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Trade12 Review – is it scam or safe?

Trade12 Review  – Is scam or safe forex broker?

RATING: 1 / 34 REVIEWS ForexBrokerz Trade12
Trade12 is an offshore broker. Your money is not safe.


 Trading accounts



Account type Minimum deposit Minimum trade size Maximum leverage Average spreads
Beginner $250 0.01 lots 1:400 1.2 pips
Trader $10 000 0.01 lots 1:400 1 pip
Expert $50 000 0.1 lots 1:400 0.8 pips


Trade12 is a forex and CFD broker with three standard types of trading accounts: Beginner, Trader and Expert. There is also a VIP account which offers customizable trading conditions and a free demo account for those who wish to try risk free trading.

The tradeable instruments include forex, gold, silver and oil and futures on shares and indices.

The Company. Security of Funds


Company Country Regulation
Exo Capital Markets Ltd Marshall Islands No




Trade12 is an offshore unregulated forex broker. It claims it “acts in full compliance with European and international legislation and regulation standards”, but is often featured in warnings of national regulators for operating in their respective jurisdictions without proper license. In 2016 alone there have been two warnings from New Zealand's FMA, from Italy's CONSOB and from CySEC, while Russia's self-regulatory organization KROUFR blacklisted Trade12 over client complaints.

Furthermore, Trade12 is often accused by its clients of being a scam (on its facebook page) and discuss in forums at great lengths how they have defrauded them out of their money. Those two facts, we believe, are enough reasons to not deal with them at all and look for another, regulated, broker. There are plenty of those, regulated by UK's FCA or the Australian regulator, for example.

Usually the honest and reputable forex brokers are regulated by a national or provincial financial markets watchdog, as is required by most countries' legislation. The regulation provides better protection for clients and the company activities.

Trading platforms

Trade12 offers trading on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform in all its versions – desktop, web and mobile applications.

MT4 is the usual choice for the majority of brokers and is well-liked by traders. The platform has many features, allows hedging and automated trading and has numerous technical analysis and charting tools. It has been around for more than a decade and is obviously still going strong, despite the intentions of its developer MetaQuotes Software to slowly phase it out in favor of its successor MetaTrader 5.

Methods of payment

Trade12 has a very extensive list of funding options. It accepts payments through bank transfers, credit and debit cards, Skrill, CashU, China UnionPay,, Yandex Money, Paysafe Card, Ali Pay and WebMoney. One of the few payment options lacking is PayPal.


Trade12 is an unregulated offshore broker, but unlike many others, seems to have a well thought marketing campaign and it makes an effort to appear as a proper regulated one. It appears to have an active approach towards luring clients – there is the advertising with Mike Tyson and the free tickets for Australian Open's final, which was the thing at the time of writing of this review.

It all seems very nice, if it weren't for the customer complaints that in fact Trade12 has very fraudulent practices and rips off its clients. So we suggest you avoid this broker and choose a regulated one. There are many with similar, if not better trading conditions.


Pros Cons
Many funding options Unregulated
  Client complaints
  Regulator warnings


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'Fake' Trading

I request to withdraw the amount from my account No 1065474359 on 14 Dec 2018 and no response up to date

Ayham tibi 02/13/2019

Scam company trade 12

I am considering lucky as only 100usd is cheated. Can't withdraw

Paul chin 01/11/2019

got scammed

Good day I am an honest person that wanted to have a little extra income to retired earlier to enjoy my grand children and living a bit, but after my experiences with them I tried to get withdraw and there excuse is that they change my broker en I got to re-invest witch I think that it is bullshit.Every time I write them the person call Lily poor little thing so is stock with a job well job is a not the word for it, she must act like a dum person and say always the same thing that she send a request to the finance department, that is been going on for weeks, is the anything I cam do to get my investment only never mind the profit ??

Bruno Dion 08/12/2018

Trade 12 total Scammer

In May of 2016, a person from Trade12 contacted me, at first I was a little reluctant, but I ended up being convinced that Trade12 was an excellent investment option and I ended up joining and negotiating with it, but I did not have good results, in fact I had poor results, I had an astronomical loss with this broker. Something unbelievable, I lost almost 20 thousand dollars in operations indicated by the account manager.
by name Bruno Ferraz and another by name Alan Silva. They are two guy who are part of this fraudulent brokerage.
In my first operations, everything was fine, but the broker started asking for deposits, and in each contact he spoke about deposits, and always mentioning that the return was guaranteed, he said that we were in the best month of the year, and that with a deposit of 20 thousand dollars, and i would get a return of 40%, as well convinced me also, and I a deposited several parcels of one thousand dollars. We did some successful operations, so suddenly I started to lose. I made contact with Bruno Ferraz, my broker and had me perform an operation on the DAX30, he said that I would gain a lot in that operation, but that was not what happened. In a few days my account was over $ 10,000 negative.
In the sequence I tried several times to contact the broker and had no return. After that, the broker Bruno disappeared, did not answer the WatsApp and neither e-mail. One day he telephoned me to make another deposit so that we could try to recover the loss with greater agility, I informed him that it was not possible, because he did not have the financial conditions to make more contributions and that we would have to recover with what was left , he said okay and that he would make a plan so that we could recover gradually, he said to remind him that we would operate with soy, but the next day I remembered him, but he chose not to do so, in the next contact, he directed me to make a purchase in XAUUSD, because it would go up a bit, but would not put a limit to control the gain, the operation began to fall, and I became worried the questioned if we were not going to lose, he said no , a few days later he informed me that he had already fallen a lot and that he would go up and directed me to another purchase, but the operation began to fall and fall, with my worries I asked him if we would not lose everything, s the indicators that I received by e-mail from Trade12 informed that the operation would fall further, he replied that that indicator was the moment and that I was having instabilities, so that I could rest easy, and I was extremely worried the questioned if there was not nothing that we could do and he reported that no, until on a certain day, the fall was so great, he even informed me that that day would not operate due to instability, and that I could rest assured that he would help me and I would not let my account stop, a moment later he sent me a message stating that he had activated the insurance, and later the same day my account could not stand and stopped all my operations and with it I lost all my capital.
Broker Bruno disappeared again, and a few days later I received a call from a director-general after the only contact she made with me and informed me that I should pay 40% of the lost capital to resume my account, but I did not have the value. I checked the TRADE12 brokerage by email, since in my view I did not have the advice offered and that a professional broker and lodged should not be so passive and leave a 20,000 account to be extinguished in a few days. Who contacted me again was another broker named Alan Silva, informing me that I should pay the insurance, but when I asked for the insurance policy to make sure the truth of it I was informed that it did not yet exist.
In short today I have an exorbitant debt, I had no TRADE12 commitment with my money. It is a company where only thieves work.

Marcos Aurelio 06/13/2018

Trade12 / Exo Capital Markets Ltd - Totally scammers

I'm a citizen of Kazakhstan. Please be aware once that Trade12 the subsidiary company of Exo Capital Markets Ltd is a scammer. That means they're both scammers. I have strong proves and reasons to say that. I had an account acc. # MT4 Id 1065493486 with this company from December of 2017 after long time convictions and calls from this company and deposited in all 10100 $ (Ten thousand and one hundred dollars) with the aim to get trader’s level and more prevelege to earn. I was assured by an agent all the time, that I could get money back when necessary. The broker Nikita Yanovsky who run me from the first day stated that we’d trade on stocks WITHOUT RISKING, my deposit’s safe and he’d earn with me his comission. During our first days of work, he displayed me good trading on Apple. I cashed out 200$ (two hundred dollars) in order to check withdrawal system. And checked it was gone from terminal day by day but came to me almost a month. Later there were regular deals on gold, silver and metals. Then there annual reporting period started, when all traders became more active and mainly made money according to Nikita’s words. That’s why there were plenty of suggestions on trading with good positions and quota that I couldn’t cover with my deposit, so Nikita required to cash in, I had to search for additional fund and investors all the time we worked. He said there is a referral program on which I can bring another clients and have my bonuses in 30% of deposit. However it won’t be cashed but support to increase my buying power. Ok I said, I was trying advertising and presenting among friends and companions. So Nikita Yanovsky and his main boss Nikolay Prasnevsky helped to increase my profit to 2000 $ (two thousand dollars). I was so happy, planned to use it.
However there appeared Dropbox’s wayout to IPO, my broker Nikita suggested to make profit on it, of course with additional investing of 13600$ (Thirteen thousand six hundred dollars). He was informed by me that I would have funds only in summer 2018, then could only make deposit, but he insisted on cashing in, working with investors and sharing profit with them. I was under pressure again, it's so stressful, he tried to urge me. So I didn’t take it. However he booked shares in spite of my unreadyness, my last words were I’ll try to look for fund but don’t promise. I need more time to search. There have been a lot of my lost nerves and stress on my health. Nikita said there might be Bank’s commission in amount of 15000$ (fifteen thousand dollars) for these booked shares if I wouldn’t deposit needed amount 13600$ (Thirteen thousand six hundred dollars). That moment balance on my account was 12012 $ (Twelve thousand twelve dollars). Nevetheless on 23d of March, when this deal was successfully settled and the broker Nikita said Bank didn’t take its comission neither from my account, nor from him. He said keep calm, be quite. It’s OK. Happy news I thought and greatly pleased Nikita for that. For 23.03.2018 I had 3 open deals, which I had to close for myself with loss.
The next day Nikita called me in the evening and said we should work on statistics, and emailed me a contract to be signed. I said I had to get acquainted as I was enough cautious after what was experienced. That was a doubtful contract. There were several points that confronted my
interests. Firstly, if to sign I had to work out 500 lots in two months. It means 1 lot = if it's closed with 100 USD by take profit. Then in two months I should make 50 000 USD. That's unreal even for successful broker. And there was a paragraph where it's written only 30% of profit would be withdrawn by me. That’s why I rejected it. Our relations became worse. They made me sign. I have been refusing all the time and suggesting any other wayouts to work and settle. I had 2 partners ready to invest. They were not interested in them. I said pls withdraw me my profit 2000 $ (Two thousand dollars), then I will sign this contract and work with agent. They refused me in this too. Then I was tired of all this. (There were family troubles, Nikita was known about them, I’ve informed him and asked for help, but no, he is not as human being, he’s like a robot without feelings and even a heart absense who needs just deposit and investing).
After all I decided to end up and withdraw only my deposit. I closed one deal with profit and 2 deals with loss. On 16th of April I applied for withdrawal, and I got a reject by reason as if I have a contract with them. I have no any contract signed. I emailed them about it. But there was no reply. On 24 th of April I applied for the second time, rejected again with the same reason. They sent me a telephone call record not full version, where my many times rejections for shares booking are absent. I kindly asked Trade12 to give full version of a call that lasted for 25 minutes and 51 second. Where I stated clearly and accessibly that I'm not ready for that deal. There's nothing to invest right now. I called Trade12 to see situation into. I didn't get it from them. Trade 12 Exo Capital Markets Ltd just have nulled my trade account and blocked me entirely. Since March 23d I've been fighting for my deposit only.

Dana 06/08/2018

Trade12 Scam Scam

please, never deal with a trader calling Arthur Melin. he is a very bad scam person. he stole my money inside my account I still wainting for him to put it back but he no longer pick up the phone or reply to my emails. so please, be careful... this is very very important.

Henri 06/04/2018

trade12 scam - do not cooperate!

DO NOT TO COOPERATE WITH TRADE12!!!! I started working with them in August 2017. A representative of their company, allegedly from Germany, called me on my mobile. In my naivety, they still persuaded me to work with them. I won't tell you for a long time but for 6 months I invested $ 10 000$ in this company. I traded not myself, but with the help of their analyst. Everything was good, we allegedly even "earned" $4000 profit, I really could not get enough, began to make plans as I will spend these money)))) at the end of January 2018, their analyst opens with me 2 transactions on oil, which go sharply to minus about $ 2500!!! In tears, trying to contact an analyst, because the connection they have one-way, they can call you and you can not!)) He start to reassure me, he said «was the movement of the market, nothing, we will wait, everything will go up, I know and bla bla bla…» in General, minus went to 5000, then again to 2500, the analyst puts them in the "lock", but I suspect that and close all transactions in the negative on the same 4000, that we earned, it turns out the account only money that was made by me. Later I learned that this "kitchen" and not the company, do not bring the transaction to the real market, I demanded the money back. Only $ 2,000 was withdrawn. The rest of the money is naturally not withdrawn under various pretexts. Already 3 months do not withdraw money and stopped responding. You decide whether to risk working with this office or not.... But I think they're stealing deposits. If they were a normal company, they'd withdraw the money. Their purpose is your Deposit.. I know a lot of the victims at their hands! No one will earn you 20 % of the Deposit monthly, as they promise))) do not believe . Now explain why trade 12 Scam
1 Trade12 does not have a license and does not have a regulator that a real broker company must have
2 Trade 12 was on Marshalovich Islands. What it means?, and the fact that this is an offshore zone and the funds from there is impossible to withdraw, and accordingly all disputes between you and the company will be subject to the laws of the Marshall Islands. In your country, no one can protect you
3. Trade12 has one-way communication, you can never reach them. German, canadian and other numbers, it is nothing but a miracle of modern technology-IP polyphony, that is, they call you from Ukraine, and you break through the number of Canada for example.
4 Trade 12 do not WITHDRAW MONEY
5 The company that owns and operates the Trade12 website is a subsidiary of Exo Capital Markets Limited, Global Fin Services Limited, which misleads the working address of Estonia, does not have a license to provide investment services in Estonia and therefore does not have the authority to provide it
The company is registered in the UK at the last of the addresses 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden London WC2H 9JQ
The police in these cases are not on your side. Be vigilant! This applies not only to trade

anna29 05/28/2018


Trade12 fraude ses clients. Je me suis fait arnaqué par Arthur Melin avec ses promesses que je pouvais en tout temps retirer mon argent. J'attends depuis 6 mois mes demandes de retrait.

Translated by Google:

Trade12 cheats its customers. I got scammed by Arthur Melin with his promises that I could at any time withdraw my money. I wait six months for my withdrawal requests.

Christian Lacombe 05/25/2018

Warning - impossible to withdraw

with Trade12 is easy to do a lot of money but it is impossible to withdraw it.this is a real joke. I put 5000$ now I have 9000$ on my account but ...

stephane 04/29/2018

Trade12 is scam broker

I hate this company. All from this article is truthful. Trade12 is scam brokers which really has different creative methods to stolen your money. I have very bad experiment with trade12.

Net 04/09/2018

Trade12 scam

Trade 12 is a scam. Un' sparring a legale action against them. I WILL denunce their account manager ad criminally. Anyone can contact me through email for detail. It Someone know their real legal Andress can help me. Trade12 this is last chance.

Maurizio e 04/07/2018

Scammed by Tade 12

Warning Warning Trade 12 is big scam don't send your money don't trust thmoney

Chakib 03/24/2018

Trade12 Representative

Hello Ashely,

Upon checking your account with the respective department, they informed us regarding your loss in the market due to trading a volatile asset.

We would like you to understand that the asset does not work well with a moderate volume. As per our Terms and Conditions, the company cannot be held liable for such occurrences that are beyond our control.

Thank you for understanding.


Jeremy 03/13/2018

Trade 12 trading

I was approached by trade 12 at a very difficult time in my life. Due to the difficulties I told them I was not ready to open up an account though I did have a lot of interest in the trading industry.

During this "waiting period" I was then handed over to a very beautiful secretary, no longer the guy David whom approached me at first. She said she would handle any queries I had and was going to help me come on board.
After a few weeks I felt ready to trade, and I have a weakness for beautiful women so that sped up my urgency to start trading and become a young and talented traded.

Once I started my $200 account I was called by a trade12 broker who convinced me that $200 was not sufficient to run the type of trades I wanted to, and we increased it to $1000. All with promises that I will be guided and assisted through my trading career. It did not work as I planned as I was left to my own trading demise and wiped the account clean with a stop out on bitcoin. Not my best moment. My broker reassured me that we would do safer trades and I started again on $100 with a 150% "recovery bonus" from trade 12. I managed to increase my $100 investment to $250 in two weeks. Due to some open losses my broker told me it would be best to invest more money to keep the account "live and safe". Long story short, $4000 later I have nothing left to trade, no will or urgency to try out this beautiful industry because I feel there's two many sharks and wolves out there screwing the start up traders. Whether to fill the own pockets or selfish gain to stay on top of everyone else. I learnt some very expensive lessons from this business and I do not intend to go back to them even though they called me to offer me there VIP account knowing full well how I felt about their business. It broke my spirits knowing I gave up so much of myself to learn to trade with no real good results.

Ashley v.d Merwe 03/08/2018

Trade12 is a SCAM company

I was contacted by Trade12 by a phone call in the beginning of December 2017. I mistook Trade12 for another company that I had shown an interest in, so I deposited 250 USD. Immediately after the call my instinct said that something was wrong. 1 hour after the deposition I called back for a withdrawal. Since then I have contacted their Customer Support more than 20 times and been promised that the withdrawal will be performed quite soon and that I will be contacted by a Broker or their Finance department to sort the withdrawal out. Nothing happens. Trade12 will never come back to you. I understand by now that Trade12 have no intention to give me my money back. They are criminals. They should be arrested.

Arnolld Toikka 02/24/2018

Safe your money

Is a scam scammer non regulated who claim to be company which is not true.
They do not pay back your money
They disconnected your terminal at their convenience
Safe your money and take it in small amounts take it all
Do not add no more money to this people
They are not honest

juan ossa 02/22/2018

What is really Trade12?

I'm verry disapointed. I opened my account MT4-1065486188 last year and my broker Luis Martin helped me a lot. I have mised 5.250US and I have withdrawal money for 3 times. I received 4.000US on withdrawals. After the last withdrawal, I'm not able to contact my trader since December by phone and he is never on line on Skype. He didn't make trades since begin December. I have trader alone and I have earned money. On 2 January I requested a withdrawal and after 25 days my asked was in initial check yet. After some emails to my trader, I had an answer to cancel my request on January and to ask an other request on February. I did that and until now I don't have my money, my request is until in initial check. I have requested another trader to help me. They say always the same think. ''We have sent a follow up request to the relevant department in regards with your concern. We will immediately update you once we receive confirmation from them.'' In January I waited for 25 days and in Februeary I have waited since 2nd February and I don't have a concrete answer yet. Trade12, what is really going on? I'm verry frustrated. I would like an answer shortly. Angelo

Angelo 02/21/2018

Trade12 is a scam

I recently paid 100USD to an account base in Singapore under the name Gabrieyel Guna M via western union after awhile I keep receiving messages from different names under foreign names but you can tell they are from Philippines.
I was hoping to get back my money as my account is not yet active but they are pushing you to send them some documents where in fact when they asked for the money they dont even give their proper documents.
Fast forward when i asked for my money back they will tell you that its only 100USD why will we scam you with that amount. My conscience is clear accdg to an agent named Mia Guts from the Philippines. Well karma is just around the corner. I learned one more lesson in life.

Clariza 02/20/2018

Trade12 Representative

Hello Anders,

We understand that you have not been contacted by your broker for a long time, and we would like to help you with that. We would like you to know that we highly value our clients, and we would like to further look into your account as to why you have not been contacted.

Kindly provide us your MT4 ID (or MT4 number that begins with 10654*****) so we can schedule a call for you with the respective department.

If you wish to speak to a representative from the Finance Department for your withdrawal request to be proceeded, kindly send an email to or

Your immediate response is highly appreciated.

Thank you for understanding.


Jeremy 02/15/2018 scam

Signed up with fall of 2017, after being approached by a telephone salesman. I opened an account, put down $300 as initial investment, and started playing with the training account. I was contacted by a broker, as promised, but our conversation was cut short on his end, and he promised me to call back. Did not hear from the broker ever again, calling, wanting to continue the training/introduction sessions with the broker.

November 2, I raise a withdrawal request for my $300. Early December, I begin raising concerns towards, as I see no movement on my account, nor get any payment. Support tells me, that they will contact the finance department, and again I ask for a broker to call me back. This continues almost on a weekly basis, for another two months. No reaction from the financial department. No help from support. No broker calling me back.

At this point, I have written of the initial investement. And can only assume, that has scammed me for the money. I will strongly advise everyone to stay clear of this company.

Anders Rasmussen 02/06/2018

Son unos estafadores

Ojo. No trabajen con esta empresa. Una vez haces tu deposito se desaparecen y solo te llaman para que deposites mas. Son unos miserables estafadores

Translated by Google:

Eye. Do not work with this company. Once you make your deposit they disappear and they only call you to deposit more. They are miserable scammers

Emerson 02/01/2018

Never never never chose it!

I begin from the end: they stolen me EUR 10,000 - yes, ten thousand.
Upon account opening, I got contacted by Antonio Di Monaco, self-proclaming himself as the One who would drive me to the best Investments ever. To show his skills, he performed some trading in my account DIRECTLY - I mean, he did not suggest me, he operated on my account, which would be considered simply illegal if it wasn't that Trade12 is unregulated - then at the end of each trade called me to show which good results he's able to achieve.
With this strategy he reached the goal to have me deposit the above mentioned sum "for proper Investments" (his words)
Shortly after, I asked a withdrawal of EUR 5,000 as I partially changed my idea. Antonio didn't question, but virtually IMPOSED me to perform several Investments with 1 lot each "to let the remaining money run in the meanwhile the withdrawal is approved". NOTE: policy of Trade12 clearly require every operation to be closed prior to perform any withdrawal and when I questioned Antonio about this policy he simply told me "don't worry". Well: it took simply 36 hours to let all the 10,000 fly away due to the BAD Investments Antonio suggested so strongly. And it's not all here! After couple weeks, another Trade12 "professional", named Stefano Castelli, called me saying Antonio doesn't want to teach me any more but I don't have to worry about it, cause he will follow me on future.
Last note: please search for "Antonio Di Monaco" and "Simone Castelli" wherever you want. They simply do not exist!!! This doesn't happen with every other broker I use: names of the involved person are all in major certified business-oriented social network.
Of course, I tried to get my money back, at least partially. No way.

Paul 01/31/2018

Trade12 Representative

Hello Jun,

Upon checking your account with us, the Brokers Department advised us that your broker has been trying to contact you, but you are unable to be reached. If you wish to schedule a call with your broker at the time of your availability, please contact us at or

We are looking forward to your response.


Jeremy 01/30/2018

Not calling after deposited $100

IF your true, kindly call me. because it is not an easy money. I had worked for that and i want to return it back.

jun adrian nasis 01/25/2018

Trade12 Representative

Hello Prakash,

We appreciate you reaching out to us.

Upon checking your account, with MT4 number of 1065488470, the Risk Department has advised us that you initiated a Scalping Activity, which is strictly prohibited in our company. It is clearly stated on our Terms and Conditions, and please be reminded that this is an obligation to read before using any of our services and/or before opening an account with us.

We would like you to understand that we strictly apply this policy to avoid further conflicts in the client's account.

In order for this matter to be resolved further, please contact, and we will happily schedule you a call with the respective department.

If you have more questions or concerns, please send an email to or

Thank you for understanding.

Best Regards,

Jeremy 01/12/2018

Dont ever try it - It's a lie

I got a call and have a cheat with them for a while, there is this lady trying to get me pay 100 dollars, (she sounds like Indian) after a while she kinda think I’m wasting her time asking me “are you serious about this or not ” them start saying fuck you I have shit a lot of client waiting, fuck off,”
I was like Wow ? finally I can fuck off now
guys you would never gonna get anything from this stupid people, if you want money Work, if you want to invest yourself, go get a finance degree.

Natakorn Boonpipat 12/28/2017

Trade12 scammers

Hi I have an account with trade 12. My account number is 1065488470. I had invested 2500$ in all. I had made a loss of 2000$ earlier and after investing another 500$, I made a good profit of over 516,938$ in all. I have requested for withdrawal on 14th dec and untill now I have not received a proper reply. Only getting informed that it is under process. I am wondering if I am duped with trade12. Now trade12 is informing that I have done scalping activity which is illegal as per them, this was notified to me earlier, only when I asked for withdrawal then they are informing this. Trade12 is cheating people and scamming them of their hard earned money. I will really appreciate if trade12 helps me with my withdrawal and I will remove my comments. Thanks prakash

prakash dcruz 12/26/2017

withdrawal impossible

I've made a small inizial deposit of 100 euros and an account with almost no account manager presence even when i said that i have no idea and experience of trading. i made the withdrawal but even one year later i haven't received my money back. just one time a mail with excuses but nothing happened...

I think they need even my small amount!


Gabriele Anthes 12/20/2017

Trade12 Representative

Greetings Jean!

Upon checking your account using the email you have provided, according to the Risk Department and the Brokers Department, Mr. Dubois has already attended your concern and they have provided solutions for you. The Risk Department has already made thorough investigation in your account, and has concluded that the it was a fair trade. Your total deposit in Trade12 is only 19,100.00 USD, and your total withdrawal from the Company is 22,100.00 USD, whereas you were able to withdraw a total of 3,000.00 USD profit.

Mr. Jean, please understand that you cannot deposit one time, and keep withdrawing funds on the other. Please understand that we are not a casino, neither do we encourage gambling in our company. In your case, this is what you perceive of. We are an financial institute, and we do provide services to our clients who are serious about their investments.

We strongly advise you to find another more suitable venture where you can reap better results. It appears that our system doesn't meet your demands for your funds.

Should you need further help regarding an accurate concern, please email us at or

Jeremy 12/19/2017


This is the biggest scam company online. They are not regulated and are scamming millions if not billions of $.

I worked with a broker named cameron perry who as usual upsells to get more money in, promising to trade the sp500.

I susequenty increased my balance from over $1000 to the $3300.00 needed to enter the sp500.

My card was rejected so she kindly informed me to give her the cc details, don't ever do this.

As soon as she had the details she cleaned out my bank account leaving me sleeping on the street.

She argued for weeks despite showing her the transactions on my account.

As soon as I received a transfer of refund which was not even full transfer she closed my trade.

Bear in mind the first trade was a buy on the sp500 which I immediately did, then suddenly told me to change it to a sell and was already showing a profit. She has always demanded I do not trade on my own so did as was told, naively.

The next thing I was thousands of $ out of pocket and lost my accommodation.

They are a scam!!!!!

This will be posted on every site on the web.

I have opened a fraud case with the police and my bank.

Mike 12/06/2017

trade12 steal money from client

Here is the strategy of our trade12 friends:
They ask you in principle that we will make a profit that everything is safe and that you can withdraw at any time. These constantly ask you to add funds and (for God's depots they are effective) to allow them to use your money to make profits for trade12. When you want to withdraw your money only the money you have invested will be paid, these will keep your profits under false pretext.
Any kind of event breaks their commitments. Opening of transaction without your authorization (no event report showing that it is serious). Error executions, data falsification to make you wait more during withdrawal. It will ask you to redo requests for a false error system. Their brokers keep hold of your money in their own volume interest, as these authorize whether or not you can make a withdrawal. The terms and conditions are never respect you will have to arceler for settlement it is said sorry every time, but you will be the only ones to lose money because they risk nothing. See my balance sheet: deposits of 19100 withdrawal of 18100 profits 13820 untouchable. 11 weeks of loss, without putting any investments they made 13820

Jean Dulude 12/01/2017

Reply trade 12

Hello jeremy,
First i want to thank u for your concern here, but i hoped also you reply me in privat email after you told me befor 1 week that you investigate my case and it takes at least 24 hours. Second, the moment i signed this agreement i also signed share's package for big company after the brooker told me that is the biggest movement in the year with profit 20%.that was the only reason to sign it. This not happened because ididn't have any shares. Obviously it was game from the brooker to let me sign this agreement. Prove for that, i didn't use this credit in margin or make any profit from it. Third if my account not blocked why i can't close the opened posistion since 10 days? What you can name that. And i treid already to make withdraw of 500 USD in 18.11 but they are cancelled because of this opened position.
I'll try today as you said to withdraw my deposit ,although i can't close this position until now
Even the profit 1,434 Usd which i make my self without any help from the broker i don't want.
Finally, may be if ihad another broker assistence or not at all i would have another opinion. Idon't want to tell more details about how he threatened me.
Thank you

Essam Abbas Hussein 11/29/2017

Trade12 Representative

Hi Essam,

Upon checking your account under the name of “Essam Hussein,” we can see that you have signed for an agreement for a 10,000 USD credit. Please be noted that the Finance Department is not allowed to transact any credit if the Client hasn’t signed and agreed anything from his side, because this is money coming from our liquidity provider. The moment you signed to the agreement, you agreed and accepted to its following terms and conditions.

Also, as indicated in our Terms and Conditions, if the Client fails to pay for his/her outstanding dues, his/her client can be blocked, terminated, and/or the Client will no longer be able to further access the Company’s services.

However, again, upon checking your account, it is neither blocked nor terminated. If you are having troubles accessing it, please contact or to further assist you with this issue.

Please comply accordingly to our Terms, Conditions, and Regulations so you can withdraw your deposited amount of 3,800 USD.

Thank you for understanding.


Jeremy 11/28/2017

group of professional cheaters

Be alert they are the robbers and professional cheaters. They misguide clients make them sign agreements to trap and finally take away all the money

If you love your money and time never ever trust them and believe them

ahmed 11/27/2017

Trade 12 scam

The brooker told me there is big movement im market andvwe have to buy shares but we need 10.000. This money ididn't have. He makes credit fir me. Then i did't have the shares and i didn't use the credit. Now he told me i have to deposit this credit what i didn't ask and didn't use. He closes my account with opened position to lose my money until this moment

Essam Abbas Hussein 11/24/2017

Scammed by Trade12

I lost 100,000 US dollars to Trade12. I have tried and tried to get my money back with no results. They don't respond. They ignore you. I was stupid to put in so much. I lost all my pension money and now I am broke because of Trade12. Their pre-markets are not real. All they want is your money and you will not see it again. I am so depressed. They play a real number on you when you want your money back because they will ask more and more to get it back, and in the end, they end up laughing at you. Many have committed suicide because of Trade12, but they don't care. They are heartless.

Jacques Paquin 11/11/2017

Got scammed by trade 12

Hi I'm from South Africa and got scammed by trade 12. Joined with initial deposit of $100 in september 2017 after inviting me telephonically to join I did only two trades with them. First trade on AUXUSD made $1.77 profit-Balance went to $101.77 . Last a loss went to $98.13 bal and my account was blocked with words "Access to account denied"- that was last hearing from them.I can't get my money back? Needing an advice.

Keletso 11/03/2017

A NO NO NO - I can't withdraw

I lost $ 5000 within 3 weeks after opening an account.
I got a call from UK and was taken for a ride. They are very subtle
Start with $100 but was deceived to put more saying there is a good signal etc. They will log on your phone remotely to teach you and make even profit even might be $1 or $2 and then encouraged you to invest more. When they see what to withdraw money they will tell you of the signal they got. Suddenly thru a lost they will threaten you that your account will be closed and you will lost your money unless you put more
and even made you sign a credit agreement.
Don't swallow their smooth talk
I been taken for a ride and I don't want others to fall into
It is very tempting but the risk
Also can't withdraw

Philippr Yeung 11/02/2017


Sadly this is a fraudulent business. I had a “senior broker” named Neil, recently assigned to me, who was going to help fast track my account. Unfortunately he fast tracked it into bankruptcy. I went from $24000 to -$7000 in less than two weeks. Then the fun started when I tried to talk to him about this situation. When that failed I contacted the customer support people who totally gave me the worst service ever. Constant promises of someone who will contact me to help with this situation. After weeks of struggling I can confirm that this place should be taken down.

Valerie 11/02/2017

Trade12 is a scam - I requested a withdrawal on October 11 2017

I requested a withdrawal from Trade12 on the 11th October 2017. My account manager is Flavio Fumagalli, the guy pretends he knows how to trade by saying mentioning the name of strategies without giving details how those strategies work. He promised to send me a mail and no email came through. To date I have not yet received my money back, I had numerous live chats with the support staff, they keep saying they apologize and that I will be contacted by their finance department. It is really frustrating. On their website they mentioned that withdrawal take 2 to 5 days. People should stay away from such a company.

Tsumbedzo 10/23/2017

Stay Away

Stay Away.
They keep on asking to deposit with the promis that I can withdraw at anytime, when I needed the money as in urgent they came up with excuses not to pay. currently my biggest loss is depositing money into there account in the first place
The also lied to me saying that they are registered and regulated, the are not. Do not use them. The signals I recieved was minimal, when I asked for a demo account to practise they refused, when I asked them how to calculate margins the refused to teach me.
The guy I am working with is just reading everything from a script.

Johan 10/13/2017

Trade12 Representative

Hi Suleman,

This is Jeremy again from Trade12. Glad to inform you that your 500 USD withdrawal has been approved. If you have more concerns or any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me here, or email or
Thanks, have a great day.


Jeremy 10/11/2017


how can i get my money back if its a scam i have otherwise lost 5,ooo dollars

George Palanna 10/11/2017

Trade12 Representative

Hello Suleman,

I’m a representative from Trade12 and my name’s Jeremy. I would like you to understand that we were having technical difficulties with the website yesterday, that’s why you were having troubles accessing it. Also, EA Robots are not allowed on certain terms and conditions on our website. Kindly provide me your MT4 ID so I can help you regarding your situation.

Waiting for your response.


Jeremy 10/10/2017

Scammer and shut website


iam suleman mitiwala was deposit $500 in for trading purpose but my account manager told add more funds and also told don't use robot and copy trading. i was told to manager please refund my withdraw, manager did not respond me my single message, today i am trying to open website but i could not access that website, please return my withdrawal

Forexbrokerz Team: is accessible, we have no problem loading it.

Suleman 10/09/2017

Trade12 Representative

Hi Danilo Denardi,

This is Jeremy from Trade12. We would like to further check on your concern and we would really appreciate if you can send us your MT4 ID as soon as possible. This is for us to be able to check what happened to your account and what can we do to assist you on your concern and to help in resolving it.

Hoping to talk to you soon.

Jeremy, Trade12

Jeremy 10/03/2017

Trade12 Representative

Hi Hesham!

This is Jeremy from Trade12. We were able to read your comment posted here at Forexbrokerz. Please understand that we need your MT4 ID for us to be able to check your account history, your deposits as well as your trades and your communication with your broker.

Rest assured that we will help you all throughout to resolve your concern.

Awaiting your response.

Jeremy, Trade12

Jeremy 10/02/2017

scammers / truffatori

trade 12 è un boker truffa
ho depositato dei soldi, dopo aver guadagnato qualcosa ho chiesto un prelievo,l accaunt manager Andrea Pinti, allias direttore di trade 12, allias angelo ferrari, mi ha chiesto di versare il 26% della somma da me richiesta ,come comissioni estere.Dopo alcuni giorni mi chiama e mi dice,che ho il conto in dollari, cosa non vera perchè al momento della registrazione ho scelto il conto in eur.mi dice che mi hanno rispedito il 26% e che dovevo rifare il bonifico in dollari.è passato un mese non ho visto ne il prelievo richiesto nemmeno il 26% che mi doveva essere restituito.H0 chiesto più vole di essere contattato tamite mail,tramite centralino,tramite live chat,tramite il supporto tecnico, ma niente.

Translated by Google:

trade 12 is a scam boker
I deposited my money, after earning something I asked for a withdrawal, account manager Andrea Pinti, allias manager of trade12, allias angelo ferrari, asked me to pay 26% of the amount I requested, as foreign commissions.After a few days he calls me and tells me that I have the dollar bill, which is not true because at the time of registration I chose the account in eur.mi says they sent me 26% again and that I had to make the cash transfer in dollars. I did not see the required withdrawal even 26% that had to be returned to me. H0 asked the most she wants to be contacted tamite mail, via switchboard, via live chat, through technical support, but nothing.

danilo denardi 10/02/2017

Trade12 is an obviously scam

Trade12 is an obviously scam
Just avoid from this company never ever
It is long story
They purposely make your money lost to ask you to invest more
to cover that lost
Why still they can do this job unbelievable from who
they got permission

Murat Saatli 10/02/2017

Trade12 scam

Trade 12 is 100% scam company
Their platform is scam
Their addresses and tel numbers is scam
They are not regulated any where
Trade12 address in london is scam no company in this address
I am scammed in 153000 USD
You will never get back your money
I have all the documents for this
Any one dealing with them can contact me
Tel 00966551901032

Hesham 09/29/2017

Trade 12 Representative

Hello Dean Crawford!

This is Jeremy from Trade 12. As much as we would like to help you with your concern, kindly let us know your MT4 ID so we can look into your account and your withdrawal history. To get a good grasp of the whole situation, we also need to investigate phone records and exchanges of emails and messages between you and your broker.

I hope you reply on this comment for us to fully assist you.

Jeremy, Trade12

Jeremy 08/11/2017

Trade12: Annoying Broker

Yeah the guy who is my broker is always insisted that I deposit $1000 nearly all the time when my account is below $1000 and just does not let go...does not take no a for a Answer there is times were I said no he goes huh huh then proceeds to ask me again....this does not motivate me at all all this does is annoys me and makes me not want to be there...... He told me one time that A company is a hot take and ready to buy I needed more money to trade with that company...Well I traded with that company none the less and made a profit...One time he refused to tell me his signals because I would not deposit....maybe they are legit but at the same time I don't like be lied to in order to get me to deposit..I have my Skype as unavailable just to avoid him...What gives..I thought Brokers were supposed to help their clients and be more concern about their concern rather than their own paycheck....absolute joke...they only rush ya so you can make more money quicker so they can get a quicker high paycheck quicker absolute Joke..thats the impression I am getting...better yet how the hell did these guys get my number..I mean really.....Maybe it's the negative beliefs that I grew up with in which I been taught maybe so..Even so on Skype I messaged him saying just e-mail the signals to now and then but not all the time....Even when I talk to him on Skype it's like I have no idea who I am talking idea what my broker even looks like... Is it normal for people to have to give card details over the phone...When I make profit I should be able to withdraw the amount t I want when i want also..If i want to make steady progress in getting to high profits let me get their at my on pace...

Dean Crawford 08/10/2017

Trade12 Representative

Hi there Emmanuel!
My name is Jeremy from Trade12. It is unfortunate to know that you have such kind of image of Trade12 imprinted on your thoughts. However, we at Trade12 would like to know more about this incident and if you can get in touch with us so we can discuss your concern further. Also, please provide me with your account details and full name so we can identify your account easily. We assure that we will assist you all throughout the process Thanks!

Jeremy 08/04/2017

Trade12 Representative

Hi Taradai Keys!
This is Jeremy from Trade12. I have seen your comment here in forexbrokerz and I wanted to know more about your case. I am here to help distressed clients with pending issues and requests with Trade12. We ensure you that we will assist you all throughout the process.
Looking forward to your response. Thank you.

Jeremy 08/04/2017

Trade12 is a 100% scam company

Stay away from Trade12 and Eric Lansher otherwise you wil be scaammed.
Woke up one day to find out that Eric Lansher a criminal & felon of Trade12 had stolen all my equity $21000.00
Have reported the company to the banks to be blacklisted. This company deserve to be investigated by the CIA/Trade standards.
I would advise everyone to withdraw all their equity from this company trade12 because they are criminals operating in violation of normal standards & protocols. I have never known that a broker could access a clients portfolio and steal all his equity.

Emmanuel 07/18/2017



taradai keys 07/10/2017

Trade12: a big scam company

Stay away from Trade12. I lost 25000 $
i start with them with 1500$ then i get some profit and i was able to withdrawal for the first time but after that i get like 20 calls from them and they was saying something about a very clear signal and for sure if i deposit 5000$ in 3 hours we will get like 1000$ profit and we will trade in snap chat so after hours from conversation they Convince me and i deposit 5000$
but i get chock after 2 hours my broker calling to tell me i need to deposit more or i will loose my account i reject so they start to call me from high risk department as they say.
and they told me they will give me credit 5000$
so i except and next week i pay that credit and they start to take me from story to another story until i loose 24000@ so i excepted and i stop with them because the was asking me the last time to deposit 6500$ more
then after 2 months they called me and they told me if im able to deposit 3000$ they will give me my account with some profit i reject so after 2 hours conversation i deposit 1000$ after she send me a emails and she tried hard to Convince me and telling me about recovering and management and the name of the company ,,,,etc but next few hours only shes calling to tell me sorry i tried hard but it didn't work you need to complete 4700$ more so in the end They take lessons and courses with scams and fraud They take lessons and courses with scams and fraud.

enad 07/06/2017

Trade 12 is scam and they don't give your money back

Trade 12 is a scam and dont allow you to withdraw, they will encourage you to make more investment with different tricks, they even manipulate your trading account.

No way they pay your money back.

I have all my communications and discussed the issues with other expert brokers, all the expert told me their behavior is strange and false information is provided

Pnsr 06/17/2017 steal money, you can't withdraw

Scam. They take your money but you can't withdraw them ...
The account they provide is a fake.

DJ 06/06/2017


Im here to complain TRADE12 is a scam.. They failed to withdraw my money. Please help me to get my money back..

Syamirc 06/02/2017

Trade12 Scam

Stay away from Trade12. I lost money to this scum broker.

Pak Jan Gan 05/24/2017


From my experience I can say that this is a scam free broker and which is blessed with several facilities including high leverage, low spread, high security level. They take no extra transaction cost from their traders and cash back withdrawn money in just time. This is really so much active broker in their services. This is highly regulated broker and use several reputed bank accounts to provide security.

ForexBrokerz Team: Good try, John Ricky ;) However the review above is far from the truth. Trade12 is not regulated at all and there are numerous scam alerts all over the net.

John Ricky 05/07/2017
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