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Capital Markets Banc (CMB) Review - Is it scam or safe?

Capital Markets Banc Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 72 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Capital Markets Banc (CMB)
Capital Markets Banc (CMB) is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type  Minimum deposit  Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average Spreads (& commission)
Mini $250 0.01 1:200 3 pips, fixed
Standard $2 500 0.01 1:200 3 pips, fixed
Pro $20 000 0.1 1:200 Floating/Fixed
ECN $25 000 0.1 1:100 Floating


Clients of CMB are offered a choice of several account types. The Minis & Standard accounts provide fixed spreads, leverage up to 1:200 and micro tradeable lots. Variable spreads are offered on Pro & ECN accounts, which require significantly higher initial deposits, but there is no information about the value of the average spreads (and commission fees).


While a minimum initial deposit of $250 is average, the spreads offered on CMB’s Mini & Standard accounts are very high, fixed at 3 pips on EUR/USD. Most fixed-spread brokers offer spread of 2 pips for this pair and some even less. For example, easyMarkets’ spread is fixed at 1 pips on EUR/USD, and besides, the company operates on the basis of a license issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), while CMB is not authorized by any authority to provide financial services.


The Company. Security of Funds





Joshua Development Limited 




Capital Markets Banc (CMB) is a forex and binary options broker, operating out of Dominica - an offshore destination where brokerage services are not regulated. Doing business with unregulated (offshore) brokers is extremely risky and we advise traders to avoid such companies and to select among brokers licensed by the respective authorities in the UK, or Australia for example.


Besides, the broker is already in the warning lists of several regulators. The Italian financial regulator, CONSOB, has issued a warning against CMB and  Joshua Development Ltd., operating through the website, for soliciting clients without authorization. UK's financial watchdog also added it to its warning list of unauthorised brokers that target people in the UK.


In addition, most user reviews in the famous forexpeacearmy site (FPA) claim that CMB does not allow withdrawals and that it is a scam broker. Considering the above said, you’d better stay away from Capital Markets Banc (CMB).


Trading Platform


Another thing that raises a red flag with this broker is that the information on its website is incomplete. In the “Why us” section it is written that CMB’s clients can trade over 175 products ranging from Currencies, Commodities, Indices and Stocks to Binary Options, using their desktop, tablet or smartphone devices, but there is no information about the platform.



So, we don’t know whether the broker supports the industry’s standard MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or another platform.


There are some other trading tools available on CMB’s website, such as Economic Calendar, AutoChartist, Market Analysis, etc.


Methods of Payment


CMB offers its clients the following payments methods: bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards, e-Wallet MoneyNetInt and uPaycard.


Withdrawals will be charged a transaction fee of $50 for wire transfers; $25.00 for credit cards and ePayments plus a processing fee of $10. Besides, a levy of 10% of the withdrawal amount will be charged to any withdrawal from an account that has not executed more than 200 in turnover and/or from accounts that have not been verified.




CMB is a forex and binary options brokerage registered offshore and not licensed by any authority.  that offers high fixed spreads. Our main concern with this broker is the fact that it is not regulated and is likely a scam. Here are, in a nutshell, the advantages and disadvantages of CMB:


Pros   Cons
No significant advantages Not regulated and likely a scam
  High fixed spreads
  No info on trading platform


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Disappointed with Capital Markets Banc

After investing money i ask to withdraw my funds,but now it is imposible to do so.Ijust ask them to deposit the money into my bank account but there is a procedure that i dont understand.When i joined all this detail was not explain to me.I am very disappointed .All that i am asking just pay my money back to me please.

Princess 12/30/2019

è solo truffa

Agli inizi del 2018 ho investito € 250,00 poi nell'aprile 2018 ho spedito la richiesta di ritiro di € 390,00 (incluso il presunto guadagno).
In seguito sono stata contattata da una certa DENISE, che più volte mi ha rassicurata circa la mia richiesta di ritiro, che sarebbe avvenuta dopo sei mesi.
Ho inviato molte mie email alle quali non c'è stata mai risposta.
poi non ho potuto più raggiungere il sito ormai scomparso unitamente ai miei dati ed al mio conto aperto con CMB.
Cosa posso fare? Grazie

Translated by Google:

it's just scam
At the beginning of 2018 I invested € 250.00 then in April 2018 I sent the request for collection of € 390.00 (including the presumed profit).
Later I was contacted by a certain DENISE, who repeatedly reassured me of my request for withdrawal, which would take place after six months.
I have sent many of my emails to which there has never been an answer.
then I could no longer reach the disappeared site together with my data and my account opened with CMB.
What can I do? Thank you

Vincenza 08/24/2019


I invested £2.750 in 2016? I have tried on multiple times too get my money BACK with no success. Cannot get on there web site but just comes up with UNAVAILABLE???
I needed that money for medical treatment. I have no reference numbers etc.
Hope you can help.
Mrs Elaine Clark

Mrs Elaine Clark 08/03/2019

Trading account blocked

I had $382 on my account with Capital Markets Banc but my account is blocked I can't access my account or my funds and nobody is responding to my emails since January2019 and I want to

Alex Ramollo 06/05/2019


ANZEfur finanns bertrug und Manipulation Konto. Oliver Lenz ist Kriminal bertrug Mann.das Person manipulierenkontra.und nicht zalen gewin geld .das ist negativ Person.Scam Mann.

Translated by Google:

ANZEFAN FINANCS TRANSFER AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNT. Oliver Lenz is a criminal convicted man. The person manipulating contra.and not zapping winnin 'money. This is a negative person. Cam man.

Toshko 06/04/2019

Scam with CMB

It was not too much money only 250$ but is very hurting see how those rats get money from investor with no withdraw posibilities.
Is there something that I can do against those rats ??

Felix de la Cruz 06/01/2019

Scam By Capital Markets Banc

I had an account with Capital Market Bank(CMB) trading forex, shares and commodities since January 2018.I have been very succesful in my trading.From an initial investment of USD 7000 I manage accumulate USD 53713 in my account
I was very impressed with my financial advisor Mrs Alice Rice.On her advice I decided to withdraw my all my capital and profits on 4th March 2019.Since I make substantial profits I was required to pay some taxes. I have paid all the neccesary taxes.
Through a letter signed by the CEO of CMB Dr Jason Lerner after paying temporary protection of payment the company undertake to transfer not later than 14/3/2019 a sum of USD 53676.87 to my account at CIMB in Kuala Lumpur.This sum consist of my capital, my profits and temporary protection of payment. A sum of USD 3649.98 as temporary protection of payment has been paid.
After two weeks I still did not receive the money.Upon enquiring I was told that money was held up by Malaysia Central Bank as there was uncertainty on the sources of fund which may be not in compliance with Anti laundering Act.I was to engage an espert to resolve the issue.I did pay to the expert. Once resolved the money was to be transferred to my account. To facilitate the transfer an exchange was used and the usd was converted to bitcoins at the rate of USd 4061.73
After a week I still did not receive my money.Upon enquiring backlog of transfer was the delay. As the bitcoins was was not converted yet I was supposed to profit due to higher bitcoin exchange which is now stood at USD 5574 and make a profit of USD 21370 on the conversion alone. I was to share 30 % of this to the exchange which is about the value 1 bitcoin. I paid this amount. Upon this payment a sum of USD 78733 was to be transferred to my account within the next two days. After two days nothing happen and all communocations with CMB stopped and I realised I have been scammed and I lost a total sum of USD 53713.The people involved in this scam are the following:
1) Dr Jason Lerner - CEO
2) Thomas West - Head of Finance Dept
3) Alice Reiss – Financial advisor

Mrs Alice Reiss

MNS 05/26/2019

stole 250 euro

They will not pay my deposite bacjk, have not used their service, but they use my account akot.. They use me as a mean to swindle

ståle hansen 05/21/2019

CMB Betrug

Hallo Leute,diese Schweinebande hat auf meinem Konto 28000 Dollar verzockt!!!
Ich weis nicht,woher die mein Passwort bekommen haben.
Seid eineinhalb Jahren versuchte ich Geld zurück zu bekommen,aber nichts ist passiert.Nun ist alles weg!!!Also ich warne vor dieser CMB,und deren Brokern, die nur betrügen.

Translated by Google:

Hey guys, this pork band gambled $ 28,000 on my account !!!
I do not know where my password got from.
I've been trying to get money back for a year and a half, but nothing has happened. Now it's all gone !!! So I'm warning against this CMB, and their brokers, who are just cheating.

I.R.Gentwer 05/17/2019

login account

Good afternon, i have account with cmb and i can not acces to my account please contact me for number 351 9624376566 tank you

noemia saraiva 05/17/2019

CMB is fake company

I have investet 25.000€ in CNB. It has going up in nearly 1 year. Then I want some of my money out of this account. They want to wait in about 1 month, so we could get the besk price. Then some days before I should recive the money, The market was going down...down...and then there was absolutly nothing for me. And I could not get something about the shares from CMB,so I could see the cause about why it was going so bad. I recieve NOTHING from the CMB.
My contact person was Daniel Foster.
So it is a fake compagny.


John Rehmeier 04/30/2019

CBM sind Betrüger

Hallo Leute, vor ca. einem Jahr habe ich hier schon mal berichtet. Und wie ich sehe, fallen immer noch Leute auf diese Betrüger von CBM herein. Also nochmal: BITTE KEIN GELD INVESTIEREN !!!! CBM zahlt NICHT aus. Es sind Abzocker und Verbrecher. NICHT INVESTIEREN!!

Translated by Google:

Hello people, about a year ago I have already reported here. And I see people are still falling for these scammers of CBM. So again: PLEASE DO NOT MONEY INVEST !!!! CBM is NOT paying. They are rip-offs and criminals. DO NOT INVEST !!

Lydia 04/04/2019


Be uns hieß es, dass Ende März die Bank wegen dem Brexit umzieht (scheinbar nach Portugal, aber nicht sicher) und deshalb alle Konten geschlossen und ausbezahlt werden. Dann kam plötzlich ein Steuerbescheid über 8,5% und die Bestätigung, dass sofort nach Zahlung der Steuer das Geld ausbezahlt wird.
Am Tag der Zahlung kam dann plötzlich ein neuer Steuerbescheid mit nochmals 16.5% , also insgesamt 25%.
Diese Summe war von mir nicht mehr zu leisten und ich werde auch nach mehreren Gesprächen mit einem echt arroganten Fiesling keinen Cent mehr zahlen.

Gibt es von euch bereits Erfahrungen mit Anwälten oder von den Anzeigen bei der Polizei?
Mein Geld wird vorläufig nicht ausgezahlt.

Translated by Google:

We were told that at the end of March the bank is relocating due to Brexit (apparently to Portugal, but not sure) and therefore all accounts are closed and disbursed. Then suddenly came a tax bill on 8.5% and the confirmation that immediately after payment of the tax, the money is paid out.
On the day of the payment then suddenly came a new tax assessment with another 16.5%, so a total of 25%.
I could not afford this sum anymore and I will not pay a cent even after several conversations with a really arrogant Fiesling.

Do you already have any experience with lawyers or with the police?
My money will not be paid for the time being.

Pepe57 03/28/2019


I am not able to withdraw any of my funds.

Westley Wynne 03/26/2019

They are Un human scams

Good people its not easy to withdraw our money, they are no where to be found and when you deposit they are there let's expose this trading company I deposited my last investment of 8000$ in 2017 still failing to withdraw on my account until to date,they are heartless scammers

Anyone please help on how to get my money

Mpho 02/24/2019

Das sind Betrüger

Ich wurde von Antonio Sarras abgezockt

Translated by Google:

I was ripped off by Antonio Sarras

Erol Tonal 02/11/2019

Lurad??? Swedbank nekade han fick ut pengar ändå visuellt bankkort sen CMB sen blåst på allt

Satsade 14.000 men bankkrach när jag ville få ut dem. Raymond West och Tina Brain hette de
Svårt å få ut pengarna men när detta skulle ske bankkrach han förlorade 2,5 milj. sa han
Tur var fick jag inga lån som han ville finns ingen chans att anmäla honom?? Eller få mina pengar tillbaka. Är en fattig pensioner!!! Inte rik!!!

Translated by Google:

Bought 14,000 but bankruptcy when I wanted to get them out. Raymond West and Tina Brain were called
Difficult to get the money out but when this would happen bankrupt he lost 2.5 million. he said
Luckily, I got no loans that he wanted there is no chance to report him ?? Or get my money back. Is a poor pension !!! Not rich !!!

Gunnel Johansson 01/29/2019

Totally scam

A totally scam Broker.
I have try whithdraw 32 000€, but they dont do it.
I have invest to Capital Market Banc about 27 000€, but they don't give money back.
Have someone get money back from this broker and what need to do
Can you help me?
Do someone one know where to find this company?

Mikael Friman 12/27/2018

totally scam

A totally scam Broker. I lost $250 as a deposit. WAs traded and made over $1000 from Dec 2017. Have not been able to withdraw up until now.

No response to my emails. I am very cross with them.

Angela Mthethwa 11/16/2018


I have try to withdraw my money many times
But I was not successful.. and I don't have
An number or email address to contact you..
I want my money back.. I don't want to do
Trading now.. your sincerely thank you

Vishnuduth juggoo 10/25/2018

This must by stopped


I have the same story 10k and promised a commission of 15-20% of the amount per month, Worked for about 2 months and earned about 4k. After that, I wanted to withdraw money and the whole story began with this.

It was necessary to pay 10% for the work of a broker, after another 2.3k income tax in England. I have changed 4 managers. 1 Kirill Krasotkin, Vladimir Krasotkin, Sergey Yaroslavsky, Artem Sabonis.

In general, they owe me 20k euros. Who knows where they are, where is their office?

Arthur. Netherland

Arthur 10/24/2018

Can I get my deposits back

Hi support since I deposited 250$ six month ago till to day I'm still waiting for my money back. Please help me to get my refund because i didn't see any thing

Sibanda Edward Lethoba 10/12/2018

Very disappointed

After investing money i ask to withdraw my funds,but now it is imposible to do so.Ijust ask them to deposit the money into my bank account but there is a procedure that i dont understand.When i joined all this detail was not explain to me.I am very disappointed .All that i am asking just pay my money back to me please.

Diane Plaaitjies 09/28/2018

Investment not in my control

I invested with CMB sometimes last year with the investment activities done by my account manager. However lately my account manager cannot be contacted. I contacted the help desk but there was no response. Base on the website my account is still active however it is not within my control. I wanted to withdraw my investment but there is no response from the bank. I don't what to do now.

Andrew J Noyen 09/19/2018

Unable to withdraw


me ha sido imposible retirar dinero de mi cuenta
sin que allan respondido a mis email

Translated by Google:

I have been unable to withdraw money from my account
without allan responded to my emails

jose paulo leao de sousa 09/04/2018

recovery CMB is a Scam and i got my money BACK!

SO about a year ago, i got a pop-up on my computer which i read and i registered with CMB. I got numerous calls to convince me to invest. Eventually i invested $457, 000 which was a huge amount in about 6 accounts in total as advised by the broker. I got numerous bonuses running into about $200, 000 which made me excited. However i tried to withdraw my money and was unable to do so. I called support and my broker after about 2 months of constant back and forth i was asked to bring more money before i could take my money out. I was disgusted because at this point, my broker started loosing the trades which i don't know if he did it intentionally but i was so uncomfortable with not withdrawing from the system. He later told me that i will have to add more funds again. At the point i suspected i was being scammed and told him, that was when i stopped hearing from him and their numbers never went through, they stopped replying my emails as well, I reported to the police and my back but there was nothing they could do about it. I had to hire ther service of a wealth recovery expert (vector.wealthrecovery AT protonmail. com). He was able to recover 80% of my money which i was fine with.. Never will i do business with CMB again in my life.

Jessica Riley 08/27/2018

It is impossible to withdraw

Very negative.

I have opened two accounts one in Forex the other one in bitcoin.

I want to withdraw my money but it is IMPOSSIBLE.

People are changing on monthly basis and reliability is zero.

No information is provided and now possibility to change my options.

Peole peak good italina but ....

Giuliano Bertolazzi 07/25/2018

Trading losses

I had three consultants , SARA SCOTTI ,that has left about 8 months ago, FABIO REDA now at NY btanch and now DAVID COLEMAN.

I want my money back but bo way.
Class Action is required

Giuliano Bertolazzi 07/25/2018


cmb firmasında yetkili bulamıyorum..yatırımım boşa gitti.galiba parsam hiç oldu.

Translated by Google:

I can not find authority in the cmb business .. my investment went to waste.

mete atak 07/23/2018

CMB seems to be a mafia organization

I have lost 5000€ and my CMB Consultant was David Hoffmann. Ich am about to start investigating in this matter. If someone want to joint me. Email:eike.tubb**

Johnson 07/20/2018

Hr.Dominik Hoffmann seems to me to be a big cheater

Hallo Jetzt bin ich mir auch sicher das ich durch die CMB Bank Betrogen worden bin. Dieser Hr.Dominik Hoffmann scheint mir doch ein großer Betrüger zu sein.Erst den netten Lieben Mann spielen und wenn mann nicht mehr diese immer wieder geforderten Einzahlungen macht lassen Sie nichts mehr von sich Hören.Niemand ist Erreichbar und die Kohle ist wahrscheinlich auch weg.Das sind alles nur Gangster .

Translated by Google:

Hello Now I am also sure that I have been cheated by the CMB Bank. This Hr.Dominik Hoffmann seems to me to be a big cheater.Not to play the nice loving man and if man no longer makes these repeatedly required deposits makes you hear nothing more. No one is available and the coal is probably gone too. These are all just gangsters.

Horst Dykoff 07/18/2018


Hey, I have been scammed by CMB.I started trading with them in December 2017. They asked me to deposit some money and they gave mea financial assistance to help with trading.I deposited the money in my account. They requested more saying it's not enough for trading. I contacted them wanting to withdraw it and I got no response. How can I get my money back?

Afika 07/15/2018

no answer, no money

Is there anyone who managed to get money from this guys?

Is there any way to return back your money from this scammers?

Pero 07/11/2018

They do not give me my money back

Hello, these people - mine is called, Nico Dragallo, are croocks. I want my money back. They refuse to give it back to me. approx. 180.000 Euro. Horrible. What can I do to get my money back.??
Please help me.
Thank u very much.

Heidemarie Haefeli 07/10/2018

CMB thiefs

These people need to be exposed. The brokers or account managers namely Richard Collins and Bryan Kruger(if it's their real names) are a bunch of low life thieves, working for a fraudulent forex company. These guys need to be hunted down and justice must be served. Warn everybody you know on Facebook about their activities. It is our responsibility as scam victims to warn as many people as possible out there. Let's ground their private jet that we paid for.

Sonette 07/09/2018


Fake - dont get money back - no communication - scam
Dont invest in that

a german 06/27/2018

CMB (SPK) Hakkında şikayetler,

CMB (SPK ) Firmasına ben de para yatırdım,daha çok kazanmam için devamlı beni arayıp para istiyorlardı,denemek için 100 USD para çekme talebini doldurup yolladım,5 iş günü içersin de paranız gelir dediler,bekledim takriben 1 haftada para geldi.Tekrar para yatırmam için sürekli aradılar,ben de komple parayı çekmek için para çekme formunu doldurup yolladım,tekrar cevap geldi 5 işgünü içersin de hesabınıza geçecektir.Ama 3 ay geçti ne cevap veriyorlar ne de arıyorlar iletişim koptu.CMB Firmasın dan parasını alamayan yatırımcılar ile birlik olup firma hakkın da şikayetçi olalım.CMB firması İngiltere de ise İngiltere hukukuna göre dolandırıcı firmaya bi yaptırım olacağına inanıyorum.Saygılar.

Translated by Google:

I made a deposit to the CMB (Company of the CMB), I always called and asked for money to earn more. I paid 100 USD withdrawal request to send it and I paid for it within 5 working days. I waited about 1 week to make the deposit. I have filled in the withdrawal form to send the coin money, I answered again, and the account will be gone for 5 working days.Ama 3 months later neither respond nor call me.We are in contact with the investors who can not get the money from the CMB Company, I will complain. CMB firm in England, according to UK law, I believe that the cheating company will be sanctioned.


Capital Markets Banc (CMB) withdraw

my account manager CMB stoped comunication. No conect by support, no telephone any e mail contact.
Can you help me with my account - anybody.

Zdenek Podskalský 06/14/2018

Capital Markets Banc - RIP-OFF

The name Richard Collins brings hatred in my mind.
Total con artist. His cell number is +44 7448 116032
Am trying to get my money back - they are all silent like death now.
Hopefully they die soon.....!!!!

Louis 06/12/2018

CMB no replies to emails or phones no longer in use

I invested 250 euros in CMB this was all the savings I had, I went with this company because of a Bitcoin code advert I saw showing the process on Dragons den in the UK.

After investing I received phone calls trying to encourage me to pay in more but I was in no position to do so (thankfully). I watched the CMB metatrader4 platform and saw my initial investment go up to 409.07euros over a 2 week period, then I got another phone call asking me to invest more 2000 euros more I said "no, you make me that in profit and I will invest it" since then my balance has not changed, I have had no emails or phone calls and can not get any response from the company. I dealt with Daniel foster and Angelo spencer (probably fake names).

I tried to withdraw my 409.07 euros and received an email saying it was being dealt with then nothing... I have sent endless emails and on site forms... tried ringing the numbers given but they no longer exist.

I am now trying to find out what if anything I can do next.

Tim Churchill 06/12/2018

They are terrorists, who commit crimes of fraud

They are terrorists, who commit crimes of fraud, suggest people who are deceived, try to find them, they are guilty of crimes, they must find them, and they are subject to legal sanctions.

wangda 06/07/2018

Rainer from Germany

I also try to get back my money - USD 1300 - since March 2018!
The Name of my broker was Claudio Raust
Kundendienst Abteilung
35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN, UK
"I'm a high professional broker ..." - he told me by phone in
January 2018 in broken German language.
Now I know - professional for CMB and his own pocket but not for us!

Don't underestimate my long breath - my advocate is by my side!

Rainer from Germany

Rainer Hörhold 06/01/2018

Please I want my money back.

i have send many msg to ur company but u did not give me answer please i want my money back

According to my view this company is not good. This company cheat me .they call me to invest ur money.u get more but when i invest my money they dont received my call. My salary is just 300€ .im doing job as a care taker. But they cheat me nobody need to invest the money in this company .they r cheater

Rajwinder kaur 05/29/2018

Scam running through facebook

I lost $3000 asked for refund then the went all silent.I think we must contact interpol for assistance.

Mpho 05/27/2018

Scammed by CMB

CMB are samming artists, I have proof of that and whoever doesn`t believe should try and invest with cmb and the results will surface.
Especially with the help of senior broker RICHARD COLLINS.

Vitor Reis 05/17/2018

Scam - do not invest

How do you get money back. Please people do not invest

Sonette 05/16/2018


I've invested my last money in this company , i'm unemployeed i've tried to make drawing but no successs! Help me plz

Nkuthalo 05/05/2018

Money invested

I want my money back which i invested in CMB. How do I go about?

Elize Meyer 05/03/2018

Auszahlung verweigert

Seit Anfang Feber urgierte ich eine Auszahlung,jedoch vergebens. Es ist einfach unverständlich warum hier niemand antwortet.Kann man hier überhaupt nichts unternehmen,daß man diesen Betrügern das Handwerk legt.

Translated by Google:

Since the beginning Feber I urged a payout, but in vain. It is simply incomprehensible why no one answers here. If nothing can be done here, that these fraudsters are put to the skies.

Gerwald Wallner 04/26/2018

CMB Betrug

Ich habe bei CMB Investiert. Da ich ein Notfall habe, wollte ich den Betrag auszahlen lassen.
Habe jetzt 3 mal eine Auszahlungsvorderung gesendet, und bis heute nichts mehr von der Firma
etwas gehört. Mein Broocker ist nicht mehr erreichbar. Es kann nicht sein, dass mann gegen solche
Leute nichts unternimmt. Jeder der hier Einbezahlt hatt, will sein geld wieder haben.
Muss ich wirklich noch einen Anwalt einschalten, um mein Recht zu bekommen.
Ich finde, alle diese Leute sollten sich schämen, Bürger die hart arbeiten zu Betrügen

Translated by Google:

I have invested in CMB. Since I have an emergency, I wanted to withdraw the amount.
Have now 3 times a payment advance sent, and until today nothing more from the company
heard something. My Broocker is no longer available. It can not be that man against such
People do nothing. Anyone who has paid in here wants to have his money back.
Do I really need to hire a lawyer to get my rights?
I think all these people should be ashamed, citizens who work hard to cheat

Küng yvonne 04/21/2018


Have invested with cmb and want refund

Natasha 04/16/2018


seid Wochen hat mich ihr Herr hofman David
blockiert und mich nicht mehr betreut weìl
Ich nicht noch 2500Euro investiert habe
er hat mir geschrieben dass er mit mir nichts
mehr zutun haben will Christian kann Sie auch
nicht mehr erreichen.
Bernhard kuhn

Translated by Google:

For weeks, your Mr. hofman David has me
blocked and no longer cared for us
I have not invested 2500Euro yet
he wrote to me that he was nothing with me
Christian wants you too
not reach anymore.
Bernhard kuhn

Bernhard Kuhn 04/14/2018

Brak wypłaty i kontaktu

Dnia 30.03.3018r złożyłem wniosek o wypłatę i oczywiście pieniędzy nie wypłacono i kontakt przez telefon i mail zerowy.
Komu to zgłosić proszę o poradę!!!

Translated by Google:

On 30/03/018 I applied for a payment and, of course, no money was paid and contact by phone and e-mail.
Who can I contact for advice !!!

k 04/13/2018


I deposited 250 dollars and started trading, after a short time i decided i wanted to withdraw my money, its been three months now and still no correspondence and therefore can conclude ill never see my money again, how they are still allowed operate is besides me. They are a bunch of scum sucking thieves who deserve to be in prison.

Paul Stolsie 04/11/2018

Como puedo recuperar una inversión

En el mes de Febrero del presente año, invertí 250 € en Bitcoin y me asignaron la cuenta nº 7745394 (EUR) MT4. Desde el mes de Marzo solicité el reintegro de 359€ que en la fecha figuraba en la cuenta y hasta la presente no he tenido noticias de ninguna clase. Solo para pedirme rellenar un impreso para confirmar mi solicitud. Creo que he sido victima de un timo muy bien preparado así que no tengo ninguna esperanza de recuperar ni siquiera mi inversión, pero espero que sirva esta nota para advertir a posibles incautos como yo.

Translated by Google:

In February of this year, I invested € 250 in Bitcoin and they assigned me account number 7745394 (EUR) MT4. From the month of March I requested the refund of € 359 that on the date appeared on the account and to this I have not had any news of any kind. Just to ask me to fill out a form to confirm my request. I think I've been the victim of a well-prepared scam so I have no hope of recovering even my investment, but I hope this note serves to warn possible dupes like me.

Juan Mateo Romero 04/11/2018

Don't pay them. Fraud attack

My name is Anthony Vridman. I live in Hungary. I am 62 years old man.
For all life I worked very hard and had some money.
CMB is the biggest scam in my life experience. They took all my money that I earned for all life.
Everything started from my deposit of 1000 Euro. It was not very big ammount. And my manager whos name was Adrian Glaber. (I think it was fake name). Explained me that if I want to get profit on market I need to invest more. And that 1000 it was just for test. I agreed with them and sent 25000 Euro for their proposition on Bitcoin trades. In 2 weeks my deposit growth and Adrian called me and explained that he can double my money but for this I need to send 50K more. I was scared about this and as a result agreed with him. In few days he called me and tell that analytics made the mistake and if I don't want to loose all my money I need to pay 30K today and ASAP. I paied. After that they started to ignore me and the withdrawal was impossible. i waited for 2 month for my money. Nothing happened.
Then I understood thet they just scammed me for 106000EUR. I decided to speak with lawyers. They explained that if I want to conflict with them I need to cancel all relations. I did everythin as I was explained. After that my lawyers starded the procedure of refunding. All process took 4 month. As a result I got the biggest part of my invested money. I can explain all steps what I did and what method I used. First of all everyone need to understand that all profit on platform is SCAM. And don't believe them. Don't send them money. Save everything that can be the evidence about your relations with CMB. They are SCAMMERS and good psychologists. And I am sure that they have very expencive attonery service.
Don't pay them.

Anthony 04/10/2018

Scam. They dont react on any try of contact and they dont pay out the money!

Never never again. they promise hight winnings with automatically trading and the account is raising, but if you try to withdraw the money, nobody answer anymore!

if somebody try to claim them with an attourney, please contact me. i have a good insurance, which will pay the attourney. but i dont think that i will see my money again.


Karl Ferner 04/09/2018

CMB Bandits

Auch ich bin mit 8100 USD und kann nicht mehr auf mein Konto zu greifen und ausbezahlen. Ein Christian Hoffer hat mir mein Geld aus der Tasche gezogen und jetzt komme ich nicht mehr an seine Adresse.Sie gibt's nicht mehr im Netz.Wenn ich bloss diese Kerle in meine Finger kriegen würde ich Ihnen weh tun bis aufs Blut jeder einzelnen von dieser Bande CMB.Ich würde am liebsten auf London reisen und diese Bande ausräuchern und alle Arbeitslos machen bis zum bitteren Ende.

Translated by Google:

Also I am with 8100 USD and can no longer access my account and pay off. A Christian Hoffer has pulled my money out of my pocket and now I can not get to his address. They are no longer on the net. If only I could get my hands on these guys I would hurt you to the core of every single one of this gang CMB. I would prefer to travel to London and smoke out these gangs and make everyone unemployed to the bitter end.

Christian 04/04/2018


Hola yo di 3000€ a la broker Elsa Rodríguez, alguien sabe de ella,le mando mensaje pero no me contesta, llamo por teléfono atención al cliente y siempre comunica, estoy desesperada, me podéis ayudar, gracias.

Translated by Google:

Hello I gave 3000 € to the broker Elsa Rodríguez, someone knows about her, I send her message but she does not answer me, I call customer service and she always communicates, I am desperate, you can help me, thanks.

Sandra 04/03/2018

Schwer zu glauben / CMB

Zuerst möchte ich mich doch mal ganz herzlich bei FOREXBROKERZ.COM bedanken, daß wir geplagten hier unser fruchtloses Leid mal vortragen dürfen.

@Markus( wenn du's überhaupt bist ??? ): Sorry, aber Deine Ausführung ist schwer zu glauben, Markus. Auf einmal so ein positives Bild von einer nichtregulierten Bank, die Du als Betrüger bei der Polizei City of London und an die Finanzaufsichtsbehörde FCA angezeigt hast ? Und dazu noch fast 100 Tage auf eine Auszahlung von USD 1.000,- und nicht die geforderten USD 1.250,- warten mußtest, nachdem du dich nochmal telefonisch mit den Vertretern der CMB herumquälen mußtest ? Das ist doch nicht nur ein schlechter Service, sondern stinkt auch danach, daß du diesen Artikel nicht verfaßt hast. Jeder hier trägt Verluste davon. Du aber nicht ??? Sorry, aber das klingt wirklich unglaubwürdig. Die CMB hat im Internet nicht nur eine sehr negative Kritik bekommen. Es werden auch Investitionswarnung seit letzten Jahr ausgegeben !!! Konkret heißt lautet eine: ..."nehmen Sie keine Einzahlung vor"...
Ich denke mir, daß man sich seiner Gier bewußt und sein sauer verdientes Geld zusammen sein sollte.
( Hoffe, daß GOOGLE es diesmal richtig übersetzt )

Translated by Google:

First of all, I would like to thank FOREXBROKERZ.COM for allowing us to present our fruitless suffering here.

@Markus (if you're even ???): Sorry, but your execution is hard to believe, Markus. All at once, a positive image of an unregulated bank that you have reported as a fraudster in the City of London police and the Financial Services Authority (FCA)? And you had to wait nearly 100 days for a payout of $ 1,000, and not the required $ 1,250, after you had to mess with the CMB representatives over the phone again? Not only is this a bad service, it also stinks that you did not write this article. Everyone here is losing money. But not you ??? Sorry, but that sounds unbelievable. The CMB has not only received a very negative review on the internet. There are also issued investment warning since last year !!! Specifically means: ... "do not make a deposit" ...
I think that one should be aware of his greed and his sour earned money together.
(Hope GOOGLE translates it right this time)

Hawk 04/03/2018

CMB hat Funktioniert

zu meinem Beitrag vom 25.01.2018 :
Aktuelle CMB Kontostand ca.5400.-Dollar davon 1300.-Dollar eingezahlt von mir und 1000.-Dollar Bonus von CMB. Zwischenzeitlich habe ich meine geforderten 1000.- Dollar ausbezahlt bekommen. Ich hatte ein gutes Telefongespräch mit Herrn Dominik Hoffmann .Mit dem Restbetrag wird nun Herr Hoffmann weiter arbeiten und vor allem Langfristiger, nach 6 bis 8 Monaten werde ich schauen wie mein Kontostand ist und eventuell eine neue Auszahlungsanforderung stellen.
Ich kann für mich sagen das es jetzt rund läuft.

Translated by Google:

to my contribution from 25.01.2018:
Current CMB account balance about $ 5400.-of which $ 1300-paid by me and $ 1000 bonus from CMB. In the meantime, I have paid my demanded 1000.- Dollar. I had a good telephone conversation with Mr. Dominik Hoffmann. With the remaining amount now Mr. Hoffmann will continue to work and above all long-term, after 6 to 8 months I will look like my account balance and possibly make a new payment request.
I can say for me that it is now running around.

Markus 03/28/2018

Spiel verloren -Shit happens ;)

Bin mit über EUR 3.000,- ( Guthaben über USD 7.000,- ) bei Capital Market Banc schön auf die Fresse geflogen. Und das über 1/2 Jahr, bevor mir der Kopf gewaschen wurden. Aber seien wir doch mal ehrlich: Klever gemacht. Daß wir jetzt Spielball zwischen Gut und Böse geworden sind liegt doch auch ein wenig an unsere Gier, die uns sehr leichtgläubig gemacht hat. Wer die AGB durchgelesen hat, wird irgendwo die Zeile gefunden haben "... kann zu einem Totalverlust Ihrer Investition führen ...". Ich sehe die einzigen Gewinner in diesem Spiel einerseits die Betrüger und andererseits die Juristen - die gewinnen schließlich immer. Und wenn ich dann noch sehe, daß in Europa keine Sammmelklage möglich ist, dann gibt es doch noch sehr viel an den Verlierern zu gewinnen, die weiterhin Gutgläubig von einer Falle in die nächste tappen. Ich bin sicherlich kein Prophet, wenn ich mal die Behauptung aufstelle, daß jeder Prozess vor dem Kadi auf grund obiger Klausell abblitzen wird ;D CU ^^ BB

Translated by Google:

With over EUR 3.000, - (balances over USD 7.000, -) flown at Capital Market Banc nicely on the face. And that over half a year, before my head was washed. But let's be honest: Klever made. The fact that we have now become a plaything between good and evil is also due to our greed, which made us very gullible. Anyone who has read through the Terms, will have found somewhere the line "... can lead to a total loss of your investment ...". I see the only winners in this game on the one hand the fraudsters and on the other hand the lawyers - the win eventually always. And if I then see that in Europe no Sammmelklage is possible, then there is still much to win the losers who continue to fall from one trap to the next in good faith. I am certainly not a prophet when I make the assertion that every trial before the Kadi will abate on the basis of the above clause; D CU ^^ BB

Hawk ( alias ) 03/27/2018


They steal your money, quick to help you get started and take your deposit, never to be seen or respond to you again. Fucking rubbish, the lot of them, may they rot in hell.

Paul 03/26/2018

Betrüger Herr Broker David Hofman

Auch ich bin reigelegt worden mit 2000$. Wir müssen alle die scheiß Bank und broker anzeigen

Translated by Google:

Also, I have been set with $ 2000. We all have to show the f*cking bank and broker

Aria 03/26/2018

I cannot withdraw my money

They promised me That I will make lots of money if I deposit $250 and I did. They called me once and I never heard from them. They blocked my access into my account ad I cannot withdraw my money.

They are a bunch of thieves. Are there no police department in their area or interpol to investigate these companies. Please advice me how I can get my money back.

Lenny V. Moonsamy 03/26/2018

Senior Broker Dominik Hoffmann Betrüger

Leute mir ging es ähnlich wie ist immer dieselbe Masche der Vorgehensweise. Ich werde nächste Woche den Senior Broker Dominik Hoffmann bei der Staatsanwaltschaft in Stuttgart wegen Finanzbetrug anzeigen. genauso wie das Unternehmen. #Abzocke, #Finanzbetrug, #Dominik Hoffmann oder wie er tatsächlich heisst...

Translated by Google:

People, I was similar to you .... it's always the same stitch of approach. Next week, I will report to Senior Broker Dominik Hoffmann at the Stuttgart Public Prosecutor's Office for financial fraud. as well as the company. # Rip-off, #Finanzbetrug, #Dominik Hoffmann or what he actually means ...

Jörg 03/24/2018

Senior Broker Oliver Lenz

Selbiges wie meine Mitbetroffenen, Anlage Betrug , getarnt als seriöses Brokerhaus CMB,
meinige Einlage von 1500.-€ vom 14.12.2017 bis heute letzte Aktivität um den 14.02.18 Stand 2845.-€
nach Auszahlungsanforderung keine Rückmeldung mehr. Betrüger vom besten.... leider ..
was kann ich tun die Einlage wurde auf ein DE Konto eingezahlt angeblich Frankfurt,
Sitz der Firma CMB ist Ludagate Hill 35-37 in London,

Translated by Google:

Same thing as my co-victims, investment fraud, disguised as a reputable brokerage CMB,
my contribution from 1500.- € from 14.12.2017 until today last activity around 14.02.18 Stand 2845.- €
after withdrawal request no more feedback. Cheater of the best .... unfortunately ..
what can I do the deposit was deposited on a DE account supposedly Frankfurt,
Seat of the company CMB is Ludagate Hill 35-37 in London,

Michael Pitten 03/20/2018

Bad experience

Very bad experience. i have invested 23.590€ and i have now in my account 46.000€. But when i will draw back only my investering my bróker (asesor) has disappeared and i can not contact anyone

santiago lópez 03/18/2018

Bad experience and cheaters

Very bad experience from them and cheaters.
When I ask for withdrawal they are disappeared.
They are not ready to work with the small amount.Just to cheat and locked they are offering $1000 with $250.Once you deposit money then forget about to withdrawal or profit from them.

Steve mckay is big fraud in this trading.....

Online trading is not easy as what they are telling in the demo.

Joemon Vijayan 03/15/2018

Ich würde nie mehr irgendwo einzahlen

Bei CMB hieß es erst von Oliver Lenz, ich kann 300 USD auszahlen, sobald 600 USD oben sind. Dann als es soweit war, kam ein Monat lang keine Antwort auf mein Antrag, auf dessen Formular mich mein Broker verlinkt hat.

Und jetzt heißt es wieder von einem neuen Broker namens Daniel Heikel, da mein Tradingkonto mit dem Trading-Roboter läuft, könne ich frühestens 6 Monaten nach Kontoeröffnung was rausnehmen, also in meinem Fall erst am 3. Juni, so wie es in den AGB heißen würde.
Nun fragte ich per E-Mail, wo in den AGB das denn steht(ich hab die AGB 2x durchgelesen und nichts darüber gefunden). Der Livechat in den ich dann ging, sagte, dass für diese Info der Broker zuständig ist, und der Broker schreibt seit 2 Werktagen nicht mehr zurück.

Mal schauen wie es weitergeht, aber ich denk das wird wohl ziemlich sicher mit einem Anwalt und dem Verlust von 250€ enden.

Aber es reut mich sogar nichtmal, dass ich es versucht habe, denn ich steck finanziell aus gesundheitlichen Gründen bald wirklich tief in der Klemme. Ich habe nichts zu verlieren... obwohl 250€ für mich so viel sind wie für andere gut verdienende Bürger 2500€.

Ich würde nie mehr irgendwo einzahlen, auch wenn mir andere Leute sagen würde dass es seriös ist. Genug Scheiße eingesteckt und in Zukunft kommt noch mehr - da brauch ich solche Betrüger nicht mehr auch noch oben drauf.

Translated by Google:

At CMB, it was first called by Oliver Lenz, I can pay out $ 300 as soon as $ 600 is up. Then, when the time came, there was no answer for a month to my application, on the form of which my broker linked me.

And now it is again from a new broker named Daniel Heikel, because my trading account with the trading robot is running, I can take out the earliest 6 months after account opening something, so in my case only on 3 June, as the terms are called would.

Now I asked by e-mail, where in the terms and conditions is because (I've read the Terms 2x and found nothing about it). The live chat I went into said that the broker is responsible for this info, and the broker has not returned for 2 business days.

Let's see how it goes on, but I think that will most likely end with a lawyer and the loss of 250 €.

But it does not even remorse me that I tried, because I'm financially stuck for health reasons soon really deep in the bone. I have nothing to lose ... although 250 € for me are as much as 2500 € for other well-off citizens.

I would never deposit anywhere, even if other people would say that it is serious. Enough shit inserted and in the future comes even more - I do not need such cheaters on top of it anymore.

Majda Doucin 03/10/2018

Appell an alle Opfer

Heute habe ich bei der Polizei eine Anzeige gegen CMB erstattet. Die Polizei hat diese Angelegenheit ernst genommen und genau protokolliert. Diese Berichterstattung wird dann an alle Bundesländer weitergeleitet. Hiermit möchte ich an alle Opfer von CMB appellieren, genau das zu tun, d.h. dort, wo Sie wohnen, bei der Polizei eine Anzeige zu erstatten. Das wird entgegengenommen. Wir hoffen darauf, dass kein Mensch mehr reingelegt wird und diese Verbrecherfirma weiterhin nicht mehr existiert.

Translated by Google:

Today I filed a complaint with the police against CMB. The police took this matter seriously and kept a close record. This report will then be forwarded to all federal states. Hereby I would like to appeal to all victims of CMB to do exactly that, i. Wherever you live, report to the police. That will be accepted. We hope that no one will be deceived and this criminal company will no longer exist.

Viktoria 03/08/2018

Impossible to withdraw

It is impossible to withdraw your money,you can write 100 mails
and suddenly your balance is 0,
It is fraud

Annie Skovgaard Kristensen 03/07/2018

CMB ein Betrüger

Ich habe am 1. 12.2017 250.-E investiert. Nachdem ich geweigert habe, mehr zu investieren, sind alle verschwunden: Herr Richter, Dominik Hoffmann, Christian Hoffer, Herr Gold, Fr. Buhler, Helen usw. Trotzdem konnte ich bis gestern noch einloggen. Der Stand war 768.64$. Aber ab heute ist das Einloggen nicht mehr möglich, d.h. auf diese Weise beschlagnahmt CMB das Kapital+Gewinn von den Kunden.

Translated by Google:

I invested on 1. 12.2017 250 Euro. After I refused to invest more, all have disappeared: Mr. Richter, Dominik Hoffmann, Christian Hoffer, Mr. Gold, Mrs. Buhler, Helen, etc. Nevertheless, I was still able to log in until yesterday. The booth was $ 768.64. But as of today the login is no longer possible, i. In this way, CMB seizes the capital + profit from the customers.

andreas 03/06/2018

Noch ein Mehr bei CMB Betrug

Hallo zusammen,
ich auch bin reingelegt worden von CMB / Joshua Development Ltd.
Ich habe bei CMB Market Bank 1.200 Dollars investiert jetzt steht das Kapital beim 1.893,00 US-Dollar und wächst weiter jeden Tag ein bissen mehr. ich möchte mein Geld gerne zurück haben aber ich habe so oft geschrieben und bis jetzt keine Antwort erhalten. Ich habe nach Lesung Ihre Nachricht daß ich auf meinem Geld verzichten kann... Mein Broker D. Hoffmann habe ich über Viber so oft geschrieben aber nix... obwohl er meinem Nachrichten gelesen habe und jeden morgen früh seine Viber benutzt..

Translated by Google:

Hello everybody,
I have also been tricked by CMB / Joshua Development Ltd.
I have invested $ 1,200 at CMB Market Bank and now capital is $ 1,893.00, and continues to grow a bit more every day. I would like to have my money back but I have written so many times and have not received a reply so far. I have your message after reading that I can do without my money ... My broker D. Hoffmann I've written about Viber so many times but nothing ... even though he read my message and uses his Viber every morning.

Eric Ducauroy 03/05/2018

CMB - no one is e-mailing me back

Hi There
I have tried to contact CMB to withdraw money from my account but no one is E Mailing me Back
Can you get someone to let me no when I can get my money back from my account
I am a pensioner and just thought I could get a bit extra to supplement my pension
Regards Eleanor Glover

Eleanor Glover 03/05/2018

Boiler room

Same here, Single mom trying to make a little extra's. Loosing $1840,00 that is a whole mouth i must life on.
Do contact me if there are groupsteps taken.

MCusters 02/28/2018

Recensioni su C.M.B.

sono imbroglioni allo stato puro hanno truffato migliaia di risparmiatori in italia e all'estero io personalmente sono stato derubato di 580$ il 09/12/2017 quando ho letto le recensioni ho richiesto il ritorno del capitale investito il 12/12/2017 mi hanno risposto che tempo 7 giorni lavorativi avrebbero provveduto. A tutt'oggi 26/02/2018 non hanno fatto nulla , se volete i nomi sono la prima certa Alessia Baldi a suo dire italo /inglese prima operazione. Poi i consulenti certo Zacharia Marlin poi certo Fabio Reda truffatori patentati, anzi ladri

Translated by Google:

they are cheats in the pure state have cheated thousands of savers in Italy and abroad I have personally been robbed of $ 580 on 09/12/2017 when I read the reviews I requested the return on the capital invested 12/12/2017 I have answered that 7 working days would have been provided. To date 26/02/2018 did not do anything, if you want the names are the first certain Alessia Baldi to his say Italian / English first operation. Then the consultants certainly Zacharia Marlin then certain Fabio Reda patented swindlers, even thieves

raimond 02/26/2018


After deposit USD 250 , there no account manager to , help to trade for 6 days now . send e mail , there no reply

James Ng 02/21/2018

CMB is definitely a scam

Definitely a scam. I sold on 21/12/17 and still waiting for my funds. Despite numerous emails/whatsApp's to my Broker, I keep getting the runaround.
How is it with so much bad press this Company can maintain an account with the card providers? VISA and Mastercard must act?

David 02/19/2018


Auch ich bin mit 300$ Verlust dabei.
Keine Reaktion mehr, keine Antwort auf Mails oder Anrufe.
Das dies die Kreditkarten Unternehmen noch zulassen, wenn diese Masche schon so bekannt ist?
Werde mein Karten Unternehmen informieren
Mein Geld muss ich wohl abschreiben.
Bin wütend auf mich dass ich mich wieder in sowas rein ziehen habe lassen.
Ich hoffe diese Leute werden bestraft, das ist Diebstahl.
Falls wer eine Lösung hat, würde ich mich freuen eine Info zu erhalten.
fG charly

Translated by Google:

Also I am with $ 300 loss.
No reaction, no answer to mails or calls.
That this the credit card companies still allow, if this scam is already so well known?
Will inform my card company
I have to write off my money.
I'm angry at me for letting myself get pulled into something like that again.
I hope these people are punished, that's theft.
If you have a solution, I would be glad to receive an info.
fG charly

Charl 02/18/2018

Difficulty for withdrawals

Since a few days ago, I have asked CMB to reimburse my account, once the chosen period for investments has ended. In spite of having passed the estimated time by the CMB company to make the refund, this has not occurred and the brokers responsible for my account do not call or come in contact with me.
What could I do or where to go?

P.D .: an identical behavior I am receiving from FXC Markets. I do not understand if behind this behavior lies an alleged fraud or financial fraud and I would like to know before which legislation both companies are responsible. Thank you

Francisco José Aguilar Martínez 02/18/2018

auch ich bin von denen angerufen worden und zum glück nur 300 USD über Creditcard eingezaahlt

auch mir wurde das beste versprochen. habe 300 USD im Dezember eingezahlt, wollte nun auch einen teil auszahlen lassen.
wie allen hier, es gibt keine Antwort, kein Live Chat, keine Hilfe oder Erklärung.
werde am Montag meine Bank aufsuchen und wegen den Schutz der Mastercard nachfragen. auch werde ich meine Rechtsschutz Versicherung ein schalten.

da es eindeutig Betrug ist und es bei vielen passiert, bin ich empört, das Mastercard solche Überweisungen überhaupt noch genehmigt!!

falls wer Sammelklagen oder so organisiert, bitte ich um kurze Info per Mail

Translated by Google:

I was promised the best as well. have paid 300 USD in December, now wanted to withdraw a part.
like everyone here, there is no answer, no live chat, no help or explanation.
will visit my bank on Monday and ask for the protection of the Mastercard. Also, I will switch my legal protection insurance.

since it is clearly a scam and it happens to many, I am outraged that Mastercard still approves such transfers !!

if anyone organizes class actions or so, please contact me via e-mail

Charl Ferner 02/17/2018

CMB is a cheating company

I deposit with their site 250 USD six months before and they showing me me money is now 371.36 USD, but now i want close it and return my money they are not giving me back. I will move from this country soon, my account will be closed also, from this account only i transferred the money.

Elumalai Kannan 02/12/2018

einer von den Betrogenen

Auch ich -genau so wie ihr alle- habe am 1. Dez.2017 250.-Euro investiert. Seitdem es vor 2 Wochen meinem Broker D. Hoffmann und dann Herrn Gold nicht gelungen ist, mich zu überreden, mehr zu investieren, wollen sie mit mir nichts mehr zu tun haben. Für die Auszahlung sollte ich mich an "Software-Abteilung" wenden. Aber ich habe weder Service- noch Software-Abteilung gefunden. Kein Mensch ist praktisch da zuständig. Kurz: Wir sind alle betrogen worden von dieser Firma.
Meiner Meinung nach dürfen wir nicht zusehen, dass weitere Leute in die Falle dieser Firma geraten werden. Wir müssen etwas tun. Kennt jemand eine gute Methode? Oder weiß jemand, dass es eine Stelle gibt, wo wir eine Anzeige erstatten? Gemeinsam sind wir stark. Ich bitte diesbezüglich um Unterstützung von euch allen, die Opfer der Firma CMB sind.

Translated by Google:

Also I-just like you all-invested on 1 Dec. 2017 250.-Euro. Since 2 weeks ago, my broker D. Hoffmann and then Mr. Gold have not been able to persuade me to invest more, they do not want to have anything to do with me anymore. For payment, I should contact "Software Department". But I did not find any service or software department. No one is practically responsible there. In short: We were all cheated by this company.
In my opinion, we must not see more people getting into the trap of this company. We have to do something. Does anyone know a good method? Or does anyone know that there is a place where we file a complaint? Together we are strong. In this regard, I ask for your support from all of you who are victims of CMB.

abc 02/09/2018

I lost my capital minimum money 250 euro

One person off cmb call mi you invert yours money 250 euro with us and i give you two week benifit 200 euro if you want deposit this money with us cmb and give mi card detail i give hime my master debit card ditail julen barrosso Se ha realizado cargo en my card but 29 january 2018 until now i dont no my capital money is where because he no put in my page cmb my money i cannot see my money any where hi take my money 29 /01/2018 this date from my master card and after he take money 250 euro and speake mi one broker contect with you in few days but until today broker not call mi and i thik my money is lost with CMB and afer this patricia torralbo get mi my al peper sacaned hi take by mail.but after all hi also not connect mi again so please resed mi moy money 250 euro total and thats all

zaheer abbas 02/08/2018


Ich habe bei CMB Market Bank 1000 100 Euro investiert jetzt steht das Kapital auch 1948 US-Dollar ich möchte mein Geld gerne zurück haben aber ich habe so oft geschrieben und bis jetzt keine Antwort erhalten was soll ich machen um mein Geld wieder zu bekommen

Translated by Google:

I have invested 100 100 euros with CMB Market Bank now the capital is also 1948 US dollars I would like to have my money back but I have written so many times and have not received any answer so far what should I do to get my money back

Josef Plessner 02/08/2018

CMB - Thieves / Scammers

I cannot believe that I could have so stupid to believe I can make so easy money. Yes, Jonathan Whyte is a real thieve. I invested 1000 USD and struggling to get my money back. Shame on them to be such thieves and hope they will die a very slowly and painful death. I cannot understand why all of us that was scammed cannot get someone to assist us.

Deon Slabbert 02/07/2018

How to get my money back?

I transffered 250$ at first the 10th of december, then 500$ the 16th december.
I sent a request for withdraw 3-4 times, and I told my "manager" that I want to withdraw my money and close account, but he only asks me tranffer more money.
I transfered the 750$ from my Master Card in december.
Is it possible for me to get my money back?

Forexbrokerz Team: Contact your bank and file a chargeback.

Zivko Velimirovic 02/07/2018

Capital Markets Banc scam. Urgent. Beware

They are THIEVES Sophie and Jonathan White(if that was ever their real names) are both THIEVES. I was wanting to buy a Bitcoin and they hounded me until they got my money and the company's pretense of showing you an Investment Screen with your daily trading is all a SCAM. They have no intention of giving the money back, instead tried to get me to invest more and more. CAPITAL MARKET BANC SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO OPERATE FROM THE UK.

Marcelle Manning 02/06/2018

Scam and fraud

I deposit 250€ min and part of my personal information. at one point I didn't send it completely and they were calling over and over I manage to read more reviews and try to call them back in all the numbers they have and any of them work.
I ask for a withdraw and I know it won't happen not so cool just scared that they will get extra money from me.

Gibran Eckles 02/05/2018

No Payout

Trust no one of them , the pay no money back.
I loose all my money, you get no action from withdraw funds or support .

Wilhelm Klaus Hämmerle 02/03/2018


i invested $250 last year in Dec with CMB and i started to receive calls to invest more money.
two weeks ago i ask for withdrawals and since then they have shut me out.nobody is calling me anymore and e-mails are not answered. i am being ripped of, what a bunch of losers.

Mandlakayise Radebe 02/02/2018

Ask for a withdrawal and they shut you out

I have been trying to get my money out for about 2 months and have reached a stage where I think my phone has been blocked by them and they do not answer emails. It is, in there terms a small amount, a few thousand pounds, but for me it is a large amount of money and I am now beginning to realise that I have been completely scammed by them. In the end this is the most costly mistake in my life. Steer clear of them. My problem now is how do I get some recourse; surely they can't just get away with this?

David Green 01/30/2018

Il mio giudizio su CMB

Sono sempre stato scettico su chi ti vuol fare guadagnare molto. Infatti, ho voluto fare una prova con 300,00 dollari. In una ventina di giorni il mio operatore da Londra , sig. Marco Krueger, è riuscito a capitalizzare fino a 900,00 dollari, continuando a telefonarmi per farmi investire molto di più. Tutto è iniziato ai primi di settembre 2017.Al mio diniego di investite ancora nessuno si è più fatto sentire, ma nella piattaforma è rimasta aperta una operazione sul $. Venti giorni fa ho chiesto un rimborso di 900.00 $, ho fatto tutto ciò che mi è stato richiesto, ma da allora silenzio di tomba. Ero e sono certo che non esiste alcuna piattaforma operativa e che i soldi investiti finiscono dritti sul c/c di questa bada di miserabili truffatori. Saluti

Translated by Google:

I've always been skeptical about those who want to make a lot of money. In fact, I wanted to do a test with $ 300.00. In about twenty days my operator from London, Mr. Marco Krueger, managed to capitalize up to $ 900.00, continuing to call me to make me invest a lot more. It all started at the beginning of September 2017. At my refusal to invest, nobody has made any more sense, but on the platform an operation on the $ has remained open. Twenty days ago I asked for a refund of $ 900.00, I did everything that was required, but since then it has been a grave silence. I was and I am sure that there is no operational platform and that the money invested ends up on the c / c of this bada of miserable scammers. Greetings

Enrico Viero 01/30/2018

scam artist

Many times i have asked to get my 250 euro back but without any results, i do think i have been scammed!!

MJR Furnee 01/29/2018

Unable to withdraw my investment

Very disappointed. Have asked numerous of times to withdraw the available funds without any success. They are not professional and seeks advice what to do.

Deon Slabbert 01/25/2018

CMB Betrug

Hallo ,
auch ich wurde reingelegt .
Ich zahlte erst 300.-Dollar ein und lies mich bequatschen auf Kontostandard zu kommen und zahlte nochmal 1000.-Dollar ein . Dan habe ich einen Bonus bekommen von 1000.- , die haben dann gearbeitet damit mit erfolg Konto steht jetzt bei 3788.-Dollar. Dann wollte ich eine Auszahlung von 1250.-Dollar und ab da ging es los . Von Broker Hoffmann zu Broker Dr.Jensen und jetzt Funkstille . Mein Geld habe ich angefordert vor 5 Wochen . Absoluter Betrug mein Konto ist angeblich Verifiziert und ich kann es immer noch beobachten .
Gibt es irgendjemand der schon mal etwas ausbezahlt bekommen hat bei CMB ?
Habe zwischenzeitlich mein Fall an die Polizei City of London und an die Finanzaufsichtsbehörde FCA gesendet mal schauen ob da was rauskommt. Ich glaube es zwar nicht aber ein Versuch ist es wert.

Translated by Google:

Hello ,
I too was tricked.
I paid only 300.-Dollar and let me chat on account standard to come and paid again 1000.-Dollar. Dan got me a bonus of 1000.-, which then worked with success account now stands at 3788.-dollars. Then I wanted a payout of 1250.-Dollar and from there it started. From broker Hoffmann to broker Dr. Jensen and now radio silence. I requested my money 5 weeks ago. Absolutely scam my account is supposedly verified and I can still watch it.
Is there anybody who has ever got paid something at CMB?
Have in the meantime sent my case to the police City of London and to the Financial Supervisory Authority FCA let's see if something comes out. I do not believe it but it's worth a try.

Markus 01/25/2018

fund reverse

I changed my mind about opening a trading account with capital markets banc. Will I have a problem getting my money back. It's at Worldclearing the amount of USD250

Vinobha latchman 01/23/2018

I made 200 requests for withdrawal and all useless

Io come tutti è stata vittima di questi bastardi. Ma non è per mia volontà. Mio marito mi ha obbligato. Ho resistito come poteva, ma quando abbiamo iniziato scandali, ho detto "fai quello che vuoi, i soldi sono persi già" Ho fatto 200 richieste per prelievo e tutto inutile!!!SILENZIO! Ma questo non è tutto. Questo "gioco" ha più livelli. Attenzione. Il secondo livello di furto. In una bella giornata chiamerà "presumibilmente banca di Monaco" e sara di offrire diventare un cliente della banca. Praticamente hanno dicano che possono spostare i soldi dal conto Capital markets nella sua banca Però!!!! deve aggiungere altri 250 dollari, e in questo modo si diventa un cliente della banca e sarà in grado di prelevare denaro in qualsiasi momento!!!! Siete pregati di notare che l'agente sarà con voi per parlare con lo stesso accento , indirizzo di questa banca in Inghilterra e anche il design del sito è fatto in stile Capital markets. State attenti! Non credete a questi ladri e truffatori!!!

Translated by Google:

I, like everyone, was the victim of these bastards. But it is not for my will. My husband forced me. I resisted as much as I could, but when we started scandals, I said "do what you want, the money is already lost" I made 200 requests for withdrawal and all useless !!! SILENCE! But that is not all. This "game" has multiple levels. Caution. The second level of theft. On a beautiful day he will call "presumably the bank of Monaco" and will offer to become a bank customer. They basically say they can move money from the Capital Markets account in his bank. But !!!! must add another $ 250, and in this way you become a bank customer and will be able to withdraw money at any time !!!! Please note that the agent will be with you to speak with the same accent, address of this bank in England and also the design of the site is done in the style of Capital Markets. Be careful! Do not believe these thieves and scammers !!!

Marina 01/22/2018


Wir wurden auch reingelegt.
Gleiches Prinzip,ein Broker meldet sich,alles funktioniert wunderbar und bei der Auszahlung hört man nichts mehr von denen.
Welche Möglichkeiten gibt es gegen die vorzugehen?
Die angegeben Adressen in London und Bulgarien gibt es sicher auch nicht.
Habt ihr eine Idee?
Tut man sich zusammen und wehrt sich?
Es sind ja doch schon einige auch mehreren Plattformen denen es genauso geht!
Merkwürdig ist nur,dass es die meisten Beschwerden erst ab anfang/mitte Dez gibt bis jetzt Ende Januar.
Also muss es die Plattform ja noch nicht solange geben.

Translated by Google:

We were also tricked.
Same principle, a broker logs in, everything works wonderfully and when paying you can hear nothing more of them.
What options are there to combat this?
Lawyer advertisement?
The specified addresses in London and Bulgaria are certainly not synonymous.
Do you have an idea?
Do you get together and fight back?
There are already quite a few platforms that are just as well!
Strangely enough, most of the complaints are only from the beginning / middle of December until the end of January.
So it does not have to give the platform so long.

Tom 01/22/2018

CAMB Review

Absolut Skam .Ich gewin 1308 euro CAMB nich zalen mich .und sperren mich Frau schef Leoni Ernst werbe mich per privat hendy .
Nicht standart per imeil auch abbuchen geld ab meine Master cart per Telefon nicht standart .Oliver Lenz sperren mich One Fragen mich ja oder nicht .das ist eine grup kriminel loite .und nicht antworten mich und komuniziren .selbst bertrug .ich habe genug foto für und dukoment für eizalung deposit 250 euro. Trade diabgrame .akaunt Konto Nomer gevin geld und leiv trade . Ich akzeptieren und bestätig das publizieren. Achtung .ich machen Polizei Anzeige London für das bertrug

Translated by Google:

Absolut Skam. I won 1308 euro CAMB not zalen me. And lock me wife boss Leoni Ernst advertise me by private hendy.
Not by default imeil also deduct money from my master cart by phone not standart. Oliver Lenz lock me One questions me yes or not. This is a grup criminal loite. And do not answer me and komuniziren. Even bertrug. I have enough photo for and moment for payment deposit 250 euro. Trade diabgrame .akaunt account Nomer gevin money and leiv trade. I accept and confirm the publication. Attention. I'm making police ad London for the bertrug

Toshko Toshkov 01/21/2018

Is it a scam?

I have invested $750 I joined about 8months ago everything seemed to be going well, they contacted me on a regular baseis and I am making money, butI have not tried to withdraw any money, after reading this artical I am now a little worried, I did try to phone them but I could not get through I have emailed them but I have had no reply yet.

Ian Read 01/20/2018


Wenn du zu deinen investierten Geld kommen willst meldet sich kein Mensch mehr.

Translated by Google:

If you want to come to your invested money no one answers.

Michael kofler 01/19/2018


ich kann mich nicht einloggen und keiner ruft mich an was soll das es ist nicht in Ordnung was ihr macht

Translated by Google:

I can not log in and nobody calls me what's the point that it's not okay what you do

Bahar Yurdakul 01/19/2018

CMB die Betrügerplattform

Hallo, ich bin es nochmal.
CMB hat mir mein Geld bisher natürlich nicht ausgezahlt. Ich hatte ja so ungefähr 1.329... USD auf meinem Konto und hatte 920... USD zurückgefordert. CMB meldete sich nicht mehr, und war auch für mich unerreichbar. Ich habe aber angefangen mit meinem Konto zu handeln, und hatte mich innerhalb von 4 Tagen auf 1.700 USD hochgehandelt. Habe aber nur mit Devisen gehandelt. Da es ja MEIN Geld und MEIN Konto ist, habe ich nun damit begonnen mein Konto, mein Geld zu verzocken. Mein Gedanke dabei war, wenn ich das Geld nicht ausgezahlt bekomme, kann ich damit machen was ich will. Nun steht mein Konto auf 50 USD, ich habe bewusst so mit den Devisen (meistens EUR/USD) gehandelt, dass ich das Geld verlieren musst. Und was denkt ihr, wer angerufen hat? Ein Broker von CMB, angeblich aus London, meldete sich, und fragte, was mit meinem Kono passiert sei, er würde gerne das Konto für mich wieder *hochhandeln*, ich sollte nur mal eben 5.000 oder 10.000 Euro einzahlen. Ich habe ihn ausgelacht und ihm gesagt, *CMB hat mir MEIN Geld nicht ausgezahlt, also habe ich das Geld verzockt*, dann habe ich das Telefonat beendet! Diese charakterlosen Verbrecher sollte man bei Facebook namentlich nennen damit viele Leute erfahren, mit welchen Machenschaften die Menschen betrogen werden.
Grüße an Euch ALLE

Translated by Google:

Hello, it's me again.
Of course, CMB has not paid me my money so far. I had about $ 1,329 ... in my account and had reclaimed $ 920 .... CMB did not answer and was out of reach for me. But I started trading my account, trading up to $ 1,700 in 4 days. But I only traded in foreign exchange. Since it is MY money and MY account, I have now begun my account to gamble my money. My thought was that if I can not get the money paid, I can do what I want with it. Now my account is at $ 50, I have been so aware of the foreign exchange (mostly EUR / USD) that I have to lose the money. And what do you think who called? A broker from CMB, allegedly from London, came in and asked what had happened to my Kono, he would like to * repurchase the account for me *, I should just deposit just 5,000 or 10,000 euros. I laughed at him and told him * CMB did not pay MY money to me, so I gambled the money *, then I ended the call! These characterless criminals should be named on Facebook by name so that many people learn the machinations with which people are being cheated.
Greetings to you all

Lydia 01/18/2018

Absoluter Betrug

Das ist ein reiner Betrug. Mit der Ersteinzahlung bekommt man einen Anruf, in dem man mehrmals aufgefordert wird mehr Geld einzuzahlen. Kaum hat man sich eingelogt, erhält man Sekunden später einen Anfruf von einem sogenannten Doktor..Alles gelogen..

Als ich die Auszahlung testen wollte, hat man danach den gesamten Betrag wieder so investiert, dass ein Verlust daraus entstanden ist. Das Gegenteil, was die Prognosen zu damaliger Zeit waren.

Finger weg von dieser Seite..Alles Amateure..Ich bleibe bei meinen bekannten Seiten. Dort ist mein Geld besser aufgehoben..

Translated by Google:

This is a pure scam. With the first deposit you get a call in which you are asked several times to deposit more money. As soon as you have logged in, you get seconds later a call from a so-called doctor .. Everything lied ..

When I wanted to test the payout, you have then invested the entire amount again so that a loss has arisen. The opposite, what were the forecasts at that time.

Stay away from this site..All amateurs..I stay with my known sites. There my money is better off ..

Zaid 01/18/2018

CMB Betrug

Habe selbst 250,00€ eingezahlt. Nach der Einzahlung bekommt man keinen Kontakt weder über den Support noch über den Livechat. Habe x-mal die Rückforderung und Kündigung meines Kontos an eine Mailadresse die anscheinend geht, gesenst. Es kommt Mail mit der Ankündigung der Rückzahlung innerhalb 7 Tagen, aber Geld gibts bis heute keines.Ich habe auch keinen Zugang zu einer Software bekommen, lässt sich nicht downloaden! Alles dubios und richtige Abzocke! BETRUG!!!!! LASDT EUCH NIEMALS MIT DENEN EIN, AUSSER IHR HSBT GELD ZU VERSCHENKEN!!!

Translated by Google:

I paid 250,00 €. After the deposit you get no contact neither through the support nor through the live chat. Have x times the recovery and termination of my account to an email address which apparently goes, sang. It comes mail with the announcement of repayment within 7 days, but there is no money until today. I also have no access to a software, can not download! Everything dubious and right rip off! AMOUNTED TO!!!!! NEVER TALK WITH THOSE TO GIVE MONEY OUT OF YOUR HSBT MONEY !!!

Gabrielle Schwarz 01/17/2018

Cheating Markets Bank

They cheated me. I think, I´ll never see this 250€ again. I can´t reach anyone anymore.

Chris 01/17/2018

Do not waste your money!

This is absolutely cheating broker don’t trust them they only take your money and never give you back absolutely cheating I invested and after one week with out having any access to trade I called them to withdraw my money and they said this is impossible and you must wait at least for there month she told here is not bank you come today and leave tomorrow I told them I go to police and make an complain and they as you like you will not able to take your money

masoud Moradi 01/16/2018

Betrug, anschließend noch Spot und Hohn

Über meine Erfahrungen habe ich hier ja schon berichtet. Nachdem ich mehrfach versucht hatte mein Geld zurückzufordern und auch weiteren Broker-Kontakt durch Auflegen des Hörers beendet hatte, erhielt ich eine Mail mit folgendem Wortlaut:

I want to help you. But I can only help you if you let me.
I created the Bitcoin Code to help hard-working people like you earn the wealth, respect and freedom they’ve always wanted.
If you want to finally know what it feels like to enjoy the finer things in life, you need to ACT and fund your account now.
Nobody else can take this crucial step to financial freedom for you.
Only you alone can do that.
Activate your profits now and enjoy the luxury lifestyle you want and deserve.

Your Friend,
Steve McKay

Die sind noch so dreist und verarschen ihre geprellten Kunden. Mir fehlen die Worte! Also nochmal meine Warnung: Lasst die Finger vom Bitcoin-Code und der im Hintergrund agierenden Capital Markets Banc.

Translated by Google:

I have already reported on my experiences here. After I tried several times to reclaim my money and also finished another broker contact by hanging up the phone, I received an email with the following wording:

I want to help you. But I can only help you if you let me.
I created the Bitcoin Code to help hard-working people like you earn the wealth, respect and freedom they’ve always wanted.
If you want to finally know what it feels like to enjoy the finer things in life, you need to ACT and fund your account now.
Nobody else can take this crucial step to financial freedom for you.
Only you alone can do that.
Activate your profits now and enjoy the luxury lifestyle you want and deserve.

Your Friend,
Steve McKay

They are still so brazen and ripped off their bruised customers. I'm lost for words! So again my warning: Keep your fingers off the Bitcoin code and the background Capital Markets Banc.

Johannes 01/15/2018

Capital Market fraud

They cheated me 250€, I had contact with the following people Gabriela Marquez Smith +447466356385 email, Nicky Mendez +306942561074, Ana Garcia email
When I claim my money they mock my face and ask me to invest more.
It´s not fair that these scamo artists keep stealing. We have to make a complaint in a group to stop this thieves band.

Julio 01/14/2018

capital markets banc scam

I have been called by these CBM people telling me that i am going to make a lot of money, in order for me to activate my account i must deposit $250 ,firstly i was reluctant to do this , they kept on calling me i have decided to deposit this money after 2 or three weeks i tried to withdraw my money they kept on giving me enquiry cards until now there is no one who is answering my whatsapp or emails anymore

gcobisa 01/12/2018


l opened an account with CMB and deposited the minimum $250 but they told me l had to deposit more money & when l refused to deposit and requested for a withdrawal they called me why i wanted my money back and kept persuading me to deposit more but i refused & so far i have left a dozen requests & emails but to no avail. hence my review for this broker is that if by any chance you where thinking of depositing with them RUN FOR YOUR LIFE & SAVE YOUR MONEY. besides if you ask them to trade on your own they refuse & tell you they will trade for you.....which on its own says how much of a scam this broker.....l have lost my money but please don't fall in the same trap like me & chose a regulated & trusted broker of your choice but research carefully before putting your hard earned money in the mouths of serpents like CMB.

promise mlilo 01/12/2018

I got scammed and they will not refund my money

These people take your money and when you ask for them to return the funds they require your credit card details and ID doc...they refuse to give back my USD 250.00..This company is a fraud and should be brought to task....Do not trust them

Jessica Nydoo 01/11/2018

Betrug und Belästigung

Beabsichtigte über Bitcoincode zu handeln und habe mich zu einer Zahlung über CMB in Höhe von 250 USD verleiten lassen. Der Handel mit Bitcoincode funktioniert nicht, weil das Geld dafür nicht freigegeben wird. Stattdessen rufen unentwegt irgendwelche Broker oder Seniorbroker an, die einem zum Handel mit größeren Summen bewegen wollen. Offensichtlich ist es so, dass men zunächst zustimmen muss, damit man mit seinem eigenen Geld handeln kann. Die Rückzahlung funktioniert nicht. Das Geld kommt auch nach mehrmaligem Requests und Ausfüllen des Withdrawel-Formulars nicht zurück. Da ich mit Kreditkarte bezahlt habe, versuche ich es jetzt über eine Kreditkartenreklamation. Mal sehen, was daraus wird. Ich glaube aber, dass ich die umgerechnet 208 Euro abschreiben kann. Ich kann nur jeden vor diesen Betrügern warnen. Die in der Homepage angegebenen Telefonnummern funktionieren nicht, die Kontaktaufnahme über die Kontaktemail führt zu Fehlermeldungen und der Livechat ist fake! Finger weg von diesen Betrügern!

Translated by Google:

Intended to trade through Bitcoincode and got me to commit a $ 250 CMB payment. Bitcoincode trading does not work because the money is not released. Instead, non-stop call brokers or senior brokers who want to get you trading larger sums of money. Obviously, men have to agree first so they can trade their own money. The repayment does not work. The money does not come back even after multiple requests and completing the Withdrawel form. Since I have paid by credit card, I am now trying a credit card reclamation. Let's see what happens. But I think that I can write off the equivalent of 208 euros. I can only warn everyone against these scammers. The telephone numbers given in the homepage do not work, contact via the contact email leads to error messages and the live chat is fake! Stay away from these scammers!

Johannes 01/11/2018

I got scammed by CMB

May all these scammer rot in hell!
Put me off trading

Manny 01/10/2018


I have been sending withdrawal request form to Cmb over a month now, yet no reply from them! I was later called by one of the members and he was asking me if I want to trade or not, I told him I’m not longer interested and that I need my money back. He said if I need my money back I should come and collect it, like seriously? I was shocked and thankfully I was recording our call conversations and I’m going to give it to the police as evidence and I told him I’m recording this conversation and he said I should go ahead! I hang up the call, and few minutes he called back and said I should wait for one month, I told him I won’t wait for a month before I receive my money back! They are thieves and scammers! Never trust them or trade with them!

Anita clement 01/05/2018

Capital Market banc...a spam

same story..after i filled their form on line,they called me next day asking to submit minimum 250USD ,,,and guided me through the process during which she could not answer my questions properly which led me to conclude that it may be a i stopped the process and cut the call off...after that i read these reviews . and thanked God that i am saved.
another thing to note that she probably plays a noisy cassatte in the back ground pretending that she is sitting in an office or stock exchange center.
i dont remember the name but her phone number is: care full friends
can we report this number to authorities in Uk..if some one knows how to do that..pls do.
im dubai based.

qaiser 01/05/2018

Keine Auszahlung Warnung Betrüger

Die Capital Markets Banc ist ein Betrüger. Keine Auszahlung trotz mehrmaliger Versuche.
Auf meine Drohung eine Anzeige zu erstatten und nur dann davon abzusehen, wenn ich wenigstens
den eingezahlten Betrag erhalte, wurde nicht reagiert. Im Gegenteil, seit dem ist der Kontakt abgebrochen.
Nun habe ich eine Anzeige erstattet, aber die Polizei kann nichts tun. Das ist das Ergebnis. Unglaublich.
Betrug auf diese Art und Weise scheint zu funktionieren und wird nicht bestraft, aber jeder kleine Ladendiebstahl hat Konsequenzen. Menschen können von staatlicher Seite über das Internet ausspioniert werden, aber solche Verbrecher nicht? Da muss etwas Faul sein.

Translated by Google:

The Capital Markets Banc is a scam. No payout despite repeated attempts.
At my threat to file an ad and only refrain from it, if I at least
received the deposited amount was not responded. On the contrary, since then the contact has broken off.

Now I have filed a complaint, but the police can not do anything. That's the result. Incredible.

Fraud in this way seems to work and will not be punished, but every little shoplifting has consequences. People can be spied on the state side over the Internet, but not such criminals? There has to be something rotten.

St. Gröger 01/05/2018

CMB ist eine Betrugsplattform!

Zu Beginn, am 24.11.2017,habe ich 300 USD investiert. Nach wenigen Tagen kam ein Angebot. Wenn ich nochmal 300 USD auf mein CMB-Konto einzahle, würde CMB in gleicher Höhe einen Weihnachtsbonus drauflegen. Somit waren jetzt 900 USD auf meinem Konto. Der Broker Dr. Antonio Sarras handelte innerhalb von wenigen Tagen mein Konto auf 1.329,07 USD hoch. Am 20.12.2017 habe ich eine Auszahlungsanforderung in Höhe von 920,22 USD an CMB geschickt. Seit dem höre ich nichts mehr von meinem Broker Dr. Antonio Sarras. Es werden mir automatische Mails in englischer Sprache geschickt. CMB ist eine Verbrecher und Betrugsplattform.

Translated by Google:

At the beginning, on November 24, 2017, I invested $ 300. After a few days came an offer. If I deposit another $ 300 on my CMB account, CMB would pay the same amount of Christmas bonus. Thus, there were now 900 USD in my account. The broker Dr. Antonio Sarras traded my account up to $ 1,329.07 in just a few days. On 20.12.2017, I sent a $ 920.22 payout request to CMB. Since then I have not heard from my broker Dr. Antonio Sarras. I will be sent automatic mails in English. CMB is a criminal and fraud platform.

Lydia 01/03/2018

CAPMB full of excuses when requesting to withdrawal

I recently CAPMBEU Forex trading.I deposited USD 250 and was assured by one of your brokers by the name of Jonathan that I will be making money and that if I deposited another USD 1250 he can be making up to 40% daily.
I did everything that he asked me to do and he wanted another USD 2500. I then discussed with him that I need to withdrawal at least USD1500 my balance is now reflecting as USD2035. In order for me to access more funds as one of my investments is was below the minimum withdrawal balance.
ever since then he has been giving all sorts of excuses and I feel that I am being cheated by your so called Stock brokers.
I am now of the opinion that this is a scam

Alexander 12/29/2017

Do you have any withdrawals here?

I paid 500 USD here and now it was 1655 USD param I had a withdrawal request on December 14 but they still did not deposit my money. Do you have any withdrawals here?

Murat 12/29/2017

Hochstaplern aber sind immer auf freiem Fuss

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

leider habe ich auch an diesem Drais Betrüger Bande geglaubt und 250 € investiert. Nach 40 Tagen ungefähr wurde von 250€ 590 €. Ich wollte ausprobieren das Geld auszahlen zu lassen und ab dem Punkt hat Herr Hoffmann der nicht Deutsche ist ( Alle Mitbetreibern dort nutzen deutsche Namen obwohl Sie gar kein gutes Deutsch sprechen können????, eigentlich bin echt Blöd das ich so weiter gemacht habe als eine Emma Smith von mir Geld verlangt hat, ich hatte den Verdacht dass die alle fiktive Namen haben, aber tja) aber einen Deutschen namen tragt, hat angefangen mit mir nicht zu kommunizieren.

Hier meine Ansage an alle scheiß Geheimdiensten auf dieser Welt. INTERPOL, CIA, FBI, MI6, BND, MOSSAD usw.

Wie kann es sein dass IHR alle, gegenseitig abhört um die Staatsgeheimnisse andere Staaten um zu lüften und gleichzeitig gibt es so viele Hochstaplern die uns alle im Großen stiel so leicht betrügen und beklauen können aber Sie keine Ahnung von denen haben???

Wie kann das sein dass IHR alle von Satelliten im All die Menschen identifizieren könnt, aber auf der Erde die im Internet lauernden Betrügern mit Ihrem super Software nicht identifizieren könnt???

Wie kann das sein dass die Aufsichtsbehörden diese Firmen immer noch nicht gemerkt zu haben, denen zu schließen und anzuklagen???

Das gilt für euch als keine Straftat glaube ich, weil von solche Firmen im Markt viel existieren. Ich war bei der Polizei und sie haben mir gesagt dass sie mir nicht helfen können weil ich einen Anwalt einschalten muss???

Ach ich habe keine Lust mehr zu schreiben...

Lange Rede kurzer Sinn Ihr Seid alle scheiße und ich werde mein Geld selbst zurück holen aber mit verheerende Ende für dieser Leute. Ich brauche eure scheiß Hilfe nicht.

Translated by Google:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Unfortunately, I also believed in this Drais cheater gang and invested 250 €. After 40 days about 250 € was 590 €. I wanted to try to pay off the money and from the point Mr Hoffmann is not German (All the co-operators there use German names although you can not speak good German ????, actually I am really stupid that I have continued to do so An Emma Smith asked me for money, I had the suspicion that all have fictitious names, but well) but a German name has started, not to communicate with me.

Here is my announcement to all the fucking secret services in this world. INTERPOL, CIA, FBI, MI6, BND, MOSSAD etc.

How can it be that YOU all listen to each other to air the state secrets of other states and at the same time there are so many impostors that all of us in the big stalk so easily deceive and can steal but you have no idea about them?

How can that be that YOU can all identify people from space satellites but can not identify the cheaters on the Internet with your super software ???

How can that be that the regulators still have not noticed these companies, close to them and indict ???

That applies to you as no offense I believe, because of such companies in the market much exist. I went to the police and they told me that they can not help me because I have to hire a lawyer ???

Oh I'm tired of writing ...

Long story short You are all shit and I will bring my own money back but with devastating end for these people. I do not need your fucking help.

Ismail Esen 12/19/2017


I was called on phone by one of the Cmb members, pressuring me to trade with them and forcefully insisting, and was asked to pay 250 Dollars and which I did without thinking straight because of the pressure! Since nothing has happened and I was trying to withdraw my money back and over two weeks they keep sending me mails that I have to contact my account manager which I don’t even know him or her.. and also said withdrawal will be made within 5 business days, till now I have not seen anything and the numbers I have been calling, none of them are picking up! It’s a scam!

Anita clement 12/19/2017

Sono dei truffatori

Da italia

Trasferiti 300 dollari, sono spariti nel nulla.

Diffidate di questa banca, che non esiste.

Translated by Google:

From Italy

Transferred $ 300, have disappeared into thin air.

Beware of this bank, which does not exist.

Paolo Grassi 12/16/2017

Capital Market Banc is a scam

Very seductive at the beginning. Very pleasant the “best account manager” that seems and maybe is very skill but some advise seem dangerous then they make you more confident with one or two positive good take profit.
Then the account manager change because the first is managing a “major project”. At the first contact the second account manager ask you more money to be able to acced to one of this projects.
At this moment after some week of activity you ask to withdraw your money and ...pluff any contacts is available neither by mail, nor by phone by chat whatsoever.
Don’t trust at these scammers !!
I invite you to report on social media and to the English , Bulgarian and of your own Country the fraudulent behavior of this company and the names of account managers with whom you have had contacts even if they are probably names of imagination.

Jack Bloom 12/15/2017


I was open a account with 1500 $. I want the money back but he giv me not back. I thinh next week i go to police.

Warning warning warning

PeterHeiss 12/03/2017

scam scam scam

They phoned me right after I filled in their registratrion form. Then they guided me to make a bank trensfer to a bank in Copenhagen. My money never reached my account.

Zhivko Zheliyazkov 12/02/2017

CMB ist sicher Betrug.

NacH der Registrierung kamen sofort Anrufe,und man musste 250€ einzahlen.Täglich Anrufe,die sehr unseriös klangen.Dann ein sog.Experte,der auch höhere Beträge für sinnvoll hielt.
Auf emails,dass ich das Konto unverzüglich stornieren möchte und mein Geld zurücküberwiesen werden sollte kam keine Antwort mehr.Ich werde versuchen über meine Bank den eingezahlten Betrag zurückzuholen, ich hoffe das geht noch.
Hände weg von diesen Betrügern!!!!

Monika Rusch 12/02/2017

Worst trading firm

I have opened an account with capital market banc.
Their representative named Richard convinced me to trade in botcoin.
I deposited $2000 and that was my wordt mistake.
After depositing they stopped contacting me.
And I needed for some medical emergency so I asked for withdrawal.
Then this stupid richard opened position without my consent.
Those positions are still opened and going into losses.I tried communicating them but I am unable to.
Don’t ever trade with CAPITAL MARKET BANC.
The worst scam ever.

Abhinav Singh 11/29/2017


Efectivamente, CMB Capital Markets Bank es un operador de estafas que debe ser PROHIBIDA su actuación. No entiendo como permiten estas Empresas en algunos países. Yo tengo una denuncia en la Policía Judicial contra esta gente por estafarme.

Translated by Google:

Effectively, CMB Capital Markets Bank is a scam operator whose performance should be PROHIBITED. I do not understand how these Companies allow in some countries. I have a complaint in the Judicial Police against these people for cheating.

Pedro Castro 11/27/2017

Capital Markets Banc (CMB) withdraw

They keep my many 4000 Eur,
7 October I requested withdrow,
now they executed only 20 present of request

Irina Berseneva 11/25/2017


Cmb is a scam please do not invest you money with them

Neuwe 11/17/2017

I believe this is a scam

I too have invested my hard earned South African rands into this brokerage firm and keep being pushed to invest more money. My "Broker" and "Financial adviser" keep pushing for more reasons to invest more money and earn proper dividends. I am reporting all of this to the UK regulatory authority.

These guys should be ashamed of themselves.

Tracy Brander
South Africa

Tracy Brander 11/14/2017

Money disappeared with CMB

Stay away from this bank ,

I did open an account an made a deposit that according by them never arrived 4500,0 euro .
Besides that i do already have an account with 4000,00 euro and the trades provided by Mr John Mayer are now 2 weeks in the red ( only losing )

How can i get my money back ???

Best regards ,

Peirsman Hans ,

Peirsman Hans 11/11/2017

CMB don't pay

i had a horrible experience with this company, i deposited $250 and my broker claimed he has made profit for me within one month that i should increase my trading balance, which requested for first , but it was never approved after so my conversation with my so called broker called Eric, that was how i lost my money including that of my sister

Grace 10/30/2017

Auszahlung / Withdraw

Nach 5 maligen Auszahlungsantrag und um Rückruf Bitte keine Antwort.
Ein Herr Dominik Hoffmann wollte von Mir mehr Geld Habe aber Nur 500.- €bezahlt
Bei meiner Sichtung des Kontos stehen jetzt 1300 € zu Auszahlung an . Aber es ist kein Kontakt mehr möglich. SCHEIß Laden

Translated by Google:

After 5 times request for payment and to call back no answer.
A Mr. Dominik Hoffmann wanted more money from me But I only paid 500.- €
At my sighting of the account are now 1300 € to pay. But no contact is possible anymore. SHIT shop

Lochner 10/30/2017


I did invest 250 usd with the broker they called me several times to invest more, the initial investment grown with 100%, I received a call from England os an Inspectorate that warned me this is a scam and will loose my money, after reading all the news about CMB scam I looked into my account on 24 October I wanted to withdraw 250 dollar but found it to be in negative, I was called by the broker to invest at least 1000 dollar I told him I do not have more money to invest, this started an argument, minutes later the account was frozen,
Out of my experience I will advise all that see this not to invest with CMB initial adverts shown that they will grow a small amount like 250 dollar but will call you daily to invest more and start to get really demanding.


Raymond 10/25/2017

Thanks for sharing your experiences

Thank you guys for sharing your experiences concerning this broker. these guys have been calling me none stop everyday for the past 4 days trying to get me to deposit $250 to begin trading with them. That alone was very alarming as no legit broke can pressure someone like that.(Pure desperation). I'm so glad I decided to do my own investigation on them, so I thank you.

Lande 09/28/2017

Do not invest with these people!

Early this year, I looked into investing after seeing an article on facebook. I was directed to this bank. I was immediately contacted by someone who told me that i need to invest $250. I said that I really have no money and the article I had seen said that I would need very little initial investment. She persuaded me to use my credit card (which was on max) but somehow, it paid the $250 into my account. She then told me that they could make me a lot of money if I could invest a further $250 making my total $500. I was convinced that my credit card would not pay, but again, somehow it did, so I now had $500 invested in CMB and was in a whole lot of trouble with my credit card which was now around £400 over my max limit! they also gave me a credit of $200 making my total $700
I was then contacted by an account manager, who told me that he was very experienced and would make me a lot of money and give me a second income. I explained that I had no experience whatsoever, he said not to worry, he knew what he was doing. He said that if makes me money, he would take a commission, and likewise, if he loses money for his clients, he has to pay their losses from his own pocket. Over the next couple of months, he made a total of 2 trades for me, the first one actually made a bit of money. The other (SNAP) started losing money just after my trade was opened and then continued to do so until it closed automatically leaving me in deficit by $111. nothing has happened since, they have contacted me a few times saying that they were trying to find a way to recover my money ... but nothing! I was then contacted a few weeks ago, by another account manager who assured me that they would use the small amount of credit I have left ($98) to try and recover some of my losses. I have heard nothing since then. I have lost money that I really cannot afford to lose and I really need right now all based on false promises. I would not advise anyone to invest in this bank

Carol 09/15/2017

Never ever trust CMB

I invested money like 2000$ earlier this year. In July I sent an withdrawal request but no one responded me and they are not calling anymore as they used to call before I invested my money

Sunny 09/12/2017

Capital Markets Banc (CMB) - I requested payment 5 weeks ago

I was a few weeks ago, about 20.06.2017, registered to trade. There was a supervisor with me a certain Mr. Andreas Maier. This took over for me the trade wil I was not particularly fit in the industry was. I paid twice 250, - euro. The trade ran quite well. we earned about 2000, - Euro. I wanted to have paid for something. I also requested it. That was 5 weeks ago. To date, no reaction. Also a contact no longer took place with Hernmaier. Maier never gets back again ..

The entire contact with the CMB is thus very unsatisfactory.
I wanted to increase the contingent, but I am missing this unreliability
me the interest.
Please support me.

MFG Horst Fittje member number 6839554

Hors Fittje 09/09/2017

CMB: worst company ever dealt with

opend account with them withount making a depositdue to reviews i saw afterwards. Starting reciving several calls from overseas.
then had the following corrspondance (judge by yourself):
I hope you are doing well.
I am trying to call you several times from Capital Markets Banc but the line was bad .
Let me know if you will be available on skype, viber, whatsapp, or via email .
If you have an alternate phone number , you can send it via e-mail in order for us to communicate
my reply:
Don't call again!
Thank you
What do you want to talk about as I have been reciving a lot of calls from your company? Contact me here if you need as you won't reach me by phone.
cmb reply:
see that you had open an trading account and you need to make it active in order to start trading and to make extra money
I am your account manager will help how to do in secure way
my reply:
I'm not interested any more and would likee to close it down. How can I do that?
cmb reply:
may I know so you already got register why you change your mind ? I do not understand are you interested to make extra money or not ?
my reply:
Not interested any more. Checked your company out and didn't like it. Also its a non regualted company so. I'd like to stay away.
cmb reply:
you do not know even my company name how come I think that you are confuse we did not speak never before together dear
my reply:
Did some research on Capital Markets Banc and did not like it. Not your company? Its written in the 1st email you sent me.
So no not interested any more. How do I close my account?
cmb reply:
what did you see for my company ? I think that you just is playing online and do not have idea what is trading did you trade before ?
my reply:
Yes. Not interested any more. Your insistance confirms the lack of professionality as a company and is more similar to that of scammers so quit insisting.
cmb reply:
I think that you are just an non informed person that just do not know what are you doing here that is all your account delete by your self as you create if you pretend that you had been doing trading before .
my reply:
Ok Thanks.

cha 09/08/2017


How do i close my account with Capital Markets Banc??? Dont trust them at all and the never refund my money withdrawal.

Michael 09/07/2017

I can not trust Capital Markets Banc (CMB)

I HAVE JOINED CMB SINCE MAY 2017. I HAVE INITIALLY DEPOSITED $250.00. Since I joined, the broker is continuously insisting me to deposit more money to my account. I was very upset with their demand and I decided to close my account with them and therefore, I asked them to refund my balance amount of USD. 191.00 but till writing this opinion they have not refunded the above amount. In opion they (CMB) are not good brokers I can not trust them, they are scam. I am planning to lodge complain with U.K. regulatory authority.

Mohammed Zahid Munshi 08/29/2017

CMB Support

Dear Mr.Vedran,

We are sorry to hear this from you.
We will investigate and take care of your situation.
As we have checked you have been contacted from our agents and your broker lately.
Please contact us at the first moment you would prefer to restart trading since you have the capital to do it and also our assistance.
Do not hesitate to contact us again on this email address if you need assistance.

Best Regards!

Support 08/15/2017

Capital Markets Banc (CMB): Do not trade with them

Before i did any trades i saw a lot of comments about them and mostly bad reviews.Tand guys i am telling you this is true.Those guys are thieves.First when i noticed that something its not ok.And that i want my money back they suddenly stoped replaying back.And broker opened 10 more positions after mine withdrawal request.Now in this moment they still dont reply back and broker lost 200$ of money and i dont expect that i will get penny back of my money.I have pictures off all trades which by the way i never made.Because i am amateur and dont know at all how to trade.So if i can save somebody from this stress my advice is find some another company. 08/03/2017
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