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CapitalXP Review - is it scam or safe?

CapitalXP Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1.2 / 15 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz CapitalXP
CapitalXP is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Standard Not specified 1:100 Around 1 pips


CapitalXP is an offshore forex broker that offers trading on the MT4 platform. Although we found some information regarding the account types offered by this broker, essential details such as minimum deposits, leverage, and more importantly, the trading costs, are missing from CapitalXP’s website. So, we filled the table above with the information we got from its demo accounts. 



Note that this broker CapitalXP does not offer its services to residents of certain jurisdictions such as the USA, Belgium, France, Iran, Canada and North Korea.



CapitalXP Advantages


MT4 trading platform

CapitalXP offers its services on the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform, which we always see as a positive in a broker’s offer. The main strong sides of the MT4 are the great charts, the speed of execution, support of automated trading strategies, and the programming environment. The latter means that anyone handy with code can create technical indicators and trading bot of his own.



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Seemingly tight spreads

 A floating spread of around 1 pips on EUR/USD is a good pricing, basically on the lower end of the average for the sector. However, this is what we saw in demo trading environment and we cannot guarantee the spreads are the same on real accounts.


Besides, the spreads are not the most important part of the broker’s offering. The criteria when choosing a forex broker is its regulatory status. Below, you can check out real-time spreads of some reliable and licensed brokers.



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CapitalXP Disadvantages


No financial regulation

CapitalXP is owned by Quattro Holding Group, a company registered on Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG).


No matter what some brokers may claim, you should know that registration in some offshore Caribbean island has nothing to do with proper regulation. Actually, the SVG Financial Services Authority stated that it “does not issue any licenses for forex trading or brokerage or binary options trading nor does it regulate, monitor, supervise or license international companies, which engage in such activities“.


So, basically, CapitalXP is not a regulated broker and we advise our readers to avoid offshore companies as a general rule because of all the risks involved.


Trading conditions not mentioned

As we said in the beginning, CapitalXP doesn’t provide much details about the trading environment they provide. The lack of such information should always be seen as huge negative of a broker, as it shows lack of transparency and commitment.


No cryptocurrencies offered 

The broker claims to be offering crypto CFDs such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Litecoin, but those were not available in the demo account.




Given the language versions of its website and the payment methods supported, we suppose that the people behind CapitalXP are from Russia. We cannot be sure though. The broker is registered offshore and although its offering might seem attractive to some traders, given the tight spreads and the solid leverage provided, we would not recommend dealing with CapitalXP. First, because it is not regulated, and second, because it does not present clearly the pricing for its services.


Considering the above, we do not recommend dealing with CapitalXP. Instead, you may check out a list of tightly regulated brokers that meet strict requirements and are under the supervision of UK’s Financial Conduct Authority:


>>FCA-regulated brokers <<



To sum up the pros and cons of CapitalXP:


Pros Cons
Seemingly tight spread Not regulated
MT4 provided Trading conditions not disclosed
Up to 1:100 in leverage No crypto CFDs
Various payment methods supported  

Latest news about CapitalXP
No news about CapitalXP . Check back later.
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How to lose $100000 in a week with CapitalXP

CapitalXP are unscrupulous money stealers, pressuring you into giving them more and more of your money and then failing miserably to deliver the product and return they promote. When i launched a cancellation of my payment through How-To-Pay-Billing they cried foul. No wonder as that was their main source of income from investors. Then they promised to return the money but instead failed to inform me and put it into my trading account and under their SUPERVISION and GUIDANCE lost it all within a few days. Warned me i would have to invest another $50000US to keep my account active. WHAT? They just lost my $100000. OMG.qd29ct

Peter Bromley 09/28/2019

Fraud with me by capital xp

When I showed my interest on facebook I received a long call from their representative. They claimed that they will trade on my behalf than I will get profit. They persuaded me about the minimum deposit of 250 USD . Account manager Jason shared the screen and he tried that I will invest more. I told him later but I went to vacations and now I asked them to close my account I checked only 77 dollars left and account manager and chat agent Vivian told that account will be charged for dormant account. It's the worst scam

Dr.Rizwan Munir 09/05/2019


After being contacted twice from at socalled governmental recovery team, another 100% evidence of fraud was established. Stay far from these guys.

Kåre Jakobsen 08/30/2019

I have just been scamed by capitalXP

I have just lost 10,0000 euros, minus $1000 Australian dollars of which I have originally deposited. The rest of the story is very similar to the stories below. I strongly advice stay away from this so called company.
these people are thieves not business people. I also dealt with Jason and my account manager was Bella. Very Very Bad!!!!!

Tony Borello 08/13/2019

Refund of my deposits

Just wanted to ask for the refund of my minimum deposit but it seems they were just ignoring it. Sent them messages but no reply.

Vanessa Novido 07/08/2019

Unrealistic Claims To Financial Freedom

I was roped into this company by false advertising. Lost my money due to poor support and guidance. Bad choice. Bad customer service. Very hard to contact anyone.

Kylie 06/26/2019

Worst Experience with Capitalxp

I deposited $250 @ first, I made little profit while trading. The claimed expert managing my account was Mr.Jason he told me that for me to make a real money that I have to make a huge deposit which I did. I deposited the sum of $1903 which traded to make a gain of $8913, I now place a withdrawal of $5000, which we did pending the withdrawal he make me to trade again by time, the margin loss was with great spend which I eventually loose everything.he then called me to save the trade & make more deposit which I refuse then I know that they are all scammers

Moses Obanaiye 06/26/2019

Bad experience with Capital XP

Hi All,
I have had a similar bad experience with Capital XP. They also pressured me for more money and more money and more money and when I made the last deposit, Joe Robinson, a senior analyst traded Euro 136 000 away in one trading session. While he was trading, I was then infored of a margin call and that I must put in another $40 000 to "recover" the account. All well orchestrated and RECKLESS TRADING. He used to phone me every day to get money, then after my account was stripped/robbed he did not speak or phone me again.
There were Euro 500 left in my account after the RECKLESS TRADING. This was then further stripped to Euros 10 and later down to Euro 1.

Martin Jooste 06/12/2019

How to lose 100000 in six weeks

This company is deceitful beyond words.
After investing my initial 250 euros within days I had been pressured into depositing sizeable extra funds if i wanted to make any profitable trades. This deposit of 14000 euros was made under intense pressure by a different female agent who would not relent until the transaction was complete. Then she opened two trades which over the next few days lost 12000 euros. As a complete beginner I made a few trades of a few hundred some losing and some making a tiny profit.

Then after daily phone calls and frequent contact by my agent was introduced to the boss who harassed me about making a huge deposit $10000 in shares in Boeing which after 3 intense sessions I refused.

Two more weeks and it was on again this time with Coca Cola. Unfortunately they caught me at a vulnerable and desperate moment and I sent $50000US on the last Friday of the month before the monthly figures came out for the month. Within 24 hours I called my bank and tried to stop the transaction which was all done by credit card as all of my previous transactions had been. Unfortunately the money was deposited so the company contacted me and asked me to retract the chargeback requests because it would fuck up their dealings with the How to Pay Billing company which obviously was their major source of acquiring money from clients. In return they promised a total refund if I withdrew the requests I did on their promise.But it would take time.
Two weeks later without notice or confirmation the money was transferred back into my Forex account. My agent was unaware of this and kept making trades on my behalf at the same time telling me about how averaging works. A week ago a trade was made under instruction which in the last few days has lost me 28000. Added to that were commission fees of 30000 and 10000.

Two days ago I was told that my trade could be lost and that I needed to deposit another 50000US. The boss informed me that if I didn't it was insane and then again yesterday the same request. The relentless asking of my financial details, savings, credit was so intrusive and I had to be on guard all the time while on Teamviewer with them viewing my screen and suggesting let's go to your bank account now.

Today all my trades are closed and I am 100000 in debt which as an aged pensioner is devastating. I feel duped by the whole process, a total fool and now not only penniless but with a $100000 debt i have to repay.

Peter B 05/13/2019

Worse broker ever

They are the worse ever. I would not recommend anybody to invest with them, I deposit 500$ every time I want to withdraw my money they deduct a fee of 50$ I'm now left with 150$and no1 too date has returned my investment... The live chat is a nonsense, no-one responded to my queries or approval of my withdrawal... I was even told by one of the managers they don't want my money, but yet they never return any of my original investments. They are scammers.

Shannon 04/23/2019

charges fee without reason

I started to deposit USD250, early stage the account manager promised
that he can help to arrange auto-pilot for trading with my account, but
noy doing anything, and continuously charged me USD50 4 times as fee for no reason? and made my account only left USD50.

Sim Lee Joong 04/22/2019


I paid 250USD and marked at around 315USD and I try to withdraw the guy is no more to be found, I just want my money from this capitalxp( forexbrokerz) the know this guy Jason pierce and his email is I want my money, scam.

Godfrey 04/17/2019

I want to withdraw my money

Can I talk to one of the financial Manager. I want to withdraw my money
Since he promised to call me on Mondayand he did not do that
Regard Godfrey

Godfrey Rebese 04/17/2019

Saya dah bayar usd250

Rasanya saya dah tertipu.

Translated by Google:

I have to pay usd250
I think I was deceived.

Hasnuddin bin mahat 04/14/2019

Capital XP is a scam

They took my money and I am u able to withdrawl it. Dont use this company ever. Not but scum that steal money. I should of know better but thought they sounded great

Ben Richardson 03/28/2019

warnings of CapitalXP trade

Unfortunately, I had a very negative experience with CapitalXP and, in particular, with senior analyst mrs. Ostrovskaya A.
Advertising reads about some new system of profitable trading, allowing you to have 150-200% profit per month. In fact, this was a pure fake because it is the usual primitive scalping with tracking trends and news.
A. Ostrovskaya assured about stable earnings, and she constantly insisted on additional investment. As a result, she squandered the entire bill (5 thousand Euros) in a few minutes!
They offer to sign documents on the complete waiver of any claims.
They do not want to bear responsibility for anything and are completely blocked from external contacts, which indicates the illegitimacy of the organization (ref. mr. Lebedev S).
Now I am forced to claim with them.
Summary: beware of working with the mentioned person & company.

Vlad M 03/24/2019

You can not trust them

I have Lost 500 euro. When i ask four my money they not answer. They have Four different telephone numbers.You can not trust them. I am very angry and disappointed.

Anders Larsson 03/23/2019

Capital XP cannot be trusted

My interest in trading began over a year ago. I was induced to use Capital as a brokerage, when I opened an email sent from them saying they had deposited a 100 Euros into a trading account under my name on their site. i guess I was taken in by the generosity and blinded by the tact they used to lure me in.

I added to this 100 Euros by depositing a further 300 Euros because I was told I could not withdraw any profits i made from trading on the account unless was using money I had deposited from trading. It was not long before they had talked me into depositing a further 3000+ Euros. i was told this would improve my profit margins and they would teach me the tricks of the trade through regularly communicating with me. However neither happened and I ended up losing all of the money traded by myself without direction.

Several months later they called me offering a recovery plan. A 2 to 3 month risk free managed account. which they said they would confirm in a written contract once i had deposited the money that had been agreed on for them to start on my recovery plan. However they did not send the written contract as agreed so I requested the withdrawal of all my personal funds from the trading Account - 1000+ Euros. Instead I was met with mockery and humiliation and told I could not have my money back. When they realised how determined I was to recover my money. By my third withdrawal request for the aforementioned amount they used the excuse of signing a bonus agreement with them some six months earlier. This agreement merely stipulates that because they have matched the amount of my deposit. Hence giving me a larger amount to trade with . I cannot withdraw any profits I gain whilst trading with this balance until i reach a specified target. This however does not stop me from withdrawing my own personal funds at any time I wish. To date are still ignoring my requests for the return of my money. Now I don't know how i can get my money back even though it has been stolen and I know who has it.

Francis Fashesin 03/01/2019

CapitalXP - Payment was still pending

No Customer (CapitalXP)Contact details. Cannot access financial help DO DEN keep asking for ID identification of $250 AUD (Passport, Drivers licence, latest utility address I have not sent either.

This DO DEN company keeps requesting these ID for CapitalXP and have no forwarding address. So I do not and have not sent any form of ID.

Payment was still pending with bank of two days and now payment has been made affter I made stop payment.

Wara Kuri 02/22/2019

Capital XP cheated my money

Capital XP cheated my money. Requested for withdrawal on 7/12/18 with EUR 301 in my account. Then onward many different people from Capital XP keep on calling me wanted to handle my Account. On 29/1 there is a Jason called me, asked me to download Anydesk App and saying he will assist me in trading the account so that my money will be returned to me. He was controlling my desktop for the whole 30 min duration and thereafter he told me that he will check with their finance on how to return the money to me as soon as he can. There after not even a damn call or email from him. On 1/2/19 another guy, Michael called me and again said want to assist to trade on the account. I told him, i just want to carry on with my withdrawal and he told me that i only left EUR7 in the account and nothing to withdraw!!

Don't ever ever believe in them!!

Boonny 02/01/2019


Capital XP is definitely a fraud.. DO NOT INVEST WITH THEM! If you ask for you're money back they pull all kind of scams.. They will not pay you back even if you just want your initial deposti

Sunelle Byleveld 01/30/2019

Capital XP stole my money

Capital XP was good at first. I seemingly made around $500 in a week, but then the consultant started asking for more money for me to trade on Apple. Within a few days the trades showed small profit and I closed them with the profit, but what the consultant did not disclose was that the commission on the trade was around $500 per trade. I notified her and she told me that nothing is wrong an I should continue. This was a lie and I did not know about any of this. So the trades went downhill from there and I lost over $13 000. After this they told me that they have a TRADE ON US contract that will give me credit of $8000 to make back the money, but they wanted more money still. They are not honest at all and keep telling stories, instead of listening to the client.

VERY VERY Unprofessional.

Please stay away from them.

Braam van Wyk 01/15/2019

CapitalXP is a scam

i tried depositing and withdrawing you dont get to see your pending
withdrawal.when you ask the support team they say thank you for contacting us
what kind of broker is that.your withdrawal can't be processed for the whole month even though the paperwork is on poin
trust me i've been there.and everytime you request a withdrawal they will tell you to make some trades.the account managers are so mean like top level of mean they're super rude.
i told them i wanted to cancel my account they told me i cant they're refusing.
last week monday/tuesday i made a withdrawal and and it hasn't been processed since today.

everytime i request for the account manager to call they dont call this morning i was very angry and requested a immediate call they started calling
and the main reason for their call was for me to place trades so a withdrawal can be made, and the woman said i can only withdraw profit and she was so rude.
and the funny thing is account managers change quickly without them notefying you.the service is so poor the woman told me she handles $100k
accounts and i said but you're failing to process a withdrawal of 250euro
wich is currently R4080 where i'm from.

my advice to anyone who is trying to invest with capitalXP, don't it a waste of time and money you'll never get back the word to summurise their company

untill i receive my money back maybe i'll change my review but ryt now dont deposit please i beg you not to lose your money like i did plz may god protect you'll from scammers.

sfundo trevor 12/18/2018

A lot of trouble

I am having a lot of trouble trying to get them to pay me out and no help from them. is there anything I can do?

Guy Bagnall 12/14/2018

Withdraw Request

They are a fraud

Oliver put my money on VIP account to test it, for 2 days. After tested that, he told me that I have to put more down to stay in the VIP section. I mentioned to him that I have no funds now, but will only be able next year again. I did ask him if this money will still grow, (not at VIP growth, but normal growth - His answer was "No" only when I put enough money down to stay in VIP. He is not moving me back to normal account. THe money was then not grow anything anymore. It was just 624.18 EURO from then.
I requested an withdrawal of funds in November - I need the money for a school tablet for my daughter. The school did not warn us before hand - thus it is urgent. I have missed the due date now (12 Dec) Now I have to buy it myself, which is more expensive.

End of November, my account was still 624.18 EURO. I requested withdrawal a few times, but everytime I just get a CANCELED WITHDRAWAL REQUEST. After about 5 times, I got a call from Michael Klein, trying to convince me to leave the money. I told him I cannot, because of school costs. When I look at my account now, there is only 24.87 euro left now. Please dont tell me I lost it through trading, because Oliver clearly stated that he is not trading with it. I told Michael, also just to pay it out, don't trade, because I need it.

Astrid Pretorius 12/12/2018

Got Scammed

Saw an advert about trading,seemed legit,contacted them, was hesitant at first but was persuaded to transfer money, then spoke to a character called
Megan LaCroix, said she was French, persuaded me to transfer more money. Got a lot of calls in the beginning and a lot of babble about the stock market,which seemed believable. Checked my (false) account the increase in funds was a bit too much to believe given the length of time my money was invested and is still going up lol. I have lost £1500.00 so not the end of the world but would still like to get it back.

Linda Priest 12/10/2018

thieves and scammers

In my opinion Capital Xp are thieves and scammers,because i cant get my money out off them. I tried many times a withdrawal. At this stage there is a withdrawal pending. Joe Robinson and Paul Ray are the traders and there job is to get the public make investments and when the withdrawal off your money begin there is silence or a withdrawal rejected or 1 digit is gone so the amount is much less. I do not trust these people and will the first one to write a good review if i have all my money in my bank account in South Africa
In short they are scammers and thieves. Your money is not safe. Joe and Paul the greatest bullshitters i know.

chrisjan burger 11/29/2018

CapitalXP - withdrawal nightmare

They are immoral, and they are thieves in my opinion, they are reckless with other peoples money and they keep on pressurizing you to invest more and more money , even when you are at your limit.!
I have been taken advantage of by CapitalXP, many promises made and NONE kept.
I knew absolutely nothing about trading, first time ever.

One of their trading managers contacted me after I showed interest, a chap called David Rosenthal, and connected with me over team-viewer so that he could personally do the online trade for me.
He put me onto trades as I did not not how, and placed a Take Profit figure, but not a Stop Loss figure, stuff of which I knew nothing about at the time.
This caused a +- $10,000 loss for me.!

Joe Robinson or however his name is spelled also contacted me (The Boss), so did Michael Klein and many other people from his organisation, ALL they wanted was another opportunity to show me that they can make me money!!

They just would not listen to my complaint and kept on trying to get me to invest more money, which I did not want to do any longer, I just wanted my balance released and paid back to me. This has become a virtual nightmare!

I have been sending them e-mails to release my balance in my account, without success! Despite the many e-mails I have sent them, they are not responding by e-mail, all they do is phone and try to change my mind, having no success they then promise to release my remaining equity/money without success.
People keep on phoning me and promising me that the money will be released, however I still have not received my money, despite me supplying ALL the so called necessary paperwork they insist on having completed, absolving them of ALL wrongdoing. They would not even consider releasing my funds unless this paperwork was completed. I am at my wits end as to how to get my remaining funds back! I have send them e-mail upon e-mail , yet my money has not been released. Can you help me ? who do I contact for assistance.?

Please help me.

Henry Carr 11/08/2018

return of money

what can i do to get my money back

fay lutchner 11/07/2018

This is a scam

This is a scam....they told me that i would have a free trial for a week and i would get a bonus of 1000usd if i signed in today. The call came from hongkong from a Casey. Than i was asked to deposit 250 euros. An analyst David Hofmann called and asked me to invest another 1000 dollars, which i refused, he put in a few trades and left me hanging. Than i received that my account was at high risk of being closed since i has used up all my funds.

Beatrice Roch 10/31/2018

Cypress Call Center

A facebook link that a clicked and entered my number and got a call instantly. I have a new phone that told me the call was coming from Sydney which made scents cos I'm in Melbourne. Sounded like and Indian call center with allot of noise in the background, found out the lady that keeps calling me is in Cypress. Do not deal with these scammers

Matthew Oldenhof 10/04/2018


I have clocked on a link from Facebook and since that day, I feel like I am being harassed, they call me from various numbers
How these people get it right I don't know. I'm too scared to even answer my phone. Persistent.

Haadiyah 09/25/2018

CapitalXP Scam alert

Sun 23rd Sept 2018
Hi, I’m Gillian, a grandmother of 7 from South Africa, hoping to earn a few extra Rands. I came across this link: and logged on then within few minutes received a call from a Casey Brians from Capital XP (says he is from Ghana been to the USA now working in Cypress for Capital XP) & explained how the trading system worked etc. The initial outlay is $250 (=R3625). As I only have R170 in bank, he said he would call me tomorrow 24th Sept’18 (which is a public holiday in SA, Heritage day) at 11am. The # he called from is: +27160040080, but now that I see the number it looks like it could be from right here in S.A.(+27 is SA). I feel like such a fool. However if you are able to use the abover info. Please let me know how it turns out.
Kind regards
Gillian Keys

Gillian 09/23/2018


isreal/russian owners scamming from Ukraine, avoid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

george 09/06/2018

Capital XP scam?

CapitalXP have gladly taken my deposit of €250 and have failed to do any trades via the broker. I have in fact requested to withdrawl all my money as despite sending several emails asking why I have not had any contact from the broker and questions about when I will get my money back none has responded to me at all.
Have I been SCAMMED?

Marie Cubitt 08/15/2018
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