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C2CX Review - is it scam or safe?

C2CX Review - is scam or good cryptocurrency exchange?



Trading Accounts & Conditions



Account type Leverage Min. order size Trading fee Withdrawal Fee
Standard N/A 0.01 BTC/BCC 0.20% 0.20% BTC/ 0.4% for RMB


C2CX is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange that is registered in Luxembourg for obvious reasons (the ICO ban in China, which chased away most exchanges). It offers crypto-to-crypto spot trading in some of the most popular coins, and it seems that it also allows deposits and withdrawals in Renmibi (RMB).


As regards safety, C2CX uses standard SSL, hot wallet and cold wallet to protect platform funds, as well as risk analysis system in the processing of withdrawals.


C2CX Advantages


Competitive trading fees

Currently C2CX charges a flat fee of 0.20% per trade, regardless of the instrument traded and the user’s trading volume. This is a good pricing. Besides, deposits are free and withdrawals have relatively small fees: 0.0001 BTC, .005 LTC, 0.01 ETH.


Fiat currency accepted (RMB)

According to an announcement on C2CX website, CNY trading has been discontinued on September 30th, 2017. Nonetheless, it seems that the exchange accepts deposits in Chinese Renmibi (RMB) and also allows RMB withdrawals. However, withdrawals in RMB are charged with pretty solid fees. You can find the details in the Disadvantages section below.


Decent amount of coins available for trade

At the time of writing of this review, C2CX offers trading in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, as well as its own digital currency, Skycoin. At C2CX trading is mainly done against Bitcoin, the most actively traded pairs being BCC/BTC and SKY/BTC. In fact, trading volumes on other pairs are rather low.


Anonymous trading

Like more exchanges, C2CX utilizes Google two-factor authentication (2FA), but unverified users can also trade on the exchange. Registered members whose transactions involve only virtual currencies are not required to have their identities verified. 


Nice trading platform

C2CX’s web trading platform is nothing special, yet it is equipped with the most important features, such as an order book, some basic charting and more. Here is a snapshot of C2CX’s advanced platform:


 Click on the image to zoom-in.


C2CX Disadvantages


No advanced charting, no mobile trading apps

Speaking about C2CX’s trading platform, we have to mention that it lacks good charting, technical analysis indicators and other advanced features, which for example the MetaTrader 4 used by most forex brokers provides. Besides, there are no mobile apps available at C2CX.


Limited fiat currencies supported, salty transfer fees

You cannot buy Bitcoin, or Ethereum with US Dollar or EUR at C2CX. As we have mentioned above, this cryptocurrency exchange supports only Chinese Renmibi. However, CNY withdrawals are charged with solid fees – 0.40% in working hours and 0.60% outside working hours.


No margin trading

Like most exchanges, C2CX does not provide leveraged trading. If you need such a service, some bigger exchanges, like Chinese OKEX, or Kraken, offer such. You also have another option: trade in Bitcoin speculatively with the forex brokers, all of which provide margin trading.


>>Bitcoin margin trading with forex brokers<<




C2CX was launched in 2016 after an angel round investment by the Chinese company IT Group. It offers trading in some of the most popular digital coins, as well as its Skycoin, which seems to be praised by the crypto community. Trading fees at C2CX are competitive, however withdrawals are more hevily charged, especially those in RMB.


In September 2017 Chinese authorities officially restricted the issuance and trading of digital tokens sold via domestic ICOs. At the time it was unclear to what extent that affects Chinese crypto-exchanges, however, some of them exited the local market (BTCC), and others, like C2CX, restricted CNY trading. Huobi, another leading Chinese exchange, cut a lot of its functionality and re-registered in the Seychelles. C2CX, on the other hand, is registered in Luxemburg (as Cybertrust S.A). It is not licensed, nor overseen by any financial authority, which is the case of most similar venues. We would like to remind those of you preferring to invest with a properly regulated entity, that you can also trade in Bitcoin with trusted forex brokers.


>>Regulated forex brokers offering Bitcoin trading<<




 Competitive trading fees

 Limited fiat currencies supported, salty transfer fees

 Decent amount of coins available for trade

 No margin trading

 Nice trading platform

 No advanced charting, no mobile trading apps

 CNY supported


 Anonymous trading option



Latest news about C2CX
No news about C2CX. Check back later.
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Thieves - C2CX are Scammers

I deposit LTC, get email that said it was deposited. I make a trade, goes through. The next day there is no transaction history or trade history. They will not respond. DO NOT TRADE at C2CX, SPREAD THE WORD, THEY ARE CROOKS AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN.

sp 06/26/2019

my money is gone

Hello i lost my btc trading in C2CX, they just dumped the coin i was in randomly to 1 sat, lost all my money and there's nothing i can do, this chinese scam is incredible, now i have nothing left.

adam 05/15/2019

lost my money, Help!!

Don't trust this exchange, my deposit never arrive after 4 days, support dont care, no one to help me now.

Charlie 04/30/2019


They cleaned up my account after I attempted to withdraw. Dont give them your money. Beware!!!!!

Ronald V Kilgo 04/20/2019

Nice one Scott

My money has been stuck in withdrawal for 3 weeks, tried to contact Scott Freeman the CEO directly like he suggested, guess this was just another lie, as I don't get any response and just another phone line that hangs on me, fool me once shame on me, fool me twice, no surprise, just Scott Freeman all over again.

DonnyDarko 04/10/2019

Don't Believe his lies

Scott Freeman has had my money trapped in his claws for more than a month by now, my withdrawal request keeps on processing and there's no response from customer support, Tried to make this withdraw when BTC was at 4k, now at 5.2k, good thing Scott is making profits out of my money, unbelievable.

Donald Shilling 04/09/2019

Message from the Boss

Dear fellow traders:

C2CX is a top-notch 3rd-generation trading platform with supreme service level. One of our key selling points has been customer service, both via telephone and online chat. This may sound unexciting, but the reality is that this kind of customer service is almost unknown outside of China. We are convinced that at this stage in the game, the package we bring to the table is just enough to gain good traffic.

People here complaining can reach out to me directly!!!

Scott Freeman

IT Resources
F/26, Lekai Building, 660 Shangcheng Road, Pudong, Shanghai 200120
Tel.: +86 21 5131 0210
Mob.: +86 130 6167 2912
China's #1 Turnkey IT Solution Provider - Hands-On Transparent Systematic

Scott Freeman 04/07/2019

Feeling hopeless

Support won't answer back, they just won't help me get my money back, i just lost any hope i had.

zoegagnon 03/16/2019

Don't even try it honestly

I actually don't even know why somebody would trust a random ass chinese exchange like this one, I almost fell into their trap but after some research found out a lot of things about their CEO, Scott Freeman, and how he has multiple businesses like this one where it's just a fraud behind curtains, and all they want is to take your money. Get away boys.

Michael Benz 03/16/2019

wtf Scott Freeman?

It's already been 6 days of waiting for my withdrawal to be confirmed, right now I can only think of what I'm going to do with the rest of my balance. If something I've learned is to never trust a Chinese exchange again, and if it has a foreign CEO like Scott Freeman even less.

Peter Davis 03/16/2019

Deposit didn't show my account.

The First support ticket response is quick. From there on forth, I haven't heard anything in over a month now. Frustratingly enough, any new support tickets are closed immediately, yet they can't even provide a "we're still working on it, don't worry" update on my missing deposit ticket. It's fine to be busy, but no communication is just plain unprofessional. For all I know my money's in limbo and they won't help get it back.

Joseph Sanchez 03/15/2019

Go back to binance

Stay out of this sketchy type of exchange unless you want them to steal your coins, stick with binance dont even try it.

Nathan Martin 03/15/2019

Don't get scammed boys

I can confirm C2CX is a scam and the most extremely incompetent and negligent to the point of being what I consider illegal. Its fine until you have a problem, and then suddenly it is seriously not fine. This may be days or months down the track, but eventually you will be hit with a problem, and when you are, may god help you if you ever want to see your money again.

Guelo 03/14/2019

Locked accounts

There are plenty of people locked out of their accounts with deposits missing and withdraws not being processed. C2CX has become dangerous, the people behind are Scott Freeman and his wife Arong Xu. Profiting from this is disgusting, do yourself a favor and stay away from it.

Jim Xao 03/14/2019

Follow my advice

Stay away from this exchange, i was never able to withraw what i sent to them and neither will you.

Liam McDonald 03/14/2019

Very Slow Exchange

very slow exchange. I sent my funds in eth there and they disappeared. moreover, assistance is very slow in responding. disappointed very much

Bryan_BTC 03/13/2019

Been skeptical about C2CX

Even so, I decided to create an account with them just to buy some WAX, tried to withdraw and now it has been almost a month with no sign of my tokens or even a response from their support team.

Jonathan Saviñon 03/12/2019

It's Meh, Wouldn't recommend.

Fast site, but not that easy to use and the fees are ridiculous. No problems with transfer (deposit + withdraw), I only sent like 100usd tho. The support doesn't reply. I prefer Binance and strongly recommend that instead.

Roger Smith 03/12/2019

Are you even trying?

You would think that after Cryptopia fiasco people would atleast try to do a proper scam, but C2CX is not even trying they are just screaming "We want to take your money and run!!!".

Dont fall for this.

jacob peterson 03/12/2019

They will take your money

Scott Freeman is the ceo of c2cx and ITR and that has to be the main reason to not use the exchange, UI and registration are easy enough for you to not give a second thought.

I paid him through ITR and he did not send cisco equipment. We sued and his lawyer only would give us half our money back, just dont fall for his chinese scam.

CraigRivers 03/11/2019

Money Missing!

Transferred in roughly 1000 aud of bitcoin to sell into LTC. When the transfer went through I received about 600 aud and the rest is missing and nowhere to be found, it's been 2 months and the team seems to not care about me anymore, as I don't even get any response from them. Luckily i got out with what i could, who knows what else would have happened.

Aline Sousa 03/11/2019


This C2CX is not an exchange is a SCAM, they will steal your money and say that your account was hacked. It happened to me! Open your eyes!!

CharlotteRoy 03/08/2019

Life Saving

Thanks for the info fellow traders.You have saved of us from this scam.I was almost going to send my BTC there. So sad for your terrible experiences and losses.Hope you recover soonest!

Manuel Santos 03/08/2019

China does it again

This is a complete fraud. I withdrew 5k USD and they said it was ‘sent’. This was 20 days ago, and I have not received the money. The customer service is basically nonexistent and just now I eventually found a phone number to call them and they said they would help me, then just cut the phone dead. The third time I called back they pretended they couldn't hear me then the phone has gone dead. Don't make the mistake of sending money to this place.

Nick Park 03/07/2019

Scam Exchange

Сareful with these crooks!!
in no case do not bring your coins there!
within 9 days it is not possible to withdraw ETC.
Support says that there are problems with the wallet although in fact no problems are detected.
I do not recommend C2CX!!

Frankie 03/06/2019

Worst crypto exchange

The worst crypto exchange ever, I am going to open a lawsuit against Scott Freeman and his wife Arong Xu. And I will show who I am. They should not make this happen to me.

Away from C2CX. This is a shit ton of scam. They just keep your money. That is it.

Pablo Rosa 03/06/2019

Scott Freeman... again

C2CX is a Scott Freeman company just like IT Resources. He offered me interest on my bitcoin for trading, and then after he started trading it, he claims to have lost it all, so now my bitcoin is gone.

Every time this guy gets involved with some bussines you can bet its a scam.

Felix Wilson 03/05/2019

Please Stay Away

I sent around 400 dollars to this C2CX exchange, but only 250 of those show as available in my account, i have done everything to try to get a hold of my remaining funds to no avail, i have been made to show these people my documents, ID, Passport, for nothing, as i have struggled to talk to these scammers for almost a month, and no results have been show what so ever, i have been starting to lose hope , call it a loss, but i'm making this post for other people, so they can't scam more people out of their hard earned money.

Sirena Miller 03/04/2019

C2CX its just another china hustle

I registered in C2CX in February and tried to deposit some ethereum. The ethereum was confirmed on the blockchain but they never credited the deposit on my account after numerous requests by email to their support. The website says that the exchange is in Luxembourg when in fact its actually located in China. It is safe to conclude that C2CX is a scam and that the founders are just scamming people around. Numerous reports like this have appeared and justice will be served.
C2CX is a SCAM, STAY AWAY folks

Fredrick Müller 03/03/2019

Issues with C2CX

I don't recommend this exchange because:

1. Many people had issues with withdrawals, myself included.

2. They have a very lax risk warning which holds you responsible for almost everything bad which could happen.

3. I thought they were based in Luxembourg, apparently I was wrong and they are a Chinese exchange. When I signed up I didn't know that my data will be in the hands of the Chinese Government.

Neho 03/01/2019
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