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AZ Trades Review - is it scam or safe?

AZ Trades review - is scam or safe forex broker?

RATING: 1.2 / 8 REVIEWS AZ Trades
AZ Trades is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


 AZ Trades is a brokerage located in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is owned and operated by the company AZ Markets Ltd at Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Beachmont, Kingstown. The broker has both benefits and disadvantages – read the whole review to find out why!


Account Types Minimum deposit Leverage Spread
 Classic Account $250 1:400 3 pips
Islamic Account $200 1:200 n/a
Variable Account $2500 1:400 n/a
Silver Account $10 000 1:400 n/a
Gold Account $25 000 1:400 n/a
VIP Account $50 000 1:200 n/a
Crypto Account $5000 1:100 n/a



Lack of regulation 


We did not come across any explicitly-stated regulation on the brokers website and that shouldn’t be a surprise, since the authorities in St. Vincent and the Grenadines do not regulate forex brokers. There is an address given and a registration number for the firm which checks out. 


Furthermore, we must emphasize, as we have countless times, that missing regulation brings together with it uncertainty regarding the most crucial aspect of a brokerage – the safety of the clients funds. We have no guarantee of the segregation of accounts i.e. we do not know whether the brokerage handles the money of their clients separately from their own, which greatly increases the chance for fraud. Clients also do not participate in a compensatory mechanism, such as the Investor Compensation Fund of the Cysec authorities, where by the traders losses may be covered in the unlikely case of the brokerage’s bankruptcy. All this, and much more, impels us to advise interested traders search for better and safer trading conditions. Here is a list of our top Cysec-regulated forex brokers:


>>List of Cysec-regulated forex brokers<< 


High spread 


Through a demo account we were granted access to the mobile trading platform, provided by Hummingbird, and could see a spread of 2 pips on EUR/USD. This is about half a pip above the industry average of 1.5 which is the margin that we like. A difference of a meager half a pip may not seem much at first, but bear in mind that in long-term trading, even such a negligible at first amount may drive up significantly the cost of trading. And as has been underlined many times – the higher the cost of trading, the lower the raw potential profit of the client. Interested traders can check out our list of recommended low spread forex brokers. 


>>List of low-spread forex brokers<< 


No MetaTrader4 trading platform

 The brokerage does not provide potential clients with access to the MT4 platform which is the preferred choice of more than 80 per cent of the trading world.  It has many unique features such as the MQL programming language which allows traders to design and backtest their own auto-trading bots or run ready-made ones. It also offers advanced analysis tools, charts, signals and indicators, all of which make it the foremost trading platform at the moment. All this and more inclines us to always view the missing MT4 as a disadvantage. The brokerage does offer a web-based trading platform with decent charting and some analytic potential. Here is a screenshot for traders to judge for themselves: 

Click to zoom.

>>List of MT4 forex brokers<<


Poor variety of financial instruments 


Through the demo account we could see a very poor selection of financial instruments at the disposal of the trader. The demo account of the brokerage offers participation only in CFDs on currency pairs. We did not, however, find anywhere on the website stated anything about cryptocurrencies. CFDs on cryptos are an exciting trading option and we advise interested traders to check out our list of recommended Bitcoin forex brokers: 


>>List of Bitcoin forex brokers<< 



Reasonable minimum deposit


There is an abundance of information on the website which is always a welcoming sign. We learn that the minimum deposit for the most basic account is $200 which is frankly below the average of $200-250. A low minimum deposit is a plus for a number of reasons. The most important of which is that it allows clients to try out the brokerage without having to risk a large sum. There are, however, other top-notch brokerages who do not even have a minimum deposit. One such is FBS where you may trade with the meager deposit of $1. 


Uncertainty over leverage 


The website state that AZ Trades offers potential clients a leverage of 1:400 which is significantly high. However, after going on the trading platform through a demo account we could see a leverage of only 1:10. It must be said that a higher leverage extends more freedom in the traders dealings, as well as the chance for higher profits. It does, however, also hide the risk of contingent heavy losses. Taking notice of the security concerns surrounding this brokerage, such a high leverage should at best be viewed as a “doubtful advantage”. 


No fees or commissions


Due diligence always requires us to go through the lengthy terms and conditions of the brokerage in search of potential fees or commission that may be hidden there. Such fees should be taken seriously, because they do not show up on the home page of the brokerage, but may significantly drive up the cost of trading. After a thorough research on our part, we can confirm that AZ Trades does not have such surprises in store for potential clients. This should be seen as a huge advantage for AZ Trades.




AZ Trades is an unregulated brokerage in St. Vincent and the Grenadines which does not offer all that favorable trading conditions. The spread is a bit above the average and the leverage is especially low, however, the most important criteria is where the broker arguably falls short – the safety of the clients funds. Without proper regulation we just cannot confirm the security of the clients money and that is what most of all inclines us to recommend interested traders look into better trading options to which we have linked throughout the review. 


Latest news about AZ Trades
No news about AZ Trades. Check back later.
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Totally scam

This mother f*cker bastered looted me named mohammed Nazeer was calling me daily 10 to 12 times to deposit and give me the commitment that I will get 30% cash back which was not true and convince me to deposit 10k dollar.. After deposit this bastered disappeared and never called back while I called their customer support they said there Was no it any such promotion of cash back... Within 2 month I lost my all investment in trading and never got any cash back...
Request all never trust these bastere... Before they looted millions in draco fz which also closed and now they are looting poor trader by giving fake promotion

Vikram Gupta 09/11/2019

AZ Trades and Dracofx

Hi All,

Good news whoever cheated from Dracofx forex company. Currently their website not working and cheated investors.

The main company name was "Draco Business Solution" and "Draco Global Limited". We find out the owner details and his living location including his history and photos as well current forex company name.

"Draco Global Limited" started 08/09/2016 and Dissolved 13/02/2018. They started forex trading 08/09/2016 platform called "Draco Fx".

"Draco Business Solution" started 30/06/2017 and Dissolved 04/12/2018.

Above both company established in UK the owner name was same, but not UK citizen he is from Sri Lanka.

While "Draco Global Limited" notice for compulsory strike-off they started new forex trading in 03/01/2018, currently running called AZ Traders.

The Owner Details Draco Global Limited including home location
(Akthar Sheriff) (39 Keppetipola, Mawatha, Kollonowa, Srilanka, 10600)

The Owner Details Draco Business Solution

Exact Google Location of owner home by Google.

Draco Business Solution - Dissolved

Draco Global Limited - Dissolved

Hari 07/18/2019

AzTrades broker is the scammers

January 28, 2019 I opened a trading account 9493883 with the broker AzTrades. I passed the verification and made a deposit with a bank card for $ 200. I bargained a bit and decided to check the withdrawal. On February 22, 2019, I made an application for withdrawing $ 199 back to my bank card. A few days later, the broker told me that I could not return the money to my bank card. Why? He did not explain. The broker offered me to return my money to a bank account. March 1, 2019 I made a request for a withdrawal of $ 199 in my bank account. Indicated all my details. Today is April 20, 2019. I have not received money from the broker. I wrote a lot of letters. The broker answers - wait, the money will come soon. I asked you to send me a payment document to see where they sent the money. The broker answers - wait, you will soon receive a payment document. From this I make a disappointing conclusion: AzTrades broker is the most common scammers. On April 22, I will draw up documents in my bank for chargeback. Maybe it will turn out even so to return my money. I do not recommend to cooperate with the broker AzTrades

Alexter 05/22/2019


Dear All,

AZ Trades offshore company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadine. St. Vincent. The customer support number on the website has British country code, however, the broker is not regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. Search their review in online can see more fraud details, You guys have any withdrawal issue and complaint please resister complaint in Financial Conduct Authority, They should not cheat other clients from now, also complaint in St. Vincent and the Grenadine. St. Vincent website.

Last complaint area Godaddy ([email protected],
[email protected]) , they are using domain from go daddy and hiding details via domain proxy.

Adnan Al Abdu 04/23/2019

100% unsafe

after deposit 200 dollar they will force you to deposit 2500 dollar after that they will not contact you and within 1 to 2 months your account will be zero..
that's it...
total fraud people are there who will take your all hard earn money and going to run away....
conclusion is that its not regulated that's it

moh nazeer 04/15/2019

Not Safe

AZ Trades offshore company registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadine. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is notorious for its practically absent requirements and regulations. Due to the setup cost is low and it does not regulate forex trading. The customer support number on the website has British country code, however, the broker is not regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.

Adnan Al Abdu 04/15/2019

Great News

Great news those who invested in Dracofx and Migrated to AZ Trade and cheated from them, Find out their location and employees details including the pictures. The employee pictures long shoot one but still clarity and recognize the face. I will publish their old and new office place 23 March 2019 also will share employee details and photo 01 April 2019.

Note that their office not in UK, Its in Srilanka. I will get few their employees photo Sunday and publish all photos 01 April 2019.

R Yusaf 03/20/2019


How to withdraw in my money me

Rajesh Kumar 12/01/2018
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