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CFDs100 Review - is it scam or safe?

CFDs100 Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 22 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz CFDs100
CFDs100 is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Standard Not disclosed 1:200 3 pips, fixed


CFDs100 is a newly-launched forex and CFD broker that does not present its offer well. It has not disclosed many important details, such as the spreads, the minimum initial deposit required, etc. Read our review to get the full picture about this broker.


CFDs100 Advantages

Wide range of trading instruments
Actually, there aren’t a many good things we could say about CFDs100. One of the few strong sides of this broker is the fact that it offers a solid choice of currency pairs, as well as various CFDs - on commodities, indices, a few specific stocks and even the popular Bitcoin. The latter can be traded against US and Australian dollars with leverage up to 1:20.

Still, considering that CFDs100 is not regulated, you’d better have a look at the below link, if you are one of the many investors drawn to cryptocurrencies.


>> Looking for a licensed Bitcoin broker? <<




MT4 allegedly available

We are not sure about this, as the “Download MetaTrader4” button on the broker’s website does not work. Nonetheless, if live account holders are really provided with access to this platform, this is definitely considered an advantage of CFDs100. The MT4 has stood the test of time and is loved by many traders globally for its reliability and great functionalities. The latter include supreme charting with a number of technical analysis indicators, automated trading strategies, rich back-testing environment and more.



>> A list of MT4 brokers <<



Sufficient leverage
CFDs100 offers leverage up to 1:200, which will be enough for most traders and is not dangerously high. That being said, we would advise beginners to use lower ratios for better risk management. Leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage, so be careful, otherwise you may lose even more than you have initially deposited.


CFDs100 Disadvantages

Not regulated, regulatory warning against it

CFDs100 is allegedly owned and operated by TRSystem Ltd., a company registered in Estonia, which is not regulated by any governmental agency. This brings additional risks to the more or less hazardous nature of forex trading. On top of that, we found that the Bank of Lithuania has included CFDs100  in its warning list of entities that don’t have the right to provide investment services in Lithuania.


Click on the image to zoom-in.

Trading conditions not clear
Not mentioning the trading conditions on the website of CFDs100 is an obvious disadvantage. Clients of any broker should know what the company charges for its services in advance.
Unproven web platform

Demo account holders at CFDs100 are offered a web-based trading interface which is simple and easy to use, but nothing special, and lacks many of the advanced features of the MT4, for example. While some traders might prefer a browser-based solution to a downloadable application, we doubt that most of you will chose some unknown web-based platform over the desktop MetaTrader 4.



CFDs100’s web-based platform. Click on the image to zoom-in.

High fixed spreads
As you can see from the image of the previous paragraph, the EUR/USD on CFDs100’s web-based platform is 3 pips (fixed). This is a very high level in the current forex environment, as mot fixed-spread brokers offer a spread of 2 pips for this pair. Some, like easyMarkets, go even lower, offering a spread fixed at 1 pips om the most liquid fx pair.



CFDs100 is an unregulated Estonian broker, which doesn’t provide much information on its trading conditions, nor the company behind it. It not even clear whether it really offers the MT4 platform, or only mentions it as a marketing trick. On top of that, there is a regulatory warning against CFDs100 and we found some negative user reviews on the company. Besides, the actual offering of this broker isn’t very attractive, considering the high fixed spreads on its demo web platform.


Considering the above, you’d better not waste your money and time with CFDs100, and choose a reliable and licensed broker instead. Below, you can find a list of brokers, authorized by one of the most trustworthy financial agencies worldwide, UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.


>> FCA-licensed brokers<<

To finally recap CFDs100:




Pros Cons
Wide range of trading instruments Not regulated, regulatory warning against it
Leverage of 1:200 Trading conditions not clear
MT4 allegedly available Unproven web platform, MT4 not freely downloadable
  High fixed spreads




Latest news about CFDs100
No news about CFDs100 . Check back later.
Broker Country Regulation Platform Min Deposit Review
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Cyprus, SVG CySEC MT5, Web,
$100 Review Website
Australia, Cyprus ASIC, CySEC MT4, MT5, Iress $100 Review Website
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for Mac
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CFDS100 Scam

These crooks would not pay withdrawals now they say I have to send them a 10% fee before I can withdraw.It is just another con to try to steal my money.Everyone should do a chargeback against these thieves.

Wisernow 08/10/2019


traded with them they sucked me in down $2100 can anyone help thankx

ozan sami 07/03/2019

Unable to withdraw

I am unable to withdraw money that i earned and accumulated because of their systems their managers that obviously massacre the account and keeping on asking for more funds they kept on putting credits on now i want to withdraw and keep on telling me same story you can withdraw but first pay 10% of funs then you can withdraw anybody that can tell me where to go to retrieve the money legally or through firms specializing in charge back funds thank you are same stable as cfds100

jacques de norre 06/12/2019

A.W.F.U.L. & uglay.

did NOT like.

Hans Maxsen 06/10/2019

Scammers - avoid them!

Avoid them completely. You will never see the money you deposited. In particular don't listen to certain Miss Jane Smith. She is the head of the office and she will promise you big withdrawals. That is the lie. They will never give you their address. It is on-line scamming company. Even if you close your account, they will not give you the balance you have. Crooks.

Igor Sotirovic 06/06/2019

Derrick Bennett

I have invested $500,two months ago,with Cfd...I have tried to get my money back,without success.They've tried to get more money from me,via my South African banking account.

Cornelius Wilson 05/31/2019


This trader has "stolen" 2oooo Swedish crowns without my participation. In addition, they have managed my account so my balance was about: - € 5600.
Even negative results. I myself have not made the losses myself, I do no trades myself, always the broker. But when you empty the account so that it gets minus results, you have handled the account completely wrong.

Lars-Gunnar Lundström 04/29/2019

Definitely a scam! stay away!

They made promises to me of how I'll be successful. Yet, I was not allowed to touch my own account. My account mgr did that. their system is corrupted and designed so that you lose your money. They take your loses as their winnings. Also, tried to withdraw my money time and time again and automatically get declined time and time again. End up losing $4000 USD.

Aryan 04/23/2019

CFDS100 is definitely a scam!

CFDS100 is deinfitely a scam! Today they also called from the same number and offered me to invest my money under a different name: OMEGAFX.IO and that this company is 100% legit etc. Which company calls you and says that they are 100% legit? that already rings the alarm bells!
Anyway stay away from them, you will never get your money back!

Ren 04/17/2019

Charge back to get back money!

Bank is the KEY to get back your money. I have got my money back from CFDS100 easily after my bank charge back to their merchant bank & recovered my full money. Don't waste your time in putting a withdrawal request with CFDS100 but call your back & make a charge back request with your back.

Victor Hall 03/14/2019

Problem with withdrawal

I have been trying to withdraw money for two weeks now. No effect.

Wiktor 02/15/2019 is a scam

They don't seem to have much experienced broker's didn't put any stop losses on the trades they advised lost on all trades steer well clear of them!

J Chatham 02/11/2019

cfds100 scam

natural gas also making a shake down at the momentthis is not a drop this is a correction, which you could survive if you would just listen and understand you have free margin that covers this is the job of margin level and free margin to hold your positions10.25dropping nearly €2000 in 24 hours??? That kind of money is probebly nothing for you but for me....Tom 10.27this is not dropping this is movement..maybe volume is a bit big for you and also just stubborni want you to understand something. look :we are still on positive trend line..this is the ultimate low where you are at the moment...and if you were smart you would understand that now you need to double buy at this understand??you want to get return and good from thistake another 1800 eur in now and double buy the ngas least somehting good will come out of thistake another 5 lots at the lowand hold till monday.when it goes back to 3.00 you will have 13-15k profit.

Arve 02/04/2019

CFDs100 - The scam continious

Like i said. Have an unburded account of now +40k all they want is another last fee deposit. Will never be the last one. All previous deposits doesnt make a difference. Ik used both their webbased and desktop version of mt4 trader. It works but if you download the original mt4 for smartphone from the mt4 Page id dienst recognize the account.
Trades within the account get somhow an changed value for the setposition. Dow Jones this monday was a trade on 24611. A couple of hours later it stands on 28611. Dow jones has never been above 27000 so how can i have a traid set 4000 points abovee current market price? That trade is now 28700 in negative on a 40k account. They put the blame on you and try to push you in paying the final fee. Close account and remove bad trade because of closing acc. They dont take responsibility for their own software. Since it drags on the disputen. Now the threith of having more fees if it do not accept this lowered fee. When you hear about these guys. Run and do not speak a single word to them.

David D 01/22/2019

Please take them to court is a fraud company they took my money and promised me big income, since months I am trying to withdraw my money from my account of CFDS100 and they refuse and cancel my withdraw every time. Please do something about this matter.

Lia Gulua 01/22/2019

Take action against them is registred in Estonia: TRSystem OÜ
Not regulated, no license to provide financial services.
The fraudulent company connected with fake name BEFCD, CFDS100, ForexCentral.
Take action against them in national police:
Floris Pieter Bartel Waals (Dutch)
Ken Kaarel Gross (Estonian)

Peter 01/21/2019

Scam - Liars

Same business model like
Not licensed, do not deposit, avoid them
They will not pay you back, do not trust them

Peter 01/19/2019

Scam. Dont ever accept any of their offer

Am still relatively new into trading and at that time really seeking help to make my trading better. The representative in this company called me as I registered for free forex signal and lessons in forex fb page. I bought in by their marketing pitch thinking that can get their advice on trade while making money at the same time. Thankfully, I only pitch in $500. First time they give me advice to trade gold which the marketing lady promise to bag me quite significant amount. After the position closed, I only get $12 for this trade. Immediately, I became a bit suspicious (as what they claimed seems to not match the reality).Cuz I have traded before and all of the winning trade I make bag me at least +$30 in single trade using $500 accounts and same position size. I gave the company the benefit of the doubt and wait for the next phone call for their supposedly trading advice. Lo and behold, the marketing lady asking me to deposit more money to deposit for her proposed next trade which I decline and ask for trade opportunities that I can possible take with my current account. You now what, she stopped the call after I said that. Knowing that, my suspicion was confirmed and I tried to email the company about request to close my account and withdrawing my initial amount. To this day there has been no phone call or email correspondence from the cfds100.

Lesson learned here and thank god I did not invest more than $500 in cfds100. I think free advice on trading coupled with opening trade account in a company is mostly a scam tactics to lure beginner and the desperate. And do not trust facebook trade group as they might be selling your personal data to these scams company. I rather pay for trading lessons in a legit company. Yeah guys, maybe you can learned from the mistake I made. To those that care enough maybe you can tell friends and family that this company relative. It would be great if some one could report cfds100.Com to the regulatory board so they would not prey on more victims .

David Lee 01/16/2019

CFDs100 Scam - stay away

I have traded with them. Always in the positive. Wanted to stop and close account. They are always asking for another deposit. Another fee before i van get my money. Amounts getting higher every time. No explanation on calculation. Always supposedly the last payment. Kevin wallase my account manager is a lier. Ik have An unburdend account of close to 40k but seeing a single cent flowing back has been impossible. Tried now to close for a month now. Stay away from these guys.

David D 01/15/2019

Evidence wanted

They are neither trading institution nor broker company. If you have any evidence about people behind this scam, let me know. I do not know how much money they stolen from you but I see only one way to get money back to take legal action against fraudulent company connected with fake name BEFCD, CFDS100, ForexCentral. I have something in hand to help to uncover people and the real company behind this criminal organization. Leave the message.

Blackmailed by crooks 01/05/2019

Real scammers!

This scammers took money from me. WATCH OUT don't deposit with them.
Before them I was scamed for 10.000 £, but I decided to work with them, I don't know why.

I talked to financial advisor Benny Wright from september 2018 and I decided to deposit some money on 28.12.2018 and soon I realize that they are SCAMEMRS.
They are not regulated and I can't withdraw my money cause my account manager asking more money from me.

John 01/04/2019

CFDS100 GDPR violation case with ICO UK

The next action on CFDS100 would be to file data protection case with ICO ( for their GDPR violations as CFDS100 is selling customer data which they collect during registration process as sales leads to other fraudulent companies in return of good money. These companies can again call you with different numbers to do similar fraud with you. This is a gross violation of laws under General Data Protection Regulation came into force on May 25, 2018 for all trading institutions and there are proper laws to prosecute firms who violate GDPR norms to protect the personal data of individuals. Please raise your concerns appropriately with ICO office immediately( Already a case it registered & ICO will summon CFDS100 soon.

Kamlesh Thakur 01/02/2019


Sophia promise me a change in 7 days. It is 14 days now and my account dit not move jet. She do not answer my mails. I request the Support team to close my account and refund me. I just get no reaction from any body in the company.

Louis Ferreira 12/19/2018

CFDS100 shut down

All, Bank normally reviews the case & takes 2 months to issue a credit in bank account but this is only due to long queue of disputes within the bank. Charge back can be done up to 120 days of transaction done. But, I raised my case within 14 days of transaction with CFDS100 to my bank & bank issued credit back in 2 months. So, don't wait & call your bank to register your case for charge back to CFDS100. It is very important to block CFDS100's payment gateway for good & so the more no. of cases gets registered with their merchant bank for fraud, it will be easier to block CFDS100 payment gateway & finally closing down their business & website for ever.

K Thakur 12/06/2018

This is a house of crooks

After many phone calls, I opened an account on cfds100 with € 1,000.00 on 12/10/2018. On 12/11/2018, the balance was € 1,157.26 Miss Ellin Craig opens a text document and wrote:
Ellin Craig - Portuguese Translator
David Nilsson - Account Manager
Info -
David Nilsson,
skype ID: Nilssondavi
Tel: +412080891336
Fax: +412037695953
On 12/11/2018, Miss Ellin Craig asked for more money € 2,157.00 I told her I did not give, then asked for € 1,000.00 I said again that I do not give. She tried an internal transaction in their software, without my authorization, I immediately received an email like this - Payment amount: 2157.0 EUR
Payment creation date: 22.10.2018 09:02 GMT
(Greenwich time zone)
Possible reason for refusal: 2019
There was an error processing your payment. If you have any questions about payments, please contact Dreamspay Customer Support:

Then she tried to get into my bank account, she asked me for the key, but I did not give. The next day 13/11/8 the balance of my account was € 0.000.00. I wrote several emails, they did not respond. My friends this is a bandits site, I asked to close the account until today they did not close.

António 11/28/2018

Cfds100 crooks

My bank said they are a scam, don't talk to them they are expert con artists.

Wisernow 11/28/2018

CFDS100 Scary


Thanks for sharing all these details. I got a call from CFDS100 for investment to 3000 USD & I was about to make deposit but wanted to check review in blogs first and you have saved me from this fraud broker with all your valuable information & refunds details. Thanks for your time!

Sarieta 11/27/2018

Get Refunds from CFDs100 Easily ! Act now !

To all to those who lost money & looking forward to get your refunds back. Here is what you need to do on priority Please don't leave it as a bad debt but take legal action to get your refunds like I have got. Do raise your case with your Credit/Debit issuing bank by giving detailed covering letter of sequence of events & bank will guide you to all details required & raise the issue with their merchant bank to charge back CFDS100. Merchant bank will also stop their payment gateway for any further transaction on their website till the case is resolved. Bank can build a strong case based of how detailed level of information you give the bank with all your communications & mail transcripts with CFDS100. I got my refund back as my bank charged back to their Merchant bank as I took right action on time. Do not delay if you want your hard earned money back to your bank account & so, immediately call your bank & raise it appropriately. Its very easy to get your money if you take action but If you don't take any action no one can assure your money back. For any further query do let me know. Wish you good luck to recover all you have lost!

K.Thakur 11/20/2018

Get Refunds from CFDs100 Easily

To All to those who lost money. Please don't leave it as a bad debt but take legal action. Raise your issue with your Credit/Debit bank with giving detailed covering letter of sequence of events & bank will raise the issue with their merchant bank to charge back them. Bank can build a strong case based of how detailed level of information you gave with all your communications with them. I got my refund back as my bank charged back to their Merchant bank as I took action on time. Do not delay if you want you money back & immediately raise it with your bank appropriately. If you don't take any action no one can assure your money back. Wish you good luck to recover all you have lost!

K.Thakur 11/12/2018

How to get Refunds from CFDs100

To All to those who lost money. Please don't leave it as a bad debt but take legal action. Raise your issue with your Credit/Debit bank with giving detailed covering letter of sequence of events & bank will raise the issue with their merchant bank to charge back them. Bank can build a strong case based of how detailed level of information you gave with all your communications with them. I got my refund back as my bank charged back to their Merchant bank as I took action on time. Do not delay if you want you money back & immediately raise it with your bank appropriately. If you don't take any action no one can assure your money back. Wish you good luck to recover all you have lost!

K Thakur 11/04/2018

Lost money

I lost $7500 on this platform, they don't allow me to withdraw even if all positions are closed.They just ignore your emails and cancel your withdrawal request. After all they closed my account. Stay away from these scammers.

Sbongile 10/12/2018

CFDs100 fake fraud scam

CFDs100 is a completely fake trading platform. They are routing the money of investors to an undisclosed account & allowing a simulated MT4 platform which they show it as profit to get more investment from people but in fact the money can not be withdrawn from their account. They are asking people to invest minimum 500 USD & then will lure to invest 3500 USD for next trading with returning anything. Its 200% FAKE trading platform & so don't get into their trap

K Thakur 10/10/2018

CFDs100 - Untrustworthy

I'm writing this to warn people, who might want to join this broker.

I've been scammed by them for around 4500 euro. They are very cruel and very persuasive. They keep coming for more and even when i knew something where wrong, they got me again. I beg anyone to be carefull, because it has been really painfull and confusing to be scammed by them.

There are companys out there who can be trusted and which take responsibility, so plss, find a broker close by, with good recommendations from trustworthy sources and who treat you well.

Kind regards

Jonas Christian Larsen 10/02/2018

Scammed by cfds100

I am unable to retrieve my hard earned money from cfds100 because their system doesn't allow me to.I would not encourage anyone to invest their money with this company as they are very dodgy.

Sebogisho Molatsa 09/22/2018

Possible scam with very annoying advertising

Advertises by very annoying and condescending phone spam, seems to specifically target people with limited trading experience. Also tries to establish remote desktop connection. Tries to presssure you into immediately depositing hundreds of euros by credit card by claiming that if you do not pay them immediately, you will lose out on an opportunity.

Be very careful!

Benjamin Huber 09/19/2018

CFDs100 is scam

I try a withdraw and it not possible.
It is a scam.

After I sent 3 email's and contact direct and nothing answer.

Your enquiry has been received by our Support Department. A representative will review your question and respond to it within the next 24-48 business hours.

CFDS100 Customer Support Team
Local Phone: +442038074325
International: +442038074325
Thank you for choosing CFDS100[/QUOTE]
But ...nothing!

Be advised.. it is a SCAM!

edit: and this:
is the same

Joao Carlos 09/18/2018

CFDs100 Scam - do not go near these crooks

Operating in NL/DE/RU since March 2018 (or earlier) - well organized crime crew seem to be part of a larger crime organization - use fake names and a modified demo MT4 platform - synchronized with their website, which is nothing more than a video game. Classic methods like bribing & emotional blackmail are used to force clients into depositing more & more money into the fake account. Funds end up in their own pockets!! - STAY AWAY from the scam.

Katootje 09/17/2018

CFDS100 is not a legitimate company

I deposit 6300 USD with CFDS100 and have not being able to withdraw the money I deposit. My withdraw request got cancelled and they continually phone me insisting that I must deposit more funds.

I think it is a scam. A very well organized scam. They are not regulated.
Their main aim is to get you to deposit funds and they keep on insisting that you deposit more because there is this unbelievable opportunity that is going to bring you big gains. But they trick you. They load mail tracking software on your computer and PCanyware so that they can see your pass words.

Albert 08/08/2018

Do not touch

Do not touch with a barge pole.
Another bunch of SCAMMERS.
Especially 'Ray Turner' real name, probably not.
0 out of 5.

Philip James 07/30/2018

Sh*t company

Scam Artists. Leave well alone. Bent as a nine bob note.

Ray Untrustworty 07/30/2018
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