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Ashford Investments Review - is it scam or safe?

Ashford Investments Review - Is scam or safe binary options broker?

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Basic Information



Minimum deposit Min./ Max. bet size Payout % Platform Regulation
$250 $25 / $7,000 80% SpotOption No 


Ashford Investments is a binary options broker. They also offer the relatively new and somewhat strange hybrid between option and spot trading.

The Company. Security of Funds 



Company Country Regulation
Teres Media BG Limited Bulgaria N/A 



Ashford Investments is owned by Teres Media BG Limited, company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. That being said, they are not regulated by the local FSC, nor any appropriate agency. As far as we know the Bulgarian authorities do not oversee binary option providers.


Out of the more reputable agencies only CySEC does, although they may also drop this activity. To those of you who are unfamiliar with the financial services industry, this may sound like something with little importance, but this believe is far from the truth. Due to the very essence of the business (you give money to a broker, then trade and only later on see your money) there are a lot of scammers around. There are varying types of frauds, with the most basic one being – the company simply not allowing you to withdraw any funds.


The aforementioned Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has the authority to set a lot of rules for the companies it oversees. Two are the most important ones, when it comes to security. First of all, client funds are kept in  segregated accounts. This means there are certain procedures which must be followed when the broker interacts with a client’s funds – they can’t simply take your deposit and not offer anything in return. 


On top of that all CySEC-regulated companies are a part of the local investor compensation scheme. It is a system which functions similarly to an insurance company, which provides protection against broker bankruptcy. The coverage provided is limited to €20,000 per account.


Trading Conditions 


Trading Options: Binary (Call/Put), 60 seconds, Long term, One Touch, Ladder, Pairs,  FX/CFD*

Assets: Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Pairs, Crypto Currencies.


*The FX/CFD asset is a hybrid between binary options and spot fx trading. Here is a preview of how the trading panel looks:



One would determine the amount he is willing to risk, his leverage and his profit target. In our opinion this is a clunky version of trading, as most veterans like to view the charts, determine their stop-loss level visually and then select the appropriate trading size. The approach provided by Ashford Investments (as well as some other companies) appears to be backwards.  


Minimum Initial Deposit


The minimum deposit at Ashford Investments is $250. While this is the level required by a lot of binary brokers, it is a bit high, especially for beginners. For comparisson FinaCom-regulated Grand Capital, requires only $10 as an initial investment. 


Min. bet size


The minimum option size at Ashford Investments is $25. This is a relatively high level, which limits the risk management potential. A smaller bet size allows you to risk less per trade and limit the importance of variance (i.e. luck). Anybody can get a winning option (which is part of the appeal), but also even market experts get it wrong often. In order to succeed in the long-run, you must mange risk. Other brokers, like the aforementioned Grand Capital have set minimums as low as $1. Payout amountThe payouts for binary options vary, based on the chosen contract. That being said the average payout at Ashford Investments is 80%. This is below the current industry average, with some providers giving 86-87%. While this may not seem like a lot, it will add-up over time. 


Trading Platform 


Ashford Investments operates with theweb-based SpotOption platform. You may already be familiar with this piece of software, as a lot of binary brokers use it. Here is a snapshot of the “binary” mode (click to zoom-in):



Despite the plethora of available assets, this platform provides little in terms of analytical potential. As a comparison the industry-leading forex trading platform, MetaTrader4 (MT4) brings a lot more to the table. 


Methods of Payment 


Ashford Investments only accepts the more traditional methods of payment, which include Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card. The lack of e-wallet support is not a major problem, but some would have preferred depositing with Neteller or the like. 



Ashford Investments is a Bulgarian binary options provider. The company is not overseen by any regulatory agency. The service is provided via the popular SpotOption platform. That being said, the trading conditions at this broker are not impressive. The relatively high minimum deposit and option sieze requirements are not very attractive, especially for beginners. Here is a summary of Ashford Investments:  


Pros Cons
SpotOption platform Not regulated
  High minimum deposit and bet size
  Lower than average payout levels


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Traders` reviews for Ashford Investments

Ashford Investments: A rip off

I initially invested $500 in this company. A few minutes later I received a call from the UK stating that they had a really good deal for Gold shares if I invested $5000. I mentioned that I was possibly interested but not at the moment. Well Ashfords debited my CC for another $500 without my explicit approval and tried to debit a further $500 but fortunately my CC had a limit of $1500.

Well I tried to cancel the first two amounts but was told that it was impossible to cancel and I needed to invest another $4000 or I would lose all my money ($1000 total). After numerous phone calls from the UK over the next few nights asking for more money, which I refused to give, I found that I could not withdraw any amount.

I have not received any more phone calls.

I am now trying to get back the last $500 using the bank to do a "charge back". This is still being processed. Hopefully this will work, if so I'll try and get back the first $500.

Bob Milne 11/20/2017

you are a fruadster

You all at Ashford Investment will soon be in the hands of the law enforcement officer


Brian Foster 11/20/2017

Where is all my money

I was called and they told me to pay$250, which I did!! Unfortunately. Now is nothing happening. No! No answersr

Katarina Wesslén-Lindahl 10/30/2017

I have been cheated. How to get my money back?

I opened an account with Ashford depositin $250. I immdeiately got a call from a UK number and he itroduced me as senior account manager. He asked my interests and after so called 'analysis' he called me again convincing how my money will grow with Ashford if I deposit $ 2500. I, unfortunately agreed and when it came to actual deposition he made withdrawls of multiples of $ 2500 telling that it is the margin money to go for bigger trades. It was a big mental trauma after realizing what has actually happened with me. He trade 7-8 times in a span of 4 weeks and kept demanding more and more money which I could not arrange, fortunately due to other financial crisis. Now for last one and half month he is not responbding and I am not able to withdraw mmy money. How can I withdraw my money?

Salem 10/28/2017

Have I been scammed

This afternoon I directed to what I thought a British site but it tuned out to ne in Bulgaria and unregulated . I put $250 in as a deposit but when I looked more into ashford investments decided I didn't want to continue. When a man from the Ashford telephoned later for proof of ID I said I wanted my money returned but cut off. Will I get my money back or have I been scammed?

Forexbrokerz: You can file a chargeback with your credit card issuer.

Jacqueline Hicks 10/23/2017
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