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Aspen Holding Review - is it scam or safe?

Aspen Holding Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 13 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Aspen Holding
Aspen Holding is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


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Trading Accounts and Conditions


Trading account Min. deposit  Max. leverage Spread
Basic  $250 1:500 3 pips fixed
Bronze  N/A 1:500 N/A
Silver  N/A 1:500 N/A
Gold  N/A 1:500 N/A
Platinum  N/A 1:500 N/A
Diamond  N/A 1:500 N/A


Aspen Holding offers as many as six account types, yet it is not clear what are the spreads, nor the minimum investment required for most of them. What is worse, this forex and CFD broker is not regulated and we have reasons to believe that its clients could fall victims of scam.



Aspen Holding Advantages


Huge selection of assets, high leverage

For all its faults, this broker at least offers a good selection of financial instruments for trade, as well as leverage up to 1:500, which will suit traders of all skill levels and preferences.


Aspen Holding’s product portfolio includes many currency pairs (including exotic ones), CFDs on precious metals, energies, stocks and some of the most popular cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.  Yet, if you are keen on trading Bitcoin and other digital assets, it is best to choose among reliable and licensed brokers.



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Aspen Holding Disadvantages


Not regulated and most likely a scam

Aspen Holding is a trading name of Vanuatu-based company Next Trade Ltd., which has already become notorious for its brand Olympus Markets. The payment services are allegedly provided by Beauty Productions Ltd., a Bulgarian firm.

Although Next Trade Ltd. is present in the list of “Dealers in securities” of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, the latter has rather lax requirements and basically does not exercise any oversight on “licensed” brokers. 


Although Aspen Holding’s Terms and Conditions claim that the governing law is that of Bulgaria, the company is not licensed by the local Financial Supervision Commission (FSC). Financial services providers operating in Bulgaria have to regulated by the FSC or by another EU financial authority, as required by law. So, we can safely conclude that Aspen Holding does not hold a legit forex broker license, although, judging by the languages its website supports, the brokerage targets mainly European investors.


The lack of financial regulation is a major issue, because it means that the interests of the clients of Aspen Holding are not protected in any way, nor are they funds secured. What is worse, the reputation of the other brand of the company, Olympus Markets, is already ruined, and we are quite certain that this broker is a scam. That being said, most likely the situation with Aspen Holding is the same.


There is a plethora of user complaints submitted as comments to our review on Olympus Markets, which shed a light on the broker’s scam strategies. One of our readers says that he lost $6 500 in a mere month with this broker and another elderly man complained he has been conned into depositing $97,000, and never saw a single buck of his investment.


MetaTrader4 not available, high spread

Although it claims to offer MT4, it is not freely downloadable on Aspen Holding’s website. When we opened a live trading account, with the broker, as demo ones are not offered, we got access to a web-based trading interface.



The image gets larger if you click on it.


The platform is the same as the one offered by the other brand of Next Trade Ltd., Olympus Markets. It is simple and intuitive, but cannot be compared to the most popular trading solution – the MetaTrader4 (MT4). The MT4 features numerous market indicators, advanced charting tools and even the option to run automated trading sessions with the help of specially designed trading bots – Expert Advisors. Here you may check our list of brokers supporting the MT4.



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Salty extra fees

 Exactly like Olympus Markets, this broker charges a couple of unusual fees which are not common in the forex industry, and are actually are quite salty. All withdrawals are subjected to a service fee of 3.5%. There is also a clearance fee of 0.5% charged on every trade, both winning and losing, up to 1000$. 



In case a client’s trading account is inactive for two months or more, a monthly account dormant fee of $200 is charged. Furthermore, the broker has a monthly maintenance fee of 0.5% and cryptocurrency trades are subject to a 5% Swap fee.





Aspen Holding is not allowed to operate in the European Union, nor on any other regulated financial market. Nonetheless, it seems to illegally target EU investors. Also, we suspect that this forex broker runs some sort of scam scheme, just as Olympus Markets. The latter, by the way, was blacklisted by several EU financial regulators, and BaFin went as far as ordering it to cease operating in Germany.


Scammers often use different names and domains, so you’d better avoid all above-mentioned brokers associated with Next Trade Ltd, as well as all unregulated ones in general. Unfortunately, it seems that the forex industry is plagued with fraudsters, so we encourage investors to deal only with financial services providers licensed by reputable governmental agencies like the FCA or CySEC in Europe.


>> Trade with a CySEC-regulated broker <<



To sum up our review on Aspen Holding in a few words:


Pros Cons
High leverage Not regulated and likely a scam
Many tradeable assets No MetaTrader, high not supported
  Salty extra fees
  Trading conditions not fully disclosed, no demo


Latest news about Aspen Holding
No news about Aspen Holding . Check back later.
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Aspen is a SCAM!! How can i get back my money!

They are threatening me to add more money to trade. They insisted want to help me to trade and i have made myself clear that I want to trade myself when i received the calls from them. Thus, i have requested to refund, however, they want me to provide front and back of my credit card and IC which is very strange. So, i insisted not to provide and they kept saying that my account is not verified and can't proceed to refund. WTH!!!! I decided to share and publish this experience because i do not want others being cheated too. Please do not sign up Aspen Holding!

PVS 11/27/2019

Reported and gotten my deposit back

I’ve tried withdrawal twice and it always ended up badly because the acct manager wanted to force me to invest and keep asking me why when i’ve told him I just wanted to get my money back. And they simply refused to process my withdrawal request and even hang up on me when i insisted that i want to withdraw.
After 1mth of very frustrating communication with them, i’ve decided enough is enough and call the credit card company to request for a credit charge back.
I’ve explained to the credit card company my situation and that i have make effort to lias with the merchant to get my money back. I’ve also told the credit card company to report speed solution (the merchant which aspen holding is using for credit card deposit) as fraud. they’ve told me they would try to put up a case and 2 days later, i’ve gotten my full 250usd deposit back.

I’ve been getting numerous calls from them daily from mon-fri since i’ve sign up. So i’ve put my phone on “do not disturb” mode and block numbers that appeared on my call log history more than once. Works fine for me since i wasn’t expecting any important phone calls and my main mode of communication are whatsapp.

So victims, please report to the credit card company that speed solution is a fraud and request for credit chargeback. Hopefully, the credit card company would do something if alot of people report the same merchant as fraud.

Coreen 11/11/2019

Hugh scam

Hey guys. Let´s do anything against them. Let´s do the class action!!!

Martina 10/03/2019

Aspen Watch Out

I have been scammed by Aspen and am still getting calls from their people. Well now I have my own people...

Every time they call I am going to use lots of trigger terms and phrases that will attract the attention of many of the scariest government agencies in the world. The ones that make the worst of the worst go in to hiding and never feel save. Your 'sales' people are going to be on every dark watch list out their.
We know who U R ....

George 09/30/2019

Harassment and Threatening Behaviour

Aspen Holdings somehow got hold of my phone number and today called me. When I made it clear I did not want to provide any information to them or trade with them the threatened to consistently call me every day until I deposited money with them and pass on my details to other associates who would do the same.

The person making the threats was very forceful, determined, and explicit in their threats making it very clear the I should do as they said if I am to avoid consistent harassment.

When getting a call from anyone you do not know do not provide any information at all to them about anything. Simple listen provide nothing. Do not even use clear words just umms and arhs. If you speak clearly do so with one goal to be vary explicit about how you do not trust them and do not believe they are trustworthy. Make it clear that you do not want them to ever call you again and that you consider the call harassment.
Do not be concerned about how this might offend them, it is simply the unvarnished truth. You have no reason to trust any unknown person or organisational that calls you including trusting the are who the claim to be.

I recorded the conversation (my phone is set to do this automatically with all calls I get) and uploaded it to various Australian government agencies intended to deal with this type of behaviour. I would suggest anyone else do the same so the these agency have as much hard evidence as possible to use if they ever get the opportunity to pursue legal action against them and their employees.

Frank 09/30/2019

How can I get my money back

Can anyone tell me how can I get my money back?
Please send email to me.

Kimmy 09/11/2019


This is definitely a Scam in paticular a broker calked Michael

Cheryl Cox 09/10/2019

After the payment, the contact is broken

Mogę tylko potwierdzić że to firma Aspen Holding to oszust, Przestrzegam wszystkich do kiedy nie wpłaciłem 250$ to dzwonili pisali meile. Po wpłacie kontakt się urwał nikt nie odpisuje na wiadomości nikt nie oddzwania, a konto jest nie aktywne i nie zostało zweryfikowane i nie mogę wykonać żadnej operacji na rynku ani wypłacić pozostałej kasy z depozytu a opłaty za tranzakcie są niesamowicie duże. PRZESTRZEGAM.

I can only confirm that the Aspen Holding company is a scammer, I adhere to everyone until I paid 250 $ they called meile. After the payment, the contact is broken, no one replies to the message, no call back, and the account is inactive and has not been verified and I can not perform any operation on the market or withdraw the remaining cash from the deposit, and the transit fees are extremely high. observance

Przemysław Kobeszko 08/30/2019

Aspen Holding - möchte ich mein geld zurück

ich habe bei der bank ASPEN Holding eine summe von 20000.00 Euro überwiesen.
Jetzt möchte ich mein geld zurück. aber die schicken es mir nicht zurück.
Was kann ich unternehmen.
Mit freundlichen grüssen

Translated by Google:

I transferred a sum of 20,000.00 euros to ASPEN Holding.
Now I want my money back. but they will not send it back to me.
What can I do?
With best regards

Peter Pan 08/29/2019


AspenHolding is a big scam , I invested 250 euro and after reading reviews i decided to take my money back but they do not let to do that even after verification process ,( i sent all signed documents and my passport ) one month since I cant get my money back .
If you know anyone who may help will be graceful for advice

Sandra 08/28/2019

Aspen holding still operating?

Why is aspen holding still operating where
as we know they are scammers

Winston Welile Lamani 08/23/2019


Can I get my money back from aspen holding,

Winston Welile Lamani 08/22/2019

Don’t deal with these sleazes

Lost 7550us in july 2019.Cant get them back, and will not hope. Today contacted jake copper from AspenHolding. Hi promised to get all sum to my bank account (7550us the sum which is generated in my AspenH account during ~month :DDD). Jake copper: 1) kindly asked to install AnyDesk software from ru server. When he get eye over my shoulder, he Ask me to buy bitscoin 3500us in order to trade but my credit card was over limit and he ask me what is my limit for the card ,then he reduced to amount to 2300us and transfer the the to aspen holdings account but my account only show 2100+us which I had deposited total of 2550us,it cost a lot of processing fee and he told me all my money are there .the next day he call me again and I told him I don’t want to trade and ask to send me back the money because I can’t withdraw from my account.he said he will help me to send me back my money and told, that in order to make money transfer, he needs ALL THE MONEY to be in one VISA account :DDD. Then Jake Copper asked to open another account in, he ask me to put my credit card name and nos for sending 2000us on bitscoin and ask again to put another 4000us In order to send back my 2000us but my credit card again over limit and he change to 3000us (total of 5000us)then where is of course required full verification (scan and send ID and other documents). Verification is the same as in AspenHolding account: siply send them all passport, personal ID, visa account data :DDD. But instead of sending me back my money he is buying the bitcoin and transfer my 5000us to aspen holdings account. Then 40min he call me again said he didn’t know why can’t send back my money so the money send to aspen holding account . The next day he call me again said my account need to be gold account and it need 10000us to be gold account in order to send back my money and ask me to deposit 3500us to make to 10000us so can send me back the 10000us, I ask him at first why you didn’t told me about that and he said he do this for all his customers .i told him if I put again 3500us all the proceedings fee will cost about 2000 and what is the point of putting 10000us to get but 10000us with the proceedings fee of 2000us , the he said now my account only 6350us and need to traders to get profits in order to reach 10000us do I said fine then traders ,he traded two accounts and was losing abit and he said he will call me on Monday but he didn’t call me , on Tuesday another guy name of Raywi call me said jake ask him to help me to trade do he ask me for AnyDesk and he said he add 10000us to my equity so can faster reach to 10000us , so he trade two accounts again and I saw one of the trade was -9800+losing and I ask him why losing 9000+ when just trade ? He told me that fine and on Thursday I will get my profits and will call me and transfer back my money. When I wake in the morning I saw my trade was close due to insufficient margin collateral funds,and all my money from my account was zero.i think he withdraw his 10000from equity . In the evening Jake call me and said he try to send me 6000us yesterday and was not successful and again he ask me to fill in my credit card for 6000us to send money to me but I saw was same as last time and was buying not sending , and he insisted me to fill in my card nos and said he was helping me to sending my moneys if not he will just leave and let me do myself .i know my card will decline if he want to purchase so I just put my card nos,and the transaction was unsuccessful , then he never give up but try 4500us for the transaction but still unsuccessfully. He ask me what is my card limit and i told him my card had no money ,but he don’t believe and ask me to login to my savings bank to let him see and I know my savings account also not money so I just login and let him see ,after seeing my account he still never give up still asking me to get my Wife card to do the transaction, I told him is impossible for my Wife to the transaction. Jake lost interest on me and he will leave and will not help me .D It is DANGER: i somehow beleve, that AFTER sesion with ANYDESK, scam boys now can manage to see my VISA balance. And their interest to keep all money in one account during "HELP+money regain form AspenHolding" mens, they can empty VISA account with some algoritms????? so BE CAREFUL!!!!! Don’t open account with aspen holding...

Kelvin 08/01/2019

Oszustwo Aspen Holding

Uwaga na oszusta

To jest rozbój w bialy dzień.Jak takich chujów ziemia nosi.

Aspen Holding to totalne oszustwo pracują tam chyba ludzie z KGB.Stracilem przez nich 250$

Translated by Google:

Beware of the cheater

This is a robbery in a white day. Like these, the land is worn.

Aspen Holding is a total fraud, I think people from KGB are working there. I lost $ 250 by them

Janusz 07/31/2019

Experience with Aspen Holding

I tried to open an account for trading of bitcoin with Aspen Holding on July 27 early morning. Upon input my phone number, immediately a male who spoke English with accent called me. He guided me through how to register with Aspen as a trader and urging me to deposit money into my account. I started with the minimum investment amount, i.e., USD250. I suspect it is a scam but the amount
is small so I just wanted to give it a trial.

Several hours later, I checked my account again. It shows that the balance is USD250. Nevertheless, on another page with details, it shows the balance is USD20. It shows there is a fee of USD30 but no indication why USD200 is deducted. All in all, the figures are shown in an ambiguous way.

I then tried to withdraw the balance. It kept on showing that the password is not correct but my long time password for other occasions. I decide that Aspen runs a scam.

Simon Tang 07/29/2019

Aspen is a scam

Same story as others, only I want to close my account down, and they won't let me, playing the "not verified" card, does anyone have any solutions?

A.J. 07/18/2019

Do not deal with these Sleazes

Aspen holding contacted me after I was enquiring about Bitcoin. I received a phone call explaining how this all works so I Registered and sent the documents required and a Deposit of $250US. I became suspicious when I did not receive any further notice. I had to email and ask what's next. A consultant would contact me today or tomorrow. Did not happen. After a few days I contacted the Support team by email asking what was going on. I then received a phone call from a Consultant asking about various Bank Accounts. Obviously checking to see if I would be a likely Candidate. A bit of pressure to Deposit more Money. He was going to contact me again in a few days. Never happened.

I contacted Customer Support asking for a refund. They then asked me for the same details I supplied when I registered. Sign a form of approval to Deposit the Money after they already had the Money and a Declaration which there was no need to sign as I was not going to deal with them.
All stalling tactics hoping I will go away


Colin Weller 07/18/2019

It's to good to be true

Is it normal to send picture of the passport and credit card?

Berndt Aakesson 07/17/2019

Avoid Aspen Holding!

Lost 250 Euro month ago. Cant get them back, and will not hope. Today contacted Mikhail Verkolskiy from AspenHolding. Hi promised to get all sum to my bank account (about 1800 euro, the sum which is generated in my AspenH account during ~month :DDD). Michail: 1) kindly asked to install AnyDesk software from ru server. When he get eye over my shoulder, he asked to connect to my band internet account. I've took preventive measures an left only few euro in my Visa account. But Michail saw the solid sum in ather not VISA account, and told, that in order to make money transfer, he needs ALL THE MONEY to be in one VISA account :DDD. Then Mikhail asked to open another account in, where is of course required full verification (scan and send ID and other documents). Verification is the same as in AspenHolding account: siply send them all passport, personal ID, visa account data :DDD. With Mikhail we agreed to proceed on my 250 euro return this evening. I hurried to withdrow all the money to another safe bank and Mikhail lost interest to help me :D It is DANGER: i somehow beleve, that AFTER sesion with ANYDESK, scam boys now can manage to see my VISA balance. And their interest to keep all money in one account during "HELP+money regain form AspenHolding" mens, they can empty VISA account with some algoritms????? so BE CAREFUL!!!!!

Darius 07/09/2019

Aspen Holdings and & Bitcoin Loophole

I was invest 750$ when I request to withdrawal the account manager not respond and ignore my calls,text,watssap,email
Anyone can help
I have do payment through wire less and I have all transaction copy

Sham 07/04/2019

Aspen Holdings - avoid!

This company is a scam. They will take your deposit and use hard sales tactics to get you to trust them and invest maximum money. They will never return your deposit and pretend your account is not verified should you are a withdrawal attempt. PLEASE AVOID THEM.
Names : Jenny Williams, account verification
Adam Cedrick Broker floor manager.
I suspect above names are fake.
They took the 250 $ from me into Russian rubles.
Don’t trust them at all and stay safe and use registered brokers. They are not regulated.

Meiraj H 07/04/2019

$6500 lost with Aspen holding since 07 June 2019

Please help me I have lost the above mentioned investment with this company.I was demanded to add more money,and like a fool I fell for this scam.Now I am bankrupt ,indepted.Anyone out there help me get my money back .Please reply on my email above.

Thabile Nxumalo 07/03/2019

Aspen Holding - Withdraw Money

Hi guys is there anyone can help me i'm trying to withdraw my money from aspen holding seems its really hard to contact them. how will i able to get it back.

anyone there that can help me please contact me through my email

Thanks very much


Sally Cruz 06/18/2019


Nigerian Scam.
Reason is on bank statement payment is made to Nigeria.

Neville Williams 06/14/2019
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