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CFD Royal Review - is it scam or safe?

CFD Royal Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 9 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz CFD Royal
CFD Royal is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


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Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Micro $500 1:200 Around 3.9 pips
Mini $2,500 1:200 Around 3.9 pips
Silver $5,000 1:200 Around 3.9 pips
Gold $10,000 1:200 Around 3.9 pips
Diamond $50,000 1:300 Around 3.9 pips

CFD Royal is a company which provides forex trading and binary options. We must mention this used to be a well regulated (CySEC) broker, but the website is currently operated by a different entity. We are not that impressed with the present state of the brand. Read the full review for all the details

CFD Royal Advantages

High leverage available

Some industry analysts claim over-trading, especially when combined with high leverage ratios. That being said, the ability to utilize the latter is necessary when it comes to forex trading. The ability to trade with 1:200 at CFD Royal is nice. Remember, you should learn the basics of risk management before starting your trading endeavor.

CFD Royal Disadvantages

Unregulated, offshore company
As we mentioned in the beginning, the company behind CFD Royal is not regulated. They are called Y Media Group LTD, an offshore entity. This does not sound very inspiring and should be enough for serious traders to avoid dealing with the broker.

Trading conditions not fully specified
While several account types are provided by CFD Royal, they don’t include tighter spreads for the bigger clients (which is usually the practice). That being said, the actual costs of trading are not mentioned anywhere on the website. The lack of a full instrument list is also not surprising.

$500 minimum deposit
The lowest account type at this broker still sets the entry bar quite high. Most companies allow newcomers to try their service with something in the $50-$100 range. Many, like the industry leaders at IG have even removed the deposit level – you can open an account with as little as you want.

Wide spreads
The spreads provided by CFD Royal, which we saw when testing their platform were rather high. EUR/USD, the most liquid currency pair, was trading with a 3.9 pips difference between the bid and ask. Those of you who are experienced traders will know this is very high for the current standard. Most brokerages go below 2 pips and you can always check the offers provided by some of the best at our dedicated platform. 

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Unusual web platform
Trading at CFD Royal is done with a web based platform. This particular interface is also used by other (mostly unregulated) brokers and we don’t have a very high opinion about it. While the charting is customizable and there is a built-in news feed, the platform as a whole feels clunky. There is no room for comparison between it and MetaTrader4, the current industry standard. MT4 has much cleaner charts, supports automated trading systems (or Expert Advisors) and is available as a standalone desktop application, mobile app and web-based platform. Here is a preview of CFD Royal’s offering (click to zoom-in):


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No demo accounts

One of the other disadvantages of this broker, albeit a small one when compared to some of the rest, is the lack of demo account. To those of you who are new, we will simply mention this is a form or “paper money” trading, where you can practice and test a company’s service without risking a penny.

No clarity on payment methods

CFD Royal’s website claims they support a lot of the Russian online payment solutions, like Yandex, WebMoney and Qiwi, On the other hand, once we made an account (a real one, as demo trading is not available) we only saw credit card options available. While supporting only credit cards is borderline ok, being dishonest on your front page isn’t,



CFD Royal is an unregulated forex broker and binary options provider. We must mention this brand and domain were used by a CySEC regulated company, but this is no longer the case. The current state of the brand isn’t very attractive for a plethora of reasons, which we covered above.

Still, the biggest risk you would be taking if you decide to trade with such a broker has to do with the most basic factor – you may not see your money back. Unregulated companies may be honest, but may also be complete scams. In order to fight this issue, most countries have special financial regulators. For instance in  the United Kingdom this is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is one of the most credible watchdogs, which we will briefly introduce you to.

>>Top FCA brokers<<

There are many rules enforced by the FCA, with two being very important to the security of your deposit. First of all, client funds are stored in segregated accounts. This means a broker can’t take your money and run. Additionally all brokers must participate in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). This guarantees your investment in case your brokerage declares bankruptcy. You will be able to claim up to £50,000 from the Scheme, if this happens.

Here are the main things to know about CFD Royal:

Pros Cons
High leverage available Unregulated, offshore company
  Trading conditions not fully specified
  $500 minimum deposit
  Wide spreads
  Unusual web platform
  No demo accounts
  No clarity on payment methods


Latest news about CFD Royal
No news about CFD Royal. Check back later.
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CFD Royal - Non riesco a ritirare

Da gennaio 2019 dovevo prelevare 94267 EURO, il direttore finanze certo Thomas Simons mi ha fatto pagare le tasse, son successi dei disguidi nella società, è subentrato un' altro direttore di nome Marco Schaferhoff promettendo di chiudere alle svelte la SAGA " perchè cosi l'ha chiamata" e che in 24 ore di tutte le clausole verrà chiusa tramite Banco Santander. A oggi non ho visto niente son passate 3 settimane e son spariti. C'è qualcuno che mi può aiutare?

Translated by Google:

CFD Royal - I can't withdraw

From January 2019 I had to withdraw 94267 EURO, the finance director certain Thomas Simons made me pay the taxes, they are the successes of the misunderstandings in the society, another director named Marco Schaferhoff took over, promising to close the SAGA quickly "because so the has called "and that in 24 hours all the clauses will be closed through Banco Santander. To date I have not seen anything is past 3 weeks and are gone. Is there anyone who can help me?

Renzo Ceotto 05/10/2019

CFD Royal - non riesco a ritirare i soldi

mi ha contattato il presunto direttore Glauk Petterson dicendomi che mi avrebbe restituito i soldi entro il 2019 il contratto era fino a giugno con la scusa della bresit mi ha spostato fine anno
ho investito 2000 euro adesso ne ho più di 9000 mi ha dato un consulente bancario che lo sentito una volta poi più nulla dopo numerosi contatti se qualquno mi puo aiutare lo ringrazierei

Translated by Google:

I can't withdraw the money
the alleged director Glauk Petterson contacted me and said he would give me the money back by 2019 the contract was until June with the excuse of bresit moved me at the end of the year
I invested 2000 euros now I have more than 9000 has given me a bank consultant who heard it once more nothing after many contacts if anyone can help me thank him

giovanni 04/25/2019

Scam - Stay well away

I like others was tempted by this company. After the initial investment I received it back as requested, this obviously was a ruse to get me to invest more which foolishly I did. All seemed to be going well and the account went up to $30,000 after which it dropped significantly and since then I have been unable to speak to anyone, emails are not replied to and the phone number is not in use! Then to cap it all I cannot get into my account anymore without reason, so I am assuming they have lost all of my money and therefore do not want to speak to me as I certainly would not invest anymore. Stay well away from them is my advice.

Kevin Miller 04/04/2019

To anyone who is thinking of investing with CFD Royal

To all who is looking to invest in Royal CFDs

I started off investing £250, it was good at first the investments were growing but then so were the phone calls from my dedicated account manager who at that time was Red Pollard. Pressuring to invest more money.

More money makes more profits they say. I was happy the way things were going but the phone calls every day sometimes 2 or 3 times trying to get me go invest £10000, then it dropped to £5000. As my investments went up so did the problems I was unable to make any withdrawals the account was frozen emails to get them to reopen phone calls are a no no they can call you but you cannot phone them.

My investment grew to £6980.67 still unable to withdraw still they wanted more investment when I said no definitely no way was I investing any further money

My account was stripped by the Royal CFDs the sold without my knowledge or permission USD/TRY within 19 seconds closing with a loss of £2316. Within seconds did another selling of USD/TRY within 10 seconds has lost me a further £3283. So yes a wonderful experience of how go loose money so very very quickly I don't expect that no amount invested would get you any returns. My advice keep well away don't invest

Paul Mansfield .

paul 01/08/2019

100% Scammers

All smoke and mirrors. On your case constantly trying to get you to invest more money but it is impossible to withdraw. Outsmarted them by promising to invest more if they returned my original investment ie to prove a withdrawal was possible but it was controlled by them. They then stole my 10,000 profit which just vanished from my account overnight. They are unregulated for a reason - scammers - don't give them a penny.

Robert Griffiths 11/01/2018


They tried taking £500 off me for a ‘deposit’ but i told them i am 17 years old and that i am not the legal age but the lady told me that she’ll do her best to try and let me join still but i straight away was acitvated so i didnt understand and i was confused as she had access to my computer controlling everything that i was doing on it. This is a scam do not fall for it.

K 10/26/2018


Hi like everyone else I to have been scammed by a bloke called Red he don't answer his emails or phone now this is how they treat disabled people they don't have a heart now I'm down on money I need

Graham OBrien 09/29/2018

CFDS a scam?

Caught at an unguarded moment, a CFDS caller extracted a payment of £250 saying this was a preliminary to opening up my "trading account" with them. This was followed by a scheduled follow-up call during which I received an email RQST:
and that I would be receiving a further call from my "personal advisor" who would "educate me" in all the processes involved. Identities given were all plausibly Anglo-Saxon names ('Geoff Adams' and 'Mike Valentine' 'Tracy') but their accents were Spanish, Eastern European, etc. I fear a scam is in progress... 24/09/2018

David Twigge-Molecey 09/24/2018

CFD Royal: Fraudulent and probably criminal

Basically I was tempted into a, I most sincerely hope, aborted investment of £250 in this company. Their pitch: computerised 'bitcoin' trading (I thought they were the outfit made known through that Dragons Den appearance). I asked if the were an English Company and was told they were. I asked who regulated them and was told by their 'manager' John Morgan they are FCA regulated. However when they asked for photocopies of both sides of my credit card, driving licence etc etc, (needed to comply with money laundering regs they said) I smelt a considerable rat and asked for the process of registration to cease and for my money back. I have repeated this at least 5 times since. The first time was on 27/8/18 - before my money EVEN left my credit card account). Today (3/9/18) I received an email saying 'due to market volatility' most of the money has been 'lost'. Is this not criminal?

Michael Vere 09/03/2018

Royal CFDS scam

I made an initial deposit and was given an account manager who advised me what to invest in. This made a loss and I put a little bit more money in and decided to just play about on the Forex market and not use a broker. I got my account up to £3500 and everything was going fine until I requested a withdrawal at the end of June. I never received my funds and it was nearly impossible to speak with anyone. When I did get a call they were more interested in me putting more money in. I finally got a call from a broker who sad I had to email him authorisation and then he can complete the withdrawal. I then noticed he opened trades I didn't ask for. I emailed him and he replied saying it was an error by his team and the company would reimburse me and send me my funds.
Guess what since then the trades are still open losing me money and no one will call me or repond to me. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR ROYALCFDS.

Brett Beaumont 08/21/2018

CFD Royal Scam

I have been contacted by Royal CFD’s agent and requested to deposit 250$. As soon I did that I have been inside Their net but I did not realize until than. After I deposited my first amount I have been contacted by another agent and have been requested to deposit 1000$ and he would double my investment by company. Indeed they have doubled my account but I was not able to withdraw and as explanation they told me because funds are on trade. After couple of days I have been contacted by 3rd agent and guess what? They asked me to top up with another 5000$ and ensure me to get insurance and trade like crazy. I did deposi 5000$ and they actually open some trades on my trading account. Week later I have notice trades are not doing well and I decided to close trades from my end. As soon I did that my account manager from Royal Cfd has contacted me and apologies for the lost and gave excuse that he was away but have got good trade and open trade with profit of 3000$. I end up having 13000 $ account value and amount to withdraw 9152$. So I requested withdrawal of my funds and waiting for their approval. I have email my account manager several time and never got reply.
PLEASE EXTRA CAREFUL WITH ROYAL CFD’s . They are not real and only experts to convince you to deposit more money.

Farit Bagautdinov 08/09/2018

I should have known better :o(

Hi Guys, I like most of you was sucked in by an ad on my Yahoo page explaining about the 'Bitcoin revolution.' I went on to what looked like a legitimate website and ended up on 'Royal CFDS' which I am pretty sure is the same company. I made a deposit which had to be in dollars of $329.00 (£250.00) with the help of a 'chat advisor.'

Anyway, all was going well until she started asking me a lot of personal questions i.e. do i have a mortage, my age, so i work, children etc? I told her there was no need for them to have such personal information. I was then told an advisor would call me at 5pm. By then the alarm bells were ringing so I requested they cancel the account and to have my money back. Guess what, unless I sent them a copy of my passport, credit card and a bill to my address, they wont send it back to me! I have a feeling that even if I done these things they still wouldn't give it back to me. Anyhow, I rang the bank but too late to stop initial payment, so have written it off. I have now changed my personal details on their site and cancelled my card as am concerned about identity fraud or ending up on a 'mug list.' I should have known better as you don't get something for nothing in this world. Even if they did make me money, it's not real unless you can get it out! A complete scam, stay well clear. Lesson learned!

Katy 08/01/2018

high pressure scam

Got sucked into this I should of known better but these guys are high pressufe salesmen who know a bit about trading. Their goal is to extract as much money from you as possible. Withdrawal is near impossible and they get very.Take my advice dont engage in conversation with these people as they are masters of manipulation. This really is a scam.

Antonio Castaldo 07/10/2018


I was on Facebook & came accross an ad in the Daily Mirror supposedly from Martin Lewis asking you to click YOUR SECURE TRADER to join.I did and deposited £250 with them.I should've realised it was a scam as they are asking for photos of my passport or driving licence & of my bank card.Plus I've to sign any deposit slips I give them.This seems like identity theft could happen so I haven't done so.They are calling me to send the copies.I don't think I'll get my money back when I ask.I said to them I didn't ask for copies of all there stuff before I deposited money which didn't seem to please them.I'm thinking it's a lesson learned and will need to move on.

George Aimer 07/04/2018

Waiting for return of deposited fund

I had stumble onto this "Royal CFDS" by accident when I had click on an advert for the Swedish cryptocurrency. I thought I was purchasing the swedish crypto instantly when I had filled out the form and deposit the fund @ 21:04PM on 21/JUNE/2018, but that was not the case. Then I had filled out a withdrawn request at 21:55 on 21/JUNE/2018. To date I still have not received my money back.

However I had received numerous request from their support department that I must send over a copy of the front and back of my credit card; which I had done so - twice and I had even attached a copy of my withdrawn request dated 21/JUNE/2018, for their perusal.

A while ago I had just received a call from a "Jeffery" said from Royal CFD; wondering why I wanted to withdrawn? I had explained to many other Royal CFDs the same thing again and again. The person was very rude and not a professional character of whatsoever. A professional character would have no need to tells you that his dinner is getting cold and am wasting his time! The conversation did not get any where and he abruptly hung up.

I am entitle to withdrawn my fund and request for the account to be closed - with or without any explanation of whatsoever!

If Royal CFDs are a TRUE broker than they would honour their client request in good term and manner; obviously this is not the case and I still have not receive my funds back - only calls from various member of Royal CFDs and each one are as rude and ill manner as the previous. This is clearly a scam tactic!

Is there anyone else out there that has had similar issue or even worst than myself?

I honestly think that we all should amalgamate our case experiences together and prepare for a class action.

solanine 07/02/2018

Beware of CFD Royal

I am very unhappy because a new account manager, Kate Bergman came onboard and inform me that I have to make more deposits which I refused because I have a good balance in my account. She then locked my account and told me that my account is in negative. I am going to contact my banks and lawyers to report this SCAM.

Fui Leng Poon 06/25/2018


Hi guys I would like to know the address of the company you dealt with, I got several calls from CFD Royal but when I trying to check them I get different websites and when I showed the guy who called me, he denied that it's them.

Princess 06/13/2018

No withdrawal scammers

Got cold feet as did not trust account adviser he was pushing for more and more money to be put in then when I tried to pull out and withdraw the deposit it was gone and I can t get it

Linda sage 05/23/2018

No withdrawal

They signed an agreement of recovery losses from stox24 and crown-finance. It emerged to be trading and the broker got tired after 30 days. Keep away

Torstein Krogh 05/05/2018

100% scam

cant get back my money also they put my money into their bonus, the consulet blocked me on skype, they dont respond to the emails. every request to withdraw are canceled

Alessio Pisano 04/17/2018
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