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CIBFX Review - Is it scam or safe?

CIBFX Review - is a safe forex broker or a scam?

RATING: 2 / 18 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz CIBFX
CIBFX is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Spreads
Micro $100 0.01 1:200 Average 1.5 pips
Classic $1 000 0.01 1:200 Average 1.3 pips
Executive $10 000 0.01 1:100 From 0.6 pips + NDD commission


CIBFX offers several forex trading account types, based on the minimum initial deposit.  In addition, there are Islamic (swap-free) accounts that do not involve any interest/swap charges on overnight positions. Micro lots are available for trade on all account types.


Generally speaking, the variable spreads offered by this broker are average, as typical ones fall within the range of 1.0 – 1.5 pips on EUR/USD. For further information, look up the real-time spreads of 15 leading brokers here.


As regards leverage, CIBFX offers levels up to 1:200, which is average for the forex market. If you need higher leverage, you may check out a list of brokers offering leverage of 1:500 of higher. Nonetheless, we generally advise traders to exercise caution when using higher leverage ratios, as they involve greater risk.


The Company. Security of Funds


Founded back on 2005, CIBFX offers trading in more than 40 Currency pairs CFDs, precious metals, and Futures on the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform.


There are several companies behind the CIBFX brand: Capital Investment Brokers Ltd., which is a Vanuatu Licensed and regulated IBC, and its two subsidiaries - London-based Capital Investment Brokers Ltd.  and CIB Capital Investment Brokers Limited, which is incorporated St. Vincent and the Grenadines. 


Vanuatu (formerly known as the New Hebrides Islands) is an Offshore regulation, which offers a variety of tax benefits - no income tax, no capital gains tax nor inheritance tax. Besides, registration process for forex and binary brokers is fast and low cost.


In addition, capital requirements in this specific jurisdiction are very low, even compared to other offshore destinations, such as Mauritius and Belize: only $2000.


Little focus is placed on compliance checking and consumer protection In such offshore jurisdictions. That is why if you intend to invest a large amount of money, we would advise you to select a forex broker licensed in UK, Cyprus, US for instance, where regulation is strict and there are compensation schemes, which will protect your money if your broker becomes insolvent.


Trading Platforms


Like most brokers, this one also supports MetaTrader 4 (MT4), the preferred choice of most traders, as the platform is easy to use and offers a number of technical indicators, extensive back-testing options, advanced charting package, and wide range of Expert Advisors (EA), allowing clients to fully automate their trades. It comes in desktop and mobile versions with CIBFX.



CIBFX offers a 100% on deposit welcome bonus. In order to withdraw it, traders also have to meet certain trading volume criteria.


Methods of Payment


CIBFX offers its clients the following payment modes: credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro), bank wire transfer, and e-wallets Neteller and OK PAY.


According to the broker’s website, payments are processed within 1 – 2 hours, except bank wire transfers, which may take up to 5 working days.




CIBFX is an offshore broker that provides online trading services in forex and various CFDs on the popular MT4 under reasonable conditions. Here are, in a nutshell, the pros and cons of CIBFX:

Pros Cons
MT4 available Not regulated
NDD environment available No choice of trading platforms
Bonuses offered   No PAMM accounts 


Latest news about CIBFX
No news about CIBFX . Check back later.
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mi comentario sobre cibfx

intente todo, llamarles enviarles mensajes por telefono a trabes de la pagina de por skype a los correos que publican a martin jansen, a alex smith mi asesor y quien manejaba mi cuenta pero sin exito

en mi experiencia son una verdadera estafa y atentaron en contra de mi salud por que me quitaron mas de dos mil dolares, fruto de años de trabajo que gane con el sudor de mi frente y esto me ha estresado y deprimido mucho

ellos te llaman dia a dia pero si mencionas que quieres retirar tu dinero no te llaman mas y es imposible contactarles. al menos en mi experiencia llevo mas de tres meses incomunicado y si logro cambiando mi numero de telefono contactar a cibfx me dicen que el retiro se encuentra pendiente y me bloquean el telefono nuevamente

las personas que me contactaron fueron alex smith y martin jansen. si alguien esta actualmente demandándolos pido que me diga como demandarles por que me gustaria verlos tras las rejas. o si me indican alguna manera de recuperar mi dinero

Translated by Google:

My comment about cibfx

Try everything, call them to send them messages by phone through the page of by skype to the emails that publish to martin jansen, alex smith my advisor and who managed my account but without success

In my experience they are a real scam and they attempted against my health because they took more than two thousand dollars, the result of years of work that I won with the sweat of my forehead and this has made me very stressed and depressed

they call you day by day but if you mention that you want to withdraw your money they don't call you anymore and it's impossible to contact them. at least in my experience I have been incommunicado for more than three months and if I change my phone number, contact cibfx they tell me that the withdrawal is pending and they block my phone again

The people who contacted me were Alex Smith and Martin Jansen. If someone is currently suing you, I ask you to tell me how to sue you because I would like to see you behind bars. or if they tell me some way to get my money back

Casas esteban 10/10/2019 review

In my opinion, the broker are scammers. They promise you learning if you are a beginner and it is true, but they do not tell you that you will have to deposit money and they ask you for money and more money.

If you tell them that you have no more money, they get angry, people like Alexander Darin, pressured me daily to invest more money, up to 5 calls per day. The big problem is that if you don't give them more money they don't contact you, they did this to me and there's no way to get in touch with them. Everything indicates that I have been scammed, because I still have money with them but it is just impossible to get it. was a terribly negative experience and I will never invest with a broker again.

Adam Smith and Alexander Darin, if you are reading this I want you to know that you are scammers and especially you ARE LIARS. DO NOT TRUST CIBFX.COM OR ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE RELATED TO THIS SCAM COMPANY.

Cristian López 10/07/2019

Review de la estafa de

atencion con la estafa de cibfx aquoi puede leerse

ellos no permiten retirar mi capital, llevo mas de dos meses intentando retirar y los estafadores de cibfx no lo permiten AYUDA POR FAVOR ES DINERO QUE NECESITO

Translated by Google:

attention with the cibfx scam here you can read

They do not allow to withdraw my capital, I have been trying to withdraw for more than two months and the cibfx scammers do not allow it HELP PLEASE IS MONEY THAT I NEED

lautaro 10/01/2019

Cuidado con cibfx!

Es una estafa, no puedo retirar mi dinero, luego en Trustpilot han eliminado mi reseña y dicen que no soy cliente, simplemente vaciaron mi cuenta y ahora no cogen telefonos ni puedo ingresar a mi cuenta. Son unos estafadores

Translated by Google:

Beware of cibfx!
It is a scam, I can not withdraw my money, then on trustpilot they have deleted my review and say that I am not a client, they simply emptied my account and now they do not take phones or I can access my account. They are scammers

Yared 09/30/2019

È una truffa - scam

È una truffa. È impossibile ritirare i miei soldi. Depositare denaro è molto facile ma non posso ritirare nessuno dei miei soldi. Io non li raccomando. Ho avuto un'esperienza terribile con cibfx. SCAM, IS JUST A VERY WELL ORGANIZED SCAM

Rizzo Alessandro 07/02/2019

golpe cibfx

É impossível retirar o dinheiro, os assessores só pedem a retirada. Não invista com a CIBFX !!! ATENÇÃO !!

Translated by Google:

cibfx hit
It is impossible to withdraw the money, the advisors only ask for the withdrawal. Do not invest with CIBFX !!! ATTENTION !!

Fernandinho 06/20/2019


Do not invest, after the first deposit they never answer you back.

DC 05/14/2019 è una truffa, la mia esperienza è una truffa, per favore controlla con loro. Io e altri tre clienti abbiamo svuotato il nostro account allo stesso tempo. Depositare denaro è molto facile ma ritirare denaro è semplicemente impossibile.

// is scam, please be careful with them. Me and three other clients have our accounts emptied at the same time. Depositing money is very easy but withdrawing money is simply impossible.

Andrea G

Andrea 04/27/2019 e truffa

Lascia perdere sono truffatori hanno la sede in Barcellona, Spagna. Non permettono di ritirare il denaro, ATTENZIONE. truffatori,non contattare assolutamente.Ci sono tante recensioni.

Please be careful with CIBFX they dont let you withdraw.

Rafael Conte 04/18/2019


Fui enganado e roubado pela CIBFX.COM . As pessoas da CIBFX não me deixam retirar meu dinheiro. Eles só dão desculpas porque eu não posso desistir. Além disso, eles têm termos e condições abusivos, sugiro que sejam cuidadosos.

Tradução: I was cheated by the company They never let you withdraw your money. The terms and conditions also have hidden, completely abusive clauses. I suggest caution.

Fernandhino 04/17/2019

Bad broker!!!

After you invest is imposible to contacto them!!!!
Then i tole them i ha e more money to invest a d they calle me rigth away!! Big SCAM!! Stay away!!

Michel400 04/10/2019

customer service does not work after you invest

The policies of the company are different from what they inform and what they really do. Additionally, customer service does not work after you invest.

DC 04/03/2019

Scamms CIBFX

They assured me they where regulated by FCA (uk regulator) now I know they are a Saint Vincent and Granadines broker!!!! It’s all a lie! and I can’t withdraw!!!! Don’t take the bonus is a big trap to don’t let you withdraw!

Richard 03/25/2019

cibfx is just a big big scam - experience with cibfx broker

They scammed me more than 5.000 EUROS! Now my “advisor” from kopwealth , CIBFX IB, says I should get a bank loan to recover the funds!!! YEAH RIGHT!!! F**** FRAUDSTERS.

Inversor molesto 02/19/2019

CIBFX is bad, my opinion

They (CIBFX) and their IBs, smart capital advisors, optimizer capital and god knows whats the new one now, have scammed me more than 10.000 EUROS!!! I already contacted the CNMV and I'm actually doing my own research to find out who is in charge of the scam. So far I know that Richard Litjens, E. Balla are the ones who work in Spain, they have offices in Barcelona and are in charge, at least of this office, I'm not sure if they have more offices, but I'm getting closer and closer to them, and to get back my money!

BKeep an eye on because I'll be publishing here what I have find out!! More info is on Rankia (in Spanish( that is interesting and some other guy came to the same conclusion here

esteban ruiz 01/22/2019

CIBFX - then the bonus terms say that you can not withdraw

Te dicen que tomes el bono, que tomes el maldito bono!!!! Pero es todo cuento, las cláusulas ocultas de los bonos, son las mismas que luego no te dejaran retirar!!! tienen todo bien planeado estos estafadores, te hacen tomar el bono, luego los términos dicen que no puedes retirar y que debes esperar por meses!! mucho cuidado amigos!!

English translation: They tell you to take the bonus, to take the damned bonus! But it's all fairy tale, the hidden clauses of the bonuses, are the same ones that will not let you withdraw later! they have all these scammers well planned, they make you take the bonus, then the bonus terms say that you can not withdraw and that you must wait for months !! be very careful friends!

Inversor Enojado 01/21/2019

Doubtful company

They are based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and are an unregulated broker. Why invest with them? It makes no sense to invest with CIBFX.

Robert B. Dery 11/26/2018


Why investing with unregulated brokers? I don't know, but they managed to empty my account (without my autorization) while I was sleeping!! I said to them clearly, I don't want you to make any movements or operations without my consent, and they do this... Amazing...

Carlos S. West 11/21/2018

Bad Company CIBFX

I’m from mexico, they would call me to offer me how to make money easily, they even suggested me I should get a loan to invest!!?? Luckily I have already invested with different brokers, so I know that a Saint Vincent based broker that pressures you to invest, it’s called a SCAM not a broker.

Genaro Ruiz 11/19/2018

Scam Scam Scam

SCAM SCAM SCAM, they don’t give you back your money neither they are regulated, everything is fake with this “broker

Brian S. Franco 11/18/2018

Big scammers

Moshe Rubinstein is the owner of CIBFX, he does not even hide it, he's proud to scam people, just look and this

Jeffrey S. Kessler 11/14/2018


I’m from mexico, they would call me to offer me how to make money easily, they even suggested me I should get a loan to invest!!?? Luckily I have already invested with different brokers, so I know that a Saint Vincent based broker that pressures you to invest, it’s called a SCAM not a broker.

Salvador Reyes 10/30/2018

Warning whit CIBFX

Smartcapitaladvisor, optimizer capital, cibfx, they are all scammers, they used to call me everyday pressuring me to invest, now I already invest, now I want to withdraw, but I can’t contact them

Andrew 10/18/2018

CIBFX and smartcapitaladvisor are the worst

They made me loose all my money, my advisors made an operation in gold while I was on vacations (they knew this) and all my money is gone!!! ALL MY ACCOUNT IS IN 0 NOW!! the worst experiencie ever

inversor novato 09/20/2018

Abusive bonus conditions

The bonus they try so hard to give you is just because then (if you accept the bonus) you will have to wait for months to withdraw your money... They do it on purpose, then while you wait, the advisor will loose every penny you have on your account... Be careful

Matias R 07/26/2018

rude scammers

My assessment of this company is totally negative, they are rude and scammers, they play mentally with you and then throw you away like trash

sergi 07/10/2018

cibfx broker review

In my opinion they are a scam, but not because they lie about their regulation, but because of the cibfx advisors, they will put so much pressure on you though the phones... I don't know how I did not realize before... They basically rush you to deposit the most possible money and then, when you do not want to deposit any more money they just stop all the comunications and empty your account. A fraudster broker. Please work with a regulated company if you even think of "investing" in the fx or CFD stock market.


J PErez

J Perez 07/05/2018

scam CIBFX

Please be really careful with CIBFX, fraudulently an CIBFX advisor transferred my account from a different broker with wich I was working, later he would be fired from the original broker for stealing clients and transferring them to CIBFX and Optimizer Capital. His name is (I really don’t know if it’s his real name) Sebastian. I have some Skype and account captures that you guys can see here .
Plus they emptied my account when they saw they could not take any more money from me.

tradex24 06/21/2018

CIBFX is a scam

They were constantly saying "we are regulated broker", first lie (they are unregulated), "you cannot loose money" second lie, I lost all my investment, or better said, my advisors lost the money it wasn't even me... They claim CIBFX was founded in 2005 but the domain name was registered on 2014 so that has to be a lie as well. But what can you expect of a scammer company.


CIBFX opinion 06/13/2018

Scammed by CIBFX

Is a total scam, when they say "we are an offshore broker" they mean we are an unregulated broker...

They always say it is fake posts or it is the IB (OptimizerCapital) fault...


another scammed 06/08/2018

Fake posts

Good afternoon,

We have investigated and analysed the cases mentioned in this thread and none of the details mentioned are correct. We don't recognize any of the users as current or previous clients, so these are fictitious posts. We are aware that a competitor is trying to harm our brand and reputation and most of the posts you will see are invented by them.

Our customer support is always here to help resolve any issues or incident occurred with your trading account. If you feel something has not been handled well please send us an email, describe the issue and provide your name, registered email and your full Metatrader 4 account ID in order for us to look in more depth.

Most importantly CIBfx does not operate nor manages clients accounts and only executes orders on behalf of customers on our trading platform. All clients operate for their own account and prior to this they accept and agree with our terms & conditions and risk clause.

As always we are here to help and clarify. Please contact us via the following email


CIBfx Support Team

CIBfx Support 06/07/2018

estafa CIBFX

myexperience with CIBFX and its Optimizer Capital advisors was horrible, be careful, they are scammers, I still have not been able to recover my money, nor do Ithink I can recover it.

junno 06/06/2018

CIBFX - Opinion

Hello as mentioned here, I worked with CIBFX then they referred me to optimizer capital and their "famous" advisors, who leave you in the ruins, be very careful, they are attacking Latin America !!

albert guzman 06/01/2018

Thanks for the warnings

Hello, I was contacted by CIBFX a few weeks ago, now that I see this I do not even think about picking up the phone ... thanks for the warnings.

bennet 05/23/2018


Hola me gustaria dar una opinion sobre esta compañia.
Primero que nada investigar bien sobre su licencia y regulacion. Ya que no hay nada claro sobre eso. Los asesores te dicen que estan regulados por el gobierno de reino unido pero no hay ni un registro publico sobre eso.
Yo cometi el error de invertir sin investigar bien, me convencieron de invertir, me emocione. Su empresa de asesoria OptimizerCapital te asigna un asesor para que operes en el mercado, ganas para que te convensas mas, pero llegan los problemas cuando quieres usar tu dinero... NO PUEDES RETIRAR, no te ayudan, no te dicen como y por si fuera poco para solucionar el problema te recomiendan unas operaciones y ¡PUM! pierdes tu dinero.
No lo recomiendo son una estafa.

Translated by Google:

Hello I would like to give an opinion about this company.
First of all investigate well on your license and regulation. Since there is nothing clear about that. The advisors tell you that they are regulated by the UK government but there is not a public record on that.
I made the mistake of investing without investigating well, they convinced me to invest, I was moved. Your consulting company OptimizerCapital assigns you a consultant to operate in the market, you want to convince yourself more, but the problems come when you want to use your money ... YOU CAN NOT REMOVE, they do not help you, they do not tell you how and if It was not enough to solve the problem, they recommend some operations and PUM! you lose your money
I do not recommend it they are a scam.

Lour 05/21/2018

CIBFX opinion

they are licensed in st vincent, and that's not even a regulation IS A LICENSE. you don't believe me? Ask the "regulator", ask to the SVGFSA---(Saint Vincent and The Grenadines regulator) Why even invest with them? Just look for a real regulated broker, this is just a scam, is not even considered a real broker.

Charlos 05/16/2018

I do not recommend CIBFX

Hello, I have also suffered the same fate, they did almost exactly the same with me, once I requested the withdrawal, my advisor made an operation WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION that left my account at 0 !!!!! I do not recommend!!!

zeta22 05/15/2018

CIBFX is a scam

Hey guys, this scammy broker is really bad. They make all good operations at first, and when they see that they can't take more money from you, they just open an operation against the market.

I told them I didn'tt have any more money, but they assured me I was going to get it back! They made me go to the bank to ask for a loan!!! Now I owe a lot of money!!!


Traderaprendiz 05/11/2018

Scam - not recommended

Good afternoon, I found them through a friend, and the same like the other comments say, at first everything was perfect and had very good profits with them, then I requested a withdrawal and my advisor started treating me really bad, without any respect whatsoever. Then O!! what a coincidence!! He made a silver operation and all my money was gone!! He still asks for more money!!! DO NOT RECOMMEND CIBFX NOR CAPITAL OPTIMIZER, really negative experience with them.

tradermex 05/09/2018

Negative experience

Hello, I did invest with them and with capital optimizer too, the advisors were optimizing capital, because I started winning but I ended up losing all the capital, and I followed orders from my advisors, they made me lose everything. Even though I told them that I wanted to withdraw and not operate anymore, they would not let me.

I do not recommend this company, it's a scam. Also at the beginning they call you every day, but once you want to withdraw your money it is very difficult to communicate with them. Google Translator.

Hola, yo sí que invertí con ellos y con optimizer capital tambien, los asesores eran de optimizer capital, pues comencé ganando pero terminé perdiendo todo el capital, y seguí ordenes de mis asesores, ellos me hicieron perder todo. Aunqeu yo les decia que queria retirar y no operar mas, ellos no me dejaban.

No recomiendo a esta empresa, es una estafa. Ademas al inicio te llaman todos los dias, pero una vez que quieres retirar tu dinerito es muy dificil comunicar con ellos.

Rosel 05/04/2018

Don't recommend cibfx, bad experience

Good morning, started trading with this broker cibfx everything was going well, until the advisor of who helped me made me open 3 operations in silver and all my money was lost and was negative and they say I have to pay them that amount can they do that ??? If the one I lost was me, they never wanted me to take out my money, they just told me to expect me to have more for the banks' commission.
If you can help me Thanks

Lucia 04/25/2018

Good experience with CIB FX

The experience with CIB FX is very good in my trading career. I have been using this regulated company from last year. Basically the bonuses we get from our trading brokers practically cannot use at all due to margin stop outs. But from here I got 100% initial bonus that I can use at all times devoid of any kinds of limitations including lowest trading spreads with minimum margin requirements. so, my trading life is very much comfortable.

Babro Ajom 12/06/2016
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