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AAFX Trading Review - Is it scam or safe?

AAFX Trading Review - Is a good forex broker or a scam?

RATING: 2 / 8 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz AAFX Trading
AAFX Trading is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading Accounts & Conditions





Account type  Minimum deposit  Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Spreads
Fixed $100 0.01 1:2000 fixed 2 pips 
ECN $100 0.01 1:2000 variable, from 0.5 pips 



Clients of AAFX Trading are offered a choice of 2 account types, Fixed and ECN. As its name suggests, the Fixed one offers fixed spreads, while spreads on ECN account are variable and tight. Unlike most brokers, this one does not charge ECN account holders with commission. Both account types offer micro tradeable lots and leverage up to 1:2000, which is super high. We advise traders to exercise caution when using high leverage ratios, for they involve greater risk.


In addition, swap-free (Islamic) accounts are also available with this broker.


It seems that this broker offers competitive trading conditions. AAFX Trading’s fixed spreads are average – 2 pips on EUR/USD, while the ECN ones are really low, starting from 0.5 pips on EUR/USD, and no commission applies. 


The Company. Security of Funds


AAFX Trading was offers trading in a number of currency pairs and various CFDs on the widely used MetaTrader 4 platform. The brand is owned and operated by AAFX Trading Company Ltd., a company operating under the jurisdiction of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). The firm also has representative Offices in Australia and Hong Kong.


SVG-based International Business Companies (IBC) provide financial services under the local financial regulatory regime, which is one of the most liberal ones. Registration procedure is easy and inexpensive and companies face little regulatory supervision, if any.


That is why, if you plan to invest a large amount of money, we would advise you to select among brokers regulated in the EU or Australia, or another jurisdiction, where the respective financial watchdogs are on alert and your money will be safe.


Trading Platform


This brokerage supports the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4), which comes in desktop and mobile versions.


MT4 is the preferred software by most traders, because it is advanced, yet user-friendly trading platform. It offers a number of technical indicators, extensive back-testing environment, advanced charting package and what is more – Expert Advisors (EAs). By downloading ready-made or creating their own EAs, traders may fully automate their trades.


The broker used to support the Vertex trading platform, but has abandoned it.



AAFX Trading offers a Refer-a-Friend bonus from 5% to 10%, depending on the deposit amount of the referred one, which gets 30%.


It also provides a 30% welcome tradable bonus to clients who deposit a minimum of 500 EUR/USD.


Methods of Payment


AAFX Trading offers a large number of payments methods to accommodate all our clients: bank wire transfer, credit/debit cards and e-wallets Neteller, Skrill, paynow, PerfectMoney and FasaPay.


Withdrawals are processed within three business days, but banks may take longer.




AAFX Trading is a MT4 broker that offers trading in wide range of instruments.According to us, the main problem with this broker is the fact that it is registered offshore. Here are, in a nutshell, the advantages and disadvantages of AAFX Trading:





Competitive spreads

Light regulation

Commission-free trading

No PAMM accounts, no signals trading

High leverage levels offered

No choice of trading platforms

Bonuses available



Latest news about AAFX Trading
No news about AAFX Trading. Check back later.
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Pure scam

AAFXTRADING is a scammer, well-known since 2016. Simply, they aren´t connected to the market, they do not send any orders to the market: they just steal their ´customers¨´ monies even by faking monies if necessary. Just take a lot to FPA www.forexpeacearmycom, ( They stole me 30.000 dollars but, regretfully, I¨m just one of their many victims. Their 1:2000 leverage is so attractive as fake: they could offer 1:40.000 as it´s completely irreal and fake.

Andrea 06/08/2019

I was attracted by a bonus of 35%

I decided to open an account with AAFX because their bonuses seemed attractive to me. I was trading with another broker before on the pretty much similar bases on swaps and spreads, but there were no bonuses at all. So I decided that it makes sense to switch here and get the 35% raise. As a result, it turns out to be that it is more profitable to trade with AAFX since the bonus is kind of partial return of the spread. To be honest, you need to fulfill the certain requirements to get it, but I’m already a half way through.
And otherwise broker as a broker, the platform is working properly, it is never down. The quotes seem to be real, but I didn’t check it on purpose, but I think everything is fine. I’m ok with the trading and have no reason to suspect broker in something. After I fulfill the bonus requirement and will do my first withdrawal we will see how AAFX is doing with that…

Zhan Verdje 05/28/2019

Satisfied Forex Broker- Appreciate

Opened an ECN account with them and deposit small amount , $100 to test their executions.
my plan was do news trade with this broker,because they claimed as ECN . My account number is 2132560423

To be honest, my news trade was executed perfectly. their spreads when news were litlle bit high , around 1.2-2 pips when news, but no problem,. as long as my trade executed fairly.

made some profits and some losses, got 40% profits, and decide to withdraw my profits, and recieved it fast in my skrill account.

Good broker with good services. they are fair and not mess with your account with you made some profits. Many brokers like and xm they manupilate during news which makes you believe that they are market maker. AAFX been very nice in this case so far and I hope they will stay the same.

Finally there are many brokers in the market which i think ver nice for trader to have multiple options to divide their capital and reduce the risk factor. Cheers to all my trading folks.

Abdul salam 03/12/2019

Scam century!!!

Unfortunately, this is a dishonest broker. I have two trading accounts opened with this company. On 02/26/2019 approximately at 16.00 GMT the company did not inform or warn, without any reason, blocked both my trading accounts 2132533045 and 2132534223 and nullified the balances on both accounts!!! Immediately after that, they closed the online chat. Also blocked my personal account. My messages that I sent to customer support are not answered!!! On the first account I have open positions that need to be constantly monitored, but I have not had access to my account for 17 hours. It all started after I applied to withdraw funds from my second account. The application was submitted on 02/25/2019 and has not yet been executed. On both accounts a rather big amount. Now I am left with nothing. This is some kind of madness, they do not even respond!!! Be careful, I in no way recommend this broker.

Bakir Zulfugarov 02/27/2019

They dont process withdrawal

Trading with this SCAMMER is a total waste of time, avoid them by all costs. they are out there to steal innocent people's money, in my view they will soon be shutdown by government.

I will make I escalate my experience to the highest authority to make sure they are made to be accountable for their unethical actions and someone is sent to Jail. These people are a bunch on fraudsters which must be stopped by all means, you send your money at your own risk, the chat room basically disconnect the chat when I was asking him tough question about all the fraudulent allegations about them.

Sammie 02/10/2019

AAFX Trading is absolutely a SCAM!!!

Do not trade with AAFX Trading, they won't let you withdraw your money because they are thieves!!!

Tim Veendam 04/25/2018

AAFX is a Scam - please do not give them any money

This so-called broker is just a fraudulent website. I gave them quite a bit of money about 2 years ago, to buy stock. They gave me access to a platform and I used the money to buy stock. However, when I wanted to get money out, they locked me out of my account and ever since, they have not answered my phone calls and have not answered emails. They are a totally fraudulent operation, again: do not transfer any money to their accounts, because they will steal them all.

Mircea 06/05/2017

Best Broker

My experience with AAFX Trading has been a positive one.Their new ECN server is brilliant,it has never froze once.
With good execution and descent spreads,I have no problem at all to report since its beginning in May.
Only recently my MT4 balance was inacurrate on one occasion,meanwhile their support team corrected it in my favor rapidely,which show their trustworthyness.
What else,check their website and you will see that your money will be segregated in a Barclays mauritius branch, it is by the way a world reputed bank.
You pay a small fee for the privilege but it is worth it,making this broker one of the safest and pleasant place to trade.

Anfal 01/27/2017


This is my 5th month trading with them. Initially, I was a bit skeptical on everything concerning this broker. But I must say, they provide everything I need, everything I have found wanting for years in other brokers I ever traded with. They welcome and chat you up to provide help once log on to their site. I can't imagine A broker can provide me with a zero swap and commission deal. With that opportunity, I sometimes leave my trade on for days on a long term basis with no fear of any unnecessarily compiled swap and commission losses. I have never for once experienced any single requote, slippage or trade fraudulent act. I withdraw anytime I want and its instant from my trading account, though it sometimes takes about 3 days to get creditted to my visa acount - I believe this is not their own fault. They gave me option to choose different types of account, one of which allows me to select a fixed spread account, I did not think twice as I went for this because I fear brokers increasing spread unnecessarily to favour them. All my deposits have been a tick (instant) and many more things to mention. The only thing I would like them to add is a CAD account as I reside in Canada and want to avoid reexchanging my deposit from cad to usd and then my withdrawal fron usd to cad. I hope this serves as a message to them. Once that is done. AAFXtrading remains mine forever.

Andrew James 01/26/2017

Great AAFX

The platform works fine spreadds are tight.
Deposits and withdrawals are fast enough.
Respond quickly to customer service.

Michael Beaton 01/26/2017

AAFX A Honest Company full of Professionalism, Integrity, & Respect

My name is Michael Beaton and I have been using AAFX Trading for approximately 5 or 6 months. I have read all of the other reviews and yes there are a lot of good reviews about this company but is it impossible that there is a good FX brokerage company out there and that they might receive good attention. I can't speak for anyone else by myself but my experience with AAFX has been great. I have tried many different brokers just to see what differences there were in each one. AAFX was the first company I traded FX with so I tested the waters. I will not mention any other company because of the fact their services were not nearly as good.

AAFX might not have the largest bonuses or the most spectacular challenges such as other brokers but in my opinion that makes them more genuine. They offer 2 very generous bonuses in my opinion. The welcome bonus of 30% for new comers, 25% re-deposit bonus, and they also have a nice referal bonus but the referal must be a wire transfer, cannot be deposited with a CC.

So there bonuses might not be as big as the 400% bonuses others brag about... which isn't all it is said to be. However the quality of service and the professionalism that AAFX offers makes them truly better than any other broker company I have used and I tested about 9 for 2 weeks. Some of them took upwards of 5-6 days to answer a couple of simple questions. Others took 3 days to make a deposit.

If there are any traders out there like me and I hope I am not alone then having your deposit placed quickly is important. That is one important quality to me and AAFX both deposits and allows for withdrawals as quickly as possible. When I said other brokers have taken 2-3 days to make a deposit I wasn't lieing. Aside from that their online support is fantastic. Professional and friendly. I just got to get them to stop calling me sir all of the time. :). But in all honesty this company is not a scam they deliver quality services to their clients and even upgraded their site to encompass many new features in their clients dashboard.

Also to go back to the margin call the first review mentioned. I believe what he is expressing is that AAFX might have used a virtual plugin for mt4. I again have traded with them for 5 or 6 months and never had an issue at all with it. Signs of a virtual plugin would be yes:

1. yes margin changes.
2. Leverage change

those two go hand in hand a not so ethical broker will decrease leverage forcing their client into a margin call and clear out their biggest positions. They do this when they are investing or betting against their clients. I have never once seen an issue ever with this.

3. Slowed quotes. Now there are certain times my mt4 bogs down I will admit but it is the same times every single day. Typically during market crossovers. I am in CA -7 GMT. between 5 am and 8 am my time it gets a bit slow at times, also later in the morning around 10 am to 12 am it can be sluggish. However it is like clockwork when those slow times come. It isn't a surprise when it happens.

Those are the most common abuses of the mt4 virtual plugin and i have not experienced any of them with AAFX. To go back to the first review If anyone has traded on Sunday or researched good trading days, Sunday is by far the worse day to trade.

it is:

The least liquid

When the market first opens it is very easy to get whipsawed due to all of the events over the weekend and a mass of fear/greed orders being placed immediately.

Also going back to my time zone of -7gmt from 12:30 PM to about 3 PM there is almost no movement. its the slowest part of the day. It is very easy to place a trade and then have it not move for 5 - 10 minutes then all of the sudden it makes one huge change which could be 5-10 pips.

Anyways I have had such an awesome experience with that I wanted to voice my opinion. I am one who believes that if someone has a bad experience they will tell 10 out of 10 people but if they have a good one they might tell 2. Well I had and still am having a great experience and if anyone is serious about forex trading I recommend trying AAFX out.

You can read testimonials and reviews but the only way to know first hand if they are good or bad is to test them out. minimum deposit $100, minimum for the welcome bonus of 30% is $1,000. very quick deposit, very easy setup, can upload verification docs right on their site (this was just implemented in the new dashboard) so if you like forex and have $100 to throw at the market and are looking for a good broker then I suggest trying

Also one last note:

They are also one of very few FX brokers that offers 2000 leverage and a no negative balance policy which is great because i got a little eager one day with usd/mxn and piled on 180 standard lots only to have a huge market reversal which actually put my accoutn -$5500 usd. I didn't have to pay anything out of pocket. That was the biggest thing that initially sold me when I was looking for a broker

Michael Beaton 01/26/2017

SCAM AAFXTRADING. They crash any successful account with fake trades and spikes.

SCAM SCAM SCAM – They crash any successful account with fake trades and spikes.

On last December 2016 I opened my VIP account 232516309, and funded it with 28.800 euros (twenty eight thousand euros). After 2 weeks my excellent, usual EA (which I use several years ago, and I coded myself after 2 years work). had make 10.287 euros benefits. AAFX immediately put a fake crash out my account by planting huge trades and faking after that a ridiculous spike of 225 pips on the market.

Even if the whole thing was very clear, I kindly sent them every probe: my MT4 records (showing 13 orders for 0.15 sizes, not those 15 lots each one they planted one second later on my account, 195 crazy lots in total!), and a image compilation comparing the fake candles they put on my account not only with many other brokers, but also with another account with them, which they didn´t know I had on another name.

On 8 working days my EA traded almost 1.250 lots (a dream for any honest broker), and ruled 12.000 small size trades up to 0.30 size. Always the very same sizes once and once again. After 18 days, they still didn´t answer anything, but on their Live Chat (who pretend ignorance, but after some lines they know everything and repeat non stop the scam scheme) they tried to fool me stating ¨Those trades were ordered from your IP¨, always ignoring the facts and my words: ¨Of course my EA ordered 13 trades of sizes 0,15, no those 100 times bigger planted on my account one second later. The Metatrader´s Journal shows very clearly what it ordered and what you planted in exchange on my account¨.

But they just ignore this second part of the chat (¨Of course my MT4 ordered 0,15 size trades, not those 100 times bigger huge sizes you planted on my account), and also any reference about the scandalous fake spikes: 225 pips fall when the market didn´t move more than 20 in any broker on this world, nor any other account of them!
AAFX is a pure scam. They do not process any trade at all, just wait for customers loss their monies, and if they don´t (like in my case) they pretend fake crashes of the accounts by planting crazy trades and fake market spikes. No wonder they do not offer PAMM accounts, or the Autocopy system, and so many other things, like a real broker who needs customers to succeed in order to have volumes as large as possible.

AAFXtrading stole me 40.000 euros. The only money I was able to withdraw were my first day´s 1.200 euros benefit, which I asked on that day and, after many lies, and insistence, I finally got 14 days later. And, ¨funny¨ enough, my account dashboard showed that amount was taken from… my own deposit.

Of course, I have the whole documentation and evidences, and I will share them, to help others to prevent this scam. You can write me at and I will gladly send you the whole documentation.

Just stay AWAY from AAFXtrading, PURE SCAM. NEVER, EVER, send them one cent: you will lose it too.

Andrea 01/16/2017
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