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Alpari Alpari Review

Alpari Forex Review | Alpari Metatrader Broker | forex trading

RATING: 3 / 49 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Alpari


Headquarters:  201 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 3AB 

Country: United Kingdom

Regulated by: FCA (UK)

Micro Account:

minimum deposit: $200

minimum lot size: 1k (micro lot)

max leverage: 1:500


Classic Account:

minimum deposit: $200

minimum lot size: 10k (mini lot)

max leverage: 1:500


Pro Account:

minimum deposit: $10,000

minimum lot size: 100k (lot) 

max leverage: 1:100


MT5 Account:

minimum deposit: $200

minimum lot size: 1k (micro lot)

max leverage: 1:500


Spread Betting Account:

minimum deposit: £250

minimum lot size: 10k (mini lot)

max leverage: 1:500



Variable, from 1.2 pip



Bank Wire, Credit card,  Cheque 





Signal Providers:




What we think about Alpari

Alpari UK is the British subsidiary of the global forex and CFD broker Alpari. The daily trading volumes of Alpari UK are reported to reach an average of $9.4 billion, and over 200,000 registered accounts. 

Globally, Alpari is regulated by a number of authorities: BaFin (Germany), FSA (Japan), Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Japan), CFTC (USA), NFA (USA), FRA (Russia), and CySEC (Cyprus). Alpari UK falls under the jurisdiction of FSA (UK). 
Customer money is kept in segregated accounts, and along with that the broker offers client asset protection under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) – so there is little chance you would lose any money if Alpari UK goes broke. 
What may get you, though, is the slippage – the average negative price correction observed with the broker is 1.66 pips which is a bit too high. What's more, the typical spreads are ok – 1.6 pips on EUR/USD – but widen significantly depending on market behavior. 
A silver lining is that the broker supports an automated risk management system designed to protect your account balance in case it turns to a zero or negative balance.
In terms of trading strategies, Alpari UK is pretty liberal: scalping, hedging and Expert Advisors use are all allowed without a restriction.  
For newbies, Alpari has a somewhat comprehensive educational section with a glossary and video tutorials, and more advanced traders can take advantage of a number of tools, such as the Autochartist pattern recognition program, Trading Central (a technical analysis software), etc. 
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Traders` reviews for Alpari


Variable spreads: 

Typical spreads:  EUR/USD - 1.6 | GBP/USD - 3 | USD/CHF - 4 | USD/JPY - 3



Low spreads

Spreads widen during news only

No commissions 

Spreads widen during news 







No slippage under normal market conditions 

Slippage during fundamental news releases 




No requotes under normal market conditions 

Some requotes during fundamental news releases 

Price feed



No price manipulation 

No spikes

No stop hunting







Metatrader 4.0

Very intuitive and easy to handle

Decent charts


Custom indicators

Mobile ready 

Trailing stop is server based

No Web Platform








Bank Wire


Bank Wire

Customer service



Friendly customer service reps

If you loose money due to Alpari's misquote/ spike, they will refund our account 


E - mail 

No Live Chat







Decent spreads

Metatrader 4.0 


No requotes

Spreads widen during news

Slippage during news 



I changed my Broker

Yes, after having a bad trading experience with this broker i shifted my trading to FxGrow who are based in Cyprus and are a Reliable ECN Forex Brokers.

All i can say is that if you want a Good and Reliable Broker then FxGrow is the Answer.


Max Weber

Hennen, Nordrhein-Westfalen Germany

Max Weber 11/13/2015

Very suspicious activity on some trades -

Very suspicious activity on some trades - I gather the info together from other sites to compare what this broker are doing and it's all very odd. Would not recommend if you have strategies to employ.

LIMAFX 09/11/2014

Not for me

Alpari is a massive broker, but I cant trade there. My scalping EA is too agressive for them, they cant handle it. Instead, I use IV Brokers

Ben 09/10/2014

Account type

The decision of which type of account to open will most likely depend on the amount of capital you have to invest. Most brokerages offer two main account types: a "Micro" ($100-$200 minimum deposit) and a "Classic" account ($500-$2,000 minimum deposit). Micro accounts are best suited to new or amateur traders looking to gain market experience and confidence with a smaller investment, and offer higher leverage, which you’ll need in order to make money with such a small amount of initial capital. "Classic" account holders can expect to enjoy a wider variety of leverage options, but will have to invest a greater sum of money for the privilege. Although not as commonly advertised, many brokers provide a premium service for large investors (perhaps $100,000 - $250,000+), including additional VIP services, such as a dedicated fund manager and tailor made conditions.

Common to nearly all online brokers is the offer of a demo account, which allows users to get a feel for the software and gain trading experience without the risk of market exposure. Such simulations are undoubtedly beneficial to potential clients wishing to test the waters, but caveat emptor: they are not always representative of real-market, real-platform conditions, despite claims of full functionality. Do not be afraid to question a brokerage on this matter - an honest, reliable broker will admit the downfalls of a demo account. Alpari UK always has.

X_Dave 03/15/2014


Unless you intend to invest a six-figure sum of capital, the use of leverage will be essential in order to make decent profits in forex. Generally speaking, the sum of money made during a successful trade amounts to just fractions of a single cent per unit, so if you are buying lots worth just a few thousand dollars or less, your profits will be minimal. This is where leverage comes into play: in effect by "borrowing" your broker's funds temporarily you will be able to make larger trades, which, if all goes according to plan, will lead to larger profits. Obviously, this practice involves an inherent risk: if the market takes a turn for the worse you risk losing a substantial sum of money, depending on the amount of leverage taken. For this reason it is advisable to do some further reading on leverage and margins prior to using leverage, so that you are fully informed before exposing yourself to the open market. Under normal market conditions, some common currency pairs are generally less volatile, and may warrant a higher level of risk taking, while more exotic currencies may not be predictable enough and traders would be advised to use less leverage when getting involved with such pairs. Micro and Classic accounts at Alpari UK provide the highest levels of leverage up to x 500!

Jinaye Herr 03/10/2014

do your research!!

There are numerous factors to consider before choosing the right online forex broker, all of which should be researched to ensure that your trading account and broker will allow you to get the most from your investment. You must be aware that some brokers do not have your best interests at heart, but do not despair, as there are many reputable and reliable companies eager and capable of providing a professional service. As part of your research, be sure to visit the many online trader forums, where you can discuss any of the issues raised in this article with other traders, many of whom will already have been through the process of choosing a broker and will be able to advise you from their own experiences.

In case any of you are wondering, I have been using a Pro account at Alpari for the last four years. They continue to be my favourite broker. The few times that I have issues, which you will encounter with ANY retail broker, I get an extremely fast and thorough response and resolution. Absolutely impeccable.


ryan Maltese 03/08/2014

Great Customer Service

The foreign currency market can move at a fast pace and will often require you to make quick decisions and executions, regardless of where you happen to be.
Depending on your level and frequency of trading as well as travel habits, it may not be wise to choose a brokerage that offers a good stable platform.
MetaTrader 4 has stood the test of time in comparison to the newer web-based platforms that often crash due to java error, plus you can get an app which will enables you to trade from any location worldwide.

Matt 03/07/2014

Regulated Broker

As the online Forex trading market becomes increasingly saturated and the choice of brokers becomes wider, the decision of which broker to run with becomes increasingly important for the trader. Although the majority of brokers provide the same basic trading platform, there can be a vast difference in what they offer their clients, both in terms of trading conditions as well as customer support. By simply visiting a company's homepage it may be hard to separate the second-rate firms from the professionals, therefore I’ve gone for a regulated broker with a good reputation.

becky 03/06/2014

During the news crazy spreads otherwise everything else is o.k

I trade on Alpari MT5 ECN account, i got over 15pip spread during the news once, that completely destroyed my position. Shocked as this is meant to be an ECN account. On normal market conditions I have nothing against them, good broker.. But spreads are rubbish at news, impossible to make any gain.

Dennis 12/04/2012

Alpari UK uses Virtual Dealer Plugin to trade against you without doubt!!!

Run! Run! Run! Alpari UK is not any better than a bucket shop.

Requotes, frequent slippages, server busy and all the shit are norms to them, just to rip you off. You can lose but not win.

When I first started trading with them, I lost and slippages and requotes were not frequent, but the very moment I started winning by scalping consecutively for several days, all hell broke loose!

They denied playing dirty and gave lots of silly and stupid excuses at first, but when I challenged them to declare officially on the FPA forum that Alpari UK never uses VDP or any similar system in place to counter trade against traders, they chickened out and simply kept mom until today.

Order can even disappear into thin air, and they couldn't give me an explanation until today, and refused to compensate me at all.

Frankly, Aplari UK are heartless robbers, thieves, cheats and overly evil scammers!!!

If the majority of reviewers here gave them the thumbs down, you can safely discount those who gave them thumbs up here, They are Alpari UK's own cronies or their own insider people faking as satisfied traders with Alpari!

I have video clips as valid proofs of their unscrupulous scams tactics.

Links to my detail report and the corresponding video clips are below showing how Alpari UK uses MT4 VDP (or similar type of Virtual Dealer software) to rip you and me:

Good luck!

Charis 11/05/2012


I've micro and classic accounts. On both they do re-quotes. Once the market is violence, you can't send any proper trade, forget it! They simply refuse to trade with the market quotes.

Rafal 09/13/2012

Worst broker ever!

Slow execution, HORRIBLE slippage and customer service is rubbish.
I've >50k yearly turnover account and they make the problems with withdrawal of only 500! It takes weeks. They ask me about why I want to withdraw my own money? I've provided for them plenty of documents and they still ask me for another bunch of some "documents". They're trying to force you trade and lose your money! JUST RUN!!!

Rafal 09/13/2012

Alpari is a very good choice for small retailer

I like this broker a lot. Their customer support is always helpful and the trading conditions are great for small retailers.

kevin s. peters 06/25/2012

Alpari is so far a very good broker

Started trading with Alpari a few months ago, so far nothing to complain about.
Execute speed: super quick on MT5;
Support: efficient and always available during office hours;
Deposits: no fees on credit card deposits of over $3K;
Withdrawals: I got charged some significant fees by my bank but nothing to do there;
MT5 charting: again, no complaints.

james 05/27/2012

I recommend Alpari UK

I have been trading with Alpari UK for a few years now. My overall experience is that they are an honest and professional broker that is well worth dealing with. Thumbs up!

Lucy 05/21/2012

Alpari UK: super fast withdrawals, great chat support

I have been trading with Alpari for about a year and they have always been nothing but impeccable. Fast and competent chat support (you don’t even have to give them your account info, just ask them a question and they answer right away), and my withdrawals are always mega-quick.

Coleen Watson 04/05/2012

Alpari charges to send you back your money

My beef with Alpari UK is twofold.

1. After a length e mail exchange I deduced that this company charges spread on both ends of the same transaction. Meaning if you a buy a pair and later sell it. Spread is made by Alpari UK twice. For this I posted an extensive file in the Scams folder. This is titled "Spreads and Alpari UK"

2. Their extremely high and unnecessary charges to send you back your money.

Ernest 09/21/2011

Alapri UK is a scam. HORRIBLE slippage!

Here are the Alpari's disadvantages:

(1) Slow execution
(2) Slippage on entry, slippage on stop loss. HORRIBLE slippage. Each trade you lose two pips, this is a lot over time.
(3) Customer service is basically not there. Troubles depositing, withdrawing money. The trouble is that it is slow. I wait up to two weeks for deposit/withdrawal to apprea.


Lotta 09/13/2011

Alpari told me the order execution could take 15 seconds and more

I have been using Alpari UK with a mini acc. for about 2 years and traded profitable with them. Withdrawal was never a problem.

Sometimes I recognized a slow order execution, but not as bad as now and definitely their reply to my inquiry was an eye opener. They told me the order execution could take 15 seconds and more, while the Metatrader Software would reject my order after 5 seconds. That means your order get rejected and rejected again 5 or more times and you get a very bad order entry then if at all. Exactly that happened to me at least twice in the last 4 weeks.

Alpari obviously is more engaged in promotions (look at their website) than to deliver a reliable order execution.

If 5 pips more or less in quiet markets is not your problem, you can use it, but if you believe you can count on their 1.6 pips eurusd spread without any huge requotes, forget about using this broken broker! If you have a scalping strategy, forget about it as well!

Alpari Joe 09/06/2011

Alpari UK: High slippage during news

I am considering leaving Alpari UK because of their high slippage during news release.

They are dangerous to use during the news period.i cannot risk high lot size for now until I noticed an improvement and i will come back here and post please it. Help if u know a broker with very little or no slippage during the news.

Lauren 09/05/2011

Alpari uk is the leader of all brokers

I av been trading live with alpari uk for over 4years now. sincerely, I dont have any negative complain about them, I only wish that their costumer sevice support will improve. My fx adventure has taken me around so many brokers but Alpari is the best amongst them all.

Deposit, withdrawal, stop loss, take profit. Alpari uk is the leader of all brokers. Dont be fooled by negative comment that are somethings the doing of traders.

Come to ALPARI UK and experience PEACE IN TRADING.

Sokari 09/03/2011

Alpari's requotes are unbelieveble

I'm trading with Alpari UK for 3 months now.

Spreads are OK,even during high market impact news they stay quite thight.

However requotes are unbelieveble, I'm requoted on every trade I try do make.

I have the intention to move my account to another broker in near future.

Moris 08/22/2011

MT4 EA automated trading with Alpari UK

If you are looking for serious forex trading broker Alpari UK is in the top-ten.

I profit on regularly basis since two years and I have no problems at all. I trade on daily and hourly charts with an automated trading MT4 EA, designed to trade on a medium-size forex account. Yes, I have a few requotes in high volatility market, but under normal market conditions I get instant execution and reasonable spreads.

Alpari UK is not for gamblers that wants only to play with their $100 and waste their time.

Dobro 08/01/2011

Alpari UK scam: I just tried to close EURUSD position for 5 times

I just tried to close a long EURUSD position for 5 times and could not do that - the result I got is Stop Loss: -50 pips on my account.

Even whenever on demo account price is going to fill your take profit order spread shoots up like a rocket. For example spread goes up from 3.4 to 18.

MitoM 07/19/2011

Running very profitable EA on Alpari Micro account

I have been trading with Alpari for some time now. All went well except some requotes that are normal for broker, but lately I have been running very profitable EA on Micro account and suddenly as account balance grew I started getting many requotes! I have send inquiry about this to my account rep and waiting for reply.

I suspect Alpari is using Virtual Dealer Plug-in or some other means to interfere. I believe most MT4 brokers leave client orders on their own books and therefore any client making consistent profits will eat into broker profits, and thus becomes "unwanted" client.

Do not support these crooks and open account with ECN intermediary! Especially if you belong to the 5% minority of retail traders who make consistent profits!!

Luke 06/06/2011

I suspect Alpari is using Virtual Dealer Plug-in

have been trading with Alpari for some time now. All went well except some requotes that are normal for broker, but lately I have been running very profitable EA and suddenly as account balance grew started getting many requotes! I have send inquiry about this to my account rep and waiting for reply.

I suspect Alpari is using Virtual Dealer Plug-in or some other means to interfere. I believe most MT4 brokers leave client orders on their own books and therefore any client making consistent profits will eat into broker profits, and thus becomes \"unwanted\" client.

Do not support these crooks and open account with ECN intermediary! Especially if you belong to the 5% minority of retail traders who make consistent profits!!

Alapri Client 06/05/2011

Whenever I try to trade news with Alpari I got re-quote

whenever I try to trade news i got re-quote re-quote and re-quote. till it over especially when they know it will favour you ALPARI IS EVIL

STELLA 02/11/2011

Alpari close all positions in minus without any notice

last week i requested for found withdrawal around 40$ of total equity after they did that i had a couple positions opened with a very low margin, then i was not able to open any position (not enough money) and after they close all positions in minus with out any notice(i did not even come close to the margin call) and till now i am not able to open a trade, it has been more than 1 week and they are still investigating?!!!!

dani 02/06/2011

Alpari MT4 freezes, I get re-quotes, even off-quotes

I traded - or better: I tried trading - with alpari live.

I could not close profitable trades, I very often get re-quotes, even off-quotes (all during normal traffic times!).

The MT4 freezes always when I'm profitable, and when I finally get back into trade after re-open the program agan and again, it was profitable no more.

Don't give it a try - it's useless.

creatifx 02/03/2011

Alpari: Good customer service,fast withdrawlas

Very very good broker.

Good customer service,fast withdrawals I am having live classic account with this broker from 6 months i am satisfied with this broker services.

Only drawback is requotes.

Aktharpasha, 10/23/2010

Alpari server down

I have experience server down while I am still trading & after I downloaded a new platform, I couldn't open my login, password failed & it took days days to recover my password due to bad + slow
customer service & I had lost all my money because I couldn't cut loss.

HS Bong, 07/21/2010

Alpari: 10,2 pips spread on EURUSD for hours

Hi, all.

SPREADS from 1.6pips to 10,2 pips EURUSD
WHAT 10,2 pips?
YEAH, 10,2 pips at certain hours for hours.

I'll post the screen shoot next week.

Bernard, Indonesia 07/08/2010

Alpari: no slippage and reliable service for swing traders

Swing trading with mini and micro lots no problem, no slippage, good platform speeds and reliable service.

Intraday 15min and under and platform starts to pause, plenty of re-quotes even when you set maximum allowed slippage upto 2pips! Platform disconnections, very suspicious considering the performance for longer time frames.

As already said customer service is good and responses and transfers good as well. For accounts under $5k it's a reasonable choice but don't expect to be competitive on intraday.

Sam, 100forexbrokers 06/23/2010

Incessant reqoutes with Alpari

I started trading with Alpari after the initial training since March 2010.

I've had no reason to regret doing business with alpari,but for the incessant reqoutes even at that, i still rate them high ,i also rate them high on customer relations.


AJAYI K LAWRENCE, 06/19/2010

Scalping with Alpari: Delayed execution and Terminal busy message

I had two demo accounts with Alpari Uk. One was a scalper EA amd the other a manual trader.

Surprisingly the scalper did fairly well at first, until it started doing really well, at which point trades were delayed,not closed at their TP and it began to lose money.

The manual trader was always coming up against a 'terminal busy' signal at critical moments, always losing money. Both accounts were bounced by Alpari regulary without warning and without a rescan or re-log on.

Something stinks here. Needless to say I have not opened a live account with this company.

JJ Bosh 03/18/2010

Alpari is a good place for EA forex trading

I have been trading with Alpari for close to two years now...I agree that during news period and the attendant volatility, several re-quotes are offered. To overcome this, i usually place pending buy/sell orders and this completely solved it...all my orders where honored. Also it is a good place for EAs. Order execution are excellent and in accordance with forward testing with my strategy tester. Also a good VPS providing services should not be overlooked; I use at $18 per month, which is one of the cheapest in the business and their services - excellent.

SnappyNap 01/04/2010

Alpari works fine to me, but I dislike the requotes

well I'm with alpari for the past 3 months.. probably im still new but alpari work fine to me...for now.. =)

but there r indeed 2 things that i dislike about it..

1. YES.. Re-quotes.. it drives me crazy sometime..

2. Their customer service sometimes seem to be very confused. My story- I deposit roughly around usd550 and they sent me a mail stating a lesser amount it already been deposit into my account. But when i check my account on my statement it was really usd550 deposited.. LOL

other than that everything seems fine atm..

evoangel, 11/06/2009

Re-quotes are very common with Alpari

I am using this broker live for the last 6 weeks as I live in the UK.
I do not have any experience of other brokers but Alpari for me are not good.

Re quotes are very common and at times when there is no news and liquidity should be good and the price is not moving fast.
Invalid price quotes so you cannot close a trade when you want to.
Platform freezing and just this week a spread of 30 pips on the pound dollar at 9pm uk time just as I wanted to place a buy order...hmmm.

I'm researching and looking for another one.
This is just my experience from a live micro account and would not trust them with standard lot sizes.

slimcat, 11/04/2009

Alpari UK: slippage can be really ugly

Slippage is common place. Also pip spread as suggested is not honerable so expect to see considerable price move against you on entry. Heavy dealing desk participation so know your game. Best point someone always answers the phone.

Sam, 11/01/2009

I trade with FapTurbo on a account with Alpari UK

I have been using alpari Uk on a live account for about 2 months. Spreads are variable, mainly around the times I trade With Fapturbo,ie 20:00 - 24:00 GMT. I also run demos with 5 other brokers and track the spreads and find that the live Alpari generally gives me slightly better. Can t really find any fault at the minute. Havnt tried to get money out yet but dont think it will be a problem

Eddie Oneill 11/01/2009

Alpari UK - slow execution and slippage

- some spreads are huge compared to other brokers
- slow execution, often with slippage in their favor
- small leverage on cfd's stocks and commodities

Rush, 09/10/2009

Scalping with FxPro

I have been using a scalping system with them for a week and usually do around 30 trades a day. I must say their requotes are *atrocious* and highly hostile to a scalper, so far I am not impressed. I would say I get reqoutes 80%+ of the time and usually 2 and many times 4 requotes in a row until my trade is no longer profitable. this type of activity even occurs during very calm low volatility 'tubing' sessions during Sydney and Tokyo markets.

James, 08/11/2009

Alpari is just another market-maker

Alpari is just like all the rest of the Market Makers out there. Set-up and account with them (Open a Demo, as I am going to tell you WHY NOT to put your hard earned $ here.) Everything is great.. until you start taking the house!
Just like Velocity (Hamilton Williams) it was an eerily similar situation. Want to manually close out your position to bank $? Forget it. "Common Error" or "No Connection" Errors.

LV, 08/11/2009

Alapri UK spread on EUR/USD is below 2 pips

They state spreads can vary I never see it move always 2 pips euro solid. FSA regulated.

Tom Laud, Earnforex 08/11/2009

Alpari's advantages and disadvantages

I have read so far and had so far about alpari's advantages and disadvantages;especially on requoating that syphon customers'money and run them down to lost.Ok such a big company like alpari should find an urgent and immediate solution to such a stigma.
To others, i had that stop loss is the best so try it on alpari's platform.

Paul, 08/11/2009

Alpari give me reqoutes at 80%+ of the time

Must say their requotes are *atrocious* and highly hostile to a scalper, so far I am not impressed. I would say I get reqoutes 80%+ of the time and usually 2 and many times 4 requotes in a row until my trade is no longer profitable. This type of activity even occurs during very calm low volatility 'tubing' sessions during Sydney and Tokyo markets.

RealFX, 08/11/2009

Bad execution durin news time
Everything is ok, except news time - really bad execution.

Leonid, 08/11/2009

Alpari UK execution is fast and spreads are tight

I have been dealing with Alpari UK for about two months and they seem to be an excellent broker. Spreads are good, execution is fast and support is on the ball - I asked to change from "Micro" to "Classic" account and it was done within a day. Account setup was very straight-forward - sent them the standard bundle of identification documents, wired funds and was trading inside 5 days. No complaints (yet).

Paul Ray, 08/11/2009

Don't try to scalp with Alpari UK

Honestly, their servers has huge delays (10+seconds) when excuting an order, and they are not honest about the behavior either, I would suggest to avoid if you are thinking of scalping.

JT, 08/11/2009
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