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BoxInvesting Review - is it scam or safe?

BoxInvesting Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1.8 / 10 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz BoxInvesting
BoxInvesting is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


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Trading Accounts and Conditions


Trading account  Min. deposit Max. leverage Spread
Start  $250 1:500  N/A
Classic  $1 000 1:500 N/A
Premium  $5 000 1:500 N/A
Ultra  $20 000 1:500 N/A
VIP  $50 000 1:500 N/A


BoxInvesting offers its clients the above account types for trading in forex and CFDs on the Sirix platform. However, the broker has not presented clearly its trading conditions, so we are not sure how those accounts differ. Nonetheless, our main concern with BoxInvesting is the lack of valid forex broker license.



BoxInvesting Advantages


Sirix platform

Leverate’s Sirix is a solid choice of a trading platform. It has user-friendly interface and nice charting, but its most popular feature seems to be the social trading option. The software is available as desktop download, web-based version and mobile apps. Here is a screenshot of BoxInvesting’s web platform:



Click to view larger.


Tight spreads

As you can see from the above image, the benchmark EUR/USD spread on BoxInvesting’s Sirix is as low as 0.6 pips. Probably some commission also applies, but we are not sure about that as we could not register a demo account with the broker, but only logged in as a guest.


Note that the trading costs of a forex broker are not the most important criterion for comparison and evaluation. Instead, it is the company’s regulatory status and reliability, as the security of your investment depends on it.

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Various CFDs available

BoxInvesting also seems to have a very rich and diverse product portfolio. Apart from forex, its clients are offered various CFDs – on commodities, precious metals, indices, stocks and Bitcoin. 



BoxInvesting Disadvantages


Limited and contradicting corporate information. Not regulated

BoxInvesting is allegedly operated by Software and Media LTD., a company registered offshore, on the Marshall Islands. However, in some of the legal documents uploaded on the broker’s website, there is another company name present – Boxinvesting Limited. Whichever of the two companies (or none of them, who knows) operates BoxInvesting, it is not under the oversight of any financial authority.


Those of you who are new to trading might not be aware, but most offshore and/or unregulated brokers actually run investment scams. So, our best advice is to avoid them and deal only with brokers licensed by respectable financial regulators like ASIC in Australia or the FCA in the UK.


Unrealistic statistics of winning clients

According to the information on BoxInvesting’s website 73% of their customers earn in the first trading month. Such unrealistic statistics and promises are yet another worrisome sign, typical for scam brokers.



As of August last year European brokerages are obliged to disclose the percentage of their clients who lose and these go as far as 70% - 80%.


MT4 unavailable

Generally speaking, Sirix is not a bad platform, but many will surely miss the industry’s leading MetaTrader4 (MT4). A lot of traders prefer the MT4 for its great functionality: superior charting, fast order execution, the ability to handle many instruments at the same time, the MQL marketplace, and the automated trading bots (EAs).



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BoxInvesting is an offshore forex broker, which is not overseen by any financial regulatory agency. On top of that, its corporate background and trading conditions are not all that clear, which inclines us to suspect that it might be one of the many con-artists on the forex market.


As usual, our best advice in such cases is, don’t deposit any money with any such unreliable broker operating without a license. Instead, select among companies authorized and regulated by some reputable governmental agency, like the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.



>> trade with a FCA-regulated forex broker <<



Let’s sum up the key positive and negative sides of BoxInvesting:


Pros Cons
Seemingly tight spreads Minimal info on the company, no regulation
Sirix platform Unrealistic statistics of winning clients
Wide range of tradeable assets MT4 unavailable


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Total Scam

Stay away...I invested 60k and can't make a withdrawl. I have now taken legal action. Total scam this company!

Diane St Pierre 11/27/2019

Complete SCAM! Call, after Call, AFTER CALL, AFTER CALLLLL

These guys will not take a hint. They are relentless in calling... I have tried no fewer than 4 times to tell them that i am NOT INTERESTED.... and yet they still call.

Do not give them the time of day, do not give them your phone number, do not give them anything except a loud click followed by a dial-tone.

Ralph 11/08/2019

BoxInvesting Betrug

Im August des Jahres 2019 wurde ich aufmerksam auf finanzielle Anlagemöglichkeiten der Firma boxinvesting. Es handelt sich um Anlagen in Kryptowährungen. Die Webseite verspricht ein seriöses Arbeiten. Meine Einlagen begann ich mit 500,- €. Nach weiteren 14 Tagen investierte ich noch einmal 5000,- €. Der Trader, welcher mir zugeteilt wurde heißt Maximilian Krause, der Kontakt lief über Mail sowie die Telefonnummer in Zürich 0041435448014. Die Firma hielt Kontakt über Mail und die offizielle Festnetznummer in der Schweiz 0041435089235.
Nach zwei Monaten des mehr oder weniger erfolgreichen Handels über die Plattform stellte sich kein wesentlicher Handelserfolg ein. Meine Einlagen hatten sich nicht vermehrt, aber auch nicht verringert.
Also beauftragte ich per Mail meinen Trader, den Handel einzustellen und meine Einlagen in Höhe von 6099,59 $ auf mein Konto zurück zu überweisen. Ein Formular der Finanzabteilung hatte ich ausgefüllt an diese zurückgesendet. Seit dem geschieht nichts mehr. Die Telefonnummern sind nicht mehr erreichbar. Auf Mails wird nicht reagiert.
Recherchen im Internet, insbesondere auf amerikanischen Webseiten lassen auf einen Internetbetrug schließen, der seit 2018 dort aktiv war. Der Handel in Europa scheint recht jung zu sein. Auf jeden Fall werde ich Strafanzeige gegen die Firma boxinvesting stellen und weitere Verbraucherorganisationen vor dieser Firma warnen.

Translated by Google:

In August of the year 2019 I became aware of financial investment possibilities of boxinvesting. These are investments in cryptocurrencies. The website promises a serious work. My deposits started with 500, - €. After another 14 days I invested another 5000, - €. The trader, which was assigned to me is called Maximilian Krause, the contact ran over Mail as well as the telephone number in Zurich 0041435448014. The company held contact over Mail and the official landline number in Switzerland 0041435089235.
After two months of more or less successful trading via the platform, no material trading success occurred. My deposits had not increased, but also not decreased.
So I emailed my trader to stop trading and transfer my deposits of $ 6099.59 back to my account. I had filled in a form from the finance department and returned it to them. Nothing has happened since then. The phone numbers are no longer available. There is no response to mails.
Research on the Internet, especially on American websites suggest an Internet fraud, which was active there since 2018. Trade in Europe seems to be quite young. In any case, I will file criminal charges against the company boxinvesting and warn other consumer organizations of this company.

Frank 10/29/2019

Terrible service and unreliable team

I have been attempting to do a withdrawl from my BoxInvesting account since 9 Septmebre 2019. To date nobody has contacted me, I have no idea what they are doing, I have sent several emails, I have tried calling thier UK office number (just keeps me on hold), the person on their online chat service knows nothing.

They need to do something absolutely fantastic if they want to keep my business.

Martin Heydenrych 09/12/2019

Scammed by box investing

They made me put $20000 now they dont take my calls and they not communicate with me.

Raah Msweli 08/30/2019

Terrible company

I signed up with Calloway Crypto system and they provided me with a broker - I was contacted by my "account manager" and was instructed how to deposit funds by paypal. I did the minimum of $100usd to try it out.

The next day I get a call from my "account manager" and he was telling me that I was "in the profit" on the very first trade. TRADE I asked?? Apparently, they trade YOUR money without YOUR authorization!! also, I was planning on using Calloway crypto system as this is what I signed up for, the broker was just there to put the money in and then trade with calloway. NOT SO!

They gave me the some BS story as to why it's the way it is, and how I now have to deposit $500 dollars to actually be able to trade anything! I asked them to refund my deposit and cancel my account.

Now i'm getting the run around, I suspect they won't pay, but I have put in a complained with PayPal to get my funds back. They don't answer my emails anymore, and also Calloway Crypto Systems is not answering my emails either, and their chat is non-existent.

In the end, this is my fault, no one else's, not even the scammers (i know). I was a fool for falling for something that makes "easy money" with low deposit, it just doesn't work like that. Learn to trade in the markets yourself and don't take the easy way. If it's too good to be true, it sure as hell is! DON'T FALL FOR THIS EASY MONEY WAY PEOPLE!!!

florin 08/22/2019


I have similar experience with them I have $8000 and was was assigned to Frederic Johnson. I made a withdrawal and he called that I should let him know before doing that he will send me a form. Later I didn't hear from since 4/16/19 when I called they told me his sick and I can't withdraw from the account until his back

Paul Rodemade 08/14/2019

Box investing FRAUD

They have 11.000 USD of my money. I invested this amount and after some time I had about 30.000 dollars on my balance on their platform. After I requested to withdraw 10.000 USD, the broker named Egor Vasconi, started telling me about technical problems that their bank has and after one week of such stories he simply disappered. I tried to call this company but there is no reply, the communication with them is a one-side communication. Avoid this company. Otherwise you will just lose your mail ney.

Tatiana Papadopoulou 07/13/2019



This company is fraud and cheated me for approx 55000 USD. I am now chasing them for last 1 month and no contact whatsoever. I have already filed a case with Anti-Fraud agencies in Canada and USA and banks Ombudsman as well. Beware of them!!

prashant shah 06/19/2019


Love the way when you select thumb up or down in this case thumb up to make it 8 then swaps to 8 thumbs down..
Nice another scam

Phil Smith 06/18/2019


Boxinvesting has $13,000 USD of mine and has cut all ties with me since I tried to get the money out.
Lies lies lies

Phil Smith 06/18/2019

BoxInvesting is not honouring my withdrawal request

I regret investing with this company. I started investing with them since Nov 2018. I was assigned a personal broker (Fredric Johnson) who persistently encouraged me to take loan up to £6,000 which I invested. I made a withdrawal request of $2,500 since 5/4/2019 till date my request has not be honoured. I have made several phone calls to their office and sent numerous email but to no success. I'm now exploring ways to get my money back from them. BoxInvesting is a scam to invest your kobo with them

Abdul Idris-A 05/12/2019
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