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TradeFCM Review – is it scam or safe?

TradeFCM review  – is scam or safe?

RATING: 2 / 6 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz TradeFCM
TradeFCM is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


Trading accounts and conditions


Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Mini $500 0.01 lots 1:1000 From 1.6 pips
Standard $1000 0.01 lots 1:1000 From 1 pip
Gold $2000 0.01 lots 1:1000 From 0.08 pips
Professional $5000 0.01 lots 1:1000 From 0.06 pips


TradeFCM has four types of live trading accounts, plus a free demo account for testing purposes. The main differences between the live accounts are the deposit requirements and the spreads.


The broker has a portfolio of 35 forex pairs, futures and CFDs.



The company. Security of funds


Company Country Regulation
Trade FCM UK N/A


TradeFCM is a forex broker that claims to be based in the UK, but is not regulated by the FCA. This means the broker is not required to abide by any regulations and requirements and dealing with it could be quite risky.


As a general rule we advise investors to trade only with properly regulated brokers, like the ones supervised and licensed by FCA, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) who have a reputation of strict and demanding regulators. Usually the brokers under their supervision are stable and reliable, have sound policies and offer good client protection.



Trading platform


TradeFCM sticks to the familiar and offers the extremely popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform.


For the more than 10 years of its existence MT4 has become the preferred trading platform by brokers and traders alike. It has numerous features and is user friendly. Furthermore it supports third-party add-ons, multiple types of orders and automated trading and provides many analysis and charting tools.





In its FAQ section TradeFCM says it offers bonuses to its clients, but we could not find any additional information on them.



Payment methods


TradeFCM offers a fairly standard fare when it comes to payment options. The broker accepts deposits through bank transfer, credit and debit card and the online payment systems Neteller, Skrill and Moneybookers.





TradeFCM is an unregulated broker that does not appear to offer very impressive trading conditions, except for maybe the leverage. On the other hand, such high leverage means a client can lose everything in just one trade. There is also the high deposit requirement, which is not very attractive. Neither is the portfolio which seems somewhat limited.


Pros Cons
MT4 Unregulated
  High deposit


Latest news about TradeFCM
No news about TradeFCM. Check back later.
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TradeFCM is a Fraud Company

Got a Call from them , saying the amount you can withdraw and they working on the trades for recovering the Loss.

Vijaykumar 02/28/2019

TradeFCM is a Fraud Company

They cheat and never return the money , there is no way you can withdraw the amount

Vijaykumar 02/26/2019

comment for Previous Review (Cheated by TradeFCM )

Thank you TradeFCM

for getting me the compensation according to the agreement , i was worried since my account manager did not contact me MR Sam since his illness i got a call from him and he also helped me to get the lost amount as compensation, i was earning Good in PAMM account since the market fallen down in USD i incurred a loss , i personally tell other client's to trade with TradeFCM since even the account went on loss we can eligible for the compensation if our account type is PAMM thanks again to support team and my account manager for supporting me nice doing business with you people

parakkottil bhaskaram 02/22/2019

Cheated by TradeFCM

Trade FCM Is not a believable broker as one SAM WALTSON cheat me more than three thousand dollar in various time offering if deposit 1000 dollar i will give you 300 dollar every month but later i under stood it is only a bogus offer so i request every one never deposit in Trade F C M ORttrade pro services live .Last I deposit 1000 dollar and without my notice the accounts manager included in PAM Account and Trade himself huge volume and committed lose and block trade anyone can help me to release the block

Thanking you

parakkottil bhaskaram 02/21/2019

review for the previous one

HI Guys

the previous review was placed since i was upset in my losses , i spoke to my account manager plus the support department they gave me compensation witch i incurred a loss in there broker , thanks TradeFCM and sathish kumar for supporting me , will recommend this company and give 5 star to them .

dhananjaya 01/17/2019

Worst broker in world and answer is Trade Fcm

i everyone,

The account manager name Sathish kumar who is the worst person was good at initial time and increased by equity well but when I increased my amount to 3000$. They started spying on me by increasing the spreads and satish sir replied that it was the same as initial and don't need to worry. He is shouting like any thing on the trades he keep pending and he become angry went sending mails to maintain the account properly. The support never reply or do anything totally dummy. What support do it they never entertain any complain and go against it favouring account manager and I have pamm account which was blowed by our great Sathish kumar but support telling they will not give compensation at all but initially they agreed to give. In my opinion you please please for god sake don't open account. There is no respect for you as a trader or investor. That satish Kumar is a devil and sick person he opened by trades during high impact news time of 8,5,16,2 lots at one time which blowed my account and now after 1 week I ask for compensation company and satish not giving and giving lot of problem and telling company does not give but I will give but this time there will be a time limit to complete the lots. This company is worst and never join they don't entertain any complaints from traders and go completely against thme whatsoever. In my regards this is the worst and all people or devils and never in favour of people.

Dhananjaya 01/09/2019

Comment for the review of ( Amitech )

Dear Sir,

We are sorry to hear that all the trades have been excuted through EA and In past also we informed not to use fake EA and blame the company . Trades will executed according to the spreads even if the market doesn’t reach that time in certain amount if the spreads is 50 pips the trade will be executed according to the brokerage charge ,every trade have been executed through EA and through using VPS , we have screen shot of the proof where the trades have executed through EA and what we spoke to you even we have email proof plus call recordings . Admin doesn't place any trade in your account we did not call you and threaten we said you to post the truth , plus we offered you a bonus where if you complete a certain volume you can withdraw the profits even now we are offering you since you are valuable client for us for even that your not convinced . If you want the bonus back please contact us on where will will be supporting you to recover the loss you inquired in the market .

Support TradeFCM

Support TradeFCM 10/31/2018

Worst and scam broker

This is a 100% pure scam broker. They take deposits and pretend to have a great trading platform with fixed spreads and no slippage, and once you start winning they will input fake trades to your MT4 and cause massive losses until the equity is wiped out. Then they try to get further investment by promising a "200% deposit bonus" on fresh investments so that you can trade and recover the loss. Again the fake trades hit and equity wiped out. Then they will block you forever. The liquidity provider/white label they are using is called, another scam outfit that is hand in hand with tradefcm.

Easiest way to make money in forex, become a scam broker like tradefcm. Beware their agent Sam Walton, he's a snake in human form.
I urge you to spread this information everywhere so that nobody else loses hard earned money like I did. I will do everything in my power to ensure nobody else faces this.

Further to the above, today these guys had the nerve to call and threaten me if I don't withdraw my complaint/review and "state the facts". Let me state the facts very, very clearly. What I have written above is 100% true and I will do everything in my power to ensure this never happens to anyone. I have asked all my friends who are impacted by this broker to come forward and post their reviews here.

This broker is placing fake trades and disguising it to look like real trades by copying the EA trade comment. The EA used in that account never uses an SL above 3 to 5 pips yet there are huge stops of 30 to 50 pips taken in these fake trades in order to drain the account equity. In a slipshod manner, they input prices that don't even exist or match with the market price at that point in time. I have comparative price charts of ICMarkets vs Trade FCM and at the time of these fake trades. Clearly, there is no way to enter trades at non existent prices unless input manually by admin.

They said to implement MT4 OTP in order to secure the account. Still these fake trades happened, and the fake trade placed shows the comment "placed by admin" in MT4. I have screenshot of this. Obviously nobody other than admin can hack the account once it is secured by OTP. Therefore it is tradefcm, and their associated parties who are running this scam.
We will bring them to justice. We will end their scheme of blackmail. The Indian account used for this is owned by "Golden Trading" and it is in Canara Bank, giving a false sense of security as it is Government owned. Beware this party too, it is yet another scam to suck out money from you. I am preparing a class action suit against all parties involved in this scam in the court and request people scammed to come forward and post reviews here, I will contact you personally. I have contacted SVG authorities to cancel their IBC licence (the registration number 24896 IBC) and the investigation is ongoing.

Amitech 10/30/2018
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