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Axe Invest Review - is it scam or safe?

Axe Invest Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 16 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Axe Invest
Axe Invest is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.



Trading Accounts & Conditions





Account type

Min. deposit

Max. leverage

Min. trade size

Spread (& Commission)







$2 500





$20 000








From 0 pips

Zero fixed spread




0 pips + commission


Axe Invest is a forex broker, which offers five account types, most of which are commission-free. As you can see from the table above, this broker does not specify its spreads, be it fixed or variable ones.



Axe Invest Advantages


High leverage ratios

This is one of the few good sides of Axe Invest. With a maximum leverage ratio of 1:500 , this broker will satisfy even the needs of the most aggressive traders. However, keep in mind that leverage levels this high can result in heavy losses.



>>More brokers offering leverage up to 1:500 or more<<



Standard minimum deposit

Axe Invest requires a minimum investment of $100, which is not much. Yet, a number of trusted and well-regulated brokers demand the same amount, including HYCM, and FxPro, among others. So, why choose Axe Invest?



Axe Invest Disadvantages


Registered offshore, ASIC warning against it

Axe Invest is allegedly owned and operated by Madar Partners LTD, a company registered on the Marshall Islands. Offshore zones like those islands are famous for their lax tax and legal regimes. They are basically not licensed, nor subject to supervicion by any authority. So, no wonder many of them are pure scams.



>>Why trading with off-shore brokers is risky?<<



On top of that, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has issued a warning against Axe Invest. Accordingto the regulator, the broker has been offering its services to Australians without the requisite authorization.Considering the other diasdvantages of this broker, it is very probable that Axe Invest is a scam.


Spreads not specified

Unlike most credible brokers, Axe Invest does not specify the spreads it offers on its website, nor the commission fees that apply on the Zero spread accounts. Such lack of transparency in terms of a broker’s pricing policy is a huge red flag, especially combined with its offshore registration.


Most brokers offer spreads within the range of 1.0 – 1.5 pips on EUR/USD.


No demo accounts

Yet another thing that makes us think Axe Invest is not a reliable broker is that it does not allow (potential) clients to test its services and platform for free. We registered for a demo account but could not access the broker's platform to test it.


MetaTrader 4 not available

Axe Invest provides its services a web-based platform, which is allegedly "in-house developed". Judging by the picture on its website, it is a hybrid platform for trading in both forex and binary options. It is offered by other unregulated brokers which we have reviewed (Easy Line Pro, Point Investment Group and outright scam GBOCapital).



>> Looking for a MT4 broker? <<



Most traders would prefer the industry staple MetaTrader4 (MT4), which has proved its reliability over the years. With its superior charting, custom technical indicators and automated trading systems it is a clear favorite.



High withdrawals fees

Most brokerages do not charge deposits and withdrawals, however Axe Invest applies pretty salty withdrawals fees: $50 for bank wire transfers; $35 for withdrawals with credit cards, and $25 per transfer via ePayments.


In addition, a levy of 10% of the withdrawal amount will be charged to any withdrawal from an account that has not executed more than 200 in turnover and/or from accounts that have not been verified.





When we come across brokers like Axe Invest, we wonder what would tempt traders to invest with it.

Low spreads? The broker has not announced them and does not offer demo accounts either. So, we don’t know what spreads it offers.


Great platform? Axe Invest seems to offer its services on an unusual web-based platform, used mostly by brokers with questionable reputation like itself.


Regulation by a credible institution? The broker is registered offshore, on the Marshall Islands.


Considering the above said, we strongly advise you against doing business with Point Investment Group. Instead, we suggest that you select a forex broker licensed by a reputable authority, such as UK’s FCA, Cyprus’s CySEC or Australia’s ASIC, which impose strict rules and see to their compliance.



Here is a list of the advantages and disadvantages with regards to Axe Invest:




High leverage

Registered offshore

Standard minimum deposit

Spreads not specified


No demo accounts


MT4 not available


Salty withdrawal fees


Latest news about Axe Invest
No news about Axe Invest. Check back later.
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Traders` reviews for Axe Invest
















Price feed















Customer service










Axe Invest - Never give them any money!

AXE Invest is a """Gangster Outfit""" don't ever give them any time of the day to listen to their lies! and never give them any money, they cheat you they, they lie to you when you ask to get your money back.

It happened to me and many others!!!

L.N. 01/15/2020

Withdraw my fund

I have deposited 2250 pounds in axe invest and i have not got any profit yet so can i get my refund back please?

Hira tamang 12/04/2019

Axe Invest a Huge Scammer

Could never get my Invested Money back or my money through Positive Earnings (winnings) on my Trades. Don't touch these people with a "ten foot pole" if you don't want to throw your money down the drain! Choose a Broker who is REGISTERED with a Governing Body that enforces the rules and is not registered in some place like "The Marshall Islands". I was suckered in by attempting to reach an NBA Basketball player who is a top star and was written up on the internet. When someone answered my inquiry they said (the Broker) that they were with the Brokerage that this "Star" and his two College room mates had started, to trade Bitcoin. I really should have done more "Due Diligence" as YOU SHOULD before dealing with Internet Brokers. Good Luck AND BE SMART!!!

Alexander Herd 11/07/2019


Please ignore Axe invest, I've been scammed. Beware of someone by the name of Anthony Vestri(maybe a fake name), he will steal your money. Giving you all sorts of excuses. Never want to talk about your money back. Withdrawall not succes, always everykind of excuses. Not somebody to trust at all.

Marko 09/25/2019

I would like my 750 euros refunded to my credit card please.

I have been unable to track the progress of my investment. I have previously spoken to an Alina Muller. Now can I have my money back in GBO please? Thank you.

James Horten 09/09/2019

Refund my money

Axeinvest has taken my money and they are not receiving my call as well as not giving me any acknowledgment. So please I need my money back

Hira 08/18/2019


This site is just another scam you can find on the internet. I put in my 250 US and after 2 weeks I asked to have my money returned and they refused.

Jim N 08/15/2019

Money back request.

Mr. Marcus Gray.
I invested in this company on a scam promotion on the internet. I want all my money back $250.00 please.

Vincent Nash 07/23/2019

AXE INVEST - representative Mr. Marcus Gray taking my money with empty promises and disclosure AXEINVEST is a conmen company

Hello Freddis Tee,
I hope this email finds you well,i trying calling you but you are not answer my phone calls .
I would be very happy to see that you getting your money back,
i trying the best for helping you ,
Please let me know when are you free to call you again.
Kind regards
Marcus Gray
Senior Financial Adviser
t: + 442080893060
m: + 41225017515
Dear Tee ,
I hope this email finds you well, i just get an email from bitcoin they told the money will back to the account on Tuesday ,only 5 days we need to wait and everything will good for you as already has said to you from the beginning ,
Thank you for your understanding,
Kind regards
Marcus Gray
Senior Financial Adviser
t: + 442080893060
m: + 41225017515
The above is Mr. Marcus Gray message me but he take my money and never ever deliver his promise to me. after taking my money, he disappear without contact me and his mail also can't ever get through since from that. He is cheating me. Then he get the next persons' contact me is Mr. William and asking me to provide account no. for him. They are bullshit with me.
Please WATCH OUT to AXEINVEST tactics to con-money from potential victim search from Internet as they put up their advertisement is very attractive is to attract potential victim fall to their TRAP in order to con-the money only.

Listen below
When they search you as their new customer (falling their trap) they (all ranging of the company representative) will keep unstop calling you. Once you take their call, they will persuade you to invest into their recommend counter with offering you they will top-up amount for you but you actually is falling into their TRAP. The persons calling/deal with you will ask you to open your computer then ask you to open up ANYDESK so they can show you the counter and follow up ask you to give them DEBIT/CREDIT CARD account no. and start do the money transaction to their company/personal account without explain to you. They will start showing you do the trading counter and later tell you that the counter is lose money and ask you to top-up money with not ending want. Later the person-deal with you will disappearance and you can't ever contact with him. The company will change the next person call you and do the similar job - is ask you open computer and NAYDESK and ask you to provide them DEBIT/CREDIT CARD account no so they will do the transaction to take your money without explain to you and never ever refund your money when you request. (BECAREFUL THIS IS THE COMPANY NOT GUINENCE JOB) When you ask your money, they will talk to you that you need to pay the company FEE/TAX in order to get your money back, but once the transaction done, he/she will disappear themself and you would never ever get your money back. I got experience on it. PLEASE DO NOT SURPRISE this is the company job/activities to take/con all your money. DO NOT EVER BELIEVE/ THRUST THEM WHAT THEY TALK TO YOU.
The AXEINVEST is doing not guinence job to cheat the people money, I wonder how they obtain the MADAR PARTNERS trading license instead should revoke the license. so the public do not fall into their TRAP and become a victim.
Furthermore I do the internet search and find the company only has obtain off-shore registered company and it is very dangerous once you become victim is very difficult to apply court to suit the company. Also a lot of country is ban AXEINVEST such as AUSTRALIA even ban/block their web-site also.
I urge to a victim please make a police report to uk. police via internet of action uk.police web-site or embassy and also your country all sole of society channels to disclosure your case to public. and you can engage blackstone, money chargeback or money charge dispute for a chance to get your money back.

MR. TEE 07/20/2019

Loss of all funds

The person who was supposed to be looking after my account, DONALD BAUER, proved to be incompetent, aggressive and a very unpleasant person to deal with. On the 5th July at 0629 I sent him a message informing him that he was not to carry out any further trades. The same day he put me into trades that were clearly not suitable and sure enough within days my account was wiped out and that was from a person who should have been looking after my interests. He is a disgrace and for you to employ people of his demean is also disgraceful. I ask you to reinstate the money that I consider to have been stolen from me and to ensure that BAUER is no longer employed by you. GERRY MERRITT

gerry merritt 07/11/2019

Axeinvest/Madar Partners/Parexsin Consulting Scam

My mum got fooled by this company and have now lost over 20.000 Euro. The company seams criminal and vey unprofessional to me.
The first account manager Raul Saurez spoke Swedish and was the one convincing her to make the investment by taking short term credit after she invested the money he was not to be reached anymore. When she tried to contact the firm via mail/phone in order to close the account and withdraw the money she did not get any answer/could not reach anyone. I have tried to help as well and talked to her second Account Mgr Brett Owens that promised the money should be transferred back to her. He called several times and confirmed this. On the Axeinvest Platform her “Withdrawal” Request has been canceled. No money has arrived and yesterday a new Account Mgr calls “Nick” and says the account needs to continue trading for 2 weeks or a tax fee has to be paid to get the money back!
I hope my mum will get her money back with help from the police, bank & lawyer – that Axeinvest will transfer the money voluntarily I don’t see happen. They are the worst company ever I have come across. – how people can fool an old lady like this goes beyond my understanding. Fooling her to install Anydesk so they can pretend “ to help” her !
I really hope nobody else gets fooled by these company or any of the partner companies (Madar Partners, Parexsin Consulting, Joshua Limited).

.. 07/10/2019

Axe invest its just host business

Be ware. Axe Invest its just Host Business. They take 300 Euro from me and no answer back.
I go to Police now. Probably never gona gott the money back. But ian gona do it hard for them to continue there host business. Do not put in money. Do not even talk to this asholes.

Jonas Qvist 07/02/2019

Axeinvest svara inte när jag ringer

Jag vill ha mina pengar tillbaka 21500 euro, axeinvest svara inte när jag ringer har försökt ta ut pengar på mitt MasterCard men banken har stoppad det. Kan någon hjälpa mig att få pengar tillbaka. Jag är pensionär änka och känner mig grundlurad.
Hjälp mig

Translated by Google:

I want my money back 21500 euros, axeinvest not answer when I call have tried to withdraw money on my MasterCard but the bank has stopped it. Can anyone help me get money back. I am a pensioner widow and feel basic.
Help me

Milijana 06/27/2019

Axeinvest - hjälp!

Kan jag få hjälp att få mina pengar tillbaka från AXEINVEST

Translated by Google:

Can I get help getting my money back from AXEINVEST

Milijana 06/27/2019

Axeinvest Scam

axeinvest is now calling me (James Groves)and say if i want my money back i first delet what i wrote about him and i shall write a new one their i print that James Groves is a good and the best account manager, then he will send me the monet. But its costing me 500 dollars feed for that is the banks provision.

Ronny Andersson 06/06/2019


Now James Groves called me yesterday and wanted me to delet the bad revies and then he pay back my money, and he talked to me now ten minutes ago and told me that the bank should take 500 dollars provision from me, and i should open a another account so he transfer the money that way, i dont trust him so i said to him to put it back on the same account that it came from, but he refused and want let me have any. This is Axeinvest how they work and if they will do the right thing they never do. They have all data to put it back, its to prevent to laundry money the want all information about you. But when it is the other way it doesent matter.

Ronny Andersson 06/06/2019


they are a big scam take your monet and after that the laught and insult you they think its funny, i had James Groves as trading manager and he are full of lies and steele money from you as musch as he can, i never meet a person like him. is thei nobody ho nows ho they are

Ronny Andersson 05/30/2019


They take your money and close you out from the tradingsite and want more monye to go on, and refuse you to withdraw money from the account. I can not stop, the accouny manager says that he dont let me.

Ronny Andersson 05/28/2019

Axe Invest - I am absolutely lost

I’m worried I’m first time invested reading news article by Gordon Ramsey so followed links and got an account on Axe Invest metatrader4. I am in a window activated this morning showing ups and downs of my EUR250 investment but I have no idea when trading stops to allow withdrawal of funds as the webpage is not showing my real account on metatrader4 nor is it showing the trader page so I can see money’s that can be withdrawn. I am absolutely lost. Can anyone help me?

Candy chambers 05/28/2019

Help me

Can anyone help me to retrieve my valid documents plus MONEY that i gave to ALEX PARKER via email. He claimed to work for JUBITER.COM this is his email address, but i cant reach him since 4th April 2019. JUBITER.COM SAID HE DOESN'T WORK FOR THEM.

Margaret 05/15/2019

Impossibile Recuperare il capitale

Mi hanno chiesto 1200 €uro per recuperare il mio capitale di € 7200

Translated by Google:

Unable to recover capital
They asked me for € 1200 to recover my capital of € 7200

Gianfranco Veronese 05/06/2019

What to think about axeinvest

I have invested in the Company through Axeinvest called 12,000 USD, and I was pulled back to $ 500. I told myself that I would stop trading and that I would be able to pay $ 2,500 for them and the 2,500 bonus they paid for them. No taxes I paid for them, last week I was paying a bonus back, then the broker was a unique opportunity for Boeing's share price had changed and that it would make good money. Well it was forgotten and he began to push for long-term investment and ask for 10,000
Dollars add more money so you could make a long-term investment plan so that by the end of the year my investment would be $ 150,000. I dare not invest more money and it seems difficult to get my own money out of Axinvest.

Marko 04/10/2019

Pestering emails + phone calls

Lena Ross
Senior Financial Adviser
Phone Nr. UK: +442080893060
Phone Nr, Swiss: +41225017515
Website: Axeinvest | Cutting Edge Investment

Lena Ross
Fri, Mar 22, 3:18 PM (11 days ago)

to me

I am sorry?
I was expecting a positive answer since your account with us is nearly double of the amount you deposited?
What is wrong? what happened?


my email and phone reply---!!!!

L.N. 04/02/2019

Mesi di mail

Sono 4 settimane che mando mail 10 invii ,ma ne l'Account Ne il Supporto rispondono più, premesso che nel conto ci sono 7200 €.
Da evitare

Translated by Google:

I send 4 emails for 4 weeks, but neither does the account nor the support respond anymore, given that there are € 7200 in the account.
To avoid

Gianfranco Veronese 03/27/2019

AXE INVEST - don't trust them you will not see a penny of your investment !!


Ich heiße Lena Ross.

Ich werde Ihr neuer Broker von Axeinvest sein.
Ich hätte gerne ein Termin mit Ihnen, um über Ihr Konto zu sprechen.
In der letzten Woche habe ich versucht, Sie zu erreichen, aber immer noch keine Antwort von Ihnen.
Bitte lassen Sie mich rechtzeitig wissen, wann ich Sie erreichen kann.
mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Lena Ross
Senior Financial Adviser
Phone Nr. UK: +442080893060
Phone Nr, Swiss: +41225017515
Website: Axeinvest | Cutting Edge Investment

my reply
2:15 PM (0 minutes ago)

to Lena
for my sake you can be the pope of axeinvest, I don't deal with gangster and criminals, stop calling to my phone and with your emails.

L.N. 03/22/2019

AXE INVEST -Tell Story with Mr. Nick Karahalios (Senior Brokers - VVIP Department)

Nick Karahalios

Senior Broker
VIP Department

Phone number: 442080895260

He is a professional on talking to you in the a way to persuade you to invest into their company with in attract & engage you to a contract that can send you money into account. Once the contract is expired, he was talking to you that the money shall get 5X turnover then you are entitle to withdraw the money from your account and promise to send you the withdraw confirmation form and also statement approval deal but he had never never deliver to you. This is my experience with dealing with him after he took over my account from Mr. Dawn Spencer. so I can say that I am unlucky person's and is a victim fall on Axe invest company and Axe invest is destroys my whole life with my hard-earner money is gone being cheated by them. Please do not fall to Axe invest company and become a victim before you make a wrong decision. I believe all the company staff is trained to be a professional to cheat their investors' money. Please be watch up if you transfer the money to their company, you will never either can get your money back. I also advise if you are the victim, please lodge a report in U.K police under financial fraud - website (, NBC & BBC journal report under the web-site on public comments column to make a public news and also all source of the agency on your country to deluge the company doing not genuine & sincere activities and business. so help other do not fall into this scammer company.

TEE KOK TAI 03/20/2019

stop with your pestering phone calls

Don't trust axe invest

They are a bunch of fucking gangster, liars, criminals..Dont believe a word when they call you.. You will never see a penny of your money.

L.N. 03/19/2019

attenti !! E' una truffa!!!

Quando chiedi di riavere i tuoi soldi non rispondono. Sono truffatori.

Translated by Google:

When you ask to get your money back, they don't answer. They are scammers.

Marino Lepore 03/12/2019


axeinvest non restituisce soldi versati ,dicendo tra le altre cose di poter restituire i soldi solo fornendo tutti i dati della carta di credito,in modo credo da poterne sottrarre altri ancora.

Translated by Google:

axeinvest does not return any money paid, saying among other things that you can return the money only by providing all the credit card details, so I believe you can steal more

alessandro talpo 03/12/2019

Axe Invest - Finger weg!

Hier meine Erfahrungen mit Axeinvest.
Zuerst Versprechungenohne Ende, schon penetrante Geldforderungen, dann werden zu Beginn einige Pseudo trades vollzogen, und ab da hört man nichts mehr. Auf emails wird nicht mehr reagiert. Die Mitarbeiter nennen sich Broker und höhrten in meinem Fall auf die Namen Jane Scott oder Michael Smith, wahrscheinlich könnten sie sich auch Minni Mouse nennen, würde keinen Unterschied machen. Geld ist auf jeden Fall weg.

Translated by Google

Here are my experiences with Axeinvest.
First promises without end, already urgent demands for money, then at the beginning some pseudo trades are carried out, and from then on one hears nothing more. Emails will stop responding. Employees call themselves brokers, and in my case they're referring to the names Jane Scott or Michael Smith, and they could probably call themselves Minni Mouse, would not make a difference. Money is definitely gone.

Michael 03/07/2019

Mr. Dawn Spencer - Do not fall a victim of skimmer

It is very difficult that the investor will never can get withdrawal deposit. When Mr. Dawn Spencer approach me to put the deposit into axe invest trading account (total USD 15,900) upon 30 times of trading and make the profit around 10k and I send a request for withdrawal of my deposit amount usd15900. He ignore and make a cancelled toward my request and keep open trading without my permission. It is happen twice time when I send the request of withdrawal. Until today he still ignore of my request and cause me loss of my profit. I already treat this is cheated me and please watch up upon you make a deposit, the axe invest trading company will never never refund your deposit. It is against of the principal of broker company. Warning!!! IT is high risk invest into AXE invest company. and I strongly recommend whoever got cheated. please make a police report in U.K for further investigate.Alert- Do not fall a victim of skimmer

TEE KOK TAI 02/26/2019

No response to my e-mails and no access to accounts

It show that axeinvest is a scam ,they do not respond to my emails and i have no access to my account .I dont sagest any one to trade with them at all.I am trying to get back my money but i dont know how,i need soon help.

Pumzile Puza 02/15/2019

Axe Invest - cuando llega el momento de retirar ganancias desaparecen

Compañia de brokers que te engañan ilusionandote que con tus depositos vas
Allegar a pagar tu hipoteca, o sea que te van a ayudar a conseguir ganancias
Extraordinarias, vas poniendo capital y cuando llega el momento de retirar ganancias desaparecen,no te llaman mas y adios a tu dinero invertido.
Desde octubre 2018 estoy con ellos, se han generado mas de 300 euros en ganancias
No me devuelven una parte de mis depósitos, ya no me llaman , no contestan a los emails.


Translated by Google:

Brokers that deceive you, deluding you with your deposits
Join to pay your mortgage, that is, they will help you make a profit
Extraordinary, you are putting capital and when the time comes to withdraw profits disappear, do not call more and goodbye to your money invested.
Since October 2018 I am with them, they have generated more than 300 euros in profits
They do not return a part of my deposits, they do not call me anymore, they do not answer the emails.


Jose Alexander Dominguez Quiroz 02/13/2019

Axe Invest - delusione totale

Non fate niente con loro truffa truffa ladri e poi non ti lasciano più in pace quando voi chiudere il cavolo di conto impertinente prima quando volevano il soldi per usare nella piattaforma tutti giorno chiamano tutti il santi giorno dopo che ho chiesto il rimborso spariti tutti ladri ladri ladri .....E continuano a insistere a dover fare trading on line con loro sono fuori di zucca ladri ormai I miei soldo persi che ho lavorato decentemente una mia amica mi ha consigliato è io tonta caduta come le pere

Translated by Google:

Do not do anything with them scam cheating thieves and then they will not leave you alone anymore when you close the naughty caulking bill first when they wanted the money to use in the platform all day they call all the saints day after I asked the refund disappeared all thieves thieves thieves ..... And they continue to insist on having to do online trading with them I'm out of pumpkin thieves now My lost money I've worked decently a friend of mine has advised me is I dont fall like the pears

candida 01/26/2019

scam...fraude ...

terrible experience...all goes smothly till they get money from your back account..after that, they are unreachable..
be careful!! they are criminals, thieves

maria 01/24/2019

Avoid Axe Investment !!!!

Axe investment is the trade company to avoid. No information about your money and when you ask for withdrawal they ask you more money because as they told me they can’t send the money direct in my current account because I don’t have a credit card . They ask me to transfert them 250€ more to reach €500 because they can only send 500€ through bank account. The transfert was suppose to be the next working day . Next day no call , no transaction. I rang them the second day and they said they traded my money and I lost everything. Why did you trade my money without my consent? You was suppose to transfert the money in my account.. Axe investment are dishonest and acting illegally

Nadia 12/01/2018

Will not refund money

Repeatedly asked for refund of money but are being ignored.
Emails not answered. Think I gave been scammed!!!!

Susan Wade 11/03/2018

Vergesst Bitcoin, Dollar & Co.

Verbraucher vertrauen was Verbraucher empfehlen....

Axe Invest kann man nicht vertrauen!!!

Translated by Google:

Consumers trust what consumers recommend ....

You can not trust Ax Invest !!!

Saalfeld 10/03/2018

Warning - Stay away

Stay away from Axe Invest, Jane Scott and consorts !!

May 25, Jane Scott
First of all let me thank you for the bad review . Second I told you once I am no longer your financiar adviser and for this reason I am not responding to your email . I find all these things so childish from your side because in one side you complain about me not writing you back and from the other side you complain about Michael calling you everyday . Of course he will call you because he was your broker and you need to talk with him to solve every issue that you had . and making profits for you and your account doesnt make me scam , it makes me a professional broker but depends how you see it . And the reason why he calles your husband its because this is the number you have been registered with . check in your account at the details and see by yourself that you are registered with that number ! we are not magicians to find your husbands phone number . So make sure you act like a normal person next time coz you sound with mental dissorders . I wish you good luck something that you will not have basically because your out of your mind but still try your best !

May 29, Email to Jane Scott
You call me out of my mind, maybe I am, listening yesterday for over 25 minutes to the bullshit by someone called "Michael" trying to convince me to trust and invest more. My concern, my question, me asking for my deposit, no answer, nothing! But, he interrupts, continues with the same stupid shit over and over again, like a broken record.
I repeat, stop pestering, stop calling, refund my deposit! Your May25th email, together with all emails from day one, I have forwarded today to... ????? ,as precaution and warning!

May 29 (Email from Jane Scott
well tell him that you want your money and you dnt want to invest . Thats it , I dont understand why you have to write bad comments about me , im trying to do my job and what you wrote there has nothing to do with me .

May 31, Email to Jane Scott
I told him over and over I don’t want to invest, that I want my money back. The exact same, I wrote you several times, long before you decided to hand me over to that guy. As far as we are concerned, do your job and give me the money back.

Warning, Stay away from Axe Invest, Jane Scott and consorts !!

Larissa 06/05/2018

Axe Invest Warning - Fraud


Stay away from this scam company !!!!!

To the point, April 2018 I opened an account with Axe Invest with a deposit of 250.- Euro.

4 days later (April 12) I got this message from Jane Scott

"please check your account now, we won 4 trades, we have 477euros in your account. Congratulations "
Best regards, Jane Scott

Message (April 30) by Jane Scott

""Hi Larissa
I have a very good opportunity for your account, from today until May 4, we have an event to trade for the dollar, I have signals that the trade will be 100% positive. And from this trade you get 30% of what you invest. I wanted to ask you how much you are willing to deposit, as the minimum amount is 5000 euros. but if you open it with 5000 Euro, you will win 1500 Euro in one day. So think about it and tell me how much you are willing to invest, that's the best opportunity we've had so far.
Best regards, Jane Scott
Senior Financial Advisor | VIP
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Now, my Axe account is no longer accessible to me, password has been changed, despite repeated "Password Reset" - check your email your password has been reset, - no email from Axe ! and no response from Axe Invest Support, requesting support !until today.

A guy named Michael. Smith, Manager harasses me / calling my husband cell phone for days !!!! While Jane Scott stops responding to my emails.

Axe Invest is a criminal gang, hands off, please keep sharing. Thank you !

Larissa Nazarenko

Larissa Nazarenko 05/21/2018


Richtige BetrugsFirma .ich habe Geld investiert und das ganze leiten lassen von einem so genannten Manager Toto.schindler. Jedesmal wenn ich was abheben wollte hieß es, in Moment geht es nicht. , bis nichts mehr auf demauf dem Konto war.Irgendwoh anrufen oder beschweren bringt nichts. Also richtige Verbrecher, Hände weg.
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Mit freundlichen Grüßen WB

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Real fraud company. I've invested money and let the whole thing run by a so-called manager Toto.schindler. Every time I wanted to take something out, it was said that it was not possible at the moment. until there was nothing left on the account. Calling or complaining anywhere does not bring anything. Real criminals, hands off.
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Best regards WB

Böhm Waldemar 05/17/2018


Attenzione sono dei truffatori
Sono settimane che continuano ad operare sul mio conto senza autorizzazione solo con operazione in perdita x non chiudere il mio conto in attivo , dicendo che non possono chiudere il conto che ha operazioni aperte , cosa che fanno loro senza autorizzazione. Fin che si aggiungono capitali tutto bene appena uno chiede di uscire sono guai tutte le scuse del mondo x riuscire a farti cambiare idea , poi incominciano a dilapidare I tuoi risultati senza che ne abbiamo la autorizzazione. Ladri .

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Attention are scammers
It's been weeks that I continue to operate on my account without authorization only with a loss-making operation x not to close my account in profit, saying that they can not close the account that has open transactions, which they do without authorization. As long as you add capital all right as soon as one asks to go out, all the excuses of the world are in trouble for you to be able to change your mind, then they begin to squander your results without your permission. Thieves.

Roberto 04/09/2018
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