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CashlessPay Group Review - is it scam or safe?

CashlessPay Group Review - is scam or good crypto robot?

RATING: 1 / 3 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz CashlessPay Group
Beware! CashlessPay Group is most probably a scam!


General information


It seems that lately crypto robot sites are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Usually such sites feature some badly-made trailer and promise you high returns only if you become a member and get a free copy of some top-notch trading app. CashlessPay Group, however, seems to differ a bit from the pack. It offers you to invest in “the first government approved cryptocurrency “, called Singapore's Coin, which allegedly has unmatched investment potential.


CashlessPay Group promises that you will get $6324 in just a couple of months for every single dollar you deposit. Furthermore, they claim that each of their clients will be able to withdraw directly to a bank account in matter of minutes.



Besides, the website of CashlessPay Group features some testimonials from alleged ex-clients who are all, extremely satisfied with the results, as well as the logos of many media outlets and companies in the crypto industry such as “The CoinTelegraph”, “CryptoInsider”, “FINT” and more. Obviously, it tries to present itself as a legit crypto provider, while in fact it has nothing to do with those medias and none of them has put out an article on CashlessPay Group or its coin.


Is there really a coin approved by Singapore’s government?


The short answer is NO. While cryptocurrencies might indeed play a major role in the future of money, we doubt that the so called Singapore's Coin will take any part of it. We haven’t heard of this coin before, and you will not find on CoinMarketCap either. What is worse, we found out that the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has included CashlessPay Group in its alert list.



MAS is an all-in-one institution - a central bank and a body that oversees all financial institutions in the country - from banks to forex brokers. The regulator keeps a warning list of unlicensed entities that may have been wrongly perceived as authorized by it. The fact that CashlessPay Group is present in MAS’ alert list is only a confirmation of our suspicion that this is a scam website.



Regulation and Safety of Funds


Despite our thorough research, we did not find any information on the website regarding the registered address, the supposed company behind the operation, nor even the country of origin of CashlessPay Group. So, this service is completely anonymous, and the people operating the brand are not bound by any government regulator. This also means that potential clients (or victims) have no one to turn to in case they have legitimate grievances.


The truth is that those who are lured into signing up with CashlessPay Group will probably be transferred to some scam broker, which will pay a commission to the team of CashlessPay. Then, the broker’s sales representatives will try to talk them into investing more, offering some hot tip or inside information on the price movement of a certain coin. Most people who invested with such fraudsters never got back any of their money.


Bottom line


To cut things short, the total anonymity of this website and the fact that the Monetary Authority of Singapore has blacklisted CashlessPay Group makes us more than certain that is a scam.


In case you are into cryptocurrencies, you’d better use a regulated cryptocurrency exchange or a licensed broker that offers crypto CFDs.


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Do Not Trust Them!

I fell into the trap and lost some money. I reported them to Interpol, my bank, and my card company.

The people who called me were mostly Indians. They moved me from one website to another, giving reasons for this and that. I should have trusted my guts. A hard lesson for a first-timer. If you ever encounter them, report them immediately! They are corrupt. They will drain the money out of your account. Report them.

Stay safe!

Risa 05/13/2019

CashlessPay Group

It was clearly too good to be true. I came to your site to get information.
And thanks for being available and clearcut about this scam... A new one every month...

José 05/03/2019

agressive selling

I know the rule, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is not. Still I walked in the trap, blame it on jetlag or just greed. Following my subscription, I got various calls in which they urge me to upload ID, proof of payment and proof of adress. I think I take my losses and leave it with that, I think it highly unlikely that it will bring me any good if I comply with their wishes.

Cas van Riel 02/14/2019


So at first glance I was tinking "this is interesting" and I signed up.

But then the website said "due to the high deman a minimum 250USD investment is required" and my alarm start ringing.

I went back to the website, and now I realized that the website wasnt CNBC

Ok, so on facebook they advertise like it is an article from CNBS, and when you go to that website it looks like CNBS and have the logo. But the url is like, or something else.

Unfurtunately as I signed up they called me, and I presume I will get emailed spammed in the future.

Soren Jensen 11/23/2018
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