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Capital-Traders Review - is it scam or safe?

Capital-Traders Review - Is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 3 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Capital-Traders
Capital-Traders is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Basic €500 1:200 From 4.4 pips*
Bronze €1,000 1:200 From 4.4 pips*
Silver €5,000 1:200 From 4.4 pips*
Gold €20,000 1:200 From 4.4 pips*
Platinum On request 1:200 From 4.4 pips*

*spreads provided by the trading platform. The broker doesn’t disclose target spreads for the various account types.


Capital-Traders is a forex and CFD broker, whose logo is very reminiscent to that of a much more famous and internationally renowned company. While this will definitely catch the eye of experienced traders (and potentially leave a negative feeling from the beginning) there are a lot of other factors about this broker which aren’t impressive. Read on for the full story.


Capital-Traders Advantages


Access to many CFDs

One of the strong points of Capital-Traders is the fact they allow you to trade various markets.  Forex pairs are complemented by cryptocurrency ones, as well as commodities, equity indices and a few specific stocks (of the most famous companies). We have seem even broader lineups, but this one is definitely solid.


1:200 in leverage

We always approach this topic with caution, as leverage can be a trader’s greatest enemy. The more you “gear up”, the bigger your potential loss can be. That being said, some veteran traders still prefer having the option to take an enormous position, even if they don’t do it often. The 1:200 leverage at Capital-Traders will be enough for everybody.


Various payment methods

When it comes to the ways of depositing funds,  Capital-Traders has everybody covered. The methods include: Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, Yandex, WebMoney, Qiwi, Bitcoin and Ethereum. 


Capital-Traders Disadvantages


No financial regulation 

The legal entity behind Capital-Traders is the London-based Option Solution Online Ltd. Their name itself suggests they likely used to offer binary options, before switching to spot trading. That being the case, a much bigger issue is the fact they aren’t registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – the local watchdog.


Spreads are very high

The costs of trading at this company aren’t nowhere near competitive, with the current offers by others. The EUR/USD spread we saw, arter registering an account was 4.4 pips. Even several years ago this wouldn’t have been a decent level, but nowadays a lot of brokers offer something around 1.5 pips, or even less. 


>>Compare real-time forex spreads here<<


Platform isn’t anything special

Capital-Traders offers a web-based trading experience. The interface isn’t the worst we have seen, but also isn’t impressive. Here is a preview:


The way you would trade at Capital-Traders


Those of you who have used slightly more complicated, but vastly more functional platforms are probably in love with them. MetaTrader4 is one which often like to recommend as it strikes a perfect balance. It is accessible to beginners, but also packs a lot of extras like advanced indicators, automated trading, a signal system and more.


>>Looking for a MT4 broker?<<


Relatively large minimum deposit

The smallest account type at Capital-Traders requires a €500 deposit. While this may sound like pocket change to some readers, others will probably not be able to invest such a sum. 


Website isn’t finished (or is sloppy)

At the time of writing, the overall way Capital-Traders present their service is rather basic (explaining what different assets are, with few trading conditions mentioned). This lead us to the FAQ section, to get more details. There we saw this


A copy-pasted “one answer to all questions” in this broker’s FAQ 




Capital-Traders is an unregulated forex and CFD broker. Their offer may include a plethora of markets, but the EUR/USD spread we saw, after opening an account is very disappointing. Even the best traders will struggle to beat the market with such costs. This comes on top of the fact they aren’t regulated, which is enough to earn them a low score, in our reviews.


Despite being based in London, this broker isn’t affiliated with the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The main reason we value the legal status of a company so highly is the security of your investment – when dealing with an unregulated broker, you are taking an unnecessary risk. The complicated rules, which FCA-regulated brokers must follow are many. Here are only two of the key ones:


>>FCA-regulated forex brokers<<


1) traders’ funds are kept away from the company. This is done via banking segregation of the accounts, which prevents the people running the business from stealing your depsoit.


2) clients are protected if the broker goes bankrupt. There is a secondary mechanism used to insure this and it is called the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).


Here is a summary of this review:

Pros Cons
Access to many CFDs No financial regulation
1:200 in leverage Spreads are very high
Various payment methods Platform isn’t anything special
  Relatively large minimum deposit
  Website isn’t finished (or is sloppy)


Latest news about Capital-Traders
No news about Capital-Traders. Check back later.
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Tony Allen senior account manager

Where is tony Allen capital trader senior account manager is not responding to us as his investment customer
The company must take responsible to reply us although tony Allen is not available

Please respond with thanks

Lin Li Fang 05/21/2019 scam

I am facing the same problem in they are changing their email or website after every two months, the earlier website was and at the beginning of Feb 2019 they changed it with and now from 23rd March 2019 again this is not accessible or you can say it is disappeared.
My account was showing money but no withdrawal option they don't tell anything just asking again 5,000 pounds.

Regards Muhammad. Wasyem

Muhammad Waseem 03/25/2019

website disappeared

I having the same problem with Juraj Kantor , try to contact the account manager , no reply at all, after bank in the money only see one time trade
no transaction at all for long time, even account still have fund, but they
still keep on calling to add on additional fund, fund inside the account cant cash out at all

lilians 03/23/2019

Website disappeared. Scam?


I was with them from last May. First gains were promising, but then no further development of the investment anymore. Additionally they put some additional benefits to the account, but not possible for withdrawal. Their communication only on request, but satisfactory.

I today realized that just after an additional request for investment from their broker that I accepted (deposited additional funds) the website disappeared and email addresses do not work anymore. So also the withdrawal option disappeared. Don't know how to get back funds investeď into this scam brokerage! Anyone who can help? We invested a lot, so the loss really hurts!

Juraj Kantor 01/17/2019

€250 deposit gone

Michael (Mike) Collins lost my deposit (plus) more. Should my initial investment not have been protected from loss at all times? And of course the phone call to inform me my money was lost was not made by Mike....cowardly! I recommend avoiding CAPITAL TRADERS if you value your money.

Danielle Power 11/27/2018

Take details of frauds

Please take frauds details with national id and verify.After that...more and more and govt would be happy.Because capital trades scam/cheat with innocent people like me.

rksaha 08/17/2018

Bunch of crooks

Capital-Traders suddenly closed all Forex trades, pretending that customers only liked cryptocurrencies, then moved to Estonia beginning of June 2018. They refused to send my available funds back unless I pay a fee of 20'000 Euros first which they say would then be added to my investment, the total of which would then be sent back to me. Luckily I did not have the 20'000 Euros for them to steal on top of my original investment. Capital-Traders are a bunch of crooks, stay away from these criminals!

Jacqueline WEY 08/04/2018
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