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AxeCC Review - is it scam or safe?

Axe Crypto Currency (AxeCC) Review - is scam or good crypto CFD broker?

AxeCC is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type Min. deposit Leverage Spreads
Standard Not specified N/A ~106 on BTC/EUR


Axe Crypto Currency (AxeCC) appears to be a crypto-CFD broker. The nature of its services is not exactly clear, as the broker’s website contains no information whatsoever on trading conditions such as the spreads, leverage levels, etc. What is most important, AxeCC is not regulated by any financial authority and our overall impression is that it is not a broker you can trust. Read on to understand why.



AxeCC Advantages:


Trading in around 30 coins

AxeCC offers trading in around with 30 crypto coins, which is quite a lot, actually. Clients of this broker are offered Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, QTUM, WAVES, OmiseGO, Basic Attention Token, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, NEO, IOTA, Monero, Zcash, EOS, Litecoin, and more. All of them are traded against Euro. That being said, AxeCC does not support any other fiat currency, nor trading in forex or other CFDs, such as on indices, commodities, or stocks. That being said, if you are looking for broker that offers wide range of instruments on top of crypto, here is our list of forex brokers, also offering Bitcoin CFDs:



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Relatively nice trading platform

The web-based platform provided by Axe Crypto Currency can by no means be compared to MetaQuotes’ trading solutions (MT4 or MT5), but it still offers some advanced features. The charting is nice, with different time-frames, display options, and technical analysis indicators. The latter can be found in the drop-down menu called “Studies”.



Axe Crypto Currency’s web based trading interface. Click to zoom.



AxeCC Disadvantages:


Not regulated, related to other shady brokers

AxeCC is allegedly owned and operated by Solid Capital Limited, a company registered on the Marshall Islands at Trust company complex, Ajeltake road, Ajeltake Islands, Majuro, MH96960. This address is well-known to us, as a number of other offshore brokers are also based there: iForex24, CryptoEU, Tradex1, to name a few. The negative comments on our reviews of these brokers speak for themselves.


We also suspect that Axe Crypto Currency is related to Axe Invest, another pretty shady forex broker registered on the Marshall Islands. As most of you are probably aware, offshore brokers are not overseen by any authority and therefore investing with such is very risky. Many of those brokers are pure scams, and this might as well be the case with AxeCC, so you’d better stay away. 


Regulatory warning against it, the FPA believe it is scam

If the previous point was not enough to convince you that AxeCC is not a reliable company, we have yet anouther serious argument against doing business with this broker: The Italian regulator, CONSOB, has warned the public against it. Probably the authority has received complaints from local investors.


In addition, we found that there are 3 Traders Court guilty votes against this company in the famous Forex Peace Army forum, where AxeCC is also considered as a scam.


Does not disclose any trading conditions

As we mentioned in the beginning, AxeCC does not bother to disclose anything about the trading condition they offer. Such lack of transparency and clear pricing is clearly a negative. As the broker does not offer free demo account either, one has to open a live account in order to be able to take a look at the platform.


High spreads 

We registered a live account with AxeCC in order to take a look at the broker’s spreads.



We found the spread on BTC/EUR around 106 EUR or 124 USD, which is significantly higher than what most crypto CFD brokers offer. The usual BTC/USD spread is between $30 - $50.





Axe Crypto Currency (AxeCC) is a crypto CFD broker that offers trading in around 30 coins against EUR and clearly targets European Investors. While its web trading interface is not bad, the offer of AxeCC is not clear, as it website does not disclose any trading conditions. Nonetheless, when we tested the platform, we found the spreads higher than the average in this sector. What bothers us more with AxeCC is the fact that it is not regulated and there are several lines of indirect evidence that lead us to believe that it is a scam broker: it is registered on the same address with other companies, most of which have bad reputation; the FPA has declared that it considers AxeCC to be a scam; the Italian regulator has warned the public against doing business with it.


Considering the above said, you’d better not deal with Axe Crypto Currency (AxeCC) and choose a reliable and licensed broker instead.



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The key points about this broker, one more time:

Pros Cons
A lot of crypto CFDs Not regulated, related to other shady brokers
Relatively nice platform Regulatory warning against it, the FPA believe it is scam
  Does not disclose any trading conditions
  High spreads


Latest news about AxeCC
No news about AxeCC. Check back later.
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AxeCC Prijevara

Ova tvrtka prevarila je stotine ljudi iz više država. Apeliram na sve prevarene da se udružimo i prijavimo ih policiji i državnom odvjetništvu. Molim vas javite se!

Translated by Google:

AxeCC Fraud

This company has scammed hundreds of people from multiple countries. I appeal to all the deceived to come together and report them to the police and the Attorney General. Please come in!

Zdenko 09/04/2019

truffa AXECC

Sono dei gran bastardi...Mi hanno fregato tutti I miei risparmi e sono spariti,
Samuel marcus, sofia martin e chissa' quanti altri sono I truffatori che operano in questa societa'.......Maledetti....

Translated by Google:

They are great bastards ... They took all my savings and disappeared,
Samuel marcus, sofia martin and who knows' how many others are scammers who work in this company ....... Damn ....

Massimo Tonetto 08/27/2019


No son una empresa confiable ,solo quieren estafar sustrayendo las ilusiones de personas honestas que confiaron en ellos

Translated by Google

They are not a reliable enterprise, just want to scam by subjecting the illusions of honest people who trusted them

maria soledad silva garay 08/12/2019

AxeCC Prijevara

Prevaren sam i opljačkan od ove tvrtke za 4.200.- eur. Kada su trebali početi isplaćivati obećani profit, jednostavno su nestali. Molio bi sve prevarene da se udruže i zajedno pravnim sredstvima dođu do svoga novca.

Translated by Google:

AxeCC Fraud

I was duped and robbed of this company for 4,200 euros. When they needed to start paying the promised profits, they simply disappeared. He would plead with all the deceived to come together and come up with their money together.

Zdenko Ćurković 08/11/2019

AxeCC - Tanácstalan vagyok....

2019.01.30.-án befizettem 100.000 huf.- et, egy hölgy készitett nekem egyéni oldalt az AXAcc.- Kaptam egy brókert, aki a 300 Eur.- pénzemet feltornászta 470.- re, 3 hónap alatt. KELLETT VOLNA UTALNOM újabb tőkerészt, erre már nem volt fedezetem. A brókerem / angol / közölte : várnom kell az első befizetéstők szám. 6 hónapot, utánna vagy folytatjuk, vagy VISSZAUTALJÁK a pénzem. A brókerem, és a befizetést, oldalkészitést végző hölgy / mindketten angolok ! /eddig kiválóan működő emailcime ELÉRHETETLEN LETT, a Mayler Daymon mindent visszaküld, amit feléjük küldök. Gond az is, hogy az angol tudásom eléggé csekély, de minvégig telefonon át is, meg tudtuk egymást érteni. Most BAROMIAN NEM TUDOM, átverés volt, vagy látom még a pénzem valaha.....

Translated by Google:

I'm clueless....
On January 30, 2019, I paid 100,000 bucks, a lady made a custom page for me at AXAcc. - I got a broker who raised my $ 300 money to 470 in 3 months. I had to make another part of my capital, I had no cover for it. My broker / english / said: I have to wait for the number of first depositors. 6 months, follow or continue my money. My broker and the lady / make-up / both are English! / so far outstanding emailcime IS AVAILABLE, Mayler Daymon returns everything I send to them. It is also a problem that my English knowledge is rather small, but we could understand each other over the phone. Now I don't know BAROMIAN, it was a scam, or I can see my money ever .....

Juhász István 07/10/2019

AxeCC - Gran estafa

Buenos días, yo tambien e sido victima de esta plataforma habiendo confiado en ella, hasta el dia que les dices que tienes necesidad de cobrar por cualquier motivo y de repente desapareces del sistema y ya no puedes entrar en tu cuenta, te van convenciendo para subir volumen y así poder tener mayores ganancias que nunca mas podras recuperar....grrrr

Translated by Google:

AxeCC - Big fraud
Good morning, I have also been a victim of this platform having trusted in it, until the day you tell them that you need to charge for any reason and suddenly you disappear from the system and you can no longer enter your account, they convince you to upload volume and thus be able to have greater profits that you will never be able to recover again .... grrrr

Carlos 07/09/2019

AxeCC Panasz

Sikeresen belefutottam naivan az Axe CC bróker valamibe a broker legkésöbb Juniusra igért valamennyi kifizetést látom mennyi összeg van ott egy darabig eljutottam a visszafizetésig ott kérte az IBAN nemzetközi kodot megszereztem azt is de már nincs lehetőség semmire, Sőt a brokert se érem em email-en visszajön mint ismeretlen cím.
Esetleg Tudok még valamit kezdeni a helyzettel

Translated by Google:

AxeCC Complaint

I successfully ran naive to the Ax CC broker for something the broker can see all the payments to Junius for how much I have been there for a while until I got back there I got the IBAN international codec I got it but no longer has any opportunity as an unknown address.
Maybe I can start something else with the situation

Gábor 07/07/2019

AxeCC Panasz

Volt ma egy gyanús telefonhívás megpróbáltam elérni emai-en a brókereket, de egyik email címe sem él már
Vajon tudok valamit még tenni, mert a rendszerbe látom, hogy ki lehetne utalni pénzt , de a lehetőséget nen találom

Translated by Google:

There was a suspicious phone call today trying to reach the brokers on emai, but none of the email addresses already live
Can I do something else because I see in the system that money could be transferred, but I find the opportunity

Gábor 06/28/2019

AxeCC truffa

buongiorno a tutti , purtroppo anchio sono stato truffato da ho messo solo 220 euro... e menomale, il broker un certo anthony delano .. nome d arte... mi ha fatto guadagnare circa 40 euero.... poi e sparito dappertutto... qualcuno mi puo dare qualche info per recuperare i soldi

Translated by Google:

AxeCC fraud

good morning everyone, unfortunately I was scammed by I put only 220 euros ... and luckily, the broker a certain anthony delano .. art name ... made me earn about 40 euero .... then and disappeared everywhere ... someone can give me some info to recover the money

williams 05/26/2019

Investment thru Axeccio

I have invested thru axecc for the past one year.
I would like to quit in view of the adverse reports made against the company. Please advise as to how I shall leave the exchange and get back my Investment

Henry 04/28/2019

AxeCC - Quise retirar pero no posible

Quice retirar pero no posible,me Dan una esplicacion pero ,el monto que ha generado el broker es superior,al coste de la comicion que hay que pagar que sea retirada del mom to generado

Translated by Google:

I wanted to withdraw but not possible, they give me an explanation but, the amount generated by the broker is higher, at the cost of the commission that has to be paid that is withdrawn from the generated moment

Asterio bonne lahera 04/19/2019

Scam on AxeCC

This is a real scam and pure thief. I did not invest much but still my money and whatever it was. At the beginning they were persistent with calls and nice words. I put $ 200 so we'll try. The problem arose at the beginning. They said they would take over one of the brokers and help me to understand the essence of the business on the platform. Of course this did not happen nearly a dozen days ago. David who introduced me and proposed a broker no longer spoke. He said his friend Alex Jones would take me. He did not respond until after a couple of days. He only spent three or four days in a month and made something small. I was persuaded to show me work on the platform there was always some excuse or avoiding questions. But that's why he always asked for more effort to make it easier to work and to make better profits. I did not want to invest more. I wrote an explanation and asked for a refund. Nothing has passed. I've been working for a while and saw that it will not go so well and ask for a refund ... of course I did not get a refund and the account was mysteriously closed and no one ever answered the email and the call. So if anyone intends to invest in AxeC, do not be fooled because there is no profit or profit, and those who need help, are neither kind nor something normal ... no kindness, not humanity. You're out of it ... do not even open a page if you want your money to stay. If someone succeeded in getting their money back, let them know so others would try. TNX!

Darko Peharda 03/08/2019

lost money

I need my money that i deposited with this company

Philile Khanyile 03/01/2019

React to AXECC

i agree with every body about axecc, and i m pretty dire se cannot do nothing by ourselves.

I have been suggested by a serious broker to make a complaint on this website. So i forward to all whom wants to stop this scam.

Probably it will not give us back out money, but of every body naked a complaint, hopefully someone Will take action against axecc.
So everyboby, make this complaint!!

Federico 01/25/2019

Attention! Scam!

Fate attenzione a questa società, è uno Scam a me hanno rubato 2000 euro, i loro profili sono dei fake a me seguiva un certo Fabio Santini sicuramente non italiano che si è approcciato a me molto e gentilmente e quando ho chiesto di prelevare è sparito e non ha piu risposto alle mie mail e chiamate.

Mi hanno creato grossi problemi rubandomi i soldi in quanto risparmiatore.....




Translted by Google:

Pay attention to this company, it is a scam I have stolen € 2000, their profiles are fake to me followed a certain Fabio Santini certainly not Italian who approached me very and kindly and when I asked to withdraw has disappeared and he no longer answered my emails and calls.

They created big problems stealing my money as a saver .....




luca 01/24/2019

Samuel Marcus = Truffatore

consulente AXECC.IO e di altre societa', dopo aver gestito i miei soldi, quando ho fatto richiesta di prelevare e' sparito lui e la societa'

Translated by Google:

consultant AXECC.IO and other companies, after managing my money, when I requested to withdraw, he and the company disappeared

guido 01/07/2019

AXECC = Truffa

fino a prova contraria nei miei confronti e' una TRUFFA ,non puoi ritirare, solito sistema, ti dicono che puoi prelevare se prima sei disposto a versare altri soldi.

comunque i soldi prelevati se ci saranno, non sara mai la cifra versata.
i broker che mi hanno contattato: SAMUEL MARCUS, JOHNNY ALLEN, DENISE

Translated by Google:

until proven otherwise to me is a SCAM, you can not withdraw, usually system, tell you that you can withdraw if you are willing to pay more money first.

however, if the money is collected, it will never be the amount paid.
the brokers who contacted me: SAMUEL MARCUS, JOHNNY ALLEN, DENISE

guido 11/23/2018

Truffa Axecc

Ho versato 7000 € su Unicredit CECA, adesso mi contattano e mi dicono che un'azienda la fscs, permette il recupero a chi e'stato vittima
di frodi, chi ne sa di piu'

Translated by Google:

I paid € 7000 on Unicredit CECA, now they contact me and tell me that the company fscs, allows the recovery to those who were victims
fraud, who knows mor

Tommaso 11/13/2018 truffa spam

secondo la mia opinione questa società è una truffa mi sono iscritto nel mese di ottobre 2017 con un investimento di circa 1000 euro dopo un po di tempo i profitti sono cresciuti circa 3560,70 euro nel mese di maggio del 2018 avevo chiesto un po di profitti 500,00 euro al ché il mio accaunt manager tale Johnny Allen nome d'arte truffatore non si è fatto
più sentire non risponde più alle mail .svariate volte la richiesta di
prelevamento dove c'è scritto che questa somma di 3560,70 è disponibile al prelievo ma sicuramente l'anno la mia opinione fosse sbagliata vi prego di contattarmi via telefono o per via mail sperando che si possono chiarire le cose aspetto che mi contattate come una società seria. distinti saluti.
Salvatore Giuseppe Cimo'

Translated by Google:

in my opinion this company is a scam I joined in the month of October 2017 with an investment of about 1000 euros after some time the profits have grown about 3560.70 euros in the month of May 2018 I had asked a bit of profits € 500.00 because my accaunt manager such Johnny Allen art name scammer has not been made
more feel no longer responds to e-mails
withdrawal where it says that this sum of 3560.70 is available for withdrawal but certainly the year blocked.if my opinion was wrong please contact me by phone or by mail hoping that you can clarify things I expect contact as a serious company. best regards.
                                          Salvatore Giuseppe Cimo '

Cimo salvatore Giuseppe 11/04/2018

Axecc = TRUFFA

Questa società è effettivamente una grande Truffa. Attraverso il broker ho investito sulla piattaforma CryptoEU sia per il trading online sia per comprare una nuova moneta che doveva essere immessa sul mercato (MUSD COIN). Successivamente il broker ha spostato la somma prevista per l'acquisto dei MUSD COIN sulla piattaforma AXECC con la motivazione di investire meglio nell'attesa dell'immissione sul mercato della moneta. Quando ho iniziato a chiedere di rientrare qualcosa di soldi sono letteralmente scomparsi. Per telefono non sono più raggiungibili e su internet hanno cambiato la pagina e mi hanno tolto il contatto. Il totale che mi hanno truffato è di ben 11.250 Euro dei miei soldi e non so come posso recuperare e se c'è una soluzione.

Translated by Google:

This company is actually a big scam. Through the broker I invested on the CryptoEU platform both for online trading and to buy a new currency that was to be placed on the market (MUSD COIN). Subsequently, the broker has moved the sum expected for the purchase of MUSD COIN on the AXECC platform with the motivation to invest better in anticipation of the placing on the market of the currency. When I started asking for some money back, they literally disappeared. By phone they are no longer reachable and on the internet they changed the page and they removed the contact. The total that cheated me is 11,250 euros of my money and I do not know how I can recover and if there is a solution.

Antonio Lanzotti 09/23/2018

Paramı vermediler

03.09.2018 de çekim talebi verdim ama hala yatrımadılar. mailime cevap vermiyorlar broker denilen cenk sarı adında biri bi de fatih diye biri cevap bile vermiyorlar whatsapptan engellediler

Translated by Google:

I gave a request to shoot on 03.09.2018 but they are still investing. mailime do not answer brokers called cenk called yellow one does not even answer the fatih a bi whatsapptan blocked

abdulkerim 09/07/2018
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