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BetaCrypto Review - is it scam or safe?

BetaCrypto Review - Is scam or good crypto broker?

RATING: 1 / 25 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz BetaCrypto
BetaCrypto is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Maximum leverage Spread
Blue $500 Unspecified Around 0.75% for BTC trading*
Gold $1,500 Unspecified Around 0.75% for BTC trading*
Platinum $3,000 Unspecified Around 0.75% for BTC trading*
Black $3,000 Unspecified Around 0.75% for BTC trading*

*levels provided in their platform for BTC/USDT trading. The company doesn’t provide additional info on costs.

BetaCrypto, with the Bitcoin logo as the “B” in theirs, is a crypto-CFD broker. All client accounts are in Bitcoin, while one has the option to trade more traditional assets, as well as cryptocurrencies. This begs the question, why are the deposit levels for the different account types measured in dollar terms, but that is the least of the issues we have with this broker. Read on for all the details.

BetaCrypto Advantages

BTC traded against a lot of assets
As we mentioned, all accounts at BetaCrypto are in Bitcoin. The different trading instruments are divided into several categories:  Crypto vs Crypto, Crypto vs USDT, Indices vs BTC, Commodities vs BTC and Stocks vs BTC. This is an interesting offer, which may or may not appeal to crypto enthusiasts.

Crypto and fiat accepted
BetaCrypto accepts deposits via several payment methods. They use several third party providers which will either accept your Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Skrill. Here is a list of the companies, which work with BetaCrypto:


BetaCrypto Disadvantages

Unregulated company
The company behind BetaCrypto is Golden Vision Consult Ltd and is based in Bulgaria. A Russian legal entity is also listed, as well as UK-based office, but the main firm appears to be the Bulgarian one. Oddly enough the Terms and Conditions mention Belize law a being applied to the service. Neither of the companies is overseen by a dedicated financial watchdog, which is always a troubling sign (enough to grant them the low score).

The EU legislators were quite clear on the topic – Cryptocurrencies themselves aren’t financial instruments, but CFDs (and other derivatives) based on them are and the brokers providing them should be regulated.

>>Regulated Bitcoin CFD brokers<<

Simple platform
The web-based platform used by BetaCrypto is one which has gained popularity in recent times. It used to be a binary options one, but spot trading was later integrated. The charts can be customized slightly, but this still isn’t close to the industry-leading tools, like MetaTrader4. Here is a preview:

The main trading interface at BetaCrypto

>>Looking for a better platform? MT4 brokers can be found here<<

High costs of trading
When reviewing forex brokers we like to compare the EUR/USD spread (as this is a popular pair). With such an offering looking at BTC/USDT seems like the obvious thing to do. BetaCrypto charges around 0.75% of the Bitcoin value in the spread. This isn’t very competitive, when compared to other crypto CFD providers.

Emphasis on bonuses

This broker’s website greatly advertises all sort of promotions, including a first deposit bonus and “free trades”. This is indicative of the fact the company may be a Market Maker. The combination of these factors with the lack of regulation makes dealing with the company rather risky.

Leverage not specified
The maximum margin one could utilize when trading with BetaCrypto isn’t clearly presented on the website. Additionally, demo accounts aren’t available, so we can’t test the conditions.

No direct blockchain transfers
We have reviewed a few crypto-CFD brokerages, which accept Bitcoin, but don’t grant traders a direct way to deposit via the blockchain. This may be done for accounting reasons, but at the end of the day stands against the philosophy behind cryptocurrencies.


BetaCrypto is an unregulated CFD broker, which has client accounts held in Bitcoin. They accept both fiat and crypto deposits, and offer exotic trading pairs. That being said, the costs of trading and platform aren’t attractive. As we have stated in reviews of other similar brokerages – we feel they wouldn’t appeal to neither traditional traders nor the crypto gang.

While most crypto-exchanges aren’t regulated simply due to the lack of a mechanism by which they should register, this isn’t the case for CFD providers. As we briefly mentioned, EU official are very clear on this. While BetaCrypto is based in Bulgaria, they aren’t affiliated with the local watchdog, the Financial Supervisory Commission.

A lot of the legitimate Bitcoin derivatives brokers are registered in the United Kingdom and overseen by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is one of the most stringent regulators.

>>Search our list of FCA-regulated brokers<<

They have multiple rules, featuring frequent reporting, account segregation and bankruptcy protection. The latter (the Financial Services Compensation Scheme – FSCS) may not apply to companies who keep your account in BTC, but the rest of the tough principles, which guarantee a fair trading environment are still in place.

The strong and weak sides of BetaCrypto:


Pros Cons
BTC traded against a lot of assets Unregulated company
Crypto and fiat accepted Simple platform
  High costs of trading
  Emphasis on bonuses
  Leverage not specified
  No direct blockchain transfers


Latest news about BetaCrypto
No news about BetaCrypto. Check back later.
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Scammers try through crypto currency exchanges

Another scammer 'John' contacted me saying that through FCA and the Swiss(beware when they mention Swiss as loads of scam sites try to fool people that their Swiss address... Zurich is genuinely rich and prosperous) that they had seized funds from Ivory Option and that they had deposited these in Bitcoin. In order for me to receive $178,000 I had to register with a bitcoin exchange. I said that I do have a bitcoin exchange account with Coinbase. He said no that is not an exchange that can trace transactions. Rubbish I thought. Anyway just to see where this was heading he coerced me via Anydesk to sign up to Jubiter(his account must be with them, Having done this he then asked me to do a money transfer to prove that the tracing could be verified by him. Aha here is the scam. He said small amount sent to him so small relative to $178,000 would be a tidy sum. At this point I smelled a rat. I reported this to JUbiter and guess what... standard reply of we provide these services etc. No request for ID for any registration so they are all guilty of allowing scammers to operate in their rush to jump on the crypto currency free for all. It is a sordid way of doing business allowing criminals to operate within your sphere!

Ronald Wright 12/05/2019

Scamming continues

I have had many calls now from abroad(various sources from international codes) and they have switched their tack from investments to.........
We understand that you have a debt problem.....What makes you think this? From our database records. The scammers have my details so once a month they have another shot from a different angle.
Anything to do with money such as investments, get rich quick or help with a debt problem is scamming.
Unsolicited calls(cold calls) should be treated with total contempt. Be polite always and if you tell them that you are not interested and they continue with the pushy call just disconnect them. I have had one pushy caller for a whole year masquerading as market research. The call comes from India as every person that speaks to me has an Indian sub continent accent. I keep telling them 'I am not interested' but they continue and I disconnect. Sometimes I just say 'oh it is you again' and cut them off. It has gone quiet now for one month but they will try again soon. Repeat the process until a) I change my phone number OR b) I die OR c) Preferably.... they die.

Ronald Wright 07/15/2019

Scammers move on to a new venture

I tried to log on to my Betacrypto trading account today just to see if a) they had corrected my account balance and b) If they had processed my withdrawal requests.
There web address could not be found which proves they were in fact scammers.
I have had a multitude of calls from other potential scammers with foreign accents and also international dialing codes.My advice is to ignore all foreign calls unless you are sure about the source(named from address book) or accept if from your own country as they would be in your own legal jurisdiction. I personally do not trust the EEC having been scammed abroad for medical bills which were unpaid but were allegedly reciprocated with UK(one way traffic there then). If you are a UK citizen then your task is easier for cold calls in the UK. It is now illegal to make cold calls.
Betacrypto have stolen all my money.

Ronald Wright 07/05/2019

Betacrypto - They have done a runner

No response from Betacrypto. They have stolen my money. Not a word from them about my recent withdrawal request although I can trade on their website they still have my balance totally incorrect it should be 0.54 BTC but is 0.33 BTC which is not even accurate according to the withdrawal that they made from my account and then instead of paying to me they paid it to themselves. Scum of the internet and there are many like them. Amazon for instance assume you are a premium account holder on a free 30 day account. They said that I needed to untick the auto enrol box. This is bullshit as I have never ticked any auto enroll box to start with. Obvious and blatant direct debit scam as they hold my card details. Just another one of many.

Ronald Wright 06/11/2019

Attracting Refund Scammers

Telling the world about scam trading websites such as Betacrypto only attracts more scammers of the refund kind. Yes here are more experts. Private investigators based in Tel Aviv who can trace the people responsible for stealing your money. All you need to do to get started is to pay their fee of $5000 and then hope that they will find you some ID or alternatively, run away with your $5000.
All answers on a postcard to Interpol please.
They are all scammers fishing the murky waters of the internet for likely suckers and they just offer the appropriate bait and wait for the bite.

Ronald Wright 06/05/2019

Betacrypto- withdrawal still waiting

Yes Betacrypto have the standard withdrawal method of any scam company. You go to the withdrawal section and check what withdrawal is available from your account. The withdrawal request is accepted and a 'waiting' status is displayed. This is for the people who trust Betacrypto. It is the standard method by which they try to hang some respectability to their trading platform.
Of course you could be waiting forever while they do absolutely nothing.
The best time for a withdrawal is to not send the deposit to Betacrypto but go to your bank and withdraw the cash there. Interest will be very low but at least you still have your real money and not fake digits on a fake trading website run by internet scammers. Peter Young cannot be a real trader to be associated with these crooks. It was too late when he introduced me to Daniel(of Zurich, no address and no post code of course) but he spoke like a true cynical criminal. I did not believe a word that he said and for me the game was up and I tried a withdrawal but I had already told Peter Young what I thought of Daniel. If Daniel ever tries to pull a thorn out of a Lion's paw I hope that the result does not go the way of the old testament and he supplies our top predator with a happy meal.

Ronald Wright 04/28/2019

Betacrypto - making your dream come true

Hi Guys,

Yes Betacrypto did make my dream come true. It was one of my worst nightmares.
There is always an upside though.
With the BTC price crashing down to all time lows their 'get rich quick' bait can't work and now everybody knows that with a real trading company you could lose your shirt. These days though it is nice to have some certainties to hang your hat on and with Betacrypto you can rest assured. You will definitely lose your shirt even if the numbers on your computer screen say that you have funds.
You don't it is all fake.

Ronald Wright 04/25/2019

Betacrypto - ignorant, unprofessional and untrustworthy

Hi Vic. I agree they talk the talk but do not walk the walk. The minute you open your account with them they consider that iit is their account and if you do not do what they want to do with(i.e. keep your money) then they take their ball away. They cannot do simple arithmetic and get my account balance correct so how can they be doing real trading?

Ronald Wright 04/19/2019


Despite my constant request for evidence & reassurance that my money was safe with them, I never got anything except "you can have your money anytime you wish!". But, when I gave up & asked for my money back, it all went TU. They wiped my "balance" and refused my WhatsApp calls. Bastards!

Vic Young 04/11/2019

Betacrypto - Peter Young

I have sent an email to Betacrypto support today and copied in Peter Young.
His email was returned so he has changed his email address.
I thought that everybody should know this.
Either Peter Young has left Betacrypto having got sick of the dubious goings on or has moved to another scam instrument.
Beware punters they may be moving to a new scam setup.

Ronald Wright 04/04/2019

Betacrypto - withdrawal request

Hi guys,
I have been on Betacrypto website and they are still in business as my account is still active albeit with 0.21 BTC stolen from my account balance. I have request the permitted maximum withdrawal(by their own admission) of 0.20 BTC and the withdrawal status is 'Waiting'. This is their favourite situation and it could last forever until I get nasty with them and then either they blank me totally(yes the guy they want to help to earn big money because they like me or similar such bullshit) or they reject the withdrawal request after 3 months 'Waiting'. Notice when they harangue me for deposits and phone every day and now we have money locked up doing nothing for 3 months. Does this make any sense? No because they are gilt edged bullshitting lying internet scamming thieves.

Ronald Wright 04/04/2019

Betacrypto - no defence

Hi guys,
Despite my campaign of accusations against Betacrypto I have nothing back from them no replies to defend their position(which is untenable of course) and no legal action. These crooks would be the last into a court room and you can stake your life savings on that one.

Don't invest with these criminals. Instead I suggest that you invest with the people of Vanatua. Here you can set up a bogus trading company head office and scam your heart out. They only require a goat for rent and licence and you can gift them with a fish or a bunch of bananas to keep them all sweet as you like.
I don't agree with cannabalism but if Betacrypto were more palatable I would support a move in that direction.
Coral slands in the Pacific. We spoil them rotten don't we?

Ronald Wright 03/23/2019

Betacrypto - withdrawal con

I read your post Vic and Betacrypto used the same approach with me. They wanted a larger pot to 'allow' expert trades blah de blah and they promised to return my deposit by the drop down dead date that was on the limit. Yes they did return my deposit(visa debit deposit) but they said only via a crypto currency exchange. This took longer and they dropped me in it really.
They could not even return my funds in time as agreed but they eventually did return the money. I was lucky as all other attempts to receive back any other deposits was fruitless despite profit showing in my account.
Don't invest with these criminals as you will definitely show a loss on your investments as they are scamming your deposits and all data shown on their website is not only inaccurate but I suspect totally fake. They dropped the ball once and credited my account with 99,999 BTC. I don't know what that was about but maybe it was to get the greed juices flowing. Unlike Betacrypto I notified them immediately by email that they had made a mistake. Nobody seemed concerned, no reply like thank you blah de blah for being honest. Nothing. which proves that the numbers shown are just numbers and not real money. It surprises me that they are allowed by the payment services to encourage the use of their payment systems. Which tells you that they are not the only money grubbing thieves on this planet.

Ronald Wright 03/08/2019

Betacrypto advised as fraudsters

Good morning,
I have been scammed yes but this morning I emailed Betacrypto to advise that they have stolen 0.21 bTC from my account balance and also failed to fulfill a withdrawal request for 0.23 BTC. The moral of the story is not to request a withdrawal as they will take the money off your account balance, claim that they have sent to you(without a receipt from their bank or crypto currency exchange and pocket the money for themselves. Actually, there never was any money there at all just as the moon is not made of cheese. No need to go to the moon. Armstrong did not say a big cheese for mankind did he? No need to deposit money at Betacrypto to find out if they are scammers because we have good proof that they are. I have challenged Daniel(Accounts manager manager at Betacrypto) to contest anything I have written in a court in his home city of Zurich. Zurich is where gnomes live and where scammers would love to live(Swiss is like gold to a scammer so don't invest in anything with Swiss in the title as it may be full of holes like their cheese) if they could be kept anonymous. However, even these brain surgeons of internet fraud prefer to minimise risk as Israeli tax investigators could do something to them. I don't think that they are in Vanuatu as commuting is a real problem although they would be safe from cannibals being totally unpalatable for eating.

Ronald Wright 02/18/2019

Fraudsters through & through!!

The short time I traded with them, they kept asking for more & more funds but I kept saying "I didn't know they were "safe" or if I could ever get my investments or gains back from them. To try & convince me, they "allowed" me to make a small "withdrawal". (I say "allow" because no "withdrawal request" proceeds without their approval - it is NOT automatic). Needless to say, the money I put in has been "disappeared" by them and my "balance" now only represents "credits" which they offered as inducements & say are not repayable despite my investment being at least equal & more than their "credits".

I've tried a credit card coy S.75 claim but the bank says investments are not covered
Steer clear!!

Vic Young 02/18/2019

Betacrypto allowed to steal money

Companies like Betacrypto could be stopped in their tracks if the organisations that use main stream payment systems and crypto currency exchanges took action to prevent these fraudsters from operating their services. Now that is a very good idea but we all know why this will never happen. It is because corporate money transfer services make a lot of money out of dubious businesses as well as very good ones. Why should they lose out? They write off their losses and continue as usual. Why is that? There must be lots of profit to be made out their through dubious clients. I rest my case. Insurance companies paying out recovery claims must accept this as an acceptable condition of doing business with just anybody. So we are in a world where the systems actively allow companies like Betacrypto to conduct their business and as long as the numbers add up they will continue to support companies like Betacrypto. They are just obeying orders and the customer is always right if you are not bothered how you make your money.

Ronald Wright 02/12/2019

Betacrypto - value in trading with a BTC account

Hi Guys,
Let us take a good close look at the model for trading. Why does Betacrypto use BTC as the base currency to trade. When I started 'investing' sorry getting scammed my BTC account was worth double of what it is worth now due to the volatility of BTC. Now it has gone down 50% but it could have gone up 50% or more. The question you need to ask yourself is if I can make 2.5% on my capital would I put it back into BTC just for it to take a hit and go down say 5%/month. No. It would be better for it to be in conventional currency such as USD/EURO or your own national currency. This makes more sense. Why would a trading platform like BTC? Is it because they encourage BTC transfers from crypto currency exchanges where is could be very anonymous as to where the BTC transferred to? Can it be easily traced? Has it got guarantees and protection such as Visa 56 day recovery option? Nope. This was the warning sign that I missed and now get my withdrawals refused or just simply ignored. A scammers dream. Apart from the volatility of cryptos be aware that they are a 'get rich quick' scammers dream and trust nobody without ID(valid physical address), your country legal jurisdiction and recommendations from respected bodies.One trading platform agent who cold called me directed me to his trading platform. Yes they are licensed. In Vanatua which is a speck of a coral island which until recently practised cannibalism with the last recorded event as recent as 1968. How can you travel to Vanatua to visit their offices? Have you got a seaplane with a range great enough to fly from New Zealand to reach this coral atoll? Why would somebody register and licence in Vanatua? Maybe because it costs only one goat.

Ronald Wright 02/09/2019

Scammer update

Hi Guys,
An update on 'Mike Ross' who obtained my personal information from Betacrypto.
You may remember that Mike(USA citizen he said) was adamant that he was from CYSEC. CYSEC legal department replied to my email and confirmed that he is a scammer. So he doesn't work for CYSEC and they would never approach me in this way.
So they are brazen, arrogant and anonymous. None of their credentials could be used to track them down just like Betacrypto.
So you know. Check their business address, telephone number, their names(copy of a driving licence to verify(anti-money laundering you can say as they use that all the time)) and check every single false claim and ask for proof at every turn. They will lie confidently about anything as long as they are anonymous and on the phone. Anything at all get them to reconfirm by email. When you don't get that email you will know for sure. Their support is non existent because they don't like using email as it is evidence of a kind if their servers can be traced. I am not finished with Betacrypto until they are run out of town or are forced to cough up the money that they have stolen from their'investors' sorry 'victims'.

Ronald Wright 02/08/2019

Victims fight back

Hi guys. Here is my update of the Betacrypto next attempt to scam me by a CYSEC agent impersonator Mike Ross(claims that he is a USA citizen just like Mr.Trump).

I did not receive the requested email with CYSEC logo on it. My scammer has not figured out that he would need to counterfeit this to continue with his scam. He seemed indignant that I should ask him for his ID(Passport ID) as well. I told him that he was the one mentioning money laundering and the need for me to produce documentation and pay 20% tax on £178,000.

Maybe today he will go to his local kindergarten and borrow some coloured pens and practice copying CYSEC logos. I do hope that his visit is fruitful and that the 5 year olds can teach him something useful .... such as honesty, integrity and how to be a good boy.

Ronald Wright 02/07/2019

Betacrypto scammers probably out of Israel again

Scammers are reading these blogs and their dumb philosophy is once scammed then twice, thrice scamming is possible.
This shows that they have a scant regard for victims.
I received a call today 'private number' he says that he is from CYSEC anad that they have found one of my scam brokers (which they shut down). Thye discovered that they had parked all their funds in crypto currencies(yeah pull the other one because BTC are now $2500. Okay so the scam is informed from Betacrypto. They are the only people who know about this. I must pay 20% tax to UK government via CYSEC(him Mike Ross) before they will release the £178,000 in my account. Because the original scammers had my funds in crypto currencies they require Coinbase account to transfer the funds. Betacrypto are the only people who know that I have a crypto currency account with Coinbase. Aha. Israeli scammers not so clever then. He will send me an email from CYSEC I have already reported him to CYSEC as a fake agent.

Ronald Wright 02/06/2019

Betacrypto are conmen

Don't invest with Betacrypto as they are thieves, conmen or internet fraudsters. Don't touch crypto currencies either. They attract all the 'get rich quick type' scam artists and they will steal your money.

Best thing to do is not use the internet. Use a reputable traditional broker in the City of London and buy good old shares and then at least you one something.

No leverage but you may make money but you certainly won't lose your shirt and you keep your dignity because you have not been conned by the thousands of internet online scammers. If you use the post then the address must be genuine and send a cheque so that it has to clear through a bank and can e traced all the way home to little piggy's house which of course would be in your legal jurisdiction.

This web site of course is just a bill board for the 'we can retrieve your funds legal experts'. They call me, email me but the story is always the same pay up front and get nothing back. They are all from Israel. The original scammers and the 'we can get your money back scammers'. They may even pass on your address from each other. If these guys can't do 'no win, no fee' then they are scammers and not proper solicitors.

Ronald Wright 01/27/2019

Betacrypto active account

In my opinion don't deal with internet fraudsters. They usually have the bait as 'get rich quick' and they choose a popular vehicle where urban myths on social websites that John Smith bought a million BTC when they were only 0.01 cent each and now he is the richest man in the universe. John's job before that event was a junior reporter at the Globe newspaper. For all those aspring Israeli 'get rich quick merchants' I suggest you set up a trading website with fake money numbers. Sweet talk your account holders with promises of finacila gain say 2.5%/month minimum and get them to give you all their money. After that just fake the trades a little in there favour and show really good growth(better than 2.5% actually). If by chance they should ask for a withdrawal then don't give them it. The only real thing in your 'get rich scheme' is their deposits which you should keep. I would follow the model set out by Betacrypto. I would employ better people though as these are only apprentices at fraud.

Ronald Wright 01/26/2019

Betacrypto support and account managers

The new account manager(no name) does not reply to my emails. Support do not respond to my complaints or accusations.
We can safely say without fear of legal action that Betacrypto are internet fraudsters.


Ron Wright

Ronald Wright 01/09/2019

Betacrypto - Mathematics lesson 1 - Simple arithmetic

Another email to Betacrypto to correct my account balance which is short by 0.21 BTC or -0.02 BTC if I ever receive my 0.23 BTC withdrawal requested 27/07/18.
Dear Support/Peter Young,

My Betacrypto account balance is incorrect.

Betacrypto removed my account from my control(made it inaccessible to me) and said that this was because Betacrypto were investigating it.
My account was returned last month but the balance was incorrect and it is now 0.21 BTC less than before.

Betacrypto claimed that they had sent me my withdrawal request to my Nationwide visa account, which they did not to the extent that Peter Young accused me of receiving it and asking for more. Peter Young requested bank statements to confirm my assertions that Betacrypto were at fault and not myself. These bank statements were received and I was contacted by a NEW account manager(no name given for obscurity) and he said that Betacrypto had found the problem in their system and that I shall receive my 0.23 BTC requested within so many working days(normally 3-5 for other brokers and Betacrypto sometimes never).

I waited patiently for seven working days and nothing was received.

My accusations that Betacrypto are deposit scammers, liars and thieves still persist until I receive my requested withdrawal as it is given me extreme financial problems this last month and continues to do so. In addition my account balance would still be incorrect by -0.02 BTC. (Do the maths if you can)

I cannot retract any of my previous blogs until I am in receipt of my withdrawal and therefore proof that there was a system error and that I am not just responding to a blackmail threat to receive my withdrawal. Don't forget I already know that Betacrypto do not always do what they say(i.e. lie).

I hope that my email finds you in the frame of mind that decency, integrity, care and due diligence to a customer's account is not beyond your ability to deliver.


Ron Wright

Ronald Wright 12/30/2018

Do Not Invest

Always asking for deposits but never paying out withdrawals. Made many successful trades and they agreed to make a withdrawal by Xmas. Then in 2 hours they made 20 trades and lost over $20,000 USD. The only commission I ever paid was on the last 6 trades. One of these trades they lost over $7000 and then charged me over $2600 commission.


William Salmon 12/28/2018

Betacrypto - Trying to look honest

As Pers said I won't get my money back.
The point this time is that either Betacrypto(famed for their smart analysts!) can't count or don't care.
They restored my account but with 0.21 BTC missing which I assumed was my withdrawal of 0.23 BTC requested, promised three times was sent by Betacrypto but not received.

So if I didn't receive it then deducting 0.21 BTC instead of 0.23 BTC is either theft, false accounting(fraud), incompetence or proving that the numbers on the screen are make believe so it doesn't matter anyway you cut it. It is a sign that Betacrypto have dragged some dross off the street. They have no education or skills other than lying and stealing.
I advise that they could not be trusted with the coffee money.
Stay away from these criminals. Have a nice Christmas.

Ronald Wright 12/10/2018

Betacrypto - more lies upon lies

It has been ten working days now since Betacrypto restored my account minus 0.21 BTC(why? as no withdrawal received and 0.23 BTC requested). I sent an email so that they might be indignant and support would reply but nothing. Email is below:-

Dear Support,

May I draw your attention to my account balance and my withdrawal history item 100.

Here Betacrypto fraudulently changed my withdrawal status to 'paid' on 17/09/18(request for this withdrawal was originally 27/07/18(refused) and then again on 28/08/18).
This status is incorrect as my new account manager confirms.
I have not been paid this 0.23 BTC so the status is incorrect and my balance is fraudulently displayed as despite many statements by Peter Young that it had been paid. He thought that I was scamming for more money. At his request I sent my bank statements as proof. We all know now that I have been told a pack of lies.
Peter Young is very pleasant and careful not to be smeared or tainted but he is definitely a liar. He could have resolved this a long time ago and approved my original withdrawal and I would have been happy and still trading with Betacrypto.
The fact is that if I had received my withdrawal it just about matched all my deposits so my account would be the $1000 credit(just numbers on the screen) and the remainder would be profit. A genuine company would not have a problem but a deposit scamming organisation like Betacrypto it would be against their policy to return any deposits. I was lucky to receive back my original withdrawal, albeit late and credited to a Coinbase account. Fortunately, I had received income from elsewhere so Betacrypto being late did not hurt me at that point. It did however, alert me and scam alarm bells went off in my head.

Now my new account manager has assured me that there was an error in the system and that my money had not in fact been sent. He said that Betacrypto would send it. I allowed seven working days but now it has been ten working days and still nothing.

This money has not been received after seven working days so Betacrypto are once again not just behaving inappropriately towards their investors but fraudulently so.

It seems that not only does your trading website look and feel extremely dodgy but your account manager's actions on placing trades via Anydesk is inappropriate but it is just so that he can see that I am not accessing the tradingview charts to actually see what is happening in reality. There are some fake trades, making me profit, but these are only scamming tools to encourage more deposits. Your account manager Peter Young was saying that he can't do this little trading trick all the time unless I put more money in. Once the money is in then the same operation is repeated again and again as more deposits are collected. The profit shown is totally fake and if I was to ask for a significant withdrawal say half my account then it would be refused. That is how your scam system works. Support and account manager's fake help is full of lies, excuses and deceit. My previous account manager was not sacked as one your guys said that he is your best expert trader(conman) and you would not want to lose such a good conman from your small gang of internet fraudsters.

The other lie, one of many, is that I am the only client causing Betacrypto problems.
Well either I am the only fool to join your company or you have all the others locked into Daniel's contract(address Zurich no other details to be verified). The poor innocents are probably paid small profit(taken from other investor's deposits(Ponzi scheme)) and as they approach midway their profit is not as good as first thought. In fact it will never pay back all their investment deposits as Betacrypto will look at their balance sheet and notice that no new significant client deposits are arriving and the profit payments has hit the turning point. At that moment in time Betacrypto will close down their trading website and just disappear. They do not trade on the markets as that would be gambling with their lack of knowledge about them. Instead they have created a simulated trading website to lure in investors on the basis of 'get rich quick you can't lose'. Well I have just proved Betacrypto wrong in that so that is yet another lie.

Email me back please pointing out where my assessment of Betacrypto is incorrect.
I would love to hear what you have to say about it. How else can Betacrypto make money. Only a deposit scammer would hold on to £1000 of a client's money and try to bat away complaints with so many weak excuses and lies.

Best regards

Ronald Wright 11/30/2018

Don't bother

Betacrypto! Don't bother. You will never see your money again and nobody is going to help you.

Per Monsen 11/27/2018

Betacrypto - Believable?

I have asked support now three times for confirmation that they have received my bank details and acting upon them. Seven working days since my account manager said that there was a mistake in their system and that I would receive the money. Not likely. Support replied yesterday and said that my account manager would ring me today. No answer to my question as if I hadn't asked for anything.

Guess? No he didn't.

The lies and excuses highlight that Betacrypto are certainly a company with a very bad integrity at least. You would have to be crazy to deposit any of your hard earned money into their scam operation. I apologise to Betacrypto if they are just incompetent and are not scammers but when deposits go through within the hour and withdrawals take five months(and still not received) then I would think again. I was giving them one last chance but they are full of lies and deceit. Israeli scammers is my verdict.

Ronald Wright 11/27/2018

Betacrypto - My withdrawal finally is coming

Hi there again. I received a phone call from Betacrypto last Monday. They checked their system and found that my withdrawal had got stuck in their system. They also said that some things that I had done on their trading platform were incorrect and that is partly why my withdrawal was not processed correctly. They also said that my comments on this blog site were childish. I agree but I was understandingly angry. I also mentioned that their support does not reply to my emails. We will see if they can deliver. Incidentally they accused me of saying that I never received a withdrawal from them. I actually did mention in one of my earlier blogs that I had and this was by prior arrangement with Peter Young where we agreed to get more profit and that my deposit would be returned at the end of the month. It eventually came, but later than agreed and sent to my coinbase account.

Ronald Wright 11/24/2018

Betacrypto - returned account

I have not received the promised phone call from support@betacrypto. Today is Monday 19th Nov 2018 and I understand what has happened. I sent an email that scared Betacrypto accusing them of being Israeli fraudsters and money launderers because they had wiped my account records and stole my balance. Returning my account puts them back in the clear again but only just. Next is the alleged non payment of my withdrawal for 0.23 BTC and their offer of 1400 euros they said was paid on 17/09/18 and then they said that they sent it on 25/09/18 and I should have it within ten business days. I never received this money. They think that by returning my account with 0.21 BTC missing(1400 euros) that everybody would believe them when they said that they had sent the money! This is the level of incompetence at best or pathetic schoolboy lies that Betacrypto employ when dealing with a client. No court in the land (try Judge Judy) would agree to this nonsense. Produce the evidence that the money was sent Betacrypto. Ah a problem. If they had sent it then I would have their Bank account details on their receipt if they sent me a copy and the FBI would love to see that so they could freeze the account in order to recover other investor's assets. Yes/No all answers on a postcard to FBI.

Ronald Wright 11/19/2018

Betacrypto - Resolving my issues?

After calling Betacrypto fraudsters and accusing them of stealing my account and wiping all my records, three months after I requested a withdrawal of only 0.23 BTC they have given back my account. Guess what they only gave me back 0.33 BTC from an original balance of 0.54 BTC. The short fall is due to the fact that Betacrypto claim that they sent me the money on 25/09/18. I have showed them my coinbase account and my bank current account statement. Only the sender can verify if money has been sent. I keep asking where is your confirmation receipt from your bank proving that the money was sent to my current account. The SWIFT IBAN code has these details embedded. If there is a problem Betacrypto's bank would send a secure message to advise of this. Also Betacrypto could look at their own current account bank statement and see if 0.23 BTC was wsent by SWIFT or SEPA on 25/09/18. Betacrypto are either extremely incompetent or compulsive liars. I still think that they are deposit scammers.

Ronald Wright 11/17/2018

Betacrypto are a symptom of the greedy financial industry

Betacrypto are a symptom of the greedy financial industry where trillions of dollars are traded every day in Forex and other instruments. The regulated brokers are often punished for breaking rules all in the name of greed.

Be aware whether you deal with unregulated brokers or regulated ones none of them are to be trusted. You are on your own with a high risk investment tool and if you don't know what you are doing you will be conned, cheated and lied to by everybody.

It is far safer to put your investments in a unit trust and let the real finance experts make your investment grow.

Internet trading is fake, farcical and far from financially sound.

Look at the get rich quick gurus who want $5 per trading tip to help you trade up to $millions. It is easier and safer to con people with little up front investment than it is to use their own trading tips where the risk is higher and may not work each time. So save your $5 today and this is a start. Put that $5/day into a unit trust such as GAM international(North American Growth Fund) and watch it grow. not to millions but maybe 10-20% per annum. This one the minimum buy in is in 6000GBP units. It is just an example. There are many other similar products available.

Ronald Wright 11/09/2018

How to get rich quick

How do you get rich quick. Firstly you need to collect as many gullible people together as possible and get them to invest into your 'idea'.
The bait is the well publicised cryptocurrency boom.

Call your company Betacrypto as no there is no other broker like Betacrypto. The 'Right broker is everything' said Barry White. This one collects your deposits and then shows you fake balances, fake trades assisted by Peter Young, fake withdrawals, fake addresses and fake names such as Daniele from Zurich and Mr. Miller from GoldShitPot productions. They are con artists and know that real names and real addresses could attract attention from law enforcement officers in their legal jurisdiction. Wherever that may be. Closet in Estonia or a public toilet in darkest Angola.

So they are the only ones getting rich quick. Finally, when enough of a stink surrounds their operation. No problem. They just close down and restart as something else. Goldfinger, Goldmine, GoldenIsraeliConmen or just pure GoldDigging.

Ronald Wright 11/05/2018

Betacrypto Criminal deception, fraud and theft

Betacrypto are guilty of criminal deception, fraud and theft. I requested a 0.23 BTC withdrawal on 27/07/18 from an account balance of 0.54 BTC and I am still waiting today 0n 25/10/18. Peter Young has given me all the excuses that I have ever heard plus more. Now they have stolen my money by wiping my account because I am publicly shaming them. I am doing this to deter investors from giving them 100,000 euros. You will never see that money again as they are deposit scammers. Now I really do wish that Betacrypto would sue me in a UK court but I both you and I know that this would never happen because their true identity would be revealed and they would not win whatever the charge.

Peter Young via Betacrypto are very pleasant but subtle to gain your trust so that they can scam deposit after deposit. Their failure to take more was due to there own greed. They did not have any company policy/rules so they were inconsistent with their own publicised offers such as three free insured trades. I was given $1000 credit but others only got $250 credit. It depends who speaks to you. The rules change and then they forget to have a little meeting to let their colleagues know what they have promised.

Consequently when I speak to their senior management we get no conditions for any account type and no withdrawal limit. Okay so their top man is Mr.Miller and what he says does not go. So he is a liar and con artist also but he doesn't know Betacrypto's own scamming rules either! My advice is to ask for ID from all of Betacrypto staff before depositing any funds. I bet that you will never hear from them again!

Ronald Wright 10/29/2018

Is Betacrypto the right broker?

I am still waiting for my 0.23BTC (1400 euro) withdrawal first requested three months ago on 27/07/18. On Betacrypto's website you will see a slogan 'The right broker'. They are the right broker if you want to give them your money without any expectations of receiving anything back even though the numbers on the top of the screen say that your balance is enough. As Mr.Trump keeps saying the money on the screen is FAKE.

I can confirm that they are not the right broker. In fact they are the wrong broker. Just one of the misleading features of Betacrypto. No correct addresses or telephone numbers and of course everybody is using aliases. When you want to withdraw money they use all the excuses. Your utility bill is out of date so your validation documents are not correct(suddenly, but okay for deposits it seems). I saw the dog eat our homework. No what I meant was that Peter Young personally witnessed the bank transfer actually happening(wow that must have been something that an account manager went to finance department and sat there and watched this miracle take shape). No I think in legal terms you can call that deception or promising untold profits and then not allowing a withdrawal. This is your account says Peter Young and nobody can touch it. Until Betacrypto wipe all evidence of it ever existing. There was no money. Only numbers on a screen. The real money was long gone. Now that they know that I won't deposit anymore they are not interested and have taken their ball back and won't let me play(trade) even though withdrawals are not possible with this company.
These are not nice people. Peter Young talks nice but actions are better and we have no action regarding my withdrawal 3 months after requesting it.

Ronald Wright 10/29/2018

Betacrypto - Validation documents

Betacrypto are running out of excuses. Peter Young suggested that I had actually received the 1400 euros and that it was I that was trying to scam them for more! He requested my bank statements to verify that I had not received the withdrawal. I in return asked him for a copy of the bank transfer form that Peter Young claimed he witnessed being processed, his ID(his name is probably an alias) and Betacrypto's real office address not just 'Zurich' on their contract documents and their Bank name, branch address and account details so that my bank could check for the transfer. I finally sent them my bank statements for July 2018 through to 25th October 2018. Now I have not heard from Peter Young or Betacrypto for two days. No email back confirming receipt of bank statements and an apology and advising that they will check with their sending bank to see where it went wrong. No because they did not send any money at all. Now the main push via Peter Young was to ctah as many deposits as possible and the savings account of 2.5% per month(can't lose offer) or the mining account(can't lose offer) all requiring 100,000 euros deposit for either six months or one year locked in contract smells of Ponzi scheme. They may pay 2.5% per month but you would never see your original deposit again because I think that they are deposit scammers.

Ronald Wright 10/26/2018

Betacrypto - playing for time

Hi guys. I have a theory it may be incorrect but let us imagine that Betacrypto are not as professional as one would imagine with banking details and how VISA works. Let us say that they are having difficulties on the payment side back to my VISA card. Let us also assume that they think that the card is a credit card. Now we have a plausible explanation why time is being used up with stupid explanations and excuses why I am not paid. If my card is a VISA debit card then I have only 56 days for a recall of my original deposit. If my card is a VISA credit card I have considerably more time to claim a recall of my funds. Betacrypto unlike myself do not know that my waiting period has long since expired from my original deposit with them. They think that the credit card rules apply in my case. Well they don't and that is why I said my money was gone. Lost for good. Betacrypto on the other hand are spinning it out as long as possible hoping that I don't request a recall from VISA.

Ronald Wright 10/16/2018

Getting some justice and legal action

Hi, I have been tasked to find as many US victims from this site and others in order to start a legal initiative by the right people who can actually do something about these criminals. The legal initiative is based in the US which is the only country to actually do something about this.

No discussion about money will be had. This is not a money/wealth recovery service. If the US government seizes accounts, you may get compensation in that manner.

Even if you are not a US citizen please contact me.Thank you for your time. You'll see this is a legitimate request.

Franke Bofi 10/05/2018

Betacrypto - Payment offer with weird banking delays

Good morning guys. I thought that I would update you on how Betacrypto have responded. Firstly my account manager called sent me an email yesterday and called me. He said that he is doing his very best for to get my withdrawal through to my bank. Betacrypto support sent me an email and said that they will send me 1400 euros and it would arrive within ten business days. I asked the question whether this was ten working days from 27/07/18(impossible), 28/08/18(also impossible) and then from 17/09/18(since status changed from 'waiting' to 'paid' and the 3-5 business days wait) no you would be wrong. The payment will be made within ten business days from yesterday(25/09/18). So they lied about status 'PAID' on their trading website. Another thing is that I said I only required 0.23 BTC and that they could keep the rest. Well no matter what I say a decent company selling financial products are bound by morals and ethics to keep client's money safe so no matter what I say or want(which they don't care about anyway) they are obliged to pay all of my money back as they have effectively closed my account by wiping all records including my balance. So much for security of funds then. I will do the maths:- 1400 euros = 0.23 BTC and they gave me $1000 = 0.155 BTC and my account balance was 0.56 BTC so deducting their 0.155BTC nad my 0.23 BTC(if I ever get it) leaves 0.2747 BTC = 1500 euros. So by closing my account they also owe me 1500 euros as well. What happened to the 1500 euros Betacrypto? You closed my balance and removed the 1500 euros BEFORE you paid me my 1400 euros. Is their no logic in those twisted criminal minds of yours?

Ronald Wright 09/26/2018

Betacrypto Update

Today is Tuesday 25th September 2018 and my 0.23 BTC requested withdrawal from has still not arrived in my account since requesting this on 27/07/18. My account manager Peter Young who is helpful and nice on the phone works for these scammers. He has not answered any of the dozens of emails that I have sent to him and copied in that we now know is non existent. Peter is not usch a nice guy after all. When Peter was fishing for deposits on behalf of Betacrypto he would ring me every day from somewhere? he pleaded with me to right an honest blog about him and I did and try to disassociate him from the scam team but yoou know if you swim in shit you can't avoid getting covered in it Peter. No so when I desperately need this withdrawal Peter returns the favour by not calling me or answering my emails to let me know that they have run off with 0.56 BTC of my money and I should not wate anymore of my time. But no because Peter is their front man. He has to sound nice, cool broker who you can trust with 100,000 euros. No good speaking to Daniel at Betacrypto nobody would give him the time of day. He definitely put my guard up. So there we have it don't listen to smooth talkers like Peter Young he is the front man for a bunch of greedy scammers who are most likely to keep your whole investment like they did to me for just 0.56 BTC they risk their reputation. That is how bad at PR they are grab it and run no matter how small. Petty thieves who will steal 0.56BTC OR 100,000 euros. Depends if you believe everything that Peter Young tells you and don't check their credentials (they don't have any).

Ronald Wright 09/25/2018

Betacrypto Support send me a message

support@betacrypto sent me a rare message today:-
Hello Ron Wright,
Please inform that we have processed a refund of 1400EURO to your account it may take up to 10 business days.
Best regards,
Betacrypto support.

This is good news that support are actually communicating. It doesn't make any sese though. I saw finance change the status of my withdrawal from 'WAITING' to 'PAID' on 17/09/18 and my account manager said that I will be paid in 3-5 business days. So from the message above can I read that from 17/09/18 it will now take 10 working days and the money should arrive in my bank account this Friday instead of last Friday? Or does it mean that the money will arrive in my bank account a week on Friday? or does it mean that I will not recive it them and get another message from Betacrypto support saying that I can expect it in 20 business days etc. etc.

Ronald Wright 09/25/2018

Betacrypto - continuing update

My withdrawal for 0.23 BTC(yes a very small amount) on 27/07/18 was refused on 28/08/18. I repeated that withdrawal request on 28/08/18 and on 17th September they changed the withdrawal status from 'WAITING' to 'PAID'. Now Betacrypto claim that it take 3-5 days for my funds to be received at my bank. Today is 24/09/18 so this is day 5 and I am expecting to receive my money in my account today. On Friday I checked my Betacrypto account but I could not login. I used a German VPN and got into my account. There was 0.00 BTC balance, all my trading history had been deleted and all my transaction records deleted. Now one of two things could have happened. The first one is that I will get paid my full account value into my bank account but when? Today 24/09/18. Or Betacrypto have just wiped my account and taken my money. Wait for further instalments to find out the answer. Their support link never reply to emails and they never give me updates so I don't know what is going on. Their LOndon telephone number does not ring or answer and their address in London exists but a listing confirms 76 companies using that address but Betacrypto, Golden Vision Consult Ltd. are not listed. You might try their Russian company name which is:-"SAMDAR» Registration Date: 13.11.2017 Legal address: 108841, Moscow, Troitsk, ul. 2-nd Scientific, 4/2, p. VI, com. 3 OGRN 5177746199791 | INN 77511160262 KPP 775101001 OKVED 46.73 Settlement account No. 40702810538000154658 in the PJSC Sberbank Moscow BIC 044525225 | к / с 30101810400000000225 General Director Samtsova Daria Vladimirovna 
Search instead of LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY "SAMDAR", LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Date of registration: 13.11.2017 Legal address: 108841, city Moscow, city Troitsk, st. 2-nd Scientific, 4/2, p. VI, com. 3 OGRN 5177746199791 | INN 77511160262 KPP 775101001 OKVED 46.73 Settlement account No. 40702810538000154658 in the PJSC Sberbank Moscow BIC 044525225 | c / s 30101810400000000225 General Director Samtsova Daria Vladimirovna

Ronald Wright 09/24/2018

Betacrypto- Contact Us

My opinion is worthless. Investigate for yourself. Go to website and click on 'Contact Us'. You will see UK address as 22, Long Acre, WC2E 9LY and telephone number +44 2080683487.
Ring the London number and you will get a continuous disconnected or not in use tone. Next punch in the above address in your search box on your browser. You should see a list of web addresses that show company details. At this address you will find 76 companies listed but none of them are any names shown on the Betacrypto web site 'Contact Us'.
Now you must be asking yourself the question 'can they be trusted with my money'.
We will see if I get my 0.23 BTC withdrawal overdue today. I will keep you updated. Betacrypto have paid me once before so we may be pleasantly surprised. I do hope so. I am a glass half full person but under financial stress.

Ronald Wright 09/24/2018

Betacrypto - Lies and fiddles with trading account

You know that I said I would give an update on Betacrypto and I will. All day I have been checking my personal bank account and the funds have not arrived for my 0.23 BTC withdrawal originally requested on 27/08/18.
My account had 0.56 BTC of which $1000 was credit given to trade. I was assured by Peter Young that this amount was to trade with and that it does not come with terms and conditions to prevent an immediate withdrawal of my own deposits. My account went from 'waiting' to 'paid' arranged by Peter Young because I had sent him lots of emails complaining and being generally abusive to him and also including him on my blogs on this site. I corrected that. This is what he wanted. Now they have cleared my account zero so you might imagine that they have paid me all my funds. Not one bit. They have stolen all the money out of my account.This is another lie by Peter Young who said that nobody could access my account except myself. I still think that they are trading with investors funds and paying out only profit. It seems to be their business plan. This amounts to a Ponzi scheme where a high interest return is assured but if you called in your original investment then you might find that they have liquidity problems. So all you people that signed up for Daniel's 100,000 euro savings plan or mining operation let them dig deep and bring forth your whole balance as a withdrawal. If they have not got the 100,000 euros to return to you then they will have defaulted. If you get it back then by all means return it and renew your investment program. They have thought of that. They offer higher lucre rates for longer term investment. They could be mile away by the time your contract duration has expired with lots of little investors like me crying scam long before youor contract period expires and you can find out for yourself. I rest my case. Betacrypto have stolen my account balance. I would advise not investing with these people. They sue fake address, fake phone numbers, fake names anad smooth talking account managers to help you part with your money.

Ronald Wright 09/24/2018

Betacrypto withdrawal delay

Peter Young was my account manager at Beatcrypto and he built up my account with one to one trading sessions which was very profitable. Peter young is a gentleman and was always honest with me and tried his best to boost my small account with his excellent trades. Unfortunately, my urgent withdrawal request from Betacrypto which was not acted upon quickly enough for me. This was a systemic failure by Betacrypto due to user interface issues/locked accounts and a failure to release my withdrawal request in a timely manner. My reaction was to kick back and call foul play. However, with Peter's help he managed to sort this out and on 17/09/18 my withdrawal status changed from 'waiting' to 'paid'. In 3-5 working days my withdrawal of 0.23 BTC should be in my personal bank account. There was a delay of nearly 2 months from my orional request.

Ronald Wright 09/20/2018

BetaCrypto scam

They scammed me god will judge you peter you. I thought I was mining bitcoins and they asked me for another 5000 pounds to release my wallet and then they did never contact me! F*ck you Peter Young and Benjamin

Norman Farmer 09/13/2018

BetaCrypto Fraud

Since May 2018 I am at
At first everything went well, but since I want to withdraw a money, I get no more feedback. Neither the broker: Harcey Lynch nor his assistant Charrlotte Montgomery are reachable also the support is not attainable.
What can I do now? Is my deposit of 2.5 Bitcion gone?
I ask for feedback! Which authority can I contact?
Peter Schongen

Peter Schongen 09/10/2018

BetaCrypto - Don't use unregulated brokers

I have a small account with Betacrypto of 0.59 BTC. I desperately needed a withdrawal to back up direct debits after losing my job so I 'requested' a 0.23 BTC withdrawal on 27/07/18. After many conversations with my account manager Peter Young and a conversation with their top man Mr.Miller who promised that he would 'ALLOW' me to withdraw all my funds(not what I had asked for but okay nonetheless). I checked my account on 28/08/18 and they had refused my original withdrawal request. There was no reason for this refusal. A half decent company would have given a reason. They are full of excuses but none in writing. Furthermore they manipulated the withdrawal request date and changed it from 27/07/18 to 28/08/18 when they refused the withdrawal which I think is a very inappropriate way of dealing with records and the timeing of them.
I have requested another for the same amount. I have promised them one topic and one review blog per day over 28/08/18 that my withdrawal request is not honoured.

Ronald Wright 09/03/2018

BetaCrypto - Don't use unregulated brokers

Betacrypto, via Peter Young who followed me from Nostrobank (which disappeared without notifying their customers i.e. ran off with their money) offer the products as shown above. They allowed one withdrawal which was arranged prior to deposit to allow the broker better chance to make profit for both me and himself.

All the way Betacrypto are looking for more and more deposit. On the other hand I had a withdrawal request since 28/07/18 and they knew that I needed this money urgently and after one month of stalling, excuses, special offers and finally speaking to their BIG BIG TOP TOP man they refused it. Now they let me struggle for one whole month when they could have refused and give a reason immediately same day of asking. Why not advise me straight away if they have no cash or that they may be operating a kind of Ponzi scheme with their 100,000 euros investors and my cash pays their monthly profit. Who really knows? My advice is to stay clear.

Ronald Wright 08/31/2018

I want my money back from nostrobank

yes i have money deposited with betacrypto i hope its not lost ,, peter young is the name of the my broker ,, he is very plesent ,,but he is asking for more money off me ,, he said the more money i deposit the more frofit is that right i dont know ,, i hope it not another scam company ,,

raymond totten 06/28/2018
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