantees compensation of up to 20 000 EUR. Here you can check our list of FCA brokers:


>>FCA Regulated Forex Brokers<<


Excessive minimum deposit requirements


The minimum deposit with which you may start trading with CoinBrokerz is 500 USD and this, in our view, is excessive as with most brokers you can open a trading account with a hundred dollars or so, while with some well established players like FXTM, XM and IG you can open a trading account with just 5 USD.


MetaTrader4 not supported


CoinBrokerz offers its clients a simplified web based platform that bears resemblance to the platforms, usually used for binary options trading.



There are no market indicator and no option for automated trading – standard features with the MetaTrader4 platform – a platform of choice for professional and beginner traders alike. Here you may check our list of brokers offering MT4:


>>Find other MT4 brokers here<<




Despite the variety of crypto pair CFDs with relatively good spreads, CoinBrokerz remains an unregulated offshore broker and that is a major setback. 

Latest news about CoinBrokerz
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Coin brokerz the scammers

I funded my account and they promise that the manager will call me but until today they never called me, I funded my account on December 2018. I called and send emails but they ignore all that. I'm asking for help, any good sammaritan who can help me to get my money back, I will appreciate such help. i'm not working I lent that money hoping to returned it soon, since they promised me to make profit. Please help.

Xolani 03/16/2019


Tried to find them on internet and couldn't which means they are not operating under those name.....EXCELLENT. Their emails are not recognised or valid any more either! I know a lot of people got scammed by them and whether any of us will recoup our losses is a big question, personally I doubt it. If any of you think of employing agencies who promise to get your money back for a fee up front, think again as you will be entering yet another scam and lose some more money in the process. I hope the Fraud Squads gets them eventually.

Paula 03/13/2019

please help

coin brokerz have taking all my money .what can i do please help me i have a big family and they dont know what has happened. i cant pay my bills i am in big troble what can i do please help.

cyril mulcahy 03/11/2019

Coinbrokerz spoločnosť

Moj nazor je to len lákadlo na peniaze.Prva investícia 300eur a dalšia 500eur s
tym,že peniaze robia peniaze.Po necelých 3 mesiacoch sami stopli trading a bolo potrebné zaplatiť daň zo sumy ao mesiac poplatok za zmenu kryptomeny na euro spolu okolo 2500euro...s tym že ak to nevyplatím predajú moju fakturu na burze....všetko mam vyplatené a do 3 dní mi mali prisť peniaze na učet,dodnes nemam nič vrátené ani vyplatené to jeden velký podvod,som sklamaná,na koho sa mám obratiť.

Translated by Google:

My insight is just a temptation for money. The first investment 300eur and another 500eur with the fact that the money make money.After less than 3 months they stopped trading and it was necessary to pay the tax on the sum and the month charge for changing the cryptomena to the euro together about 2500euro. If I pay it off, they will sell my invoice to the stock market .... I have all paid and within 3 days I have to pay my money for the account, I have not paid anything back or paid yet ... It's one big scam I'm disappointed to whom I have to turn around.

Marcela Maludyova 03/09/2019


Hello Mr. Niessen,

I have new information from the Bank regarding the withdrawal.

After the money transfer was initiated in the morning, they money left the account, then the money control of UK have declined the transfer and now the money are back in the Prime Media Coinbrokerz bank account.

Check the proof of transfer history attached below.

I will not try to find out what was the reason the transfer to be cancelled.

I will get back to you within an hour. I am in contact with a person from the UK Government regarding the matter.

"I have contacted the Tax office the HMRC LONDON. The HMRC letter Coinbrokerz send to me is a fraud document the HMRC told me!

Hello Mr. NIessen,

I have act immediately and had a meeting with the CEO regarding the guarantee letter.

He signed and stamped it and it is attached below.

Also I have attached one more time the Bank Details of Kalvea to process the payment of 22391 Euros.

Best Regards,
Mr M Mcfee the CEO of Coinbrokerz told me months later that he wasn't aware of the existing of the so called Guarantee Letter. The strange thing is that according to Max Mayer Mr Mcfee has signed the Letter!!

Good Morning Mr. Niessen,

I am still out of the office on a meeting, but soon I will be there and I will immediately call you!

Everything on your account is there, the commission is paid in full.

The information was send to the UK Govenrment, Postbank is informed, we wait for the receipt for the outgoing transfer.

After my call, an emplyee of Postbank will contact you directly for the transfer to your ING Account.

(March 2018!

Dear Mr M. Mayer, M. Mcfee,

I just opened your mail from the 13th of november Coinbrokerz/mr Mayer. I never had thought that Coinbrokerz would contact me again after my account was minimized till nearly zero!

Thanks that you didn’t forgot me, CoinbrokerZ still sees me as one of his clients, one of your best clients, I once was I presume, still a client. Coinbrokerz received more then the required commission. My whole investment plus the €657427,08 profit. Despite the fact that I invested with Coinbrokerz, about €135000 and having paid nearly €60.000 fee/commission or whatever you name it,paid all Coinbrokerz was asking, while no more commission needed to be paid by me, the price mentioned in the fraud HMRC information letter well known by Coinbrokerz. the only price to be paid by me of course being paid by me and you know what I never saw one penny paid back of the profit Coinbrokerz/Mr M. Mayer made for me, not even my personal investment Coinbrokerz paid me back, didn’t transfer it to my personal ING-account. Coinbrokerz be aware that, I say it again, that you are holding back my personal investment/the profit for which I paid more then the necessary commission, fee or whatever you call it. Coinbrokerz has no legal rights to hold this up.
Quote Mr M. Mayer in one of his emails he send me: “Mr Niessen you already paid more then normaly is asked, you should have to pay”unquote.
Where is all the money gone to, to which personal account(s? I can only guess. If compliance is realy such a hot item for you, I may presume you have no problems telling me what happened with my investment/profit?

Furthermore I find it very strange that Coinbrokerz made also beside my address all the emailaddresses of all the other valued clients public in this mail from the 13th of november!

I’m very pleased to hear that CoinbrokerZ, as they stated again here, always acts in the very best interest of their clients, that Coinbrokerz is, I quote: “always very hard at work protecting the accounts of their clients and the security of the information of their clients stated again by Mr Mayer, here below.

Personal I think we should come to a compromise, I will explain you why?

Their had to be paid a certain percentage of commission for the services CoinbrokerZ/my personal accountmanager Mr Mayer made paying commission depending on the profit which Coinbrokerz/Mr Mayer made, nothing more then that. I have never found another requirement within Coinbrokerz requirements which said otherwise. I paid the commission even more then that and still no return!

When I’m right then Coinbrokerz is saying that they always acts in the best interest of their clients.

Is it a fact that CoinbrokerZ act in the best interest of their clients, that’s the question?

Facts :
-the address CoinbrokerZ is using “25 Cabot Square 1, Canada Square Canary wharf, London F14 5 AB” on their official internetsite is the address of a Bank.
No other firm is located at that address according to a bankemploye of that bank;
-a fact is that Coinbrokerz/mr M.Mayer told me in one of his mails that he had found a way in which case I shouldn’t have to pay t the full commission;
-a fact is that shortly, (a day later) after I paid the so called reduced commission Coinbrokerz/mr M. Mayer send me a mail in which he said that Coinbrokerz has received a letter from the HMRC.
In this Letter the HMRC should have given the possibilty to do still a correct payment of the full commission, avoiding being accused for tax evasion;
-a fact is that the HMRC responded me later on my mail that this document was absolutely a fraud document;
-a fact is that the HMRC also told me that they never interfer that way during an ungoing transaction between a company and her client, in this case
between Coinbrokerz and Mr Niessen, that’s not the procedure!;
-keeping in mind that Coinbrokerz/mr Mayer told me that CoinbrokerZ had received that Letter from the HMRC, can only
mean that Coinbrokerz knew from the beginning that this was a fraud letter;
-a fact is that the so called “quittung ihrer SEPA-Uberweisung” in which I was mentioned as Beneficiary with my Dutch ING account was on hold according to Coinbrokerz.
According to the Deutsche Postbank this was also a fraud document!. So now the HMRC Letter was clearly a fraud letter, nothing should be standing in the way for Coinbrokerz
to pay out the profit. Keeping in mind what Coinbrokerz/Mr M. Mayer told me by mail, I quote: ‘Mr Niessen you paid already more then normal is the case!”;
-a fact is that I never should have paid more then the payment of the required commission CoinbrokerZ asked from me, 10% commission not more then that. I paid what was required;
-a fact is that Coinbrokerz still send me a so called Letter of Guarantee afterwards, signed by mr M. Mcfee, to pay another €22391,which I paid, which I never should have to pay.
which also said that the company Coinbrokerz in the name of the Chief Executive Officer M. Mcfee undertakes to pay the investor Pierre Niessen funds in the amount of €657427,08 that are in the bank
Coinbrokerz after payment of the asked €22391, which I did. The funds will be transfered to the investor by bank transfer to the bank account details below.
Surprisingly it never happened;
-a fact is that the so called protection payment letter, paying another €10157, signed by the so called mr S Maier not mr S. Mayer has also been a fraud document and all the other documents with that name on it are fraud documents;
-a fact is that the so called mr Stefan Mayer is not known with the Deutsche Postbank;
-a fact is that Coinbrokerz/mr M. Mayer in one of his emails in March told me that Mr S. Mayer was a very reliable person, more then I might think, the so called “claim agreement document is a very reliable document
according to Coinbrokerz/Mr M. Mayer. I did what was asked, there was just another payment that they wanted me to do! I followed their instructions. I think something is happening, we have to go out
very quick out of this situation. I meet my lawyer tomorrow asking him if he had to deal with these kind of situations before. If that’s the case I will be the first person to leave this job and have my rights.
I will have more information tomorrow and call you immediately. No call of course anymore from Coinbrokerz/mr M. Mayer;
-a fact is that weeks later Coinbrokerz/mr M. Mayer
-a fact is that Coinbrokerz/mr. M. Mayer excecuted also trades, without informing me first, without my permission, making a so called profit of 55,5674307 BTC again. I didn’t inform you mr Niessen all
in the best interest of you, asking again of paying 10% commission (€35638,37) for which I was send again a so called Insurance Company Commission letter also signed by the Ceo of Coinbrokerz, mr. M. Mcfee
neglecting One of Coinbrokerz main “Compliance-rules, unacceptable, never paid of course ;
-a fact is that Coinbrokerz most of the questions asked never answered. In my mail of the 14th of april I asked it again to Coinbrokerz/mr M. Mayer. No respons again of course.
Coinbrokerz/mr M. Mayer gave me 2 options: I quote: “Pay the claim agreement and receive your funds immediately of pay the Insurance Company Commission and wait for your funds to be
transfered to you”. Over and out!;
-a fact is that Coinbrokerz/Mr. M. Mayer months later after all was finished, all of sudden, spoke only bad things about mr S. Mayer;
-a fact is that Coinbrokerz after a while start denying having any contact with mr S. Mayer. That he was working on his own title, while Coinbrokerz/mr M. Mayer praised him in heaven, worked closely together with him.
-a fact is that Coinbrokerz/Mr M Mayer realized 55,567 BTC without informing me, talking things through on forehand, without my permission. Against there own compliance-rules!!!
-a fact is that Coinbrokerz/Mr M Mayer told me by mail, I quote: “Mr Niessen whatever you pay, how much you pay, you never gonna see your investment back anymore”, that’s called theft/criminal behavior. Of course that’s not for me to find that out.
-a fact is that Coinbrokerz/Mr M. Mayer told me in june this year by mail that the so called Guarantee Letter, the signature wasn’t from the CEO. Mr Mcfee should have told me that already on the phone, he said.
-a fact is that this document was send by Coinbrokerz to my emailadress and what’s more peculiar is that mr Max Mayer in his mail of the 18th of May told me, I quote: “Mr Niessen I was on a meeting regarding the point that you want to add in the Guarantee Letter. This can be done, but only tomorrow as now the CEO is out of the office”. In other words the CEO is the only person who decides what comes in in this Letter and he has to give allowance for sending the so called Guarantee Letter to be sent to the client, in this case to mr P. Niessen. In other words Coinbrokerz is fully responsible for every action which took place with this “Letter”. Very strange that the CEO at once keeps distance from me!
-a fact is that In one of my emails I only asked to pay me back my investment and told Coinbrokerz to keep the (rest)profit for themselves! Such a good compromise, more then the 10% commission for such few services.
-a fact is that I never got any reaction on that. It raises questions again?

Again I’m asking Coinbrokerz what did you do with my profit/investment? I have the right to know to which account Coinbrokerz transfered my investment/profit to. What happened with the Profit which Coinbrokerz/Mr M. Mayer realized with my investment? To which account it’s transfered to?

Last but not least I get more and more the feeling that Mr S. Mayer is a not excisting person. To start with the fact that the so called Protection payment letter of the Postbank the backname Maier was used instead of Mayer. Can you imagine that you don’t know how to write your backname correctly in an official document? The alligations Coinbrokerz put on the table against this man after Coinbrokerz has realized that Mr Niessen stopped paying anymore. At once he was jailed according to Coinbrokerz/Mr M. Mayer. Last but not least it’s a fact that “this man” is not known within the Financial sector, the very big unknown for the Deutsche Postbank and eventualy even Coinbrokerz started denying, knowing him well at the end of the ride!
More and more I personaly think Mr S. Mayer is a creation of Coinbrokerz, a name needed as long as necessary, not more then that.
That’s not for me to find that out!

Also the fact that just a few weeks ago I received a so called mail from the Deutsche Postbank, using a mailadress ending up at “” which isn’t an official mailadress of that Bank. They uses “”. More importantly was that in that mail the exact amount of money was mentioned which I’ve invested, paid for commissions, fees etc., the €193000! trying to get more out of it. This time the name of Arthur Schultz was used. Scripts/letter the same lay-out of the Deutsche Postbank as was used earlier in time by the doubtfull Mr S. Mayer. Of course fraud documents again according to the Deutsche Postbank.
This time with treats going to the court. No action of course!

Only Coinbrokerz and myself have that insight information, the information how much I invested, how much I paid for commission, etc.? This raises questions again. Besides the fact how bad Coinbrokerz kept herself in my case to their own compliance-rules It raises also the question how well my information was/still is secured by Coinbrokerz, how well is my account protected by Coinbrokerz.

Hopefully tCoinbrokerz is realizing now that accepting a compromise with mr P. Niessen isn’t such a bad deal after all.
Personal I think it’s in the best interest to both of us to come to a compromise.

The only thing I’m asking is to transfer my personal investment back to my personal ING-account.
What prove do you have more


p.niessen 03/03/2019

Helen Stein =

Guess what everyone: Helen Stein cannot be emailed as she disabled her email; so have the Finance Department if they existed at all.

Very interesting

Paula 02/24/2019

How to recoup losses

Can someone do something about this scamming that EZCryptoplace=Conbrokerz=Bitcom.Ltd are practising right now?????
They are taking money from people and banking it in Germany/Cyprus.
Can someone contact those banks and tell them they are supporting scammers?

Paula 02/22/2019

Bitcom = CoinbrokerZ = EZCryptoplace = Helen Stein

The company Bitcom Limited and its brand CoinBrokerz have been blacklisted by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and considering the number of user complaints, this broker has scammed a lot of investors out of their money. That being said, most likely the situation is more likely the same with the other brand of the company, EZCryptoplace.

Paula 02/15/2019

CoinBrokerz - Helen Stein

[EZCryptoplace is owned by who also own Coinbrokerz]

There is a review written here by Helen Stein herself, the scammer. How is that allowed and what a cheek? See below what she says:

Coinbrokerz = EZCryptoPlace
For all those who are fooled by the CoinBrokerz, you should know they operate another brand named EZCryptoPlace. Same company, same name.

If you got scammed by CoinBrokerz, simply call EZCryptoPlace and see for yourself.

Helen Stein 01/09/2019

Paula 02/13/2019


Coinbrokerz is a group of criminals , they claimed to be so professional and license but you'll struggle to get hold of your money one's in their account please stay away.And if you can't trade they'll promised you they'll trade for you is a lie they'll eat your money please don't fall for the scams of coinbrokerz

Dewalt Polao 02/11/2019

Criminals running a scam

Review of fact in my experiences,,Konto Fx and this Helen stein in Cyprus are linked there scammers fact thru investigation the dumb asses actually refunded my money as I had talk to invest more after refund a type of confidence test they returned my money an I gave them fake details and used a old account to date I have put them in a magazine which reaches a few thousand people with there names and numbers an I review them weekly an I won’t stop, on trust pilots there defend there scam which seems to read an sound plausable but people can see it’s a scam totall scammers, id theft and trying to access your laptop while they access it too, old trick, dirty scammers even asked about my daughters ages I mean why, I asked anc he said he was making polite conversation totally creepy individuals this guy that runs kunto Fx has a criminal record i was told by another trading company, dirty staff on the phones total scummy scammers. I will never stop reviewing them and I got my money back ! Fact

Daniel 01/25/2019

Unable to get my money back

I December I received a call from these people pretending to be someone else and they got me to pay them USD250. When I asked the company that they pretended to be, about them, I was told that they do it all the time and that I must not do any business with them.

I already sent them 3 emails requesting them to pay my money back, but they don't even reply.

So,I believe Cion Brokerz is a SCAM, don’t invest with them

Rudolf Schulenburg 01/16/2019

Coinbrokerz = EZCryptoPlace

For all those who are fooled by the CoinBrokerz, you should know they operate another brand named EZCryptoPlace. Same company, same name.

If you got scammed by CoinBrokerz, simply call EZCryptoPlace and see for yourself.

Helen Stein 01/09/2019

Coinbrokerz is a scam

It's definitely a scam. Luckily I only lost 250euros which is the money to open a basic account. I never received my password and now I can't log in anymore.

Manuela 12/17/2018

CoinBrokerz is scam

So I invested $350,and trading went good for about 2 weeks. At least that what I thought, me being a beginner thought everything looks right. Today I couldn't log in to my account. Is there anyway that I could get my funds back at all?

Kareem cole 11/12/2018

Vaikeaa toimintaa

Näyttää samalta kuin muillakin.
Lopetin tuohon palautuskohtaan koska summat ei täsmännyt. Pankki vastaili epäammattilaisesti saksasta. Taaitaa pankin sivutkin olla scammia.
Onneksi ei mennyt paljon .

Translated by Google:

Difficult activity

Looks like the others.
I ended up at that landing point because the amounts did not match. The bank was unprofessional in Germany. Even the sides of the bank can be scammed.
Fortunately, it did not go a long way.

Matti Kojo 11/08/2018

They must be stopped

I Just I follow up.I cannot even access the account anymore they they blocked me.

I have contact The fraud Department in The U.K.

Melody 10/29/2018

Scammed 11250 pounds


Haley Fox is just a SCAM ARTIST

I need help to get my money

Toolsi Mankee 10/15/2018

Complete scam - what an idiot I was

invested 3 k with these jokers on the premise that I would get 62 % profit guaranteed in 4 days. Rang up for the return of the capital investment plus the profit was told I had to pay a commission of 15 % up front before any release of funds. I advised them to deduct the amount and return the money as promised .They refused .
This is a complete scam don't touch them with a barge pole
The financial director John somebody or other refused to speak to me and hung up. Chris Redfield was the so called financial adviser.
Invest with this lot at your peril
what an idiot I was

JC 10/12/2018

They must be stopped

I invested in this company in March 2018
CoinBrokerZ contact me as I was researching investing in Bitcoin.
They seemed legal and had all the correct information to back this up.
They set up a trading platform which I could see all progress.
I first amount the I paid into their account was R7000.00 South Africa currency.
They when request I pay in more in order for me to have a greater return on my investment.
Thus I deposit an additional R50 000.00.
They trading with these fund for a couple of months.
In August 2018 the request that I should add more money to the invested for the amount of an additional R80 000.00
To which I declined.
In August in want to retrieve a portion of the Bitcoin to see that there was no Skulduggery so I only requested
A small amount which was less than R800.00 which was deposit into my account.
I then requested to take out what I had originally invested .
It was an amount of 2.7 Bitcoin Which was about R280.000.00
I then received an invoice for 1666.17 Euros about R29 500.00
This I was told was for service fees. I paid this money (09.09.2018)
So now I have had into this about R86 500.00
Once this was paid I then thought the investment would be paid into my account.
But was told now I need to pay the tax on this money.
The amount of 5355.90 USD.
I requested that the take this from the platform investment amount.
They told me they could not do this.
I received invoices from London Stock Exchange.
I paid the money into their account on the 13.09.2018 and felt there was something
Not quite right about this whole situation and asked my bank to stop the transfer.
They are refusing to give me what is due to me saying that the UK Tax department has put a hold on this money.
I was led to believe that we would pay taxes in South Africa on any investment profits.

Melody 09/26/2018

hard to withdraw

I invested about 10 000 Malaysian ringitts and decicded to withdraw after 2 months, i was contacted by one of the managers claiming i need to pay some "commision" fees of 17%. I paid them 7000 ringgits and after 2 weeks received my money not in 24 hours how they claimed.

Rahim Rudat 09/26/2018

Coinbrokerz are crooks

Do not waste your time and your money on these crooks otherwise will never get your money back. When it's time to withdraw withdraw your funds they ignore you.

Nkululeko Zwayi 09/21/2018

Coinbrokerz scam

Well where do I start. I opened a so called fully managed account with Coinbrokerz with £1000, with the idea of making small withdrawls of profit each month.My account managers name was Daniel Ford or so he said. The finance managers name was David Brown. To start with the account seemed to be growing well and so I requested to withdraw 500 on the website. I quickly got a phone call saying this was not possible but 320 was the maximum that could be done at that time, so I agreed and two days later the mo ey was in my account.over the next few months the account continued to grow but everytime I wanted a withdawl i was told its tied up with trades, cancell the withdrawl and Daniel ford will get back to you. He never called back. Two weeks later I recieved an email sayi g that the company had given me some bonuses to enter bigger trades and the account had then grown to 2.7 BTC which is around £13,000. So again I submitted a withdrawl request on the website. Daniel Ford called me and said I can see you have submitted a reuest to withdraw 6500. To do this you must first pay us the 2500 for the bonuses we gave you. I explained that I never asked for that so take that off the withdrawl amount, he continued to say you must first pay us the 2500 by debit or credit card. I told him that i had not even got my initial investment back and that I had my suspicions. I have refused to pay and will take the loss of £670. Do not trust this trader, they will attempt to draw you in and alsooffer you loans to bolster your account of up to 100,000. Complete scam stay away, use a proper registered company. I am hoping something can be done about this company

Dave 09/20/2018

Bloody thieves

If you have any trace of intelligence just keep away: they stealing my money from debit card, and they are same bastards behind BROKERXP. AVOID THEM !

George Johnson 09/19/2018

Straightforward scamming operation

This company is just a straightforward scamming operation which purports to be trading out of a prestigious London office when in fact no such company exists at the address. They will ask you for more funds before you can make a withdrawal but the 'profits' do not exist except on your computer screen. All they have provided to make you believe your money is working is a 'video game', Stay away from this. Names they work under are 'Helen Stein', 'John Reed' 'Micheal McFee'.

Ronald Etherington 09/15/2018

Good Im not alone

Seems like there are several of us that was fooled by this operation. Luckily I only lost 500 usd to this scammers. Same story as everyone else: When I ask for a withdraw nothing happens. I frequently called and emailed them for the past six months. Always new excuses and reasons for not paying me back.

Today I was presented with the tax/commission of 500 USD. The tax was for the government, but when I told them there is no such thing, they flipped. And came up with all sorts of arguments.

Turns out they keep changing roles. Hasina Banu Najab refers to Daniel Ford as the account manager. To me he introduced himself as the head of financial department. I contacted them thru Skype. Turns out all of their skype-pictures are stock-photos or stolen other places. "Daniel Fords" picture is from

Check their skype-ids. All follows this path:
Just type in .cbz in Skypes search-field and you will get several of the names they use when contacting customers.

Perhaps we can organize some work to reveal and stop them.

(Oh, also called Canary Wharf, where they claim to have office. The security-office checked for me. Guess what? Coinbrokerz doesnt have an office there...)

J 09/11/2018

Still waiting for my withdrawal funds

It's been two months now I am waiting for my withdrawal, I have been calling them continuously. Support keeps on promising me that somebody will contact me. Now they have blocked my telephone number, I can not get through to them. Daniel Ford, who is my account manager has not spoke to me for over a month. I have been shunted from pillar to post.

I have paid all my fund that was due for the money to be transferred to me.

I am disgusted with their service. But I will make sure I get my money. Coinbrokers are a bunch of thieves.

Hasina Banu Najib 09/07/2018

I think CoinBrokerz is 100 % scam

I think it is 100 % scam I invested as well, but they offer a credit to increase funds in account, no % interest no dead line to give back, but then after few months there a pier a finance department and star to convincing me so I need to give back minimum 1000 eur par month if not they will put some extra payment. So i check Internet I find that they are SCAm so I will not pay back - and we will see what will happened. But i think they can't do anything. Because the deposit was made on their platform not in my bank accounts they don't have any power against me. So be careful and don't catch on this broker. It is SCAM.

Edgy 08/30/2018

Coinbrokerz scam big time

Hi I do not want to know how many millions they just made since opening shop last year December. I was among the early losers. Same method as described. They trading on my behalf coins also with so called insured trades with profits of 40% and more. They keep asking you to submit money for tax in England , there commission etc. even though their compliances say it will be deducted from your account. It is just endless what they come up with. I lost 12.000 Euro and the incredible thing is they just keep doing it and nobody is doing anything against it. I send all the info to police (internet) in London, Germany, Portugal and Belgium....what happened nothing..nobocy even bothers calling you are free to do in the internet whatever scam you come up with....They just walk away.

Thilo Denker 08/20/2018

CoinBrokerz Confusion

i made a deposit of 2002usd and they doing trade on my behalf when i want to withdraw i was asked to to pay a commission fee of 17 percent of which i did while i was waiting for my money i was told to pay security fee of 1000eur that when i realise im being scammed anyone who can help get my fund back can contact me 06381117133 thanks

sakhiseni maxwell mbonambi 08/09/2018

Not transparent at all

Invested money with them. Withdrew some funds with no problem. Had to fill in paperwork. Suddenly i need to withdraw 1000 usd i was told i had to pay all the commission that was due first and then i can withdraw my funds. I paid commission and then waited for my withdrawal. I was then told i would have pay further 2632 usd to the insurance broker before i can withdraw my money. Was never told by broker that i had to pay commission and "insurance broker" Trying to get my money back.

Ravi Pillay 08/07/2018

Commission fees

I want to withdraw my money from the trade account.The trade account manager Mr Donald Fisher said I must first pay the commission fees before I can receive my money..Why the commission fees cannot been deducted from my money .Iam scared to do so ..Is this a scam ?

Neels 07/25/2018

Do not invest with these criminals

Don't Invest tour time or money with these Criminals.
They steal your money , and the so called Haley has so many excuses why you cant get your money back.

Don't be a fool with this Company.
100% Money Loss Guaranteed

You are not even worth one star

Wan 07/15/2018
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