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AGM Group Review - is it scam or safe?

AGM Group Review - is scam or good forex broker?

AGM Group is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts and Conditions


Trading account Min. deposit  Min. trade size  Max. leverage Spread
Micro  $250 0.01 1:500 From 1 pip
Standard  $500 0.01 1:300 From 1 pip
Premium  $25,000 0.1 1:100 From 0.6 pips + $6/€5 per round-turn standard lot
VIP  $100,000 0.1 1:100 From 0.2 pips + $6/€5 per round-turn standard lot


Forex brokerage AGM Group offers its clients 4 trading account types and trading on the MT4 platform. If you are wondering whether investing with this broker is a good idea, make sure you read this review prior to signing up and depositing any money. We have major concerns regarding AGM Group


Also, keep in mind that this broker is not associated with CySEC-regulated broker AGM Markets, despite the similar sounding names. 



AGM Group Advantages


Competitive spreads, up to 1:500 in leverage

As you can see from the account types & conditions table above, AGM Group’s offer seem attractive. The broker’s spreads are competitive, even on the most basic account type, and the high leverage levels provided will suit all trading strategies.



Click on the image to zoom in.


Besides, when we tested the broker’s MT4 in demo mode, we found the benchmark EUR/USD spread floating around 1.5 pips, which is not bad, as such trading costs are on the upper end of average in the industry. For more information on spreads, check out the link below.



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MT4 supported

As it already became clear, AGM Group allows you to access the global financial markets via MetaTrader4 (MT4), a platform most traders know well and enjoy using. The reason for this is that this trading terminal has proved to be reliable, user-friendly, and equipped with all functionalities a trader needs. The MT4 is easily customizable, has great charting options, and is especially popular for its automated trading bots (Expert Advisors).


If you are one of the many preferring to use the MT4 platform, you’d better select another broker that supports it, as AGM Group is not licensed and not to be trusted.



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An array of CFDs

When we tested AGM Group’s MT4, we also saw that this broker offers wide range of financial instruments for trade. Its product portfolio features many forex pairs and various CFDs – on indices, commodities, stocks, and some of the most popular cryptocurrencies.



AGM Group Disadvantages


No address, no number, no regulation

AGM Group says to be owned and operated by AGM Limited. Any further information on this company, however, is not available on the broker’s website – there is no address, nor contact or registration number.


We found out that a company with the same name exists and is registered in the UK, but it is in the Mechanical or Industrial Engineering sector, and also has a different website. So we doubt that forex brokerage AGM Group has anything to do with it.


With no regulatory oversight we can’t be certain about the company behind the operation and whether it will fulfill its obligation towards clients. Therefore, we advise our readers to avoid offshore and/or unregulated brokers as a general rule.


Tries to mislead investors that it is associated with a legit broker, exposed as a clone by the FCA

Furthermore, we believe that AGM Group tries to mislead investors that it is associated with a legit broker, and namely AGM Markets, which is licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).



On its website, AGM Group claims to be FCA compliant, and its Terms and Conditions mention the laws of Cyprus several times. While the Cypriot broker AGM Markets operates a number of websites, is not in the list of approved domains, and in our opinion AGM Group isn’t related in any way to the Cypriot company.


Such attempts to mislead investors are clear-cut signs of trouble are the usual “tell” of a scammer. No wonder UK's FCA has blacklisted AGM Group as a clone firm.


MT4 provided by a shady company

Another worrisome fact about AGM Group is that its MT4 platform is provided by a third party, Solid Plus Ltd. This isn’t that unusual in the forex world, but we found out that the Italian regulator CONSOB has blacklisted this company.





Although the offer of AGM Group seems attractive at first sight, when one takes a deeper look, things get quite ugly. Obviously, tries to mislead investors it is legit, while it is not and shows typical signs of a scam. Presenting misleading information to traders is a major warning sign and we must state that potential clients of the brokerage are subjected to substantial risk.


As usual, our best advice to investors is to do business only with duly regulated brokers, licensed by trustworthy authorities. One such regulator is the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.



>> Trade with a FCA-licensed broker <<



Here are, in a few words, the key positive and negative features of AGM Group:


Pros Cons
Seemingly good trading conditions Tries to mislead investors that it is associated with a legit broker
MT4 supported No address, no number, no regulation
Many CFDs offered MT4 provided by a shady company


Latest news about AGM Group
No news about AGM Group . Check back later.
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Betrüger!! Hr .Klinner ist die Obersau!!

Translated by Google:

Scammers!! Hr .Klinner is the Obersau!!

Josef 05/26/2019

ignore them

some guy called me today from england with indian accent and give me some information about my country iran like i dont already know and told me some nonsense about investing on bitcoin and asked me 250 USD to invest
whaaat? make huge money by 250 on bitcoin? i mean come on.
when i asked how to get my profit back he twisted it.
i told him i cant trust them and asked my gmail 2 mins after that he called again i didnt answer but the time after that he called with an iranian number what the is going on????

brian 05/20/2019

Scaam scaam

they will f...k up your balance , do not put money there .....

No withdraw nothing , just bullshit to take your money !

maurizio 05/06/2019

AGM Group ist ein Betrug

ich habe auch bei AGM Group Invest, Investiert und wurde auch um mein Geld gebracht, ich möchte diese Firma Plattform aufdecken und finden, wär kann mir dabei Helfen, ich habe einige Informationen über diese Plattform und auch über einige Personen, habe es auch schon zu Kripo und zur Bafin weiter gegeben, ich hoffe das es hier welche gibt die mit machen wollen.


Translated by Google:

AGM Group is a scam
I've also been investing at AGM Group Invest, and was also getting my money, I'd like to uncover and find this company platform, could help me with that, I have some information about this platform and also about some people, have it too Kripo and passed to Bafin, I hope that there are some who want to do with.



Siegfried Ulrich 05/05/2019


Buonasera,vorrei esporre la truffa da parte di un vostro consulente o broker di nome Dennis Messina. Il quale ha truffato al sottoscritto esattamente 42200 euro. Chiedo da parte vostra con urgenza un vostro contatto.

Translated by Google:

Good evening, I would like to expose the scam by your consultant or broker named Dennis Messina. Which cheated the undersigned exactly 42200 euros. I urgently request your contact from you.

Natale 03/29/2019

scam be carefull

I try to withdraw my money and i don't get any reaction ?
asked on chatbox and didn't get any reaction also no answers on mails !!!
big scammers !! be carefull

Daan 03/14/2019

Incredibly sketchy

I've been getting calls from these guys, or guys like them, for a while now. It's often a different company or name, but the subject is always forex. I just lead them on now.

This one is no different. Hesitant to give company name. Hesitant to give location. Could barely pronounce the words in their script. Had no answer when asked about their license. Hung up when their connection to AGM Markets was questioned.

guy told me he was a 'salesman' and thus didn't know anything about trading.

Tim Harriet 02/15/2019

On Agm-invest Group

Some called me on phone and was telling me about the AGM invest group asking was insisting I check it out in 2 minutes that he will get back to me in 2 minutes so I said no he should give at least one hour before calling back,so I can do my investigation he said the minimum investment is $500 and he is a white man calling from London.

Dartha Alvan 02/07/2019
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