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BitInka Review - is it scam or safe?

BitInka Review - is scam or good cryptocurrency exchange?

RATING: 2.8 / 5 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz BitInka


Trading Accounts and Conditions


Account type Min. order size Leverage Deposit and withdrawal fee* Trading fee
Standard 0.005 BTC 1:1 0.5-2.5% for fiat 0.50%


*Bitcoins withdrawals are charged with 0.15% fee over the total amount (a minimum of 0.0002 BTC).


As its name suggests, BitInka is a Latin American exchange that allows locals to buy or sell Bitcoins easily and safely in their local currency. It is primarily BTC-to-currency exchange, but also offers coin-to-coin trading.


Like most exchanges, it uses two-factor authentication for security purposes. To register, you need a personal bank account and verification is required. You have a maximum of 30 days to verify your account after registration at BitInka, and if you miss the deadline, you will have to do the process again. If you never complete the validation process, you will not have full access to the exchange (deposits and withdrawals in fiat).


BitInka Advantages


Many fiat currencies supported

The most obvious advantage of this exchange is the fact that you can deposit or withdraw in a number of “traditional” currencies: American Dollar, Euro, Nuevo Sol, Argentinian Peso, Boliviano, Real, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Bolivar and Euro; Hong Kong Dollar, Mexican Peso, Chinese Yuan Renminbi and India Rupee.


Bank transfers

Being able to deposit and withdraw in their local currency via bank transfer is without a doubt a significant convenience to Latin American traders. When it comes to withdrawal fees, however, they are pretty solid.


BitInka brags about its bank integration with more than 25 banks in America and Europe. The complete list of affiliated banks and companies in each country is available on its website (appendix B in their Terms and Conditions).


Other payment methods

In addition, you can make transactions from any financial institution that offers money transfers, but take into account that this involves bank commissions plus 1% BitInka commission.


Besides, yoy can also use the company’s own payment solution – IncaPay, where the transfer takes are significantly lower than those for bank wire.


Decent amount of altcoins available

By the time of writing the present review, BitInka offers 8 altcoins for trade, including the popular ETH, LTC, DASH, and XRP. Althogh some exchanges, like Bittrex, offer a plethora of altcoins for trade, BitInka’s crypto portfolio is not that limited, considering that its focus is on coin-to-fiat trading.


Despite of this, at the time of writing of the present review the most heavily traded pair is BTC/ETH.


Wallet service

Although this is hardly a major advantage, not all exchanges provide a wallet service.


BitInka Disadvantages


High trading & transfer fees

All trades on BitInka incur a fee of 0.50%, which is at least double the size of what most exchanges charge (and many of them charge only market “takers”). On top of that, BitInka also applies deposit and withdrawal fees, which are quite high. For example, bank wire deposits in USD, while Bitcoin withdrawals incur a fee of 0.15% . At least, all fees are presented in a clear manner on the exchange’s website.


Available in a limited number of countries

BitInka operates in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Peru and Venezuela. considering that Bitcoin gives you a chance to go global, we find this a bit of a limitation.


Minimum deposit and order size set

The minimum Bitcoins you can sell or purchase at this exchange is 0.005 BTC and the minimum amount you can deposit is 0.0001 BTC. There are also minimum amounts that you can deposit or withdraw in fiat currency, but they depend on the currency and the country to which you want to deposit or withdraw. Here are the details



We find this a bit of a limitation, as most exchanges do not set minimum deposit and order size amounts.


No leverage

As most typical crypto-exchanges BitInka, also does not provide leverage. If you need some, you can check out the offering of exchanges like Kraken or bitFlyer. Besides, forex brokers that offer trading in Bitcoin may also be a good choice for you.


>> Forex Brokers offering margin Bitcoin trading <<


Platform lacking basic features

BitInka’ web-based platform has a very simple interface that is easy to use, but lacks some basic features like charting, market depth window, etc. Here is a preview:



BitInka’ platform. Click on the image to zoom in.




BitInka is one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in South America. Its clients are able to trade in some of the mostpopular cryptocurrencies against their local currencies, as well as to make wire transfers from and to major banks. Coin-to-coin trading is also enabled.


Obviously this is an exchange that targets residents of specific countries, so it is mostly suitable for crypto-investors residing in South America. This could be viewed both as a weak and strong side, depending on the point of view. BitInka’s trading and tranfer fees, however, are undeniably high. Besides, its trading platform looks out of date and has no charting whatsoever. Another thing we don’t like about BitInka is that it ha set some minimum deposit and order size requirements.


BitInka is owned and operated by BitInka Limited – a ompany legally incorporated in Hong Kong, that has a lot of subsidiaries operating across South America and Europe. As is the case with most exchanges, BitInka is not regulated. We remind you that you can also trade in Bitcoin with duly licensedforex brokers, just be sure to understand the differences.


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Many fiat currencies supported

High trading & transfer fees

Bank transfers and other payment methods available

No margin trading

Decent number of altcoins offered

Mostly suitable for investors residing in South America

Wallet service

High trading & transfer fees


Platform with no charting


Minimum deposit and order size set


Latest news about BitInka
No news about BitInka. Check back later.
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Bitinka is a fraud

The advantages mentioned in the article are only theoretical.
In reality the ponly thing they give you once you deposited on their exchange are excuses. Almost no withdrawals of the fiat and the important crypto currencies is possible.
Employees are fleeing the sinking ship, Customers bannot withdraw their funds, and partners (!) are warning about their fraudulent behaviour:

Keep your hands (and coins) OFF this exchange!!! It is like throwing money in the trash (in this case the trash is named Roger Benitez, the CEO and decider at Bitinka).

Michael 10/12/2019

Bitinka is scam

Bitinka 100% scam.

alexa 08/22/2019 is scam!

this site is a scam. He took the money and ran away. Scam is the site. Stay away!

calvin 07/19/2019

This is a scum exchange

I initiated withdraw at May 30 2019 and failed.

So I created 2 tickets to support team:
In first ticket they told "Due to the high demand of user's transactions, some of these have been delayed."
In second one 12 days later they told: "that the technical area has presented inconvenience in the system nodes, the reason why your withdrawal has not been processed."

No one gives any time estimation. Teither in support nor social media.
Their answers look like formal polite writings with no real effort to solve the problem.
So still can't make any withdraw from this exchange.

So, I can't imagine working exchange with not working withdraws.
It seems this exchange doesn't have any real trading volume and real users. However you can find this exchange in top 50 by volume on coinmarketcap and others aggregators.

Nikita 06/16/2019


This is 100% scam never send funds to this shitty exchange. I have waited more the 4 months to get my funds back. They will give you the same copy/past answer and they will keep you waiting. I discovered this article recently many people have withdraw issues.

Jimmy Jones 05/24/2019


Bitinka is a scam dont deposit tobitinka your money will be lost after you deposit a altcoin then after 2 days you will see that withdraw is not possible with that type curriency....1 word SCAM SCAM dont even deposit when you see cheap prices.

victem of bitinka 05/04/2019


You can deposit and trade but you can't withdraw - attempts are cancelled after a few days and support will give a generic response of there being an "imbalance in the traceability." If you keep trying to withdraw they'll flag your IP and show you a page saying the exchange is in maintenance - fire up a VPN and you'll see it's just another lie. Roger Benites is a scam artist.

Andy Peters 04/21/2019

Bitinka is a big scam

Do not use Bitinka - It is a big scam I lost 0.198 BTC. First of all you don't get any answer when you contact their support. Second of alI they stole 0.198 BTC from me. I made a withdrawal and it was pending for more than 48h. And then the BTC was gone from my account. I din't get any transaction ID nor any proof where the BTC was send to. In the transfer history I could see the BTC was send but I could' get any info where it was send to? It was simply vanished from my account. Now I have 3.5 ETH in my account not sure how to get them out of there. Probably also lost forever to scumbags.

alex 03/07/2019

Scam. Unable to withdraw

This exchange will rip up off.

Anthony Lewandowski 02/26/2019

SCAM company

It is not possible to withdraw your money. Money is lost. No support

MIchael Hansen 10/30/2018

Bitinka unable to make withdrawal in local currency

I made a withdrawal from bitinka two months ago (january 24) and I don't have the money in my bank account.
I wrote to support several times and always says the same that "the withdrawal was approve so it will take a time to transfer to my bank account" instead I have a bank in the operation country of Bitinka and they said in the customer value proposal it will take only three days.

carlos 03/28/2018
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