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Zurich Prime Review – is it scam or safe?

Zurich Prime Review  – is scam or safe forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 35 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Zurich Prime
Zurich Prime is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


 Trading accounts



Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Standard $500 0.01 lots 1:400 2.3 pips
Silver $2000 0.01 lots 1:400 2 pips
Gold $10 000 0.1 lots 1:400 1.5 pips
Platinum $50 000 0.1 lots 1:400 1 pips
Islamic $500 0.01 lots 1:400 1 pips


Zurich Prime offers a rather wide selection of live trading accounts, including a swap-free Islamic account. Strangely, there is no demo account.


The broker also has a large portfolio of tradable assets. They include forex, CFDs on various instruments, as well as trading in indices, commodities and stocks.


The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
U-Nex Solutions Romania No




Zurich Prime is a Romania-based forex broker owned by the company U-Nex Solutions. It is not regulated and several watchdogs – UK's FCA (in 2015) and the Ontario Securities Commission (in 2016) have warned that it is operating in their respective jurisdiction without the proper license. Such warnings sometimes mean just that, as most countries require that the financial services providers are licensed and regulated, but more often than not, those warnings mean that said company is a scam.


We checked the Facebook page of Zurich Prime and found posts from some upset clients who call the broker “crook company” and complain that their money has disappeared from their accounts or that they cannot withdraw their funds. There are also numerous complaints in the review section of the Android trading application of the broker in Google Play. Many clients there warn this broker is a “fraud”, “scam”, “fake” and “unprofessional”.


We suggest people have those things in mind when considering whether or not to invest with Zurich Prime. There are many other brokers, regulated at that, who offer similar and better trading conditions.


Trading Platforms


Zurich Prime offers the trading platform Sirix in its versions for desktop, web and mobile devices. It was developed a few years ago by Leverate and has features similar to those of the MetaTraders and also provides the option to copy trades of other platform users. Strangely, the broker does not offer the all-time favorite MetaTrader 4.




ZurichPrime offers welcome bonuses upon opening some of the types of accounts. They, of course, are granted on company discretion and have many conditions.


Methods of payment


Zurich Prime provides an impressive number of options to deposit with them. Besides the usual credit cards and bank transfers, the broker also accepts deposits through Neteller, CashU, Qiwi, WebMoney, WesternUnion and MoneyGram.





Zurich Prime is an unregulated broker and this should be enough of a red flag to exercise caution. Additionally, the regulator warnings that it operates without a license and the numerous complaints from clients and allegations they are a fraudulent company, should be an even bigger red flag.



Certainly there are other forex brokers with much better reputation and trading conditions, who are regulated to operate in Europe, by for example UK's FCA, or the Cyprus Securites and Exchange Commission, and safer to do business with.  



Pros Cons
  High initial deposit.


Latest news about Zurich Prime
No news about Zurich Prime. Check back later.
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for Mac
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I have been trading with These guys for around 3 months, they have conned me out of trades 3/4 times. The main reason being is the ASK price and the Actual price are not anywhere near close (at certain hours of trading) this meaning Friday night a few hours before the market closes (already a challenging time in the FX market) They adjust the spread fee very high mid trade, meaning my analysis of the charts were spot on and SL was in perfect place but when they stupidly increase their commission/spread fee MID TRADE I get kicked out just before price moves back in favour of my trade but I get stopped out. Their reply to this is “The spreads are wider during the night sir because there is low liquidity of the market” If only I could load a screen shot you would see just how far I was stop lossed out the trade at 1.10564 when my stop was placed at 1.10579! Any trader knows this is small but can make all the difference. On top of this when I place an Order to enter a trade at future price I go back to check my order and they have doubled my risk from my request. I had to tell a friend at work who referred me to Recoveryexperts0 at gmail who were just able to recover some part of the money I lost. this is most definitely in my opinion a dodgy business and likely the reason why 99% of retail traders wipe their account or get put off trading and give up. I’m not going to fall into either, I will simply take my business else where and cut my loss.

Laurel mason 12/21/2019

Zurich Prime Scam

I have recently been scammed by Frank Foreman from Zurich Prime. I have been asked to deposit funds but cannot withdraw. Until the last stages when he told me to open positions and then all the profits got taken out even my investment. Is there any way that we can recover our funds from this company?

Reagz 05/14/2019

Bastards!!!! Worst company ever!!!!!

My husband start working in this company, ZURICH PRIME, in November and they din't pay him!!!!!!

He worked for 4 months with lies after lies and nothing!!!!! We went to the police 2 times and now we go to court for him to get paid!!!!!

Don't trust a company who doesn't pay his workers!!!!!!

Susana De Freitas 02/19/2019

Deposit Disappearance

I'm also questioning the validity of this company as my initial investment deposit is all of a sudden not reflected in my account anymore. I need to know What can I do to trace the whereabouts of the money. Unfortunately we are residing in South Africa and do not know the laws from the European countries to take the necessary action against this company. Any suggestions?

Willem Coetzee 02/11/2019

broker using Sirix

Thanks guys, I was already opened and deposited money with them... I have another question for everyone is there every broker using Sirix station platform are scram..?

Or do you know any broker using Sirix whir are not scram or licensed properly...!

Sharif 12/26/2018

Complain with my money

On 2015 I lost R10000 it took with this Zurich prime they say I want to open the account now no reply

Alfred 12/21/2018

Scammed by Frank Foreman

Zurich prime z a big scam i lost $8000 within three months.My broker was Frank Foreman who calls himself senior broker yet he is the senior scammer. I think let's team up and inform the British government about these crooks

Fortune Dube 12/06/2018

Zurich Prime - Scammers

I am writing my review so others would not fall for tricks, contacts and all the data will be attached. There is a correspondence via Skype, mail, the results of transactions, I can throw off everything. Traded from 09/04/18 to 11/14/18.

In short, the fraudsters, but good specialists.

I saw the RFM-company advertisement, then I worked with the broker Andrey Smrnov through the Zurich Prime platform. Not the first, not the second, there are no trading licenses. Advertising who has no licenses is prohibited, bypassing it in two ways, the first under the guise of learning and the second word trading is written in English. I demanded a license, but they told me fairy tales, and lawyers didn’t want to get involved in everything. What the license gives, the licensing authority can control the company and, in the event of fraud, protect the investor, if there is no license, the brokerage company can set its own currency rates that differ a lot from the real ones. There are two bodies, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which has issued 8 licenses at the moment, and of course these two companies are not listed and compiled. They say they refused to international because of the sanctions, and in Russia there is a prolongation, I requested in early September 2018, there is still no license.

 For example, you threw $ 1000 opened a purchase transaction, for example, rubles, since the infa was received that the ruble would grow, but then the exchange rate was not expected to go the other way, you went into a minus, and the transaction was closed, but you will notice the ruble New Zealand dollar no. That is, no one controls them, and they can set the course at their discretion. The scheme is as follows. You drop $ 150 bargains, the broker shows amazing results, I gained 30% in almost 20 days, even though you would throw a lot of money. They say they say either themselves further, or they need to be increased to at least $ 1500-2000, I checked out $ 150 for checking and threw $ 800 further, the broker showed miraculously, showed his interest, they said% began to go more to him, call him more often The account grew to about $ 1250, which is also about 30%, I told him that more money would arrive soon and how I threw another $ 400, a couple of successful deals were opened, then everyone leaked 5 deals, the entire account is $ 1876. There were elections with the United States, and the next day the data came, and according to this data, my broker Andrey Smirnov, in my opinion, opened knowingly false transactions on the New Zealand Dollar NZD, the emphasis was that the currency would fall, but it was greatly strengthened and strengthened during two weeks. All this time, the currency was kept at a critical point, saying that it is necessary to throw more money to wait out the “storm”, after the funds have not been received for almost two weeks, the deals were closed due to lack of funds.

I believe that I was deceived for three reasons. 1 I told the broker that I’m making another $ 400 and am not going to invest anymore until April. 2 The broker received information on elections in the USA and another, where he was able to make a forecast and advised to open false transactions. 3. In total there were 57 transactions over the course of 2 months, where 50 were successful and closed on average within an hour, income was more than 30% somewhere in 20-30 days, I opened one $ 13 $ transaction incorrectly, one broker incorrectly predicted, but for the week came in plus. And the last 5 deals drove the entire account in a minus. The result Broker received the information that I have nothing to take, as well as information about exchange rates, he decided to merge me. As I read on the Internet there is such a fraud, I do not really understand it, but the bottom line is that they merge an account on a platform, for example Zurich Prime, and the RFM-company partner gets 30%. By the way, the company Zurich Prime is not located in Zurich, but the UK and with Zurich does not have any connections. I also want to note that I didn’t have the desire to learn trading, but I wanted to use the Account Management service. They only teach technical analysis, but where am I and a specialist who uses data and news background, and sits with colleagues with a whole department of analytics. I strictly followed the instructions of my Broker.

My broker is Andrey Smirnov, my login is BullishDJ355 id 1561113 at Zurich Prime. Mail

Denis Gladiy 11/17/2018

Lost money through zurich prime this year

This people are scammers I lost around 17000 whilst I was learning to trade through them after the money was gone they never called me again just like before I deposited money

Jacob 11/16/2018


They take money from the poor ZurichPrime is such a scammer

Thenjiwe Mahlangu 11/14/2018

you are a scammer

I think you are really what I read,that you are a scammer,thank you for taking people for a ride , because your agents make decisions which result in losses then afterwards you want people to inject money or deposit money ,thank you for this ,let's see you prosper with your activity

Emmanuel Mapamba 08/20/2018

Zurich Prime scam sacm scam

This is truly a scam. Zurich Prime took my money and even asked for more. When i did not comply "they" removed me from my own account. I cant phone them nor send emails because they said that they will email me the details, and as yoy can expect. They never did.
Please be warned. They are a bunch of crooks.

Peter Haskins 07/30/2018

Scam Syndicate

Say goodbye to your money. Worst Forex unregulated Broker on the planet. Very convincing staff as well as manipulative. Apparently UK based but the call logs sometimes shows Hungarian. All of the below mentioned reviews can't be wrong. Many other traders for you're hard earned investments.

Allan Jones 05/21/2018

Zurich Prime a big Circuss

Just to add onto my review "Please learn from my mistake" dated 01/23/2018. The so-called risk manager contacted me and made an offer of 1500 USD to remove the review posted on this website. It's all just lies that they are spreading. These people "Zurich Prime" staff should be banned and deported for everybody's money that they keep on stealing. They are a disgrace to human kind and should all be jailed for their slyness and money theft from innocent people.

Alex Jonker 04/04/2018

Thanks guys u saved me

I opened an account luckily my bank account had no money to deposit and its a current account so it did not allow the transaction.the guy I was talking to He recommended me to register for online banking.I told him I'll go to the bank to register online banking.but he couldnt wait he offered to help me do it online.we tried doing it but we couldnt he said I must go to the bank but he said I should not mention that Im doing it for trading with them because they will convince me not to do it.then we agreed that he was going to call me on Friday when I get paid but he kept on phoning me after that .then I was annoyed and blocked the number.

phiwe 02/21/2018

Attention: UniverseMarkets = Zurich Prime

Guten Tag wo immer ihr auch seidt
Ich habe negative Erfahrungen mit UniverseMarkets gemacht. Investment zu 100% sicher verloren. => Scam, Hände weg von diesen Leuten.
Mein persönlicher Berater,Broker bei UniverseMarkets Herr Markus Berg hat mich von dieser Nummer +44 20 3150 2157 immer wieder angerufen. Ich will auf keinen Fall bei UniverseMarkets reinvestieren und noch mehr Geld verlieren!! => jetzt keine Anrufe mehr von Herrn Berg. Einfach nichts.
Heute Nachmittag hat mich Frau Maria Hoffmann von ZurichPrime angerufen. Sie sagte mir sie wisse, dass UniverseMarkets Scam ist und es viele Reklamationen gibt. Bei Zürich Prime sei alles viel besser.
Komisch ist nur Frau Maria Hoffmann hat mich auch von der Nummer +44 20 3150 2157 also von der gleichen Nummer wie Herr Markus Berg von UniverseMarkets angerufen. Fazit => ZürichPrime und UniversalMarkets
sind nicht seriös. Bitte keine Investments machen. Sie verlieren einfach nur ihr Geld. Das Ist Scam, Betrug.
Wer stoppt diese Leute?
Take care.

Translated by Google:

Good day wherever you are
I have had negative experiences with UniverseMarkets. Investment lost 100% for sure. => Scam, steer clear of these people.
My personal adviser, broker at UniverseMarkets Mr. Markus Berg called me over and over again from this number +44 20 3150 2157. I definitely do not want to reinvest in UniverseMarkets and lose even more money !! => no more calls from Mr. Berg. Just nothing.
This afternoon, Mrs Maria Hoffmann from ZurichPrime called me. She told me she knew that UniverseMarkets is Scam and there are many complaints. Everything is much better with Zurich Prime.
Funny is only Mrs. Maria Hoffmann has also called me from the number +44 20 3150 2157 so of the same number as Mr. Markus Berg of UniverseMarkets. Conclusion => ZurichPrime and UniversalMarkets
are not serious. Please do not make any investments. They just lose their money. This is scam, scam.
Who stops these people?
Take care.

Jakob Hew 02/12/2018

Zurich Prime is Scam

Zurich Prime is totally Scam. They are keep pushing to Deposit USD into their platform and end of the time you tell about withdraw your invested money, they suddenly they show true color and shut down the accounts and grab all the money! Please beware from these scammers!! I'm victimized by them.

Jank Singh 02/06/2018

I need your opinion/your help!

Hello dear all. I know for sure that I have NOT signed up with Zurich Prime, nor did I click on any link to get emails from them. However, I have just received an email from them reading "Congratulations for signing up with Zurich Prime. Your account ID is xxx, your password is yyy." etc. They also send a customer support email address, to which I have NOT answered yet, because I'm afraid that if I do, I will trigger whatever trouble that I don't need. Can any of you tell me how I can get rid of them? Is it enough to just ignore the emails they send me (put them in my spam folder and leave them there until they get automatically deleted)? Thanks a lot for your help. Best wishes to all, D.

Forexbrokerz Team: Just ignore the emails.

lee 02/04/2018

Please learn from my mistake

I would like to warn anybody interested in trading with Zurich Prime. Don't be foolish, I made one of the biggest mistakes in my life and learnt a very expensive lesson. It's hard earned money thrown down the drain. I have lost over ten thousand dollars in under three months, just depositing money time after time without withdrawing once "I was never in a position" to withdraw money. It was just margin calls all the time till they've bleed you dry. Be very, very and extremely careful of a guy called Andy"Andrew", who will give you trading tips that in the end will totally lock you out. Biggest scammers.

Alex Jonker 01/23/2018

I have just signed up with Zurich prime

I have just signed up with Zurich prime. They ambushed me before I could do proper research or say no. I've paid the initial sign-up fee, but how do I get back the money?

Forexbrokerz Team: If they do not refund your deposit, you can file a chargeback with your bank

Lee Smith 01/17/2018

keep on telling me to invest more

I was also investing and trading through Zurich Prime and it went well at 1st but then I kept on loosing money and they keep on asking me to invest more, I do not know how to stop this or how to recover my money already invested.
I was convinced that they will guide me as the broker phoned me every day and now he does not advice anymore but keep on telling me to invest more.

Elize Botha 01/02/2018

Scammed by Dylan Ray at Zurich Prime

Zurich Prime are completely incompetent, unregulated, unlicensed scammers, and there guide to placing trades extremely questionable.

During the last months I lost US$40 000 dealing with a character by the name of Dylan Ray. With a foreign accent, as he has, the name also is in question. Probably Hungarian.

No direct phone access? Always leave a message and he will call you - Highly suspicious setup. Telephone numbers are UK tie lines to Hungary probably.

Stay away! Zurch Primeare a major Scam!

Anton H. Johl 12/05/2017

how can i get back my money

i just ooen my account with zurichprime.and i reeived a call frount manager christoper. and look like scam becuase he is demanding more money to submit. is there any way i can get my mony back thanks.

salahuddin 12/04/2017

i invested $1250 with them

i invested $1250 with them hoping to buy bitcoin,but they just trade on forex, they said they was in london which seems to be a lie, i tried to cash out and it said claim rejected, they told me i did not have enough to trade and must put 6000 more in which i fortunately declined

Malcolm James Bailey 12/04/2017

Stay away its a scam!

They are registered near romania, none of the brokers are british or american all fake names, stay away and if you want your money back do a chargeback !!!

James Melo 11/30/2017

It’s really fake or what

Its really stupid company i think someone call me from.. there he told me the instructions and he then he told me deposit option came put 15 digit cards number like this i think its all fake

Debendra 11/27/2017


Stupid me I was mislead by one of the sales consultant it seems like my $450 is gone down the bridge.

Selina 11/24/2017

My money had since dissapeared

I traded with 250$...I then decided to withdraw my money so as to access if the system is legit...I got suspicious when I was ordered to invest more...Upon attempting to withdraw muly money I received a phone call from one of their consultant who was extremely rude to me saying that I am not serious...Its been days anď I am still without my money...I am extremely worried.Please help

Samson Phakathi 11/22/2017

account lapse

I open account few days ago and deposit $250.and I saw the profit of the money.and account manager we communication well,but he was still tell me to deposit more money.the problem happen when I miss his call.and following day screen was blank and their was no money.he call later that day blaming me,said it my fault account has lapse.I have to deposit more money the account will recover.I want my money I loaned this money in order to join them.

Thema ndlovu 11/17/2017


Hi, my name is Taren Marimuthoo and I wanted to learn how to trade and I put money into Zurich Prime however when I wanted a refund they wanted all the documentation which I then sent to them but the phone number they gave 2 me is no longer in service, it has been 3 months and i will proceed to report ur company should u not get in contact with me and I will get a lawyer 2 handle this matter.

Taren 11/09/2017

scammers Zurich Prime

I too am trying to get my $300.withdrawal for the last 7days i deposited $250. my current profit is $1113.84. so after reading the comments below now i am convince i will not get my money back

Albert 10/17/2017

Zurich Prime Fraud Company

Zurich Prime operates in a remote office & call people from an UK number I lost $250.00 I have asked them for a refund - not sure if I will ever get it back but I can confirm they are big fraudsters

Bob 09/30/2017

Scammed by Zurich Prime

Zurich Prime scammed me and all I want is my money. Please help me

Nompumelelo 09/18/2017

Zurich Prime is Fraud company

its totally fraud company,
I deposit $250 plus bank transfer money.
but while I ask for withdraw, they told there is error and transection was not done. again I ask then they said wire transfer is better.
but automatically $250/- was deducted from my trading account without knowning any reason.
its a fake company.

Tehmina 09/10/2017

Zurich Prime: Bring back my money

May you please bring back my money ,I feel scammed because you promised me to get more money at the end of the month only to find that you will ask me to add another 250 usd again

xoliswa bilibane 08/29/2017

Zurich Prime will never pay back, ist ein Betrüger

zurich prime has a account Manager: Roni Kaufmann.
He says me, that he can not whithdraw or transfer my Money, because he has none of this and close the telefon conection whis me.
I will never get my Money. The broker zurichprime is a scammers.
Please don´t pay them and make no Business with zurich prime.
Machen Sie keine Geschäfte mit Zurich Prime. Es ist ein Betrüger Broker, Ihr Geld werden Sie nicht zurück erhalten.

Franke 08/23/2017

Zurich Prime: I lost my investment

i am from Botswana in Southern Africa. I opened an account with Zurich Prime earlier in the year, i deposited US$400 and i was told the account is wiped out. Because i wanted to become a full time online trader, deposited a further US$3000. I opened a few financial instruments that saw my account growing. In July, the balance due was US$10,100.00 and they said my open profit/loss was at US$-11,000.00. Last week i was informed my balance is 00, because my open p/l wiped out everything in the account. Please help me.
My Zurich Prime trading account # 762990, the above names are my real names.
Contact (Mob) +267 71694370


I have account with zurich prime

How I can get my money back?

Zahraa 07/26/2017

Zurich Prime Scam. Please help

Dear everyone,

I hope you are doing well. I am going to share my whole experience with you about a company based in the UK called in Zurich Prime. My name is Ahmed Al Bahrani from Oman. My first contact with the company came when I deposited $250 on 1st March and on the same day when Taiseer told me about a risk free deal, I deposited $1700 again for this deal. I gained alot of trust in what Taiseer used to say to me. My account showed that I was making profit but it was all fake. The profits were large but the moment I tried to withdraw my money, Taiseer used to evade from the topic. I had no control over my account and I was not able to withdraw my own money not even the profits even though my account was in a good condition. I was instructed to deposit more money and I did so I can withdraw my money but the same pattern continued. Their trick to evade from giving back your money is that the moment you ask for a withdrawal, they persuade you to open new deals and this is when your profits change to a loss. They then have a reason to tell you that you cannot withdraw your money. More money will need to be deposited so your account will improve but it is all a lie. These all were instructions from Taiseer and he is a totally liar. He also mentions that if you deposit more money, the company will support you and give you a bonus. Overall, they did their best efforts to make you put more money. At that point, I started reading about the company and knew that it is a totally fraud. At that point, I invested a total of $16,500 which I want to be refunded to my account ASAP.

If I dont receive my money back, I will make sure that this company will be blocked in Oman and other gulf region. I have already contacted a lawyer who is happy to work with me on this case. I was able to find confidential information specifically about the account managers, Taiseer and Suhail, and their locations, etc. I will be filing a case against the company as well as these individuals. I do have proof of their emails, voice messages on whatsapp, and recorded phone calls. I am in contact with a large number of clients of this company who had a similar experience and we are in the process of launching a large campaign against the company in social mediand local news outlets. I ADVISE EVERYONE TO BE AWARE OF THIS SCAM COMPANY. I am willing to help anyone for advice. Refunding my money will be only the solution to my case and this is my right legally and ethically. I will not accept any other solution.


Name: Ahmed Habib Al Bahrani
Account no: 724608
Phone Number (whatsapp): +968 96200911

Ahmed 07/26/2017


Zurich Prime is a scam and have robbed me of USD 10000. Please help me recover the money they robbed from me

Jacob Mackenzie 07/20/2017

I need my money back lost US70,000

Dear All
I have started with Zurich Prime through marketing call I have started with US3000 theu promised me with returens and managed account , I mad some money in the beginning and started depositing more fund which I reached certin amount I tried to withdraw but hey keep conveinceing me , until I had an amount of US 55000 and with profit of 40000 , the account manage opend lot of positions and big lots , there was positive profit earing bu the kept them Open until one night I wake up with all my money gone and got Zero Balance , I have compiling and talked to high management , they said they feel sorry , and they convinced me again to start with small amount and they will get me back on Track , I deposited more fund around US15000 /- the same thing happened , i left with few thousand dollars , i did complain and withdrawal by Balance amount of US1900 only after big fight over phone and by e-mail ,
i have contacted Zurich Prime many time but they don't Reply .
i have started contacting law firms to get my money back ,

Abdulaziz 06/30/2017

Zurich Prime: Scammers! They did not allow me to withdraw

My experience with Zurich Prime is very bad
In short they are Top-level scammers
they take my money and keep the profit in my account
but they did not allow me to withdraw
since one month my account manager told me that he will send my profit to me but i did not get any thing until now it is just fake promises
i try to contact support department
but i did not get any result
They just stole my money and disappeared

samar 06/18/2017

Let's Join Hands & Fight Zurich Prime

Hello there People
I too had similar problems with Zurich Prime but I was able to get my invested Capital out.
And I have taken it upon myself to enlighten fellow victims against scam brokers and also joins hands with others alongside the appropriate authorities to fight and recover as much as we can from Zurich Prime because they have taken a lot of investors for granted.
Contact me let's join hands together and get back at these scammers.

Ada Choi 06/09/2017

Zurich Prime Scam: History repeating itself

I received a call from Michelle (fake name, probably) of the same concern that seemed to know that I have been scammed by GPT CAPITAL to the tune of £5,266, most of which was UNAUTHORISED, MORE THAN four thousand pounds, and SHE was going to find a way to get my money back. I was not going to fall for an almost IDENTICAL SCAM which could suggest that the Andrew Grace, almost fake name, that caught me with GTP CAPITAL.

ivan peter james wavell 06/01/2017


Hi Everyone,

I had a horrible experience with an online broker scam company called Zurich Prime based in the UK. I have entered this company with a couple of my friends. However, my friends and I had the same account manager with the name of (Taiseer Aamer). In the beginning, we deposited $250 so we can trade in currencies. After a week, he told us to put more money so we could get higher amounts in return. We followed his instructions. He lied to us that within two days we will get our money back plus the profit. Nothing in that matter happened. In addition, when we put more money he told us that each one of us will receive a bonus but did not explain how will it work. We continued adding more money to our accounts in attempt to recover our accounts after they all quickly moved from profits to losses. He also told us about protected transactions that are 0% risk that are on every Friday. It basically works by putting $3000 and get a return within a week. In a week, these returns were added to our accounts in the portal. Now we wanted to withdraw our profits but we were not able to do so. The moment we mention withdrawing money Taiseer tries to evade from the topic and gives excuses. He even sees our whatsapp messages but does not reply at all. He did not allow us to withdraw any of our money even though our accounts were in profit. When we ask for a withdrawal, he requests us to open lots that will eventually put our accounts in a loss. Then, the same story is repeated. He asks us to put more money in order to recover our account. When we email the Zurich Prime support and complaints team, our emails actually go to him instead. Sometimes, the support team mentions to us things that were not explained by Taiseer. With one of my friends, his account reached a point where he had alot of profits with no losses. He requested from Taiseer to make a withdrawal but he also ignore the request. Same excuses even though the account had no problems. He said I am going to talk to the finance department and told my friend that he cant withdraw even though his account was in a very good situation. He then explained that we have to do a minimum lots in order to withdraw. This was all unconvincing for me and I knew that he was lying throughout the whole time.

In total, we have lost $15,000 within three months. During our interactions with Taiseer and the whole company, we found out that they are a totally scam company. After talking to many of our friends from the same region, we found out that each one of us were told a different story. Taiseer was very smart in convincing us to deposit money. His strategy was to give us contacts of other people who were gaining profits from the company. This way he persuaded us to proceed. I am now requesting the company to refund us all of our initial investments and please let me know if any of you had something to add. I am currently working with my group of friends to launch a very big campaign to expose the company since alot of people are being scammed in the Middle East region. I have already contacted more than 25 people who lost money through this scam. I am also considering taking the legal route for this case since so many people were affected by this scam. Please contact me at


Mohammed 06/01/2017

Zurich Prime: Absolute pure scam

This broker is not licenced or regulated.
They will build up your.. and aggressively try to elicate additional depisits based on promotions etc.
They also try to get you to introduce more customers..
The brokers use fictional names and claim that they have many customers with big accounts.

Their business is based on scamming customers in order to deplete their accounts.

Never trade with an unlicened and unregulated broker. They are in yje busiiness to attract more customers in order to steal money.

Anton Gouws 05/26/2017

Zurich Prime Scam - I lost 85000$

This company is a total scam once you start to deposit small amount of money they will keep calling you to deposit more and Everytime you deposit more you see that you profit more but the can't withdraw the money and as soon as you tell them you don't want to invest more you start losing your money quickly in a matter of days, I lost 85000$ DO NOT DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY AND ITS SCAM BROOKER.

Hossein 05/06/2017

Zurich Prime: I want my money back

I was interested to invest money with this broker after I saw their adverts online saying to can trade with them and make money.
I invested 250$, I am a student and do a little job. I was hoping to make some more cash to sustain my bills. After I was contacted by one of their agent Natasha(fake name) convincing me to invest and that I will not lose because:
Zurich Prime has money management system: You cannot trade all your asset but just a portion of it per trade.
Besides, if I see that it is not for me, I can withdraw my money and the possibility to lose are very slim.
So I decided to invest the money. The following day i was contacted by the broker Franc(Fake name) to get training and start trading.
He guided me in a wrong direction, then I was that I was making loss. Then he aggressively asked me to add 1000$. I told him that I dont have. Then I decided to request for the refund, by then I lost already 8$ and had in my account 242$ as per below screen-short.
After that, I received a call from Franc saying I am going to authorize the refund and I am done with you, but it will take 5 working days. 10 minutes later, he gave me a call saying that he open a position(of which I did not ask him)and I made loss therefore I owe the company 128$. I felt like dying, and he hang up. I sent him a message requesting to pay my money back, he never contacted me. To my greatest surprise, I saw another transaction on Saturday morning of 250 $ off my bank account to Zurich prime as per below screen-short.
I never trusted anyone with my banking details, since I thought there are a serious organization then I did. Now Zurich prime owe me 492,20$.
I am not the only person who complains about them. I have done some research on them and find out that Zurich Prime is a scam broker.


Isaiah Tunga 05/01/2017

yes they are fraud company

Yes They are Fraud Company and Scam , they will call you and offer you and promise you with Return on investment , I used to have an account with an assigned professional account manager (as they call themselves ) I have lost all of my money more 55K in one go , I used to ask for withdrawals they used to promises me with more income , but all promises just to drag you to the Trap and take your money , I will sue them .

Abdulaziz 04/24/2017

Reply from Zurich Prime

Hello Forex Brokers,
We appreciate the time you took to review our service. With your permission, we would like to touch on a few points mentioned which we believe may be misleading to your readers:

Regulation: Although Zurich Prime is not formally regulated, Zurich Prime upholds all compliance requirements in each and every aspect of the company’s operations, in accordance with the strictest European regulation standards.

Withdrawals: We have a fully visible, clear and strict withdrawal policy upon the website which we follow to the letter. No client’s withdrawals are withheld when the client meets his agreed withdraw requirements.

Complaints: All customer complaints mentioned in your review were resolved at a later stage. Prior to trading, each and every client is openly advised on the risks of trading in the forex market and that it may not be suitable for everyone. We make sure all our clients are aware of the risky nature of investment that is forex, an investment vehicle that may result in either high profits or losses. Sadly, some of our clients lost their funds and in order to recollect the losses prefer to blame the system, often on public platforms in order to pressure the company.

Education: We offer a wide range of the latest educational materials and resources that can be found here:

Satisfaction: Our brand's success speaks for itself- Zurich Prime enjoys a huge number of content and satisfied clients, many of them earning profits daily.

Thank you for allowing us to clarify these issues.
Zurich Prime

Zurich Prime 03/05/2017
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