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Ashford Investments Review - is it scam or safe?

Ashford Investments Review - Is scam or safe binary options broker?

RATING: 1 / 53 REVIEWS Ashford Investments
Ashford Investments is not regulated. We cannot guarantee your money is safe.

Basic Information



Minimum deposit Min./ Max. bet size Payout % Platform Regulation
$250 $25 / $7,000 80% SpotOption No 


Ashford Investments is a binary options broker. They also offer the relatively new and somewhat strange hybrid between option and spot trading.

The Company. Security of Funds 



Company Country Regulation
Teres Media BG Limited Bulgaria N/A 



Ashford Investments is owned by Teres Media BG Limited, company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. That being said, they are not regulated by the local FSC, nor any appropriate agency. As far as we know the Bulgarian authorities do not oversee binary option providers.


Out of the more reputable agencies only CySEC does, although they may also drop this activity. To those of you who are unfamiliar with the financial services industry, this may sound like something with little importance, but this believe is far from the truth. Due to the very essence of the business (you give money to a broker, then trade and only later on see your money) there are a lot of scammers around. There are varying types of frauds, with the most basic one being – the company simply not allowing you to withdraw any funds.


The aforementioned Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has the authority to set a lot of rules for the companies it oversees. Two are the most important ones, when it comes to security. First of all, client funds are kept in  segregated accounts. This means there are certain procedures which must be followed when the broker interacts with a client’s funds – they can’t simply take your deposit and not offer anything in return. 


On top of that all CySEC-regulated companies are a part of the local investor compensation scheme. It is a system which functions similarly to an insurance company, which provides protection against broker bankruptcy. The coverage provided is limited to €20,000 per account.


Trading Conditions 


Trading Options: Binary (Call/Put), 60 seconds, Long term, One Touch, Ladder, Pairs,  FX/CFD*

Assets: Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Pairs, Crypto Currencies.


*The FX/CFD asset is a hybrid between binary options and spot fx trading. Here is a preview of how the trading panel looks:



One would determine the amount he is willing to risk, his leverage and his profit target. In our opinion this is a clunky version of trading, as most veterans like to view the charts, determine their stop-loss level visually and then select the appropriate trading size. The approach provided by Ashford Investments (as well as some other companies) appears to be backwards.  


Minimum Initial Deposit


The minimum deposit at Ashford Investments is $250. While this is the level required by a lot of binary brokers, it is a bit high, especially for beginners. For comparisson FinaCom-regulated Grand Capital, requires only $10 as an initial investment. 


Min. bet size


The minimum option size at Ashford Investments is $25. This is a relatively high level, which limits the risk management potential. A smaller bet size allows you to risk less per trade and limit the importance of variance (i.e. luck). Anybody can get a winning option (which is part of the appeal), but also even market experts get it wrong often. In order to succeed in the long-run, you must mange risk. Other brokers, like the aforementioned Grand Capital have set minimums as low as $1. Payout amountThe payouts for binary options vary, based on the chosen contract. That being said the average payout at Ashford Investments is 80%. This is below the current industry average, with some providers giving 86-87%. While this may not seem like a lot, it will add-up over time. 


Trading Platform 


Ashford Investments operates with theweb-based SpotOption platform. You may already be familiar with this piece of software, as a lot of binary brokers use it. Here is a snapshot of the “binary” mode (click to zoom-in):



Despite the plethora of available assets, this platform provides little in terms of analytical potential. As a comparison the industry-leading forex trading platform, MetaTrader4 (MT4) brings a lot more to the table. 


Methods of Payment 


Ashford Investments only accepts the more traditional methods of payment, which include Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card. The lack of e-wallet support is not a major problem, but some would have preferred depositing with Neteller or the like. 



Ashford Investments is a Bulgarian binary options provider. The company is not overseen by any regulatory agency. The service is provided via the popular SpotOption platform. That being said, the trading conditions at this broker are not impressive. The relatively high minimum deposit and option sieze requirements are not very attractive, especially for beginners. Here is a summary of Ashford Investments:  


Pros Cons
SpotOption platform Not regulated
  High minimum deposit and bet size
  Lower than average payout levels


Latest news about Ashford Investments
No news about Ashford Investments. Check back later.
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Put in 250 Dollars

Got nothing back that was a year ago, so I lost that monte because of their advertising don't even know

How To Try And Get It Back?

Regards MURIEL MUSTARD South Africa

Muriel Mustard 01/08/2019

Ashford 100 % scam

let me tell you something they took 75k from and thereafter another 3k which i trade and won on the platfrom by trading legally NEVER BUT NEVER trade with them they absolutely a bunch of fucken idiots

steven Steyn 11/01/2018

Ashford Investments - Keine Auszahlung

Keine Auszahlung,
ich habe über 10800 € im Konto verzichte auf den Gewinn, verzichte auf Bonus, den ich nicht haben wollte, nur mein Geld zurück, Daten sind bekannt. Herr Hoffmann ist ungehalten und frech. Mir reichts,
ich gehe davon aus das, ich mein Geld zurückbekomme, Sonst muss man sich zusammen Überlegen über Facebook Twitter instagram und EU.-Recht diesen Leuten das leben schwer zu machen.

Transalted by Google:

No payment,
I have about 10800 € in the account waive the profit, waive bonus that I did not want, only my money back, data are known. Mr. Hoffmann is indignant and cheeky. I have enough,
I assume that I get my money back, otherwise you have to think together about Facebook Twitter instagram and EU law to make life difficult for these people.

Arnd Schomburg 09/13/2018

Won't give me my money back

Bunch of smooth-talking crooks. Get you to keep paying in more money in order to increase 'bonuses' from the company itself. When I realised that game and that their trading software isn't good enough I told them that I wanted to stop doing business with them and asked for my money (£2000) which is still with them. They refused, quoting their Terms & Conditions, which say that i have to 'earn' up to 20 times the amount invested before they'll 'consider' repayment. Every time I log in they demand more payment from me, although I am able to access the software. I'm tempted to blow the £2000 on silly trades and lose it to that, rather than let them get their grubby little hands on it.

Don't believe a word they say. Unregulated bunch of scammers.

Malcolm Wilson 08/17/2018


Are they legit or scam

Patricia khumalo 08/15/2018

Wont stop calling me

I was researching bitcoin online and came across an article about dragons den. I click on the hyperlink to bitcoin and was redirected to ashford investment. I registered my interest with my name, email address and number. I immediately got an email from a woman called Amber Scott who was apparently “account manager”. I instantly knew something was wrong by how quickly she emailed me upon me entering my email address, and by gown poorly written her email was. There was no professionalism at all. I ignored the email but then she started calling me on a private number that same day. I answered but didn’t speak. I hung up and I started receiving phone calls from Bulgaria and private numbers every single day since then. I also received another email from someone called Cristina Lipova, also saying the same things that Amber said in the email. I replied to her saying im not interested and asked them to stop contacting me. I got no reply and the calls kept coming in. I received another email from Almber Scott so I replied to her asking her to stop emailing me and calling me everyday. They still call me daily. I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to change my number.

Jessica 08/12/2018

waiting for my money

since I withdraw my money in may 2018 im still waiting can you please tell me what is the problem

lesiba 07/20/2018

Ashford investments is a scam

Over 2 months ago an agent from Ashford investments kept calling, eventually I risked my daughter's school fees to invest,till this day I am trying to get my money back, have sent emails after emails, last week they sent me an a form to fill in for withdrawal but now I realise it's just part of the game as they keep sending it back because it's incorrectly filled in but they are not explaining what's missing, I even went to my local bank whereby was helped to fill it in only to get yet another robotic email saying it's wrong, When I call I cannot be transferred to the appropriate person or department. These people need to be brought to book, I am a single unemployed mother what they are doing is evil, please help me!(I don't even know how much they supposedly transferring)

Thobile 07/13/2018


This company is a scam nothing else. Says money in holding account but can't get it
Everyone should know

Peter suckley 07/09/2018

Scam company

Dreadful company promising the earth, couldn’t get money back, couldn’t withdraw, really wish I had found this site first, I have tried blocking them, etc, have reported officially, they told me thy were any English company too, and have linked me to another rim who have taken over £1000 off my credit card. Please don’t touch them .

Gill 06/30/2018

Harassment is relentless

These scammers have been calling me up to 17 times per day. Changing the numbers constantly to avoid blocks. Nothing about this company is acceptable. Keep very clear. Don’t let them get your details. I have requested they stop emails and calls 5 times over 2weeks.

Matt 06/30/2018

Harrassed by this company

Despite not completing my application for this company, having read their reviews I have been called by them 20 times over a period of approximately a week asking why I didn't proceed which I explained in my first phone call. I also asked them to take my name off their lists and have tried blocking calls but they then ring from different numbers. Am extremely angry at their constant harrassment and when I asked to speak to a manager was told they weren't interested!!! What a dreadful company.

Amanda Clement 05/31/2018

I dont know

Hello everyone, ashford have reach me when I was readying about "1 pitcon a day" I open account after I have been pushed, since then I manage to work my account to be profitable, BUT, I have harassed by a guy call himself as "Michial" I even send email complaining about him.

after reading all comments I am really wearied how I can get my money!!! I will close the current trade and close my account.

Abed 05/26/2018

Account not working

Hello I have deposited money into the account,applied settings and,
I have tried to trade but it is not working.
i have also tried to to withdraw some funds and that option is not working also.
i have had a forceful salesman trying to make me invest more money and when I explained I need to see this account working properly before I look at investing more he got upset and was rude.
Can you help me please

Richard Hainsworth 05/19/2018


just got of the phone with a very pushy guy called Matthew Fisher calling from Malta he says. I mentioned I would like to look into the companies reviews.
he then send me their own reviews ad info and connected me with a guy who called himself the manager trying a very fake American accent
Although I was very polite to him he wanted to go over the info with me and I kindly said to let me do that in my own time. He then again mentioned there are only 5 spots left and I said well if that is it and it got lost, maybe it wasn't for me then. Then e yelled at me telling me a was full of s..t. Of course I hang up but it proves these are no professionals or honestly a bunch of crooks. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!

Charlene 05/06/2018

Thank you Guys

Thanks to this site, I just saved my $250. I was called immediately by a lady, upon signing up, and got asked few personal questions like, age, occupation, family etc. I was told that I sounded very young etc etc. I told the lady I would get my verification items together and then deposit while doing that. because, I had to put the kids to bed, but the woman was so pushy saying I could organise the verification later, but the deposit will only take like a minute. I was a bit cheesed off by the pushyness, But truthfully I had to go to put kids to bed as it was after 10pm.
Now that kids are snugged in bed, I thought to check this mob out, and ohmygosh. Thank you guys for this imformation on them and that my $250+ is safe in my own pocket. Now how do I stop the calls...7 missed calls already!!!

Sandi Sami 05/01/2018

It 1000% scam

I have my cousin he live in ukraine and he said for me once he work in company is called Ashford he explained for me how they do to get 250 euro or dollar from costumer and he said all who work there they use stage name and faulse identity almost of them students they work for this company for good salary so they call people from ukraine and they said they are from bulgary or something else it's same

Antare 04/17/2018

Ashford Investments wanted me to add at least £10K to make money

I only joined a few ago, what a very well bullish rude company. I started of with £250 well this was a bad mistake as got a phone call as to almost force you to go Bankrupt as wanted me to add at least £10K to make Money £10k well then i look at history of Company as they talked the talk and i feel for it. No i did not trade any more wanted my Money back well then get another phone call from all i can say is a fraudster.

This company should be struck off and hope more will spread the word ,do not invest in this Company as i look to lose my money.

Patrick Ward 04/15/2018

Ashford is Scam

They are the worst of the worst I made a deposit through FINTECH Binary Robot into ashford account. A Black man talked to me telling me he also stayed in South Africa. He kempt on talking around the fintech robot, I keep on asking him if he are going to activate the robot, he said yes but keep on talking about how to trade. The end of the storey he said that I would not be able to see the Robot and said that is how FINTECK and ashford is working. after more than 1 hours of stories from his side he said that FINTECH cant be trusted and he promised me that Ashford will make more money for me. I believed him and give the o/k. The moral of the story he lost my money there is about $80 left. At this moment I even cant lock into my account. Please stay away from these fraudsters you are going to loose your money.

Johan Ernst 04/13/2018

They have £33,500 of my money

I am with Ashford Investments and They have £33,500 of my money and I am not sure what they are doing with it. Their communications are not good and they do not seem to be customer orientated. When they ring by time I get to the phone they have gone. If I ring back their phone has some kind of scrambling device. I started with a broker by the name of Ethan Hendricks in December 2017, but by February 2018 he was gone. Michael Flores spoke to me after I asked for my money back he was very high pressure speaker and I believed him. so he assigned as a French lady named Megan Lake who I have only spoken to once. I last heard from MF two days ago and he did not come back to me. Am 78 and this money is my pension and am very worried about the credibility of these people. Can anyone help me please!

Brian E J Bridgman 03/14/2018

Ashford real criminals

I am 72 Years and still have the power of a 40 year old men. I am from South Africa. Someone talked to me from ashford he said that he come from south Africa and is a African(a black man) He is a real smooth talker I invested $250 through the Fintech Robot after about two hours of talking he said that I must stay away from Fintech I am just going to loose my money. At the end he did not activate the Fintech Robot with a lot of explaining he said that this is the way Ashford and Fintech is working and he will activate the Robot. The end of the story they are sitting with my money at the moment there is about $60 left. People like that should be wiped out if they were in south Africa this person who talk to me would have been dead already. Stay away from these PIGS

Johan Ernst 03/13/2018

I invested $750 now its around $598 only

I opened account with them since January we keep on trading win and lose.
I invested $750 now its around $598 only. Today I received call from another sales manager and talked to him more than 1 hour including my life story.
to shorten in the end he was asking $1000 for new contract he was asking and I didn't agree I said I blocked the two credit card I used for the investment coz next day I joined I saw reviews immediately blocked my cards but today they were asking for my debit card number. even I said its empty, they pushed me to get the number. I don't like to invest more I told them but he said he will call me again on my salary day.

luckily, banks here in Dubai are safe. if they will try to get money from my credit card I will receive OTP so they cannot proceed if they plan to steal.

I want to cancel my account but I don't know how.
By the way, they keep on putting $500 dollars on my account before to add in some investments and sign contract I was panic and asked them that I cannot pay what they give me they said no problem you wont pay anything win or lose.

Now its clear when you start to lose they will show you support and give you money to invest so in long relationship you will accept their offers but in the end you will not get anything.

dada 03/12/2018

Very bad

This company is very bad, do not deposit with them, everything they promise is a lie. Stay away from them, this is bloody Bulgarian bastards

sigi 03/07/2018

Is an Ashford investment a trustworthy company?

Is an Ashford investment a trustworthy company?

I invested in this company because it said that they have a UK office which I thought was great as there are many scam companies on the internet.

When I spoke to the agent he assured me that getting my money would not be a problem so I paid with my debit card over the phone two days later my card was used by some to pay parking fines and other things at this point I tried to withdraw my money that’s when I realized that this company is a scam they said I need to be varied before they can refund my money which I did but then realised that what the really wanted was my personal details.

They will give you many excuses why they can’t send your money

One called Andy said his son was in the hospital that’s why he can’t send my funds back. And watch out for this one they will say to you give me permission to invest in gold or oil and I will make you 2k if you agree to that they will come back to you and say the investments was lost.

So is Ashford investments safe to invest in NO THEY ARE NOT THEY HAVE BEEN SHUT DOWN IN THE UK




Before you invest in any company first check if they are legally registered


Ashford Investments 03/06/2018

Don't invest

I wanted to invest £250 but was talked into investing £1000 further having been promised an addional £1000 would be put in by the company as a bonus (I was told this was a free credit ) instead of this £2000 was taken from my credit card. I refused to sign authorisation for this but it was still taken. All the account manager wanted when he contacted me was more money which I refused. I am on basic pension and could not afford £2000 but nobody in the company is in the least bit concerned. I was so worried that more would be taken from my card I cancelled it. This worry made me quite ill as I could not eat with worry. All they seem to want is all your money. Keep away

Anna Hope 03/05/2018

Fraud! Roiteks = Ashford

Call me the phantom I can tell you one thing if you do business with Ashford you will surely see your behind. There is another Company called Roiteks. Roiteks is actually Ashford as well. Keep away from these people they are one off the worst Company on earth. I don't want to mention my name. If they were in my country I can promise you I would have closed them down by force. People like them turn good people like me into a vigalanty. Someday someone like me will take the law into their own hands and close companies like this completely down by force. One of these days someone will stand up to these people you can take my word for that. Be very careful most off them that work there is coming from South Africa and are Africans. Be carefull.

steve 03/03/2018

Mucked around continuously

I am disgusted in their work ethics and I have most likely fallen for a dangerous scam. I have been unjustly treated and have from the word go had no clear answers from them. I paid money and was shouted at for not continuing to send money. I have been trying for the last month to request money back only to be told that I will be dealt with and this has not happened.. I have had enough and it has been extremely stressful so I am contacting any forem I can to ensure no one else has this same kind of experience.....

Leeanne B 03/01/2018

Ashford Investments Fraud Company

I invested in this company because it said that they have a UK office which I thought was great as there are many scam companies on the internet.

When I spoke to the agent he assured me that getting my money would not be a problem so I paid with my debit card over the phone two days later my card was used by some to pay parking fines and other things at this point I tried to withdraw my money that’s when I realized that this company is a scam they said I need to be varied before they can refund my money which I did but then realised that what the really wanted was my personal details.

They will give you many excuses why they can’t send your money

One called Andy said his son was in the hospital that’s why he can’t send my funds back. And watch out for this one they will say to you give me permission to invest in gold or oil and I will make you 2k if you agree to that they will come back to you and say the investments was lost.

So is Ashford investments safe to invest in NO THEY ARE NOT THEY HAVE BEEN SHUT DOWN IN THE UK
Before you invest in any company first check if they are legally registered

Douglas 02/26/2018

2400 EUR scam

Ashford Investiment are scam do not do any trade or business with them. they just scammed me 2400 EURO

tosin 02/26/2018

100% scam

Ashford investments bezahlt meinen Gewinn nicht aus.Auch nach der Kündigung,wurde nur mein Account gesperrt.
Nur mit einer weiteren Einzahlung,könne ich wieder mit meinen 1155$ traden.
Was für Betrüger

Translated by Google:

Ashford Investments does not pay my profit. Even after the termination, only my account has been blocked.
Only with another deposit, I can trade again with my $ 1155.
What cheaters

Willy Sonderegger 02/19/2018


Do not use, am trying to get my deposits back

T 02/16/2018

Scam broker

Eine Auszahlung zu bekommen ist mega mühsam bei ashford investments.
Zum Glück habe ich nach viel Druck meine Investituon zurück.
Nun kämpfe ich meinen Gewinn zu bekommen.Habe gekündigt.Daraufhin wurde einfach mein account blockiert
Zwecks Untersuchung/ob alle CFD Regeln eingehalten wurden.
Was für eine idiotische Auskunft.
Ich rate allen
Finger weg von
Scam ashford investments.
Betrüger ohne Scham

Translated by Google:

Getting a payout is extremely cumbersome at ashford investments.
Luckily, after much pressure, I have my investment back.
Now I'm struggling to get my profit. Canceled. After that, my account was simply blocked
For investigation / compliance with all CFD rules.
What an idiotic information.
I advise everyone
Stay away from
Scam ashford investments.
Cheaters without shame

Willy Sonderegger 02/07/2018

Ashford Investment is a Scam! Complain

I have initially deposited $250, but from there onwards they said that it is less no one can trade with the amount and started to push me for more. I have spent all my savings and paid another $2200.To my surprise that as not sufficient. The broker would push me to my limits by saying invest more I can deliver an excellent service and he has 15 years of experience in the trading. He'd call and ask more money and more money and eventually when he learn I don't have sufficient to give him, He would push me to ask from my partner. Luckily my partner didn't trust his words and didn't invest for more. But I thought investment should be fun, but I felt such uneasy by the mourning of Max Jensen, who thinks he is the Senior Account Manager with an excellent background in trading. It took me one week but that was hell. My life turned into a hell by the force of his tone and asking for more money. Is there any organisation out there who can do something against this company?

Shokhista 01/30/2018


Ich habe auch anfangs $ 250 eingezahlt.
Danach wurde es immer mehr.
Innerhalb eines Monats habe ich mein gesamtes Ersparnis in das Unternehmen reingesteckt. 4250,00 USD = 3635,06 Euro inkl. 1,25% Auslandseinsatz.
Ich dachte" naja das ist ein seriöses Unternehmen" leider kam was ganz anderes raus.
Die ganze Zeit habe ich gehandelt und Mein Handelskonto wurde immer mehr ( Gewinn )

Im nächsten Monat wurde ich wieder eingewickelt mit einem Vertrag . Ich sollte weitere 4000,00 USD bezahlen um in diese Vertrag reinzukommen ( Monatliche Auszahlung 5000,00 Euro ) darauf hin habe ich gesagt, dass ich keine 4000,00 USD bezahlen kann und habe das Formular nicht Unterschrieben. „ FORMULAR ERKLÄRUNG DER EINZAHLUNG
„ Hinweis Dieses Formular dient nur vorangegangene Einzahlung.Es handelt sich nicht um eine Vollmacht für weitere Transaktionen, außer denen, die unten aufgeführt sind.

"Ich habe meine Karte sperren lassen und dachte: Ok jetzt können die kein Geld von mir bekommen" es ist leider ganz anders gekommen.

Ashford Investments hat einfach ohne Meine Erlaubnis 4000,00 USD umgerechnet ca. 3079,00 Euro von der VISA Karte abgehoben.

Ich habe es Meine Bank gleich gemeldet.

Translated by Google:

I also paid $ 250 initially.
After that it became more and more.
Within a month, I put all of my savings into the company. 4250.00 USD = 3635.06 Euro incl. 1.25% foreign assignment.
I thought "well that's a serious company" unfortunately something else came out.
All the time I have been trading and my trading account has been getting more and more (profit)

The next month, I was wrapped up again with a contract. I should pay another 4000.00 USD to get into this contract (Monthly payout 5000,00 Euro) I said that I can not pay 4000.00 USD and I did not sign the form. "FORM DECLARATION OF DEPOSIT
"Note This form is for advanced deposit only. It is not a proxy for any further transactions except those listed below.

"I had my card blocked and thought: Ok, now they can not get any money from me", unfortunately, it has turned out quite differently.

Ashford Investments has simply withdrawn $ 4,000.00 from the VISA card without our permission.

I immediately reported it to my bank.

Oliver 01/30/2018

Scamm!!! Just stole US1000 from me

Scam. Just stole US1000 from me and cannot provide answers as to where the money is. Lying about everything and robots take care of their "communications"STAY AWAY!!!

Johann Eybers 01/29/2018

nearly got ripped off........!!!!!!!

saw an advert about bitcoin-mine on facebook.. started reading about it and got interested.. entered my details and instantly got a call from a lady CHRISTINA.. she kept hackling about how good this it is etc and I said, I have lost money before and not interested.. she then put her manager ADRINA on phone and was she a hustler .... GOD... kept asking for $250 and in the end, i was called in.. but she is like no just put this money and u can go.. I ended up disconnecting her call. and guess what SHE KEPT CALLING AGAIN AND AGAIN (even though I wasn't answering).. in the end I just put the number on reject call list .. for others I was getting call from this number 0097365009257... thanks GOD I did a bit of research and realised was about to get scammed.. stay away

ali 01/25/2018

pushy, unprofessional and dishonest

I registered and got a call from a very pushy seller called Jow Robinson. My gut feeling was bad. Started to read about them. The seller kept calling and when I said that I won't do business with them he just hung up.

This is a very unprofessional approach and the only thing they succeeded with is to make me review them negativly without actually depositing any money.

Jonathan 01/24/2018

Rude and harassing

Got a call from Jack Smith at Ashford investments, told him id talk it through with my husband and get in touch if we wanted to proceed. Jack Smith kept phoning everyday even though i said i would call them.
Told him that It wasn't right for us at the time but he just ignored me and went on to say how great it was etc, I said a further four times it wasn't right for us but he wouldn't listen. I told him to leave me alone them he got very rude saying you haven't even got £170 in your bank, you must be so ashamed. Your ashamed of your financial situation! and then he hung up. I was absolutely disgusted by his comments. I have sent several emails to them asking them to call me back (as they do not answer the phone if you call them) as I want to complain about the little turd of an employee they have there who goes by the name of Jack Smith.

Avoid avoid avoid, do not sign up to this company as they just harass you. Do not give them any money. I suspect it is a complete scam.

Annonymous 01/24/2018

Avoid like the plague!

They will take your initial deposit and nothing will appear on your investment account balance. Once they get that initial deposit from you after hassling you for it, that's it.
Start a charge back claim at your bank. Cancel you debit or credit card you used and get it replaced.

Be more careful next time!

A Benz 01/23/2018

Betrüger ashford investments

Finger weg.Dein Geld ist weg,sobald du mit a.i. zu tun hast.
Auszahlungen sind nicht möglich.
Versprochen wird das blaue vom Himmel.
Kriminelle Broker wie diese gehören ins Gefängnis
Hoffentlich kann die jemand stoppen,diese elenden

Translated by Google:

Stay away. Your money is gone as soon as you start using a.i. have to do.
Payouts are not possible.
The blue is promised from the sky.
Criminal brokers like these are in jail
Hopefully someone can stop these miserable ones

Willy Sonderegger 01/05/2018

Auszahlung seit 1Mt. angefordert/warte immer noch

Ich denke ashford investments ist eine kriminelle Gesellschaft.
Ich habe ein Guthaben von 6451$.
Angeblich brauche eine Einwilligung der Auszahlung 7Tg + 7Tg bis Auszahlung auf Konto sichtbar sei.
Ich wäre erstaunt,wenn Zahlung wirklich kommt.
Diese Leute gehören ins Gefängnis.

Translated by Google:

I think ashford investments is a criminal society.
I have a credit of $ 6451.
Supposedly, consent to payout 7Tg + 7Tg is required until payout on account is visible.
I would be surprised if payment really comes.
These people belong to prison.

Willy Sonderegger 01/04/2018

Taking money without authority

I paid a deposit to this company and later paid a further swum. I then wrote and told them I did not wish to proceed. I blocked my credit card a week ago with the Bank, who should not have paid it

ON Checking my credit card today they have taken about $1,500 thus taking me over my limit. I await hearing from Ashford Investments but am not holding my breath

Also want to know why bank let it go when I had asked Bank to block my card

Barbara Carter 12/27/2017

Scam for sure

Stay FAR away from this site, I was just poking around, thank god I held my card away... Coz the next day an indian asshole woke me up and said: "why u not investin!?"

It's because of pigs like this ppl loose hope for bitcoin.
I want them placed in a darkhole and fed through tube, cuz they don't deserve more.

Fraud Henriksen 12/24/2017

Registration fund

Please I'm still waiting what happen now, after I deposit my fund to Ashford investment. I'm scared now look like I made a fool of myself , paying something wasn't legal. I spoke to Mark LingArd. I need a respond please.

Faigasuega Mataia 12/18/2017


I invested £250 and they said they didn’t receive it although my bank said it had gone far cant get any refund left it with my bank to sort out

Richard Vanstien 12/16/2017


Ashford investments are fraudsters and an absolute scam. Keep away from them

Edy feroza 12/16/2017

Auszahlungen falls möglich ist mühsam

Habe Bitcoin verkauft und warte auf Auszahlung seit gestern abend.
Sehr unseriös bis Mafia.
Sind unreguliert und heben von deinem Konto Geld ab,wenn du nicht exrem aufpasst.
Diese Broker gehören ins Gefängnis.

Translated by Google:

Bitcoin sold and waiting for payout since last night.
Very dubious to mafia.
Are unregulated and withdraw money from your account if you are not paying attention exrem.
These brokers are in jail.

Willy Sonderegger 12/15/2017

I just signed up yesterday

I just signed up yesterday with $350 Aus but nobody will
Tell me anything about Ashfordinvestments or how it works
they keep telling me they will ring me but never do I think
I have lost my money

Lewis weir 12/06/2017

Ashford Investments: A rip off

I initially invested $500 in this company. A few minutes later I received a call from the UK stating that they had a really good deal for Gold shares if I invested $5000. I mentioned that I was possibly interested but not at the moment. Well Ashfords debited my CC for another $500 without my explicit approval and tried to debit a further $500 but fortunately my CC had a limit of $1500.

Well I tried to cancel the first two amounts but was told that it was impossible to cancel and I needed to invest another $4000 or I would lose all my money ($1000 total). After numerous phone calls from the UK over the next few nights asking for more money, which I refused to give, I found that I could not withdraw any amount.

I have not received any more phone calls.

I am now trying to get back the last $500 using the bank to do a "charge back". This is still being processed. Hopefully this will work, if so I'll try and get back the first $500.

Bob Milne 11/20/2017

you are a fruadster

You all at Ashford Investment will soon be in the hands of the law enforcement officer


Brian Foster 11/20/2017

Where is all my money

I was called and they told me to pay$250, which I did!! Unfortunately. Now is nothing happening. No! No answersr

Katarina Wesslén-Lindahl 10/30/2017

I have been cheated. How to get my money back?

I opened an account with Ashford depositin $250. I immdeiately got a call from a UK number and he itroduced me as senior account manager. He asked my interests and after so called 'analysis' he called me again convincing how my money will grow with Ashford if I deposit $ 2500. I, unfortunately agreed and when it came to actual deposition he made withdrawls of multiples of $ 2500 telling that it is the margin money to go for bigger trades. It was a big mental trauma after realizing what has actually happened with me. He trade 7-8 times in a span of 4 weeks and kept demanding more and more money which I could not arrange, fortunately due to other financial crisis. Now for last one and half month he is not responbding and I am not able to withdraw mmy money. How can I withdraw my money?

Salem 10/28/2017

Have I been scammed

This afternoon I directed to what I thought a British site but it tuned out to ne in Bulgaria and unregulated . I put $250 in as a deposit but when I looked more into ashford investments decided I didn't want to continue. When a man from the Ashford telephoned later for proof of ID I said I wanted my money returned but cut off. Will I get my money back or have I been scammed?

Forexbrokerz: You can file a chargeback with your credit card issuer.

Jacqueline Hicks 10/23/2017
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