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Ainvestments Review - is it scam or safe?

Ainvestments Review - is scam or good forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 5 REVIEWS Ainvestments
Ainvestments is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.



Trading Accounts & Conditions


Account type

Minimum deposit

Maximum leverage





5 pips, fixed


$1 000


3 pips, fixed


$5 000


3 pips, fixed


$25 000


2 pips, fixed


Ainvestments offers the account types listed above. All of them are said to provide comparatively high leverage levels and fixed spreads with no commission fees.



Ainvestments Advantages


Rich and diversified product portfolio

According to the information on its website, Ainvestments offers trading in many forex pairs, CFDs on indices, commodities, shares, as well as ETFs and bonds. The Cryptocurrency CFDs offering is really impressive, including 16 pairs (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero and more).


Nonetheless, we would advise those of you keen on trading cryptos to do so on regulated exchanges or with duly licensed forex brokers.



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High leverage ratios

The maximum leverage level provided by Ainvestments 1:400, which is considered a high ratio. The availability of high leverage levels is usually considered a strong side, but keep in mind that trading on margin with such leverage ratios is dangerous.



Ainvestments Disadvantages


Ainvestments is one of the many forex and CFD brokerages that are registered offshore. It also claims to be regulated in New Zealand, but in fact it is only registered there as a company engaged in Mortgage broking and is not overseen by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).


Registered offshore

Ainvestments is allegedly owned and operated by ESOS International Ltd, a company registered on the Marshall Islands. Brokers in offshore zones like this are not licensed, nor overseen by any governmental agency, so they cannot be trusted. Besides, it is a public secret that many of those brokers are pure scams.


Very high spreads

Ainvestments indicates that it offers fixed spreads of 5 pips on EUR/USD is very wide. By comparison, easyMarkets offers a spread of fixed at 1.0 pips for the EUR/USD pair to all of its clients who deposit at least $250. Most importantly, it is a regulated forex broker with good reputation


For further information on spreads, check out the link below.



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MT4 platform not supported

Instead of the good old MetaTrtader 4, this broker uses a web-based platform that also has a mobile app. We could not test it, since Ainvestments does not offer its services to European clients. Anyway, we doubt this platform is worth testing.


The MT4, on the other hand, is highly praised by the forex community. This platform is reliable, easy to use and provides a lot of advanced features, such as superior charting, numerous custom technical indicators, Expert Advisors, and signal-following.



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Comparatively high initial deposit

In order to open an account with Ainvestments, one has to invest a minimum of $250, which is not advisableр considering all the weak sides of this broker we have already pointed out. Besides, many well-established brokers require less as a start. For example, you can open an account with easyMarkets by depositing just $100.





There are actually a just a few good things one might say about Ainvestments, and they are not of much importance: the high leverage levels and the extensive product portfolio.


Otherwise, it is nor regulated and not to be trusted. The company seems to be based in the United Kingdom, as it provides a phone number with a UK prefix, but is not regulated by any financial authority. Instead, it is simply registered offshore, on the Marshall islands. Then the list of Ainvestments’ disadvantages goes on with very high spreads, comparatively high initial deposit required and some strange web platform. So, even if this broker is not a scam, we doubt anyone would be profitable from trading with it.


Considering the above, you’d better not waste your time and money and select a well-regulated and reputable broker. For example, brokers licensed in the UK are required to comply with strict rules on minimum capital adequacy, account segregation, transaction reporting, etc. If they fail to meet those requirements, the fines are pretty salty.



>> Chose among FCA-licensed brokers <<



Here is a summary of the strong and weak sides of Ainvestments:




Rich and diversified product portfolio

Registered offshore

Reasonable leverage levels

High spreads & initial deposit


MT4 not available


Does not service European clients


Latest news about Ainvestments
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Lost my money

Wanted to invest £250 in bitcoin. Found my money had been placed with these clowns.
Followed the procedures for getting a refund which included things like Passport number, copies of driving licence, utility bills etc. ! ! ! ! ! Was informed that I had not submitted the correct documents ! ! !
They wanted further information that I was not prepaired to give.

Peter Woolley 03/14/2019

No refund

Alegaram que comprariam ouro e agora alegam que o valor esta perdido

Agora não retornam para prestar esclarecimentos em relação a conta.

Translated by Google:

They claimed that they would buy gold and now claim that the value is lost

Now they do not return to clarify account.

Gislene Oliveira 12/20/2018

bad management

i was told i could only put in a minimum of £390 before i was given a accounts manager to advise me every step of the way. He told me not to worry i was in safe hands as he was the best there is. After a lengthy discussion he realised i had no more money to invest and he immediately changed from being interested to not interested and told me to buy a certain item and he would be in touch.
HE ACTUALLY INVESTED MY WHOLE DEPOSIT WHICH QUICKLY WENT DOWN AND OUT. There system shut my account when it went down to £170 approx. I complained and said i will withdraw the remains of my deposit and after 2 days, sent loads of documents i still have not been able to retrieve my deposit. Dont touch with a barge pole.

joseph hobbs 11/22/2018

unable to withdraw money

Seemed a bonafide company....very helpful at first. But, and is a big BUT, when I sent verification documents to prove I exist they keep coming back saying they cannot read them....but they were able to read my credit card details to accept an investment. Still trying to sort this out after nearly two weeks......very angry and feel duped. Wish I had never had anything to do with the company. Now I really do not know where to go now, except down the legal route. Absolutely to be avoided.

Annie Campbell 10/31/2018

Ainvestments - Assolutamente fuori legge

Attenzione operano anche in Italia, con diversi interlocutori con marcato accento romano, e, secondo me, in tutta Europa.Io sono stato contattato da un loro convincente scout, con promessa di eccezionali segnali di trading giornalieri, con guadagni certi da ritirare mensilmente
Ho aperto un conto con 200 $ ed ho cominciato a ricevere segnali tramite WatsApp. Smith hanno cominciato a martellato per portare il conto fino a 10.000$ Io l'ho portato a 1.000$ e per fortuna mi sono fermato li, perché nonostante sembrassero rassicuranti e competenti, si va sempre in perdita
Per l'altissimo spread iniziale, ma sopratutto per i TP che potevano portare ad un guadagno medio di facciamo l'esempio di 20$, mentre lo SL te lo facevano posizionare con perdita massima di 100$. La attendibilità dei segnali alla distanza si e dimostrata alla lunga molto approssimativa, e su continue perdite suggeriva delle operazioni co margini e rischi molto più ampi. Praticamente in venti giorni mi hanno fatto perdere interamente tutto, giusto in concomitanza col mio rifiuto di versare altre somme.Assolutamente da evitare

Translated by Google:

Attention also operate in Italy, with different interlocutors with marked Roman accent, and, in my opinion, throughout Europe. I was contacted by their convincing scout, with promise of exceptional daily trading signals, with certain gains to be withdrawn monthly
I opened an account with $ 200 and began to receive signals via WatsApp. Smith started hammering to get the bill up to $ 10,000 I took him to $ 1,000 and luckily I stopped them, because although they seemed reassuring and competent, it always goes at a loss
For the very high initial spread, but above all for the TP that could lead to an average profit, we take the example of $ 20, while the SL made you position it with a maximum loss of $ 100. The reliability of the signals at the distance proved to be very approximate in the long run, and on continuous losses suggested operations with much wider margins and risks. Practically in twenty days they made me lose everything entirely, right in conjunction with my refusal to pay other amounts. Absolutely to be avoided

Nicola Brandonisio 07/05/2018
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